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I live not so far from Bayonne's port, and I spend a good portion of my Sundays watching the Summit come in and out. I've had the pleasure of cruising with her twice (my third in July of 2019) and i have seen her pre-, ... Read More
I live not so far from Bayonne's port, and I spend a good portion of my Sundays watching the Summit come in and out. I've had the pleasure of cruising with her twice (my third in July of 2019) and i have seen her pre-, post-solstice upgrades and now (excitingly) will see her revolutionized. In all of this i must say for her age, she looks good. First and foremost you will be welcomed in Bayonne by some brilliant people, from the luggage people to the security staff at the pre-boarding area everyone has a friendly smile and no, they dont look like they hate their job. Check-in is so smooth, and believe it or not, we made it the most difficult one possible. We didnt have our E-docs, NO PROBLEM! No passport? NO PROBLEM! the staff was patient and so so helpful even without these documents (although i suggest everyone use edocs and passports it IS easier). Right from there (which we waited all of 5 minutes for security then we were on our way) right onto the ship, and since the first time we went on was a difference. in 2014 they were still using Deck 1 for onboarding THIS TIME we got to use the giant gangways right up. The staff again very kind, very quick, before we knew it our feet were up and our hands full (OF DRINKS!) Right off the bat you can let it all go. Wave to your family and friends standing by the (arguably) beautiful Tear Drop Memorial as the horn blasts and you take the first strides out into open sea. THEN FORGET WHO YOU LEFT BEHIND because enjoyment begins NOW. You'll find your luggage is probably already in your stateroom (it gets there very quickly) just in time to change up and jump into one of 3 pools or 6 hot tubs. Or grab some grub at the oceanview cafe, a buffet style restaurant with just about anything you could desire. With themed days youll try just a little bit of everything over the course of your 7 night cruise, from English breakfasts, to Yes, authentic Portuguese culinary delights. (Im a pork chop myself, so that made me happy) There are several other specialty dining options, such as Blu, an aqua class exclusive, Luminae, Qsine, Sushi on 5, a gelateria, a coffee bar and so much more. The Cosmopolitan, our main dining room, is two floors of beautiful space, great wait-staff and better food. We sat with the same staff the entire time we were there and became good friends. They knew what we liked, how we liked it, and paid great attention to the small details like our anniversary, a birthday, and the fact that i dont like peas, never saw a single pea on anything i ate. Coming off the food- coma-to-be after dinner shows are a must, and if not after, maybe before, or early morning, there is always some kind of show, class, or otherwise going on. And there is something for everyone. Feel like watching a show on Broadway, we got those right here. Want a good laugh that will split your ribs apart, we have a few of those too. Want to sing your heart out cause you've had one too many, we have karaoke for that. It will swing you through tears,laughs, and move you to sing along good or bad, you'll find yourself tempted to join. (No hard feels, no judgment either) Lets talk service for a second, there is no company that can do it better. Our room attendant and I were on a first name basis. We had some embarrassing moments aboard, but he was there, took care of things quietly, made us laugh about it all, and best of all, we left feeling like we were leaving family behind. That goes for all of them. We dont have children, and honestly thats the one thing this ship lacks is really good entertainment for the kiddos, however, this ship/company is geared towards a more adult clientele. Or for kids who are okay with sitting back and relaxing (or too young to complain about being bored) A long winded review, but its so easy to speak highly of a company that truly puts US first. If you have issues, both on land or at sea, trust me, there's someone there for you. I wouldn't just recommend, ill go every year as proof , this is the place to be when you are ready to just let it all go. Read Less
Sail Date August 2018
Let me start with Cape Liberty. We live in Baltimore, so we decided to drive up the night before and stay in Jersey City at The Hyatt. So, on the day of our cruise, we planned to meet friends at a shopping center adjacent to the port. The ... Read More
