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6 Celebrity Infinity Cruise Reviews for Entertainment Cruises to Pacific Coastal

This “California Coast” cruise was our 23rd on Celebrity among more than fifty overall for my wife and me. We are now “Elite Plus” which added some additional perks like the 240 minutes of internet and multiple laundry options. ... Read More
This “California Coast” cruise was our 23rd on Celebrity among more than fifty overall for my wife and me. We are now “Elite Plus” which added some additional perks like the 240 minutes of internet and multiple laundry options. We very much enjoyed this cruise as the very good food and great service from the staff and crew members continues to be top notch. This was the first of our B2B cruises so we continued onboard on our way down the Mexican Riviera and through the Panama Canal. Cabin 3104 was comfortable and quiet, even though it was very near the Grand Foyer atrium and the Guest Relations desk. Our housekeeper, Edi, did a great job keeping our cabin neat and clean while being “invisible” while we were relaxing there. The Guest Relations staff members were very professional and helpful. We were pleased to see GR Officer Garmen Zhang whom we met on our B2B2B cruises in Asia a year ago. Our OBC from Celebrity and CruCon, our travel agent, was immediately posted on our account which helped us to plan how to spend it. On other cruises, it took four or five days so this was the fastest ever. Our Captain’s Club Hostess, Paulina Ugalda, was very welcoming at the Elite and Elite Plus events. She also personally escorted us down to the tenders in all three ports. It was the most well done priority assistance we’ve ever had. It was great to see Assistant Chief Housekeeper, Gabriela, again who was so helpful when my wife fell ill on our B2B2B in Australia and New Zealand six months ago. We were able to chat with her several times and catch up on where she’s been and what’s she’s done since then. We also appreciated that we received a beautiful flower arrangement and a nice bottle of wine in our cabin from her. We were in “Select Dining” this time and were seated quickly each evening at a table for two. We appreciate that Celebrity has many of these tables, but most of them are so close together that you might as well be sharing a table. We talk to many other guests during the day and later in the evening, but we prefer to have some “down time” from these conversations at dinner. Also, my wife has trouble hearing which can make these interactions difficult. So, we opted to switch to the fixed seating at 6:00 with a more private table on the second of our B2B cruises. The food in the “Trellis” MDR was excellent as usual. We usually order our favorite dishes from each menu, but we tried some new ones this time and they were also very good. The Oceanview Café provided many options during the day and late into the night. We also enjoyed the drinks and desserts in Café al Baccio. The bartenders in the lounges were efficient even when they were very busy. DeJean in the Rendez-Vous were particularly helpful and made the best Grasshoppers we’d ever had. We continue to support “Evening Chic” with my wife in her dresses and me in my suit or tuxedo. We understand that other guests aren’t as interested in doing this as we are, but it’s nice to see some still like it as much as we do. The production shows were very good as usual and the singers and dancers were quite talented. We really enjoyed the “Swing@Sky” show in the Constellation Lounge and the entire cast kept up the high level of energy for a very long time. It was definitely the very best of that type of event on all of our cruises. On the final night, the “Duo Destiny” show with the acrobats Goncalo and Kinga was unbelievable. We were very lucky on this cruise as both bands were excellent. We saw Take 5 on our B2B2B cruises in Asia a year ago year so we were happy to see them again. They were great then and are even better now. Their female singer and their other members are very friendly and approachable. The Bryan James Band was terrific, especially since they were billed on this cruise as a “dance band” rather than “house band” or “party band”. Bryan has a great sense to humor and his band can play a wide range of music depending on the audience and the venue. We hope that Celebrity keeps both of them under contract for as long as they can. We did two ship’s excursions and four on our own. Santa Barbara: Rented a car to see the wine country, the SB Mission and the Reagan Center San Francisco (overnight) – First Day: Took my nephew and his girlfriend to dinner at the Crab House San Francisco – Second Day: Took ship’s SF03 excursion to Muir Woods and took ferry back from Sausalito on our own Monterey: Rented a convertible and drove around 17-Mile Drive and Carmel Catalina Island: Went to the Catalina Island Museum to see the Dale Chihuly glass exhibit and took a bus to Botanic Gardens Ensenada, Mexico: Took ship’s EN04 excursion to two wineries in Calafia Valley wine country One area which