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120 Celebrity Millennium Caribbean - Eastern Cruise Reviews

Before this cruise, I would have told you no one beats Celebrity. This was our third trip with this line, our second on Millenium. Even with the knowledge that this was her last trip before her refurbishment didn't bother me, I ... Read More
Before this cruise, I would have told you no one beats Celebrity. This was our third trip with this line, our second on Millenium. Even with the knowledge that this was her last trip before her refurbishment didn't bother me, I understand the need for upgrades. However, the amount of refurbishment going on during the cruise was totally not acceptable, and the condition of bed sheets (huge bleach spots on dark tan sheets), the phone that didn't work, the mold In the bathroom ceiling, the moldy shower curtain, the mildew hole stateroom drapes, the cracked bathroom floor tile were all SO completely not up to the standards of a cruise line we once thought perfect. I did ask to speak the the hotel manager, as we felt the line needed to hear from us, as we always shared our excitement about cruising with them. Never got a return message or call. There were children in diapers in the pool, and I think they were lenient because their kids area was under construction. There was a constant odor of varnish, except for the sewage problem on one night. To be fair, the food was terrific, the group Full Tilt was terrific, so there werea few bright spots. The ports are ones I would never return to, but would do the X rails agai , in a different port. In short, Celebrity may have just lost some of the best free advertising, as we both work with thousands of people in our businesses. It was not a great indicator on what they think of their guests. Read Less
Sail Date April 2012
Celebrity "Millennium", 7 -- 12 April 2012; Cabin no 7163, balcony First of all, we had a wonderful time onboard and enjoyed ourselves very much. Celebrity does not disappoint. It has been 3 ½ years since we last ... Read More
Celebrity "Millennium", 7 -- 12 April 2012; Cabin no 7163, balcony First of all, we had a wonderful time onboard and enjoyed ourselves very much. Celebrity does not disappoint. It has been 3 ½ years since we last sailed with Millennium, across the Pacific, and I have been looking at the long resume I wrote then. Most of the positive things we saw and wrote about at that time are still in place, but there were also a few small things that need improvement. Metropolitan Restaurant and Ocean Cafe. Dinner at the Metropolitan Restaurant is a pleasant event every night. Service is also proffesional. Good and wonderful food, well prepared, tasty and natural. We like to give special compliments for the soups. They were very tasty, natural and well balanced. We tasted and enjoyed 2 -- 4 different soups everyday, and all have been very good. Desserts are also very tasty. Bakery products are of high quality and taste. Vegetables are always cooked to just the right consistency and taste fresh. Pizza's are good and tasty, but missing the variation of the thin and crusty variation, with for example, parma ham, cheese and arugula. We like the pasta bar, and that they warm the perfectly cooked pasta and add garnish and sauce as wanted; same with the mixing of Cesar salad. Good and nice that it is mixed on the spot and that one can add garnish. Breakfast. Huge and a lot of variation of fruit, cereals, cold cuts, eggs, omellets, even misosoup. Should be something for everybody. We specially enjoy the breakfast at the Aqua Spa Cafè, where the waiters are specially attentive, and greet us by name. A little, but nice detail, that makes us feel special. This crew is good at that. The Olympic -- elegant, 5 star fantastic food and service. Price is well worth it. You will be pampered ! We have been on more than 60 different cruises, and the signature restaurants of Celebrity are best in its class. None over - none beside. Wonderful lobster and scallop, tasty Chateaubriand with nice presentation and flambe. Fine selection of cheeses and fine presentation from the waiter, who also knew the cheeses and described them well. Fantastic desserts, specially the dessert medley. We had a wonderful evening at a place with tradition and elegance, and the food and good service matched the elegant atmosphere very well. A small and positive suggestions for an even higher standard and service 1. Hot towels given on arrival at the table, and after dinner -- just an added service and hygenic gesture. 2. A small sorbet, with a dash of champagne, between main and cheese courses, would have been top of this gastronomic pleasure. These are not complaints, but 2 small items that we think would make the standard even higher, without costing too much. Lectures have been interesting and informative, and we have attended most of them. Apple computer-classes are welcome. Cabin is fine, bed is good to sleep on, and the room-attendent is attentive. Show, music and entertainment have been good and enjoyable. We also appreciate that on this Easter-cruise, our spiritual needs were met, with 2 priests onboard, Catholic and Lutheran. The Conservatory with its fresh flowers is an oasis that we have not seen on other ships. Relaxing atmosphere in there. Unfortunately, we forgot a few things in a cabinet, in the cabin (expensive Bose headset, Longchamp Bag, binocular and 4 caps.) We emailed RCL twice, but we got the impression that they have not really put an effort in locating our things. After waiting almost a week for a reply to our first email, we resent them the same mail with a copy to the RCL office in Oslo, and lo and behold, got a pro forma letter the same afternoon saying that they have not found anything. The few things we would challenge the company to improve, is the general maintainence of the outdoor and some places of the interior areas. A beautiful ship like this deserves a "new dress" after 12 years. All in all, this has been a great cruise. Leli and Morten from Norway. Cabin 7163 (Elite Members) Read Less
Sail Date April 2012
EMBARKATION: Arrived at Port of Miami at 10:30am. We parked in a garage at the port - $20 a day, but for our peace of mind, it was worth it. Somewhat of a hike from the garage -- I saw signs for a shuttle, but never saw an actual shuttle. ... Read More
EMBARKATION: Arrived at Port of Miami at 10:30am. We parked in a garage at the port - $20 a day, but for our peace of mind, it was worth it. Somewhat of a hike from the garage -- I saw signs for a shuttle, but never saw an actual shuttle. Went through security, and they made sure the wine that I packed in my carry-on was actually wine. My husband walked straight through without them asking him to open his suitcase. I saw them taking away alcohol from some -- not throwing it away, but labeling it to return to them on the last night of the cruise. There was no check to see if we had only two bottles of wine or the size of each bottle (we had two large ones). We showed our passports, filled out our health forms, and boarded the ship at 11:10am! Very fast! Had lunch at the Ocean Cafe -- not as crazy as I thought it would be. Cabins were ready about 1:30pm. CABIN: We had a balcony cabin, midship, on deck seven. Cabin was wonderful! Comfortable beds. Beautifully appointed with a lot of storage. Closet has two doors that open for hanging clothes plus a shelf on top. One door opens and has six drawers, a shelf, the safe, and a shelf on top. Each nightstand has two drawers. There is a unit that holds the refrigerator, a drawer, the flat screen TV, and then a cabinet above with two shelves. The desk/vanity doesn't have a middle drawer. Has storage on one side for additional glasses; open storage on the other side. I emptied the refrigerator out for our cokes, wine, coffee creamer, etc. and stored the mini bar items right next to the refrigerator in the cabinet (my room attendant suggested this). We stored all of our suitcases under the bed. Our daughter slept on a small pull out sofa next to the glass sliding door and said it was comfortable. Nothing needs updating in these cabins besides the lamps - rusting. There does need to be additional bedside reading lights added. Bathroom was very small, but fine. Has two corner shelves plus plenty of storage below sink. Tile floor/mirror needs updating. Great shower. SHIP/CREW: Ship looks great!! Very little looks like it needs updating besides the public bathrooms -- not bad at all, but that is really the only thing I could find! The Metropolitan dining room is beautiful as is the Olympic. We loved deck five -- wonderful Cova Cafe plus lots of great seating areas. Theatre is beautiful. We missed the wrap around deck for walking/afternoon reading. Back deck on ten is very nice. Three sets of elevators -- never had to wait long at all. The crew is amazing! FOOD: Overall very good! Most delicious treats ever at the Cova Cafe! Almond croissants in the morning; incredible salmon sandwiches in the afternoon. Holland America seems to have more variety at lunch and less lines in the Ocean Cafe (Lido). Dinner was always great as were the desserts. We did Select Dining -- usually around 8pm - and never had to wait. ENTERTAINMENT: Evening shows were at 7 and 9pm, and we very much enjoyed them. James Stephens III, the comic, was hilarious. Loved the music around the ship before and after dinner. FUN FACTORY/CHILDREN'S PROGRAM: Wonderful! Our nine year old daughter spent every single moment that she could in the Fun Factory. Made so many new friends -- really had a great time. The counselors were terrific. I really cannot speak highly enough about how great this program was. It was Spring Break, and there were almost 300 kids on board. They all seemed to be having a wonderful time. PORTS: Always love Key West!! Wish we could have stayed longer. Not a big fan of Cozumel, but we loved staying on the ship that day as it emptied out. OVERALL: A wonderful vacation! Would definitely recommend, and ship will even become more beautiful after she is overhauled in a few weeks. If people can come up with complaints about this ship, they are really trying hard or are extremely difficult to please! Celebrity and Holland America definitely remain our favorites!! Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
This was our first cruise in 17+ years, we took this cruise with our 8 & 13 yr old boys. We selected this cruise as it was a 5 day cruise, left from Miami March 5th and visited Roatan, Honduras(March 7th) and Cozumel,Mexico(March 8th) ... Read More
This was our first cruise in 17+ years, we took this cruise with our 8 & 13 yr old boys. We selected this cruise as it was a 5 day cruise, left from Miami March 5th and visited Roatan, Honduras(March 7th) and Cozumel,Mexico(March 8th) - other days were spent at sea. The boat is going into dry dock for some remodeling(MAY 2012), but as judged by us and other passengers I asked it really doesn't need too. Embarkation was easy, and getting off(early check-out) was even easier. ROOM - We had a balcony room on floor 7 close to elevators, which made getting to our room easy.The room had a 'queen?' bed + sofa bed(for 1 person) + bunk bed - all comfortable. Had 3 luggages + 3 carry-ons and no problems storing luggages and clothes we had packed, + plenty of hangers. Bathroom was small, but sufficient - plenty of storage space once again, and plenty of shower pressure. Overall room condition was good, some caulking needed in bathroom, balcony needs some painting but again THESE ARE VERY MINOR, I would reserve the same room next time around. STAFF - WOW!WOW!WOW! I was a little concerned when booking and seeing that the gratuities(tips) were $12.50p.p/day (kids also pay this rate), but in the end not only did I gladly pay the gratuities but made sure room stewards, waiters, somelier, kids center staff got an extra tip for their incredible work. I could go on and on here but in short these people do their job day in & day out always with a SMILE and always making you feel welcomed and by doing their VERY best to accomodate your requests. So a VERY special thank you to Koco, Sheldon, Ali & the staff at the Fun Factory.FOOD/DRINKS So much food, really nothing 'bad'. Quality ranged from acceptable to great - nothng Bad, nothing Excellent. There's food available pretty much anytime you want. BREAKFAST - in room(limited choice due to room class), main restaurant, or in Oasis which is buffet style(the waffles :) are at the very back next to Ocean Cafe) *Also available in AquaSPA area LUNCH - We had lunch at Oasis(buffet) or BBQ Grill next to pool area, but always went to sit at the back of the boat at the Ocean Cafe(beautifull view + shade) Supper - 6pm-8h30-of frestyle in main dining room(Metropolitan)Offer kids menu that changes every night + adult menu that kids can also choose from(especially for desserts :) ) Plenty to choose from, our waiter encouraged us to try different plates saying that we could always chose something else if we did not like it, so in the end we over-ate each night..FunFunFun Drinks - I had the Premium Drink Package, did I get my money's worth? Probably not, would I chose it again - YES. To have the peace of mind that I can order what I want when I want and not have to worry that I am going to get a crazy bill at the end makes this package worthwhile. My one complaint about the drinks - they are too strong!! ACTIVITIES/KIDS - There's plenty for you to do or not do. The BIG bonus for my wife and I ended up being the FUN FACTORY where the kids played/stayed at. All they talked about was this place, from morning to night, that is were they wanted to go and wanted to be. Bonus- wife & I had some alone time in the afternoon & at night. The nightly shows (7-9pm) were good, some better then others(Magician, Comedian) Casino can be fun for some, not so much fun for other$ :) A final and VERY special thank you to the Hotel Director Mr.Touch Ung for the special invitations that my children will surely never forget. Drop me a line if you have any secific questions, JValente_ca@Yahoo.ca Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
We booked this cruise at last minute. Drove to Miami from Ontario. The check in at the ship was easy. I just wish I had carried my own luggage. So we had to sit around till we could get into our room and then the luggage did not come till ... Read More
We booked this cruise at last minute. Drove to Miami from Ontario. The check in at the ship was easy. I just wish I had carried my own luggage. So we had to sit around till we could get into our room and then the luggage did not come till we were almost sailing. Excuse only one service elevator working. I was lead to believe we couldn't. This ship needs to dry dock and get things fixed up. Stairs and railings need to be redone. Carpets should be trashed. I think they used to allow smoking everywhere so there is a smell hanging around everywhere. The buffet was normal most tomes they were out of the something you wanted and in no hurry to go get it. It was coming they kept saying to everyone. I wanted tea one morning for our room. I went to the 5th level cafe, They told me in a rather rude tone that this was for specialty coffee and to go to the buffet. Ok can I have the take out cups. NO get them there also. Yea right. Get there ask for the head chef for cups. He said he would get them. Got on the phone and found them. Sent someone to get them. 10min later he came back. Sorry no cups you have to go to the 5th floor. Am I happy now. Goit the dirtest look again from them for 2 stupid cups. Once I went for food one side of buffet was closed with the ice cream and pizza open but other side open wiyh the exit doors shut.One person working and alot of stuff not there. It was coming he told the 10+ people. I left after a couple minutes. Also try getting a drink anywhere on the ship except the bar. The waiters are the slowest ever seen. They take your order then meander around looking for more orders. By the time they get back your drink is warm. But they do pick up your empties quick without asking if you want another. Go to the Cosmos lounge that is a farce to get a drink. They are even slower. They are supposed to have 11 people working there. I counted 6 maybe. Most times they stood around looking at you. I waved at one waiter and he looked over his shoulder to see who I was waving at and never came to see what we needed.I saw one lady go get her own drinks 4 times and take back the empties. If you wandered around the ship and asked for directions one person pointed one way another pointed another. Most staff didn't know front from back. The ones that did had been there a long time.Our room steward Fredrick was great and knew anything you asked. The other stupid thing was the tv would turn on whenever it wanted to all night long. No one fixed it. I was not the only one I heard. There was all sorts of stupid things broken elevator buttons, safes that wouldn't open, elevators going up but then go down instead without opening the doors. Our Dinner waiters were the best Alina and Gunartha. They were quick and very nice all week with big hugh smiles. I was told you had to have a jacket and tie on formal night or rent one and quite adament about it. NOT Gunny told us that so long as you looked good you were fine. The 3rd night a couple joined us that didn't come earlier as he only had golf shirts and was told the same thing. BUT the trip was good the islands were nice. The excursion desk lady was very helpful and informative.The front desk was always under staffed and had a line up. I would sail again with them but would go with Princess first. Read Less
