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4 Celebrity Millennium Europe - Western Mediterranean Cruise Reviews

General Hints: If you can, take a non-stop flight to Barcelona. We know of two groups, one from California and one from Canada who had stopovers in Frankfurt and Heathrow, whose luggage did not make the ship before it sailed. Also, try to ... Read More
General Hints: If you can, take a non-stop flight to Barcelona. We know of two groups, one from California and one from Canada who had stopovers in Frankfurt and Heathrow, whose luggage did not make the ship before it sailed. Also, try to get to Barcelona, a day or two before the ship sails. It is a beautiful city and well worth the time. Also,if you can, stay 2-3 days in Venice after the cruise is over. Venice is a great city and also well worth the time. Look into the post-cruise packages offered by Celebrity. Celebrity then is responsible for getting your luggage to the hotel and then to the airport, when your stay is over. If you book on your own, know that water taxis are quite expensive and they are the only way to get to a hotel. Also, book a 4 star hotel. Three star hotels do not have porter service. We had to get our baggage from the water taxi to the hotel and take it up yo our rooms ourselves.In Venice, book tours to the island of Murano and to the Jewish Ghetto, they are excellent tours. The Millennium is a beautiful ship. The staff was excellent. They were very attentive to our needs. We booked concierge class. The only reason I would recommend concierge is that the room is bigger and on a two week cruise, that is important. Otherwise,we did not see any real advantage to that class. The food in the restaurant was good; nothing really special. We ate twice in the Olympic Restaurant. There is an extra charge ($30.00per person, but, it is well worth it. The food and the service were excellent. The shows were good. The Celebrity singers and dancers were very good. EXCURSIONS: Since we were a group of four people, our travel agent recommended that we look into private tours. We used the private tours in Nice, Italy and Athens. It was well worth the money and in some cases were cheaper than the ship's tours. In Athens, we used Athens Taxi.com. If you use them, ask for the van. The taxi was tight for four people. for Nice, we used Ming Tours. For Italy, we used Jeremy Tours. Jeremy Tours was really very good. The drivers and guides were good. They had an in-depth knowledge and were able to get us into places before the large groups. In addition, they showed us places not normally seen by tourists, This was especially true in Rome and Florence. Be sure to take the tour of Positano, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. Use a private tour, if you can. This was the most breathtaking tour on the trip. The city we liked the least was Istanbul. Take the historical tours. They are better than the two day Classical Tour.DO NOT take the nighttime excursion to the Turkish nightclub. This was a big rip-off. For the Greek Island of Mykonos, you do not need to take the tour. Just take the tender to the island and walk around. It is a pretty island. The excursion to Santorini, we thought, was a waste. Again, take the tender to the island and take the cable car and just walk around. Keep checking on the excursions. Not all of the excursions were listed on-line or in the booklet that they send you. Some of the excursions that they said would not be available were actually available. One example was the tour of Jewish Istanbul. Read Less
Sail Date October 2007
Our family of 4 sailed on the 7/25/06 trip from Barcelona to Venice. This was our fifth cruise. First time on Celebrity and in Europe. The procedure to clear customs in Spain was quite disorganized but did move along. Celebrity transferred ... Read More
Our family of 4 sailed on the 7/25/06 trip from Barcelona to Venice. This was our fifth cruise. First time on Celebrity and in Europe. The procedure to clear customs in Spain was quite disorganized but did move along. Celebrity transferred us without a problem from the airport to the ship. The ship was lovely and the crew was great. The service was definitely the best we have ever received. The room was small even by cruise ship standards. We had trouble storing our empty suitcases. (Thank goodness we only brought one each.) Because it was our first trip to Europe, I did a lot of research on our ports and what we most wanted to see. Also, with 4 of us I knew it would be very expensive to sign up for the ship excursions. As a result, we ended up doing every stop on our own, which I found very rewarding. One of my only complaints with Celebrity was the Guest Relations desk. Every time we asked for directions from the port to train stations, we got very sketchy information and told it was a longer walk than what it actually is. One time the desk clerk told me that I could not get a taxi from the port and that I would need to take the Celebrity shuttle. Of course later that day I learned that taxis in port were plentiful and I could have saved money and time by taking one instead of the ship shuttle. My point is this, even if you have never been to Europe before, do your research and you can handle the stops on your own if you don't want to go with the "herd". We did get a guide and used the Celebrity