could use some improvement was the B2B process. At other B2B meetings, someone from the MDR was there to allow guests to select their tables for the next cruise, but that didn’t happen. As part of these past meetings, there have been drawings for prizes, offers of complimentary specialty restaurants, discounted excursions and/or coupons with codes for additional internet minutes in order to fill out the survey from the first cruise. The only “perks” this time were a 30% off a restaurant (for only the embarkation evening) and a card to get into the “Trellis” MDR 15 minutes before the newly boarding guests. We were also given the impression that this process wouldn’t take too long. We were told to gather at 9:40, but we not able to disembark until everyone else did at about 10:40. We then exited the ship and had to wait almost another hour to get back onboard at 11:30. We suspect that due to regulations, there was no chance for anyone to board before that time. It would have been better to know ahead of time that the local authorities require this timing so we could have planned for these delays. We and most of the other guests have done quite a few B2Bs so all of us were surprised that it was much more inconvenient it this time. Almost everything else on this cruise was great except one thing. While not a major problem or a “deal breaker”, we have been a bit disappointed at the recent trend of having more public areas unavailable to everyone. The Celebrity ships have very few inside venues for music and relaxation compared to other cruise lines. So, when one of them is taken out of circulation, the options are limited. We used to love to go to the piano bar in Michael’s Club (especially when Perry Grant was still with Celebrity and packed it every night), but it’s been “privatized” for many years. We’ve also seen “Private Parties” in “Quasar” on the “Solstice” class ships and in the “Constellation” type Sky Lounges on the “Millennium” class ships. On one of our cruises last year, Park West took control of the Sky Lounge for several days for private art sales. The most recent example was the Latina/o “Private Party” from 10:00 – 12:00 on the final night of this cruise which meant that most guests couldn’t enjoy that area as they had on other nights. We are well aware that Celebrity celebrates the diversity of their crew and their guests so segregating and/or excluding groups seems to be counter to that goal. We appreciate the “Elite” cocktail hours in the upper lounge, but not at the expense of access for others. In some cases, the guests who are not yet at “Elite” have been excluded from taking in the view, particularly during sail-aways. The exception was when we were on the “Infinity” for a B2B in South America and Antarctica in 2015 where we were pleased to see that there were areas roped off from the “Elite” section so everyone had a chance to see the scenery. We would certainly endorse sharing that lounge and all other venue as often as possible on every cruise. Overall, we always have a great time on Celebrity. After the Panama Canal, we have twelve more cruises booked in the Mediterranean, Middle East, India, Caribbean, Northern Europe and Transatlantic in the next year. So, we’ll look forward to having 135 more days to enjoy Celebrity’s welcoming hospitality and excellent service! Read Less
Sail Date October 2017
We are longtime cruisers, with at least 13 cruises and over 110 days at sea. My point is we have cruised before; Caribbean, Transatlantic, Bermuda, Alaska, Pacific coast. We’ve been on Princess, HAL, NCL, Carnival and Celebrity. With ... Read More
We are longtime cruisers, with at least 13 cruises and over 110 days at sea. My point is we have cruised before; Caribbean, Transatlantic, Bermuda, Alaska, Pacific coast. We’ve been on Princess, HAL, NCL, Carnival and Celebrity. With that background here is my review of my Pacific Coast cruise on Celebrity’s Infinity 9/17-24/2017. We booked this cruise based 100% on the itinerary. It started in Vancouver, then Seattle, Astoria OR, sea day, San Francisco, Monterey CA, Santa Barbara CA and ended in Laos Angeles. The Infinity is beginning to show its age. The décor and artwork are not up to today’s standards, wear and tear was evident in many places, but all things considered it is a good ship. The staterooms were bigger than I expected and the baths were spacious compared to many others. The ship’s layout was pretty typical, we had no trouble finding anything and after a day or so easily found our way around the ship. The entertainment seemed to be a cut above what we’ve seen elsewhere. The magician Chris Funk was very entertaining, funny and mystifying. He did an evening show and an afternoon up close show. Both were well attended and well accepted. Lou Gazzara is a very talented singer from Las Vegas that also did an evening show and an afternoon performance. The final headliner was a Billy Joel tribute performer that played piano and sung. I didn’t record his name but I wish I had, he was also excellent. And to show he was willing to do whatever