Sail Date February 2012
We had checked out many cruises as we just wanted to get away and decided since the kids were all grown and it would be just 'us', we thought we would upgrade to Celebrity. I did some research on Cruise Critic so we found the ... Read More
We had checked out many cruises as we just wanted to get away and decided since the kids were all grown and it would be just 'us', we thought we would upgrade to Celebrity. I did some research on Cruise Critic so we found the Millenium exactly as rated, a bit dated, in need of some touchups, but overall a very beautiful ship and one on which we would happily cruise again. We spent a little extra on our cabin and opted for the concierge class. Wow, what a nice cabin. This was by far the nicest cabin we have had in 7 cruises. As always, our steward, Edwin, was outstanding and made sure we had everything we needed. The canopes came each afternoon, ice twice each day, fresh fruit each day, fresh flowers. We felt very spoiled from the standpoint of our cabin. Celebrity itself, not so much. Since we were going on a 'just us' cruise, we decided to do something we have never done on a cruise and attend the formal night dinner. It was very nice, except that the food was just okay. And that is what we found every night, just okay food. Sure, the food presentation was excellent, but again, the taste and choices were just okay. We expected more from Celebrity. The dress code was a little annoying only because it was not enforced. Celebrity let us know on the first day about the dress code, (before we even cruised because I did a little reading about it.) We put on our 'smart casual' garb for dinner one night only to follow a man in shorts into the dining room. Quietly, I mentioned to the Maitre'd (sp) that, "Even though you have a dress code, you don't enforce it, do you?" He asked what I meant and I pointed to the man in shorts. The Maitre'd seemed upset, and since the man had just sat down I assumed he would be asked to dress in something a little more appropriate. NOPE! He sat there and ate his meal looking like he could head straight to the gym after. At the theatre, they also wanted people following the dress code as notices were posted on the walls outside the theatres. Again, nobody seemed to care about the dress code, and Celebrity certainly didn't enforce it. Now I'm not saying I agree or disagree with the dress code, but if you're going to make such a fuss about having one, enforce it or get rid of it! Overall, we were a bit disappointed with Celebrity. We believe the special treatment we received in our cabin was because of cabin class and not because of Celebrity. Thinking this cruise line was a little more upscale left us wanting more. Next time, we're going to try Princess Cruise line just for the sake of comparison, (okay, and an excuse to take another cruise!) Our ports of call were Jamaica and Grand Cayman, which were just as we expected. We didn't do much in the area of excursions, but we did take a little sight seeing junket just to get away from the port to see what the countries were like. Jamaica was poverty stricken in many areas, and I think "Good Time Charlie" was trying to make his entire month's pay from us alone. If you see a taxi that says "Good Time Charlie" on the top of the windshield, we would suggest you RUN the other way. He was way too pricey and didn't take us where he promised. Also, he didn't keep us out for 4 hours as he said he would. But I believe that is because he kept dropping us off at places to shop and we are not shoppers. It is our assumption that he gets a cut of everything we buy! LOL So he kept wanting us to dump all our cash into the local economy and therefore we didn't see much. In Georgetown, Grand Cayman, it was just the opposite. We got our money's worth there and met some very nice people to boot. We would go again. So there you have it, our simple cruise in a nutshell. Don't get me wrong. We loved our week on the ship and we have NEVER had a bad cruise. Even after reading a lot of reviews on Cruise Critic and other sites, we expected more than we got. We will definitely cruise again, as it is one of our favorite vacation getaways. But we will probably NOT sail with Celebrity. Read Less
Sail Date January 2012
Regulars know Millennium. No sense in rehashing the wear issues. The ship goes for major renovation in April (see the Celebrity web site for the Solticizing blog .... its interesting) and comes out in May with the first cruise on the ... Read More
Regulars know Millennium. No sense in rehashing the wear issues. The ship goes for major renovation in April (see the Celebrity web site for the Solticizing blog .... its interesting) and comes out in May with the first cruise on the upgraded vessel West Bound Panama Canal, Miami to San Diego. Even though the ship is now almost 10 years old, she is one of our favorites (Century being the other) ..... and that is not to say we don't like the others in the fleet, we do. This was our third and fourth voyage on Millennium. I'd love to make this cruise. Mainly because there is something about this ship that even through major crew position changes, there is a culture of friendliness and service that persists. Tip of the hat to Celebrity who is likely responsible for making this kind of thing happen. In my opinion, Celebrity is delivering one of the best products in the cruising industry given its niche and value. This was our first BTB and 18th and 19th cruise aboard a Celebrity ship since 2001. You should understand I am biased. Been there done that on RCL, NCL, MSC and Carnival. To me there is no comparison although it should be understood that every cruiser has his own tastes for itineraries, character of the ship and its crew, etc. Last year in January, we sailed 10 days on Millennium out of Puerto Rico (Southern Caribbean). That itinerary is no more, having been replaced by Summit offering a 7 day cruise. Therefore, we opted for this BTB for 9 days out of Miami. It worked out nicely. January and February can be cool and breezy (30-45 kts of wind at sea is not uncommon). It was just that on the first leg (Eastern) and absolutely beautiful (80s, calm and sunny from the start) on the second (Western). BTB is a cinch. After returning to Miami on debarkation day from the first leg, we were assembled in Michael's Club on Deck 4 at 0930 (about 30 of us) and escorted off the ship by one of the officers, through customs and back aboard in about 30 minutes. Very smooth. To make it so, don't try to arrange a BTB after the fact. Book it that way and make sure you get the same cabin on both legs. If you do this it works out. We had a couple who dined with us that tried to arrange it on the last day of the cruise and it didn't work out. A couple of comments about cruising on Celebrity in general garnered from my most recent cruise aboard Millennium: it's changed in the last 10 years (obviously). For those who might recall the gilded years of the 1920s - and I've only read about it - there is only remote resemblance but even the last 10 years has seen dramatic changes. Ships rarely sail with empty cabins. The industry knows how to limit capacity on any given itinerary and optimize passenger loads. I think Celebrity is particularly adept at this and itinerary and pricing strategies demonstrate it. It is becoming less likely to find Celebrity fares less than $100/day (inside cabins) that were common 5 or 6 years ago or ships sailing with small, less than capacity passenger loads on longer passages (these are less profitable for a lot of reasons). The Celebrity cruiser has also changed. I would expect that Celebrity management deals with a constant tension between trying to maintain a level of elegance aboard while at the same time satisfying the traveler who wants to travel more casually. I understand and appreciate both modes of travel. This is not meant to appear to be sticking my nose up in the air. I was told by one of Millennium's Maitre d's that he had a party of 16 show up at the door of the main dining room on a formal night in shorts, flip-flops and ball caps insisting to be seated. Clearly, the lead in the group was trying to make a point. Despite the gracious and best efforts of this particular Maitre d' to offer alternatives and upon checking with his superiors, he was directed to seat them. The previous era of elegant formal dining, a higher level of decorum on board that characterized Celebrity is waning. Clearly, it is still available and in the main still present but it is clear to me that Celebrity management has had to flex to a different set of cruising standards as travelers wanting to sail with Celebrity have changed. One thing worth pointing out is that the 4 day, Western Caribbean itinerary out of Miami is very popular because it is over a 4 day weekend (Friday to Monday) and allows someone to go last minute with little more than a roll-aboard or back pack full of clothes. There were more families and partiers on this segment than on the preceding, 5 day Eastern Caribbean segment. The problem for me with that is that while I might prefer a more formal and elegant cruising experience, something I have enjoyed consistently on Celebrity since 2001 and at an affordable price, that middle ground is eroding. Celebrity probably represented the best of that in mid-priced cruising. One could always jump to Regent (now with new owners), Sea Dream, Seaborn or Crystal cruises with astronomical fares to match their elegance and high ratio of crew members to passengers. Holland America is still pretty straight laced (I have no personal experience there; have just read that it is). Now, loosely connected to Celebrity in a way that I am not certain, there is Azamara and the price jump is considerable. It appears to me that parent company, RCL, has tried to position Celebrity within the cruise market place to appeal to a slightly less demanding set of passengers while elevating Azamara Cruise Club ships (Quest and Journey) to appeal to those seeking a more elegant cruise. I'm not ready to lament this yet because I think Celebrity management is trying hard to maintain a certain standard on their fleet of ships. It's hard. They have to compete and to do so means innovative products, itineraries, new dining options and less adherence to "tried and true." We are in our 60s. If anything, I've noticed I like change less and less so take this for what it is worth in that context. Overall, another wonderful time on Celebrity. We have yet to be even somewhat disappointed. Read Less
Sail Date January 2012
Just returned from a 5 night cruise aboard Celebrity Millenium. I had cruised this ship 10 years ago when she was brand new. The ship has been fairly well maintained but is showing her age and I know she is due for refurbishment soon. ... Read More
Just returned from a 5 night cruise aboard Celebrity Millenium. I had cruised this ship 10 years ago when she was brand new. The ship has been fairly well maintained but is showing her age and I know she is due for refurbishment soon. Boarding the ship in Miami was a breeze as registration was handled quickly and efficiently and we boarded around 12 noon with no problems. Our room on the 8 floor was well situated and appointed and clean. Our cabin boy, Rosario, introduced himself and endeavoured to make our stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible. He went out of his way to satisfy any requests promptly. Our room had fresh flowers and a bottle of sparkling wine chilling as well as fresh fruit delivered daily. We had chosen concierge class and got small canapes every afternoon. The food on the ship was plentiful and nicely presented. I enjoyed the spa cafe enormously which provided deliciously prepared healthy food options for breakfast and lunch. Shows on board were fanatastic. We took an excursion in Jamaica that went to Grotto Caves and Dunns River Falls. We thought it was well priced and well organized and had a great time. In Grand Cayman we took a shared taxi to the public beach which was nice but over crowded as 5 cruise ships were in Grand Cayman that day. Our ship left Grand Cayman at about 3:30 everyone was aboard and starving. There were not allot of food options open at that time and the line ups were horrendous. I ended up ordering room service which came very quickly and was delicious. I would recommend this cruise. Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
Miami-Roatan-Cozumel-Miami on Millennium again confirmed our preference for Celebrity. The cruise line seems to fit our "happily married, fifty-something" preferences. Not too many children, nor too many octogenarians. For ... Read More
Miami-Roatan-Cozumel-Miami on Millennium again confirmed our preference for Celebrity. The cruise line seems to fit our "happily married, fifty-something" preferences. Not too many children, nor too many octogenarians. For the two of us, this five night itinerary is more for resting than sight-seeing or activities. We find it very relaxing to read and watch the waves without phone or email interruptions. We flew into Miami the morning of departure and took a cab to the port. We usually come in the day before to reduce potential travel interruptions but had adequate cushion this time on the day of travel. A taxi from Miami Airport to the cruise terminal is now $25 due to a $1 fuel surcharge. It took about 35 minutes. Check-in at noon took less than 15 minutes with our roll-aboard luggage. The concierge-level line was actually longer than the other lines, so there was no benefit. The buffet opened at noon but we waited in the Air-conditioned library until our rooms were made available at 12:30. Then we went to eat and wander around the ship. We like the food quality and variety on Celebrity. We also like that they serve us to minimize the hands-in-the-food contamination. (We still watched one of the clueless reach into a serving dish and pick up a handful of dry toppings with his bare hand). The only disappointment was the Thai-inspired soups or rice dishes. They should just call them Asian, because they are not quite truly Thai in flavor. Millennium is a fine ship but is ready for its upcoming refit and "Solsticization. " It is basically identical to Infinity in layout and design. We are looking forward to seeing the upgraded Infinity during an upcoming Panama Canal cruise. We have watched departure from an upper deck to see both sides of the port of Miami. However, we are now content with watching the views from the privacy of our balcony. Celebrity has won our loyalty primarily by not allowing smoking on the balconies or in the staterooms. We enjoy the balconies at extra expense and detest the smell of cigarette or cigar smoke. One smoker on a balcony impacts dozens of non-smokers. The food in the dining hall also is great and the service is exceptional. Our table-mates were pleased with every soup, appetizer and entre ordered. As usual, the left side of the menu remains the same each night. The right side has an excellent variety of seafood, beef, lamb, chicken and veal. I had a steak that was as good as any I have had in the finest specialty restaurants. The service continues to be slow (two hours each night) since each order is cooked to order. The quality is obvious, but we would prefer a bit quicker service to get back to watching the waves. The activities and entertainment are fine. We do not see why so much profanity-laced "entertainment" has to be provided during prime time, and then rebroadcast throughout the next day. Relegate them to a midnight show in one of the lounges. Another quick rehash of the concierge level discussion. There is no real value added for the extra cost. We were given the same towels and shampoo we had our last cruise on deck 7. The room attendant expressed the great inconvenience of granting our request for the provided shoe shine and feather pillow option. She also didn't like making room in the fridge for our cokes and lectured us why we shouldn't be drinking cokes anyway! The rest of the week was fine since we didn't ask for anything else. The room was clean but the bathroom smelled musty. The afternoon canapés would be better if we had a choice. Maybe a fruit and cheese option one day, chips and salsa option another day. The flowers are nice but I dont see the need for concierge level again. The seas passing Cuba were a little rough so don't forget the Bonine (like Dramamine without sleepiness). Information about Miami, Roatan and Cozumel is below. Surprisingly, we were not able to book next fall's cruise on board because the routes are not settled. Also surprisingly no allowance was made for those of who wanted the upgrade and OBC advantages of booking on board. Overall it is a great cruise. We chose the express departure since we travel light. We were off the ship and through customs by 6:30 a.m. We were at MIA in plenty of time for standby on the 0745 flight out. Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
