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5 Celebrity Infinity Cruise Reviews for Senior Cruises to Caribbean - Western

I would do this again. Embarkation and disembarkation were flawless. This was an easy to negotiate, enjoyable, pleasant cruise for those over 60. I saw most people, lounging with a good book for most of the day. And pool side, decks ... Read More
I would do this again. Embarkation and disembarkation were flawless. This was an easy to negotiate, enjoyable, pleasant cruise for those over 60. I saw most people, lounging with a good book for most of the day. And pool side, decks 10&12 got full quickly. Others with friends enjoyed some sort of board game. The ship has very obvious worn spots in several of the lounges. I actually witnessed a chair fall apart in the Constellation lounge. It is a clean ship throughout and you will find precautions to maintain sanitation in the common areas. The restrooms are well maintained. The food is good in the Cafe and well presented. The Trellis dining room could have more light, has a good menu and very attentive wait staff. We had a seafood lunch at the Tuscan Grille, two king crab legs, and too much filler crab cakes; clearly not worth $40 a piece. Now the downside for the rating of 4: 1) I found no value in the internet package - my emails did not load up until I returned home, although my daughter was able to use her lap top and phone pool side, 2) I found no value in the premium drink package, if you don't drink Evian water, Absolut, Patron or any other top shelf alcohol, the other packages will do and if you don't watch the the bartender reach for the bottle and watch them pour, you're probably not getting the good stuff anyway OR a drop (I saw that, she poured a drop in the shot glass), the Martini Bar and the bar at pool side are the best places to get a real drink, 3) I could not understand one word of the musical we went to, 4) make sure you get your SeaPass card back, they forget sometimes,5)the staff did get a bit pushy in selling the packages, they work on commission. Read Less
Sail Date January 2019
Loved this cruise. It was delightful! to welcome the New Year (2019) at Sea. The atmosphere on board was fun and thoroughly entertaining. The only reason I gave it a four star rating, was based on the beds in our veranda family ... Read More
Loved this cruise. It was delightful! to welcome the New Year (2019) at Sea. The atmosphere on board was fun and thoroughly entertaining. The only reason I gave it a four star rating, was based on the beds in our veranda family suite. I sailed with grandchildren who were uncomfortable on the older, thin mattresses on the daybeds. The atmosphere on board was festive and I truly felt on vacation each day. Music filled the air as we strolled through the ship during the evening hours. A good variety of options were available for entertainment. I spent time in the casino which was lively and fun. I should note that while I traveled with family (3 generations) I am disabled. I use a scooter and have fairly good access throughout the ship. Staff were courteous and helpful My children enjoyed the "Snuba" experience. This entails using a raft that holds the air tanks with long hoses for the divers. They had a great time. Read Less
Sail Date December 2018
I want to start this off on a positive note, not that I consider this a negative review. You can stop reading after that. The next paragraph is the most important!!!! The highlight, which we went to twice on a five night cruise, was Le ... Read More
I want to start this off on a positive note, not that I consider this a negative review. You can stop reading after that. The next paragraph is the most important!!!! The highlight, which we went to twice on a five night cruise, was Le Petit Chef. THAT was something else. I think the price is a bit high, but we still went back a second time. I have no idea where you would find this experience other than here! I booked this 2 years ago to take my 92 YO Mom on a cruise. She had a companion who helped her a lot. The interior spaces are fine, but the exterior need scraping and painting. I understand they did an "upgrade" but I only saw Celebrity "normal". I think most of the improvements went into the high end suites (we were in a S2) and common areas that need their normal carpet change etc. They certainly didn't do much to the superstructure. I was disappointed in the buffet offerings and quite frankly, after all this time, the Luminae menu needs help. X needs to check the demographics, I believe that they will find many of the Suite guests are repeaters. We need a more variety because even though the MDR is offered, that is getting pretty lame too. No more JVS meatballs etc. Still, James, our waiter would give me meat sauce from the MDR on the Oriechetta served in Luminae. THAT is the level of service in suites! You get what you pay for. Mom was in a wheel chair and the staff went out of their way to have patience while she slowly went from wheel chair to a table chair. Several people asked about taking the elderly, X will help all they can. We rent a scooter, we have had them successfully before, but this one was a bit too peppy. It scared her so she wouldn't use so we pushed her. We used the Airport transfers. The bus staff would not help her, they left it to the companion. Please note, this was a family friend, not a service person. They dropped them off at American instead of Southwest. Read Less
