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8 Celebrity Infinity Expedition Cruise Reviews

I am an Elite member of the Captain Club on the Celebrity Cruise Line. I did online check in which usually gets us on board in 10 to 15 minutes. 90 minutes later we finally walked on to the ship. It went down hill from there. My room was ... Read More
I am an Elite member of the Captain Club on the Celebrity Cruise Line. I did online check in which usually gets us on board in 10 to 15 minutes. 90 minutes later we finally walked on to the ship. It went down hill from there. My room was next to a family that had taken 4 cabins for 7 children and the parents, The 3 rooms for the children were next to mine. The parents room was 4 doors away. I did get my room changed but that was not easy to do since it was a holiday sailing. My next room was next to a man with 2 children. The AC in my room was terrible so I kept my balcony doors open only to be woken by screaming children on the next balcony. Nothing was done about this. The specialty restaurant that never allowed children under 12 yrs. bent their rules this time because there were so many children on board. Infants and toddlers were in the adults restaurant. They had to make every nickel and dime they could. There were so many people in the staterooms that it made this small ship very crowded, loud, and almost uncontrollable. Children running and screaming thru the halls and in the public areas. No one stopped them. Areas that normally were set aside for adults and quiet areas were over run with loud children and adults. Read Less
Sail Date December 2013
A review of the Celebrity Infinity by a first time cruiser As a first time cruiser who was on the Celebrity Infinity doing the Iceland and Norway cruise last week I felt compelled to write a review to clarify a few of the myths I had ... Read More
A review of the Celebrity Infinity by a first time cruiser As a first time cruiser who was on the Celebrity Infinity doing the Iceland and Norway cruise last week I felt compelled to write a review to clarify a few of the myths I had gleaned in the run up to the cruise. So this review is from the perspective of someone who is new to cruising yet has high standards and high expectations (especially of food). Like many, half the excitement of the cruise was discovering Cruise Critic. I learned a lot reading the forums and roll call every week and it certainly set my expectations - but they also mislead me a little. So here is my balanced review. So firstly, I have discovered there are 2 types of cruisers (& 2 types of cruise critic reviewers), those that are balanced and fair, with reasonable expectations and those who are going to look for fault no matter what. We met some of these one day at lunch in the Main Dining Room (MDR). We had excellent lunch of Teriyaki duck and lentils. Our neighbouring table got chatting with us and the first thing they told us was how limited the menu was for lunch, we disagreed and stated that there were so many choices for lunch at different locations throughout the ship that you were spoilt for choice. We came across this couple a number of times during the trip and they always looked unhappy or had a negative comment to make! Some other observations: The average age of our fellow travellers was quite a lot older than we expected (something I got from reading CC). We are in our 40s and were definitely some of the youngest on board. I found a number other passengers quite rude and few of them acknowledged us or said "good morning". And there was a general sense of "entitlement" that meant people didn't say 'please' and 'thank you' and found it acceptable to push and shove, which we found very rude. Also I never really understood why people felt in a rush to get somewhere. What was extremely impressive about the Infinity was that although the ship was full, it rarely felt crowded and we almost never had to queue longer than 5 minutes to get a coffee or get a table for 2 in the main dining room. Embarkation So back to day 1: we had a nightmare of a journey to get to Harwich - a 2 hour journey that took 4 hours and was very stressful- not the start to our holiday that we had hoped. Having finally got out of one traffic queue, we joined another and queued to get into the car park. After about 30 minutes we were unloading our luggage and then proceeded to park the car and get on a bus that took us to the terminal to check in. Another 20 minutes queuing and we were checking in and got our sea passes. Then through security and finally we were on the ship. Since we were on board 2 hours later than we had planned, we could go straight to our rooms. Again from reading CC, I got the impression that this process would be quicker, but not today (not that it was any worse than the typical airport checking process). The room We had 6048, a 2b class balcony cabin on deck 6 mid ship towards the front. This room had an extra spacious triangular shaped balcony. Which, whilst very nice we soon learned wasn't really necessary. We did use the balcony a lot but only had 2 chairs and a small table and a regular sized balcony would have been spacious enough (this cruise wasn't a hot weather cruise so no chance to lie out on your balcony). You did get to look into your neighbours balcony, so felt a little intrusive at times. The room itself exceeded my expectations based on my reading cruise critic. There was a lot of storage space as well as under the bed space for luggage. The bathroom is small but fortunately we are both slim so it was adequate! The "peg on the shower curtain" advice from CC prevented the shower curtain closing in the already small shower room space. The room was clean fresh and space enough for 2 and our attendant was great -invisible but always seemed to know when we were out to clean or do turn down. The ship I couldn't fault the ship and facilities (more on those below). It looked pristine, clean and well taken care of. Since its the only cruise I have been on, I