Connections on this site to gather a group for Rome. We used When In Rome Tours and the guide we had, Julia, was terrific. With only 8 in the group, we saw the Colosseum, Forum, Pantheon and the Vatican Museum along with the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica. Everyone in our family agreed it was our favorite stop. The people in Athens were the most friendly and helpful I've ever met. The food was very good on the ship. Our waiter, Viorel was great. He wouldn't let us go with no dessert, even if it was just a fruit plate. Our cabin steward, Milford was also great, he always had a smile and was very helpful. Overall it was a terrific cruise experience. The stops gave us a nice overview of the Mediterranean and a good idea of where we would like to go back and explore more. The music in the fitness room was awful or we would have used it more. Read Less
Sail Date July 2006
I will start off by saying my wife and I are avid cruisers and have been on 7 cruises (NCL, Carnival, RCCL) and now "X" Celebrity. The ports of call were absolutely excellent. The shore excursions were great (somewhat pricey, but ... Read More
I will start off by saying my wife and I are avid cruisers and have been on 7 cruises (NCL, Carnival, RCCL) and now "X" Celebrity. The ports of call were absolutely excellent. The shore excursions were great (somewhat pricey, but worth it in my opinion). My one complaint about the excursions is that it was EXTREMELY HOT and the buses used had very weak air conditioning. On one of our excursions in Malta the air conditioning broke down, but they continued the tour. The bus was stifling and we feared the person sitting in front of us was going to pass out. The bus was also EXTREMELY cramped with almost no leg room. The entire tour was a bus tour so we had no choice but to sit on the bus and endure the heat. At the various photo stops everyone rushed to get off to get some fresh air. It was better outside in the 96 degree weather than it was on the bus. We complained to the tour guide and driver, but were told only that they had put in a call to their office, but no one was available. When we arrived back on the ship we filed a formal complaint with the shore excursions desk and were given a form to fill out. Several people did the same in filling out the form. We were told that we would be contacted by 8:30 pm on the last night of the cruise because they had to contact the main office in Miami. True to their word, at 8:34 pm on the last night a paper was slipped under out door stating that they would give a 25% refund for the inconvenience. I wasn't completely satisfied, but at least they made an effort. During the morning of disembarkation the final bill was slipped under our door and we noticed that the amount for the tour refund WAS NOT reflected on our bill. I told my wife that perhaps the final bill was printed before our refund was processed. Sure enough, our bill had been printed at 1pm the previous day and we received notice of our refund at 8:34pm. I thought nothing of it, but when we got home we noticed that the refund was never given to us AND they screwed up the final bill because what they charged my credit card was NOT what was reflected on my final bill. I am working to get this rectified. Concierge Class in my opinion was great! I liked the fact that we had upgraded linens and pillows (very comfortable and soft on the skin) and we had a full breakfast menu to order from. We were also able to have dinner on our veranda (absolutely fantastic) as we sailed away from Villefranche. Because we were in Concierge Class we were able to have dinner in our room or veranda and we were able to order from the actual dinning room menu. The one draw back was that the meal was NOT brought out in courses, it was delivered all at once. The Concierge Class room is a regular ocean with balcony room, the only difference is that you have all the amenities offered to the suites. You should also note that the tipping for the stateroom attendant is slightly higher in this category ($4.00 p/p per day instead of $3.50). I didn't mind this since we really worked our attendant we had dinner on our veranda for four nights in a row due to the fact that we had 10½ hour tours, we would miss dinner in the dinning room by the time we got back. Food was better than the average cruise line that I have been on, but I think it was over rated. The food in the dinning room was very good, but I agree with an earlier review that I read. The pastry chef should be fired. Most of the selection was chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Everything else was very limited. The casual dinning was just as bad. Also, it seems like they were skimping on food. What I mean is that food WASN'T always available like on other ships. After 10:30pm everything shut down except the pasta and pizza place on deck 10. If you wanted a snack or dessert--too bad. Room service offered chocolate black forest cake and chocolate chip cookies or apple pie THAT'S IT in terms of sweets. The cova cafe open only for 2 or 3 hours for snacks and pastries and that was during the day early hours while we were in port. The casual dinning place CONSTANTLY ran out of cups!!! It was so annoying. Whenever we went up to get lemonade or ice tea, we had to hunt for cups! One night my wife went up for pasta and 3 out