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30 Celebrity Infinity Baltic Sea Cruise Reviews

We had an Aqua class cabin on Deck 9, which was fine except for the 'overhang', which made the balcony/stateroom a bit dark and obliterated some of the mountain views. There was also a bit of noise from above in the early ... Read More
We had an Aqua class cabin on Deck 9, which was fine except for the 'overhang', which made the balcony/stateroom a bit dark and obliterated some of the mountain views. There was also a bit of noise from above in the early morning. Unfortunately we experienced rough seas on one day, which stopped us from visiting Olden but we spent a bit longer in Alesund. All the ports of call were lovely and we didn't have to use tenders at any of them - the ports were also within walking distance of the ship, apart from in Bergen where free shuttle buses were used. The only shore excursion we took was on the Flam railway, which was excellent. The rest of the time we took 'Hop on Hop off' buses. We thoroughly enjoyed the food in Blu and found the staff to be super efficient and very courteous and the ambience in the restaurant was lovely. Also had a meal in SS United States which, although quite expensive, was excellent and the staff were super attentive! We also thoroughly enjoyed most of the entertainment, which was music/musical based and the Cruise Director, Alejandro was excellent - a real character! Couldn't quite understand Michael's Club, which was always locked and therefore unused - it seemed like a waste of what could be good space. Everything ran like clock work though and we enjoyed it so much that we booked on board to go on Constellation next year to the Black Sea ... can't wait! Read Less
Sail Date August 2014
Doing a cruise through the norwegian fjords was a lifetime-wish of us. We decided to travel with Celebrity as our Adriatic-Cruise with the Silhouette 2 years ago was stunning - what a mistake! We booked 10 month in advance - with ... Read More
Doing a cruise through the norwegian fjords was a lifetime-wish of us. We decided to travel with Celebrity as our Adriatic-Cruise with the Silhouette 2 years ago was stunning - what a mistake! We booked 10 month in advance - with Celebrity in Frankfurt - and exeperienced the worst service ever! Unfriendly, unhelpful and stressed - all the time when I called. The informations regarding transport and booking flights where that useless that we decided to do everything by ourselves. We arrived one day earlier and stayed at the Hilton Heathrow Terminal 5 which was amazing. We spent a very nice evening there. In the morning we had arranged a private driver over OTS which worked well - 2 hours drive to Harwich. Embarkation took 10 minutes and was very good. We were on the ship at around 11:30 and cabins were ready at 1:15 - that was ok. The sparkling wine in the lobby level was a nice touch, but very limited and it was the first time we met poor staff who need to do some promotion for nearly everything - dinner packages, beverage packages, spa packages - please dear visitors - BUY ANYTHING! Our veranda-cabin on the 7th level was shabby, the "bathroom" awful with a dirty shower curtain. We received evening-chocolate one time and then it stopped. There was always a really old smell in the room - also we had the veranda-door open the whole time. There was def. not much space for clothes and suitcases - they didn´t fit underneath the bed and we need to store them in the wardrobe. There were only 2 movies available in our language. On the 4th or 5th day we asked the cleaners to vacuum the floor please - they never did it before. The place behind the TV was full of dust - around 3 weeks old we think. Food overall was really bad - we had dinner one time in the Trellis and that was the top of bad food! We like to try the Bistro on Five where we left after 55 minutes and only received a soup in that time. The food overall was nearly cold every time - never hot! The buffet had a very low standard. We had a dinner package booked before to have dinner in the US or the QSine. The first dinner we had in US and were asked 2 times about a special promotion they offer - please try this, please buy this - horrible!!! After that we decided to spend the other 4 nights in QSine where we met David - the Maitre´D. He is a really amazing person and he really know what to do, but the food had the same bad level - cold, every second dish - deep fried and the taste: bad at all! To the ports: Oslo: we booked the Oslo Pass via App on our smartphone and visited the Fram and Kon-Tiki-Museum which were really nice (and it rained) - so perfect programme. On midday we took the metro to the Holmenkollen and the sun showed up - amazing views from the tower! The walked back in sunshine to the ship. Stavanger: welcomed us with sun and we walked the old city with the wooden houses - fantastic. When we started to our Fjordcruise (booked over rodne.no) it started raining for the next 3 days. Olden: because of the bad wheather we were not able to access the port of Olden and stayed one more day in Alesund. The decision of the captain was alright - avoid any danger and the waves were 6 metres high that night - not much fun! Unfortunately we missed the only booked shore excursion with Celebrity - the trip to the glacier, but what should you do. They just refund the booking - not a problem. Alesund: 2 days of rain. So picked a hop on, hop off tour and visited the Alesund museum which was cute. Geiranger: the most impressive port. We visited the small port before the passengers of 4 cruise ships arrived (luckily we had the water-bridge!). We tried the Geiranger Chocolate, wandered around and did a small bus trip - with - surprise: rain! Flam: a very nice port where we did a sightseeing point bus-drive and surprise: rain. Luckily we had breakfast on the veranda that morning and explored the small port by sun - which was awesome. When we departed we noticed many signs and letters on house-rooftops with "Cruise Shit", "No Cruise Ships",... which wasn´t very nice. Bergen: we arrived by sun and it stayed with us the whole day. We visited the Floin at 10:00 am - just in time - we did the way - including wait, driving up in 30 minutes. When we went back the line was without an end - waiting time around 1,5 hours we thought. Norway and the fjords were amazing - also with lots of rain. We had sunny parts, mystic fogg and wonderful rainbows during our journey, but the ship itself is in a really bad shape. It was also the first time that we thought about security risks and all the older and handicapped people on board who couldn´t walk properly. When we saw the staff around the ship we just couldn´t imagine what would happen in such a situation - luckily everything was ok and nothing happened. Also - it´s not Celebritys mistake - the behaviour from lots of guests was disgusting. Many peopel were not able to use silver ware, they left the tables full of food behind, the plates were fully loaded with everything - cornflakes, eggs, pancakes, fruits & vegetables in all - the most of the time it wasn´t a nice background to eat. It´s not very nice - if you watch Celebritys brochures it looks like "modern luxury" - if you are onboard it feels like a senior home and hospital. We are finised with Celebrity!!! Read Less
Sail Date August 2014
Norwegian Fjords-Celebrity Infinity August 15-25 We are experienced cruisers, this being our 26th cruise and 18th with Celebrity. We enjoy the many privileges that Elite status brings with it and have been avid, long standing Celebrity ... Read More
Norwegian Fjords-Celebrity Infinity August 15-25 We are experienced cruisers, this being our 26th cruise and 18th with Celebrity. We enjoy the many privileges that Elite status brings with it and have been avid, long standing Celebrity supporters. However, this past cruise put that to the test. Our last Celebrity cruise was on the Constellation last fall to the Greek Islands and we had none of the concerns that we certainly do now. Indeed, as a travel agent, I will no longer be able to recommend Celebrity without fear. So why the change of heart? Basically, it came down to inconsistencies across the board. We love to dance and spend a good part of the evening in the Rendez-Vous Lounge. On this cruise, it was so cold, it was uncomfortable to stay even with the exercise the dancing brings with it. We did question why it was so cold and were told by Guest Relations that the temperature around the entire ship was kept the same. ( basically saying we were wrong) We were traveling with another couple who found the same issue and so avoided the Rendez-Vous Lounge totally. The same heating issue was a problem in the Thallasotherapy Pool area. You could not sit in it without having a towel or blanket on. Again we complained to no avail. Yes it is chillier in Norway, so increase the heating! Another issue was the lack of enforcement of posted rules. There were children in the adult pool every day at any hour. We spoke to a pool butler the very first day who did nothing. The second day we spoke to Guest Relations in person at the front desk. We got a fruit basket as the solution. Still children were in the pool all day. The third time we spoke to an officer who actually tried to do something, but one of the adults with children started to yell at the officer so several adults left instead of listening to the argument. In all fairness to the father, part