have nothing t compare it to but it was similar to a good standard 5* hotel . The food Reading CC I got the impression that the food in the MDR was a little hit or miss so based on this we booked the 5 speciality restaurant deal in advance of the cruise. However, the food in MDR has been fantastic and as I alluded to in the introduction, I am a fussy eater. We had Select Dining and I would recommend making a reservation, even in peak time we only waited 5 minutes for a table for 2, whereas the line for those who had not made a reservation was considerably longer. Having said that, towards the end of the cruise we stopped making reservations and instead ate later. You are advised to avoid peak time between 6.30-8.00. Most nights we ate at 8 or later. The service in MDR has been very good and the wait staff are very attentive. They work very hard but somehow make it work. I do agree with CC that when on a drinks package and buying wine by the glass, it can be a challenge to get the attention of the sommelier but it seems that they have too many tables to cover but no problem, we just asked our waiter and soon had a refill. The food itself has been great and the portion sizes are just right and not too big (last night I had the sirloin steak and roast potatoes- the waiter told us that someone had ordered 3 portions for himself-amazing!!). On our final sea day we went to brunch. The presentation and the food was fantastic - only slightly spoilt by the feeling we were at "feeding time at the zoo" and we got the impression some people hadn't eaten for several days! Our 5 x speciality meal package meant we could eat in Qsine twice and SS Unites States 3 times but we changed this without hassle (at guest services) because we much preferred Qsine. Qsine was fantastic and some of the most enjoyable food I have had in a long time - the sushi lollipops are delicious and not to be missed. The staff were fun and looked like they enjoyed their jobs. SS United States was very spacious with great staff who were playful. I had the lobster which was cooked table side and delicious. The nights I have eaten there I have struggled to get through the dessert course-probably because I had already eaten too much! Only criticism is that the menu didn't change throughout the voyage. Drinks We have read many threads about the drinks packages but in the end decided against it since we had read the classic package didn't include fresh juice and premium coffees and we would have to drink an awful lot of alcohol to equate to $62/ day!! However on day 2 we succumbed to the allure of the classic package ($50/ day including tax) partly because we wouldn't have to worry about what we drunk and also because we found out that the classic packages does in fact include fresh juice and all the premium coffees from Cafe al Bacio- is this new or just different policies from ship to ship? I don't know but that is how it is on the Infinity. Also at the Martini bar we were able to get smaller martinis on the classic package. I know there has been much debate about this, so there is the answer- at least on this trip. I asked the waiter and he informed me that i could order a martini, appletini or Cosmo. This area became our location of choice for pre and post dinner drinks and was very sociable and fun. I kept a rough count and we were drinking around about $50 a day (thats 2 lattes, orange juice, tea, 2 glasses of wine and 2 G&Ts). I have to say that I am sure I have drunk more just because I have the package. It can be a challenge to drink $50 a day and I would think twice next time but its nice to know what our final bill will be (although its easy to check your bill daily). The staff In general I can't say enough positive things about the staff. They go out of their way to make your trip positive and seem happy to serve. There were a few exceptions but they were few and far between. As the trip went on, staff began to get to know you and your preferences and I thought they were outstanding. The entertainment I had some preconceptions about cruise entertainment and by and large that has proved to be accurate and the little we have seen has been slightly underwhelming but maybe we are the wrong demographic? At least we could make our escape from the (impressive) theatre quite easily! I would recommend the iBroadway show which was very good and the most "professional" of the shows we did see. The singers and dancers work incredibly hard. Excursions We avoided all the cruise's excursions and organised our own at much cheaper rates. There is a feeling of "sell sell sell"on the ship. Maybe they have targets to hit? Anyway, Faroe Isles was small enough to walk around and it was good to burn off some of the calories we have put on so far! A very pretty capital city. We walked for maybe 3-4miles and pretty much saw all the sites. Reykjavik Reykjavik was a tale of 2 halves. The countryside was stunning- (we organised our own excursion to blue lagoon and the golden circle tour) the waterfall, geysers and blue lagoon something very unique to Iceland - would highly recommend a dip in the blue lagoon!.... yet the town itself was rather disappointing and a little 'tired'. Akureyri My favourite stop on the journey and I wished we had more time here (arrived at 8am and left by 2pm). The weather was chilly but blue skies and sunny and still snow on the mountain peaks (which we learned was unusual for this time of year but due to a harsh winter). We took a bus excursion that we arranged ourselves, that took us to Godafoss waterfall and an old northern icelandic town. Just enough time to see both. You could get 'up close and personal' to the waterfall which was stunning and worth the 30 minute drive. Geiranger A beautiful fjord village but completely overrun with tourists and complete chaos! There were 4 cruise ships in so a population of appx 6000 in a village usually accommodating 250...... Must be lovely when everyone leaves! Bergen We took the funicular to the top of the city and walked back