This was a last minute girls trip with my best friend and her 12 year old daughter. I cruise once a year with my Husband and my friend and her Husband and 2 children cruise about 2-3 times per year on many cruise lines. We had a nice ... Read More
This was a last minute girls trip with my best friend and her 12 year old daughter. I cruise once a year with my Husband and my friend and her Husband and 2 children cruise about 2-3 times per year on many cruise lines. We had a nice relaxing time. Celebrity "Millennium" is a little more upscale compared to Royal Caribbean although they are the same parent company. The ship was very pretty. Like a nice modern, boutique hotel. Not a lot of decorative tile, sparkles, etc. A lot of quite dark, lounge type areas, soft live music. The food was tasty, not outstanding. The crowd was very American Caucasian and European, with a handful of people of color spattered about, and they cruise often based on the conversations. They push drink packages, alcohol, water, soda, tea/coffee for higher end beverages, but access is somewhat limited. You had to work hard for drinks. You had to go to a bar and they were in lounge areas, at the end of the ship and only one by the pool. Very few pool bar staff. On other cruise lines every time you lift your head from your book someone is offering you a drink. Not so on this ship. The staff was polite, friendly, helpful though reserved and distant. Which was nice. My cabin steward was really good. I swear every time I left the cabin even for a few moments, I had clean towels, empty trash can and neatly arranged. No towel animals. Hurricane Rina impacted our stop in Cozumel so we ended up in Nassau again...groan. They really push very expensive shore excursions to the Atlantis. We had been to Nassau many many times so we booked a room for the day at the Wyndham on Cable Beach ($86) and took a taxi and used their property all day. On Key West, we walked to the Hemmingway house 6 blocks and paid $12 versus purchasing the $50 shore excursion to do the same thing. They do not leave envelops for tips if you have prepaid and we didn't not have a specific wait staff at dinner because you just arrive and they seat you. Wonderful brunch in the main dining room on the at sea day. They had EVERYTHING. Seafood, prime rib, stir fry made in front of you, breakfast, sushi, all kinds of desserts, everything. Again, very pretty, ice sculptures, small band playing softly. We had afternoon tea in the specialty restaurant. Service was very pretty, nice and relaxing. Not the usual activities, no Michael Jackson name that tune or Quest game. Lots of card games, bridge and group type games Pictionary, trivia, etc. This is the first time I ever watched a movie on the ship. We struggled a tad bit for entertainment after 8pm. No announcement of activities. They did have a Halloween costume contest on the last night. If you wanted to party, dance party, that started at 11pm in the nightclub. This ship had a lot of dark, "spaces" to snuggle up with that person you brought on the cruise to snuggle up with. If you wanted a honeymoon without too much partying. This is your ship. It was nice overall and the price was excellent. Read Less
Sail Date October 2011
As an organizer of Cruise-trips for middle-size groups, we were very happy to on That ship that often ! Stayed in different Hotels in San Juan, which are most the same: Clean and good for that one night.. no more comments ! They know: ... Read More
As an organizer of Cruise-trips for middle-size groups, we were very happy to on That ship that often ! Stayed in different Hotels in San Juan, which are most the same: Clean and good for that one night.. no more comments ! They know: tomorrow someone else is waiting for a ship, and needs a sleep over. Embarkation can be a "very sunny action", while waiting outside. (The most royal Carib. ports have a better - longer Roof, so you are in the shadow,while waiting. After youre through with that, a glass of champagne (or two..) is waiting at the ship. If you are not that early - youre cabin is ready to use. Very early birds on embarkation sometimes have to wait for the cabin.. ! Tip : Check you're dinner seating time and location, as soon as you get to know them. Now is the time to make changes if necessary. The millenium is a ship, where the overlook is done pretty fast. The cabins are really OK! If you like it bigger : take the aft ones, on the very tail. It's 2 rooms with one big balcony. You see them from Deck 10. Deck 10 has been the magic formula for our guests! It means : a little music when leaving the port - a nice Bar, and that wonderful air breeze feeling. The staff is always there.. even when you dont need them..but everyone has been very friendly! After a time we became real friends,and were happy to meet them at next cruise again. The food in the self-serving restaurant has a wide variety (but more is on Royal Caribbean) The Main Restaurant again has a better service and Food , as RC does ! Depends on what is really important to you. The shows on board are excellent, but a little old fashion. Entertainment for younger people is not that much. Sometimes some games at the pool ( if you like it..) but always with a little too loud music ! (I'm not always in a party mood while laying in the sun, you know..)There are other decks, that are quiet! If you like it really quiet: go to Deck 4, where the lifeboats are! Be in the shadow of them or in the sun, just as you like it ! But if there's a real Pool Party : Don't miss it ! And don't miss the formal nights. If you like to wear youre Dinner Jacket - do it ( it might not fit anymore one week later..) But a Jacket and a tie will do also! The shoretrips offered by the ship are expensive ! In some ports you can do youre own trips pretty well, by taking a taxi for a half day or join one of the local companies at the pier. You'll see, whats trust able or not, the way they offer their tours. After 5 trips the ship is on a different itinerary now. But we are glad to offer a "around the world tour" with the Millenium in October 2012, when this ship goes down to Asia for next years. Would we, as a sales group, go on a 67 days world tour with the Millenium, with paying guests, when not sure about the quality ? No ! Never ever ! But we do ! And I think, that should show up,how we like the Millenium and its staff ! Read Less
Sail Date April 2011
We are veteran cruisers, with over 14 cruises under our belts. Check in: This was painless. We arrived in San Juan a day early and enjoyed the Marriott Resort on the Condado. The next day a $20 cab ride to the pier. In San Juan ... Read More
We are veteran cruisers, with over 14 cruises under our belts. Check in: This was painless. We arrived in San Juan a day early and enjoyed the Marriott Resort on the Condado. The next day a $20 cab ride to the pier. In San Juan these are fixed prices. We arrived at the pier at 11:30. Check in was smooth and without a hitch. We were on the ship in a matter of minutes. Having cruised before we knew that the cabins would not be ready until after 1PM. After a lunch we changed into swim suits that we carried in our carry one bags. The pool deck was open and we enjoyed the opportunity to relax and swim until the cabin was ready. Cabin: The cabin was ready at 1:30 and our checked luggage as delivered shortly after that. The cabin was standard with a veranda. Even thought this ship is 10 years old the cabin was in good shape, with the exception of a few cracked tiles in the bath room and some rust on the metal on the veranda. More storage space than we needed. Bed was firm but not to. As on all ships we slept very well Shore excursions: the less said about them the better. Nothing spectacular. Basically run of mill for the island that we visited. Dinning: Over all the food lived up to Celebrities standards. The Metropolitan dining room was over all excellent. The service was excellent. However, I missed the table side presentation of Cesar salad and the deserts. I know that the lines cite safety but they prepare the Banana Forster and Cherry Jubilee in the space outside the kitchen doors and not at the table. Lack of personnel is the real reason. The Ocean Cafe buffet was as expected. One thing that I missed was the Metropolitan dining room being open for lunch. Only on sea days was this done. The buffet was fine but I like to get my food hot and cafeteria style does not allow that. Entertainment: Typical cruise ship fare. However the production shows were excellent and the singer and dancers had lot of energy. I do miss some of the headline entertainers. The acts seem to be second line, though enjoyable. Attendance at most shows was low and this could affect the performance but didn't seem to. Two shows one a 7 and one at 9. On previous trips there was a late show for the second sitting not one early. My preference would be for a late show. General comments: First the good. The senior staff was very visible on this ship. From the Captain to the Hotel Manager and on down all were there to talk to guests and make notes to keep us happy. Additionally they, the senior staff, participated in activities that interacted with gussets. All the hotel staff had ready smiles and pleasant greeting whenever they were encounted. This made for a great experience. Not a cross word. Another great thing was the pool butlers. If you vacated a chair on the pool deck for over 30 minutes, they removed your stuff and made the chair available to other gusset. This was great on sea days, since there are never sufficient chairs on the pool deck on these days. Also, there were senior dining room personnel turning away people who were following the dress code. This was true on formal nights and made the dinning experience that much better. The Bad. There seemed to be more things to nickel and dime us. Fresh squeezed orange Juice is now $2.50. Espresso in the dining room is extra, a bar costs, not part of dinner. These things could be added to the overall cruise cost with minimal impact on the gusset choosing Celebrity. Overall and very good experience and I would recommend Celebrity to anyone who wants an upscale experience at reasonable cost. Read Less
Sail Date February 2011
This was our first time on Celebrity and our first time sailing from San Juan - both were great. We booked our trip online through Celebrity's website and had no problems. Made our own air arrangements online not going through ... Read More
This was our first time on Celebrity and our first time sailing from San Juan - both were great. We booked our trip online through Celebrity's website and had no problems. Made our own air arrangements online not going through Celebrity, also no problems. The Celebrity Millennium sails around 8:00 pm and that gave us plenty of time for travel that day. We arrived in SJU around 3:00 pm and were able to board the ship by 4:00 pm - a nice leisurely pace with no rushing. The Celebrity terminal people and crew welcomed us aboard and were wonderful. A nice welcome aboard drink and we were off to our cabin. We opted for the Celebrity Select dining and made dinner reservations for 6:45 each night. You can do this online prior to sailing. So off we go to the Metropolitan restaurant. We were seated promptly in a very classy, well kept dinning room. The entire ship was well kept and clean and in excellent condition. Our cruise was not sold out so it was not overly crowded. The layout of this ship also gives one the appearance of a less crowded ship. Plenty of space to move around, lots of public seating areas and plenty of friendly crew about to assist you find what ever you need. The fact that this ship has gas turbine engines and diesels to assist means that you feel almost no vibration and noise that you may experience on other ships, a very smooth quiet ship. We really enjoyed how the deck 10 buffet restaurant was laid out. Very spacious and well designed to keep large crowds from being in line at any one place at any one time. They keep many different food options spread out around the restaurant so don't stop at the first buffet line you see, keep walking you may find something else around the corner, its great. We liked that each buffet line had a crew member assigned to that food station to help serve and keep it clean and well stocked. No messy buffet lines here like on some other more popular big name cruise lines. The food was really good. Some of the best we had had, especially the Olympic Restaurant. The Olympic does charge about 35 dollars per person service charge, but well worth it. We made reservations for the Olympic the first formal night and had a wonderful dining experience. It was not crowded at all. If the other cruisers knew how good it was it would have been filled to capacity each night. The service was exceptional and so was the food. Our cruise was heading out about the time Hurricane Tomas was making a visit through to Caribbean. The weather in a few ports was not perfect because of this and the port of St Lucia was closed because of damage from the storm, but Celebrity made arrangements to call on Martinique instead. Things went so smoothly it was like we were originally scheduled to make that stop from the beginning. The Millennium crew never missed a beat and each stop went like clockwork and we were on time everywhere we went. The day of departure went smoothly, mainly because we travel lightly with carry-on bags only. They want the guests to fill our a survey a few days prior to debarkation so they will know about your flight times or other travel needs on that day. They then assign luggage tags to correspond with the time they allow you to debark. The ship normally pulls back into San Juan around 6:00 am and they might get clearance to allow you to leave around 7:00 am. Since we had carry on bags we did not fill out the survey and went down to the gangway at 7:00 am and were first off the ship, first through customs and in a taxi on the way to the airport before 8:00am. If you have large checked bags, please don't book air arrangements before 11:00am. We made our own air arrangements for 10:00am and made it with an hour to spare. We always travel as light as possible and let the cruise do our laundry a few days into the cruise, it saves space in our bags and the aggravation of hauling large bags around on our vacation instead of having a good time. All in all our first Celebrity cruise was wonderful and will not be our last. Celebrity Millennium rocks! we will be back. Andy and Lisa Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
Being first time cruisers, I was at a complete loss as to what to expext. I had read the brochure, checked it on line and thought I knew what to expect but no. Be prepared, it is just not possible to show it in a magazine or on line. I ... Read More