of the issue was the inconsistency on the part of Celebrity to stick to actual times. Some days they said it was 4 PM, other days they decided it was 5 PM. One day a sign finally appeared but still was never enforced. It clearly says adults only from 11 - 5 and still there were children of varying ages every day at all times in the pool and in the hot tubs for adults only. We spoke to the head of the Captain's Club who merely said it was summer and there were a lot of children on board- not the appropriate answer at all. There were adults with plates of food in the hot tubs and bottles of beer. The solution is so simple; a security guard or officer in that pool area. The buffet was an absolute and utter zoo. People butted in lines, saved seats and were indignant when we said something to them. "Excuse me" seemed to be an expression not known by many. Breakfast was the worst; one day it took us 20 minutes to get a seat. Waiting for toast was ridiculous, so we gave up and went to the main dining room for breakfast but were saddened by how long it took to even get served. Yes, the juice, coffee and pastries come quickly enough but since we don't have that, it took up to 20 minutes to have our order taken and then another 20 minutes for it to arrive. Although we hadn't complained, one waiter who had high social intelligence, came over and said the wait was because my wife had ordered cold food and I, hot food. Good try, but nonsense. The ship kept changing breakfast times and some days there was nothing at all available from 7 AM - 8 AM. Really? And as stated before, do not sit on the right side when entering, where service is horrible. At dinner, we fortunately had an excellent waiter, Jose, and assistant waiter Herickson. The food, however, was inconsistent. Some old standards like the prime rib, beef Wellington and lamb were superb. Some like "Pork and Beans" shouldn't be on a cruise line menu who was known for its food. Salads were poor, desserts poor and cold soups seem to have disappeared just as the brunch. When we inquired about the brunch, we were told it was a decision based on food sanitation as Celebrity had observed several guests had become ill just after the brunch. It took a waiter to explain that to us which we really appreciated. The hake, halibut and haddock were dry and overcooked. Celebrity used to have sommeliers who did an awesome job with wine. This cruise we struggled to even get served. The "Sommeliers" were glorified bar servers, nothing like the original sommeliers Celebrity used to have. Our friends asked for certain wines but substitutions were made without a word of explanation. Sometimes when questioned, the answer was we have run out of that wine. So why not be honest and say so instead of trying to sneak a different wine by. Strange that the very wine asked for was always available at the martini bar. Again, it came down to poor service. The one high note was Natalie, the hostess, who was as pleasant and professional as one would expect. The Elite cocktail hour is usually a highlight for us. Again, children were allowed in and some would run around, not the way an adult wants to spend a cocktail time. On the last day, again no officers present, when one child was running and screaming, we simply left. Again one waiter stuck out as out of the ordinary, Roosevelt was awesome. He really worked! He walked quickly, engaged in meaningful conversation, and took the initiative on many occasions by responding to guests who were being looked after by other waiters. He was again, perfect, the kind of service one expects of Celebrity. It is fitting to note that there are still crew on board who are excellent. Our cabin steward Ambrose was perfect. He was efficient, personable and nothing was ever too much trouble. The Elemis products have gone by the wayside as have the nightly chocolates. But Ambrose on Deck 8 is the kind of staff member one expects on a Celebrity cruise. Other than the few staff mentioned, there appeared to be a complete lack of interest by most. Dishes were cleared very slowly in the buffet, little communication, and general apathy seemed to be evident everywhere. We have eaten in Bistro On Five many times per cruise, but this time once again due to lack of interest or engagement by staff, after the first lunch, we passed. The food was good although increased in price from $5 to $7. Yes, doesn't sound a lot but when it is on top, we simply passed because there was nothing really special about it. We spend a fair deal of money at the martini bar. Again, inconsistent was the word to describe the experience. If you wanted a good drink, Adrian was the man. Many patrons kept asking for only him to make their drink because he went out of his way to match the drink to the client with outstanding consistency. The other bartenders were a hit or miss. The service was only good if you sat at the bar with Adrian as he catered to each client perfectly. For a time, we wondered if it was an M class ship issue. We loved the Galaxy, Mercury, and Zenith. In particular, Captain George on the Century told us he expected his officers to be visible and engaging with passengers. Indeed, at every single Captain's Club cocktail time, there were up to 5 officers there who would sit down and chat. Captain George was at every function for the whole 15 days to Hawaii. This time, it was very superficial and seemed as if they couldn't be bothered. Loyal clients really do want to be engaged with. We were on the Millenium to Alaska last summer and it was excellent. We have been on the Summit 8 times, and always happy, and Constellation 3 times as recently as last fall with a few complaints so this appears to be an Infinity issue. We had considered the repositioning cruise from Lauderdale to Valparaiso through the canal but will now take a pass since it is on Infinity. In fairness to all, the ship was clean. In short, what should have been a wonderful cruise when one says Norwegian Fjords was ho- hum and will cause us to rethink our loyalty to Celebrity. Read Less
Sail Date August 2014
I an only agree with many if the points raised by previous reviews of this cruise to Norway. Nothing you can do about the weather but it was so miserable on two of our port days that we didn't venture off as we had got so cold and wet ... Read More
I an only agree with many if the points raised by previous reviews of this cruise to Norway. Nothing you can do about the weather but it was so miserable on two of our port days that we didn't venture off as we had got so cold and wet the previous day, neither of us could face it. The ones we did visit in a window of clear weather were wonderful, but still fairly chilly, I should have bought a winter wardrobe. We had previously sailed with the lovely ship the Equinox, I am sorry but the Infinity cannot be classed as five star in the same way as the Solstice class. This ship is tired, outdated and scruffy. The Ocean cafe was zoo like in the pushing past you at the food stations, people walking around eating off their plates. Indifferent servers, who ignored you and repetitive dishes lunchtimes and dinner. On the plus side the pasta and sushi bar were excellent. The indoor pool area, is this a pool area or restaurant, and why do certain people think it's acceptable to eat food and drink beer in the jacuzzi, it's also a jacuzzi not a children's play pool or family sized bath! It was also very chilly in there, again not a patch on the Soltice class pool area. The Rendezvous lounge was dated, dark and depressing. People using it as a sleeping area in daytime and into the evening, why? That's why you have a stateroom. The Trellis restaurant was also past it's sell by date, tired, dull,depressing and frantic, dinner was at times just not enjoyable. Long waits for food then, it was move you out as soon as possible. Food a reasonable standard but some dishes need rethinking, for instance the Irish Stew would make an Irishman ashamed. The behaviour of some guests who could not understand what the dress codes means or how to behave in a restaurant makes me believe that they think it's just a hotel on water and they can do as they have always done on their previous holidays. Entertainment from the on board team was poor, and ammature, once again on the Equinox the shows were fantastic. The Constellation Lounge was a great place to be as we left port in the early evenings, the spoiler was screaming children from one or two families who ran riot through the area. On asking why children are allowed in a bar area, I was informed they were allowed in there till midnight! Older people, alcohol and running children do not mix, I saw quite a few older people nearly come to grief. Come on Celebrity, make it clear, well behaved, supervised children only! We ate in USS United States twice because the food was excellent, and it was nice to have an un rushed meal in a light and comfortable restaurant. On the plus side and yes there are some pluses, most if the staff and crew were brilliant, special mention to Natalie restaurant co ordinator, Silvia in the Constellation lounge, Ayu in the Casino, and our cabin steward. Would I sail from UK again on the Infinity, No, would I with Celebrity, yes but only on a Soltice class ship. An expensive lesson learned. Read Less
Sail Date August 2014
This was an experience that will lead us to seriously rethink whether we ever want to cruise again. We are not new to sailing, but a combination of things lead to a miserable overall trip. Infinity is older, and looks, feels, and smells ... Read More