Let me start with Cape Liberty. We live in Baltimore, so we decided to drive up the night before and stay in Jersey City at The Hyatt. So, on the day of our cruise, we planned to meet friends at a shopping center adjacent to the port. The drive from our Jersey City hotel took 15 minutes or less. I had no idea what to expect from the port, so perhaps my expectations were low. In any case, this was probably the smoothest embarkation day I ever had. Arrival at Cape Liberty involves a few steps. First is luggage drop off. At the drop-off center, if you arrive before 11:30AM, you drive all the way to the end, as passengers from the previous cruise will still (unbelievably) be collecting their belongings. There's plenty of room to park and drop your luggage, and plenty of very helpful porters to get your bags handled. The second step is to park your car. The lot is mere steps from the check in facility. It's around $150 for the week, which we noted was about the same as our home port of Baltimore. The third step is to head back to the place where we dropped our luggage after having parked the car. There, plenty of helpful staff directed us to check in lanes. The check-in process was easy, and we were divided into priority groups for boarding. That was something new to us, having not sailed since January, out of Miami. We did find that, while we were given a very convenient "group 4" for boarding, our Captain's Club Elite status would have put us in group 1. We could have swapped, but it wasn't a big deal. I just note that for others who may not have been to this port. They started calling for boarding at 11:05AM, which I thought was impressive. Here, we took the final step - a shuttle bus ride from the check in facility to the ship. You board on level 1 on this ship, where many ports are decks 4 or higher. It was easy getting an elevator and getting on our way. Cape Liberty made the embarkation process more pleasant because they had an abundance of very helpful and efficient staff. I'd sail out of that port any time! Our cabins were made available at 1PM. That's where our fun began. We were in Aqua Class, cabin 9082, with friends just up the hall. Our location was fantastic - just down from the mid-ship elevators and stairs. Though we were directly below the pool deck and Oceanview Cafe, and could hear some movement above, it was NOT a noisy experience. The deck was comfortable and was quiet at night. On arrival at our cabin, we found the previous occupants' pillows, without covers, still on our bed. It was at that point when we began to notice some missing amenities. Of the list of Aqua Class amenities provided, nearly none was in the cabin. In fact, we spent the next two days trying to get Summit to provide us with the things that we bought with an Aqua Class room. If you're familiar with the "Solsticizing" of the Millennium Class ships, you know about Aqua Class, the addition of other specialty restaurants, etc. Celebrity takes a lot of pride in marketing Concierge and Aqua Class. On this ship, however, it's as though Aqua Class doesn't exist. There are no placards on the cabin doors, or anywhere in the hallways, noting "Aqua Class". Many of the doors still have a "Concierge Class" sign on them, while many doors have no placard at all, other than a cabin number. I found this to be odd. On deck 11, where they installed new Aqua Class cabins, it was a bit of a different look. But in the largest section of Aqua Class rooms, it's as though the specific class didn't exist. By Monday, we found out that they hadn't ordered the Aqua Class slippers, and that there were no Aqua Class robes on board. They did a mix of Celebrity and Concierge Class robes, which are different. The "pillow menu" never made an appearance either, though we were able to get whatever we wanted in pillows by asking our cabin attendant. The young lady caring for our cabin was highly experienced, but was clearly "in the weeds" when we arrived. It took until late Sunday evening for our cabin to be completed (with things like towels). Our sliding door was so difficult to open, we thought it was locked. It took two of us to open and close it. We reported this, along with a "not totally clean" look to the cabin. Our Captain's Club materials weren't delivered until Monday. It took a trip to Customer Relations to find the location of the lounges, etc. When we did get them, they were the offers for Select members, which are a bit different from Elite. It took another day to get the correct ones. We mentioned our disappointment with Aqua Class to customer relations. While the desk staff was helpful, things weren't being fixed. Finally on Tuesday, we were contacted by Cristian, the Customer Relations Manager, who took it upon himself to listen and address our concerns. When he got involved, things were fixed within two hours. The cruise itself: The weather was pure heaven. PERFECT, with the exception of the last day at sea. Service, with the exception of The Martini Bar, was outstanding. The