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12 Celebrity Infinity Cruise Reviews for First-Time Cruisers Cruises to Panama Canal & Central America

we feel absolutely cheated out of our holiday money. We are battling farmers who have saved our money for what was to be the holiday of our lifetime. Firstly, there was an 18% service charge on everything we bought, then there was a place ... Read More
we feel absolutely cheated out of our holiday money. We are battling farmers who have saved our money for what was to be the holiday of our lifetime. Firstly, there was an 18% service charge on everything we bought, then there was a place on the invoice for a tip. A few times it was underlined. A cheap bottle of wine we bought in a supermarket in Santiago for $4.50 was on the menu for $35 + 18% etc. They X rayed your bag if you'd been ashore checking that you hadn't bought any alcohol with you. We paid gratuities in package purchase price in Australia, but when aboard, they charged again. When my wife inquired at the information desk she was told that was only for the room boy. Everywhere we went someone was trying to sell us something. It wasn't only us that felt cheated either. There was not even a picture theatre on board, instead you had to sit in the bough of the ship in the open air. The free shows were all second rate. There was a poor old fellow who gave seminars on various topics, he was good, but we got the feeling he was only paid by a free trip. If this is what cruise ship holidays are about, count us out on any more. Last holiday was on a Trafalgar bus tour around Eastern Europe. That was much better value. I wouldn't advise anyone to cruise Celebrity! Read Less
Sail Date February 2016
Our cabin or state room as they call it, was a pleasant surprise-very clean, large and modern. We had a balcony which was appreciated very much as we were always able to see the ocean and never felt claustrophobic. Our cabin steward, ... Read More
Our cabin or state room as they call it, was a pleasant surprise-very clean, large and modern. We had a balcony which was appreciated very much as we were always able to see the ocean and never felt claustrophobic. Our cabin steward, Imade, was particularly helpful. The food in the Ocean View Café was excellent with lots of variety. The sushi and sashimi at night were particularly popular with my wife and I. My only criticism was the black tea which was too weak for our taste. The coffee on the other hand was way too strong. Eating in the Trellis restaurant made a pleasant change from the café and it was nice to be waited on without any extra charge. I would not waste my money in the specialty restaurants. The entertainment was also varied and of a high standard with singing, dancing, comedy acts and a magician. The lectures given by the Historian, Gary and the Naturalist, Milos, were informative and entertaining. The activities run by Rachel and her offsiders, Aida and Von were a lot of fun and well organised. We particularly enjoyed the Trivia various forms of which were run 2 or 3 times a day while at sea. You were never bored. Shore excursions were OK but rather expensive for what you got. Quite a few passengers did their own thing and organised taxis and guides for less than half the price. The gym was modern and well equipped and the pools were a relaxing way to spend an hour or two. I must admit several passengers got badly sunburnt on the deck and I think the pool staff should carry UV block-out dispensers and warn people of the dangers they face in the tropical sun. Overall a wonderful cruise the highlight being the Panama Canal itself and experiencing the cultures of Central America. Read Less
Sail Date March 2015
Myself and my partner are both 30 and have never been on a cruise before. We were assigned stateroom 2155 on deck 2 and enjoyed upgraded stateroom amenities which included champagne on arrival, fruit delivered each day if requested, ... Read More
Myself and my partner are both 30 and have never been on a cruise before. We were assigned stateroom 2155 on deck 2 and enjoyed upgraded stateroom amenities which included champagne on arrival, fruit delivered each day if requested, dressing gowns, binoculars, a tote bag and a golf umbrella to be used onboard. Day 1: We got on at San Diego B Street Cruise Terminal. As soon as we got out of the taxi, a handler came and took our luggage then we headed straight for the check in. We got there around 12:30 and supposedly had missed the peak time. There was a large queue but as expected because the ship accommodates up to 2000 guests. It took us about an hour to get onto the ship. Once on we had no idea what to do and the stateroom was not ready until around 2:30. Lunch was available in the Ocean Cafe which is the buffet on deck 10. We were free to explore the ship. Some people brought there swimwear in their day bags so used the pool/hot tubs while the rest of us looked on enviously! At 16:15 we had an emergency muster to attend so that everyone knew where they should be in case of an emergency. We had lunch and dinner in the buffet and the food was lovely. The service excellent and staff very friendly. We decided we didn't want to head to the main dining room that night as we heard it can be a bit chaotic on the first night due to people wanting to change their allocated time. We made the mistake of eating the first thing we saw at lunchtime so for dinner we walked all around the buffet island and decided on the stirfry which is made from the ingredients you choose for yourself. Day 2 - at sea Day 3: Arrived at Cabon San Lucas, Mexico. We decided not to book an excursion directly through the cruise ship to save a bit of money. I'm glad we did this because there were so many things on offer when we got off. We wanted to go snorkelling and spoke to a guy selling different tours. It cost us $30, I didn't haggle the price because the equivalent trip with Celebrity was $50. We boarded a little glass bottom boat (the glass bottom wasn't anything special) and sailed past lovers beach, divorce beach and shown pelican beach where we would be snorkelling. We also got to see some sea lions lazing on the surrounding rocks. We were dropped off at lovers beach and had to walk across to pelican beach. This took about 10 minutes across the rocks so bring appropriate footwear if you have delicate feet! Beware that locals will help you get off the boat and expect a tip. There was snorkelling gear and life jackets for hire on this beach. I had to hire a life jacket because the water is very choppy and I am not a very confident swimmer. The life jacket cost me $5. We had arranged for our driver to meet us 2 hours later. He arrived to pick us up no problem! I was a little nervous as I had read that some people were left stranded on this beach by their driver. If this does happen to you then you can get a lift back to shore with another boat, it may cost you but at least you'll get back. There are shops where you can buy drinks so it may be worth buying a few and bringing them back on board. I.e. a can of coke cost $1 in the shop compared to $2.50+gratuity on board. Day 4: Arrived at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We didn't book an excursion (they offer a trip to swim with dolphins) as we just wanted to explore the area. We were quite surprised at what awaited us when we arrived. There is nothing tourist orientated available when you get there (apart from shopping). There is a shopping mall across the road as well as a Walmart and a "Makro" type store. Everything is in Mexican Pesos, they accept US$ but will give change in Pesos. If you don't enjoy shopping I would recommend arranging an excursion for this stop. Day 5 & 6- at sea. We received a message regarding some passengers becoming ill (norovirus