This was an experience that will lead us to seriously rethink whether we ever want to cruise again. We are not new to sailing, but a combination of things lead to a miserable overall trip. Infinity is older, and looks, feels, and smells like it has suffered heavy use. It was packed. The weather was uncooperative-heavy seas, cold and rainy, with one port cancelled for safety reasons. The fjords of Norway were grey and foggy, with limited visibility. After a full day of trying to experience and photograph in pouring rain, we cancelled and/or shortened shore excursions, and appreciated Celebrity's flexibility in dealing with excursions. The food on board was very good, but the meal experience, especially in the buffet areas, was horrible. Service was inconsistent-sometimes dirty dishes were removed promptly, and sometimes allowed to pile up. Sometimes refills on hot beverages were offered, but more often they were not. The hoards of folks pushing, darting in line, snatching dirty tables, touching and grabbling food, and generally being frenzied was overwhelming. There were guests from numerous countries, so there was no standard of waiting in line, walking on the right or left, or acceptable behavior in general. Our stateroom was a family veranda, for just 2 of us, and we appreciated the extra space. Use caution if you are booking one of these units for actual extra use-the roll out beds looked and felt worn, and were well past needing replacement. There were no laundry specials or packages, prices were very expensive. There is no longer a "promenade deck". The jogging track is used for waling, and using it is weather dependent, since it is uncovered. Treadmills in the gym that are on the forward deck really accentuate the rock and roll of the ship, so using them in high seas really accentuates the probability of motion sickness, so they are not a good replacement. Pre cruise interactions with the company were terrible-their website didn't work, there were hours-long holds to talk with staff, huge fees to receive hard copies of shore excursion info, and misleading information about cruise specials. No paper copies of on-board charges were provided at the end of the cruise, which can certainly lead to charging abuses. Although the weather obviously impacted our experience, the worst part of it was a cough/cold/respiratory virus that impacted huge numbers of passengers. One of us had signs of it on day 5, and of course we passed it to each other. Poor sanitation of public and private areas, crowding in restaurants, bars, and theaters, the advanced age of the guests, and overuse of the ship, just enhance the probability of disease transmission. All we wanted to do was sleep, and we can do that in far more comfort and economy at home. Having paid a high price for the experience of seeing how sick you can get in an overcrowded environment (and being fully aware that colds are not nearly as uncomfortable as norovirus), coupled with the experience of being held hostage by the weather, which is clearly unpredictable, has lead us to the conclusion that we really need to rethink our decisions about whether to continue to choose cruise vacations. Cruise lines have reduced the level of service provided to the point where the experience has suffered, and as consumers, we are fortunate to have other vacation options available. Read Less
Sail Date August 2014
Having cruised for many years with other lines we decided to try Celebrity Cruises this summer. Embarkation - Smooth and quick, we boarded the ship within 30 mins of arrival at the cruise terminal. Welcome aboard drink was a nice touch. ... Read More
Having cruised for many years with other lines we decided to try Celebrity Cruises this summer. Embarkation - Smooth and quick, we boarded the ship within 30 mins of arrival at the cruise terminal. Welcome aboard drink was a nice touch. Ship - Infinity is an older style ship but we found the public areas spacious and comfortable including a large Theatre and impressive two-tier dining room. Our cabin on Deck 2 was quiet and comfortable. Dining - Plenty of choice in the buffet restaurant. Items were spread out over several stations but you soon got the hang of things. Food could have been hotter but this is always a problem with buffet food. Quality of food was very good. Trellis restaurant - we thoroughly enjoyed all our evening meals here. Plenty of choice on the menu and good service. Entertainment - we enjoyed the full production shows and guest acts we saw (vocalists and magician). The Cruise Director, Alejandro, was the best we have seen and always made us laugh. We would definately cruise with Celebrity again and recommend to others.   Read Less
Sail Date August 2014
There have been both positive and negative reviews posted about the Infinity so i thought i would try to post an objective review as i have sympathy with both standpoints . We are a middle aged English couple who live just outside London ... Read More
There have been both positive and negative reviews posted about the Infinity so i thought i would try to post an objective review as i have sympathy with both standpoints . We are a middle aged English couple who live just outside London , this was our 6th cruise having cruised with Royal Caribbean (twice) , Holland America(twice) and Carnival (never ever again!!) . We had a smooth 2 hour drive to Harwich and arrived just after 11am , car parking/ Embarcation was efficent and we were on the ship around 12 . After much investigation we chose a concierge(extras not worth the money) starboard cabin 8046 and we would not have swapped this cabin for any other in its price range , it has an extra large triangular balcony with solid bulkhead wall which cuts down any wind , Deck 9 has both potential deck noise and a large overhang which blocks your view so deck 8 or possibly 7 is the way to go imo . Also at every port the starboard side on this cruise had the better views so we were very happy with our Cabin choice . We also had Ambrose who was the best cabin steward we have had on any ship , a very nice man . So let me list the negatives first . Negatives 1) The indoor poor is shabby , old style wooden sunbeds need re-oil or total replacement , the swimming pool has rust spots all over the place , pool towels are threadbare and torn . We were very unlucky with the weather so the indoor pool was our salvation however although covered it was freezing with sliding doors letting in the cold wind repeatedly 2) Outdoor pool marginally better then the indoor but also needs a complete renovation 3) We loved our cabin however there were large rust marks on bulkhead and balcony flooring , glass walls were stained 4) Buffet breakfast was the normal chaos , there appeared to be no order to food choices but to be fair no worse than any other cruise , plates were scratched 5) Buffet evening meal we used twice on formal nights because we cannot be bothered to dress up and iwas very disappointing. Limited staff and non existent /slow drinks service , whatever time you went there it looked like to was closing . No atmosphere at all 6) Buffet lunch was ok however the self service was very strange indeed , you had to reach under a 6 inch space to reach food , it was a bit like a bank tellers window, it was physically impossible to reach some food without an accident . Also it closed at 2.30 which was the time people came back from trips , again not great 7) We would have preferred a steak house or an Italian for the extra $$ restaurants so did not bother to try the one’s on offer did not appeal at all Positives 1) Main Trellis restaurant was possibly the best service and food we have had on a cruise, service was equally good (i loved the irish stew !!) , Natalie on the door was terrific , always got us the table we wanted . 2) Lounges were comfortable with nice seating 3) Coffee bar was great, terrific staff and great service , staff worked their socks off 4) All staff were pleasant and tried to help 5) Loved the free ice cream , many choices 6) We had a free classics drinks package which saved us a lot of money , our total spend on the ship was zero !! So despite the awful weather we had an enjoyable cruise with great scenery, at most ports we did the ‘hop on hop off‘ tour , at two others we pre booked boat / coach trips however i think we must be the only people in history who were underwhelmed by the Flam railway!! , I am not sure what all the fuss is about ?? So overall a very enjoyable cruise with wonderful scenery , good food and service however the ship is badly in need of a renovation in certain places especially the pool areas .   Read Less
Sail Date August 2014
The "cruise" was just great. Itinerary, pacing, ports - and weather [WOW!]. Fellow cruisers were a delight, including those we met via the CC Roll Call. But the "onboard experience" on Infinity was just OK. Spouse and I ... Read More