bartenders in the Martini Bar were friendly with each other, but were a bit standoffish with guests, and were slow. Aqua Class comes with the restaurant "Blu". We hated it on Solstice, but loved it here on Summit. The Maitre D's, waiters, assistants, bar personnel - everything - was OUTSTANDING. The atmosphere was fantastic. Entertainment was pretty good. Shows were along the line of what you'd expect with Celebrity. Good comedians; a great aerialist team. Singers and Dancers were cheesy, but very good. For shipboard entertainment, I thought they did a really nice job. The guest entertainer was Broadway's Telly Leung who was very good. Bermuda: I wish I'd gotten to cruise to Bermuda when you docked in Hamilton. Going anywhere on the island from Royal Naval Dockyard is a giant pain - especially to the beach. It's not difficult at all - and the ferries and buses are affordable and frequent. It just takes so LONG to get everywhere. It's certainly not Celebrity's problem - just something worth noting. Captain's Club: The hostess was nice but mostly invisible. If you've ever been on a cruse with the Captains Club hostess Ti Ann, she sets the bar very, very high for activities, visibility, and communication. The young lady on this cruise was pleasant, but I'm coming to believe that Ti Ann might be the exception rather than the rule. The elite lounges were both above expectations. A lot of that might have been the staff working them...friendly and hard-working. Summit looks good. Cabins are generally in good shape. Public areas were spotless. Most guests seemed happy, but again - the weather was picture-postcard-perfect 6 out of 7 days, and that helps. Food was good and consistent in all the public places, and exceptional in Blu, Qsine, and Normandie. I would recommend NOT booking Aqua Class on this ship. For those who really want BLU, it's available with Suites, and a Concierge Class stateroom will get you an easy table with a minimum surcharge. Everything else offered by Aqua Class on this ship is plainly not worth it. They shouldn't be marketing it and selling it here anyway, as the ship hasn't yet been outfitted for it. Disembarkation at Cape Liberty: Let me put it this way. At 8:40AM, I was sitting in Normandie waiting to be called. At 8:45, we were called. By 9AM, I'd taken a shuttle bus, claimed our luggage, gone through customs, made it to our car, and were driving to the Turnpike. SO EASY!! Ignoring our Aqua Class snafus, we had a great time and would easily book this itinerary again. Read Less
Sail Date August 2013
About Us: We are a couple in our 30s from Brooklyn, NY. This is our first time on Celebrity and to Bermuda. We have sailed Royal Caribbean, Princess, and Carnival in the past. We booked on the "sweet sixteen" cabins after hearing ... Read More
About Us: We are a couple in our 30s from Brooklyn, NY. This is our first time on Celebrity and to Bermuda. We have sailed Royal Caribbean, Princess, and Carnival in the past. We booked on the "sweet sixteen" cabins after hearing about them in the Cruise Critic forum. Embarkation: The Port Liberty cruise port is really odd, but it seemed to work well once you were there. I live in Brooklyn, so we took a car service to New Jersey and it cost about $75 each way including tolls. It took about 25 minutes from door to door. We arrived close to 11:00 am. The staff was very friendly in the terminal. We went through security very quickly and waiting 10-15 minutes to get our documents and keycards. Once we were in the waiting area, we took a seat and waiting to get called to the bus to take us to the ship. They had tables set up were you could purchase wine and drink packages, along with staff giving out water and fruit punch. There weren't a lot of people waiting with us, but I could imagine the terminal could get warm and loud. In fact, the wedding party that was boarding was both sweaty and loud (but that's another story). We were on the ship before noon. Ship: I read a lot about the age of the ship prior to cruising and I was a bit worried. I'm a pretty tough customer, but the ship looked pretty great. Sure there are things that look a little worn or dated, but nothing that made me enjoy the cruise any less. The layout of the ship was easy to navigate with all the food in the back and entertainment in the front. The public rooms had an elegance to them that I didn't expect from the pictures that I saw before had. The main staircase with the silk pillars is very nice. All the lounges seemed well maintained, with the Martini Bar being the best in my opinion. The bartender was particularly great with a bunch of drink pouring tricks. We particularly liked the Solarium and the t-pool. This area could use some sprucing up, but it's a great feature. Cabin: Our cabin was #6024 - 2C Veranda. The room