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This a spacious 170 square-foot stateroom with a generous view of the ocean. You'll appreciate contemporary artwork, a mini bar and a fully-loaded entertainment center along with Summit's many added amenities.

Ocean View 8 (08)
Decks: Deck 2
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Ocean View 8 Cabin Reviews
Jun 2017
The cabin was very nice. However, they tie two twin beds together to make a queen size bed. The space between the two beds is not reconciled, one of the couple sleeping in the bed ends up rolling into the crack and waking up with a big backache. You have to deal with this for 7 nights. Consider that a couple who feels romantic can forget it. Might as well leave the beds separate, as they were.
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Cabin 6001
Apr 2017
Loved the room, it overlooked the helipad so the views in the morning were spectacular. Room was spacious. My only complaint is how far it is, if you have mobility issues it is quite a walk to this cabin. We were fine and liked the location, it was very quiet.
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Jan 2017
Cabin 3112
Oct 2016
Sep 2016
Our cabin on deck 8 had a rusty balcony. Some of the draws in the closet were broken. There was a constant reappearing rust stain on the bathroom floor. In room TV constantly had to be reset.
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Cabin 3142
May 2016
Smaller that I remembered but all new with 32" Samsung TV.
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Cabin 8110
Jun 2015
The cabin was larger than what we've become accustomed to. The bathroom was sufficient in size. Water pressure in the shower could have been higher. The cabin was kept spotless by housekeeping.
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Aug 2015
Good Experience Overall By: sj_stella
Our cabin was fine, we had a nice view out our window (the ocean, ports when we pulled up). Our main complaint was our steward, who did not clean well in between us and the prior guests and did not get us towels on two days. There was still items from prior guests left in the refrigerator and they were not removed during our whole cruise, despite us asking.
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Cabin 2200
Jan 2015
Nice sized room at end of hallway. Quiet despite being next to crew's door. Bathroom floor leak needs attention
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Nov 2014
Great By: zch1982
Nice. Not huge. Very clean. New flat screen TV. No complains. Highly recommend.
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Cabin 2090
Mar 2013
Great cruise! By: stacyrn07
Room 2090. Good location, 2nd deck nearly midship. Quiet, close to the gangway in the morning. Plenty of closet space.
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Cabin 2150
Oct 2012
Cabin 2150 - Ocean View Category 8 (170 Square Feet) Our cabin was an Ocean View Category 8 #2150 starboard side mid-ships and proved to be a great location. It was close to the Normandie on deck 3 which was the location of the morning Captain's Club. It was also within a few feet of the stairway and elevators and it was also close to the lobby area. We posted our door sign that includes our photo and a list of past cruises. We also placed some decorations on it. This always helps us find our room too. Our stateroom attendant Alfredo (refer to his commendation under staff comments) showed up almost immediately. He provided us with a warm greeting and gave us the normal orientation. This was made easy as he saw on our sign and realized that we have been frequents guests on the Summit. One important piece of information involved our route to our life boat muster station and for us it was the Casino on deck 4. We showed him a small magnetic sign that we would place on the outside of the door whenever we were out of the room. That way he would know that we were gone and could make up our room. Note: On Royal Caribbean they have little cards to put into the door key-card slot to indicate that when you were out of the room and to "make up the room" or one for "do not disturb". Since Celebrity does not do this we created the door magnet system to help the attendant. They have their own secret simple method of telling if you have opened your door. I will keep their method confidential. We stored our carry-on items and hung our vanilla tree car air freshener for a smell of home. We use a new one every three days and it gives a sweet welcome every time we enter the room. We found an envelope that contained a card with information about our dining assignment with the location, time, and table number - late seating 8:30 PM table 301. We requested through our travel agent and also emailed the Summit with our table request that made an appeal for a large table near a window on the lower level of the Cosmopolitan Restaurant. With our table number in hand we headed to deck 4 to find our table. The dining room was not open so we went to the Rendez-Vous Lounge deck 4. There the Assistant Maitre'd Erdal was taking dining change requests. His assistant produced the table seating chart and showed us our table location. It was portside aft near a window in a quiet corner. We could not have been happier with the results. Thanks again Summit for honoring our request. Back to the room and soon our 2 large suitcases arrived. This is always a relief. Fourteen days in the same clothes and wearing sneakers on formal night would not be pretty. It only takes 15 minutes to unpack and organize as we are on auto-pilot for this task. Since we had been up since 0200 hours it was time for Linda to take a short nap while I unpacked and stowed our gear. The cabin had good storage space. It was easy to organize our clothes and supplies for the next 14 days. Just inside the cabin door was a 2 door closet that was about 5 feet wide and was used for long hanging clothes, shoes and a top shelf for additional storage. There are also 2 fold down bars on a lower part of the closed to hang shirts and shorter items. Also hanging in this closet we found 2 nice white Celebrity waffle robes. Next to that was another closet that contained a top shelf for the life vests, the safe and 5 drawers on the bottom. Also located in one of the drawers was a hair dryer. In the corner at the end of the closet area was an angled area that contained a top shelf, a TV with a remote, information directory and below was a small refrigerator that contained a good variety of "pay-for" drinks and snacks. Next to that was a king sized bed with rounded corners at the bottom. This makes it easier to navigate. On each side of the bed there was a night stand each with a light and one had the phone located there. At the far end to the left was a dresser/desk that had a small drawer on each side, a chair, and a waste can. On the desk was our copy of Celebrity Today that contained "In the Spotlight" that provided photos and background information about the senior staff. On the back was useful information concerning everything from Alcohol use to the youth evacuation plan (YEP).Also inside was the "Shore Excursions Booking Form" that provided much of what you needed to know about this sailing. The back page of "Celebrity Today" can be easily detached and taken with you. It contains a list of events and times. We use a highlighter to mark thing we want to do. On the desk we also found our Captain's Club coupons, schedule and guide. There were also 2 electrical outlets. There was a stainless steel/chrome tray with glasses and a filled ice bucket. To the right there was a wide chair and a small round glass table. And in the middle was a beautiful large window. The wall (bulkhead) at the foot of the bed had full length mirrors for that "final check". Fly up? The bathroom or HEAD was better and bigger than on most ships. It also had plenty of space to store items above and below. There was a hide-away trash holder, tissue dispenser, doors that had shelves and above counter storage of 2 shelves and 2 glass holders for personal items. The shower was extra large with the standard removable nozzle. The shower curtain was cloth and there was a corner held to hold soap and shampoo. The water was always hot and we never ran out. Towels and wash cloths were plentiful. The soap, conditioner, and shampoo were specially made for Celebrity. There was also a container with cotton balls and Q-tips. There is also a nightlight in the bathroom. This was great. The cabin was always spotless and we never wanted for anything. There was some slight wear due to the ships age but it was nothing to complain about.