The "cruise" was just great. Itinerary, pacing, ports - and weather [WOW!]. Fellow cruisers were a delight, including those we met via the CC Roll Call. But the "onboard experience" on Infinity was just OK. Spouse and I had sailed on Galaxy years ago and wanted to try Celebrity again. We agree that Celebrity just isn't us. And that Celebrity isn't what it thinks it is - at least as we see it. We don't see it as an upscale step from Royal Caribbean, its corporate partner. That doesn't mean that we didn't enjoy the whole experience - only that if we were to do it again, we would look for the exact same itinerary, but on a different ship and different line. Read on to understand why. EMBARKATION/DISEMBARKATION Embarkation was absolutely easy & no problems. We are Celebrity Select based on our Royal Caribbean cruises. Walked up to agent, she was a delight, 15 minutes later we were in the cabin, then off to the buffet. Luggage arrived mid-afternoon. Getting to Harwich from Heathrow was a drag. Disembarkation was likewise painless. We had a cab reserved to 8:30, so asked for 8:00, which we got. We went to the Main Dining Room for breakfast, staying there until 7:55, went to the theater and our number was called as we walked in. Exit was painless and our cab arrived just as we sat down in the waiting area. We flew out of Stansted Airport [to Dublin], and the CABIN Balcony 2A #7118. Great location. A bit small compared to my recollection of RCI and Princess, but maybe just different. Comfortable bedding. Nice balcony. Quiet [though I realize thanks to the neighbors are in order]. Decent bathroom size and nice shower. But cabin and bathroom storage was not convenient. No desk drawer. Two small corner shelves in bathroom, all other bathroom storage under counter. Room Steward, and his assistant, were great and personable, and received a well-deserved added gratuity from us. PUBLIC AREAS Fine. We didn't like the mid-ship elevators being on one side only; seems like they were always "hiding". Customer Service area convenient with good, polite personnel. Overall ship layout was OK. Lounges were fine, though we didn't use them too much, except Constellation, which was the best ship lounge we have used; location, comfort, setup - all great. The theater, likewise, was the best we have experienced - comfortable seating, wide walk areas, good drink tables, good sight lines, always could get a seat. Infinity is showing its age and is ripe for an update. But of more concern is what I would describe as poor maintenance. Several door handles were broken. The sliding door to our balcony was "out-of-square" and would not latch closed, so a temporary latch was installed to keep it closed/locked. We were adjacent to a window in Trellis Restaurant [as requested], but the window was dirty, was never cleaned, and had paint smears from a sloppy paint job next to the window pane dividers. Things like that showed a lack of proper attention to routine, but necessary, maintenance and upkeep. Qsine was obviously added to Infinity, and looked to be just dropped into place on Deck 11 in the mid-ship elevator lobby, blocking all but one of the doors leading to the outside, leaving only one small door, that was not at all obvious and looked like a crew door, to get outside. Most of the doors leading to the exterior on Decks 10 and 11 were not automatic and were hard to open, particularly in the wind. DINING Just OK. We had the fixed Early Seating for dinner, and went there every night. We did not do any specialty restaurants. Food was OK, but at times perhaps too "exotic" for our tastes. I hardly ever order from the standard offerings, but did twice. The prime rib that I had was one of the best ever. But there were NO regional offerings - on a cruise exclusively to Norway! I asked about that and essentially was told they offer a standard menu; that they might offer something at the Oceanview buffet; I didn't see it. Service was good, but not exceptional. Waiter never addressed us by name, and was typically unable to really describe a menu offering. Assistant appeared to be new, but really tried and was fine. Oceanview Cafe Buffet was a frustration. The fare was typical and fine; lots of choices. But, as mentioned by "devoncruiselady" in a review here, it is a long U-shaped affair, and things were moved around. In order to see what was offered on a given day, you had to walk all the way around, including the 3 stations at the rear. One always offered pizza, another sandwiches +, and the third usually a British selection [Fish and Chips] but that was sushi one day having been moved from the Asian station. In short, it was an "effort" to assess the buffet offerings and it shouldn't be. We could always find a seat near the rear, and the outdoor deck was a delight, but was usually full, weather permitting. I FAR PREFER grazing stations as I have experienced on other ships. The constant pushing of the specialty restaurants was an annoyance. Even when they were offered at half-price, we didn't accept. We would rather spend the extra money on an evening out after the cruise. But this illustrates what is one of our underlying dissatisfactions regarding Infinity/Celebrity: it seemed to us that Celebrity catered to those who purchased the extra cost stuff at the expense - and annoyance - of those who did not. A favorite saying of mine captures it: the em-pha'-sis is on the wrong syl-la'-ble ! ENTERTAINMENT Poor to our taste. We are not fans of the production shows, and go to perhaps ½ of them. The ones we saw were not bad, but not great either. The other entertainment was mediocre to poor. There were no headliners. A comedy/magician had good illusions, but was annoying. Several other performers were British, and perhaps enjoyed by them, but not by us; we just skipped several shows. There was not even a comedian. How about local, Norwegian entertainment? There was none, just like no regional food dishes. SPA & FITNESS We did not use the Spa. I used the fitness gym. It was typically almost empty. The equipment was not bad, but like I mentioned for the ship in general, was in need of routine maintenance. PORTS The Ports were just what we hoped for, with adequate time at most of them. Great mix of large, medium and small. And with the long daylight, cruising in and out of the ports along the fjords, while sitting on our balcony, was just incredible. The Seawalk at Geiranger, to eliminate tendering, was neat. EXCURSIONS We did a mix of walk around town, Hop On Hop Off Bus, and ship excursions. Since what you like is so individual, I won't go into detail except to say we enjoyed most of them. The Hop On Hop Off in Oslo was overcrowded and not pleasant, and the headphones didn't work most of the time. The Flam Railway was very good, and a fellow CC passenger had pre-arranged a group of 20, which reserved a section of a train coach and saved us almost 50% over the ship tour. SHIP Infinity rode beautifully, though max seas of 5 ft or so were not a challenge. We very seldom felt motion, so the ride was great. Captain had the ship do a 360 at Seven Sisters Falls, so did the right stuff and kept things on schedule. SUMMARY I'll restate that we really loved the cruise, but because of the itinerary, weather, good health, etc. Infinity/Celebrity is just not something we would choose again. Too many things weren't "effortless" as we think they should be. Celebrity should spend the time/money it spends on pitching specialty restaurants on maintenance instead. Our reaction as a whole matches "devoncruiselady", though our ratings are generally a notch higher. Read Less
Sail Date July 2014
Celebrity Infinity Review 4 July 2014 There was a lot of negativity about the Infinity in recent Cruise Critic reviews, so much so that we were a bit apprehensive about our trip. We needn’t have worried! The sun shone, the ship was ... Read More
Celebrity Infinity Review 4 July 2014 There was a lot of negativity about the Infinity in recent Cruise Critic reviews, so much so that we were a bit apprehensive about our trip. We needn’t have worried! The sun shone, the ship was clean, the food was marvellous and the crew were as friendly as ever (this was our third cruise with Celebrity). Boarding at Harwich was easy. We stayed overnight at the Premier Inn; took the car and our group of 4 plus baggage to the port, offloaded, returned to the Premier Inn (where parking is £4 a day), then walked back to the pier (20 minutes). Check-in and boarding was easy and the whole process took about 40 minutes. After our welcome drink, we went straight to the Oceanview Cafe for lunch. Baggage arrived in the cabins about 2.30pm. We had a balcony with two comfortable chairs and a small table. There are 4 electric sockets in the cabin by the desk at the outside wall, 2 US 2 pin (flat) 110V and 2 Euro 2 pin (round) 230V. There was no socket in the bathroom. As the ship sailed from UK, we requested a kettle which our steward provided, together with cups, tea, sugar and even some milk. We requested different pillows and also asked for the contents of the minibar to be removed – our steward did this immediately. Previous travellers complained about smells in the bathroom. Ours did have a slight toilet smell but at our request our steward gave it a good clean and changed the (dreaded) shower curtain. There is only room for one at a time in the bathroom, unlike the new Solstice ships, but we weren’t inconvenienced by this. Adequate toiletries were provided, although the hairdyer isn’t as powerful as our own. We thought that there seemed to be more room in the public areas on the Infinity than on Eclipse. Public areas are continually being vacuumed and polished and all interior glass is kept sparkling. We had the Classic Drinks package included in our cruise. I phoned Celebrity beforehand to see exactly what was included and received an email with the complete list - 1¼ pages! The full list