down mount Floyen. Incredible views from the top. It was a rainy day so not much fun wandering around the shops. We couldn't believe how expensive it was (£8 for a coffee!) So one observation at this point. Every time we got off the bus and were given a time to be back, someone would always be late, leaving the rest of us hanging around. Clearly they felt their time was more precious than ours! The facilities We are gym goers and made sure we used the gym pretty much every day. Helped us feel slightly less guilty about the food and drink we consumed! It was often busy but never too packed. Similarly most other locations were often busy but you never get a sense that 2000+ people were on the ship. A good tip is try and do things a little differently to others. Most mornings we had a light breakfast at the Aqua cafe (avoiding the Oceanview buffet) and like I mentioned earlier, we tried to eat later than most. We also visited Bistro on 5 a few times for lunch. Nice food and worth the $5 cover charge for the peaceful environment alone! Disembarkation We went to theCelebrity theatre for our allotted time of 8.30am and were in our car by8.50am. Very quick and painless. Sad to be back home but at,east the sun is shinning! My conclusions An excellent adventure that took us to locations I have never visited (and may never visit again) and a cruise was a great way to see them. The ship was surprisingly good as was the service, food and staff. I will probably do a cruise again but it will definitely not be the only kind of vacation I take (I know there were a number of travellers we spoke with who only do cruises). I think Celebrity do a great job at making the experience a positive one. They upsell a little too much but maybe that comes with the territory. Read cruise critic to learn about the ships, tips, roll call etc but realise we are all unique so when someone tells you the MDR food is terrible and someone else says its great, you just need to make your own mind up!! Read Less
Sail Date June 2013
My husband and I just got home from the September 7, 2012 sailing to Alaska on Infinity. I honestly do not understand what all the complaint reviews are about. We found the staff very helpful and friendly. Our head waiter, Alfred, and our ... Read More
My husband and I just got home from the September 7, 2012 sailing to Alaska on Infinity. I honestly do not understand what all the complaint reviews are about. We found the staff very helpful and friendly. Our head waiter, Alfred, and our assistant waiter, Oscar, could not have been better. The were very concerned about our meal and if we were enjoying our dinner. The buffet had any kind of food one could possibly want. I will concede, however, that the buffet line menu could have been changed once or twice. The cruise director was great and the naturalist was very informative and entertaining. While our cabin was smaller that ones on Carnival, we have plenty of room and the shower was the biggest I have ever seen on a cruise ship. Our check in to get on and off the ship was extremely fast and organized. It took us about 15 minutes to board the ship and we were off by 8:30. The tethering in Juneau also was no problem. If a shore excursion was booked, the staff made sure we were off the ship in plenty of time. While we were tethered in Juneau there was also 2 or 3 other ships there and all were using the lifeboats as transportation. Honestly, I don't know what all the people who complained were expecting but if I had to guess, I would say they wouldn't be satisfied with anything. Would I recommend Celebrity to a friend--Yes, in a heartbeat. Would I sail with Celebrity again-Yes, in a heartbeat!! Read Less
Sail Date September 2012
We chose this cruise for its itinerary--very anxious to cruise the Panama Canal and we also used the cruise as our transportation back to Florida following a 2+week of independent travel throughout Peru and Chile. The cruise was our rest ... Read More
We chose this cruise for its itinerary--very anxious to cruise the Panama Canal and we also used the cruise as our transportation back to Florida following a 2+week of independent travel throughout Peru and Chile. The cruise was our rest and relaxation following grueling travel throughout Peru (Amazon jungle lodge adventure, Lake Titicaca, Nazca Lines, and Machu Picchu/Sacred Valley. Pros: Ship had undergone a complete overhaul and our cabin (veranda/concierge class)was comfortable and nicely furnished. Service was attentive yet unobtrusive everywhere. Public areas were updated. Food in the specialty restaurants was excellent (especially QCuisine--highly recommended). Martini bar was a favorite place to meet before dinner--outstanding service, drinks, and entertainment by the skilled bartenders! I have to commend the wait staff-by the second night one waiter had our drink order correct and waiting before we even sat down! The solarium pool and its surrounding area was an incredible place to spend those welcome days at sea. Our concierge class allowed us a seamless embarkation in Chile. Cons: Someone really needs to monitor and improve the shore excursions!!! We complained about two (Arica, Chile and Lima) and we were given a 25% discount off the already steep price. However, based upon our experiences we cancelled two of the previously booked excursions to avoid further disappointment. As wine lovers, we purchased the premium alcohol package based upon Celebrity's advertising of the available wines onboard. Unfortunately, MANY of the wines advertised (and even on the menu) were not available and inferior/less expensive wines were substituted. This was extremely disappointing as we looked forward to enjoying many of the "unavailable" vintages. We were not alone in our displeasure and talked to several cruisers who felt the same way. We did receive a phone call from a Celebrity rep when we returned home who assured that our concerns were being taken seriously. We have no complaints with the selections of beers and cocktails, but something needs to be done about the wine selections and availability! Entertainment was just ok--a little disappointing its lack of variety. Regular restaurants were ok--it was "hit or miss" (great or mediocre)in the main dining room and most foods was lacking in flavor. Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