Sail Date December 2018
I (late 30s) took my parents (70s) on their 1st cruise to celebrate mom's 70th birthday & their 40th anniversary. I am a "almost 1st timer" myself, since my last cruise was over a decade ago on Carnival. This is our 1st ... Read More
I (late 30s) took my parents (70s) on their 1st cruise to celebrate mom's 70th birthday & their 40th anniversary. I am a "almost 1st timer" myself, since my last cruise was over a decade ago on Carnival. This is our 1st Celebrity experience. I picked this particular cruise because 1) it was the best deal I could find - actually cheaper than Carnival, 2) I thought small ship size and a simple itinerary staggering sea day and port day would be good for elder 1st time cruisers. Overall: The cruise was perfect for my vacation purpose. I don't think my parents felt overwhelmed or lost. It was not too long or too short. We didn't feel like we had to do all kind of things and rush around. It was relaxing. Services were great everywhere and the MDR food was good, much better than I expected. The crowd: As expected, it's an older crowd. There are some younger people (late 20s to 30s is my guess), but no one was too crazy/obnoxious that I have encountered (there're one or two super intoxicated ones stumbling around). There weren't many young children either (I don't mind kids but it's also nice to not have to hear baby screaming, crying, or being ran over by strollers). Mood is causal - no one was really dressing up too formally. I do kind of like a formal night but understandably cruiselines are all moving away from it. The ship: It is an older ship but I thought it was well maintained. There were some signs of age such as blistering wood handrails or damaged elevator buttons were. But otherwise it's still a very elegant ship. Embarkation: 1st time sailing out of Fort Lauderdale. I drove down (1-way rental thru Avis) and took the free shuttle to pier. (TIP #1: if you are renting a 1-way, keep checking the prices because my rental went from almost $100 to $10 the week of. They needed cars badly and I guess I was their free transporter.) The port traffic was madhouse so plan ahead (unless you stay the night before nearby). There wasn't much of a line for CC guests. My only complaint is that I thought the special CC lunch was until 1:30pm. We were at the counter checking in at 12:50pm and was told it's over. Bummer. First impression of ship: definitely not as "wow" as the big ships. Entry through Deck 3 into the "lobby" which was a cramped space. They served bubbles, which was a nice touch. Room access: Immediate as of 1pm when we got on, which was great to drop off our carry-on bags before going to lunch at Oceanview Grille. Room attendant: Adonis was excellent & sweet. He made a point of introducing himself in the hallway and he knew us by names already. He did everything we requested - cannot say enough good things about our room attendant. Food/Restaurant: All things considered, it was excellent. We did not do any specialty dining, only ate at MDR & Oceanview Grille. Breakfast buffet in Oceanview Grille is the same daily, which can be boring for longer cruise. There were days we walked around longer to look for a good table for 3 but never felt too crowded in OG (FYI, temp. varied in that large space - we wanted a decent view without the heat of being baked in the sun). We only had "formal" lunch in MDR once but we ate there for dinner daily. Everything we had was great. Food services: We had Select Dining daily for dinner. I prebooked 6:30pm/6:45pm time slot daily but we ate later on several days. Never too much of a wait (15 minutes max) for table. We had 3 sets of waitstaff, but mostly dined with Nelson & his team. Very attentive & friendly services. Of course they also work at OG for causal dining, and they would wave and say hi and greet us by name. The lady at the omelet station remembered my name by Day 3. It's amazing how good they are at customer service. Drink services: I have the Premium Drink Package (given Classic for free, upgraded to Premium for $67), which I highly recommend for anyone who remotely drinks. I never had to worry about paying for extra. I had the chance to try different cocktails. I have unlimited access to water & nicer coffee. I never waited long for a drink. I didn't order from the same bar much, but for those who did, they would remember your drink choice. (TIP #2: Infusion is a small "bar" tucked away with the gelato spot. Great craft cocktails during limited time period, but perfect for showtime!) Activities/Entertainment: I have heard more than once on the ship where people complained they were bored (both elderly ladies). I was curious as to what would be considered not boring. In my opinion, cruise is for relaxation. I booked a room with balcony so I wouldn't mind hanging