etc ). The ship took immediate preventative action. At the buffet restaurant we were no longer to serve ourselves food/beverages. Cutlery was given out by staff. Anything that could transfer germs was taken away, including the daily newspapers and crosswords/sudoku puzzles on deck 3. I noticed a change in other passengers' attitudes when having to wait a little longer for food etc. But there really is no point in complaining, ultimately the ship is trying to prevent an outbreak so just go with it. Day 7: Arrive at Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala. After our experience at the last port we decided to book a few Celebrity excursions. We know that we are paying extra but it gives peace of mind knowing that we have guaranteed transport there and back. The ship will wait for us if we on a tour booked through them that is running late. So we opted for the self guided tour to Antigua costing $43.75pp. There was a short walk from the ship to our buses, walking through a market place and refreshment stall selling coconuts for $2 (they sold out by the time I wanted one - sad times!). They also have tour kiosks/operators so if you don't book through Celebrity you can easily get on a tour here. We heard that the volcano tour was worth the trip. We had a 90 minute drive to Antigua and given about 5 hours to wander around. We were given a map with points of interest. The drop off/meeting point is at the jade museum - whose staff are very willing to give advice about where to go. They recommended a cafe to stop at for lunch which was right next door to the chocolate museum. The local currency is the quetzal (7.5 quetzals = $1) and it's best to check places accept USD before stopping to eat. What I loved most about Antigua was the bartering with craft makers. There are so many items for sale and so many sellers - you will be spoilt for choice. If you don't buy anything in town you will have a second chance to buy at the port. Day 8 - at sea. On board outbreak prevention still on going. Day 9: Arrived at Puntarenas, Costa Rica. We decided to go on the Poas Volcano tour ($104pp) and unfortunately the weather was not on our side. There was zero visibility of the volcano when we got up to the viewing deck. I guess this is the risk you take.The rest of the tour included a lunch stop on the way back down (food was delicious!!!) and a stop at the oxcart factory - a really pretty family run establishment with lots of different flowers and people painting. They have a gift shop which is more expensive that a market trader but I didn't mind paying a bit extra to support them. We arrived back at the ship with an hour to spare and wandered down to the beach front to browse through the markets. You can try haggling but they're not as flexible as they were in Guatemala! Day 10 - at sea. Day 11 - cruising through Panama Canal. What an EPIC day this was. There were a lot of people at the front of the ship as the Captain had opened up the heliport. Personally I didn't like the view from there. My favourite spot was on deck 4 (right hand side) as you get up close to the action and depending on which lock you were going through the wall would be within touching distance of you. There were good views from the back of the ship on deck 10. We spent most of the day walking around enjoying different perspectives. I particularly enjoyed watching the ship parallel to us because you could really see how the locks were operating. When leaving the canal keep an out for the new gates that will be fitted on the expansion project - they are immense! We had a guest speaker Mike McPheters on board who is a specialist on the Panama Canal and he gave 3 talks prior to this day. I felt that I had a good understanding of the history of the canal which added to the day. Mike is a really great guy too, he is so interesting I could listen to him talk til the cows come home! Day 12: Arrived at Colon, Panama. There is a shopping area a short distance away from the port including a supermarket where we picked up cans of soft drinks for $0.60! We saw A LOT of crew stocking up here. We decided to book onto the Monkey Watch excursion ($89.75). It was around an hour bus ride to back to Gatun Lake. We were taken aboard a 20-seater boat that took us down the lake in search of wildlife. I thought to myself if we didn't see any monkeys I wouldn't mind because the boat ride is good fun in itself and very cooling in the humidity! We saw all sorts of birds including toucans. Caught a glimpse of a crocodile. Came across about 30 baby crocodiles who where so well camouflaged I couldn't believe the driver had spotted them! The best bit was seeing a couple of white faced capuchin monkeys and a family of howler monkeys - these were the only ones we saw but it made my day! We also turtles, lizards and rodents! Our guide did say that it was a good day to spot wildlife because it was cloudy and had been raining heavily so the monkeys in particular wouldn't be hiding from the sunshine. I would consider going on a Celebrity excursion in Colon because I didn't see much being offered on the docks however this may be because our excursion was at a later time than normal. Day 13: Arrived at Cartagena, Colombia. We decided against the hop on hop off tour purely because of the inflated price ($39.75pp). I've been on these red sight seeing buses in many cities and they usually range between £15-£20. There is a short walk to the port exit (free shuttle also offered). Be warned that the port is an industrial one so not a lot to look at! When you get to the exit you go through some sort of wild bird sanctuary. There were geese, flamingoes, parrots, peacocks and a um...rabbit! I had mixed feelings about seeing some of the birds - such beautiful creatures who were allowed to roam around but had obviously had their wings clipped. So you don't see them as nature intended but at least they are being looked after (I hope!). When we got to the exit there were loads of tour operators/taxis vying for your attention. We decided to go with a chap named Francisco Ferero (I think!) or Pancho to his pals. It cost us $20pp and he basically took us on the same route as the hop on hop off tour would go. 1st stop was a photo stop at the fortress. We didn't have time to go in there and you have to pay. Next we went up to la popa monastery. We didn't have much time there and had to pay $5. The views are worth it - they also have washrooms. Outside there are a few market traders where you can pick up souvenirs. Next we were taken to an emerald museum which we had little interest in so ducked out and walked to the beach which was a couple of minutes away. We only wanted to go there to take a picture but kept being bothered by people selling sun cream or a lounger. I'd lost all hope of having a coconut drink but low and behold they were sold at the beach but for $5!!!! I'd like to say it was worth it but $2 would have been better :) we continued our tour with a short stop at some souvenir shops and a stroll through the old city. One thing I wasn't so keen on here was the aggressive sales tactics by many. They shove merchandise in your face, put hats on your head, grab your arms, come up to the bus windows when you're trying to admire the view...basically invade your personal space. Pancho got us back to the boat with an hour to spare so all in all I would say worth the $20. I would say be patient if doing something this. When we agreed to go with him we had to wait about 30mins for him to fill his bus. Day 14 & 15 - at sea. Arrive at Miami port at 07:00. A bit hectic when you get off and it was a bit of a shock because you are treated so well on board but customs don't really care that you're in Miami :D we were selected to have our bags searched which was a little inconvenient but they