We recently lost our cruising virginity on a 14 day cruise from Buenos Aries around Cape Horn to Valparaiso. Quite frankly, I am glad we saved ourselves for Celebrity. My wife and I like active cycling and/or hiking vacations and we ... Read More
We recently lost our cruising virginity on a 14 day cruise from Buenos Aries around Cape Horn to Valparaiso. Quite frankly, I am glad we saved ourselves for Celebrity. My wife and I like active cycling and/or hiking vacations and we didn't know if we would like being"captive"in a ship. We need not of worried. From the moment we left port, we felt pampered by the staff and wondered at the wealth of quality activities available throughout the ship. This feeling was echoed by the four other couples we were travelling with. The food in the Trellis Dining room and service provided was in a word-superb! The myriad of on-board physical fitness activities more than kept our interest and helped a little to work off all those extra calories we took in. The entertainment was a huge surprise. We were really impressed by the high calibre of the Shows and Beyond the Podium speakers in the Celebrity Theatre. As a suggestion, we would like to some adventuresome/physically challenging shore excursions on offer for future cruises. There were a few minor glitches with embarkation at Montevideo and Punta Del Este but these were beyond Celebrity's control. Overall, because we were treated so royally by the staff, and because of the quality of activities and entertainment as well as the spectacular scenery, we were more than happy with our first cruising experience. To be continued... Read Less
Sail Date February 2012
This is a long review but we wanted to share everything we wanted to know while planning for this trip of a lifetime. We arrived in BA a day early to remove all stress from any delayed flight scenarios. We used Defrantur ... Read More
This is a long review but we wanted to share everything we wanted to know while planning for this trip of a lifetime. We arrived in BA a day early to remove all stress from any delayed flight scenarios. We used Defrantur (info@defrantur.com) for transportation (to/from airport and to/from cruise terminal, one night hotel and day room for Feb 13). They recommended the Gran Hotel Buenos Aires ($80 of the total $280 cost). It is about a block from the Marriott and Howard Johnsons where many Cruise Critic folks stayed. The Gran is a local hotel and we were pleased with the seventh floor room. Frederico at the Front desk speaks excellent English and was very helpful with bags, information and advice. It was quiet, great shower, comfortable bed (but flat pillows). I had read some reviews about slow elevators but we had no problem at all and gladly recommend the property and Defrantur. We returned there for a day room ($60 U.S. included in the above rate.)Transportation was comfortable and efficient and less expensive than other services. When we came back for the day room the AC did not work but they quickly sent up a maintenance person and then moved us when he couldn't fix it promptly. The outlet adapter needed are the two angled prongs / \. The desk let us use one for a deposit. We paid 200 pesos (about $50 US) for the open-top tourist bus. It can be a hop-on hop-off but it is too unreliable to use it that way. There are three routes that do NOT follow the schedule in the brochure. The noon "green route" bus was an hour late and the ear pieces for multiple languages did not work. So a "guide" in broken English told about each of the sites and stops. It lasted about 90 minutes and we enjoyed it anyway. There was a brief stop at the Recoleta cemetery. We bought a beautiful national-themed nativity at one of the stalls in front of the church for 48 pesos. The red route also was late but the ear phones worked and the two hour tour showed all of the locations we wanted to see. It included a brief stop in Caminito district to walk around and look in the shops. Probably better to use the Defrantur day tour for a little more money. Embarkation on Jan 30, 2011 on the Celebrity Infinity was easy and organized. The new terminal (opened 2011) at Buenos Aires is consistent with any large airport. Covered areas for the baggage and a large waiting room with plenty of seating replace the horror stories of 2010 waiting in long lines in the rain. When you first enter, you give the checked bags to a porter. (One porter stands by a box repeating loudly, "tips go here"). Then you are directed to step 2 where you complete the health form and are given your group number to embark. We arrived at the port about 1:15, were given group 7, and were on the ship by 2. After check in they take your passport to complete immigration for the Falklands. We got it back mid cruise. You still board a bus at the terminal which takes you to the ship. The bag was at the stateroom door (7120) by the time we finished an excellent Buffet lunch on deck 10. Room 7120 is a very good room mid-ship on the starboard side. The balcony is well covered by the larger balconies of the Concierge level rooms above it. (Good for rain, bad if you want more sun). The metal wall forward provides additional privacy. The aft balcony wall is opaque glass. There were two chairs and a small table. We are very grateful Celebrity does not allow smoking on balconies. The room is very well designed with adequate closet space and storage for two. Beds, two bed stands, small couch, coffee table, desk and chair, small fridge (our stateroom attendant let us take out their items so we could put the cokes in we brought on), TV, two lamps, ice bucket and four glasses. We were comfortable with two people and rarely had to do the