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10 Celebrity Silhouette Spa Cruise Reviews

Just returned from a cruise on the Silhouette that was awesome. Great ship wonderful service and the ports we went to were the best. The Greek Islands and Turkey were more than we expected as to beauty and friendly people. The ship never ... Read More
Just returned from a cruise on the Silhouette that was awesome. Great ship wonderful service and the ports we went to were the best. The Greek Islands and Turkey were more than we expected as to beauty and friendly people. The ship never seemed to have as many people on it that were there. Very organized and the dining was superb. The ship was sparkling clean many activities to participate in and the room was wonderful. We travelled Concierge Level and the balcony was one of the best parts of the trip. Breakfast in the room every day..appetizers every afternoon fresh fruit daily and a free bottle of champagne on arrival and on my birthday. I would recommend this trip and this ship to everyone. They did not disappoint. On my birthday I had a wonderful cake and celebrated with the best people in the world my best friend and four new best friends that I met on the cruise. I can;t say enough about this experience. Denis was our cabin attendant and was great. Read Less
Sail Date October 2013
This trip was our second time on the Silhouette and we had another great time. Because of my husband's limited mobility, we basically use the ship as our destination. We are creatures of habit and often return time and again to the ... Read More
This trip was our second time on the Silhouette and we had another great time. Because of my husband's limited mobility, we basically use the ship as our destination. We are creatures of habit and often return time and again to the same vacation destination, whether it's a vacation beach home, vacation club destination or a cruise ship. Returning to the Silhouette gave us the feeling of returning home. We are in our mid-50's and live in Northern NJ, and we love to cruise without our now grown kids because it gives us a chance to be by ourselves and reconnect after 20 years of raising, focusing on and vacationing with them, which is the way it should be. We arrived the day before the cruise and checked into the Embassy Suites 17th street with views of Port Everglades. The place was buzzing with people either getting ready to cruise the next day or having just gotten off a cruise that day. The hotel never felt crowded even though we knew the place had to be fully booked. We had a nice meal at the restaurant before turning in for the night. The comfortable room had a balcony with views of the port and the 8 ships waiting for passengers. Between the sunset and the sunrise, and views of planes taking off at the airport, the location was perfect. The next morning, we thought breakfast would be crazy but it wasn't. People about to embark on a cruise tend to eat and get going quickly so finding a table wasn't a problem. Shuttle vs. Taxi to port - We had never done this before, so we asked at the front desk about taxis to the port and we were told to make a reservation for the shuttle since it cost about the same. We were told to get a reservation for the 2pm shuttle but I thought that would be late. Turns out it really doesn't matter when you reserve, because they always find room for you. We were tired of sitting around the room so I called downstairs and was told to come down now. However, even though the lobby was crowded, they have this shuttle thing down to a science and before we knew it the lobby cleared out and we were next. Off to the ship. I think that was around noon and we were on the ship by 1:15. This to me is the most amazingly coordinated effort on the part of the porters and van drivers and taxis, etc. Pull up to Porter, pull out luggage from the back of shuttle, hand to porter who piles it on cart and off we go. It's a bit of a walk to the terminal from where we were dropped off and for many that wouldn't seem like a big thing but for a man with two osteoarthritic knees it was farther than he wanted to walk. Thankfully, we had Aqua Class tickets so we didn't wait much at all on the security check line or the check in line to get our sea passes. Another long walk to the escalators and then to the gangway and then on the ship. Our cabins were ready shortly after we sat down at Cafe Il Bacio so we finished up our snack and headed up to check it out. We booked an accessible AQ because of the rental scooter we needed for my husband. The cabin size worked perfectly . We were able to maneuver very easily. The cabin was big enough for my husband to move the scooter around and do a k turn to face out. The bed is in the middle with a 1/2 couch in the corner by the door. The cabin is 1/2 size bigger than standard with a balcony size again 1/2 size bigger. The furniture on the deck was comfortable but the desk chair and couch were not. Storage is limited to a dresser/closet with no over-the-bed storage. The only real complaint that was a total surprise was that the door didn't lock. That creeped me out a bit but I guess that's for safety reasons. The bathroom is very roomy with a roll in shower. We did what everybody does and threw down some towels to keep leakage onto the floor at a minimum. Overall we were happy with our cabin, great location, some overhead noise in the morning but we were always up anyway. The cabin steward was a little aloof but tried hard to be nice. No towel animals. :( Ship: Beautiful, always clean, smooth sailing, not a bump or complaint. Food: BLU! Need I say more? Awesome. One night we had lobster tail cooked in a way I'd never expect - over a bed of spinach and served with mandarin oranges. Lawn Club Grill - waited until last Sea Day for 50% off offered to AQ and suite guests. We met another couple on the ship and had a lovely lunch. They let us stay and talk well after closing, until 4pm. Wonderful meal. Entertainment: We went to one show, it was very good. We spent most evenings after dinner at the Molecular Bar. Quiet and out of the way but still part of the festivities. I wandered down to the Martini Bar one night while Hubby stayed at the Molecular Bar. Chaos noise and crowds (all having fun but not what I wanted). You must try the Molecular bar, great cocktails using herbs and fresh fruit essences and ingredients. Pool: Here's what I like about this ship, there's something for everyone. Laid back and quiet if you want it or in your face crazy entertainment and activities if you want that. We spent a lot of time at the adult pool. I preferred it to the outdoor loud crazy pool. Hubby opted to sit with me and swim in the outdoor pool. He spent a lot of time there and heard a great Mariachi band on our cruise away from Cozumel. Alcoves - fully booked on last sea day. That's it. The only bad thing that happened was that on the day before disembarkation, our liquor box didn't show up so I called guest relations and to make a long story short, the cabin steward thought we had accused him of stealing it. Never in a million years would we do that, we just wanted to let someone know we hadn't gotten it yet and it was 9:30pm. They ended up finding it and delivering it. Disembarkation - long walk to terminal building left hubby's knees barking so we found a porter to help us through the mobility challenged line. In taxi to the airport in no time, again, these people do this for a living and it shows. Read Less
Sail Date January 2013
I HIGHLY recommend this cruise! The most impressive thing to me was the staff and crew. I was on a cruise a couple of years ago where gratuities were built in and so many of the staff had the "I can't be bothered" ... Read More
