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Ocean View 8 (08)
Decks: Deck 2
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Ocean View 8 Cabin Reviews
Cabin 2190
Oct 2016
The cabin was adequate, at the end of a corridor on deck two. The main dining areas were at that end of the ship, so the location was convenient to go up to these spaces. The cabin is an outside cabin with a nice big porthole. The thermostat was useless, as far as making the room cooler. We had it set to the maximum cooling the whole trip and it would have been more pleasant if we could have made the cabin a couple degrees cooler. The clothes storage was adequate but as with typical staterooms, my wife and I had trouble at times navigating around each other in the room, to change clothes, etc. There was a noticeable sewage odor in the bathroom most of the time. We did not report this and just endured it because we had read a review of this room before we came aboard and the review noted this situation too. And the reviewer added they had been unable to get this fixed, so we felt it would have been a waste of time to complain. The TV initially didn't work right but to their credit they jumped on this and fixed it. You can hear the engine mildly rumbling in this room but it was not bothersome, sort of a white noise. There was no noise heard overhead. Relative to the price for the cruise, this cabin worked out fine.
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Cabin 7003
Jun 2016
Cabin was clean, spacious and in excellent condition. Cabin Stewart was great, room was always clean
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Cabin 3055
Sep 2015
Our first cruise in an ocean view room. The room was nice, but I was disappointed with the TV and viewing choices. The TV was the worst thing about our trip. There was only one movie on the viewing channels and every other movie was a charge. I did miss a movie theatre or outside TV viewing. I think this should be fixed. Also the TV channel changing was very difficult. You have to be at a certain angle to change the channel and it takes forever.
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Cabin 8029
Jul 2013
Cruise to Iceland and Norway By: lankybob2003
Adequate no problems liked the balcony. Plenty of room for the luggage, bed really comfortable.
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Cabin 2085
Feb 2013
Thye best cabins on the ship are the 5 inside cabins that are on deck 2 and longitudinal rather than transverse...
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Cabin 2000
Oct 2012
Panama Canal & More By: groundhoga
quiet, out-of-the-way corner; some noise, but constant enough to become "white" noise.
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Cabin 2100
Jul 2012
Yes, we'll go again!! By: weatherBroker
Celebrity Infinity 2162 Great location with quick access to everything Lower level minimized ships motion
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Cabin 3124
Jul 2012
3124 and 3126 are new cabins and have extra large windows (6 foot round instead of the standard 4 foot round) they are 170 sq feet and even though we had two adjoining cabins, it was tight, but comfortable. The second washroom is a must and even though Family Veranda cabins have balconies and are larger they only have one bathroom. Storage in the cabins---while it is sufficient we found it cramped----but managed. Look around there are lots of little places to put things.
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Cabin 2188
Jul 2012
No working safe No bath robes Tiny showers that you can't do anything but stand in Paper thin walls, to the point of being a problem with privacy
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Cabin 3122
Jun 2012
I hate to let the cat out of the bag, but here goes, at the end of Feb 2012 they took what once had been the original area for their conference rooms and turned it into a bank of ocean view rooms, these rooms have their own little tucked away hallway with rooms that offer a full round window the same size as you would find in the Dinning Room. These rooms are 3114-3144, but don't tell anyone I want to make sure they are available when I book again!
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Cabin 2188
Oct 2010
Cabin #2188 Very loud engine sound, but consistent so not a problem to sleep. Adjoining room door had a light stream from it at various times. Very good space, great shower size! Our T.V. was possessed: It turned off randomly and took several tries to turn it off when we wanted. Our location was very good for main dining and when returning from ship excursions. Very comfortable bed, and we would stay in it again.
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