shuffle to allow movement. It would be crowded but functional if the suspended bunk is lowered from the ceiling or the single couch bed unfolded. There are electrical outlets above the desk and one in the bathroom (good for a night light), so an extension cord or outlet strip is handy for phones, computers or other electrical devices. (The two outlets behind the bed are used for the lamps). There is a safe in the closet. (It remembers whatever code you entered each time, not the one you intended to enter, so be careful) :) The bathroom seems larger than Princess or Royal Caribbean ships we have used. Amenities include soap, q-tip/cotton balls, small bottles of shampoo, conditioner and lotion (preferred by us to the dispensers on other ships). There is a clothesline at the top of the shower. (Celebrity when you refurbish, it would be good to weight the shower curtains or add a convex curtain rod to prevent the curtain from crowding the shower.) The pillows and bed were comfortable. It will be interesting to see how they make a very good room even better with upcoming refurbishing of the ship. Our efficient stateroom attendant kept the room meticulously clean with morning cleaning and evening turn down service (with chocolate). Our only concern would be the AC service seemed inadequate on the hottest days of the cruise. Internet packages on board are expensive. There is a reduced price for purchasing it the first day. The ship had pretty good wireless speed for email even in the heart of the Antarctic. I didn't attempt anything else online. There were several hours when the Internet and some TV satellite was not available. Dinner in the Trellis restaurant is very slow but a treat. They said on the interesting galley tour that they cook the order when it is received and everything is made from scratch. Slower, but you can tell the quality. Our waiter, Sunjay from Mauritias, and his assistant, Roberto from Dominican Republic, were excellent. The left side of the menu remains the same every day including a Caesar salad, shrimp cocktail, the option to get extra vegetables (green beans, peas, broccoli) steak, chicken breast, salmon, and apple pie, Crème Brulee, ice creams and sorbet. The right hand had a good variety of appetizers, starters and entrees. A separate dessert menu lists those temptations. Each meal was well presented and our table of six was very pleased with most of the entrees. Two commented the first night's fish was dry. Entrees enjoyed included NY strip, Prime Rib, Turkey on Penne pasta, Seafood Alfredo, Prime Rib, Beef short ribs, Duck la Orange, Churrasco, linguini, and a lot of other great entrees. The two brunch buffets (sea days) in the Trellis are crowded but great. Don't miss the one day crew-hosted pool side picnic buffet too. We had a superbowl viewing in the theater with hotdogs, cookies and other snacks. Formal nights included mainly tuxes and suits, a few sport coats and sweaters with a tie. The trip through Patrick Watts pwatts@horizon.co.fk to the penguin rookery on Falkland Islands was an adventure. I went to the Rendevouz lounge at 6:30 a.m. to get the ticket for the first tender. Ride over took about 25 minutes. Cool, rainy day. Three hours off road in 4x4 vehicles to see about 3000 King, Gentoo, and Magellinic penguins. They were cute, funny and curious about us. We saw chicks too. It was pretty fun going up and down steep inclines, through creeks, and around ponds. I expected it to be more civilized. Port Stanley is quite British. The land looked like the area around Tintagel Castle. There are more penguins than residents. The only disappointment, we were on first tender but still had to wait until Patrick got the last tender folks taken care of. So we had a very short time in Port Stanley. We like Celebrity better than Princess or RC. Food is hands down better. Service is better too. Lots more storage space in the room. We were pleased to have Fox news to keep up with news. According to our lecturer, we crossed into Antarctic at 10 a.m. on Feb 3. The waves in the Drake Channel are not as rough as is usual in the area. It is difficult to walk in a straight line and they made an announcement to use handrails and women not to wear high heels. Winds are about 20 mph and temp is about 50. I stayed on the balcony wrapped in wool blankets provided by our steward, Darkham from Indonesia. There was a beautiful clear sunset. We were at Elephant Island well before 7 a.m. We saw Shackleton's first and second camps, penguins, whales and a variety of birds. Our Starboard balcony was perfect. If you are on Port (mnemonic device, port has the same number of letters as left) go to constellation lounge on deck 11 EARLY or go on deck. After Elephant Island are the S Shetland Islands, also on Starboard. Great icebergs, glaciers and wildlife. Then into Bransfield straight and into Gerlache straight the next morning. Starboard still great views. For the rest of my life I will remember the beauty and majesty of what we experienced in the Antarctic. We had an incredibly beautiful day cruising from South Shetland Islands to Paradise Bay. The weather was crystal clear with blue skies. The sun was greeted at 4:30 a.m. with snow capped mountains as we sailed south looking at the continent and surrounding islands. There were large and small icebergs, and I counted more than 20 crab eater seals (According to our lecturer, Crabe is another name for Krill so these do not eat crab). We saw a small pod of whales and saw them blow several times. I was able to stay on the balcony glued to the binoculars for a couple of hours at a time before hypothermia set in. We had great views from inside the stateroom too. It is so incredible to listen to the ice strike each other, the waves wash against the bergs, feel the spray and smell the air. Starboard still the best place to observe the Gerlache straight and Paradise Bay. As we departed we went through an ice flow for twenty minutes or so. It was the remains of a great sheet of sea ice that was