I HIGHLY recommend this cruise! The most impressive thing to me was the staff and crew. I was on a cruise a couple of years ago where gratuities were built in and so many of the staff had the "I can't be bothered" attitude. On this ship everyone I met seemed genuinely interested in helping. I tried to give a server a cash tip and she told me she had to put it in the tip pool. They get rewards from the ship based on comment cards and I hope good reviews like this. If something isn't quite to your liking, let someone know, politely, and they'll instantly take care of it. The ship didn't get their full order of supplies in the Canary Islands, and about 3 days out from Miami they ran out of diet Coke. Olga at the Porch went to bars on three other decks looking for more and spent the next 2 days apologizing that she only had Coke Zero to offer me. The people really cared. Cabin: We were on deck 11, forward, port. This is the Aqua Spa level. The cabin was a mini-suite. It was a little smaller than some, but overall nice. WARNING: the only electrical outlets in the room are on the desk (one in the bathroom, too). I think there were four 110 and either one or two 220. You might want to bring an extension cord if you want something on your nightstand. There's some storage space in the bathroom. The shower head was on a hose and there were side jets at waist level. The benefit to this level is that you have more access to the spa. Many things there are extra, but the steam room, sauna, and a few other things are free. I was having back pain and they had these great heated lounge chairs that helped a lot. I was there several times a day. Spa: Since I'm on that subject, I'll tell you what I know. They do all types of massages and treatments. My wife had several and reports favorably. They also had an acupuncturist who worked miracles on my back. I don't think I'd have enjoyed the trip without her expertise. There's a nail and hair salon. The fitness center is also connected and I think there's a fitness trainer available. I'm not into the seaweed wrap type stuff, but it seemed to offer the same services as a very nice day spa. Dining: For those of you new to cruising, tap water, regular coffee, iced tea, and the juice drinks in the buffet are free. There's a charge for everything else. I can't live without Diet Coke, so I bought a soda package. If you don't, they are $2+/can. I drank my share--the ship ran out a couple of days before the end and I had to suffer Coke Zero. My wife had a drink package that included bottled water and specialty coffees. She also had a bottled wine package. The main dining room and the buffet are included in the price, but there are a number of specialty restaurants with anywhere from a $20-$40 cover charge. There are also package rates for the specialty restaurants. Murano: EAT THERE FIRST!! It's the most expensive place, but more than worth the money. It's billed as French, and the ambiance is very up scale, but it's not like any French restaurant I've been to before. I had the lobster bisque both times and it was incredible. The first visit I had venison and the second steak medallions. They were so good that I wanted to order more but restrained myself. For dessert I had the Grand Marnier souffle, and I showed no restraint here and ordered two. My wife had this Snowball crepe which was made tableside. I thought she was going to lick the plate. The staff was very attentive and very knowledgeable. I know staff changes a lot, but ask for Ema. The menu is fixed throughout the cruise, so you'll need 2-3 visits to try things. Qsine: (mostly Asian--cover charge) Their gimmick is little portions of lots of different things. When you order soup, for example, you get three different types, each 3-4 bites. If you find one you like you can have more, but the idea is that you end up eating 20+ different things during the course of the meal. The menu comes on an iPad. The concept is interesting, the food excellent, and the presentation entertaining. I recommend this as a group experience. The Porch: ($5 cover)This was my favorite place to hang out. It's up on Deck 15. It's open air, but it has wind blocks and radiant heaters in the ceiling. It was a little cool in Europe but was very nice as the temperature increased. It has a limited menu of soups, salads, paninis, and sweets. It wasn't very crowded usually, so I could sit and admire the view and be attended by the best people (thanks Olga, Michelle, and Danily)! The Lawn Grill: (Cover charge) Also on 15, open air with windbreaks and heaters. This is billed as an interactive experience. You start with flatbread pizzas which you toss yourself (don't wear black--many people ended up wearing flour). You also have the option of working with the chef and grill master in preparing your meal. We had Chef Michael and loved the experience. You must save room for the soft, warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie with ice cream. Tuscan Grill: (Cover charge) An Italian steakhouse. This was good, and the service excellent, but it wasn't that much better than the steaks in the Cuvee (main seating) and I didn't think it was worth the high cover. Blu: This is a specialty dining experience for the fitness crowd. We ate there once (no cover for Aqua class), but I did not go on a cruise to get a dessert menu where everything starts "sugar free...." Good food and service. Grand Cuvee (main dining room): It didn't matter when we went or where we sat, the service was excellent and the food superb. Buffet: I thought it was good, but not that different from other buffets I've experienced on other ships or at casinos. Casino: I'm not much of a slots player, but there seemed to be a good variety and they had several tournaments. There were 2 single deck BJ tables. Most of the other BJ tables were gimmicky, with dollar side bets for poker hands or spin the wheel for a 21, that kind of thing. Minimum bet was only $6 (the extra dollar could be the side bet or you could just bet $6). Hand shuffled!! There was one tournament with a lot of qualifying rounds. I know there were other table games but they aren't my thing. Great people!! Shopping: Nyeeh. Ask my wife. Internet: The ship is wireless and the price ranges from $0.30 -- $0.75 per minute, depending on the package (prepurchased minutes). I was teaching an online class so I had no choice, but never had connection problems. I also got access on my Droid tablet. If you only want to check email occasionally there's a Mac cafe. The ship has an arrangement of some sort with Apple. Entertainment: The main theater is like a concert hall. The shows were great with many different acts. There were also a number of small musical acts throughout the ship. I won't go into details since these change frequently. Activities: I chose to be lazy, hang out on the Porch reading books on my tablet, and have the lovely Olga and the other wonderful people there bring me a continual string of diet coke and snacks. For those who wish to be active there's plenty to do. There are a couple of pools. One, in the solarium on deck 12, is adult only. I'm not sure if that has clothing implications. We met a couple that used this area as their hang out. They said there's a small food place there. This same couple attended many of the lectures and loved them. The activities staff always had something going on. There's a movie theater but I had never heard of most of them. There are several places to dance. There's a library and game room. My complaint about these 2 is that they are open to the atrium space, and there's music being played most of the day so they aren't really quiet. There's also a community board for the passengers to organize things like bridge groups. So whether you want to be a sloth or a hummingbird, there's plenty. Kids: One of the reasons we chose this trip is because it was early December which we hoped would mean the kids would still be in school. We were right. I know there's a kids club, but can't tell you anything about it. If you want to escape children, this is a great cruise. Disability accommodation: I don't know the whole story on this but I thought I'd put it out there. Early in the trip I heard a woman crying in the elevator. She was on a scooter. What I gathered was that the staff decided she couldn't keep the scooter in her room or in the hallway outside her room because it presented an evacuation hazard. The ship was full so she couldn't move to an appropriate room. The ship had lots of wheelchairs, and I saw several in my hall at night, but they folded. I don't know the outcome, but if you plan on taking your scooter you might want to check on accessibility. I'm a disabled vet and I have severe tremors, almost like Parkinson's. Everyone was very accommodating. I don't do well with spoons, so I was served cold soups in a glass and hot soups in a coffee cup. I need a straw to drink, which apparently are not available at fancy French restaurants, but Ema went out to the bar to get one for me. Everyone on the ship was extremely friendly and polite and respectful and they seemed to go the extra mile to make you happy. Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