of 4 of the beverage stations was closed and the one that was opened had NO CUPS. We asked someone in the kitchen for a cup and waited 10 minutes until they returned. I must also note that there were numerous flies throughout the casual dinning area. They invested the beverage station and lingered around the bread (someone was posted there to swat the flies). Also, I MUST AGREE with all of you who wrote about the HORRIBLE BUNS at the grill. The hot dog and hamburger buns were AWFUL!!! I think they freeze them and defrost them as needed--NOT a good thing. For those saying that this was not a party ship--I wish I would have sailed when you did and perhaps you sail when I did. When I vacation I want to relax. This cruise had 550 children on board and at one point I was sure that I heard all of them running over my stateroom. A word of warning to those looking at rooms on deck 9. THE POOL IS OVERHEAD!!! The kids never slept and ran back and forth all night and then they were up early to start all over. 2 nights they had pool parties and I could hear all 2,100 passengers overhead. A lot of people complained, but the crew did nothing about it. Granted it is out of their control as to how many children are on board, but they could have atleast enforced the curfew or posted someone to make sure the kids were not running back and forth after a certain time. Sure, it's the kids' vacation too, and I think they should be allowed to run around and have fun, but not at 1:00 am while people are trying to sleep. Overall, everything was good, but I do think the ship is over rated. I had the feeling on this ship more than any other that they really wanted to be rated excellent. It was being mentioned everywhere they almost forced it upon us. "We know you had an excellent time and you should rate us as excellent because that really means everything was good." They say that below excellent doesn't fly with the corporate office--well then they should really make the experience excellent and in my book they fell short of that. A word about the stateroom, the sink was stained, the remote control for the TV was all taped up and the curtain at the veranda was worn and the hooks were rusted. The cooler underneath the TV was terrible it wasn't even cool. I did enjoy having the ice cold towels waiting for me at the gangway after touring in 95 degree + weather. Another great thing was the disembarkation. I have NEVER been on one that has gone as SMOOTHLY it was FANTASTIC!! Really--very, very civilized--we loved it. Read Less
Sail Date August 2004
We had 2 cabins next to each other with veranda's , it was our families 20+ cruise, 3/rd on CEL, first time in CAT 1/A, cabin was too small, in one cabin we had 3 people, one cabin 2 people, if you have more than 2 people in your ... Read More
We had 2 cabins next to each other with veranda's , it was our families 20+ cruise, 3/rd on CEL, first time in CAT 1/A, cabin was too small, in one cabin we had 3 people, one cabin 2 people, if you have more than 2 people in your cabin, you have no room to do any in-room dining, bummer. I don't think the line has kept up with the maintenance of the ship, after 4 years it was very worn. We had to have the shower head fixed in one room (it should have been fixed prior to us getting on, it took 2 calls to get action by the 3/rd day), the other had several minor problems, but the decor etc looked real worn, carpet etc needs to be replaced. Chair in the rooms is so small, only a 100 pounder can sit in it, a normal adult can't, it's so small. We were ok with the room attendants for each cabin, but I did give them money the first day, a practice I started a few years ago, it seems on CEL that is how you get basic service. No public announcement policy is good, but TV's have only a few channels, but they do have several movies running most of the day, that was ok while in cabin between activities. I will say that the cabin was very quiet, and very little or no noise from the other rooms or hallways. Also no creaks or noises from the walls and ceilings, doors all closed properly, but closet was small. Dining in the casual spots for breakfast after 11am was horrible, pancakes were frisbees, all other food was either cool or lukewarm at best, eggs were not really tasty. If you get up and you're ready to eat by 9:30am and want to wait in lines you can get "made to order" omelettes, eggs, waffles, but each had their own station, again several lines to get your food, but that food was hot and decent. We did not like the constant opening and closing hours of the various food stations in the casual dining areas, also after 12:30am on all but 2 nights, no food available, and forget room service at that time till 530am. The food in the main dining room was very good. I disagree with several of the recent reviews I have read, The lobster night was great, huge 6 to 7.5 pounders, one of my sons had 3, the other had 2, the rest of us had 1 or 1.5 each, best lobster we have had in 20 years of cruising by far. The rack of lamb was also very good, along with the pork, beef and veal, I even commented to the waiter about how much better the food was in the MED vs the Caribbean, he told me they just changed the menus a few months ago, and even he noticed the food was better as the guests were complimenting him more lately. Our Waiter was also very