melting. It had large and tiny icebergs and was fascinating to sail through. The Captain went very slowly and used the bow thrusters to help push away the light ice. It began to snow as we left the Antarctic and sailed north into fog. We came within 90 miles of the Antarctic Circle and 600 miles of the South Pole. Not sure why they couldn't plan to take us across the circle. The following day allowed the Drake Passage to introduce us to 70 mph winds and waves to 17 ft. We took our Bonine (like Dramamine but doesn't make you sleepy, get it at Walmart) and enjoyed the adventure. Ushuaia is beautiful. It is very reminiscent of Juno, or even Anchorage, AK. It is only a five minute walk into town. This is the port to get your souvenirs with Antarctica on them. There are several large shops that say "Antarctic Souvenirs." We enjoyed the one hour double deck tour bus for $10 U.S. per person. You catch it on the main road, San Martin and includes a ride out to the little airport across from where the ship docks. You can get great pictures of the city, and the ship, with the mountains in the background.. There are several great chocolate shops with hot chocolate. The fin del mundo (end of the world) sign is to the right passed the small kiosks as you exit the docks. There is a nice craft market to the left as you exit. Plenty to do in town for the time you are here if you choose not to take an excursion. The folks who took the catamaran tours were very pleased The following day to Cape Horne was memorable. The Port side balconies have the best seats this time. Head for the Oceanview restaurant or out doors on decks 11 or 4. The Constellation room on Deck 11 is crowded and the windows fog.( It would be better if Celebrity suspended smoking rights in there on days when it is packed with non-smokers.) Even though it's cold outside, the view and pictures are worth it. We enjoyed the lecturers on Antarctica and the commentary as we cruised. Puerto Madryn is a pretty seaside town with free wifi along the road near the visitor's center. The ship provides a free shuttle out of the industrial area where we docked. We were let out near the visitors center. Just behind the visitors center is a small shopping mall. A few blocks up the street into town was a market in the plaza. We took the free shuttle out to the Ecocenter. We enjoyed the 15 minute ride along the beach and enjoyed the information about the whales and birds and enjoyed the view from the balcony and tower. Watch your hat getting on and off the ship. Several hats were donated to the local seal population by not catching them fast enough. Dinner mates enjoyed their penguin tours. I think Punta Arenas in Chile is the better option for the itinerary though. The Montevideo dock has a shuttle from the industrial pier if you don't dock right at the entrance to the city. Groups of local young folks greet the ship with a free map and advice. The port lecturers give you good information. We enjoyed walking to independence square, looking in shops, getting online and visiting a local grocery store. The port market is work a quick visit. There were three other ships there with us so the streets and stalls were thick with tourists. We got back to BA about 3 a.m. for the scheduled 5 a.m. docking time. The first folks off the ship began about 7:15. We carried our bags off. Defrantur was an hour late but apologized. We were glad to have the day room so we could have a leisurely day in the city, take a nap, and get a shower before heading to the airport. FYI, you cannot carry on your walkie talkies in EZE airport. Put them in your checked luggage. The Infinity is a great ship and this was a great cruise. The only complaint is the lack of a self-serve coin laundry on board like Princess provides. We like that the buffets are served instead of allowing grimy hands handle the serving utensils. We like that they greet you at each restaurant with a squirt of hand sanitizer. We liked the classical strings and acapella groups. We are elated they prohibit smoking on balconies and pleased they limit smoking to the port side, but they need to continue to limit indoor smoking as second hand smoke data is now indisputable. Don't forget binoculars, sunscreen, sun glasses, hat, Bonine, a clock for the room, extension cord/outlet strip, hand and feet warmers, painters shoe covers for penguin excursions, some newspaper so you can kneel down, a map of the peninsula area, (the one on the ship was great but sold out fast. Try www.antarcticonnection.com before you go.) Do not hesitate to take this Itinerary or this ship. Read Less
Sail Date January 2011
Since we were driving from Portland to Seattle to embark, I made parking reservations with Republic Parking NW and paid for Cruise Only parking in advance. This is covered parking directly across from the Bell Street Pier. We arrived at ... Read More
Since we were driving from Portland to Seattle to embark, I made parking reservations with Republic Parking NW and paid for Cruise Only parking in advance. This is covered parking directly across from the Bell Street Pier. We arrived at 11:45 AM and within 15 minutes, they had tranferred our luggage to the ship and shuttled us to the Cruise Terminal. Since no one could board before noon, there were many people, but it still seemed to go quite rapidly. The mistake the cruise ship made, was to hand out a form at the entrance, that did not have to be completed until you had gone through customs. But people stopped in line and tried to fill them out, which only caused greater confusion. However, all in all, the process was quick. We had a glass of champagne and boarded the ship and went to our Stateroom. Our travel agent touted this as a 5 Star cruise line, but it was no where near that. The Staterooms were worn, the bedding was pilled and worn, the chairs had upholstery hanging down from underneath, our television for on line ship information did not work, the carpeting was very worn and all in all, we found the room to be quite