Being first time cruisers, I was at a complete loss as to what to expext. I had read the brochure, checked it on line and thought I knew what to expect but no. Be prepared, it is just not possible to show it in a magazine or on line. I felt truly special from the minute I entered the marquee and was shown to the check in desk. Celebrity Cruise staff were very visible and showed us the way to embark, no queues, no fuss and we were on board. Welcomed by a flute of champagne and encouraged to look round it was truly amazing. The sheer size and the elegance of the place left me slightly speechless. It still does. From them on it was luxury all the way. The cabin was beyond my expectations, we had a balcony and although I didnt sit out there much it was lovely to have the fresh air. Food was available constantly and was fresh and in plentiful supply. Drinks on offer all the time and waiters to serve your alcohol upon request. No pestering they were just there. And for the days when I wanted there was room service, ordered on your television and there within minutes. i could not complain about a thing. We stopped at 9 resorts and despite there being trips available, I thought they were rather expensive for what they were we decided to be independent. Every stop had a tourist desk ashore and they told us what and where to go. My 50th was spent in the special restaurant and it was a show which was worth the extra few pound it cost. The other shows were a bit lacking, good entertainment but not show stopping and we only went there to have somewhere to sit after dinner. The restaurant was consistent with the service on the rest of the ship. Days at sea were a bit low on the entertainment side but to be honest I just wanted to be out on deck and chill. If I had to moan I would say the entertainment team didnt do it for me but I didnt go on a cruise for the games they put on. I am glad that I chose a 2 week caribean cruise for my birthday celebration. It certainly ticked a lot of boxes. Enjoy your cruise.. I did. Read Less
Sail Date April 2010
This was our first cruise on Celebrity Cruises. We have cruised now 8 times, 5 on Princess, 1 on Carnival, 1 on Holland American and the last on the Celebrity Millennium. I have always asked other people on subsequent cruises "what ... Read More
This was our first cruise on Celebrity Cruises. We have cruised now 8 times, 5 on Princess, 1 on Carnival, 1 on Holland American and the last on the Celebrity Millennium. I have always asked other people on subsequent cruises "what cruise line they liked or enjoyed best?" many have answered Celebrity. We however would rank Celebrity Lines 4th out of all the Cruise Lines we have been on. I have no complaints about Food, or Crew service. Entertainment had something to be desired. We are very tired of the "June Taylor Dancer" type shows of which we had 3 nights. We have seen so many of them that they are no longer entertaining, this would also apply to the other lines. Please come up with something NEW. The Cruise Director was not up to any that we have seen in the past. There was no activity on the Pool Deck during the At-Sea days except for a Music Band that played only once all day and that was for appx. 45.min. We had 2 of 5 Excursions booked threw the ship canceled, we then re-booked new ones. The ones that we went on only 2 were memorable and the others were way over priced for what we received. Another excursion we booked ourselves threw "Antours" was excellent. I found the entire Cruise Celebrity Cruise a disappointment, maybe its because of the economy. Read Less
Sail Date January 2010
I have just read JUST G's review and totally understand how we cruisers of the UK need to wake up and smell the American coffee. By this i mean we are travelling quite some distance when it comes to the Carribean and the related ... Read More
I have just read JUST G's review and totally understand how we cruisers of the UK need to wake up and smell the American coffee. By this i mean we are travelling quite some distance when it comes to the Carribean and the related connections. When it goes wrong we could do well to learn from the American way of getting things done. The word no' or 'sorry' is not on the agenda when it comes to their holiday. I say good on them. On new years eve we stayed at the Hilton Hotel at Manchester airport. This we have done for the previous 3 cruises as we tie in the free parking. The 1st of January we went through four lots of security checks before boarding our Delta flight, understandable. We headed to the runway and then stopped and returned to the gate. The wings were to be de - iced, again understandable. We took off for Atlanta an hour late but were pleased to hear that by the time we had landed in Atlanta we had made the time up. At this point we would thouroughly recommend Delta as the service on board was nothing short of first class. We queued for at least an hour and a half for immigration check which i still find it difficult to comprehend why there is not a seperate que for aged, disabled and those traveling with very young children (none of which applied to us). We raced to pick up our baggage and then raced across the airport to drop our baggage back in to connecting flights. We then took a train to gate area D. When we boarded the connecting flight the door literally shut behind us. The flight to San Juan was not too bad and we landed and cleared in about 4 hours. We met as a group of about 20 from the UK and we were transferred to the Pre booked Celebrity X hotel - Caribe Hilton by coach. We were then told the Hilton had no reservations for any of us. It was about 2.00 am UK time and we had been traveling since 6.00 am previous day. There was no Celebrity X rep to help us, their emergency contact number was un obtainable. The Hilton took it upon themselves to sort us out and transferred us free of charge to the Conrad hotel. They informed us the it was Celebrity X or our travel agents fault? As Al Jolson once said ' You aint heard nothing yet,' Shattered we hit the sack - 4:00am uk time. Next day we all got together and tried to call Celebrity again - no answer. Called home to our TA, they did help a little. We were told to get a taxi to port and present the bill. In the mean time another UK traveller had been told that our luggage would be picked up at 11.00 and we would be picked up two hours later. 12:00 no sign, the panic set in and everybody took taxis. Just to keep in the flavour of things we went to the wrong port. Ok let's give the Milli a quick mention here. I will be positive here. The ships decor is superb and has a wonderful ambience. It is immaculate throughout and the cabins are excellent. We were balcony concierge. The cruise was excellent and the food was good. Two pointers here, the main dining rooms are not to everybodies liking, first seating 6.30, second seating 8.45. We used the bistro anytime dining on the back of the ship, same menu everynight but choose your own time. We also dined at the Oympic. Yes its a beautiful setting and the food was excellent, however after the Maitre' d had seated us we noticed just after our second course that a gentleman on the opposite table was choking. He passed out, he was elderley and in a wheel chair. I quickly informed the maitre d who sprung into action, yes he took his phone out of his pocket and made a call. No first aid, no help given, the man was dying!! His son returned from the toilet and immediatley dragged him out of his chair and performed the Heimekan (sorry not sure of spelling) I reckon at this point 10 waiters and officers stood watching. At this point i noticed that the poor man was exhausted trying to revive his father i then gave assistance as no staff seemed to be helping. My point here is it took the medics at least 10 minutes to arrive and i saw no member of staff offer any kind of first aid. The man made a good recovery in the sick bay. The maitre d offered his apologies for what had occured while the gentleman was on the floor, i found this distasteful to say the least. I could elabourate but will not dwell. Just like a Frasier episode ' The piece of resitance'(i'm sure their is a french way of spelling this. After the cruise we left the ship at around 9:00 am. We transferred to the airport four and a half hours early. The flight was due to leave at 14:15 local time, however we were then delayed a further 2 hours due to technical problem and air conditioning fault. We landed in Atlanta and tried to run like hell for the Manchester flight which was due to leave at 19:15 local time. We landed at terminal T at 19;05 and our connecting flight was leaving at gate area E. If you have been to Atlanta you will know that we had no chance of connecting with flight. Missed it! We and others went to Delta help desk - now read this carefully you may need this one day. We were told that we would have to stay in a hotel until 5:30pm next day with a $7 dollar meal voucher (it just cost me $8 dollars for a beer in the airport - jeeez that's a day and a half away. Also we were to be put on a flight to Amsterdam then to Manchester, total flight time 13 hours. At this point a member of the UK travelling party asked to be put on a standby list of a flight leaving for Heathrow at 22:30 later that night. Good idea, we all asked to be on the list for Heathrow at least it would be nearer home. That made a total of about 13 passengers on stand by. Low and behold - we all got on, i even had a seat next to my wife and one of us got extra leg space and another 2 seats were empty?? work that one out! So instead of Manchester we were off to Heathrow. Yes you guessed it the flight from Heathrow to Manchester was also delayed. By the time we reached home we had been traveling 28 hours. Oh and to add insult to injury our suitcases are currently still in Atlanta at the time of typing this. So they tell us. If you have stuck with this review then let me finish with our new plan. Yes we plan to go on a cruise, infact we have been to the travel agents today. Who we go with is another matter. We will always from this day forward make a booking that involves one flight and no connections. Oh just a liitle note, while on the Millenium we recieved a bottle of red wine with compliments and a day in the Spa - pity the spa was broke the day we went, we complained like typical british, (in other words we say sorry were complaining) and got a 'just not your day is it?' never mind many people have provided us with nothing but hot air throughout this holiday and i just thought i'd let off a little steam. Read Less
Sail Date January 2010
I just read the other reviews of our Jan 2 Millennium cruise...and agree with most of what they said. Cabin - Great (Sky Suite), Food - Good, Service Good. The Met dining (early) well met my expectation's, and the service there, ... Read More
I just read the other reviews of our Jan 2 Millennium cruise...and agree with most of what they said. Cabin - Great (Sky Suite), Food - Good, Service Good. The Met dining (early) well met my expectation's, and the service there, other than a rude wine hustler who accused us of drinking off ship because we were, in her opinion not buying enough wine, was the best we ever had on a ship. We did a night at the Olympic - found it a tad pretentious - and the service was not as good as the Met. The Venison was great - but every thing else was just OK. Too much hype to give us a menu with food encrusted on it, the wrong cocktail, and some sea bass that was a bit past due. We enjoyed the buffet - great Asian tastes, and no the Pizza was not bland. The wait staff back there needed a bit more supervision - especially in the morning. The pool was deep and quiet - not many kids screaming and running around due to most being back in school. I ate more than a few hot dogs and burgers out there - all the best I have had on any ship. The gym was also not crowded and fairly well equipped. The sauna was great, and has a big window from which we saw flying fish on our day at sea. We loved our butler. (.) Elmerio did all he could for us. The Sky Suite was well worth the money we paid. Being on the PH deck made all the difference - no noise! We found our own way on shore, but spent most days in the gym and by the pool and in the sauna. Since we had such a great time at dinner, the lack of really great entertainment was not an issue. We liked the comedy and magic, but had to walk out on the productions - they were pretty bad. While we have had better entertainment, the food and service on this ship was the best we have had yet (8th cruise). I believe that our waiter, Omer, and Elmerio our butler, made this cruise our best yet. Read Less
Sail Date January 2010
Smokers, folks with children and first timers will love this ship and cruise line. Embarkation: This process was very slick. It obvious that the staff is well trained and experienced. It was just a matter of minutes from the time we ... Read More
Smokers, folks with children and first timers will love this ship and cruise line. Embarkation: This process was very slick. It obvious that the staff is well trained and experienced. It was just a matter of minutes from the time we checked our luggage until we were on the ship. One thing to note is that there is a Duty-Free ship at the terminal and you can buy your take on board wine & spirits there. Also, we were able to board a couple of hours before the stated time of embarkation. Stateroom: Our room was as advertised. Very clean, well appointed and spacious. Great balcony and we used it often including taking our breakfast there. We were met by our room steward as we arrived. He was a fine fellow; helpful and upbeat all through the trip. Public areas: The staff was continually cleaning all the public areas. Everything was neat and very nice. Lots of art work throughout the ship. The pool deck was large and there is a upper pool decks. Both of these decks have half of the area designated for smokers. The other half for those few non-smokers. There is an outside bar on deck 10 at the stern of the ship. This deck area is also divided half and half for smokers and the non-smokers. Bars: Several bars are available with a couple open most anytime. There were several private functions and the lounges were closed from time to time. There is no announcement in the daily newsletter informing passengers of when these facilities will be closed. Activities: Plenty of activities for just about anyone. During the day there were many supervised and led activities and games for those remaining on board. The very nice casino is open during evening sailing and all day on those few days at sea. Pools: The main pool is very well attended and hosts many children at all times. Children are not allowed in the four hot tubs unsupervised and security staff was required to enforce this rule as the parents were OK with their young children in these usually adult areas. There is an enclosed health pool facility. A heated saltwater pool, hot tubs and a health/organic food service is available. No children under 18 are allowed in this area and again security personnel were required to stand by and enforce this rule as many parents brought their children in this area. Children in diapers were observed in all pools on the ship from time to time. A designated smoking area is right outside the health spa and food area and every time the door opened smoke came into the food/pool area. Food: The food was very good. I heard of only one instance of someone complaining about their food. The number of areas for dining are a little limited. The 10th deck has the buffet area which is designated as a couple of different eating experiences, but it is all buffet stye food and service. Some food such as hotdogs and hamburgers are served in the pool area. The main dining room is on decks 4 & 5 and has two dinner seatings. A nice small dinner area called the Waterfall restaurant is located at the back of one side of the buffet area. The Waterfall has very nice food, wine service and the meals are presented from a special menu and the wait staff is very, very good. There is a $2 per person cover charge in the Waterfall. The Waterfall is just inside the bar smoking area and you can watch the smokers and smell smoke every time the door is opened. Staff: The staff was very professional and friendly. Any concerns were addressed immediately. Frequently the captain came through the public areas and sought any feedback the passengers may have and to offer information about the ship and the upcoming ports of call. Entertainment: The ship theater is very large and well laid out. We only attended a couple of shows. One show was a big band singer and she was great. The other shows we attended were lousy. One of the lounges, Michaels Club, has a piano player in the evening. He played for a half hour or so ending at 8:00 during his early set and left then returned at 10:15. He played the same songs every set...."Avalon" was his sign out song every time, very boring. There was entertainment at the pool and in the buffet; both played 30-45 minute sets each time. The entertainment is not a reason to take this cruise. Ports of Call: Our cruise sailed from San Juan, Puerto Rico. We went to 12 islands in 15 days. What a wonderful experience! All the ports were easily accessible for our ship and we were not required to tender at any port. All the information on our visits and shopping provided by the ship staff was great! Disembarkation: This process was also painless. We supplied the staff with the time our flight was due out of the airport and they assured we had plenty of time to retrieve our luggage and travel to the airport. Recommendation: This cruise ship is very suitable and recommended for the disabled, children and smokers. This cruise line is just a shadow of the former luxury cruise experience. Read Less