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Cabin 9112
Jul 2012
Cabin 9112 Starboard. There have been a lot of threads regarding the deck 9 bathroom and how old they were. Our bathroom may have been the exception. It was clean and appeared to have been refurbished. The upgraded shower was nice but did not impress me as much as other posters have indicated. There are glass doors that open in barn-door style. These doors do open both ways helping to keep the water off the floor when leaving the shower. I liked that. The mirror is heated and does not fog. There have also been posts about noise from the deck above. We did not experience any noise either in our cabin or on our balcony. The view from the balcony was great. If you looked straight down you would see the top of a life boat; however, being on deck 9 your eyes were naturally drawn past that and out to sea. Lots of storage room. One tip that I learned on Cruise Critic was to store the suitcases under the bed. LOTS of room there. We stored three 28 in suitcases and a garment bag there without problem. We moved the robes to make more room for clothes in the closet (did I mention the 3 LARGE suitcases?) and with the drawers under the safe had plenty of room. Our room steward (Muhamad) did a good job. We barely saw him but things were clean and well kept. A note about docking in Bermuda: We cruised the Summit to Bermuda in 2010 and had a starboard cabin. At that time the ship docked so that our balcony faced the bay. This was very nice and beautiful. I purposely booked a starboard cabin this time for that reason. The ship docked this time so that our starboard cabin faced the port. A nice surprise for us. We enjoyed this different perspective of Bermuda and watching the activity was fun; especially as we watched the last two people running to catch the ship 5 minutes before we departed. Needless to say they were very popular and were met by applause and cheering from the many balconies. The best review of the cabin that I can give is to say that I will request this very cabin for our future cruises.
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Cabin 2177
May 2012
Our adjoining ocean view staterooms, #2177 and #2179, had a side door in between which could be unlocked allowing us to go directly room to room. The boys' cabin was arranged in an efficient manner with the table and chairs near the window, whereas ours was set up with the table and chairs in front of the side door. It was also clear our room had not been turned over properly when we discovered half-empty water bottles on the counter and in the open mini-bar. I pointed this out to our assistant steward who informed me the previous steward had gone home on arrival in New Jersey and had left this undone. I also brought this up to the steward when he came to introduce himself, along with the fact that our phone wasn't working and that we'd like our room arranged like that of our sons. In stages over the afternoon we did get the side door opened, the mini-bar locked, the phone fixed and the room rearranged; however, we never got our own bottle of unopened water (which we didn't need anyway) nor a complimentary Celebrity tote bag (which we could have used on our beach day). Having the two rooms with the door between worked well for the four of us, allowing us to visit freely most of the day and to sleep in relative quiet & privacy when we wished. The location of the rooms near the aft elevators was great for meals -- we could walk up two flights of stairs to get to the main dining room, and the elevator would take us to the middle of the Lido deck cafeteria during the day. At various times early in the cruise, we would occasionally note a faint smell of garbage or of paint as we approached our rooms.
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Cabin 2006
May 2012
If you have any issues with cigarette smoke, I would not choose this cabin. The crew smoking area is one deck below and when in port the smoke smell filters up to the room. It was a faint smell to me, but I was with someone very sensitive and it bothered them. Because it is all the way in the front, there was very little traffic so it was quiet.
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Cabin 2122
Sep 2011
Large shower but small bathroom. Otherwise cabin was great.
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Cabin 3005
Sep 2011
Cabin was always clean and neat. No problems at all!
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Jun 2011
What a great cruise By: bhattara`
Small but quiet place. It was the staff that made the difference
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Cabin 8041
Apr 2011
Summit Rocks By: Bob
The stateroom we had was 8041 It was very quiet Near lifts (but no noise)good for nipping up to bar for a drink to have on the balcony it has Good shower power Had 22 clothes hangers Plenty of room.
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Cabin 2196
Feb 2011
nice location just steps away from the elevator, two floors above was the dining room. The room had adequate closet space, but unlike other ships did not have a drawer in the vanity area. The hairdryer and shampoo were under par. The ship is due for dry dock soon, and wear and tear does show. The bathroom had a mildew smell. We did have a nice big round porthole window that was cool, as we were on deck two, the sea was "right there"
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Cabin 7000
Dec 2010
Room 7000 was an Oceanview in front of the ship, and due to its location, seemed larger than the standard OV rooms. Bonus -- very quiet since it was out of the traffic path. We had no problem with any motion from the position of the cabin.
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Cabin 3004
Jul 2010
Mediterranean Magic By: summit
Cabins are fine but need the Solstice touch now, consumers expect flat screen Tvs and shower doors not shower curtains. Also bed linen design and interier decor needs an upgrade as was seen recently on the constellation.
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