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Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors, sitting area with sofa, 32 inch TV

Sunset Veranda (SV)
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Sunset Veranda Cabin Reviews
Cabin 8338
Nov 2016
A Holiday Cruise By: CJSANDFS
Not as nice as the aft cabin I previously had on Millenium on an Alaskan cruise. I'd also suggest checking just where the sun is going to be before booking. From Singapore to Darwin, i.e west to east, the sun made the balcony way too hot. Going south along the Australian coast was better. It is definitely quite a hike from the lifts but this was a good thing. I needed the excerise. It is a very quiet location but this particular cabin shares a foyer with a corner suite, meaning two sets of locks to get in. I sometimes had to open the first door for room service.Could be a problem if the suite passengers were noisy.
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Sep 2016
Highs and Lows By: magicdreamer
Beautiful and spacious with exceptional amounts of storage space. The bed was super comfortable. The cabin was extremely clean. Our cabin attendant was fabulous.
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Cabin 7362
Jul 2015
Service and cleanliness were very good. AFT BALCONY VERANDA
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Cabin 6312
May 2015
Loved this cabin, roomy with plenty of storage, great balcony in the centre of the back of the ship (aft) level 6 great for sail aways and sitting out to enjoy whatever the time of day - only issue can be a little hot when the sun is shining right on you depending on location of the ship. It is a bit of a walk to the elevators but we love being at the back of the ship so that's all part of the experience.
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Cabin 7311
Apr 2015
The Cabin – stern cabin so peaceful and wind free. There has been complaints about soot on the balconies of the stern cabins. We did not experience this at all – clearly it depends on what fuel they burn. No over hang on the balcony so it was very sun exposed. We had the balcony divider opened to share with our friends in the adjoining cabins – that works to a limited extent. The inter connecting doors at the cabin entrance are a bit of an odd setup and worked …sort of. Our cabin 7311 had the bed near the balcony whilst 7315 was near the bathroom. Good size bathroom with a proper shower screen. More than enough storage for us. We had Peter our cabin steward empty the fridge so we could bring back drinks and put them in there. It is however a 100 metre walk from the stairs/lifts to the cabin. Not an issue for us but if you had mobility issues it might be. All in all, very happy with the cabin.
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Cabin 8351
Mar 2015
Decent sized room with ample bathroom space. Modern flatscreen interactive tv. Lovely balcony with super impressive views. Balcony furniture could do with updating and conditioning in room cannot be controlled so the room was rather hot. Long walk to elevators of around 125m but great to burn off all the calories consumed.
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Cabin 6311
Nov 2014
Situated at end of a large ship,quite a walk to the elevators,perhaps a problem to some older cruisers.Plenty of room with storage etc (could do with new clothes hangers) Bathroom and shower very good, kept pristine by two excellent cabin attendants.Very quiet cabin,very comfortable bed,room for cases underneath !!.
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Cabin 6312
Sep 2014
Excellent Cruise By: lexmiller
Lovely cabin, great views. Funny thing though is that the roof of the Tuscan Grille is in effect, a continuation of your balcony (though of course there is a railing at the end of the balcony). But while in port, workers will often walk on the roof of Tuscan Grille, performing maintenance duties, thus, walking immediately just beyond your veranda, at your eye level, same height at you! This was pretty strange the first time this happened, LOL, to see a man walking just outside your balcony, something you don't usually see! So, when in port and in your room, be careful what you wear if you step onto your balcony - in other words, make sure you are wearing ANYTHING, too funny!
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Cabin 6312
Nov 2012
The stateroom was superb and we really enjoyed the view from the rear and the sunshine. Although we did not use room service the room was impeccably cleaned and beds serviced twice a day. More than enough space for storage with ample room under the beds for the large suitcases. Despite reports of lack of hangers this ws not a problem. We took four with us and left them behind. Bathroom facilites were excellent. There was quite a long walk to and from the stateroom from the central staircase but this did not really bother us. Again despite warnings we encountered no problem from soot on the veranda.
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Cabin 6307
Jul 2011
6307 has it's own big hallway that it shares with only one cabin. Felt we had the place to ourself. A long way to walk at the very back of the ship but for us it was worth it with the sun sets and a feel of tranquility we loved.
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Cabin 7364
Dec 2010
Long walk from the elevators. Quiet location. Limited and poorly designed closet/drawer space. Roomy balcony, comfortable reclining chairs, beautiful views but no cover from the elements. No umbrellas provided.
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Cabin 6308
Nov 2009
This is in the very Aft of the ship - balcony developed soot on the chairs, table and floors. I enjoyed leaving the door partially open and hearing the wake of the water. Balcony seems larger because there is a restaurant just below that jets out 15 or so feet to the edge of the ship.
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Cabin 8344
Jan 2009
Nice quiet aft cabin. LOOOOOONNNGGGGG walk to the nearest elevators/stairs
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