appreciated out patience implying that they usually get a hard time off people. We booked the airport transfer to MIA costing $16.80pp purely because we had 2 large cases each and it wouldn't have fit into a standard taxi. However when we got out there were bigger taxis available. I would recommend getting a taxi - it isn't a long way and it would be quicker. We had to wait around 30 minutes for the bus to make its way back from MIA. General comments: - restrictions due to outbreak prevention lasted for the rest of our trip. We had heard that the ship had to have a 48 hour period with no one reporting an illness before things could go back to normal. - Staterooms include a hairdryer, towels & beach towels, plenty of storage, cotton balls & cotton buds and tissues. -You chosen credit card will be linked to a "sea pass" account which is used for any transaction on board. You can also settle your account in cash. -You can change currency on board at guest relations. -There are lots of activities on board to keep you occupied whilst at sea. -The library is open 24/7 but collection is a bit dire. It was closed as soon as outbreak prevention was issued. -Internet is available and they charge per minute or you can buy a package. Be advised that it is a very slow connection and sometimes is not available. -There is also a casino and spa (at an additional cost). -The gym is free to use and is well equipped. It is very busy in the mornings and very quiet in the evenings. They also provide gym towels and water. -The pools are much smaller than I expected. -There is a laundry service available but is charged per item! -The stateroom attendants will come in the morning and then in the evening. -You do not have to dress up if you do not want to. This really isn't our type of thing so on formal nights we ate in the buffet restaurant on deck 10 where the dress code is always casual! -Most passengers were aged around 60/70. There was a spattering of younger couples and about 30 children in total. -We didn't visit the Main Dining Room once because we really enjoyed eating at the buffet. Most evenings were spent at the sushi/stir fry part. The cook Chandra from Indonesia was a highlight of the trip. He could be found on one of the omelette stations in the morning and the stir fry in the evening. He was never without a smile and would often break out into a song. Such an infectious character! -Food really is a personal preference - aside from the MDR there were also 2 other restaurants that you could pay extra for. My main point regarding food is that the buffet is not as bad as some reviewers have made out. -We had a wonderful time and have so many amazing memories of the places we visited. We would definitely consider another cruise with Celebrity in the future! Read Less
Sail Date April 2014
My wife and I traveled with another couple on the Celebrity Infinity Nov 7-22 on the route through the Panama Canal. Prior to departing, we read the posts on Cruise Critic, to understand how to spend our limited time and money to best ... Read More
My wife and I traveled with another couple on the Celebrity Infinity Nov 7-22 on the route through the Panama Canal. Prior to departing, we read the posts on Cruise Critic, to understand how to spend our limited time and money to best advantage. Now that we have completed the cruise, we hope our comments below help you plan for and have the best cruise experience: 1. 15 days is a long time for a working guy like me to take away from the office - the Officers and Crew of the Infinity made it a very enjoyable experience and worth the time and money we spent. I would do it again. 2. We had ports of call in Cartagena, Columbia, Colon, Panama, Panama Canal Transit, Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala, Puntarenas, Costa Rica, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We specifically chose not to take the Shore Excursions, intending instead to explore at our leisure. We grabbed a cab and had the taxi driver take us to well known tourist sites, monuments, downtown shopping and entertainment areas, etc. This worked well in Cartagena, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo, as they are all bigger cities. Puerto Quetzal, Puntarenas and Colon are pretty run down port only cities with very little to offer. The Shore Excursions take you far from these ports to tourist sites. While having the ship's passengers take Shore Excursions results in a nice revenue stream and low cost of mooring for the Cruise company, for people like us who preferred to explore on our own, staying on the ship for those ports of call was our choice. Staying on a 5 star resort ship with pools, restaurants, entertainment and unlimited food is a great thing if there is nothing more interesting ashore. 3. Shore Excursions - as I said above, we did not take any ship sponsored Shore Excursions. That is not to say that we did not inquire. The thing that impressed me the most about the Shore Excursion representatives is that they were accurate about describing the tours, enabling us to make decisions which were best for our vacation. I encourage you to take Shore Excursions if that is your interest; they looked great. 4. Beverage Package - this is a lively topic on Cruise Critic. After reading the posts, my wife and I decided we don't drink that much and if we wanted a beer, specialty coffee, glass of wine or mixed drink, we would buy it by it the glass. It worked out well for us. We were quoted about $1600 for the premium beverage package; after reviewing our bill, we spent about $600 on beverages, thus saving $1,000. While on board, we met couples with and without the Premium Beverage package. The thing I found a little cumbersome was that, even the cruisers with the Premium beverage package still had to hand over their Sea Pass card to "pay" for their drinks and go through the charge card signature process for a $0 charge. The water on board the ship is purified. We drank tap water at the dining table and in our room; the tap water on board tastes great. 5. Celebrity Select Dining Package - We got this package and are glad we did. We especially liked the SS United States restaurant. The Qsine Restaurant food is excellent although the "culinary journey" is a little bumpy. Try it for yourself! Sommeliers - the wine stewards are excellent, especially in the SS United States Restaurant and Cellar Masters. Take their advice! Set a pace for yourself to use Celebrity Select Dining credits evenly throughout the cruise to ensure you aren't rushing to book Select Dining reservations on the last night of the cruise. 6. Don't overpack. There is a convenient laundry service on board. The prices are reasonable; about 30% higher than what I pay at my local dry cleaner/laundry. I was happy to pay for the convenience of having my clothes picked up, laundered and returned to my stateroom. 7. Negotiate/Maximize Shipboard Credits with Celebrity or your travel agent. We got $200 which was not enough. I would have loved to have had $600-$700 of Shipboard Credits to use on spa services, shopping, drinks, etc. 8. Bring Cash! I used it for taxis, tips, drinks, food while off the ship and to pay duty on my purchases. (more below) 9. Bring a check book! Duties, Customs and Immigration. If you buy +$800 per person on board (I bought two expensive watches in the ship's retail store), you will be flagged and asked to meet the Customs and Immigration officer on debarkation day to pay your duty in cash or check only. The first $800 ($1600 per couple) is exempt; the next $2000 is assessed at 3% ($60) and anything above that is assessed at 5.5%. You are on your honor to put the accurate amount of your purchases on the US customs and immigration declaration form. 10. Expensive purchases in the ship's retail shop - if you make an expensive purchase in the ship's retail shops (Columbian emeralds, luxury watches, topaz jewelry and the like) you can negotiate some freebees with your purchase - comped dinner at a Celebrity Select Dining restaurant, tour of the ship's bridge, dinner in the galley cooked by ship's chef d'cuisine, wine and cheese pairing tour, drinks in the lounge with one of the ship's officers, etc. are some ideas. This is great fun and makes your significant purchase more meaningful and memorable. 