out in my room to chill/read/do nothing. Every day there were live music in all the lounges. The guitar solo with vocal, the string duo, and piano with vocal duo were all great - piano solo act was... a little off vocally. Every night we went to the show - they were all minor productions but were entertaining (magic, impersonation, comedian, female vocalist Savannah Smith, and an original musical production). We did silent disco once (offered twice), karaoke twice, bingo once and observed the newly wed game. We sat through an art auction just to check it out. We attended the complimentary galley kitchen tour which was fun. We stopped by the Officer Soiree and took picture with the Captain. There were also pool deck activities during the day but we didn't attend. There're DJ parties we skipped out on as well. So all the standard cruise activities were there but in a smaller scale. I do have to say this is not a late night party type cruise. Most days we retired back to the room by 11:30pm. There's little to do after midnight. Even casino was pretty dead by then, which is odd. Cruise Director Luigi did his job in my opinion. I guess some people just don't get his sense of humor. Casino: Small and did not stay open late. The busiest time is from 8pm to 10pm, probably because of the foot traffic to/from the show. Basic games were all there. Gym/Spa: took a quick look but didn't use it. Gym area was nice and big at the front of the ship. Not a bad spot to run on a treadmill if I must. Spa looked small and the prices were high for services. There were fitness classes on schedule but most required extra charges. Pool: I only used the main ones on Deck 10 on port days (4 hot tubs, 1 bigger/deeper salt water pool, 1 smaller/shallower "pool" for standing around), I didn't feel like fighting the crowd during sea days. I was able to really enjoy it the morning of Cozumel day. I was in the deep pool swimming laps by myself. Key West day we got back on ship earlier and I was able to get a lounger and chilled/napped and hopped into hot tub. They played music but I didn't find them to be too loud - who wants a silent pool anyhow? Port #1 - Cozumel: I booked a private taxi before the trip online on my own. I recommend Tours Plaza as it's a good price for 3 of us ($142 for 11:30am to 4pm). The best part is we had our own car, we could do whatever we wanted at the pace we wanted. I enjoyed the tour around the island, I think it's worth doing at least once. We tasted chocolate & tequila. We ate lunch at Punta Moreno. We stopped and took pictures on the Wild Side. Port #2 - Key West: I opted out of Conch Train Tour/Trolley Tour, but it's cheaper to book those onboard/through cruiseline if you want to do them. Instead we took the free Duval Loop shuttle provided by the city transit (TIP #3 - use the free shuttle, they have real time schedule on their website via your cellphone). It was a hot day in Key West, we did the standard Mile 0, Southern Most Point, Sloppy Joe's, Conch Fritters in a loop slowly. We go off boat at 11am and got back at around 3pm. Immigration interview: We had to pay a visit with the immigration officers when we arrived in Key West. The process started before 8am, and I was surprised the intercom blasted inside the stateroom that early. We were in Group 24, meaning I really could have slept for another 45 minutes to an hour if they kept the announcement in public areas only (which was supposed to be the case per the newsletter). The process was quick even though it looked horrible with the long line wrapped around half the length of the boat. Disembarkation: Because the cruise already stopped in Key West the day before & we did the immigration interview already, it was an easy peasy process when we got back to Fort Lauderdale. We woke up at 6ish, got breakfast, and the moment they said we could leave the ship, we grabbed our bags and left. No line. We breezed right through to the taxi line. Taxi was $14 (no traffic). We got to airport and were at the gate in less than an hour of disembarkation. I don't know if we were just lucky or if I was that efficient. Last words: The cruise was a success. For what I paid and what I got in return, it was a great value. My parents enjoyed themselves, and that's what I care most. I think there are people who just never happy about anything - seriously it's a cruise vacation, why would anyone complain about eggs/being bored/what the cruise director was wearing etc? Give this older/smaller ship a try - it is a good starter cruise especially for a 5-nighter. Read Less
Sail Date November 2018
We just returned from the October 29th sailing of Celebrity's Infinity. It was her first sailing after drydock where they refreshed some areas and changed out the SS United States Restaurant for a new Tuscan Grill Restaurant. It ... Read More