was needed for us to have great entertainment, the piano player for Lou Gazzara couldn’t perform that night and he filled in on the piano. But we all cruise for the food don’t we? Breakfast and lunch were as expected, all the standards and more (a poached egg station?) were available, no surprises, no disappointments. Our dinner staff was excellent. For some reason there were 6 empty tables around us and our seven top was our staff’s only table. The five dinners we ate there were all first rate. No complaints. Qsine is a $45 specialty restaurant that is as much an experience as it is a meal. Every diner is given an iPad as the menu. There are 20 choices and if you like you can get them all. Each is a small plate and I believe we had 7 plus dessert for the two of us. Each item was a work of art and even though the menu described the items each was a surprise when it hit the table. I highly recommend checking it out. It’s very hard to get everything perfect, and the two failures on this cruise were bad enough for us to decide we will not return to Celebrity. The first was the Chef’s Table dinner. These are usually only offered once per cruise and only seat a few people. We had 8 guests and an officer at the table. I think the best way to describe the Celebrity’s Chef’s Table (CTC) is to compare it to our last Princess CT. The Princess CT (PCT) started the day before, we all met with the Executive Chef and Sommelier to discuss the menu and our likes/dislikes/allergies, etc. They then went off to prepare the food and wine pairing. The CTC started with an invitation in our cabin stating time and place to meet. Both CTs met outside the galley. PCT gave us all white chef’s jackets and taught us proper handwashing technique before allowing us to proceed. They then brought us into the galley where we again met the Executive Chef and the Sommelier. There was an ice carving on a table surrounded by appetizers on a spoon and a small glass of wine for each of us. The next app was also served there, with another wine. We then toured the galley, hung up our jackets and were led to a table. Each seat had a small loaf of bread with our name written in chocolate for a place card. CTC met outside the galley, we posed for a group picture, then went on a brief galley tour. From there we were led to our table and found our seats by the paper nametags. On the PCT we were served more appetizers (a total of 6), each arriving on a tray with fresh cut flowers. Followed by soup and sorbet. The main course was Roast Veal Shank and Beef Tenderloin carved tableside, followed by dessert. The CTC had one appetizer, soup and salad. Sorbet was on the menu but not served. Main course was a choice of Filet or Turbot. Dessert was a “Chocolate Sphere. “ a hollow ball of chocolate filled with a fruit filling. They told us that usually they light the chocolate and it melts into a smooth dessert but for safety they would not light them. Instead we had to use our spoons to break our way through the hard shell to get to the inside. It may have been good melted, but as served everyone just had a few bites and pushed it away. PCT cost $200/couple, CTC was $250/couple. We left very disappointed. Second problem was with the only shore excursion was the only shore excursion we booked through Celebrity. We were in Santa Barbara on Saturday and my wife decided she wanted to see the Reagan Library, a $129 excursion. I filled out the form on Thursday and dropped it in the box at 3pm. On Friday morning (the excursion was on Saturday) we got a phone call at 6:22am. We had nothing planned and our intention was to sleep in a little. But a phone call at 6:22am ended that idea. The caller said she had just seen our request (shore excursion was open for 2 hours the night before) and it was no longer available. Yes, we got a very early morning phone call to tell us our trip for the next day wasn’t available. I got madder and madder throughout the day and finally decided I needed to talk to someone. I went to the excursion desk when it opened and asked to talk to the manager. The staffer on duty asked what it was about and I said I just needed to talk to him. She said I needed to explain the whole story to her and she would decide if I could speak with him. I left and went to guest services who called him and had him come talk to me. He heard the story and promised to look into it. A few hours later he called back, apologized, said “the girl has been reprimanded and apologized” and that we were now booked on the trip. The tickets say to go to the theater at 8:30am. We sat in the theater until 9:45, at which point we had to tender to the pier and walk to the bus. In route the tour guide said our time would be limited to 2 hours at the Library due to our late start, that usually there was 2 ½ - 3 hours. They were ready to leave on time, the ship delayed our exit and we were cut short. No one felt there was enough time to see the library. There was also a stop at the Paramount Ranch to see some old movie sets. Everyone on our bus asked if we could skip that and stay