tacky. Sadly, although nice, our Stateroom Attendant, just didn't seem to be enthusiastic in his attitude. There are three other down sides that we experienced. The carpeting on three of the decks (that had bars in them) smelled of urine when we would walk through. This was for the entire trip. And, as many other passengers experienced, we did not appreciate a camera in our faces whenever we embarked, disembarked, attended a formal dinner or any other activity that the ship could consider a photo op. And lastly, one of the entertainers, the magician would not have made it to the next round on America's Got Talent. He act needs a lot of work. The food choices in the dining room were superb!! You could always order from the menu of the first evening dinner along with the menu of the day. The selections were excellent. The buffet was the same every day, but the way it is set up is very confusing and someones people coming from both entrances meet in the middle and jockey for position. The various buffet themes are very poorly marked and you have to go to different sections of the room, to find different "themes". We found it confusing, even after several days. Also, the buffet is not open 24 hours, which is disappointing. Room service however, is available 27/7, and although free and fast service to your room, the selection is very limited. And one last thing, on the topic of food, outside of the dining room there are limited low fat and low salt options. And, they use a lot of oil. The spa and gym are great although in the gym they have baskets of fruit and flowers out of plastic that are faded and dusty and again very very tacky. The library is great and they try to offer many options of interest for you to participate in during the day. Since the Hubbard Glacier is not a Port of Call, I want to say that it was just spectacular. The Captain was able to get the cruise ship within 3/10th of a mile and we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at the glacier. There were two things that I observed that bother me greatly. The first is that you are not required to use Purel boarding the ship, entering the dining room or buffet, etc. On Royal Caribbean, staff stood and required each passenger to use Purel. The lack of this requirement on Celebrity concerns me. On the last day of the cruise as we were disembarking, the "security staff" didn't even glance at our passport and one of the security people was just standing at the bottom of the escalator laughing and goofing off. Security was poor at best. However, at the terminal we got a porter, who took us to our Cruise Only Parking Shuttle and we were back on the road to Portland in under 15 minutes. We highly recommend Republic Parking NW. Read Less
Sail Date September 2009
Once we were on board we would have a wonderful time. Initial Embarkation - basically painless. They did take my credit card info at the beginning of the trip, but due to terminal malfunctions at the check-in, they required me to go ... Read More
Once we were on board we would have a wonderful time. Initial Embarkation - basically painless. They did take my credit card info at the beginning of the trip, but due to terminal malfunctions at the check-in, they required me to go and give them my information again during the middle of the cruise. Tip: every single person is required to have a cc backing their sea pass card, so hang on to your children's passes tightly. The Food - SOOOOOO much to choose from. That really doesn't even describe it, but there is something for everyone at the buffet on deck 10. Even my husband and picky children found a way to fill about 3 plates full of delectable choices each time we went. - Fine Dining at the Trellis Restaurant on Deck 4 (and 5): This is the part I really enjoyed because it was a chance to try foods that I've seen prepared often on shows on the Food Network (and Hell's Kitchen, if I'm being honest lol) and would probably never have had the opportunity to experience. I came away having finally tried Beef Wellington, bravely shared a plate of frogs legs (they DO taste just like chicken!) and escargot (surprisingly yummers!) and I believe our table will be forever known as "the ones who ordered 2 entrees each and then finished by trying every dessert...twice". We enjoyed the heck out of ourselves. Do yourself a favor and look at the menu before you go. They will post it outside the elevators on decks 4 & 5 sometime prior to your main dining meal. For the first couple of days I panic ordered because they are so efficient they take your orders right away and I had only made it down through the chef choice selection and appetizers and soups and salads selections. Looking at the menu helped me know what to expect and what to order BEFORE sitting down. Everyone was on their very best behavior dress code wise for the first few days, but after the first formal night, we began seeing some jeans and tshirts at dinner. We were worried about the strictness of the dress code when we packed, so we OVERpacked, but now that we know better, we will probably forego the sport coat next time for my husband. We were told by Celebrity (on the phone prior to leaving) that he would have to wear his coat through dinner. Not the case. Some people didn't even show up with coats at all...or ties. The funny part to this is that in the elevators you would find fully decked out sequined ladies standing next to someone that just got out of the pool and was currently wearing a bathrobe. :) We chose not to partake of the S.S. United States, which is the specialty dining room on board the Infinity, so I cannot speak to the types of food they had there. Because of the room service hours (til 11 p.m.) we tended to order food to the room prior to going to dinner so that we would have a little snack after we were done seeing the shows or hanging out and having a drink. We realized one night at 1 a.m. that we were starving. Ordering some pizza and fruit and yogurt to have later is a smart idea. Rooms - We had an inside