is available at Customer Relations on board. It’s true that some of the waiters don’t always know what is available, but armed with the information we generally got what we wanted. Different beers are available at different bars - for Marston’s Pedigree go to the Mast bar – Heineken, Corona and even Leffe are in the Oceanview, but I didn’t see any Alaskan Amber, which is on the Classic list. Wines up to $10.50 are just about OK, but you can have as much Prosecco as you like. We enjoyed the selection of food in the Oceanview at breakfast and lunch. At 5.30pm they provide Sushi – ideal to accompany your pre-dinner drink. There is a Wok station in the evening in Oceanview so you can get freshly-cooked Asian/fusion food. We had Celebrity Select dining every night and booked our preferred times prior to the cruise. We had the same table most nights and our waiter, Kaviraj, was excellent. The service he provided was exceptional. Some people said that the food was tepid in the restaurants – we never found it so. The food was generally excellent, our only complaint being that the fish was often a little over-cooked, despite our requesting it not to be so. We were disappointed with the Celebrity Theatre productions on this cruise. We enjoyed the shows on Reflection last year. However, this may be just our taste and we realize that you cannot please everyone all the time. The Musical Overload in the Constellation Lounge on 13 July was fantastic, as the singers were really good and seemed to enjoy doing the show. We liked Justino and David Schofield, but felt Daniel Hochsteiner’s show was very ordinary. Peter Grant was billed as a "rising star" but he had no personality and was incomprehensible to us, talking too quickly and mumbling (and we are English!). The big screen in the theatre for the World Cup matches was much appreciated! The lecture on Oslo turned out to be a talk about Norway in general which, although informative, was not what we went to hear. We didn’t attend any more lectures. We did our research and arranged all our own shore activities. There are so many to choose from in Norway – some we booked and paid for online before the cruise to make sure we didn’t miss out on anything. These generally worked out half the price of the Celebrity trips. At most ports there are ‘Hop on Hop off’ buses so you can plan your day without difficulty. We did a cruise on Lysefjord at Stavanger (a must); bus rides at Olden to see the Briksdal Glacier, Mt Dalsnibba at Geiranger and Stegastein at Flaam. We climbed Fjellskua at Aalesund and took the famous railway at Flaam. At Bergen, a free shuttle bus was provided by the local Tourist Office to the town centre. Bergen is beautiful, quaint old town with lots to see and do. Shopping on board the ship was a pleasant experience - the prices are free of US Sales Tax so are cheaper than many UK prices. The sales people, many from Eastern Europe, are polite, are not pushy and are generally helpful. There is, however, less choice than in the bigger Celebrity cruise ships. Despite Infinity being 13 years old, the ship is in good shape. There is a painting crew doing repairs on an ongoing basis. One reviewer remarked on the design of the ship – yes, it is a bit “lumpy” topsides, not like the sleeker, more modern ships in the fleet. I personally liked the glass portholes in the Oceanview Cafe floor where you can see the sea rushing under your feet as you eat! We also liked the view from the big window in the MDR at the rear of the ship. Disembarkation was painless. Although we were allocated a disembarkation time of 08.00hrs, Customer Services said we could leave when we wished as we only had to collect our car. So we had a leisurely breakfast and our bags were waiting for us in the Customs Hall. With calm seas, fantastic weather and scenery, this cruise exceeded our expections. Can’t wait for the next one.....!   Read Less
Sail Date July 2014
We travelled by car to Harwich on the morning of departure. A small delay for car parking and we were on the ship quickly in the warm sunshine. We have cruised a couple of times before, though not on Celebrity, and know from experience and ... Read More
We travelled by car to Harwich on the morning of departure. A small delay for car parking and we were on the ship quickly in the warm sunshine. We have cruised a couple of times before, though not on Celebrity, and know from experience and reading reviews that we don't let the small problems and set backs get in the way of a good holiday. The Norwegian itinerary was fantastic. A mix of cities and fjord hamlets. The views stunning and we enjoyed every port. Ocean view cabin was clean with good storage, however, we slept pretty badly as the cabin was never dark and the sun barely set. Bring an eye mask if you are bothered by this. We had packed quite an excessive amount of clothing to cover mixed weather (as forecast) and I'm delighted to report all the "warm" clothing went home clean. Obviously we were very lucky with the weather but I, along with others, did not pack enough hot weather attire. There was sunbathing on the deck every day of the trip so bear that in mind. Most days were absolutely roasting hot and only shorts and light summer clothing was suitable. The majority of the other passengers were probably 50s-80s and although we are a little younger, this was no issue on our part except Celebrity rep told me when I booked +6 months in advance that there were already +170 children booked. The reality was 70 children under 18 on board and only several English speaking in our daughter's age bracket. We were extremely lucky she made 3 great friends and the staff in the children's club seemed delightful though sometimes struggled to keep the children engaged due to the poor numbers. If you have children, I highly recommend only travelling with Celebrity in Europe during UK school holidays. Our daughter isn't schooled in the UK and was already finished for the summer. Food was generally the best we had experienced on a cruise. We were particularly pleasantly surprised by the buffet restaurant, although we chose wisely to suit our tastes. Eating on the sunset terrace at the back of the buffet restaurant was a perfect location in the beautiful weather particularly at sail aways. The main Trellis Restaurant was hit and miss. Often the food looked better than it tasted, however, the service and ambiance was lovely. We were on anytime dining and took whatever table we were given, however, we saw several window tables unoccupied one evening (and we had never been offered one) so the following evening we asked to wait for a window table. Be careful what you wish for because the window was very dirty and not a pleasant view because of this. We were also sat so close to the next table we were actually dining with the (very nice) couple, so ended up turned away from the window looking at them most of the time. We had the Classic Drinks Package Included in our booking and felt it absolutely unnecessary to upgrade. We did find that some bars would run out of particular drinks (beer, Baileys) without apology, however, with a little polite insistence sometimes the bar staff would eventually agree they could attempt to locate the drinks required. This happened on many occasions which really wasn't acceptable. So again, insist on what you want if you are turned down the first time. Entertainment was a little like the Trellis - hit or miss. The main dance troupe and singers were good but some of the individual acts very disappointing eg the juggler. We attended a few fun quizzes and some of the late night entertainment in different bars. Gym: I used this almost every day (thank goodness otherwise would never have fitted into any of my clothes). Fairly small but was never busy and everything I required. Classes were available, some free and some with a fee. I didn't attend any. We booked dinner at the SS United States based on reviews and personal recommendations. This is our single biggest complaint of the cruise, so if you're thinking about it, please take the time to read on. Again there were no window tables and we didn't ask to wait, however, within ten minutes of being seated the window tables were vacated one by one. So, again we recommend you ask to wait if you would like a window table because no-one will suggest you do so. The service was overwhelmingly pretentious as soon as we arrived as an array of staff approached us. We are well travelled and have lived in London, New York and Dublin so have experienced many good restaurants and dining experiences. Immediately we felt very uncomfortable. There was no wine available on the list included in our classic drinks package. The sommelier did say he could provide some but we should not have been put in the uncomfortable position of having to ask within clear earshot of other diners. To be fair, he was the one member of staff who relaxed and behaved in a "normal" manner once we engaged him in conversation. After our starter, we asked why we were not offered bread like the tables around us. The lady responsible for bread distribution arrived shortly thereafter with a basket half full of only white bread. I asked if I could have brown as other diners had on their plates and had to wait for her to come back. We were then offered more bread a further four times throughout our meal which was ridiculous and intrusive. Our main courses arrived and my partner's lamb was clearly overlooked and agreed by the waiter. He had to wait for another dish to be prepared, so I ate my main course alone and he ate his alone afterwards. Despite the fussing around us, no-one said "sorry". We got the distinct impression they are trained not to admit to any faults. Finally, when making the booking we were told only children over 12 years old were admitted but we saw a family with a child who looked no older than 8 years old. We challenged the maître d and she said this rule was flexible and she would have admitted our (well-behaved) 10 year old. Too late by that point. Dessert disappointing but good cheese selection. The maître d only charged us for one meal $50 to compensate but that didn't make up for the extremely disappointing experience. Most of the food was no better than the Trellis restaurant and not in our opinion worth $50 per person. In summary, we would have to give careful consideration to travelling again with Celebrity because of our child. However, we loved the itinerary, had the smoothest sailing, were blessed with amazing weather, got a suntan, ate and drunk too much and were sorry when it all came to an end.   Read Less