longer but she said she had to take us. When we arrived she said due to traffic we only had 5 minutes there, but the driver said he could avoid traffic and we could spend half an hour. Everyone was back on the bus in about 15 minutes, it was a worthless stop to us. And by the way, there were 16 empty seats on the “full tour.” A few words on the staff and I’ll end. The main dining room staff was great. Everywhere else the focus seemed to be on them and not the guests. We were expected to yield to them when walking anywhere. They would never step aside or avoid us, we always had to give way. One waiter on the buffet are walked down the line singing “love me, love me, like I love you. I love you all my guests.” Two staff (again, not the main DR) told us “you will get a survey, please mark all employees a 10. If there is something you didn’t like write it in the comments, but you have to grade us a 10 or we won’t get raises and bonuses. Always rate everything a 10 or it is bad for all of us.” Was it a good trip? Yes. Did I have a good time? Yes. Am I glad I went? Yes. Will I cruise again? Yes. On Celebrity? No. We have a choice where we spend our money, that choice will most likely be Princess. I had heard that Celebrity was trying to be the upscale brand to the Royal Caribbean sister brand, if so they need to keep trying. Read Less
Sail Date September 2017
Celebrity Infinity May 2017 Background- Total of about 35 cruises, ~30 with Celebrity, last few were all on Solstice class ships. Route-We started in San Diego and moved up the coast ending in Vancouver, 7 stops in 11 nights, also ... Read More
Celebrity Infinity May 2017 Background- Total of about 35 cruises, ~30 with Celebrity, last few were all on Solstice class ships. Route-We started in San Diego and moved up the coast ending in Vancouver, 7 stops in 11 nights, also doing an overnight in San Francisco, each city stunning in its own right. They couldn’t have picked a better itinerary, and we were only touched by rain one time in our journey which lasted about an hour, luckily that was on a sea day, so it affected nothing other than missing an hour in a lounge chair Boarding Boarding in San Diego was hectic. Two ships Infinity and Disney Magic) were boarding the same day and port didn’t seem well equipped to handle more than one. Once we made it past the security screening all was fine and smooth but did take about 1-2 hours to get to that point. We purposely arrived later in the day to avoid crowds (boarding started about 11, we arrived at 2), but still chaotic. 6/10 (but Celebrity’s portion 9/10) Cabin I initially booked a C3 for this voyage bit a few weeks before a Suite Guarantee became available for a nominal $600 so I grabbed it since it also included the 4 perks, so I ended up in an S2 on deck 6. The room was nicely maintained and updated (Infinity was refurbished in 2011), and carpets were changed again 2 years ago. The Sky suites are a bit smaller on the Millenium class that the Solstice class (250 vs 300ft2), but plenty of room for two people. Small balcony as well with a few chairs was great. Only negative I found with the suite was the combination bathtup/showers limited height. If you are tall it’s a bit awkward, as is just climbing in the high wall of the tub. Heard a few people that had sky and Celebrity suites complain unless you are tall it’s hard to climb into the tub/shower. Plenty of closet space, drawers and storage, so much so that I only used about ½ of it. Did like the little touches, the plush bath towels, great sheets, and that the room attendant and butler introduced themselves the first day. Cabin service was excellent. Never used the room service, but cabin was serviced twice a day and butler checked in 3x a day, and canapes delivered daily at about 4PM 9/10 Excursions Took two of the ships excursions and good ROI (return on investment on both). We visited the Reagan library in Santa Barbara and whale watching in Victoria. The tendering operation was a bit frustrating for some as we tendered in two ports, and some were getting antsy about the lines, but I think that’s just a part of cruising. Always amazed how crabby some people get over little things beyond their control. I do wish they would re-write the explanations on excursions details though. It just seems like every excursions details include two much flowery generic prose that could be found in a tourist publication and not really any nuts and bolts detail of nuts & bolts of the tour (how much time will we spend on bus, what places are we visiting, are we going to be sidetracked to a pottery place to try and sell us trinkets?). I wish it was more of a bulleted time line of what, where, when and how long. 7/10 Food & Dining Main Trellis Dining Room-Didn’t try it Sushi on 5-Didn’t try it Blu- Tried it once enjoyed it-Seemed to me to be a mini-me version of the MDR with smaller portions and a few different selections, nicer more intimate atmosphere than MDR. 7/10 Luminae-We dined the majority of our meals here. Can’t say any negatives about it. Truly a 100% positive