Sail Date December 2009
Background: My husband and I are in our 40's-50's. We've cruised many times on various cruise lines. We brought our 14 year old daughter and a friend of hers who is also 14. Our daughter has now cruised 6 times and this was ... Read More
Background: My husband and I are in our 40's-50's. We've cruised many times on various cruise lines. We brought our 14 year old daughter and a friend of hers who is also 14. Our daughter has now cruised 6 times and this was her friends 3rd. We cruised on Celebrity in December of 2007 and had such a horrible time that Celebrity decided to aid us in another trip. I'm glad that they did as I had a much better trip this time around. Pre-Cruise: We made our own arrangements to fly from Colorado 2 days in advance since March weather here tends to be unpredictable. Easy flights via Houston and a short cab ride took us to the Embassy Suites on 17th for 2 pre-cruise nights. The Embassy Suites is a nice hotel with a lot of shopping opportunities nearby. We'd planned on spending Saturday using the water taxi service which is supposed to be within walking distance, but due to rain, we made different choices. There is a shopping center directly behind the hotel with a Publix grocery store, a nail salon, a liquor store, and various other shops. Across 17th street and down a half a block, there is another liquor store and a Winn-Dixie market. Enough choices for any forgotten items. The girls and I made appointments to have manicures and then went shopping for some bottled water and soda which we stowed into our fold-up spare suitcase. Then we had our nails done. The Embassy Suites has a very good breakfast and an evening reception with soda, beer, wine or (limited) mixed drinks. They also offer snacks; Evening one had popcorn, pretzels, and potato chips. Evening two had popcorn, pretzels, and goldfish crackers. The girls used the pool (outdoor) while we drank mai-tais. Evening one we tried to go to the Outback Steakhouse around the corner, but the wait was longer than we wanted, so we went across 17th to Chuck's Steakhouse. The meal was fair...my filet was good while my husbands' mahi-mahi was overcooked and dry. My daughter had ordered her kabob medium-well and I'd judge it to have been medium-rare. The salad bar was okay, but nothing great. Evening two, we'd planned on going to the Outback early, but it was pouring rain so we decided to eat at the hotel. I'd read (either here or on tripadvisor) that the hotel restaurant was horrible with poor food and poorer service, but was surprised by the quality of both. None of us was really hungry enough for the dinner menu, so we asked about sandwiches...they promptly brought out the lunch menu (saying that dinner would cost slightly more but it didn't) and allowed us to bring our drinks (and seconds) from the managers reception. I was very pleased with the restaurant and the service. The hotel was sold-out. It did make getting seats both at breakfast and at the reception difficult. Sunday morning, the hotel offered an Easter egg hunt for all kids. Ours joined in and I've got a great picture of 2 teenage girls being hugged by the Easter Bunny....something to save forever! Travel to Port: We got a cab on Sunday at noon (checkout) and went to the pier. Compared with our December trip, check-in was a breeze. We were on the ship in less than an hour. Our room wasn't ready, so we went upstairs after our champagne greeting to the buffet for lunch. We knew where the pizza, pasta, and ice cream were and had no lines that first day. Ship Info: The Millennium is nearly identical to the Summit. We didn't do our usual "learn the ship" routine, as we'd spent 2 weeks on the Summit just 3 months before. The only couple of small differences we noticed were that there's no dedicated teen club (though we were told that there would be one in a couple of months), the Aqua Spa is laid out slightly differently, and the Bar at the Edge of the Earth is called Cosmos and is very different in style. The artwork is different on this ship, but still not really my style, though the pictures in the hallways are (mostly) quite nice. Stateroom: We had a coveted corner family veranda on deck 9 and I know why folks love them so much! What a great use of space!! The room has a hallway leading to a second locked door (great for stowing snorkel gear). 2 doorbells which the girls had to try out a number of times. The room itself is wider than any I've ever stayed in and the divider gives a sense of privacy. The room had a queenish sized bed already made up and a twin on one wall (made up...we never did see it as a couch) and a loveseat which converted at night to a double bed. The bathroom was nearly identical to the 3 that we had on our previous Summit trip, although much of the under-sink storage was stocked full with tissues and toilet paper. I was VERY glad that I brought the over-the-door shoe holder, as this arrangement would have been quite tight for 4 of us. 2 closets and one stack of 6 drawers plus a lot of storage along the long desk area in the main room. The girls room had 2 nightstands with 4 drawers each and a double cabinet for more storage. The girls had a small TV in their side of the room which was not interactive, while we had a larger interactive one on top of the cabinet with the mini-bar/refrigerator. The balcony was fabulous. It was equipped with a table (non-movable) and 2 chairs and also 3 loungers and a small movable table. We could easily have had 15 people on that balcony. Dining: We had a table for 4 on the upper level of the main restaurant. We had main seating, which I prefer to late seating when traveling with kids. Our waiter, Walter, was a treasure. His assistant Carlos was not. Walter made us smile consistently and when my daughter had trouble with her meat, he cut it for her (much to the amusement of her friend!) Carlos dropped items on the floor and didn't pick them up, reached across each of us regularly, didn't refill water glasses, didn't clean up used plates, etc. Walter knew that Carlos wasn't helpful, so he did more than his share to make up for it. The food was okay. There were a couple of outstanding dishes (notably the lamb shank and cous-cous), a couple of less-than-great ones, and the rest was average. The buffet hasn't changed from one ship to the next in 3 months. It was acceptable. The Aqua Spa had the same offerings as the Summits' and we did avail ourselves of the poached salmon one day. Delectable, if you like salmon! Activities: Celebrity needs improvement in this area, in my opinion. Yes, there's always a sale going on somewhere, but what about free things to do? I do not watch TV onboard. I'm not interested in 2nd run movies. I did go to the cooking demonstration and it was some of the better entertainment I had. We also went to the ice/fruit carving demo. Amazing what the ice guy could do when the head of the swan suddenly fell off mid-carve....it became an eagle with "interesting" wings. Casino: I guess that this one falls in "Activities", but I'll just do a small mention. Summit's casino had no smoking at any table games and the complete port side and the casino was less smoky. Millennium had smoking at everything except for the port side slots (but many more table games which made the room much more crowded). Millennium paid better on the slots and was busier, in general. Kids Club: Our daughter has always participated in the children's programs onboard ship. However, with a friend along, they only did 3 activities...the Cocktail party, (something else), and the teen T-pool get together at 11:45PM (mostly because that was the only way they'd get to try out the adults-only pool). They were the only teens to go to that, and they cut it short to give the supervisor a break. The teens were supervised by 2 guys...something I've never seen in a kid's club. For the first time EVER, I didn't tip the kids club folks. Service: I've already mentioned Walter and Carlos. Now it's time to talk about our main room-steward, Bertalino. Because I've been on these boards for a long time and have sailed X, I knew that I could request the refrigerator to be emptied. So, minutes after we arrived, we met Bertalino. When asked if we had any special requests, I asked for a total of 4 bathrobes (we only had 2), ice in the mid-afternoon, and for EVERYTHING in the room which costs money to be removed. He replied that he'd lock the mini-bar. No, I had things to put in there (the aforementioned water and soda). He then tried to shove it all onto the small shelve above. I told him that it would be simpler if he'd bring a box or a bag and I'd do it myself, which I ended up doing. (The bottle of wine disappeared a number of times from our stateroom, only to be replaced within a day or so). Well, from that moment on, Bertalino either avoided us or grumbled. We were close enough to the restaurant that the afternoon ice became a jaunt I took to fill up 2 glasses which I'd then pour into the ice bucket. (This is the first time I'd noticed that in the late afternoon, there are small sandwiches and desserts available along with salads and pasta. Those sandwiches were great on our balcony with our late-day iced tea, fruit juice (perhaps spiked), or ice water. In the end, I wrote a comment card about Bertalino and his surly attitude, wrote him a note suggesting that he consider a different job, and over tipped his assistant who tried to make up for his lousy service. The final evening, we still hadn't received our tip vouchers or any envelopes for tips immediately prior to dinner. When I asked Bertalino about that, he stated that he'd get them in our room while we were at dinner. What good would that do us? So, he grumbled loudly enough for some of our neighbors to ask what was going on. Apparently, they'd had good service and couldn't figure out why he was so abrasive to us. (The assistant knew what Bertalino had been up to with us and tried his best to help us out). We like the service of putting tips onto our credit card, but ended up tipping above for both the assistant room steward and Walter, our waiter. We also had a minor problems with one bar-waitress. After she took our order at the captain's cocktail reception (for returning X guests) and never brought our drinks, we simply tried to avoid her. We did see her spill a full drink all over 2 passengers at a show, however. Entertainment: I generally avoid production shows. We went to one, a Broadway-show review, and weren't impressed. The comedian was a hoot, however. I doubt that folks with youngish kids or the older set enjoyed him much at all, as his humor had to do with being a teen in the 70's and being the parent of a teenage girl, now. Stuff that I could certainly relate to. The girls went to that show and enjoyed it, as well (they say), but they wouldn't sit with us. We also went to the last show and were grateful that we'd skipped the piano player on the first go-around. We were sorry that we'd missed the acapella group, though, and considered going to their farewell show. However, we had to get up early the next day, so we skipped them. They were GOOD! Shore Excursions: We prebooked 3 excursions. In St. Thomas, we did a catamaran sail and snorkel, as it was listed as being with turtles. No turtles and yucky/murky water conditions. We did see a group of squid, which we'd never seen before while snorkeling. They powered us to the island, but brought us back under the jib (sail). They had a limited open-bar on the return, so it was pleasant. We also did a catamaran sail and snorkel in the Dominican Republic, but the water was filthy (read that to mean bottles, a doll head, trash, etc) and the swells were around 4'. They powered us both ways and didn't much care if anyone enjoyed themselves. I might recommend the St. Thomas excursion, but definitely do not recommend the other one. Our third excursion was in Fort Lauderdale and it was an airboat ride with the chance to "pet a Florida Panther" (which is why I booked it). Well, the cub was a 3 week old baby mountain lion and slept in a carrier. No touching allowed. My daughter did hold a baby alligator ($2 extra), a bearded dragon, and a boa. A bit hokey, but with a 2:45PM flight, I guess it beat sitting at the airport. Condition of the ship: Millennium needs some work, but is no worse than many ships I've been on. Peeling paint, rails which desperately need varnishing, frayed carpet, stains, shattered panel of safety glass above the T-pool.... Things which a premium cruise line would care about weren't taken care of as well as they should be. Fellow Passengers: As this was Spring break time and a 7 day cruise, the demographics were considerably different than on the Summit in early December. I only counted 2 scooters. There were more than 500 kids younger than 18. I'd guess that the median age was 30, due to the number of kids. Most adults fell into our age range. Also, they weren't as rude as what I'd seen on our previous cruise. Kids were (mostly) under control, except for the few who enjoyed pushing every button on the elevator. I (lightly) stepped on one of those brats in my dress heels, when his friends ratted him out to me. There were a huge number of chair hogs, though, and the pool butlers didn't care. I just took a chair which only had towels on it, removed the towels, and put my own bottom on it. No one once complained that I'd taken their chair. Disembarkation (or is it debarkation?): We had 3 different sets of luggage tags delivered to our stateroom (Bertalino took our first debarkation information form as well as our tip sheet...a total no-no on his part which guest relations laid into him for when we enquired as to why we were given the same form more than once. Didn't make him happier with us). So, we filled out two forms. I don't understand how they ended up giving us 3 conflicting luggage tags, but we used the ones we were told to use for the excursion. We were instructed to meet in the Gamma room, but that's where customs was set up. So, a bunch of us waited outside. We got off the ship with the folks who toted their own luggage and into a mess in the warehouse. We were lucky to find our luggage and get to the bus for the final excursion. FLL airport on the final Sunday of Spring Break: Not a title that cruise-critic uses, but one which I needed to comment on..... In a word...CHAOS. Check in worked out well, but at the gate, we were told that the plane would be 1 ½ hours late due to mechanical problems. Since we had just over an hour to make our final connection in Houston back to Colorado Springs, I ended up in a line for over an hour. Well, they thought that the connection would wait, as it was their problem, and they gave us vouchers for a meal (too bad we'd just eaten!) We flew back to Houston and discovered that the plane did leave and that there was no way to get home that night. New line and the employee says that they'd be happy to help us find a discounted room. However, when I pulled out the vouchers and the "courtesy book" that they'd already given us, she changed her mind and offered us a room for the night. Actually, she gave us vouchers for 2 rooms, dinner, and breakfast at the Wyndham in Houston. However, our luggage was going home without us. So, we went to baggage and collected toiletry kits to help us through the night. A shuttle took us to the hotel, the gift shop had contact solution, and we got fed. They did mislead me, though, when I inquired about the morning shuttle. They said it would be no problem to catch it, but in the AM I found out that it only runs every half-hour. So, we had to pay a cab to get back to the airport. Once there, we got delayed in security as we "set off alarms" because of last-minute flight changes and no luggage. Imagine me and 2 teen girls getting patted down in full view of other passengers! (Husband was taken elsewhere). The TSA women were nice, though, and explained to all of us why we were selected for such special treatment. Summary: I'm glad that Celebrity gave us a chance to try them again at minimal cost. I don't think that Celebrity is going to see a lot of business from us, though. They bill themselves as "premium" with a price-tag to match. Much of the entertainment and activities aren't "my thing". The food is okay, but nothing great. The service is "hit or miss". I guess that we'll use them again if the price is right, but husband and I agree that Regent is worth every extra penny...Celebrity just isn't. If we're looking for a fun cruise, we'll use a mass market (daughter still loves Carnival and the food isn't that big of a deal to me) as long as the price is good and it isn't NCL. If we're looking for a great cruise, Regent delivers. Read Less