This is our second cruise with Celebrity, the first being on the Eclipse last year and we loved it so much we bought the guaranteed onboard spend voucher for the next cruise, which we used on this one. We had a good deal with a travel ... Read More
This is our second cruise with Celebrity, the first being on the Eclipse last year and we loved it so much we bought the guaranteed onboard spend voucher for the next cruise, which we used on this one. We had a good deal with a travel agent (found it in the paper) and decided to opt for Aquaclass. Embarkation was smooth. Got to our stateroom and was greeted by the Aquaclass extras. We had a balcony room on the Eclipse, so this is what the difference is in Aqua. We got fluffy bathrobes, extra large fluffy towels, canapes delivered daily even when we were not in (despite what they say on the order form), fresh fruit daily, bottle of champagne on arrival (so far I think this is the same extras in Concierge Class), a few extra toiletries (facial mist, lip balm), shower jets that were really nice, extended room service menu (which we made use of almost everyday for breakfast, which included smoothies and freshly squeezed orange juice for no extra charge), the use of the Persian Gardens (amazing steam room, hot stone beds), 2 bottles of water daily, plus the amazing Blu restaurant which only Aquaclass can make use of for breakfast and dinner. Blu Restaurant was amazing and we ate there everynight except on 2 occasions when we went to the Tuscan Grille and Murano. All the speciality restaurants there are amazing, but the prices are a little steep ($40 per head at Murano and Qsine). We managed to get 50% off for dining in the Tuscan on the first night, and 20% off at Muranos during the second week. Had to ask for the latter. The food on Celebrity is the best we have ever experienced on any ship. Entertainment was simply amazing. Their production show (there were 3) were absolutely wonderful! Best ever!!! Service onboard was very good. Our stateroom attendent was very good, very efficient, polite and non intrusive. He brought us our breakfast every morning though sometimes we did have breakfast in the Aqua Spa cafe. Now for the ports, which I hope you will find helpful! Naples - we did a ship's excursion that included a hike on Mt Vesuvius, and a trip to Pompeii. A thunderstorm meant the hike was not possible and it was a wasted journey all the way up. Pompeii was good, despite the rain. Wish we had just done the Pompeii trip on our own as opposed to a large bus group. The ship did a Pompeii transfer as well which we would have done if we'd known Mt Vesuvius was going to be cancelled. Catania,Sicily - Did a ship's excursion to Taormina and Mt Etna. Taormina was very nice, though it was very crowded with so many visitors. Mt Etna was enjoyable though it was extremely windy and cool up there. We didn't have time to go up the cable car since we were with a tour group. Again, wished we could have been independent and done more walking on our own up there. Some people rented a car for the day when they got to Catania and paid 40 euros for it (they asked in several rental places and took the cheapest) and had a very good independent day. Valletta, Malta - This was our first sunny and warm day. Very pleasant, walkable from the port, nice shops just outside the ship. It is quite a hilly place with nice views and pleasant old town. Corfu - the old town is walkable. This ship provided shuttles at $12 but able bodied people will take about 20-25 mins to walk into the town. There is also a local bus #16 that goes from the terminal at the port gate to the old town for just 1.50 euros each one way. We took the #16 into the town, and walked back. There is a free bus that takes you from the ship to the port gate, but it is only a few minutes walk if you don't want to take that bus. Corfu town is completely touristy - shops selling souvenirs of all sorts in their old town. Kumquat liquers, kumquat delights, wooden items, lace, leather etc. If you don't want to walk, take the local bus. It does the same thing as the ship's shuttle at a fraction of the cost! It's a direct bus - doesn't stop until you get to the old town. Bari, Italy - we were told on the ship that unless we were on an excursion, Bari was not worth visiting. Might as well stay on the ship. However, after spending a very quiet morning on the ship, we decided to walk into Bari after lunch. The ship provides a shuttle @$10 and tries to discourage you from walking. Again able bodied people will find it takes about 10-15 mins walk following a very safe path to the old town. It is a pleasant walk, not at all that bad. Bari old town was very nice, cobbled, lots of character. It was quiet as it was siesta time, but we saw how local people lived and it was pleasant walking through the streets and alleyways. Definitely no need for a shuttle bus! Dubrovnik - we loved Dubrovnik. We definitely needed a shuttle here as we were docked quite far away. Shuttles were provided by the ship @ $12. Make sure you have local Kuna in Croatia. Some places do take euros, but we found it a lot easier having kunas with us. We walked the city wall first thing (less crowded) which took about an hour with camera stops), then we took a boat trip out (paid 10 euros each for that and there were 8 of us on the boat). Choose a small boat with less people. We noticed some rather large boats with a lot of people - not so nice. The boat trip was nice as we saw old Dubrovnik from the sea. After that we went up the cable car, which we highly recommend. The view from up there was fantastic. After that, we came down and mooched around the Placa and sat around in cafes before returning to the ship with plenty of time spare. Kotor, Montenegro - We loved this little gem of a place. The sail in and out is brilliant. Picture postcard type views. We tendered into Kotor and wandered around the town. Walked up the mountain towards the fort. Took us an hour to climb up very uneven steps and stone paths. The views are breathtaking from high up. It costs 3 euros to go up (ie if a man is there to collect the money). There is an alternative route up the mule path - you can see it on the left that zigzags up the mountain. It is less steep but a lot longer, and free. We went up the steps and came down the mule path for a different perspective. We loved Kotor. Split - again another tender port. Split was very busy. With 2 other cruise ships there, the whole place was packed. We went up the Bell Tower (extremely scary for those who hate heights and rickety stairs!). Nice view though. Nice market there and a promenade full of cafes and shops. Ravenna - now this is a place we wished we hadn't bothered with. Needed a shuttle to get into town (25 mins journey). When we got there, there was really nothing much to do there and to us was the most boring of all our ports. There are a few Unesco sites, but after the previous ports, Ravenna just seemed very bland. If we docked in Ravenna again, we'll either go to Bologna or stay on the ship! Koper, Slovenia - the ship docks within a few minutes of the town. Pleasant town with shops and cafes and a tower to see the view. We also visited Piran, which is about 30 mins away. Another pleasant place. Venice - this is where we ended our cruise. We got off the ship and took our luggage to the left luggage (4 euros per item) next to the ship. We then took a waterbus to St Marks. From there we wandered around Venice, had a gondola ride (150 euros for 40 mins!), ate pizza, icecream, took a #1 waterbus from St Marks down the Grand Canal (7 euros each). 5 hours in Venice and we were then on a taxi to the airport to fly back home. Absolutely loved this cruise and loved our Aquaclass room. Worth it just for dining in Blu. One downside.... a bit too much hard selling on Celebrity - trying to push excursions, shuttles, speciality coffees, wines, speciality restaurants. They do not give enough information about each port for independent travellers, prefering you NOT to be independent! But it is only a small downside and as long as you are aware of it, do your research before you get onboard! Will definitely sail with Celebrity again and hopefully Aquaclass! Read Less