11. Tipping - I wish I had some cash left over to tip personally those crew members who make my cruise so enjoyable. Near the end of the cruise, there is an opportunity to tip those crew members by filling out a form. 12. Research the ship before you cruise - the Celebrity web pages are full of information; you'll have to poke around a bit to find what's available. Here's a challenge - without using the search bar, find the Premium Romance Package. 13. Research your ports of call before the cruise - up to you, but if you know a little about where you are visiting, that might make it more meaningful, interesting and fun. 14. Most of the shows were fantastic. Jeremy Oren at Café Al Bacio is fantastic!   Read Less
Sail Date November 2013
We choose Celebrity for our first cruise because we wanted to experience better than average for a cruise line. Celebrity did not disappoint us. Boarding in San Diego was fast. We were traveling with another couple. He needed a scooter ... Read More
We choose Celebrity for our first cruise because we wanted to experience better than average for a cruise line. Celebrity did not disappoint us. Boarding in San Diego was fast. We were traveling with another couple. He needed a scooter to be mobile. I think that helped us get through the process quicker. We got in line at 11:30 and were on board just after 12 noon. Stateroom were available about 2pm so we spent the first couple of hours exploring the ship. Our balcony stateroom was perfect for us on Deck 7. The lifeboats below you are forward of you, so you can look right down to the water from our balcony. This is great when you are in port and can look right down on the pier to see what is going on. We were close to both glass elevators and forward elevators and we never heard any noise other than hearing the water rolling by outside. If I am ever on Infinity again, I would look for this cabin again in a flash. Food was excellent and variety was way over our expectations. We were offered a 2 for 1 in SS United States on day 6 of cruise and took them up on it. One word. WOW!! Do try the lobster cooked table-side. Buffet--You will not starve here. There is everything here. Breakfast, lunch, Dinner, it don't matter. It is all there. Even Ice cream by dish or cone. Now some of the bad. The ship shore excursions are way over priced and quality of some of the tours left a lot to be desired. Talking with other passengers, I got the impression that going ashore and getting your own was not only a lot cheaper, but quality was better. We were really disappointed in Colon with the railway/bus tour along the canal. There were only a few places along the track that you get a great view of Gaton Lake and the cut. The Internet is a total waste of money. Keep it in your wallet. Service was spotty at best and we heard lots of complaining about being ripped off and no refunds. We kept ours in the wallet. If you want American cash onboard, do not rely on their ATM machines. I swear they keep them down to force you to go to Casino and get cash off your credit card. They charge 5% of amount for this. Atm was only working after our last port call, so was available only last 3 days of cruise. These were not cruise breakers though. The following was. Now the UGLY. As I stated we were traveling with another older couple. He is unable to walk and needs a scooter. The only way they can travel, was for us to take them along and watch over them. Not an issue for us. What was an issue was after he got ill onboard. He was complaining about headaches and unable to move his left leg. We thought he was having a stroke. He had one 8 years ago. We had just arrived in Cartagena Columbia. We took him to the ships Dr. They did some tests and sent them to the hospital. My wife and I were told that we would be kept informed as to his status whether they were coming back to the ship or not, and about his health either way. We heard nothing all day. The ship sailed at 4pm, and my wife and I stood on the back rail on deck 10 watching the pier to no avail. We felt awful. We felt like we deserted them. The last 3 days of the cruise was ruined for us by stress and worry. We never once heard one word about our friends. I was able finally in Ft. Lauderdale to text back to Canada to a relative who let us know they were fine. He spent 4 days in hospital and she was put up in an American home. They have nothing about praise of their treatment from both Celebrity and their ships Agent in Cartagena. They are home safe now and thank god for travel insurance. We are not complainers, but we felt Celebrity let us down. By not even giving us a simple message to let us know our friends were looked after they ruined our last 4 days of this cruise. We were all set to sign up for future cruise credit with them so my wife could get her Hawaii cruise. We didn't. I just booked Princess for Hawaii. We might cruise with them in future, but we need some healing before that will happen if ever. Please don't take our experience as a everyday occurrence as I know Celebrity just dropped the ball here. Other than that it was over all a nice cruise. Read Less
Sail Date November 2012
Our first cruise, we did everything backwards but don't regret our experience. We booked based on our availability of vacation time off from work and how exotic/different the destination would be. So over 1 day, we picked this ... Read More
Our first cruise, we did everything backwards but don't regret our experience. We booked based on our availability of vacation time off from work and how exotic/different the destination would be. So over 1 day, we picked this cruise line/destination without doing any research about 7 weeks before the sail date from Ft. Lauderdale (we did plenty of research after booking). My review will cover our departure from California and the first day impressions on the ship, followed by a quick wrap up of the overall trip. We booked flights independently through American Airlines to fly into Ft. Lauderdale the day prior. Quick review is that this was horrible through AA! We initially had a non-stop flight that landed at 5:00 p.m. local time, AA cancelled this flight 5 days prior to us leaving over what we saw on the news as seats coming apart on their own. We were now seated separately and leaving at 12:10 a.m. that morning, they offered to sit us together if we paid an additional $35 fee per person. To be fair, they offered a full refund but booking new fares would cost us $150+ from what we originally paid. So after changing our departure plans and not getting any sleep, we arrived at Ft. Lauderdale. We stayed at the Sheraton a few minutes away from the cruise port. We called them ahead of time and asked if they offered airport pick up, the answer was no so we ended up taking a cab. Only to arrive and see that there was an airport shuttle dropping off other passengers. This was the only set back at the Sheraton, the rest was pure accommodation and I would recommend them. We were allowed to check in at 9:00 a.m. (check in is normally 3:00 p.m.) and they allowed us to check out at 2:00 p.m. the next day (normal check out is at noon). We booked a shuttle through Sheraton to the cruise port for $10 and they handled the luggage, couldn't be more than happy. Arrived at the cruise port and what a mess! Huge