Sail Date March 2008
My husband and I sailed on Celebrity's Millennium March 30-April 6. This was our 5th cruise and first with the Celebrity cruise line. The past four cruises have been with Royal Caribbean and we've loved every one of them. We ... Read More
My husband and I sailed on Celebrity's Millennium March 30-April 6. This was our 5th cruise and first with the Celebrity cruise line. The past four cruises have been with Royal Caribbean and we've loved every one of them. We thought we'd step it up a notch and experience an upscale cruise line. We booked the cruise through Celebrity's website and what a mess that was. Supposedly, Celebrity just updated their site and several things were not working properly. We made several calls to Celebrity's customer service and no one we spoke to could even resolve the issues we were having. We even kept getting transferred to the wrong help. After about a month or so of continuously calling Celebrity, the problem was finally resolved and our cruise documents arrived to us with no problem. What a relief. We flew into Ft. Lauderdale the morning of the 30th on Delta from Atlanta. We arrived in Ft. Lauderdale around 9:00. We did not purchase transfers through the cruise line knowing the port was only about 10 minutes from the airport. It was too early to head on over to the port so we just sat and relaxed for a couple of hours down in the baggage claim/ground transportation area. It got pretty crowded when all the passengers with transfers for all the cruise lines began gathering around. We spoke to one of the agents for Celebrity and she was telling us that we couldn't get to the port any earlier than 11:30. My husband asked what time the transfers were heading over there and she said 11:00. It was now 10:45am and that was our cue to beat the bus loads of passengers to the port. My husband and I got to the port within 10 minutes and cost us only $15-16 without tip. Once at port we handed the porters our luggage and tipped them $1 per luggage. We walked into the cruise terminal and noticed they had not started embarking so we grabbed a seat. It was maybe 11:15 am when the lines to go through security began moving. We walked right up to a counter checked in, received our sea pass card, and walked on board. Just as we walked in we were greeted with a glass of champagne. The grand atrium was different than the other ships we had sailed on. There were no elevators, but a beautiful grand staircase in the atrium. We enjoyed the lunch buffet on deck 10. After lunch we explored the ship. We recommend doing this because it will take you a few days to familiarize yourself with the layout. It's so much easier to walk around before the crowds arrive. Our stateroom was ready around 12:30pm. We booked cabin 8179 which had an ocean view with verandah. The room was at the end of the hall on deck 8 aft. It was a beautiful room. Ceiling to floor mirrors on the entire wall, comfortable bed, and a good size verandah. The room was large enough for the two of us. We were happy with the bathroom, the vanity and shower were good size. There is only one thing I would update in the stateroom and that would be the TV. On the right side of the TV you could see how the color was turning purple which is usually a sign of a TV getting old. The remote to the TV had seen better days. It was taped up. Muster drill took place at 3:15pm. The drill was performed differently. Instead of walking directly to the lifeboats (which we were used to), we had to meet in a lounge (learn to put on a life vest), walk to the lifeboats, and then stand at the lifeboats until the drill commenced. My husband was timing the entire drill and it took about 25 minutes. At 4:35pm Millennium began her 7 night voyage to the Eastern Caribbean. We were planning to take part in the bon voyage activities on the pool deck, but it began raining so we watched the sail away from our own balcony. Day 1 at sea: Seas were fairly rough but the weather was perfect. Mostly Sunny skies, yet very windy. We spent the entire first day sunbathing. We watched the poolside Mr. Millennium contest hosted by our cruise director Dru. We loved him. He has been one of our favorite cruise directors. He has a great voice and personality. I enjoyed his jokes (smile). Day 2 San Juan PR: Again the day started with rough seas. We were supposed to arrive in Puerto Rico at 1:30, but I think due to this we were a little late and got in around 2:30. My husband and I did not book any excursions, but we did have plans to visit Fort Cristobal and Castillo San Felipe del Morro on our own. Getting off the ship was a breeze. We walked down the dock, caught a taxi, and arrived at Fort Cristobal in about 10 minutes. Taxi ride to the fort was $10 plus tip. It cost $5.00/person to visit both forts. The two forts are within walking distance from one another but it is a long walk. I believe there is a shuttle that runs between the forts that you can catch. Both forts offered excellent views and photo opportunities. We enjoyed ourselves. El Morro was a good 2-3 mile walk back to the ship. The streets we walked to get back led us directly into the heart of the Old San Juan shopping district. Due to the late arrival into San Juan, we were given an extra hour and Millennium sailed away at 9:30pm. Day 3 Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas: We arrived in Charlotte Amalie at 8:30am. My husband and I booked the Megan's Bay Beach Break excursion. The excursion did not start until 12:30pm so my husband and I went shopping at the Havensight Mall that's right there at port. At 12:30pm we met our excursion guide and hopped on the open air bus headed for Megan's Bay. It was about a 20 minute drive. The drive itself was an adventure. Once we arrived at Megan's Bay we grabbed a spot on the beach and relaxed. There were restrooms, bar, and an eatery. However, food and beverage are at your own expense. The beach was very crowded, however we still enjoyed ourselves. After about 2 hours we hopped on the bus and headed back to the ship. Day 4 Casa De Campo, Dominican Republic: We arrived in port at 7:30am. The port was big enough for only 1 ship. There was nothing at the port except 1 liquor store that I saw. I believe to get to shopping you needed to take a taxi. The excursion we booked was the Bayahibe Beach Break. The excursion started at 9:30pm and it was about a 30-40 minute bus ride to the resort. Towels, chairs, and drinks were provided. The beach was beautiful. The water was different shades of green and the beach was lined with tall skinny palm trees. The entire day we could see dark rain clouds to the east. Luckily, these rain storms stayed away and we had sun for the entire day. The only thing I would complain about on this excursion was the crowded beaches, loud music, and bad alcoholic drinks. After 4 hours of sand and sun, we were back on the bus and headed to port. Millennium sailed away from Dominican Republic at 4:30pm. Day 5 Labadee, Haiti: Due to rough seas again, we arrived at Labadee an hour late. We were supposed to arrive at 9am, but we got in around 10am. Unfortunately, we were not given an extra hour like we were in San Juan so our day was cut an hour short. Labadee is Royal Caribbean/Celebrity's private island. There are several beaches and activities to choose from. We booked the Castaway at Malfini Beach excursion. Our excursion was supposed to start at 9:30am so due to the late arrival, those guests with early excursions met in the Rendezvous lounge and were able to get on the first tender to shore. There is no port in Labadee therefore Millennium anchored in the middle of the water and 200-300 person tender boats loaded up the passengers to take us to shore. My husband and I read reviews that stated this process took several hours, but we got right on and got to shore in no time. Once on shore, those on the Castaway at Malfini Beach excursion boarded a motor boat. After maybe 20 minutes, we arrived at Malfini Beach and were greeted with some Malfini Punch (This had to have been one of the best tropical drinks I had ever had). After receiving our welcome drinks, my husband and I picked a secluded spot on the beach and relaxed. We enjoyed our use of the water mats which were included. There was also a bar providing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, but this was at your own expense. I highly recommend this excursion. I believe this excursion is only open to 20-25 guests. The excursion offered 100% relaxation. After 2 hours in paradise, we boarded the motor boat and headed back to shore. We still had 4 hours to spend in Labadee, so we walked to Columbus Cover Cafe where they were we indulged in Hamburgers, hotdogs, drumsticks, chicken wings, ribs, side dishes, and dessert. The food was delicious! After lunch, my husband and I walked to Hideaway beach and on our way passed by the Haitian Artists market and flea market and of course couldn't leave Haiti with out purchasing a souvenir. The line to get on the tender back to the ship was long due to security screening and sea pass/identity was checked on shore instead of on the boat. Probably 20-30 minutes passed by the time we were back on Millennium. The ship sailed away around 5:00pm. Day 6 at sea: On the last day at sea we explored some more of the ship, snapped some pictures and took advantage of some of the last minute sales on the ship and shopped. We were planning to layout one last day, but it was really hot. There was no breeze and just sitting outside in the sun for 10 minutes caused you to be drenched you in sweat. However, we were pleased to have finally experienced some smooth seas. We could not feel the ship move at all. We arrived in Fort Lauderdale around 7:30am. My husband and I elected to do the express departure which allowed us to carry off our own luggage. Everyone with this departure was asked to all meet in the Rendezvous lounge around 8:00am. At first this looked to be organized. Than we began to notice people w/ colored tags were gathering in the same area as well. We were under the impression this type of departure was only allowed to a certain number of guests so that the debarkation process runs smoothly. This ended up being a BIG mess. We were told express departure could start as early as 8:15am. We were waiting for the crew in the Rendezvous lounge answering questions etc. to make an announcement to let us express passengers know that it was time to line up. Well, there was no announcement made at 8:15 so my husband and I sat in our chairs for another 10 minutes and than noticed a bunch of guests making their way to the gangway, so we made our way in line as well. We needed to get off the ship asap to catch a 10 am flight to Atlanta. First of all, the Rendezvous lounge is on the 4th deck. The gangway is on the 3rd. With the large crowd it was impossible to get on an elevator. So my husband and I carefully dragged our suitcases down the steps, got in line, and were off the boat around 8:45am. Once off the gangway we went through customs which took no more than 5-10 minutes. Once outside a taxi was hailed for us immediately and we were off to the airport. We made it to the airport in 10 minutes, checked in, passed through security and were at our plane's gate 20 minutes before departure. My husband and I really enjoyed the entertainment on the ship. We went to all three theatre shows with the singers and dancers and we loved every one of them. We especially enjoyed the Broadway show. My husband and I enjoyed the acappella group as well as the hypnotist. We didn't care much for the comedian. We found him to be a bit slow and not too funny. However, the entertainment was great. The service on the ship was superb. We were greeted with smiles and "good morning, good afternoon, and good evening" every time we left our stateroom. We had never experienced this on any other cruise before. Our stateroom attendant Violeta was wonderful. She greeted us everyday and even one time opened our stateroom door for us as we ran into her in the hallway. The stateroom was cleaned promptly every day. Our waiters in the Metropolitan dining room were Alexso (assistant waiter) and Valieriano (head waiter). Both were prompt and friendly. We enjoyed seeing them every night. The maitre d was Arif who we found to be very friendly and was one of the first maitre d to ever stop by our table and talk with us every night. Elvis was our wine waiter and he was a delight. Overall our experience with Celebrity Cruise lines was wonderful. I cannot wait to cruise with them again. Read Less
Sail Date March 2008
We were on the March 30 Eastern Caribbean sailing of the Millennium, and we had a fantastic time overall! "We" are a group of four adults (professionals, 35-44) traveling without our kids. We have cruised once before on Celebrity ... Read More