Sail Date October 2012
We traveled on the Silhouette in January on a twelve night Caribbean cruise leaving from Bayonne, New Jersey. We had one of our best cruises so booking this European cruise and anticipating the same type of experience... we were not ... Read More
We traveled on the Silhouette in January on a twelve night Caribbean cruise leaving from Bayonne, New Jersey. We had one of our best cruises so booking this European cruise and anticipating the same type of experience... we were not disappointed! Read my in depth review posted in January about the ship. We cruised October 23rd for eleven nights from Venice to Rome, with an extra day in Rome at the end. Lets start with the negative which had nothing to do with the cruise but our travel experience it was almost disastrous. Heathrow airport was fogged in so our connecting flight to Venice was cancelled. Fortunately the ship was overnight or we would have missed it!!! Needless to say we had not slept in thirty hours as we flew from Toronto to London to Madrid to Venice. We arrived in our stateroom at midnight and ordered room service and had a lovely dinner. The positive, Celebrity hit it out of the park! We once again stayed in Aqua Class, had very good food throughout the cruise, we never felt the need to go to a speciality restaurant and the service was fantastic as usual! The extra special experiences was having the Captain's club hostess Donette Fletcher stop us in a hallway and state that she remembered our faces so we got re-aquainted as well we had two servers and an assistant come up to us our first evening and said they remembered us from January as we did also. We must have left quite the impression! Yikes!!! Other great experiences was an invitation on a formal night to dine at the Captains table hosted by Donette Fletcher and two engaging officers. Our fellow diners were American, British and Irish and were a pleasure to meet. A lovely touch was a photo of the whole group taken high above on the upper floor of the dining room. We all received copies at the end of the dinner personalized with everyone's name. A classy touch. Another would be highlight was an invitation for a champagne sail out in Kotor, Montenegro on the Heli pad at the bow of the ship. Unfortunately due to weather this event was cancelled but a great experience it would have been. A couple of cutbacks we noticed was the Captains club reception for Select and Elite members as there was no food as in January we had sushi and crepes. This time around there was just drinks, so there was plenty of laughter! Also, they were not promoting the discounts for the speciality restaurants like they use to. Although we did receive a 50% discount on our first night on the ship. All for not in our situation. We have dined in Murano before which is a lovely experience but you must plan on two to three hours and go very hungry. The entertainment was vastly improved over January and there were three of the principal singers we recognized that were impressive. The shows were excellent! We had to tender in to port at Split , Croatia which was a very unpleasant experience. Three thousand people getting off and four boats? We booked on board an open booking for a future cruise with a nominal deposit which never expires. The only issue with this cruise was it was port intensive, nine ports including Venice in 11 nights. Only one sea day so you are constantly on the move. This was a historic and educational cruise so we did not mind. Saying that our next cruise with Celebrity will have at least three to four sea days. In closing we would like to give kudos to our room attendant from Indonesia, Donette Fletcher, Captains Club hostess, Damar and ToTo our servers and Tyrone the assistant. Also, the Assistant Maitre'd Danella was very professional and looked after us. The Captain was a stand up comedian! Most of the staff were very friendly and engaging. If you are looking for value for your hard earned dollar, quality of food and service and ship amenities are important, Celebrity should be on your short list. Yes the age demographic is getting a little bit older but if you are healthy and mobile in your seventies, eighties and nineties I will keep cruising too! There are plenty of other cruise companies that cater to all sorts of different age groups. Saying this I would put the average age on this cruise at about sixty-five. A great mix of nationalities. A certain amount of class and decorum which is a nice change from the overly casual "island cruises". We enjoy cruising on other lines and like to switch things up to see if our benchmark (Celebrity) is still the one. We will be trying out the Eurodam a Holland America cruise over the holidays and New years with our two adult sons so we will be interested in the comparison. We keep coming back to Celebrity! Enjoy the experience, try Celebrity and become a convert! Read Less
Sail Date October 2012
Celebrity Silhouette is one of the most beautiful ships that I've cruised on! It's all brand, spankin' new, and it's fabulous! My understanding is that Silhouette will not be based in Jersey, though, so I'm just ... Read More
Celebrity Silhouette is one of the most beautiful ships that I've cruised on! It's all brand, spankin' new, and it's fabulous! My understanding is that Silhouette will not be based in Jersey, though, so I'm just glad that we were able to cruise on her before she is relocated to her new home. Starting out in Bayonne is ugly, but ok. We had a family member drive us from Long Island and it took about an hour to get there. We arrived around 11:00am and were onboard the ship by 11:30am. Not bad! We were greeted with a lovely mimosa to start our trip off right! The weather was cold and damp, but we didn't care one bit. When we arrived we went immediately to the Ocean View Cafe and had lunch. As is usually the case, the buffet was busy and there were no tables, but we just bundled up and sat outside on the deck! No worries! The food in the buffet is pretty typical cruise fare. Not great, but not bad either. The restaurant is gorgeous and very modern. Our room was ready around 1:30pm, so we went on up to check it out. The staterooms are very pretty and updated and modern. The bathrooms are fantastic! They are bigger than most bathrooms on celebrity and the shower is really nice. Our balcony was pretty big and we spent quite a bit of time out there drinking and soaking up the sun. The flat screen tv in our stateroom was great! The tv is interactive so you can order room service, buy photos and watch free, that's right free movies on demand! Pretty nice! My only complaint about the room is the lack of storage. I have to say, Royal Caribbean does it better in regard to room design with storage in mind. There just aren't enough drawer space for clothes. But, other than that, the room is fantastic! Our stateroom attendant, Arun was remarkable. What a nice guy! He just made everything seem effortless. We snuck out for 2 minutes and we came back, the bed was made and fresh towels were waiting! What a hard worker! That evening we went to dinner in the Grand Cuvee Dining Room. We had table 460 and our waiter was Martin. I really enjoyed the food in Cuvee and the service was really nice. I must say that the style in the restaurant was a little less formal that what we have been used to in the past. We loved it. The entertainment on Silhouette is some of the best around! They have a production called the Show. It was fabulous! Think of Cirque de Soleil! There were a couple of comedians and a magic show and of course you have the singers and dancers. Pretty good stuff! Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
Our cruise was the 12 night Eastern Caribbean leaving from Bayonne N.J. on January 17th/2012. We are avid cruisers having sailed since the seventies on some twenty plus cruises on Premium cruise ships. We are a couple in our early and ... Read More
