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2 Celebrity Reflection Cruise Reviews for Spa Cruises to Europe - Eastern Mediterranean

This was our 6th cruise and what a difference finding the right cruise line makes. Our previous cruises were 1 Carnival (never again), 3 Royal Caribbean (previous favorite) and 1 NCL (never again). We were looking for an itinerary that ... Read More
This was our 6th cruise and what a difference finding the right cruise line makes. Our previous cruises were 1 Carnival (never again), 3 Royal Caribbean (previous favorite) and 1 NCL (never again). We were looking for an itinerary that marked some destinations off our bucket list, did not cater to children (love them, but wanted a break), an outstanding ship and service as well as fellow cruisers who are able to behave like adults (see Carnival cruise). This trip exceeded all of our expectations on those points. Destinations: All tours we booked were offline. In addition to all that implies (smaller groups, flexibility, personal attention), we wound up having a core group that we toured with. Thank you Cruise Critic and thanks to our companions! What a difference that made to feel like we were traveling with friends! The destinations were all good. Our thinking was we may never pass this way again, so we felt lucky to experience each one, even if we may not want to pass that way again. If we were going to pick favorites, we especially enjoyed Santorini and Naples, specifically Positano. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Ephesus and the Terrace Houses. We did not have enough time at Pompeii. If that is your interest, then that would take all day, at minimum, to see it all. Would recommend you get a guide at Pompeii as the little recorded gizmos require some divine intervention to operate. Note that this itinerary is very walk intensive. The Acropolis and Pompeii require quite an uphill hike for those of us no longer in peak condition (as if I ever was!). Even Positano was a huff and puff stroll. Lots of opportunity to stop and pretend you are fascinated by shops to catch your wind. Ship: Our last cruise was on the Norwegian Epic. That ship felt like a floating tomb to me. Very dark and closed in. Was so happy to find that the Reflection was light and bright. It was very clean and, to a person, the crew was always smiling and greeted you. Because our ports were quite strenuous, we didn't really explore the ship like we would ordinarily. Frankly, we were tired! Would have like to have had a few more sea days to really enjoy the ship. Service: We had an Aqua Suite which meant we had a butler. His name is Samuel Rodney. He did a fantastic job for us. I'm never really sure what all that is supposed to entail, but we never wanted for anything. He got my card key replaced so I didn't have to go to Guest Relations and helped my husband find his belt even after we had given up the search. Service on the rest of the ship was just fine, no complaints. Dining: While we had access to Blu, we weren't crazy about the menu. TIP: unless you want something to laugh about for the rest of the trip, avoid the lettuce water and yogurt soup. It is as nasty as it sounds. Service was outstanding. That was ok though because there were plenty of other places to eat. We tried Murano and Lawn Club Grill. Would do the Grill again, but would probably choose a different Specialty restaurant next time. Entertainment: we went to one show early on and didn't stay for the whole thing. It wasn't actually bad, but we were so tired that sleep became a bigger priority. We did appreciate that there were only two smoking areas. That made the casino, for example, a nice place to lose your money. Felt like Sky Lounge was under utilized except the one night the 'professional hockey player' (no idea if that was true, but his buddy kept announcing it loudly) and his friends showed up and took over the dance floor and band instruments since no one else was there. And that show wasn't even included in the price of the cruise! Haha. Kinda felt sorry for them because we heard the median age of traveler on the ship was 71. I guess there really wasn't a good place for them to go with all that youthful exuberance. Spa: we were Aqua Suite, but because we were so port intensive and basically exhausted, we really didn't get the bang for the buck on this. Lesson learned, but the cabin was awesome. We've been back almost a week now and we decided that if we could do it all over again, we would in a heartbeat. We are counting the days until our next cruise with Celebrity!   Read Less
Sail Date September 2014
This was my wifes and mine first cruise and didnt really know what to expect. That being the case I did a lot of research to determine the best Cruise line to fit our lifestyle for our 25th wedding anniversary. What I will say from the ... Read More