We were on the March 30 Eastern Caribbean sailing of the Millennium, and we had a fantastic time overall! "We" are a group of four adults (professionals, 35-44) traveling without our kids. We have cruised once before on Celebrity Mercury when it was brand new. CONDITION OF SHIP...You hear a lot about this, and I can tell you that from my perspective (which is critical), the ship really looked great. Yes, we noticed some areas of wear and tear (rusty barstools, some older railings, etc), but the ship is kept so immaculately clean, that I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it looked. There were constantly people replacing carpet, varnishing the rails, etc. We saw maintenance people everywhere. If you have an eagle eye, you will notice some wear and tear...but hopefully you have something better to do on the ship than give everything the once-over! CONDITION OF PASSENGERS....We were surprised how many whining, complaining people we ran into. If you want to find things to complain about, you can find them anywhere, even on a brand new ship. I was shocked at the people kvetching over small things (having to wait in a line of 5 people at the AquaSpa to make an appointment, for example). Some people, we decided, just can't let anything go...our perspective is, we're not going to let those small things ruin our vacation! (It did make me think a lot of the complaints I've read on here before....) CABINS…We booked the cruise dates based on availability of the aft cabins, which are Concierge Class. These cabins are fantastic, with huge, long balconies that accommodate two full length lounge chairs and a table and chairs. Our cabin stewards were excellent and prompt and the room service was excellent. The bathrooms are small, but again, were immaculate. Our cabin did not appear to have any wear and tear…the bed was new (and very comfortable), the bedding was very soft and nice, and the sofa, carpets, etc, were in very good shape. We did notice the lounge chair cushions on the balcony were torn…but again, not an issue for us! Once we've had that big balcony, I don't think we could cruise any other way. We spent a lot of time out there, reading and relaxing and watching the ship dock and pull out. Well worth the money spent! FOOD….We've all lived in NY and are used to some pretty great food. We were really impressed with Mercury's food a few years back. We were also wondering what to expect, since again, many people complained the food has gotten worse. Well, that is not what we found! The food was excellent overall, with few exceptions. The Olympic restaurant is not to be missed…again, many people complained about the 2-3 hour long dinner…but I'm wondering….what's your rush? Where else do you have to be?!?! You're on a ship in the middle of the ocean! What else have you got to do? Relax and enjoy being pampered! The goat cheese souffle, tomato and red pepper soup, steak Diane, etc…all were fantastic. As for room service, we ordered breakfast on our balcony once and it was prompt, but not that hot. For the rest of the week, we ate a sit down breakfast in the Metropolitan (which few people do, and I wonder why!) It is so relaxing, has a great menu, and is a great way to start your day. The coffee on the ship, as you have heard, is awful. That is one of our few big complaints. We asked for a galley tour and were told that was no problem, we went on the last sea day with a group of 7. The head chef was gracious and accommodating, and as we walked through the corridor on our way to the kitchen, he was inviting people passing by to join the tour. It was interesting to see the main kitchen right before dinner! SERVICE….Very good, but not quite as good as we remembered. One complaint: there were NEVER any servers around the AquaSpa pool, so you couldn't get a drink there unless you got up and got it yourself (horrors!). In the buffet area, there were fewer people there to carry your tray to a table…I remember on the last cruise hardly ever carrying my own tray. Again, no biggie! Service in the dining room is always excellent, but dinner is served at a pace due to sheer numbers. Everywhere you go, people are friendly, make eye contact, and greet you. (One exception to this, strangely enough, is guest services. When I went to print out our boarding passes, the woman coldly informed me I had to pay $10 to use the computers in the café to print them out. Most big hotels do this for you, and we found the charge to be a little tacky. Small gripe, it was easy enough to do on our own.) ENTERTAINMENT…Better than our last cruise! The song/dance numbers are pretty cheesy, especially if you've ever seen a Broadway show. Not even close. But we actually liked the acrobatic group and the a cappella group. The hypnotist was amusing. They probably could improve this area somewhat! Still…we were entertained…and the big shows aren't your bag, you can easily find other things to do. The small lounges were always nice, and the Cosmos club was fun with theme music—we danced a few times up there. SHORE EXCURSIONS… ….San Juan is a nice little city to walk around and shop. We also walked to the fort (San Morro, I think it was?). You don't have much time at this stop, but it's very walkable from the ship. …St. Thomas had some shops (mostly jewelry) and we took a cab to Megan's Bay on our own. This beach was very crowded, but pretty. Looks like they had some great options for shore excursions, but we forgot to book them until too late (oops) so we were on our own. …Dominican Republic was a stop that they should take off the itinerary. It really wasn't that great. We took a catamaran sail to Catalina Island, which was nice. There were huge waves the day we were there, so the conditions weren't optimal, and on the way back it rained and stormed so hard we had our own Titanic moment, but the crew was great and kept everyone in good cheer. The staff on Millennium recommends a side trip to Altos de Chavon….yikes! I'd avoid this. Barely any shops were open, and there were some very dodgy characters hanging around the same village. Very little to do—small museum, a few restaurants, maybe 3 tiny shops open. It was like a ghost town. Very pretty scenery, but we left within minutes, what a waste of $45. …Labadee is the best stop…great beaches! There are plenty of locals who will scope out the perfect spot for you and set up chairs. We loved, loved, loved this day. The swimming was lovely, you had a great view of the boat, and there seemed to be something for everyone to do there. The Haitian market was a hoot—not for the faint of heart, but being New Yorkers, we can haggle with the best of them and had no problem there. There was a lot of lovely local art, very cheap. (One painting started out at $50 and I brought it home for $10). Great place to buy souvenirs. OVERALL…we had a lovely week. Celebrity's service is still top notch, the ship is in excellent shape, and the food is fantastic. I really can't imagine trying another cruise line…we spoke to several people on the ship about their other favorite cruise lines, and we seemed to hear a lot about crowded ships (Royal Caribbean), and long lines (Carnival). I think anyone going onto this ship with a good attitude and open mind will have a great time! Read Less
Sail Date March 2008
What a great ship the Millennium is!! Background Information - This was our fifth cruise (three on Celebrity, one on Princess, one on Carnival). We had two cabins, 7199 Family View Aft and 7210 Inside on the Vista Deck. We traveled ... Read More
What a great ship the Millennium is!! Background Information - This was our fifth cruise (three on Celebrity, one on Princess, one on Carnival). We had two cabins, 7199 Family View Aft and 7210 Inside on the Vista Deck. We traveled with my in-laws (60's and 70's), my 12 year old daughter, my 39 year old husband, and myself (51). Hotel Info-We stayed precruise two days at the Sun Tower Motel on the beach in Fort Lauderdale. We got a great price by bidding on an internet site. The hotel is quiet, directly on the beach, clean, and older. We had three rooms including a suite which contained a kitchen, a full-size frig., a microwave, utensils, and a sink. The view of the ocean was amazing! The two room suite included a queen size bed, a double Murphy bed, two couches, a dining room table and chairs, outside balcony seating, and a few other comfy chairs in the room. The bathroom had a tub with a shower in it. The balcony was not very deep, but you are steps from the beach. The hotel had it's own private pool in a nicely landscaped courtyard. The water was warm, almost like a jacuzzi, deep (9 feet) and seldom used. It was a great respite. The greatest part of our hotel stay was that we had full access to the Pelican Grand Resort Hotel next door. What a beauty this place in. Luxurious yet casual inside and out. The Lazy River Pool is designed to whisk you in and around tropical landscaping and tall palm trees. We spent hours frolicking in it. A full poolside bbq is presented on the weekends and for $10 you'll get the freshest, tastiest food ever including gigantic burgers, fresh mahi-mahi, and grilled chicken. One meal easily feeds two. Don't miss the ice-cream bar inside the gift shop which also serves Starbucks and has a little bit of everything. Also a do not miss experience is taking the elevator to the top floor to see the views from the gazebo. Breathtaking! There's free popcorn from the beautiful bar overlooking the ocean and plenty of relaxation time while rocking on the complimentary white wooden rocking chairs or sitting on the rattan porch furniture while overlooking the beach. There's even a baby grand in one area and a game room in another. Valet parking is $16 a day (free in and out service) and room service meals are fabulous but pricey. The staff is first rate and friendly. The Concierge was knowledgeable and went the extra mile for us several times. Guests ranged from families with children, to singles, to couples of all ages and styles. Ship Info - Millie was absolutely beautiful. The decor was really varied and ran the gamut from modern (lots of humorous, tongue-in-cheek sculptures) to classic with rich and vibrant colors throughout the ship. Take your pick-deep ocean blues reflected in brass-trimmed windows to deep purple and white striped chairs with crystal chandeliers to soft pastels in light and airy rooms. You'll find it all on this ship. It's a never-ending feast for the eyes! We saw a few (very few) issues with wear and tear. A few stains on a few carpets, a railing that needed revarnishing here and there perhaps but we also noticed the ship being cleaned and repaired (including a full carpet replacement in the hallway near the aft buffet) constantly. We had one small chip on the edge of our bathroom sink and one small crack in one floor tile. Another cruise onboard reported the springs in their sofa were broken and actually showing! They asked for a replacement because they found this to be a possible safety issue (they had two children in the room), but they were told that a replacement could not be had. Activities-Even with rain throughout most of the cruise, we found more than enough activities for everyone in our group. We loved exploring the two story library with it's curved staircase, the Conservatory with it's magnificent flower displays and inviting aromas, the Thelassotherapy pool area with it's massive ceilings with views of the cloudy blue sky and the unusual topiary structures and many columns, the multitude of gift and jewelry shops, the art gallery, the aft grill deck with never-ending views of the rushing waves, the theatre with spectacular performances by classically trained dancers and singers, broadway performers, comedians, stunning acrobatics, and on and on. Each bar had a different ambiance and each one was well designed and well-thought out. The ocean views were everywhere yet within a few decks or even a few rooms away, you could step into a different world and never know you were on a ship (i.e. Michaels Club, the Rendezvous Lounge). Still not convinced? Try bingo, dance lessons, sports activities, the gym, flower designing, ice carving, swimming, video arcade games, soaking in the jacuzzi (you get the picture). We visited the spa and found it to be a fun once-in-a lifetime experience initially. However, the day after my massage, I woke up with a very sore back. My husband and one of the male table-mates also complained of sore shoulders and necks (to the point the table-mate said he couldn't lift his arm) the day after their massage. You may want to ask for a light massage! Live and learn! The facial was heaven on earth and the staff were not pushy about selling the products. Service-The service was atypical of Celebrity-top notch! Our cabin steward, Merlin, was aptly named. He magically made our stay a delight, surprising us with unique towel creations, baskets of fresh fruit, boxes of Cova chocolates, bottles of wine and champagne, keeping our room spotless 24/7, all without fuss or interruption. The man was nothing short of miraculous! Val and Alexio, our waiters in the main dining room, were also exceptional, never missing a beat in their timing, professionalism, attention to small details (even taking away a plate to wipe away a smidgen of food), apologizing for and willingly replacing food that didn't meet a table-mates expectation, answering our questions about his personal life and ship-onboard experiences, and basically making each one of feel like royalty. Maria, our bar waitress at dinner, was always smiling and she went out of her way to keep our daughter happy with virgin milkshake drinks at dinner. She went above and beyond. The sommelier appeared each night but he was never intrusive, even when we never ordered anything from him. He was dignified and respectful. We were visited nightly by the Assistant Dining Room Manager who also seemed to think we were V.I.P's. Everyone I passed on the ship smiled and greeted me, without exception. Guest Services worked very hard to resolve issues for us, and always with a pleasant attitude. Regina in future cruise sales was also pleasant and paid close attention to the details we inquired about. Shore Excursions- 1) We booked one excursion through the ship (the Rain Forest in San Juan) which was cancelled due to a late arrival. We took a taxi to the Mall of America and spent some great shopping time in an air conditioned mall (which worked well for our elderly in-laws). 2)We took the $7 roundtrip shuttle to Altos De Chavon in the Dominican Republic. This was our favorite stop. The trip to and from on the air-conditioned bus gave us a great glimpse of a small piece of the island. Altos was really beautiful, gorgeous vistas, unique architecture, and lots of cobble-stoned walkways. We enjoyed the many shops with hand-made crafts which ranged from amber boxes to cigars to coffee to paintings to jewelry (and everything in-between). There was a newly-opened (eight months) museum which was stunning if not small. Take the kids to see the wooden hand-carved canoes and take a look at some small but informative exhibits displaying the perfectly round stones and tools made by the natives. Don't miss the lovely patio at the rear of the museum! Look for the gourd tree with fruit as large as watermelons (no exaggeration), a small peaceful pond with water flowing into it, and the display cases which show the art-work crafted by the artists in residence. The items are under lock and key but they are for sale (the prices are negotiable, by the way). We found many neat pieces of jewelry and even a few antiques. Look for the small ice-cream shop near one of the gift shops. Everyone in your group should try the $3 scoops of ice-creams. It's creamy, smooth, homemade, and it has some of THE most unique and delicious flavors including tropical fruit flavors and rum-raisin!!! 3)Labadee was just plain paradise! Beautiful beaches, native musicians, and local handicrafts are plentiful as well as impromptu entertainment by any number of natives. It's also very handicapped accessible as large-wheeled chairs are maneuvered by RCI/Celebrity staff and small shuttles will take you up and down the island for free. We spent an hour at the children's waterpark and even though the water was initially cold, we enjoyed bouncing on the trampolines and riding the inflatables while the in-laws easily found shade under trees near the bar, bbq, and bathrooms! We all enjoyed going to the Artisan Market where all of the items are "priced." We also ventured through the "Flea Market" which is VERY intense and not for the faint of heart. Translated, this means going through a building crowed with vendors who will CONSTANTLY try to convince you to look at their items. We finally bought two small paintings for $10 (the asking price) but we had to threaten to call security when the seller gave us $3 change back from our $20 rather than the $10 he owed us. At the mention of security and one look at my face, he produced another $5. When I protested louder, he conveniently "borrowed" the remaining $2 from another vendor. A word of caution-watch your back but have fun if don't mind bartering. 4)St. Thomas was a short shopping excursion day for us. We had planned to make a trip to the beach but the skies opened up and deluged us. We've been here before, so we enjoyed the afternoon on the ship. Travel To Port of Embarkation-Flights from Nashville to Fort Lauderdale were uneventful (and direct). We arrived at the port at 10:30 and we were on the ship by 11:30. Our steward allowed us to drop our luggage and lunch at the buffet was available immediately. Getting off the ship was the usual rush of people but once off the ship, getting through customs was a breeze. A porter was there immediately to help with our luggage and for a $20 tip we did nothing but point out the luggage, tell him we needed a van taxi, and follow him outside. We were at the airport with a half-hour which gave us lots of time for a 2:00 flight. The flight home was also uneventful. The only disappoint was that there was no Southwest representative at the port so that we could utilized their highly publicized Baggage to Go program. We would have used it, but the porter checked all around and no one from Southwest could be found. Stateroom-This was our first inside cabin. It was nice because it was dark and quiet, even during the day. Storage space was plentiful and the room seemed spacious because of the mirror covering the entire wall. The FV corner aft balcony was all that everyone said it would be. Gigantic, sunny, shady, scenic, two rooms that could be closed off by a sliding door, a private hallway with two doors into the room and a doorbell! Who would imagine! The room had endless storage, two t.v.s with vcrs, two twin beds that made into a queen in one room and a pullout sofabed and a second pullout foam sofa bed. This room can hold five if necessary. The balcony was worth every penny! Dining-We ate at the Olympic (specialty restaurant) the first night. It was the dining experience of my life. We had reservations for 6:00 the first night and we were the only people in the restaurant for the first two hours. The waiters put on quite a show. The food, well, it couldn't have been any better. The presentation alone was worth the price of admission! The only down-side was that it literally took three hours. We needed wheelchairs when we were done because we were so full we couldn't walk! Plan on a long, leisurely, pampering meal. I'm not much of a drinker, but the wine-pairing was nice too. And don't miss the goat cheese souffle, the Steak Diane, the Dover Sole, and the cheeses. Meals in the main dining room were good to excellent with only two items from our table of eleven that weren't edible (the halibut stuffed with crab smelled fishy and tasted even worse and the steak one night was too tough to cut). The lobster was heaven. The soups, chilled and otherwise, were incredible. My husband found the food to be lacking in comparison to the Zenith and Century. Frankly, I didn't. And, I never saw him go hungry! Children's Clubs-We never used it on this trip. Entertainment-Although we have only been to one show in four cruises, we went to two on this cruise the last two nights. Surprisingly, we found ourselves regretting that we hadn't gone to all of them!!! We are both professional musicians (classical guitarist and vocalist), yet we both enjoy many types of musical styles and dance. Each show was, in a word, outstanding. Don't miss the couple who performs using two large "ribbons" suspended from the ceiling. It may sound circus-like, but it it jaw-dropping! The vocalists were versatile and could easily perform opera and jazz and broadway equally well. Many standing ovations were given!! Try it!!! The only performer we didn't enjoy was the hypnotist. It seemed cheesy, phony, and a bit scary for our twelve-year old. But, many other people really liked it. Read Less