Sail Date July 2014
Embarkation at Harwich at 2 pm was very quick and we were escorted to Michaels club to meet the concierge, Neil, who explained a few things and sorted out our first dinner bookings. Cabin was ready so we left our bags and headed for some ... Read More
Embarkation at Harwich at 2 pm was very quick and we were escorted to Michaels club to meet the concierge, Neil, who explained a few things and sorted out our first dinner bookings. Cabin was ready so we left our bags and headed for some lunch at the Oceanview. Was very busy but we managed to get a table and had a few salads and a drink. There was a good choice of food on display but this was the only time we ate there. Bars: We liked cellar masters for a pre dinner drink and it was an excellent place to people watch! Martini bar was good entertainment but we found the drinks too much and only tried them twice! Mast bar had good service when we tried it. Premium beverage package meant we never signed for a drink at any time on the cruise. Restaurants: We had the 5 dinner package plus 2 free dinners but were persuaded to upgrade to the Ultimate package on the first night when we were in Qsine. Therefore even though we had select dining did not visit the MDR. Qsine - interesting and a bit confusing as we were never sure how much we were going to get. Personal favourites were the Lava Crab and Painters Mignon. Did not manage more than 3 items on any of our three visits. Service excellent. Café al Bacio Our favourite place to have a coffee and cake in the day and a coffee and liquer after dinner. Also great coffee to go. Did get busy with some people staying a long time. Bistro on Five We had lunch a few times, good service and range of crepes, salads and Paninis. Did not have to pay as included in the package but thought good value for $7. Blu Tried it once, ambience pleasant although tables very close together so might as well have been sharing. Excellent rib of beef, OK sirloin and good service. SS United States Worked our way through the menu and thought all the starters were good but that the fish entrees were excellent, as was the veal. Lamb OK but thought the venison disappointing. Table side preparation of the lobster is fun. Staff - lots of them and take a bit of getting used to at first but they were very friendly and helpful. The maitre D, Aurelian, prepared steak diane for us one evening and it was superb. The sommelier was fantastic at finding wine pairings to go with the dishes we chose. Entertainment Went to see magician who was excellent, especially his matinee show. Also saw a mentalist but rather disappointing. Theatre pleasant with good drinks service. Breakfast We had this in the cabin as we had plenty of space. Disappointed with quality of fruit and took a while to work out how much to order. Not always hot when it arrived either. Poached eggs were always soft though! Coffee was luke warn so ordered latte from Café al Bacio which was much better. Michaels Club Had access to this because we were in a CS. Was always very quiet but it was convenient when we wanted a drink quickly or to get a few bottles to take back to the cabin. My thoughts are that it is an idea that is still being worked on. The concierge, Neil, was always very helpful. Ports visited: Torshavn - interesting but not a lot to see and we had a lot of mist which spoiled some of the views on our excursion. Reykjavik - stunning views to sea and nice to wander round the center and the harbour area. We did the Golden circle tour and it was fantasic! Lerwick Strange being back on UK soil. Did a tour with and would rate Jarlshof as one to the most interesting places I have visited. Puffins and croft museum great as well as the Shetland ponies. Gerainger Stunning scenery on the sail in, mountain bus to Dalsnibba great views but not much time a the top. Sail out the captain did a 360 at the 7 sisters waterfall! Bergen larger than we expected. Free shuttle bus to center and we wandered around and found a Resistance museum in the fort just past the Fish Market. It had a really good display and as it is free worth a visit. At 1 pm it was easy to get a place on the funicular and the view of the harbour and surrounding mountains was great. Read Less
Sail Date July 2014
It was very clear from day on on our dated and untidy ship, that money was needed to be spend on maintenance of many area, from the seating at the pool to the carpets and buttons in the lifts. We felt that perhaps this was an older ship so ... Read More
It was very clear from day on on our dated and untidy ship, that money was needed to be spend on maintenance of many area, from the seating at the pool to the carpets and buttons in the lifts. We felt that perhaps this was an older ship so hey, let's not get excited with that. It was what happened every where else that was concerning me. The staff were not happy at all. I saw on three separate occasions staff fighting or having grievance with each other in public. I did bring this to the attention to guest relations. They did not seem interested and did not follow anything up. This continued throughout cruise, from during the art auction to the bar staff. After my other 12 cruises, I had not seen such behaviour before. The ship is understaffed. Infinity is the hardest ship I have been on to be served a drink. Every bar expects you to go and get it yourself. Usually each dat there is one drinks waiter in each bar, when it is clear there should be four or five. This is not modern luxury, surely. We were being entertained in bars, with bars not even serving drinks. Celebrity was losing a fortune on drink revenue. In the whole ship, there were only three activities staff. This again was badly understaffed and the program suffered. By the end of the cruise everyone was talking about the disappointment they were experiencing with Celebrity. The state room steward was excellent and so was the attitude and friendliness of the other cleaning staff on the ship. On board singers and dancers were excellent and about the best I have seen on any cruise ship. The fly in performers were very ordinary, apart from the magician who was brilliant. I think Celebrity has lost it, probably trying to price the cruises very competitively. Standards have slipped drastically in my opinion. I have traveled with 5* Cunard, 4* Royal Caribbean and 3* Thomson. I would put my Infinity experience as a 2* in comparison.   Read Less
Sail Date July 2014
Infinity is in great shape. If you want to find minor flaws you can, but none were distracting or bear mentioning. The crew is happy and responsive. Hotel department officers very visible while at sea and in port; navigation officers were ... Read More
Infinity is in great shape. If you want to find minor flaws you can, but none were distracting or bear mentioning. The crew is happy and responsive. Hotel department officers very visible while at sea and in port; navigation officers were busy going from port to port. Ship set up a Cruise Critic meeting for the first evening just after boarding (from 7:45 - 8:15PM) providing sparkling wine and mimosas. Several hotel department staff were there although they were very busy having just embarked over 2000 guests. Our first 8 days were in various ports so it was nice to meet other CC members early on rather than waiting until the day before disembarkation. Dining in Trellis was very good. We had anytime dining and made reservations for 6PM. We found an excellent waiter Jose Salinas and his big assistant Zambrano who took great care of us, even though they were very busy doing it. Excellent service and good food. We normally book AQ and there is a world of difference in food prep between Trellis and Blu. Standard fare of three production shows and the usual magicians and entertainers. The highlight was a Beatles impressions group the night we left Liverpool - how appropriate. Formal nights - evenings departing St. Peter Port and Holyhead. Made for a quick change for our standing 6PM reservation, but our only sea day was the day before disembarking. Formal night - about 90% of the men had coat and tie, some in formal attire. 