experience. Service OUTSTANDING, by the second day everyone on staff knows your name and has the atmosphere of a place you’ve been dining out for decades. Food well prepared, original, seasoned and cooked to order. Their recommendations were generally spot on. The menu consisted of about 4 or 5 appetizer/soup/salad dishes and about the same in main courses. You could also order off the MDR menu if something didn’t catch your eye, but most meals I found the Luminae selection to be the better quality choice. Not even once did I find myself waiting for service, a course, or a table. Efficient, friendly and great attention is given to everything. Only open on sea days for lunch which makes sense, since when they have tried to keep it open every day (on past cruises), as it sits empty unless it’s a sea day. 10/10 Qsine-It’s a fun playful experience and you always end up with a lot more food than you can ever imagine. My only negative is that since you use the Ipads to select your dishes, would it be two difficult to have them connected to the waiter? It just seems silly that put all these inputs into a computer and ultimately the waiter comes and writes them down on a slip of paper. Bravo to Qsine for the way they handle vegan/vegetarian dishes. One person in our party, preferred vegan/vegetarian, and for just about every dish we ordered that contained meat or seafood, he offered our friend a meat/dairy/etc/etc/etc free version of the same or similar items. Truly astounded me on how the waiter kept track of the ultimately 20+ or so different dishes that he bought the three of us. 8/10 Tuscan Grille-It was awesome, had dinner one night with Captain and 8 other guests, and last night dined with the Hotel Director and three friends, and it was fabulous. I savored every bite of every dish. Filet Mignon was fantastic (as for the brown mushroom sauce for it), the plate on Antipasto (prosciutto, sopressata, salami and cheeses was heavenly). Again in Tuscan my one friend’s dietary requests were adjusted to give him alternates to the meat heavy menu. The establishment itself has a great ambience, nice old world Italian steak house design. Service was attentive but not overbearing. Like Luminae it’s a great restaurant to have a conversation in. Tables and seating are set up so you’re not having to raise your voice to speak at someone at the other end. 10/10 Oceanview Grill- Ate their twice for breakfast and a few times for lunch It’s hit or miss. I like the salads, fresh fruit and ice cream. Pizza’s are limp right out of the oven rather than crisp (I’m used to New York pizza which the Gold standard), a few of the dishes were good, but nothing really memorable. They do a great job of bussing tables, and making sure people aren’t waiting for tables. 8/10 Bars & Lounges-Great smiling faces at them all. Most of the cruise critic events were held at the Constellation Lounge on deck 11. Especially though that Istavan from Hungary was fantastic. Superb fun bartending group overall. Erik and Dian fantastic at Michaels club. Didn’t spend much time at sunset or martini bar though, so hard to give you good feedback on those. 9/10 Entertainment Was fun that they did the silent disco a few times, I think it’s a slam dunk win even if you don’t participate, and just watch the fun. Alejandro did a good job, and the activities team really seemed to enjoy getting people involved in everything from bingo, to trivia, to mock game shows. Always enjoy the Celebrity dancers and singers, the material is usually dated, but their vigor and enthusiasm makes it fun to watch. Liked some of the guest performers, magician was funny, and always fun when you see them tailor their act to audience a bit, and make it interactive. 7/10 Spa Tried an 80 minute massage, it was OK. They always try for the upsell though. 80 minute massage DISCOUNTED rate was ~$200, then if you want hot stones during it, that’s ~$30 more. I’m a massage junkie at home, and this was pretty good but not very good 6/10 Crew In a word-OUTSTANDING. Captain Berdos and Hotel Director(HD) Bosco Pires work together like a well oiled machine. Their personalities are similar and I think so is their work ethic, excellence performance. I can’t say enough good things about them and their management style. Rest of the department heads outstanding as well. The housekeeping manager, the F&B director, guest relations manager, restaurant managers all go out of their way to keep passengers happy. Kirsty the Captains club host also spectacular as was the event coordinator. The excellence of the senior managers rolls down to the staff which seems totally engaged in guest satisfaction. The senior staff attended every event that we had from Captains Club to CC, to informal gatherings, and were always asking what they can do to make things better. Great sign of an engaged group of men and women. One of the stories I heard from the HD I thought was surprising. He told me he found being a HD on a Millenium class ship more challenging then on a Solstice class ship. I would of though since Solstice having more dining venues, more passengers, more lounges and staterooms it would be tougher. He went on to eloquently explain that because the Solstice class ships have all the “bells and whistles” (my words not his, his explanation was much more poetic), it makes it easier from a guest relations standpoint. The older ships it takes some extra marketing and extra effort to make them a competitor, and he enjoys that extra challenge of showing any product he is currently serving aboard. Really enjoyed our talks as much as the meals. 