Our cruise was the 12 night Eastern Caribbean leaving from Bayonne N.J. on January 17th/2012. We are avid cruisers having sailed since the seventies on some twenty plus cruises on Premium cruise ships. We are a couple in our early and mid fifties and have alternated between Celebrity,Cunard and occasionally Holland America. Since traveling on the Solstice a year ago we looked forward and highly anticipated this new ship. We were not disappointed! Travel to New Jersey was a short flight one day earlier to avoid any weather issues. We booked through Hot Wire and found a Hilton at Penn Station which was reasonably priced. Free shuttle from the airport. We took a limo from the hotel the next morning, 20 to 30 minute drive to the port for $47.00. Embarkation- I don't know why so many people are hung up about this in past reviews. We arrived at just after 11 am, whipped through with no line up into the guest registration reception area. I will tell you though we had a dedicated entrance since we are Captain Club Elite members so this may be some of the reason why there was no delay. We were escorted to a lounge and before we could sit down the shuttle bus was at the door, we boarded and two minutes later we were the second people on the ship! I have never been on a ship this quickly before! It's obvious that Celebrity has responded and taken action to the constant complaints. As far as the port and pier... it is a bit of an eye sore but we are here to cruise so lets move on... Welcomed on board with a glass of sparkling wine and we proceeded to Bistro on Five for a lunch based on Crepes. It was good, the dessert crepes were better. For a five dollar charge it was a nice retreat from the large crowds in the Ocean view Cafe. We finished lunch and received the call at 2pm that the staterooms were ready. Stateroom- We booked an Aqua Class stateroom which has some lovely amenities including a spa shower with massaging jets (men, be careful where the jets are pointed you may get a nasty surprise!) The biggest plus is the exclusive specialty restaurant Blu that all Aqua Class guests may eat breakfast and dinner in. Suite guests may also eat here but they have to pay a five dollar per person cover charge. Aqua Class accommodation also allows the guest to take advantage of the Persian Garden (heated ceramic loungers, steam bath, dry sauna and wonderful showers)You also may find refuge in the Relaxation lounge at the front of the ship which is a very quiet respite. The location of these staterooms are on deck eleven all within easy walking distance to the Aqua Spa. Cyril and Arial were our room attendants and are amongst the best we have ever encountered. They did the little extras to make our stay that much more enjoyable. Captains Club- Being Elite members we had our own venue- Michael's Club for continental breakfast if we wished as well in the evening the Sky Lounge for complimentary cocktails and light appetizers. We found Michael's club breakfast very nice but we enjoy a full breakfast so we ate in Blu for the majority of the cruise. (although you can order espresso and cappuccino free of charge here) We attended the Sky Lounge most evenings but the venue is far too large for this relatively small amount of cruisers. You don't really get to know anyone unless you sit at the bar which we don't like to do. Luggage arrival- the only negative of the cruise was that we waited until 6:30pm to receive ours. This was quite disconcerting but we decided to eat dinner later so there was no panic. Blu Restaurant- This is truly why you pay a little extra for Aqua Class accommodation. It's worth it! This is an intimate exclusive restaurant which strives for artistry in it's food presentation and service. The food was very good and the service was excellent. Different menu every night. A special thank you to Jesus DeSouza and Danny our servers, as well as a big thank you to Mohammed the Assistant Maitre D for looking after us. Our female wine steward was very efficient and gave a very in depth and colourful description of the wine we chose. It is also a pleasure to arrive for Breakfast and dinner at any time you wish within the specified hours of operation. There was never a wait and within a couple of days the restaurant staff knew our stateroom and names by heart. The attire throughout the cruise in this restaurant is "Country Club Casual" or "Casual elegant". Formal nights I wore a dark suit but I saw no one in the restaurant with a tuxedo or long elegant gowns for the ladies. I did see on one Formal evening though a man trying to get into Blu without a jacket and tie and the head Maitre D did tell the man he had to be dressed appropriately. The man made some phony excuse that he did not know the regulations...the Maitre D unfortunately in our eyes relented and allowed him in. Shops and stores- I was amazed to see such high end stores which rivaled Rodeo Drive! Chopard, Bvlgari, Omega, Tag Heuer to name a few. Please take note to check pricing on board ship before hitting any of the islands as they are the same or cheaper in price. Entertainment- singers and dancers try very hard but are not as polished as the shows on Cunard. The individual acts we saw were excellent and very entertaining. Celebrity Life entertainment and lectures were excellent. Officers vs. guests pool volleyball was a hit! Our team almost beat but fell short by one point to defeat the unbeaten Hotel management team. The crowds around the pool were cheering so loud it was like being at the Super Bowl, what fun! Officers and Staff- The officers and hotel staff were always engaging and were totally integrated with the guests. I have never seen a Captain like Mr. Pagonis seem so visible and approachable. Paul the cruise director should be on radio or television with his voice. What a set of tubes he has singing opera and other compositions. A very slick and professional entertainer. Shore Excursions- We took advantage of two through Celebrity and were both excellent. Scuba diving in St. Thomas and a seven hour tour of St. Lucia. Both were professionally run and were great value for the money. The other islands we went to the beach or arranged a private excursion. I played golf at Royal St. Kitts in St. Kitts which is a wonderful course for the avid golfer. I booked this on line rather than through the ship saving $125.00! Ports- We had been to all of these except St. Kitts. We were very fortunate that the weather on this cruise was beautiful every day except for the first day at sea which was a little stormy. Disembarkation- no rush to get off the ship, full breakfast in Blu and the Elite Captain Club members had the Tuscan Grill as their disembarkation lounge. A little slower process getting off the ship and waiting for a shuttle to the airport but overall a smooth transition. Summary- I must mention that we received three days into our cruise a guest feedback form in our cabin.(this form asks for your feedback regarding any improvements or things that need to be rectified.) I made a few remarks regarding the rushed and rapid fire approach from our server "Uni" in Blu the first two nights and the fact that the wine stewards were run off their feet and we had a difficult time getting their attention. (they really need three wine stewards at dinner time here.) The hotel management ask that you go in person to the guest relations desk which I did, the lady read back to me what I had wrote so there was no miscommunication. After leaving I figured it would probably fall on deaf ears...boy was I wrong!!! Within twenty-four hours the head Maitre D, Assistant, servers and wine steward had all addressed our feedback. We asked the Maitre D to move us to another section and for the remainder of the cruise we received excellent service as well became familiar with our table mates. The whole staff and management in Blu were exceptional! Kudos to Celebrity management for taking our concerns seriously and making the necessary adjustments. The Silhouette is a big beautiful ship which is modern luxury in design, the public rooms and open decks are beautiful. The lawn club grass area was under repair because of torrential rain fall on our first sea day, the Alcoves which look great were seldom occupied and are really a waste of space. Specialty Restaurants- We found no need to visit them other than Bistro on Five and The Porch. Bistro was good, The Porch was poor. (service good, food poor) We had