We just returned from the October 29th sailing of Celebrity's Infinity. It was her first sailing after drydock where they refreshed some areas and changed out the SS United States Restaurant for a new Tuscan Grill Restaurant. It was a Thursday to Thursday sailing and there was only one other ship in port – so it made embarkation and debarkation easy as far as the number of people there. A little background – we are a senior couple, living in Palm City, Florida, who love to cruise – this was our 12th Celebrity cruise and 48th overall – we began cruising in 1987. We have cruised with Celebrity on the Meridian, Zenith, Century, Mercury, Millenium, Eclipse, and Constellation – some multiple times – prior to this Infinity sailing. So we have experienced all the various classes of ships that they have ever had. Since they did away with the Century class ships, the M class have been our favorite. We booked an inside cabin on Deck 3 – 3105 – midships. We booked this cabin because it gave us good access to the mid-ship elevators and the areas of the ship we have liked in the past. My husband's walking ability isn't what it used to be so we try to be as close as possible to the venues that we use the most. Embarkation was quick and we were on the ship very quickly – having checked in at the Elite check-in. The cabins were not ready so we went to Bistro on Five for a nice, calm, relaxing lunch. We avoid the buffet on sail-away days as it is just too hard to manage for us. There is a cover charge for Bistro on Five - $10pp – which is double what it was when they introduced this venue – but worth it to avoid the crowds in the buffet. The food was excellent – and we left there and went to our cabin afterwards as they had announced the cabins were ready. We unpacked our small bags and set out to check out the Cafe Baccio and find our Muster Station. Turns our our Muster Station was in Michael's Club – we got there early and got a seat – you don't have to bring your life jacket to this drill so that is a plus - afterwards we were able to exit directly to the outside deck for the sail away. We were a little late leaving, but it was a beautiful day and we enjoyed sitting on the port side as we went out the inlet to the Atlantic. We had booked Anytime Dining – so we were able to relax a bit and unpack before going up to the dining room for dinner. The Trellis dining room is aft and is two story – with Anytime Dining being on Deck 5 and those with fixed seating on Deck 4. We got there about 7:15pm and had to wait a short while for our table for 2. We don't mind that and we were seated along the railing overlooking the fixed dining room below. We had a great waiter – Ali – and his assistant Sebastiano – the food was good – we had Prime Rib – and we relaxed over dinner. It was obvious to us, looking downstairs, that the late seating was going to be really late – we met people later who told us that they didn't finish the first night until 11:15pm!!! After the first night, we made a reservation each night – sometimes early and sometimes late – to accommodate our going to a show or not – the dining room hostess, Maria, was charming and noted our preferences as to seating (not too far in so my husband didn't have to walk too far) and in Ali's section if possible. The food was good the entire cruise and we never lacked for things to order. There are some items that stay on the menu all through the cruise and others that change each evening. We always had excellent service in Ali's section and the two times we weren't seated there it was OK but not stellar. We never book a specialty restaurant because it isn't a value for us – we don't eat big portions and frankly, the surcharge for those restaurants these days is way too high in our opinion. I went into the Tuscan Grill to see what they had done – it is very contemporary – and the menu sounded good – but not for us. I wish they had left the SS United States alone – they did display some of the artifacts from her – but not prominently. Since we are Elite with Celebrity – we are provided a breakfast dining venue that we enjoy – there are various specialty coffees and drinks (Bloody Mary for example) and smoothies and pastries and fruit plates and salmon, and meat and cheese plates – so we ate there most mornings – one morning we ate in the main dining room – it was very good and service was excellent in both places. We also have a cocktail hour provided each evening from 5-7pm in the Constellation lounge and we went there most evenings – we skipped the Captains party and the Senior Officers party and we didn't dress formally on formal night – we have “been there done that”. The itinerary had four ports – Cozumel, Roatan, Belize, and Costa Maya. They were all right in a row after a first day at sea. We only got off the ship in Roatan as it was a very close in walk to see it as we hadn't been there in a very long time. The other ports we have been to many times and we enjoyed the ship while others were off on land. These ports are great if you want to see Mayan ruins or snorkle or dive. The water is beautiful and they are known for that. The ship didn't have the main dining room open on port days so we were forced to use either the buffet or the grill or pay for lunch at Bistro on Five – I wasn't happy about this and we tried to go to the buffet at “off” times to avoid the crowds. The buffet was not managed well at all – tables went uncleared and there were no supervisors