10% did not appear to meet the dress code, but were not turned away. Captains Club evening receptions in the Constellation Lounge - deck 11 forward; no coupons Captains Club morning treats in the SS United States on deck 3 midships. Cabin - 3114. Nice new cabin where the meeting rooms used to be. Great big circular window. Particularly nice cabin for a very port intensive trip in cold climate. Michael and his assistant, Vladimir, kept it clean and always greeted us and opened the door if they were in the passageway. Embarkation in Harwich was easy. Eddie Manning delivered two other couples and us arriving about 12:30. We were onboard in about 10 minutes - no long lines anywhere. Disembarkation. Luggage tag numbers based on information already available, e.g., flight numbers from Choice Air. Since we had prearranged earlier transport with Eddie Manning, we asked for and received earlier numbers. (Very nice not to have to fill out paperwork on the second day of the cruise.) Immigration is done at the airports, so it's not like Fort Lauderdale with long lines. Disembarkation started at 6:45 with 8:45 the last time. Very quick and efficient. We did all private tours arranged through CC except for ship's tour from Le Havre to Paris. - LeHavre/Paris - Ship tour LH03 - Paris sightseeing with lunch cruise. Lots of windshield time. As expected, most sights were seen from inside the bus passing by. River cruise lunch was very good with narrated tour. Had about an hour to walk around the Eiffel Tower and shop for souvenirs. 2.5 - 3 hours each way. - St. Peter Port - After some initial confusion over the meeting point, Gill Girard gave us an excellent walking tour and her brother did likewise using his taxi showing the high spots around the island including the German Occupation Museum. We were on the first tender; by 10:30 reported wait was about 1.5-2.0 hours for tenders. Go early and avoid the crowd. - Cobh/Cork - eCoach/Butler's Bus. Excellent guide and tour. Got us to Blarney Castle before the hoards from the ship tours. Could have been a long wait if you were on the last bus. Saw several additional sites and had time for lunch. - Dunmore East/Waterford - All Ireland Chauffeur Tours. Another excellent tour. It was hard to find a provider here, but these guys did an excellent job. Again a tender port. We were on the first tender with our group. - Dublin - Tour Dublin - Good tour, but do not take option B to Malahide Castle. It's a long trip and shortens the time in Dublin plus the ship tours had bought out all the afternoon castle tours. Disappointing. - Liverpool - Liverpool History Taxi Tour with Phil Garrard. Excellent tour. We asked for some history and Beatles sites and got it. Phil is an excellent guide with lots of information and "secret" places. - Greenock, Scotland - Great Scot Tours. Very good tour - 8 - people. Rearranged schedule to make sure we go to Stirling castle before the ship's tour busses which cut us out of our visit to Malahide Castle. - Holyhead - BusyBus. Not recommended. Their advertising implies they use small busses to get to places the big busses can't go. We were met by two 50 passenger coaches and one 30 passenger coach. We were told they shifted since it was so hot and only the big busses had air con. Well one of them did. Our initial tour guide was one of the worst we have ever had. We shifted to the other bus with the company manager. There were 5 empty seats on the bus. Seems like they have lost their focus on service and now favor bigger profits, If you want a small group tour, find another vendor. Our background: Late 60's; active; like to see lots of sights (and we did on this cruise); 9 cruises total; 7 on X; 75 days on Celebrity ships before this. Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
We are very experienced travellers and have done a number of cruises, including with Celebrity. This June we sailed with Infinity up to Iceland. This was the end of 3 months of travel which began with a transatlantic on Holland ... Read More
We are very experienced travellers and have done a number of cruises, including with Celebrity. This June we sailed with Infinity up to Iceland. This was the end of 3 months of travel which began with a transatlantic on Holland America' Niew Amsterdam. Two ships of similar size and rating gave us a good point of comparison. Forget Infinity - pick Niew Amsterdam hands down!! We had been on the Millenium a few years ago, Infinity's sister ship. That cruise had been excellent so we were looking forward to this boat. While the ports and weather were fabulous, the cruse experience left us wanting to just get off. It was our worst cruise to date on any line or boat.. As noted by other travellers, Infinity looks beaten up, despite having been "solstisized" in 2012. The food was pretty uniformly terrible. We and our table mates sent meals back a number of times. Our kind waiter started to tell us which would the best bets each day in an effort to avoid this. The wine waiter was so keen to up our consumption that he was filling our glasses like water tumblers then with an empty bottle pushing us to buy another. The supervisory staff was not keeping an eye on things With exceptions of course, the staff seemed generally untrained and frequently just confused. The boarding process at ports was often chaotic - you would think they would have this down to a science by now. Many small things didn't work or had out of service signs for the whole voyage. The Canyon Ranch spa prices were much higher than on Holland America and as far as I could see that was impacting appointments. One staff said every treatment could be had for $40 off if you ask because no one was booking. Again 1st time we did not have a service - we could not justify their prices. The entertainment on Infinity was so so compared to Niew America which was terrific. Both had good enrichment lectures and both had good fitness facilities although the ladies change room on Niew Amsterdam was spotless at all times - Infinity's was a filthy swamp. I saw the same change room attendant twice fixing her makeup in the mirror then walking out, cleaning material in hand, without having actually cleaned up anything. Again, where was the supervision? By marked contrast our Holland America boat was charming. Excellent food, excellent staff and service, really fun entertainment and all of which was of a very high standard. The boat was in great shape although last refurbished before Infinity was Solstisized. They seem to be keeping it up. No question which company gets our business next time. Shore excursions are expensive with much time allotted to bathroom breaks in places with limited bathroom facilities. Groups are too large, so time is not used well. We are starting to make our own arrangements when we can. Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
This was our 3rd cruise on Celebrity. Other two ships were also old ( Summit & Century) the only ships offering the destinations and dates we wanted. I blame the management for all of the oversight. Someone of authority needs to look ... Read More
This was our 3rd cruise on Celebrity. Other two ships were also old ( Summit & Century) the only ships offering the destinations and dates we wanted. I blame the management for all of the oversight. Someone of authority needs to look at the stained upholstery on ALL of the seats in the Trellis dining room. The Constellation Lounge also has stained and frayed chairs. The rooms need to be inspected by someone other than housekeeping because they are NOT doing the job. For example: Sloppy painting on decks, power washing needed on verandas. Plexiglas should have constant care. Toilets need Clorox. Shower tiles old and moldy. Thick dust visible under mini frig. Curtains, which only block about 80 percent of sun, need to be rehung or replaced. Upholstered furniture is fading and looks it. The toilets throughout the ship have black ring in them (bacteria?) The Oceanview buffet is very negligent in cleanliness. The servers should be using disposable gloves. The salt and pepper shakers are sticky as are condiment bottles. Ugh! In our opinion the food is below average in the Oceanview and average to slightly above in the Trellis. The workers were friendly and always helpful. Our itinerary of the Fjords/Iceland was SUPURB. Bought several excursions online and they were wonderful. Recommend Grayline in Iceland. The entertainment was OK but not great. WONDERFUL young woman giving talks on Sea life and birds. Need more of her! Port lectures again just ok. Shops were the usual stuff. The few days at sea were very boring unless you wanted to attend sales oriented offerings. Library had been picked thru. Really a shame that someone is "not minding the ship."   Read Less
Sail Date May 2014
Mixed Experiences on Celebrity Infinity We recently completed a two week cruise of the Norwegian fjords and the North Atlantic Ocean through to Iceland. Our experience was something of a mixed bag, some good and others not so good. ... Read More