dined in Murano on the Solstice and enjoyed our experience but you must go very hungry as it is a marathon event. Elegant service and surroundings. We talked to a lot of people that had gone to the specialty restaurants and they said the food and service was no better than Blu. Go once though and enjoy the experience but they are not worth $40.00 per person extra. Other cruise lines charge $25.00 and $30.00 and are as good. Please do your self a favor and do not pre-book these before your cruise. Once on board it was quite common to receive 20% discount on the cover charge. Even at that discount they are still overpriced. I really believe that if Celebrity lowered the pricing on these restaurants they would be filled each night. We always passed the specialty restaurants on our way to dinner as Blu is located in the same area and most nights they were relatively empty. Service- this is where Celebrity really shines, almost everyone you encountered whether they be from housekeeping, maintenance, hotel staff, officers, you name it, you are greeted and acknowledged cheerfully. This ship is definitely five star in all ways and for a large ship this is hard to attain. In closing we had booked a Regent Seven Seas cruise this fall for Europe to find out and truly experience the "six star" treatment but at three times the price of this cruise...can it be three times better? We just cancelled it this week and will be booking another Celebrity cruise...thanks for helping to change our minds Celebrity! Value for the dollar don't look any further, a wonderful time for all is waiting for you! Read Less
Sail Date January 2012
Embarkation This was our seventh cruise and the fourth on Celebrity. We travelled by car (4 hours) from Northern Virginia to Newark, staying at the Marriott International at Newark Airport on Saturday night. The hotel is consistently ... Read More
Embarkation This was our seventh cruise and the fourth on Celebrity. We travelled by car (4 hours) from Northern Virginia to Newark, staying at the Marriott International at Newark Airport on Saturday night. The hotel is consistently good and had a nice package, including a full breakfast and dinner. Valet Parking was additional, but well worth it because we gave up hauling luggage a long time ago. Our room was clean and quiet, and had good bath amenities. Staffers at all levels were very accommodating and friendly. Cape Liberty is about a 20 minute ride from the hotel. I would encourage you to use Celebrity's directions and not rely on GPS or the hotel's directions, the latter two of which have steered us wrong in the past. We arrived after 1, unloaded the luggage, parked the car, picked up the free shuttle (tip only); and walked into the check-in area. The main check in area was packed, but with AQ we got priority registration. No wait - We immediately boarded a bus for the ship. We were greeted by a cheerful and friendly staff offering sparkling wine and juice; however, the elevator area (two banks) was very congested with people waiting in wheelchairs and walkers and becoming increasingly frustrated with the sluggish system. We chose to walk up a few flights and followed CC reviewer advice to have a leisurely lunch at the Bistro on level 5. It was a delightful way to start our cruise and well worth the $5 pp charge. Cabin It was great to have a fresh and new cabin, with a well appointed bathroom/shower. The room had a flat screened TV and an adequate closet with lots of hangers and floor space that accommodated only shoes. Luggage had to go under the bed, which is also where the life jackets were stored in a crate. Storage space in the bathroom was good, but that cannot be said for the cabin area. There are only three deep drawers and then two overhead bins over the bed. Vanity space was quite limited. The sofa was huge and very hard, uncomfortable and very impractical. Instead of night stands with drawers, we had small stands with two open shelves. Information in the room directory indicated that 5 women were involved in the planning and design of the cabins. Their input for the bathroom was great; however, not for the cabin storage space. Amenities: We enjoyed thick, fluffy and large bath sheets; a five jet glass enclosed shower; slippers and robes, and fresh fruit and flowers. Another AQ benefit is bottled water and herbal tea in a carafe each day. We had hors d'oeuvres delivered every evening at around 5. In the future, I plan to be more specific about our likes and dislike on this amenity. For instance, we should have told them we do not like cucumbers and caviar, which always made frequent appearances. Herbal teas are a nice touch, but perhaps better upon request which is the procedure for the hors d'oeuvres. The AQ perk that I enjoyed the most was free use of the Persian Garden. Relaxing on a heated tiled lounge and enjoying the aromatherapy and steam rooms was a treat that I tried to squeeze in our busy schedule. Our balcony chaise lounges and foot rests were very comfortable and although not very wide the balcony was deep. We had breakfast there several mornings. Chocolates were always there at turn down, but you needed a scissors to remove the wrappers. Cabin Attendants Our cabin steward and assistant were always available and accommodating when asked. The problem was that we were not attentive to details. First day, there was no shampoo. Next day, the TP roll was removed and not replaced -- fortunately there was a spare. On the positive side they were happy to clean the room early, we had room service several times and it was on time and well prepared. No cute towel animals at turn down, but we survived! Ship Info This cruise was not about the ports, but more about our first time on a brand new ship and The Silhouette fully met our expectations. The library was well stocked and attractively designed. We also used the gym regularly and enjoyed the state of the art equipment and most of the time did not have a wait for our choice of equipment. All of the bars, restaurants, and lounges were beautiful. The art work was lovely and well placed and we got a kick out of the digital birds in their cages. The Internet Lounge was well appointed and connections to the server were much faster than other ships that we have been on. I got a 90 minute package which was enough for 12 days of checking emails and minimal sending. One important tip for the internet users is to be sure to Log Off upon completing your session. I met one person who did not and had built up an $800 internet bill, which eventually was adjusted. The theater was the typical Celebrity multi tiered design and seating was adequate; however, the drink holders were not well designed for holding anything other than a stemmed glass. The climate and lighting in the big theater were comfortable, but the small theater was stuffy and dark. The casino was large and always drew big crowds and you could find me at a slot on most evenings after theater. I saw several large ($2,000 - $8,000) slot jackpots go. Table games were very active with lots of high rollers. Restaurants In AQ our dining was scheduled to be in Blu, which seats about 160 people. We were somewhat excited about it because after the first night, we could dine there without reservations and we thought it would be more intimate. Unfortunately, our first night was not a good experience. They did not have enough help, the cocktail and wait service were not attentive, the menu did not offer the diversity of the main dining room, and the food was disappointing. We did report our displeasure to the Maitre D, and he was apologetic, but did not offer us any incentive to return. We had breakfast there on a few mornings because dining in the MDR and buffet area became impossible due to the restrictions for the Norovirus (separate topic). Breakfast was much more acceptable in terms of service, but the selections were limited. The next day, we were fortunate to get a good placement at a table for six in the MDR for the 8:30 seating, and were happy to be placed with very compatible table mates. Food in the MDR was not as good as in previous cruises. There was plenty of variety, but quality has diminished. The warm water lobster tails were filled with breadcrumbs stuffing, there was no offering of prime rib and NY Strip steaks were not