Sail Date March 2008
After reading some of the terrible reviews about Millennium I thought that we would be facing the worst -- well to my surprise the Millennium though aging a bit and is about due for a refurbishing which may be coming later this year is ... Read More
After reading some of the terrible reviews about Millennium I thought that we would be facing the worst -- well to my surprise the Millennium though aging a bit and is about due for a refurbishing which may be coming later this year is still a wonderful ship. She is most elegant and subdued. This is the third time for us on this particular Celebrity ship (2002, 2006, 2008). We were on some of the newer and bigger ship but the quality of food and service disappears as the ship grows -- not on Mille. We arrived at Port Everglades and went through the embarkation process quite swiftly. We were met with champagne upon entering the ship and found our way to the cabin. All that we read about torn up and dirty carpet was quite a bit off the mark though the maintenance area was replacing carpeting in several areas during the trip; though this did not affect our trip in the least. The ship was constantly being cleaned but after 7-8 years in service it is about due for its refurbishment. Our inside cabin was spacious with plenty of storage and Benny, a cabin steward we have had on a prior Celebrity cruise, did a great job maintaining the Cabin. The food was the best part of the trip. The dining room was outstanding. We did not understand the complaints that had been written from past passengers -- we had Rack of Lamb, Filet Mignon, Lobster Tails, Roast Duck, all types of fish and Pasta Dishes -- there was something for everybody -- and best of all you do not have to pay extra as you do on the other cruise lines for quality food. Miguel and Agus (Waiter and Ass't Waiter) were an excellent team and were happy to bring you what you want and as much as you want. In contrast to "Anytime Dining" which we hope Celebrity NEVER goes to -- the wait staff gets to know your wants and desires and caters to your every whim. Also, due to the fact that tips are at your discretion the staff tries much harder and they truly earn their money. Most times they will receive over and above what is recommended. We did spend a special evening in the Olympic and it truly is a Five Star restaurant in service and food. Expect to spend 2-3 hours for dinner -- it was wonderful -- that is the type of experience you should pay extra for. The buffets were very good and offered quite a nice selection. There were separate areas for Asian Cuisine, Hot Dogs and Burgers and Pasta. This was in addition to the regular buffet. The Asian cuisine was excellent. The pool and spa areas were well maintained though some of the plastic plants in spa area needed to be changed as they have reached 8 years too. We had a great bartender poolside Norman Garcia -- makes wonderful Mudslides. Everyone MUST go the the Martini Bar and visit John and Togi. They did and OUTSTANDING job. They cater to your needs; entertain you and are really funny cool guys. Their boss Jose listened and liked some of the suggestions we made for the Martini and Champagne bar areas, as the areas were not clearly identifiable and people had trouble finding them. Ports - St Thomas always wonderful; can do without Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic - there are much nicer Eastern Caribbean ports. Labadee was very nice - it is a Peninsula of Haiti that RCCL purchased and it was great for a beach day -- extremely relaxing... The disco is one of the nicest of any ship and the lounges are very nice too. The theater was not bad and a couple of the production shows were good; not great. Better entertainment is warranted. Casino was very good; very nice staff such as Rodyan and Reginald (dealers) and Michael behind the cage. Dru the cruise director and Melanie (his wife and future cruise salesperson) did an excellent job. She was previously in the theater and was our Captain's Club hostess --lovely couple; always helpful... (See Dru we got it right for you this time)... We were sad to return -- when we are on Celebrity it is like being at home with food, service and all of the little extras the staff does to make your vacation a success. Disembarkation and customs went smoothly. We are ready for our next cruise -- on Celebrity whenever possible. You can not compare the quality and service received on Celebrity to the other cruise lines. This ship is clearly more for adults 40-70; though some children were aboard and appeared to be happy. If you can overlook a bit of age for this wonder of a ship (until refurbishment) then you won't be disappointed. Read Less
Sail Date March 2008
This was our 13th cruise covering many different cruise lines. It was our 3rd with Celebrity. Having done a cruise during spring break before, we were sure which cruise line not to go with. We choose Celebrity as we expected fewer children ... Read More
This was our 13th cruise covering many different cruise lines. It was our 3rd with Celebrity. Having done a cruise during spring break before, we were sure which cruise line not to go with. We choose Celebrity as we expected fewer children especially college level. It turned our to be a wise choice. The Millennium came into service in 2000 and it showed some signs of wear and tear. During the cruise an ongoing successful effort to keep the ship looking well went on with little inconvenience to passengers. Our cabin with a veranda was a little smaller tan we expected but we adjusted and got along just fine. Most of the cruise was subjected to very high wind and waves and a lot of salt spray, which limited our use of the veranda. Can't hold Celebrity accountable for the weather. There was plenty of activity aboard the ship to keep most busy if they wished. Like most if not all cruise ships smoking continues to be a problem for non-smokers. This as usual limited the use of many clubs and activities. As usual some of the smokers disregarded the rules for where and which side of the ship was non-smoking. The crew did nothing to enforce the non-smoking or to correct the violators. Even with these minor frustrations we enjoyed on time the Millennium but can't say much for the itinerary but we knew and choose the cruise. We choose early dining in the dining room and were very pleased with the food and the service. We asked to be sat at a table of 6 or more and our request was met. The attendants in the dining room made sure that our needs and request were made in a timely fashion. Many of us at the table kidded with the attendants about the lack of the good old American stable of apple pie and ice cream being a desert option. On the last night of the cruise what arrived was a specially made apple pie with ice cream for our table only. A great move on the part of the dining room crew. We all enjoyed the calories and sugar. The upper deck buffet was another thing. Generally the food selection was unimaginative with The buffet lines tending to be confusing, long and slow. Sometimes an effort to assist everyone, by the crew, turned out to be more of a hindrance than an aid The sandwich selection each day was mostly the same of egg salad, tuna salad or chicken salad. Each day there was a selection of the day but it also left a lot to be desired. One day the selection was billed as a toasted Cuban sandwich. If there had been many Cuban cruisers on board we may have had a mutiny. When we arrived on board and into our cabin we found a notice that our Barcardi distillery tour in San Juan had been cancelled and that our account would be credited. Things went down hill from there. We took the Blackbeard's Castle tour in San Juan. That turned out to be as close to a scam as we have every been subjected to while on a shore tour. I wrote a scathing report upon our return to the ship. Celebrity said all the right things and provided a 20% refund the most they are allowed to due on shipboard. That was not the reason for writing about our displeasure. They said we could follow up when we returned to port for any additional refund. We did not take them up on this offer. The stop in Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic had little to offer and Labadee, Haiti was really just another private island. Much of the activity was limited due to high winds. It appears I have offered much criticism but I guess that happens when you cruise a lot and are old and ornery. All and all we enjoyed the cruise and would cruise with Celebrity again. The staff through out the ship was very professional, helpful and went out of their way to make sure you were enjoying yourselves. Read Less
Sail Date March 2008
As cruise veterans my wife and I were looking forward to a restful week at sea. Port intensity and variety was not our main concern on this trip. We wanted to visit family in South Florida and then have a relaxing week at sea before ... Read More
As cruise veterans my wife and I were looking forward to a restful week at sea. Port intensity and variety was not our main concern on this trip. We wanted to visit family in South Florida and then have a relaxing week at sea before returning to L.A. As West Coasters, we chose Celebrity because of its' more upscale image. We have traveled on other large, mid-size and small ships before and were not expecting Oceania levels of service/cuisine but were hoping for a better than average experience. We stayed pre-cruise at the Westin Fort Lauderdale. This hotel was adequate for our needs, but quite ordinary. Please note that the hotel is a distance from Fort Lauderdale attractions and a car or taxi would be necessary if exploring the area. Embarkation, as reported elsewhere, is semi-chaotic, but understandable given the state of the world and necessity for security. Expect to spend 30-60 minutes in various lines. Online check-in does not appear to expedite the process. There are no escorts from gangway to room. The ship itself is tastefully, but not lavishly appointed. Maintenance standards are C+ at best. Rust is apparent in many places, carpets are threadbare and worn in some areas and the elevators seem to have minds of their own as to when to stop or pass by. I found at least one location where there was a hole in the floor (the main dining area, first level). Staff was well aware of this potentially dangerous problem, but no warnings had been posted. Deferred maintenance and inattention was apparent everywhere. Our room, an Ocean View with Veranda, was small but well appointed. The veranda was a disappointment as it could house only 2 small chairs. The Plexiglas railing was dirty and interfered with the ocean view. Our room steward, never seen, was efficient in caring for our needs. Room service worked satisfactorily. Food service, in some areas, was at best a "C". The Olympic Restaurant, extra-tariff, at $30 per passenger was enjoyable and worth the extra charge. If you are into tableside preparation and hovering service in the old style, then this is the place for you! The main restaurant, the Metropolitan, was barely adequate. The staff seemed overworked, harassed, and "stressed-out". The food, although plentiful, was delivered without any plate garnishment or adornment; not even a sprig of parsley. Taste was "Denny's ++" at best. The sommelier seemed to have too many tables to service, and appeared to lack wine knowledge. The Main buffet was average. The Aqua-Spa cafe, which delivers spa cuisine, was my favorite place. The Pizza Bar was good. We did not try the sushi bar. The pool area was basic. There were not enough beach chairs and they often ran out of beach towels early in the day. Note that passengers come early to reserve lounges for the entire day even though they do not always make use of them. Pool attendants are mainly interested in selling "the drink of the day", rather than assisting passengers in finding lounge chairs. The Aqua Spa pool was excellent and well designed, but again a lack of loungers was troubling. The Aqua-Spa staff, masseuses, and gym were quite good. The lack of incessant PA announcements was greatly appreciated. We have no information regarding the children's/adolescents program. Entertainment was the usual "Ed Sullivan" cruise mix, an adagio duet, a ventriloquist, a magician, and the usual hoofers/singers. All of these were better than average to good. Ports of call were the typical Eastern Caribbean mix: San Juan, Tortola, Casa de Campo, and Labadee, the private island. Labadee was excellent; Casa de Campo is a total waste of time unless you plan to golf at the hideously expensive Casa de Campo resort; Tortola/Virgin Gorda was interesting. San Juan would probably be interesting to those who had never visited there previously. Debarkation was well done. I would strongly recommend the "Cruise Valet" option, which allows check-in of luggage at the pier, rather than at the MIA zoo. This option is pricey at $40/per 2 suitcases, but may be worth it to those who would prefer not to carry their own suitcases. I purchased this option with some trepidation, but lo and behold, it worked - all 3 of my suitcases magically appeared at LAX as advertised. In summary - an average to lower than average cruise experience which might be more acceptable to first time cruisers or families who have never traveled to the Eastern Caribbean. Passengers seemed to be mostly from the Northeast, with a preponderance of New Yorkers. For all intents and purposes, it appears that standards on this ship have slipped over the past few years, especially in food services and maintenance. Some passengers were thinking that the ship might be up for sale by Celebrity. Activity leaders sometimes seem to be "phoning it in" (especially at bingo or trivia contests). Food, with the exception of the Aqua Cafe and the Olympic Restaurant is just ordinary. Staff, for the most part, seemed harried, overworked, or spend a fair amount of time "standing around". In general, a C to C+ experience. We probably will not cruise with this line again. Perhaps we might try the small ship they just purchased to compete with Oceania if the reviews are good. Read Less
Sail Date February 2008
Celebrity Millennium Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.5 4.1
Dining 4.0 3.9
Entertainment 4.0 3.7
Public Rooms 4.5 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.9
Family 3.5 3.9
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.7
Enrichment 4.0 3.6
Service 4.0 4.2
Value For Money 4.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.1

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