evident and those who were there certainly had no one cleaning tables quickly – and those we saw being cleaned were given a cursory swipe with a cloth. The floor was left with crumbs for a long time – just not well done at all. The tables on the aft deck outside just sat there with dirty dishes – the food was pedestrian at best – the only good part for us was the Pasta Bar where you could choose your own ingredients that were then sauteed and you chose your pasta and sauce – you could control the amount of pasta and it was very good – the Pizza bar also had passable pizza – but trying to reach in anywhere in the buffet under their new sneeze guards was very difficult and you had to ask for someone to help. There were no trays on which to put your dishes so it was a balancing act if you had more than one thing – and it was hard to find someone to help if you needed it. Just not a good situation in our opinion. We tended to hang out in the Cafe Baccio – there are nice places to read and the Gelato and dessert bars are there as well as specialty coffee and drinks. You don't have to buy anything in order to have the pastries so we had some cake on two occasions – excellent. We had gelato as well a couple of times. The area is nice – but could be improved upon as there is not a lot of comfortable seating and there is plenty of room to improve it. There were a lot of sales in the Emporium – a lot of sales in the Spa – other than morning stretch the classes in the gym were an upcharge – just a lot of selling going on. Celebrity doesn't do a lot of announcements and that is a plus and Patty, the Cruise Director, was great – we enjoyed the comedians and the Divas 3 shows – we aren't much for production numbers and we missed the acrobatic show the last night which we heard was really good. We met a lot of really nice people – had some great conversations - got some books read. I used the Computer Lab twice – the computers are so very slow it is hardly worth the effort. We both get 90 free minutes and I used almost all of mine up just waiting for things that I needed to check to load – you can use the wi-fi on all your devices on the ship – though I don't know why you would want to as it is very slow – be sure to put your phone on Airplane mode or you will rack up extreme data charges. We cruise to be unconnected but I sure saw a lot of people using all kinds of devices – The roof top deck with the movie screen was under construction while we were on board – it is supposed to be “live” by Dec 5th. There will be food – but there will be a charge for it I understand – again, more selling. All in all, the ship did not live as well, for us, as we hoped it would. We had to walk all the way to the back of the ship for meals, and all the way to the front for shows. Now, if my husband were more mobile, this wouldn't be an issue for us and hasn't in the past – we just have to cruise differently these days. He is considering a scooter. The “feel” on Celebrity has changed for us. We used to consider it a cut above – not anymore. For anyone who has never cruised with them or has only cruised a little with them, then you won't notice the difference probably. If you are a long time Celebrity cruiser, you most certainly will notice it. We won't be cruising with them again as we both feel that it just isn't worth it for us. Debarkation was interesting. We had asked for an 8am departure time and got that. As Elites, we were to wait in the Trellis dining room area in which we had had breakfast all week and, supposedly, coffee, juice and rolls would be provided. We got there a little after 7am and it was so disorganized that it just was comical. No one knew what was what – nothing was labeled as to what it was – there were very few cups to be had – there were juice glasses, but no juice – you get the picture – it took a while to sort it all out. We did get a cup of coffee, a glass of juice and a roll – we were called off pretty much on time and it was easy to find our bag and get in line for Customs – we called the Park N Fly when we got outside and waited a very little time before they were there. We were back home by 10:30am, unpacked, did our laundry and settled back to life on land. Don't think that this review is negative – we did have a good time – the best part was the people we met. There were some high points with crew members who were excellent. The ship still needs lots of attention in various areas – friends told us that when they went to the wine tasting the last afternoon, the plates with breakfast items – ie salmon platters, meat and cheese platters, were still sitting un-refrigerated in the hallway of the dining room. Just an example of the lax supervision and attention to detail. Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
Celebrity Infinity Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.1
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.9
Family 3.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.7
Enrichment 3.0 3.8
Service 4.0 4.3
Value For Money 4.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.1

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