up to par. We also missed the tableside bread service. Instead we had a basket of bread sticks and French bread slices. Service was adequate, but not personable. Our most exciting dining experience was in Qsine. It is a very eccentric dining experience with diverse offerings (from building your own cocktails, kobe burgers, build your own cupcakes to exotic international taste treats or fish and chips.) Each course is created collectively based on Ipad menu selections by your whole table. There are multiple courses and you eat for at least three hours, not knowing what is coming out next. It was great fun, but something that you only need to do once per cruise. It is well worth the $40 pp extra cost. We also had a great dinner at Murano. Service was impeccable. Cocktail servers throughout the ship were excellent. They always remembered your choice of drinks and how you like it served. The entire crew was very pleasant. Lisa, the Cruise Director, was engaging and quite a good vocalist. One assistant on the Activities staff organized a Choir of passengers and they performed for us on the last night. It was a very impressive undertaking. Entertainment on the ship was fabulous. There was something for everyone. The Celebrity cast was amazing and there was a British pianist who brought life, amusement and great stories to the classical music he played. He was brought back for an encore the next day and packed the house. The Activities Crew went way out to make sure we did not miss the Super Bowl. Their effort to provide "stadium food" in the theater was a mild disaster as they were not prepared for the crowd there. Other venues apparently where the game was shown apparently went better. There also were several navigation type presentations by the Captain and other officers which were very interesting, especially in light of the Concordia incident. We used the gym nearly every day. It was busy at times, but you could always adjust your routine based on what was available. Norovirus About mid-way in our itinerary, we started getting reports about people being very ill. A number of people had been treated in the medical unit and were quarantined. The Silhouette took extreme precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. Purell was forced on you everywhere. Everyplace you turned, crew members, with masks on, were wiping down elevators, counter tops, and any surface that people would touch. All books were removed from the library; news summaries, puzzles and port information were only available upon request at Guest Services. The buffet and dining room areas were severely restricted, not allowing anything to be self served. All tables had to be sanitized before you sat at them. The precautions were extraordinary and impressive; however, they really were not staffed to handle the high level of sterilization and sanitation that was required. Guests became frustrated over long waits for simple things like salt, pepper, butter, sugar, cream, and condiments. The only good thing that came out of it was that tableside bread service was returned in the MDR and restaurants. Despite the inconveniences, we managed to enjoy the last half of the cruise, took extra precautions in washing our hands, and we did not get the virus. We would definitely cruise again on The Silhouette again. We will be taking her older sister, The Eclipse, to Scandinavia and Russia in June. Shore Excursions Antigua was our favorite island and we hope to return there someday for a more extended stay. Read Less
Sail Date January 2012
This was our second Celebrity cruise after travelling on the Eclipse last year. We were celebrating our honeymoon, so much younger than the average age of the guests on board but it did not concern us. We found plenty to do and the ... Read More
This was our second Celebrity cruise after travelling on the Eclipse last year. We were celebrating our honeymoon, so much younger than the average age of the guests on board but it did not concern us. We found plenty to do and the holiday left us feeling totally relaxed which was our aim. The Silhouette is basically just like the Eclipse but with improvements. The top deck which houses glass blowing on the Eclipse has been transformed into an eating/drinking/relaxing area with the lawn club grill, hammocks, an art studio and grass lawn where on some nights you can relax listening to live music with wine/cheese and a blanket. Very nice indeed. Aquaclass We chose to book Aquaclass. You are paying more for use of the Persian Garden and steam room. You also get your own restaurant Blu which serves healthier meals compared to the main dining room. You also get canapés and iced tea in your room each day. Is it worth it? For us yes as we loved being able to use our own restaurant and eat when we wanted. We didn't use the Persian garden a great deal but it was a nice option. The rooms are the same as stateroom verandas, so you get no extra space. We were located on floor 11, so close to the Aquaspa on 12 and the pool on 14. You also get a great shower in the room with jets. Good points: staff are so friendly, always making a point to say hello, ask you how your day was etc. Rooms are comfortable with nice bedding, towels. Great tv system with free films. We made use of this on any wet/windy days. Food Is superb. We also tried Quisine- a great experience everyone should try. The lawn club grill was also excellent. You can help make the food but rather than paying to cook your own dinner, it is more like a cooking class. My husband cooked his filet mignon and picked up all sorts of BBQ tips. You are under no obligation to participate. It is great food whatever! Other food highlights throughout our 12 nights: Tortilla soup, warm coconut bread, great cookies, Filet mignon and peanut butter ice cream. The Rutherford Ranch red wine is superb. Low points I must highlight the dreadful hotel where Celebrity put us up before the cruise began. It was the Sheraton Newark and the service was so bad and it was a very disappointing start to our honeymoon. After a long flight from London we decided to get breakfast in bed as a treat. Despite what turned out to be 7 phonecalls over the space of 2 hours and repeated assurances it was on its way, we never did get our breakfast. The response on the reception desk was simply the worst, 'that's not my department I am afraid' said the receptionist. The staff could not give a damn at this sloppy Sheraton hotel and Celebrity should seriously re-think it's choice of hotel at Newark. When we took a cruise from Miami last year with Celebrity we were met at the airport but this did not happen in Newark so that was a shame. We also mentioned when booking that it was our honeymoon but there was no mention of this when we arrived at our stateroom or at anytime during the trip. It's not a big thing but it would have made our trip feel more special. The Aquaspa is expensive. I had a call in my stateroom one day telling me I had won 50 dollars off a treatment in a silent raffle. The treatment however was 149 dollars for a massage and that was with the discount. I told the girl it was expensive but she was still being quite pushy. I think the spa should re-think it's price structure. Ports We stopped off at Antigua, St Kitts, St Lucia, St Thomas and St Martin. My best advice would be to do a bit of research and head to the best beach for the day. This is what we did in Antigua (we went to Jolly Beach) and had a great day on a beautiful beach. At all these places you are hounded by taxi people when you get off the ship. Negotiate a good deal and head off to your beach of choice. Whilst the taxi drivers can be pushy, once you are on your way the drivers are usually very chatty and friendly. Overall, we love Celebrity Silhouette and had a lovely time. There are just a few comments I have made, that I hope the company take on board. As I highlighted, the experience we got on the ship was dreadful. We were so relieved to board the ship and get that first glass of bubbly!! Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
My wife and I are RCCL cruisers and this time we decided to try Celebrity and their new ship, The Silhouette. As we live just outside of Washington, D.C., we wanted to be able to drive to the ship instead of flying. Embarkation: We have ... Read More