stateroom, so we definitely expected it to be small, but I suppose not much can prepare you for a tiny room with no windows unless you have had to live in your minivan and had all the windows painted black. HOWEVER...I can tend to get claustrophobic and they did a really decent job of trying to make the best of the space. There was surprisingly a huge amount of storage in every nook and cranny. The difficult part was having our son in the fold out couch bed because it blocked our way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Some of our family had a balcony room and we would probably go for that next time if we could. Our room attendant was very attentive and because I am not used to people waiting on me, I felt awkward asking for things at first, so he had to continue approaching me and ask if I needed anything. I think we finally bonded when I came down to the room during dinner to get something and I had a blister on my foot. I asked for a bandaid and he pulled one out of his own wallet. I had run out of bandaids on a previous night's shoe fiasco. (another tip - just wear the same shoes, that way your bandaids will be in the right place already). Entertainment - There was way too much to choose from and we didn't get to do everything we wanted because there were so many enjoyable activities planned at the same time or overlapping each other. The Nature Lecturer Brent Nixon... O.M.G. I read so many reviews on how entertaining he was and how interesting his lectures were, but in my mind LECTURE=BORING so I figured it couldn't be THAT interesting. Holy crud I was so wrong and have been converted! We were disappointed that we missed one of the lectures because we were so tired and just completely let it blow by. Celebrity Dancers & Singers - we saw the Best of Broadway show and the Let's Rock and Roll. Broadway was our favorite because we are musical and theater people and it was great. They did a few numbers each from Les Mis, Phantom, & West Side...they did one number each from 42nd street and A Chorus Line. We wanted more from those 2 shows, but understood time was the factor. We enjoyed the Rock & Roll one, but it was just good toe tapping fun, not an edge of the seat show like the Broadway one. Karaoke...just want to apologize to those on board with me that had to hear me sing. I was supposed to sing with my friend, but she threw me under the bus because she thought I needed to stop being so shy LOL. SHE is the singer so I tend to hide behind her. But very happy there WAS karaoke because it was something we had been wanting to do for awhile. Constellation Club - we didn't go to many dance parties, but they had them in spades! We attended a wonderful dessert buffet one night that they had there and had some very potent chocolate martinis. Fun atmosphere! Misc - Bingo was fun, we played one paid game, and one free game. We won nothing LOL. But it was fun to BOO people when they would come close to having bingo. We played Harry Potter Scene It (and WON - go team Mischief Managed!) in the Rendevouz Lounge and though it was slightly disorganized at first, we had a blast. Shopping & Stuff: - They have a Coach store, the only one at sea... I don't think I need say more if you are a Coach fan lol - when they say "unveiling" on the schedule for jewelry, it doesn't really mean they are going to show you some collection of rare items, which is what we thought, they are really just putting things out for sale in a pretty way. Gets crowded - the only reason to go to these is to enter the drawings. One of our party won a Larimar necklace! - photos - my biggest tip, do not knee-jerk purchase your photos when you see them. Leave them on the wall (they will rearrange them often to new walls, so probably shouldn't bother with putting them in a certain spot to remind yourself where they are). There are 2 days where they have specials of buy 2 photos get 1 free or BOGO - wait for those days and purchase your photos. - Sundries - small selection, but it is INSIDE the liquor shop. We were told it was next to the liquor store and we couldn't find it til we asked someone. - Casino - my husband left a deposit here, but we did watch a woman win quite a bit. Just all in fun :) Wish we could have won big, but that's why they call it gambling! - HUBBARD GLACIER: Nothing will prepare you for this magnificent piece of nature. We had seen jewelry called 'glacier ice' in Ketchikan, but we just gasped to see that that color blue truly existed in nature. It is a sight to behold. I was standing at the front most part of deck 11 on the railing and got some beautiful shots...however if you don't want to freeze, you will see just as amazing a view from a chair or further back on the railing. I couldn't feel my face for awhile, but I was stuck there because of the crowd of people taking pics and enjoying the view. Recommend the hot chocolate lol. - Children: they have a small video arcade & the fun factory is great. It allowed us to have some grown up time and let the kids have fun. Surprisingly our children were mostly with us and only used the Fun Factory about 3 times (because they asked, not because we wanted them to go lol) for a couple hours each time. Overall: We were made to feel like we were special despite having the smaller rooms and not being the big spenders at art auctions or anything - it was a beautiful and wonderful experience. There were a few snags in communication regarding customs paperwork and some other things, but we worked them out eventually. 99% of the staff we encountered were friendly and helpful and we hope to see them again on our next cruise. Read Less
Sail Date August 2009
Celebrity Infinity Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.1
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.9
Family 3.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.7
Enrichment 3.0 3.7
Service 4.0 4.3
Value For Money 4.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.1

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