line to get in, there was staff outside apologizing and handling out a form saying there was a full customs check from the previous cruise that has delayed boarding the ship. Although plenty of people were saying it was due to some outbreak where they had to clean the ship?? not sure and honestly didn't care but we had to wait forever to get on. After about over an hour of standing and seeing aqua class ticket holders skip to the front of the line, we finally get checked in. Only to take a long walk around a corridor to find out there's another 30 minute line before you can board! Finally on board and we're on the same floor as our stateroom. We find our room and are quiet happy with the room itself and the huge window. If I had to be picky, it would be the set of 6 small drawers with a height clearance of a few inches and our window view had a huge mildew/orange stain that appeared to be within the glass (took pictures, don't see an area here to post that in review). We don't drink alcohol and based on advice we got here on cruise critic, we had our stateroom attendant to clear out the mini bar fridge and put in our 24 pack of diet pepsi which we purchased in Ft. Lauderdale. Our first dining was going straight to the buffet and trying all kinds of snacks before having our first dinner on the ship. We were both happy with the food and there honestly was no lines, this trend continued until it became a zoo on port of call mornings (which I expected). We never had an issue finding a seat to sit down an eat on any day. We briefly returned to the stateroom to find our luggage delivered, we then spent the next hour settling in and emptying out our luggage. We had 3 carry-on's and 2 big briefcases which all fit snugly under our beds. The few hours before dinner we toured the ship and took some photos. Dinner time! we got dressed and were very happy with the receptionist and initial waiters. We selected open dining to come and go when it was convenient to us. Our first night didn't go very smoothly, there was a wait time of about 20 minutes between a soup and a salad, followed by 25 minutes before our main course, then another 20 before having our dessert. We were offered wine, but never any soft drinks. We looked around and spotted a diet coke at another table and finally inquired during our main course. This lead to disappointment as we were brought two room temperature sodas with no ice, poured into glass. Sad to say, we didn't order soft drinks the rest of the cruise. Regarding the wait time, we didn't feel like complaining since it was our first night and we weren't sure if this was normal or expected (read later). The food itself was great! Back to the stateroom and our first look at the turn down service, everything was nice and neat, had some chocolates and the attendant made an elephant out of towels on the bed. First impressions are mostly done, following is a quick wrap up. Service overall was great, with only a few exceptions and we took the time to identify the staff members that stood out to us. Port of Call tours were organized with high attention so that people wouldn't get lost and I thought it went smoothly. Some of the best nights on open dining was asking to sit with other guests, we met very interesting people from around the world and had a great laugh. They also shared their knowledge on what to expect on other cruise lines compared to celebrity and were what made the cruise overall great. Entertainment was great, there was maybe one or two acts where we left early but otherwise I thought it was worth attending (they had broadway shows, musicians, magic, comedy, singers, etc, different every night). Fitness center was a mess every morning and jogging on the deck was not an option since many people walk and basically block any kind of jogging rythym (a small circle, where 6 laps = 1 km). We had to deal with this until we found out that going at 6 p.m. meant you can finally use the equipment about half way through the cruise. We participated in trivia on sea days and played bingo a few times, the night life was mostly geared towards older folks (we're in our 30's) but overall we still found something to do. Deembarkation I was not to happy about, we filled out a questionaire where we basically stated that we lived in california and were renting a car back home. This meant you're last to leave the ship! We arrived at port at 7:00 a.m. and got kicked out of our stateroom at 9:20 a.m., we headed to the buffet only to find out it was closed. Apparently the hours were stated on the newsletter but we werent aware and the cruise director didnt mention this on the previous nights show. So we were hungry and were stuck sitting at the buffet for the next 2 and half hours until it was our time to leave the ship. They should at least have some kind of entertainment or activity, instead of having guests feel stuck on the ship. Briefly, there is a port not selectable within port reviews, which was Puerto Quetzal in Guatemala and we took the self-guided tour in Antigua. About a 90 minute bus ride and we had an entertaining tour guide for ride, many people took this excursion and the city itself and the views before getting there were spectaculor with the volcano backdrops. I would recommend this tour to anyone who is considering it. I would cruise again through Celebrity, but I'm interested in a few other cruise lines which I won't mention that were recommended by onboard guests. I didn't like that laundry was close to $40 for one bag (thank god for clothes line in shower), we packed enough and stored our worm clothes under the bed. Water I felt like I was being nickled and dime for $2.50 + gratiuity for such a small water bottle. The overall experience was positive, but not perfection. Read Less
Sail Date October 2012
This was the first time I had ever cruised and I'm pleased I started with a cruise to Central America and Panama Canal. The experience included some highs and lows but overall it was a great vacation. Given that it was my first ... Read More
This was the first time I had ever cruised and I'm pleased I started with a cruise to Central America and Panama Canal. The experience included some highs and lows but overall it was a great vacation. Given that it was my first cruise, and I can be hard to impress (to say the least), I was hyper-sensitive to everything around me right from the first moment we started this adventure. Embarking was odd -- we were in an Aqua Class stateroom, which has its own "express line" but our line was slower than the general boarding line. Celebrity staff on the ground were clearly disorganized but we tried not to let it bother us - we were happy to be onboard the Infinity...my lady and I went upstairs to shoot hoops on the basketball court before the ship even left because it seemed like about the oddest thing we could do. As a newbie to cruising I couldn't believe that cruise ships don't even take one night between trips to organize, stock up and clean up to ensure they present themselves as the financial juggernauts they are. But only a few hours down-time between each journey -- and this shows to anyone paying attention. When we got on-board everyone seemed to be playing catch up to the people that just boarded, just minutes after saying goodbye to the people from the previous cruise. Odd way of doing things. Our Aqua Class room (#9179) was supposed to be slightly bigger and better (size, tv, fancy face cloths etc) in all aspects than the next step down concierge class but this didn't seem obvious to us. For the first 24-48 hours some things that were promised, simply weren't there but then started appearing magically. And we had to go to guest relations to ask what bonuses and services we were supposed to get with our room...and at that point we could start