10/10 Overall-I’d give the cruise 5 stars. Any minor things I pointed out were minor in comparison to all the great things that the team onboard does to keep you happy. You know it’s been an excellent cruise when you’re two biggest complaints were that Voicemail in my room didn’t work Internet was slow I already have my next voyage booked on Infinity for February of 2018, so see I put my money where my mouth is I’ll end the review with this story the Captain read on the public address system the last day, it’s called “Why I want to be a Captain” and was written by an 10 year old British boy. “I want to be a captain when I grow up because it’s a cool job that is easy to do. Captains don’t have to go to school such a long time. They only need to learn figures so they can read instruments. I think they also have to able to read maps so they don’t get lost when they sail. Captains have to be brave so they don’t get scared when it’s so foggy they can’t see and when the propeller falls off they have to know what to do about it. Captains must have eyes that can see through the clouds and they mustn’t be afraid of thunder and lightning which they have closer to them than we have. The captain’s wages is another thing I like. They earn more money than they can spend. That’s because most people think it’s dangerous to driver a boat, except captains, because they know how easy it is. There’s not much I don’t like, except that girls like captains. All girls want to marry a captain, so captains are always having to chase them away to get some peace… I hope I don’t get seasick, because if I get seasick I can’t be a captain and I’ll have to start working.” Read Less
Sail Date May 2017
We go on Celebrity again and again. Obviously, we like this line. Embarkation: It went pretty smoothly for us. We live in the San Diego area and that was the embarkation point. So we arrived by train (a 40 minute trip), got off ... Read More
We go on Celebrity again and again. Obviously, we like this line. Embarkation: It went pretty smoothly for us. We live in the San Diego area and that was the embarkation point. So we arrived by train (a 40 minute trip), got off downtown, walked across the street to the cruise port and we were there. Very easy (and inexpensive). There were the usual serpentine lines but it was not terribly objectionable. About 30-45 minutes to get on board. We were booked as Concierge Class so there was lunch on embarkation day in the main dining room. There were maybe 3-4 entrees from which to select. Really quite good and I was thrilled to be able to escape the chaos that is always at the buffet in the Ocean View Cafe--the latter is just not my style. Debarkation: Easy and smooth. Vancouver was the debarkation point. We got off, walked a couple of blocks to the Canada Line Sky Train, and for a couple of bucks arrived at the airport. Much better than the cruise line bus but only for those who are willing to carry their own bags and be willing to navigate the streets and terminal on their own. Ship: The ship has three specialty restaurants (unless you are suite or Aqua Class). However, the Sushi on Five does not serve what I eat so one more would be perfect. They actually have room to put one at the Wine Cellar as a lot of that space seems to go unused. Service: Service was very good to great in most places on the ship. All the crew were extremely friendly. Our cabin steward, Elmer, was absolutely outstanding. Was it because of the $5 I gave him upon meeting him with a promise of another $5 when we debarked? Who knows. But he was great. Herve in Qusine is an absolute kick (I won't spoil the surprise for you but he was entertaining as all get out.) Jovel, the Maitre'd at Tuscan Grill simply could not do enough for us as is true of all of the staff there. And if you talk to these guys as people, many of them are very interesting. Food & Wine: My wife and I are wine and foodie people and their specialty restaurants hit our goals. We attended the Chef's Dinner (3rd time we have done this)---great and memorable experience. We, along with some good friends traveling with us, were joined by two ship's officers. That was it, just the 6 of us. Dinner in the private dining room of Tuscan Grill. Pleasant conversation with the officers including a lot of behind the scenes information. Dinner was outstanding. Wine flowed freely and it was not the cheap stuff. We did Tuscan Grill twice (first night and deep into the cruise) and Qsine one time. And because we signed up for the chef's dinner upon boarding the first