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Ocean View 6 (06)
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Ocean View 6 Cabin Reviews
Cabin 3092
Jun 2017
Second Time Around By: FrogQueen47
Our oceanview cabin was roomy and we were able to store our luggage under the bed. We had plenty of storage space in all the cabinets. The only thing we would want are more hangers in the closets. Bed was comfortable; however we wondered how often the bedding is changed? Celebrity could go a long way in adding a self service laundry room on the ship like Carnival; laundry service presently is fairly expensive!
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Cabin 3012
May 2017
The cabin was clean and well taken care of. Infinity is an older ship and she does show her age in some places. The bed was a typical cruise ship bed, nothing special but nothing horrible. My room steward, Douglas did a fantastic job!
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Cabin 6000
Apr 2017
Infinity is Tired By: fun2b
As previously stated by other reviewers, this cabin has the distinct smell of cigarette smoke and also some sort of wood burning smell. It's also important to note that the Crew's Disco is located on deck 08 directly above these rooms. The boom, boom of the music would start around 11 p.m. and last until about 2:30. We talked with a member of Guest Relations and a couple of nights later, the volume was turned down and on some nights stopped completely. My suggestion is to avoid all cabins at the front of the ship.
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Cabin 6000
Mar 2017
Despite being a slightly larger cabin we were not happy with our choice. The principal reason being the smell of cigarette smoke particularly late at night. We found out towards the end of the cruise that the reason for this was that we were located directly above the crew's smoking room. This was particularly noticeable in the early hours when we would wake up to the strong smell of cigarette smoke. We believe this was because on occasions the crew would leave the door to their smoking room open!
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Cabin 3014
Dec 2016
Panama Canal By: barbleo
great location to everything and great attendant
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Cabin 9000
Oct 2016
Not sure about the cabin category, but the room number 9000. The room was in the very front of the ship on the ninth floor, and while it didn't have a balcony, it was larger than most ocean view rooms and very quiet. We were pleased with the room and with the service we received.
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Cabin 3044
Aug 2016
There were three adults sharing the cabin so it was understandibly a bit tight. The sofa bed was comfortable and we were able to maneuver around each other without too much trouble. There's not much they can do about it but it was tough to open the door to the cabin with the closet doors or bathroom door open at the same time. We bumped into each other a few times but it wasn't anything too bothersome! The room was incredibly quiet. I'm impressed at how well they soundproofed the walls. The bathroom was small but functional and the shower pressure was excellent. The only annoying thing were the hooks on the door. The bath towels kept falling off of them (they were small round pegs) until my Nana ingeniously used the small loop on the towel to hang them. We had no problems after that. Overall the room was clean, the attendants friendly and responsive and everything was in working order. They fixed a hinge on the closet door the first day without us asking! I don't think I would have even noticed it otherwise.
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Cabin 6003
Jun 2016
Lovely Clean cabin
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Cabin 3087
Oct 2015
So Disappointed! By: CruiseLover4123
Other than the flood, the cabin was nice and our stewards were excellent.
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Cabin 3022
Sep 2015
The cabin was fine and met our needs, The cabin attendant was excellent.
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Cabin 015
Jul 2015
Cabin 6000
Jun 2015
Larger than most ocean view cabins. Nice view right out the front of the ship. Even though we were in the forward-most cabin, we never felt any rocking and rolling. Long walk to the dining areas, which is good because we could work off some calories before we ever got there. Right above the theater, but never heard a thing.
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Cabin 6005
Sep 2013
Wheelchair adapted cabin 6005 was very spacious and worked very well - I am a full time wheelchair user and cannot stand or walk at all. The disadvantage was it was a long way from the lift and was right at the front of the ship. It was difficult to go down the corridors due to numerous obstructions like tables, trolleys, linen sacks, buckets etc. and the thresholds were high.
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Apr 2013
Great large cabin, excellent situation close to bow. Balcony view unobstructed.
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Cabin 2153
Nov 2012
Panama Canal By: askabry
Room 2153: Good view, given that we were so low to the waterline. Room itself was fine, sort of standard fare. Bathroom was good, air conditioning needed to be turned up for us and a closet door broke day one. Otherwise, nothing special or bad. Occasional bad odors (untreated sewage) in the hallway, but they fixed something about mid-cruise and that disappeared.
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Mar 2012
Cabins on Deck 3 foward are next to the entrance to the crew quarters. At all hours of the day and night you will hear conversations of crew memebers heading in or out of their cabins.
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Cabin 3065
Jan 2012
We normally choose a veranda cabin, but wanted low and mid-ship in case of bad weather. The cabin was in a great location. We felt very little motion when in heavy seas and I loved having the big shelf under the large port hole. I got to see lots of beautiful scenery from the port hole, so I did not feel I was missing anything by not having a veranda. We were across from a crew door, but contrary to what I've read, it was very quiet. I never heard the door bang a single time and I know it was used frequently. There was more hallway noise from the unsupervised South American teenagers than from anything else and that would have occurred on any deck.
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Cabin 2105
Dec 2011
We stayed in cabin 2105: a big mistake. Under no circumstances, you should stay in cabins within the ranges 2085-2119 and 3085-3119. Loud obnoxious mechanical noise will wake you up and could keep you up for several hours every night. ICelebrity should fix this problem by either isolating the foundation vibration of the noisy equipment or place an acoustic enclosures around them.
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Cabin 2164
Aug 2011
Cabin 2164 oceanview. Great for a couple, a bit tight with a kid--get one with upper berth instead. If I do this a gain I get a family room for sure. May also splurge for a balcony.
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Cabin 3069
Feb 2011
Our cabin was an oceanview on deck 3. We had heard that the Infinity is due for an overhaul in November so were expecting dated decor. We were actually surprised and found the decor fine so we look forward to the changes coming to the Infinity. We found the bathroom a plus as it had a shower along one wall with a curtain vs. the enclosed circular showers that make you feel like you are in a tube on most ships. The only negative we found about the cabin was the lack of storage space. Having sailed numerous times on Royal Caribbean we have gotten used to all the amazing ways they find to create storage space.
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Cabin 3111
Nov 2010
Wonderful By: StartrainDD
Cabin 3111 was very quiet and a super convenient location!
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Cabin 3069
Jul 2010
Renovations are needed as the carpet and loveseat are worn. The bedspread is outdated and bathroom needs an overhaul. The space is sufficient and large window is great. The hallway was pretty loud in this floor.
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