asking for these things (like special pillows for those that need them). I figure if they're going to charge extra for this class of rooms, it makes sense that they would not only be clear about the services and bonuses you have paid for but they would make it a priority to ensure these things are actually made available to you without you having to do a Sherlock Holmes to figure out what you should be getting. With all this said though, the room was beautiful and a perfect place to call home for Sandy and I for the next two weeks. Our room was about midway, on the left side of the ship, which is the side of the ship that is up against the port when you dock (and lets you wake up to the "Welcome to Guatemala" sign the morning you arrive there). Hmm, maybe that's why they call the left side of the ship "port". As a newcomer to cruising I found the whole experience fascinating. The ability to bask in such comfort and luxury while waking up to a new port in a new country (or entering the Panama Canal) many mornings is simply amazing, and something that I feel truly fortunate to be able to do. And it gives you permission to really leave all your problems behind. There are a few predictable downsides to cruising (like the decadent theatre of eating, eating, eating) but this wasn't going to stop me from enjoying myself thoroughly. At this point I had better just create a couple of lists or this will be too long for anyone to read. The good: Great service and friendly staff. We could see that all staff on the ship are trained to greet you whenever possible and it makes a difference...it makes you feel good. Our room attendant Bertolino was great: He took his job seriously, was always inquiring if we were happy with things, and he helped me pull off a great (but kind of mean) April Fool's joke on Sandy. The ship is a nice size. I know they make them larger but it was big enough for me. Aqua Class turned out to be a huge bonus for us because we got to eat in the new Blu Restaurant (four course fare, a bit lighter and healthier than in the main dining room), which is reserved for people in Aqua, as well as anytime use of the ship's new Persian Garden - a series of saunas and steam-rooms for some quiet time. Perfect. The variety of things to do, nightly entertainment, sun-soaked decks, and great destinations and excursions in central America were all highlights. And thank you Alexa in guest relations for always having a smile and being so patient and helpful. The not-so-good: With service on the ship generally being so excellent, it really stands out when individual staff are not as friendly or professional as the others. The spa seemed new and disorganized, and has some problems to work out - with its services (we had a problem that was never corrected) and staff (some clearly bad attitudes here). I purchased Sandy a gift certificate from the spa for her birthday and found out many days later that they provided her with a different service than the one they sold me, and they charged us extra for it. They never accepted responsibility for this mistake. Another problem area we discovered for the ship on a whole was basic communication for fundamental things -- such as disembarking. In reality, the disembarking process wasn't anything like the process they described in the instructions they gave us the night before. And ship staff chose to not use the PA system as a way to keep people informed early on of what was going on and where people should be. While the food was good, it was not great. A lot of it was relatively bland and flavourless. Increasing the quality control over menu items (does anyone taste the appetizers and entrees before the dining room is thrown open for dinner?) would make a big difference to the cruiser, because eating is such a big part of the experience. But this may just be me...the hard to please guy. Oh, and all the chocolate-type desserts had a similarly odd flavour to them. Odd and similar. But that's nit-picking. The bottom line here is that despite some problems, our time onboard the Infinity was a great experience. A nice ship with excellent staff, keeping us entertained and comfortable, while taking us to great destinations in a blanket of warmth. I would have to be seriously grumpy to not love that. We will consider Celebrity if and when we cruise again. Thanks. Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
Things for off to a sticky start - embarkation was protracted and chaotic due to a health inspection and most of the staff being in their 90s. When we got to our cabin it stank of smoke and the poor cabin boy complained that due to a ... Read More
Things for off to a sticky start - embarkation was protracted and chaotic due to a health inspection and most of the staff being in their 90s. When we got to our cabin it stank of smoke and the poor cabin boy complained that due to a ventilation issue smoke was being pumped into our cabin (9008). We complained and initially our complaint was not dealt with well - they wanted to separate my husband and I from our 14 year old daughter or put us in a room in the elevator area. Ultimately after I called the guest relations manager we were moved to adjoining concierge class cabins on the 8th floor. Our first experiences of the buffet dining were also not good - many very rude diners pushing and shoving. Most of these were none English speakers - seemingly Eastern European and German. However we later realise that choosing dining time avoided this issue. The evening meal staff in the Trellis ensured that the meal in this restaurant was always excellent - great food and service. The food in the Ocean Grill was also very good. We ate at Qsine one night - lots of fun, huge amounts of food and our daughter loved the menus. Trips in general high quality other than the shaping of Panama City trip which was grim in the extreme. This was a bus based "mild" exertion trip. Many participants were either very old, very over weight or disabled. The transport did not cater for this - neither did the eating or toilet arrangements. All other trips we took were nominally strenuous - and these issues did not recur. In general the ship occupants were well over 65 - so a strenuous rating ruled out many and these trips were under subscribed .... Which we felt was a good thing. Real positives were the quality of the room cleaning staff, the gym was well equipped and classes were great. Our photograph package was very very good value. My husband and daughter loved the Puerto Vallarta zip trek trip - the photos from this were a really good buy. We met some fantastic people and worked out how to avoid the more annoying ones. The spa was an outstanding negative - over price and therapists work on commission so they aggressively sell products and offer poor value expensive treatments. My advice don't bother having a treatment on board. Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
This was our first cruise and for a family with a 4 & 6 year old who travelled all the way from Australia to catch an American cruise line through the Panama Canal this was an amazing holiday. We could not believe the luxury in board ... Read More