day,Tuscan Grill took very special care of us when we were there. We enjoyed all three of those dinners immensely. The main dining room was really poor the second night (many of the entrees were overcooked) but got better each night that we ate there after that. But even on that second night the appetizers were very good. We were on the any time dining plan. I'm not sure I would do that again as I like having a waiter/ass't waiter who knows what I want, etc. With any time dining, some of the wait staff was less attentive/quick than I would like. If that occurred with the 1st or 2nd seating I would say something to the supervisor and expect that the situation would improve. Beverage & Wine Package: We both had this package as one of our perks. I wasn't sure it was going to be a better deal than the $150/person OBC offer. It was and I appreciated the fact that I didn't have to sign for each drink and hear (in my head) the cash register going off. Further, Celebrity had just changed their policy so with the classic package if you ordered a drink over the limit ($9 I think) you only paid the difference, not the entire tab. This is a much fairer approach. Internet experience: It is definitely better than the old system which tended to move like molasses at times. They advertise you can use this for business web conferences and VOIP calls. Maybe at times but not at the times I tried. If a lot of people on the ship are on the internet at the same time then things slow down to too slow for conferences and VOIP. And since you don't know when that will be you can't schedule a web conference. So that was a disappointment. Internet Options: We called before sailing and were told only option was unlimited at approx $200. On board there was, as I recall, a one hour, one day, 100 minutes, and unlimited options. Although the unlimited is expensive, and they do push that option, I'd still go for that as with the others you have to remember to log out or the time just keeps running. Internet Hook Up: My laptop couldn't find the log in page. The web browser just couldn't find it. ILounge guru could not resolve the problem. Unfortunately I allowed him to tweak and change some of my computer settings as he tried to get the laptop to navigate to the log in page; that was a mistake as it significantly disabled my laptop for a while until I was able to back out his changes. We did get credit for half the unlimited charge. Easy solution: log in on phone and create hot spot for laptop. If they want to charge you for two devices, get special dispensation since the laptop won't hook up. Wish I had thought of that then rather than a day later. Ports/Excursions: We rarely take the ship excursions, preferring to plan things for ourselves. I often put together walking tours of the ports we are in along with restaurants for us to stop for lunch. All of the ports were very enjoyable except Nanaimo. There is just nothing I can find to do there. In our pre-cruise planning we just decided to treat it as a "sea day," although we did get off for about an hour just to walk around. This is the second Pacific Coastal Cruise I have taken (both on Celebrity) and I would do it again. Read Less
Sail Date May 2017
Very nice cruise, We are seniors and have done about 48 cruises on various lines. We have done about 10 coastal cruises along the Pacific coast and have previously visited most of the ports on this cruise. Our primary reason for ... Read More
Very nice cruise, We are seniors and have done about 48 cruises on various lines. We have done about 10 coastal cruises along the Pacific coast and have previously visited most of the ports on this cruise. Our primary reason for taking this cruise was the entertainment, food, and a close to home get a way. We live about 120 miles north of San Francisco. We drove down to the bay area and stayed the night previous to our flight at the El Rancho Hotel in Millbrae. We have done this several times. When a cruise starts in San Francisco, we have the hotel shuttle take us to SFO where we get the cruise ship bus to the port in SF. On this trip, we had had a 6 AM flight to Vancouver. We were up to catch the shuttle at 4 AM. The flight was smooth and our customs check in Vancouver was also. They have a new system at the airport that allows Americans to pass through customs with a minimum of time lost. It is a BIG improvement over our last time at this airport. You just slap you passport on a screen at one of the machines, get a receipt and you are on your way. If you have any problems, there is a helper there to answer any questions. Otherwise, you wait in VERY LONG lines to get up to talk with an inspector. We were through and out the door in about 5 minutes. We expected a traffic jam at the port, because members of the British Royal Family were visiting the port area about the time we were supposed to arrive. We were pleasantly surprised when the bus sailed right through and we were dropped off at Canada Place. We did have to wait for about a half hour before boarding, but we were on the ship before noon. The