This was my wifes and mine first cruise and didnt really know what to expect. That being the case I did a lot of research to determine the best Cruise line to fit our lifestyle for our 25th wedding anniversary. What I will say from the outset is that I normally dont like to go home, but this was the first time in my life I have been mentally satiated from my vacation. Our honeymoon, two weeks in Hawaii has always the trip to beat over the decades, this cruise laid it to waste, metaphorically speaking of course. Basic requirements: Again, because it was our first cruise, we also wanted to try the big cruise ships, not the small river cruise style. Based on my research that may be for more seasoned cruisers, Entertainment, dinning and dress code catering to adults. i.e: no kids running around amuck or drunken, party folks with 1980s shorts and high Adidas sports socks with running shoes in every venue. May sound uppity but, too bad, so sad. Its my money and I choose where and how to spend it right? New and luxurious accommodations, ~10 nights Mediterranean ports of call, 3000 people plus staff) but it was effortless and very professional AND we were provided a special credit card to hold line of credit info, passport info etc. Great idea. Ok, so after a pleasantly quick check-in we head up to our Aqua Class stateroom 1550. I notice on the elevator ride up and walking through the halls the level of workmanship of everything. The walls, the ceilings, the stairs, trim, marble tiles. Everything is top notch and solid, built to last. I felt like I was back at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. I kid you not, this is a very very pretty ship!! Anyway, we make it to our stateroom, and wow, everything is so clean and new with a pleasant fragrance provided by some aroma sticks (for want of the proper terminology). Bathroom was larger than I had anticipated, bed was Queen size, a couch, and yes, the room wide sliding door to the balcony with two reclining chairs and foot rests. Winning!! We met a lot of new people from around the world. That was excellent! We also met another couple that we did the tours with and will hopefully be lifelong friends. Additionally, some we spoke to were seasoned cruisers and indicated that this ship and line were the best theyve ever encountered. Other salient points: Food was plentiful and very well prepared and variable, Service, especially in our specialty restaurant Blu was beyond top notch. Ive never experienced that level of service anywhere. Thats what you get when you have trained adults providing service! The ship is constantly being maintained and cleaned, Everyone that works on the ship seems genuinely happy in their role as they perform their duties as though it was an enjoyment to them. Everyone I dealt with on the ship was pleasant. Not just some or most, but all!! The only thing that is likely constantly overlooked are the support staff. The staff you never see behind the scenes like cooks, chefs, cleaners, laundry, engineering and engineering support etc. So kudos to them as well! Entertainment was great and plentiful. Its literally impossible to be bored on this ship. Lots of food locations and bars, The Aqua Spa is fantastic and the workout areas are state-of-the-art. Wow. Reflection dwarfs the other cruise liners when you arrive at port and you feel really proud pulling up in the state of the art ship. Everyone on the docks and other ships just look in awe. Were telling friends and colleague thinking about taking a cruise to go on the Celebrity Reflection. I dont want to call these final point Cons because, our experience was sublime, but rather points for potential improvement: Stretch resolution on TV? You can't change it or at least I couldnt. This is 2013, I dont like watching stretched video displays, it looks very cheap. Can't connect smart phone to TV due to security concerns. There are much bigger security concerns than worrying about changing settings on TV. Internet setup not intuitive or user friendly. For non-power users it can be very daunting. Scripting is setup to show the user not necessarily the correct information. It needs a complete overhaul. Its not cheap either, although wireless is free which only means you can text people. Although acquisition of bandwidth use and time online is very well recorded. Money in side of the equation is sound, however, the end-user side is full of holes and is relatively immature. It would be good to have a smartphone/tablet app in addition to the daily news/schedule being delivered. Some people don't have smartphone/tablets yes? However, many of us do and we are the current demographic with the money to take these cruises which will keep this industry going!!! Every elevator and various key points along halls on every deck it would be great to provide an info screen like CityPulse and Navigation channel. It doesn't have to be interactive but that could be a second implementation. Nav channel needs to display current time! Need a server or cloud for people to share/upload/store videos, photos etc while on board. Some smartphones can't communicate directly and/or people don't know how to set it up on their device. In closing, my wife and I cant recommend Celebrity Cruise lines enough, especially with the ship Reflection. Im looking forward to going again. Hope this helps someone.   Read Less
Sail Date July 2013
Celebrity Reflection Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.6
Dining 5.0 4.3
Entertainment 4.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.0 4.6
Fitness Recreation 5.0 4.1
Family 4.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.7
Enrichment 4.0 3.6
Service 5.0 4.5
Value For Money 5.0 4.1
Rates 4.0 4.1

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