This was our first cruise and for a family with a 4 & 6 year old who travelled all the way from Australia to catch an American cruise line through the Panama Canal this was an amazing holiday. We could not believe the luxury in board the ship; from intriguing and original artwork on each deck (my favourite was a photographic essay at the entry to Martini Bar -Deck 5), to too many bars to frequent, to dining options that kept everyone happy. The amenities on this ship are amazing and for a family that has never cruised before, we tried to experience them all. The Theatre productions are of such a high standard and allow you the opportunity to see shows you would never normally. Some of what we enjoyed were a ventriloquist and a comedian. The kids were blown away by the Broadway styled singing and dancing shows. The food was divine at the Trellis restaurant each night. The variety and quality amazed every night and the company of our fellow travellers invited. If you were too tired to enjoy the three courses at Trellis, there was always fresh sushi and a grill at the Oceanview Cafe. The staff were friendly and generous and there were always plenty of them around. With 4 of us in the room we used the sofa bed and bunk and found the room spacious enough that we didn't even use all the closet space. There was plenty of shelving and the room got cleaned twice a day by friendly room attendants. The Fun Factory (Kids' Club) was a dream. Our children loved it and got the experience of making some unique keepsakes from the cruise. The counsellors there really understood children and their needs and the facilities for them such a movies and PlayStation allowed them to enjoy group or quiet time as they wanted. The themed sessions and occasional parental involvement was nice. My husband and I purchased a Beverage package each and found this added to the ease of the cruise as we never had to sign for a drink, just hand over the card. The cocktail making skills of the staff was great with me often asking for them to make up their own cocktail for me and they always obliged. The ports of call were well thought out as each one was different and I loved how we would arrive first thing in the morning and have until at least 5pm before leaving. The combination of a cruise day and then a port day worked well as you could explore thoroughly in port as you knew you had the next day to relax by the pool. On a cruise I think you have to make it your own and with the options, space and amenities on Celebrity Infinity we were able to do that. If the kids were in Fun Factory we could relax by the pool with a cocktail or my husband and i could go our separate ways and he go to the gym and i listen to a fascinating lecture on the wildlife of the local area. We would then pick up the kids for a swim in the pool and get ready for dinner. At dinner we caught up with our table and learnt of their adventures and shared ours. I loved this cruise because of the places we saw but most of all because of the way we did it. Celebrity made us feel welcome (especially as a young family), looked after us, educated us and feed us well. They allowed us, as parents, to enjoy a holiday knowing that the kids were in good hands. And the staff all appeared happy to be there. Not once did I come across someone who was surly or would not go out of their way to fulfill your request. In the future I wouldn't risk cruising with any other cruise line. Thank You Celebrity Infinity and your crew. Read Less
Sail Date April 2011
What a marvelous experience. The weather for the entire trip and all ports-of-call was absolutely perfect. This, being our first cruise ever, we really didn't know what to expect. The ship personnel seemed to go out of their way to ... Read More
What a marvelous experience. The weather for the entire trip and all ports-of-call was absolutely perfect. This, being our first cruise ever, we really didn't know what to expect. The ship personnel seemed to go out of their way to make everything perfect. Embarkation at San Diego didn't go well, but that is an issue with the port and not the cruise line. There were delays on boarding with lots of standing and waiting. The port people finally set up folding wooden chairs in a covered area between the terminal building and the ship. Debarkation at Ft. Lauderdale was a breeze in comparison. There must be problems with communications between the shore customer services and the ship because the Amenities ordered before the cruise (flowers and birthday bash) were messed up, but the on-board staff made everything right to my satisfaction. I didn't even need to discuss the issues, once I explained the problems their first offer to resolve it was better than expected. With experiences like that, I could really enjoy the cruise without being frustrated during the cruise about something not done right. Our cabin was an Ocean View Stateroom on the lowest level. It was on the left and forward from the front bank of elevators. It was easy to get to the elevators and didn't have much traffic in the hall as there were only a few cabins in that direction before it went to crew and staff quarters. In retrospect it was the best cabin on the ship (don't tell them because they might start charging more for it). When traversing the locks in the canal we were all over the ship to see everything and get the right pictures. Exhausting. However, during one short break in our cabin we were able to watch the side of the lock go up as the ship went down. The poor people in their upper level balconies certainly can't get that unique view. The food in the dining room, buffet, and every other place that we visited was perfect, or pretty close to perfect. If we didn't see something, all we had to do was ask. Again, everyone seemed to go out of their way to cater to us. The cleanliness was impressive. Alcohol gel dispensers all over the ship plus, on entering the restaurant or buffet areas, there was someone there to offer you wipes or alcohol gel. We took a galley tour and was struck on how absolutely clean and new everything was. It certainly would be hard for any illness outbreak to happen on this ship. Speaking of cleanliness, the food preparation and service areas isn't the only area. Hallways, walls, elevators, deck chairs, EVERYWHERE was constantly getting cleaned and wiped. I don't know how they managed it without inconveniencing the passengers, but they did. Being first-time cruisers, we were not familiar with what to expect (despite all the great information here on the Cruise Critic site). However, whenever we seemed confused or lost, there was a crew member right there to get us going in the right direction. It didn't matter what the crew member was supposed to be doing or where we might be... housekeeping, maintenance, food service, other officers, or etc., they stopped and provided assistance like there wasn't anything else they had to do. Impressive! I even think that our cabin steward got a handle on our routine after the first day. Whenever we were out for something (breakfast, shows, pool, shopping, or any event), our room was remade (bed, towels, water, etc.) when we returned. We seldom saw him, but he must have been watching us. For someone like be that was pretty reluctant about cruising, this was a wonderful eye-opener. Read Less
Sail Date April 2011
This was our first cruise, and my wife and I had no idea what to expect. Reading the online reviews beforehand, we were prepared for either the vacation of a lifetime or the second coming of the Titanic. Fortunately, our experience tended ... Read More