cabins were not ready until 1 o’clock, so we had lunch at the lido restaurant and waited on deck until then. Cabin We had a balcony cabin located mid ship. It was a typical cabin with vanity, small couches, and king size bed. On each side of the bed was a two-drawer night strand. The light in my reading lamp was not adequate, but the one on my wife’s side was better. The balcony was small, but had two chairs and a small table that were adequate. The bath had two shelves for storage and the typically large Celebrity stall shower. Our only objection was that the life boats were directly below the balcony and blocked the view of the water below. Our cabin steward took very good care of the room. Perks We booked this cruise with a travel agent because of an email ad we received from them. It was a president’s cruise attended by the president of the travel agency and several of her employees and had some extra perks included. They turned out to be not worth the cost. Some, like the slot contest, were actually an added cost. At first it looked like a good deal, but we later found otherwise. All the cruise lines recently started to provide bonuses like drink packages and pre-paid tips as an inducement to book with them, but in reality they just added the cost of these items to the regular booking price. If you wait until a month or so before the cruise, you will probably be able to get a much better price and paying for the extras yourself will be cheaper than taking the so-called bonuses. We found that the drink package was the biggest loser as we seldom have more than one or two drinks each day. We also used the package for purchase of water, the cost of which has really gotten out of hand. However, the water and liquor in the cabin could not be charged against the package as it did not qualify. We had to buy the large water bottles at a bar and take them back to our cabin. This actually turned out for the best as the Evian water in the cabin tasted terrible. The bars had a different brand that was much better. Food Celebrity has always been known for serving good quality beef. That is still true, by the best quality cuts are not served as often as before and more stews and similar types of beef are now more prevalent in the main dining room. The food served in the lido restaurant has always been somewhat tasteless or over spiced and that has not changed. On this trip, there seemed to be a larger percentage of Asian food available and less American. The soups in this restaurant were terrible. The redeeming item was the breads. They were always good at all the restaurants. The service in both restaurants was always excellent. We did not eat at any of the specialty restaurants. Shows Celebrity shows have never been as good as Royal Caribbean shows. That seems strange as both lines are owned by the same company. Those on this cruise were just OK with very memorable. Summary, Overall, it was a good cruise with great weather and smooth seas most of the way. We had no rain at any stops and very little wind. The temperature everywhere was very comfortable. The high point of the cruise was being able to stand on the top deck of the ship in San Francisco and watch the Blue Angels put on their show during Fleet Week. We have seen them perform several time, but never had seats like this before. It was spectacular. Read Less
Sail Date September 2016
I wanted to make a cruise along the Pacific coast and this cruise was 12 nights. Most other cruise lines were fewer nights. I don't like to go to all the effort and expense to go on a cruise for only 7-9 nights. This was my first ... Read More
I wanted to make a cruise along the Pacific coast and this cruise was 12 nights. Most other cruise lines were fewer nights. I don't like to go to all the effort and expense to go on a cruise for only 7-9 nights. This was my first Celebrity cruise, I normally cruise Holland America. I found Celebrity every bit the equal and more of HAL. One thing HAL does that Celebrity didn't, is the first day of the cruise, the crew on HAL has to serve you, even to pouring your coffee for you. HAL does this for disease reasons but Celebrity apparently, doesn't see the need to do this and I liked that you didn't have to put up with that annoying practice the first day. Also, while HAL's food is superb, I thought Celebrity's buffet and specialty restaurants had better food and selections. However, I think HAL's main dining menu is a little better. We found the entertainment aboard ship, well, highly entertaining for the most part. Finally, considering that the ship served every food imaginable, it was strange that you couldn't get a potato chip anywhere on the ship. Read Less
Sail Date September 2016
Celebrity Infinity Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.1
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.9
Family 3.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.7
Enrichment 3.0 3.7
Service 4.0 4.3
Value For Money 4.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.1

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