good, Mr. Sandor from Hungary, asst waiter was ok, but either they gave him to many tables or he could not keep up. We did not like the time dinner started, we had late seating, CEL means "late", the room was supposed to be opened at 8:30 per the brochure, but it did not open till 8:45pm, closer to 8:50pm, and most nights we did not get to order till 9 to 9:15pm, and dinner took over 2 hrs, most nights if we stayed for dessert we left at 11:30pm, and there were over 50% of the people still there. In my opinion because it took so long to eat in the main dinning room, I noticed each night less people in the room, till finally our waiter was down to just our table from the 4 he started with most nights, there were nights when over 40% of the people did not come to dinner, our first cruise that has happened unless the weather was real bad. Also if the ship went over 18 knots the vibration from the engines was noticeable in the dining room, even on 2/nd level 30 or 40 feet from very large windows at rear of room, which I will say was a bonus as from our table we could see out the windows, and CEL kept the drapes up, we all liked the views. Unfortunately the coffee was not very good, and if you wanted espresso or cappuccino there was a very expensive charge, not as good as what you could get ashore and more costly. We found most of the desserts ok, not great, and a little disappointing, both in selection, and taste and presentation/look. I would compare them to something you would get at--- Denney's--- for example. We liked the Sushi cafe, but it had poor selection (each day same 4 or 5 items), ok rice, and wasn't open early or late enough, only a few hrs after 6:30pm, for early sitting--- "no sushi for you"----, if you also want to go to main dining room. We used it as a sort of early pre diner-diner as we came back from our days ashore before our 9pm diners. Hot dogs were very good, hamburgers ok, but buns, not so good, after first day, eat them without the buns. I think overall food was not as good as Princess, about as good as Carnival except casual and breakfast which Carnival does better. Olympic was visited by 2 of our table mates, with wine and drinks they spent over $130 US, they had another reservation, but cancelled it, also you could have had a reservation any night right up to the time they closed. Food was the same as the main dining room except Caesar salad prepared fresh and they offered steak diane prepared at the table. One ordered the fish, thought it was ok. Casino had mostly very friendly dealers etc and while we were there the jackpots were hitting a lot, from $1000 to over $9000, one night in the span of 40 minutes , 2, $2500 slot jackpots and a $4000 were paid, unfortunately not to any of us. Slot attendant told me that the week was way above normal, not a good week for the house. But due to length of time in ports, casino was usually closed around 2am. Which brings us to the age of the cruisers. We were told over 60% of the cruisers were over 60, and after midnight it seemed you couldn't find anybody still up, this was not a party ship. We liked some of the entertainment, Revue shows were not as good as Carnival, better than Princess, individual acts in main showroom were good to very good. Some of the acts in the other venues were ok to poor, but again after we came out of dinner most people seemed to just go off to bed, most of the nights the show for late seating was at 7pm, this was not a great idea, but since dinner took so long, we actually started to go to the 7pm shows about halfway into the cruise. It was that or hardly no entertainment after we left dinner. For that reason, I think the line should start dinner earlier, 6pm for first sitting, not 6:30: and 8:15 for late, and get the people out in 2 hrs, then maybe more would actually come to main dining. Or simply go to open sitting, open times, get people in and out like a normal restaurant. Best part of the cruise was the ports and the drivers/tours we booked on our own. To name a few, Spiros and George in Athens, the very best, our time in Venice, Pisa, Capri, the beaches north of Pisa, Rome, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Nice, Mykonos and Santirini, all memories to cherish, and at most of those locations, we found great hotels to go back to for many summers in the future. That is the one best thing about this cruise, it took us to a lot of great ports, we'll have plenty of trips to Europe to get back to these places, and we already planning our next summers trip to Naples, Capri and Mykonos. We have now decided (the five of us), ages 16 to 55: 61 cruises total between all of us, (9 on CEL) next cruise will be on Royal Caribbean, same type of ships/food as Cel, less money, younger people; or Carnival less money, better entertainment and more fun, or Princess, same money, better service and food. Caio for now!!!! The Cruisin Varrenti's. Read Less
Sail Date June 2004
Celebrity Millennium Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.5 4.1
Dining 4.0 3.9
Entertainment 4.0 3.7
Public Rooms 4.5 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.9
Family 3.5 3.9
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.7
Enrichment 4.0 3.5
Service 4.0 4.2
Value For Money 4.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.1

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