This was our first cruise, and my wife and I had no idea what to expect. Reading the online reviews beforehand, we were prepared for either the vacation of a lifetime or the second coming of the Titanic. Fortunately, our experience tended toward the former. Like everything else in life, attitude is everything. A few people were clearly determined to have a bad time - the food is awful, the ship is ratty, the shore excursions are boring, yadda, yadda, yadda. But the majority were cheerful and polite and, like us, simply content to have an opportunity to relax and watch the world pass by at 20 knots. Entertainment: We enjoyed the Broadway revue, but the Boogie Nights show unearthed some best-forgotten "hits" of the 70s - and the young performers clearly had no idea of how the music should actually sound. We intentionally missed the magic show but were later subjected to the magician making his rounds at the pool: "Hey, did you see my show? Wasn't I wonderful?" We were pleasantly surprised by the small ensembles performing around the ship. The Anthem Strings quartet was excellent (at least after the first night, when the performers developed a bit more showmanship and learned not to waste time discussing what to play) and the male a cappella group was fun, though still a bit unpolished. Cesarios, the guitarist, was outstanding - and we appreciated the opportunity to listen to him in the Cova Cafe without being pressured to order a drink. We love to dance and really enjoyed the Celebrity Orchestra's Big Band style. The Azure Quartet was so-so, and the Great Ideas party band was not such a great idea. The dance classes, by the way, were dreadful - led by two teenagers who were clearly great dancers but terrible teachers. ("Here's the step. Got it? OK, time's up.") But everyone had a good time, anyway. Again: Attitude is everything. Dining: We don't play well with others and enjoyed the company at our table for two. Our waiter, Sunjay, was excellent, steering us toward the best selections (and away from entrEes that we later heard others grousing about). Most of the food, unfortunately, did not live up to the service. It was about what one would expect at a nice banquet for 1,000 people: well-presented, but definitely not of gourmet quality. My wife is a vegetarian and found good options on the menu - although on a couple of nights she happily ordered a baked potato and side of veggies as her entrEe. (The soups were terrific!) Outside the dining room, the food was much better. We snagged sushi several times as a late-afternoon snack (and ignored the Cheez-Whiz on Wonder bread canapEs delivered to our concierge-class room) and the AquaSpa offerings at lunchtime were outstanding. We aren't big breakfast eaters, but I definitely recommend the pastries at the Cova Cafe. My wife is a fruit-and-cereal person, which worked out fine until the last few days when bananas mysteriously disappeared from the buffet line (What? There are no bananas in Costa Rica?) and the bin labeled "Special K" contained an interesting mix of Special K, Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes and whatever else the staff swept up off the floor. Space: Our room on the Panorama Deck (8) was quiet and more than adequate, with plenty of space for all of our stuff. (We flew Southwest, which allows two 50-pound bags per person, and we weighed in at about 198 pounds.) All of the pre-reviews we read recommended getting a balcony, and we definitely second that recommendation. We didn't spend a lot of time in the public areas, preferring to read on our balcony rather than scramble for a deck chair at the pool. On sea days, the pool area looked much like the New Orleans Superdome after Hurricane Katrina - too many bodies lined up cheek to cheek on rows of crowded cots. (We stayed on the ship in Acapulco and loved having our pick of poolside seating.) Shore excursions: We only did one, a Roll Call-arranged tour of Cartagena. Dora DeZubiria was an excellent guide, immediately responding to our e-mails regarding the ship's delay and adjusting the tour around our limited time. Other comments: We appreciated the fact that the overhead announcements were few and far between. And we got a kick out of the Captain's daily mutterings. He sounded suspiciously like Carlton the Doorman from the old "Rhoda" TV show. "Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. This is" - audible pause while he figures out what "Insert name here" means in his script - "Anastasios Lekkas, your captain speaking." And on Grand Cayman, we saw the much-hyped Celebrity service in action. There were literally thousands of Carnival passengers lined up in the sand to tender back to their ships. As soon as we said "Infinity?" we were whisked to the front of the line and greeted with ice water, cold towels and the ever-present hand gel. The Carnival masses grumbled, and a Carnivore responded, "Would you rather be over there with the retirement-fund people?" Well, yes. We are old, but we are also comfortable and cool! Oh, yes, the Canal, which was the point of this cruise: I spent 9 of the 11 hours out on deck and taking pictures of every inch of every lock. My wife spent 10 of the 11 hours reading a book on our balcony. And both of us were content. Again, a cruise is what you make of it. Read Less
Sail Date March 2010
I simply could not imagine how I would ever enjoy a cruise. All that time on a boat with nothing but bingo, buffets, and booze. Boy, was I wrong. We walked up the gangplank at a little after 2PM on November 22, and I fell in love with the ... Read More
I simply could not imagine how I would ever enjoy a cruise. All that time on a boat with nothing but bingo, buffets, and booze. Boy, was I wrong. We walked up the gangplank at a little after 2PM on November 22, and I fell in love with the Infinity almost immediately. Our stateroom was comfortable, and well planned. There was room to store everything. Our cabin attendant was super. I was also amazed at how good the food was, considering that almost 2,000 guests were fed 3+ meals a day. I expected to be bored, but it simply did not happen. After hearing Milos Radakovich's first lecture, I knew I had to attend every one of them. He was entertaining, and informative, and added so much to the trip. I also did not miss any of the performances in the Celebrity Theatre. What a talented group of young people. Not every performance was top rate, but they all were enjoyable. I knew I would be a port person, as I am an avid traveler, but I did not realize that I would also enjoy the sea days. Just being on the ship was a treat. It was quite warm at all of the ports we visited, especially Cartagena. After an exhausting day of sightseeing, it was so nice to be welcomed back to the ship with iced towels, and cold drinks. I simply can't praise the Infinity, and her crew enough. Our favorite ports were Puerto Vallarta, even though we have been here many times before, and Cartagena. Cartagena is a beautiful city. We could have spent more time here. If I were to stop in Cartagena again, I would just take a taxi into the colonial center of the city, and spend all my time there. We went on a tour that was put together by our fellow cruise critic members, but unfortunately, we spent too much time shopping away from the city's historical heart. A stop at an Emerald Museum was really just another shopping stop. We had two shopping stops, and we had requested 'no shopping". I am not sure if it is possible to take an independent tour in Cartagena that does not include shopping. Our port in Costa Rica was Puerto Caldera, where we took a ship's excursion to San Jose. It was an all day tour, with a lot of time spent on a bus, but we did get to see the National Theatre, the Gold Museum, and charming little Sarchi where the colorful Costa Rican carts are painted. I also took a ship's excursion from Lake Gatun to Panama City. This tour would have been more enjoyable if we had not been forced to wait for over a half hour on a bus while our guide looked for a group of late fellow tourists. However, if I had it to do over again, I would take the same tour, as Panama City was definitely worth a visit. We will be sailing with Celebrity again this year, and hopefully on the Infinity too. Read Less
Sail Date November 2009
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Cabins 4.0 4.1
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.9
Family 3.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.7
Enrichment 3.0 3.7
Service 4.0 4.3
Value For Money 4.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.1

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