dEcor is a bit old. The bedspread seemed a little past it's prime (but who touches those anyway?). And the orange fabric motif on the curtain and headboard thing isn't my style. I still don't understand the headboard fabric panels with bar...oh well. The room was very clean. Our stateroom attendant, Rafael, was the best we ever had. He really went out of our way to anticipate our needs. The real selling feature of this room is the balcony. Being twice as deep as a standard balcony is really nice. We asked for two additional chairs so we could prop our feet up and invite friends over for wine before dinner. Rafael got us two great chairs with wooden backs and pads. We used the balcony every morning for coffee and croissants before getting ready. We didn't hear any noise from the theater below or from the cabins below. I would not hesitate to book this cabin again or recommend it to a friend. Food: The food on Celebrity was by far the best I've had on a cruise. The main courses seemed to be their strong suit. The Coq-au-Vin was delicious! The veal and prime rib were great. The soups and salads were fine if a little generic. The desserts were hit or miss, but I'm not big on chocolate and ordered the cheeses twice. The food at the buffet was good. I especially like the sushi, pasta station, and the poached eggs for breakfast. The only issue I found was that most stations were closed. I'm sure that I could have gotten more choices if I planned better. The Aqua Spa Cafe was a favorite for lunch. But again, the limited hours was a drawback. The coffee was better than the other cruise lines we've sailed, but still not good. We took the advice from the message boards and brought along a French press and some coffee from home. We ordered tea each morning and used the hot water for the coffee - perfect. It was difficult to get hot water in a carafe from room service, so the tea trick worked. Other: The casino was a fun diversion, but they should really pay more attention to the guests. There was only one blackjack table with a minimum under $10 and 20 people standing around trying to get a spot. After waiting for 30 minutes and noticing that the $10 table remained empty the entire time, I asked the guy getting money behind the dealer if they could opening another lower minimum table. He said that there was nothing he could do. I went over and asked the dealer that was sitting alone. He said that he couldn't change the minimum. The manager, Stephanie, saw the conversation and asked if she could help. I explained that everyone wanted to play blackjack, but no one wanted the higher minimum. She thanked me, lowered the minimum, and bought me a drink. The table remained full the rest of the night. I'm not sure why they didn't just do this without being asked. The production shows were the low point of the cruise for us. The performers couldn't really be faulted. I guess our feelings were cemented with The Wiz section of the Encore show. The performer did a great rendition of Home. However, the video projections started behind her and it was a montage of all white people in cornfields and having picnics. Not one minority was represented. It was offensive. This wasn't the only issue I had, but it really took the cake. I wish the performers had the opportunity to sing with nothing else going on. Destination: Bermuda was spectacular! The people were very warm and friendly. The public transportation available was reliable and affordable. We snorkeled in St. George, which had some really great fish. The Crystal Caves were very interesting to see. We did both the Crystal and Fantasy caves. Our group thought that we could have only done Crystal and would have been fine. The beach at Horseshoe Bay was perfect for us. It had soft, fine sand and pretty gentle surf. The only negative as the Portuguese man-of-wars. The lifeguard caught three while we were there. As long as you look, before you jump in, you should be fine. I definitely want to return to Bermuda and try more beaches. Overall: We had a fabulous time with some great people on our first Celebrity cruise. The service, food, and atmosphere were a cut above the other cruises. Mostly my negative comments are me being picky. I probably won't go back to a production show, but the other shows were lots of fun - cooking show, talent show, the band. We are already looking into another Celebrity cruise! Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
Celebrity Summit Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.2
Dining 4.0 4.1
Entertainment 4.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.5 4.4
Fitness Recreation 4.5 4.1
Family 4.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 3.5 3.6
Service 4.5 4.4
Value For Money 4.0 4.1
Rates 4.0 4.1

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