My wife and I are RCCL cruisers and this time we decided to try Celebrity and their new ship, The Silhouette. As we live just outside of Washington, D.C., we wanted to be able to drive to the ship instead of flying. Embarkation: We have read many comments about Cape Liberty and the hassle involved. But, to our surprise and pleasure, the check-in and boarding experience was not bad at all. It maybe took 20-30 minutes, and we were on our way to our first lunch buffet!! The debarkation was also fairly painless as well taking maybe 1 hour total. Parking: Since we drove from Washington, we parked in their parking lot for the 12 nights. Again, the parking was very easy and close to the ship. Just beware that parking is $19.00 per day and is paid when you arrive at the lot. They take credit cards so it wasn't a hassle. Ship: The two things that really excited us about the ship, were one, the ship was brand new( still had that new car smell) and two it had a interesting itinerary as it cruised the Southern Caribbean visiting the islands of St. Maarten, Antigua, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, and finally St Thomas. We have never taken a 12 night cruise before, but found the days at sea coming and going very relaxing.This ship is a marvel of engineering, and exceptional attention was paid to detail in its layout and appointments. The public spaces are truly beautifully appointed and there are plenty of places to relax in. They have a cozy library with great chairs and books for quiet reading, or you can go to their new I lounge where they have a mini Apple store with Internet access and Mac Books to use. My wife and I loved the Martini Bar with its frozen counter top. We felt that the drink prices were fair and not overpriced and they always gave us a "good pour". The bartenders were fantastic and would put on a show , pouring 12 Martini's at a time while standing on top of the bar!! The Cellar Master Lounge was a interesting concept with some interesting wines by the 1oz., 2oz, or 5oz pour. All tho We felt that they were overpriced. There also never seemed to be anyone in the lounge the whole trip which made the large space seem wasted, and we didn't want to be the only ones hanging out there. ( it might have been because the age group seemed too old for a wine bar). A big disappointment was the lawn club deck with its porch seating cabanas for rent. We felt it was a waste of space and $120.00 to rent a lawn cabana on sea days was laughable!!!We didn't see anyone use them the whole cruise!Cabin: We were fortunate to have booked a Sky Suite on Deck 12, Room 2122. If you can manage it, this is the place to be. Our room was 300 sq. ft. with a very large balcony. The bathroom was a very nice size with marble walls and floors. It had a full size bath tub with a hand held shower sprayer as well as a overhead rain shower. The room came with all the amenities of a 5 star hotel, including plush towels , plush robes and slippers!The room had a abundance of drawers for more clothes than one could take. Storage was not a problem at all and our 5 large bags were stored under our queen size bed with no problem. Cruising for 12 nights, we wanted to be really comfortable and not cramped and this room exceeded out expectations.Not to mention our 40" flat screen Samsung T.V.!! One of the nicest touches was the " Butler Service" provided with the room.Arlis, our Butler, from Honduras, was most attentive. He would bring us a complete breakfast exactly at the time requested and would set a beautiful table on large veranda when asked complete with fresh flowers.. In the afternoon, he would come by with Hours d'oeuvres as well as with coffee and tea. he definitely spoiled us. He was basically at our beckon call when necessary. whether it was to pick up laundry, shining my 4 pairs of shoes or making sure we Always had ice, cocktail shaker and martini glasses in the room for cocktails!!!( Thank You Arlis!!!!!!) Dining: Now to the unpleasant part of this review. We know that a dining experience is different for everyone, but we felt that the food in the MDR was poor at best and Laughable at worst!! The menu choices were uninteresting, the food tasted as if Salt was the first ingredient. The best meal was the first formal night ( the 3rd night) in which they served rack of lamb.It was a stellar presentation. The next night they served a veal medallions with pasta in which the veal was inedible. When we commented to the Metre'd, he offered to make us rack of lamb again the next night. So the next night when we were served the lamb, it tasted like it was made the day before and was inedible. Needless to say we then opted to have most of the remaining meals in the speciality restaurants.( review to follow) The MDR staff were exceptional in trying to accommodate and please us. They went out of their way to do whatever necessary to satisfy our wants . But there is only so much one can do with mediocre food quality and trying to serve it to 2500 people!! Speciality restaurants: We ate at 3 speciality restaurants, 2 times each, Murano, Tuscan Grill and Qsine We found it ironic that as bad as the MDR food was, the speciality restaurants were 5 star stellar!! They were as good as any fine dining restaurant anywhere in the would and I don't say this lightly!! Murano being their signature restaurant was exceptional in every aspect. A real Gourmet treat. The Tuscan Grill also had great food and presented it beautifully as well as attentive service. Qsine was by far the most novel and interesting. You ordered off a Ipad they provided. you ordered as many courses as desired ( be where that the courses are Huge) so order accordingly. The food and tastes were exceptional as well as the novel presentation. Our waiter Arthr was just fantastic,. His enthusiasm and attentiveness as well as his fun demeanor, made the dining experience. (Thanks Arthr) As noted by other reviewers, Celebrity has a habit of up charging yo on everything! Adding insult to this was, on certain nights word of mouth, would get you a 20-25% discount or a 2 for 1 discount on speciality dining. We found this outrageous. First it says, charge what the traffic will bear and second if you cannot fill the restaurants, Discount them. Not a good policy especially if you paid full price in advance!! As far as activities and entertainment goes, we agree with other reviewers comments , so we wont repeat them here. Passengers: This was the biggest surprise to us. it seemed that 90% of the passengers were either very elderly or Europeans, almost no young people.( nothing against Europeans....:--)). My wife and I felt as if we were the youngest passengers on the ship( and I am 60!!!..LOL) Spa: The Aqua Spa was a very relaxing experience considering 7 days at sea. The treatment rooms were nothing short of 5 star and the staff very accomplished. If you get a chance book a treatment with "Ace" and "Emma", they will put you into "orbit". ( A big Thank you to them)!! Be prepared to spend Alot on the treatments. The Persian Garden relaxation room was very nice, but was jerky. The steam room (co-ed) was in there and unless you were a Aqua class passenger, you had to pay $20.00 per day pp to use it. Another unnecessary up charge and expense. The fitness center was first class with all the equipment one would expect from a full service health club. and it was usually not crowed. In Summary: My wife and I had a most enjoyable vacation. It's unfortunate that a upscale line like Celebrity chooses to nickle and dime passengers to death with up charges. and the most disappointing was the MDR food. With so many cruise lines to choose from and so many new ships competing for your business., Celebrity needs to rethink their pricing structures and quality of food. If anyone has a question about this review or of our experiences on the ship, feel free to contact me by e-mail. Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
Celebrity Silhouette Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.5
Dining 5.0 4.2
Entertainment 4.0 3.8
Public Rooms 5.0 4.6
Fitness Recreation 5.0 4.1
Family 4.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.6
Enrichment 4.5 3.7
Service 5.0 4.5
Value For Money 4.0 4.0
Rates 4.0 4.2

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