Mixed Experiences on Celebrity Infinity We recently completed a two week cruise of the Norwegian fjords and the North Atlantic Ocean through to Iceland. Our experience was something of a mixed bag, some good and others not so good. Let’s get the negatives out of the way first. There was nothing that was especially bad or unpleasant about the cruise - more a few relatively minor concerns plus a few on-going irritants we have with the RCCI brand. In no particular order these are: • Michael’s Club. From what was previously a very pleasant, if up-market, piano bar this seems to have been converted into a private club for the exclusive few - WTMB! On the one occasion we ventured into the room we were abruptly informed it was an exclusive venue to which we were apparently not entitled to use even though we are Elite members. It is situated pretty much in a thoroughfare adjacent to the casino and whenever we walked past it was generally completely empty so just for whom the venue is being exclusively reserved in anyone’s guess. It seems to us that it is a waste of valuable space and would surely be far preferable to revert to its original purpose as an albeit refined venue but open to all passengers. • Speciality restaurants. We went to Bistro on 5 for dinner one evening; we were the only patrons even though we spread our meal over a good one and a half hours. Again, this restaurant is very visible but it always seemed empty. In fact on the evening we patronised the place we were informed by the charming waitress that we were the first customers they had had that day! Although only a nominal USD5 is charged, we found the food to be of poor standard – overcooked, chewy crepes with far too spicy fillings for our taste. The obvious underutilisation and lack of popularity of the Bistro is similar to our previous experiences on the Constellation and the Eclipse. It occupies a relatively large space in a prime position on deck 5 which, in our view, could be put to much better use. For the first time on a cruise, we decided not to visit either of the other speciality restaurants, in this instance the SS United States and Qzine, which at USD45 a pop each are quite excessively expensive. Probably because most passengers feel the same way, neither venue ever seemed to be well patronised despite the daily hard sell and, towards the end of the cruise both were aggressively marketing two for the price of one offers as well as half price charges for a restricted luncheon menu on specific days. We strongly suggest Celebrity consider reducing prices in these establishments to make them more viable options for the average passenger. One other point – while the menu in SS United States provides an undoubted fine dining experience, it seems to be identical to the sister restaurants on other Celebrity ships (e.g. the Murano on Constellation), so loses some of its WOW factor as one knows precisely what to expect. • Entertainment. Real curates egg stuff, some pretty good, most mediocre cruise ship fare but entertaining enough. An operatic quartet, whom we encountered on a previous cruise, was especially good. The Celebrity orchestra was outstanding but some of the so-called Broadway type shows were distinctly ordinary despite a lot of energy from cast members. • Library. The library is relatively small and poorly stocked but, even then, some selfish passengers saw fit to abuse the facility. On one occasion we noticed a particularly inconsiderate passenger take out eleven books! • Condition of ship. As many other reviewers have pointed out, the Infinity is a bit run down and showing her age. But hey, she is almost 14 years old and, to our knowledge, has only been refurbished once since she was launched in 2001. While a bit tacky in certain areas she is on the whole, reasonably well maintained but, we suggest, should be scheduled for a dry-dock refurbishment before she gets in too noticeable a state of disrepair. • Cabin. Our cabin was a Concierge class balcony on the 8th deck, port side. Comfortable with adequate storage space. The only problem – it was an inter-leading room. Our neighbour seemed to be an insomniac and had the TV blaring until the wee hours of the morning on most nights. We found to our detriment that the inter-leading cabins on the Millennium class are most definitely not sound-proofed! • Embarkation. Pretty shambolic! There did not seem to be much organisation and, even though we were Concierge and Elite passengers, our queue seemed to be as slow as all the others. As we mentioned, nothing overtly off putting but concerns that perhaps Celebrity management should consider to maintain the status and marketability of its special position in the cruise industry. Now for the positives! • Itinerary. We chose this cruise because of the itinerary and were not disappointed. We did not participate in any of the ship’s excursions, opting as is our wont to do our own thing in each of the ports visited. However, for people who have not previously visited the bigger cities of Oslo and Reykjavik, we recommend they consider doing one or other of the ship’s suggested excursions as most of the better attractions, for example for Iceland such as the Blue Lagoon, geysers and Gullfoss Falls, are some distance from the port. We had been to both these cities before and had experienced many of the recommended highlights so, on this occassion, we confined ourselves to exploring the respective ports and environs on our own. Each of the ports were uniquely beautiful and we easily found something of interest to do in each venue. Ports on this cruise were:  Oslo: We docked close to downtown Oslo, starting our walking tour by visiting the imposing opera house before making our way to the city centre. Oslo is a beautiful city, and is easy to navigate. We strolled through downtown marvelling at many impressive statues and beautiful gardens. There was a choir festival on the go during our visit so every 100 metres or so, we were entertained to some folksy Norwegian choral works. The grounds of the formidable, somewhat austere Palace and adjacent gardens were also worth strolling through.  Kristianstad, Norway: A quaint little town but being a Sunday, most facilities and places of interest were closed save for a small food market. The main attraction, the fish market, was also closed on the day we visited.  Stavanger, Norway: We again just did our own thing opting just to walk through the town that has some lovely parks and fountains.  Torshavn, Faroe Islands: This was the only tender port but the tendering was very efficient and swift. Public transport is free circumnavigating the town and its environs on a regular basis with buses arriving promptly every twenty minutes. So, a good tip is to catch any Red bus - it will take you on a scenic tour overlooking the port and surrounding areas. If one chooses, the service can easily be used to “hop on, hop off” to visit some of the town’s attractions such as the cathedral and the ultra-modern grass covered Nordic House that houses a concert hall, theatre, restaurants and art gallery.  Reykjavik, Iceland: As mentioned, we had visited Reykjavik previously when we toured extensively taking in the geysers and hot springs, Gullfoss Falls, the thermal power plant and Pingvellir National Park where the fissure between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates that is gradually tearing Iceland apart, is clearly visible. If one has not visited these attractions then a ship’s excursion or private tour is almost mandatory. We therefore stayed in Reykjavik itself for the day plus we were docked there. The first day we opted to do a walking tour through the downtown area visiting, inter alia, the shopping district, the impressive cathedral and the infamous phallic museum (which, had it not been for the pensioner’s discount we received on the admission fee, would have been a complete rip-off!). We then purchased tickets for the hop on, hop off bus that offered a scenic drive around the city, the most notable attraction of which is the striking Pearl Observatory, comprising the observatory, a number of restaurants and a conference centre, that offers majestic views of the city and surrounding areas. The next morning we followed the crowd and ended up doing a delightful walk from the ship along the shorefront to the city centre passing a number of unique statues, a restaurant and entertainment park made entirely of scrap metal, and an awesome sculpture of a Viking ship along the way. About a ten kilometre round trip but well worth the effort.  Lerwick, Shetland Islands: we really enjoyed this visit to a bit of Scotland in the middle of the North Atlantic! We walked our socks off through the town, its many gardens, flea markets, dockside attractions and the old fort overlooking the town.  Geiranger, Norway: Without doubt, the highlight of the whole trip. It is a majestic fjord. The sail in to the town of Geiranger takes a good four to five hours and one is gobsmacked by the beauty of the many waterfalls, snow-capped peaks and sheer majesty that greets one as the ship slowly meanders its way through the fjord. The famous Seven Sisters waterfall is everything it is drummed up to be and the town of Geiranger itself, is so beautifully situated it literally takes one’s breath away. We docked using a “floating dock” which was interesting, unique and an attraction in itself. Our visit included a strenuous walk through the magnificent cascading series of mini waterfalls and then a bus drive to the two most scenic viewpoints on either side of the town offering awesome views of the town and the surrounding mountains. Surely one of the most beautiful places in our wonderful planet?  Bergen, Norway: Our last port of call and the only day of the trip where we had really bad weather being greeted by heavy rains as soon as we docked. Bergen apparently, is not called the rain capital of Norway for nothing! A complimentary bus service takes passengers from the port to the centre of town, returning to the ship at regular intervals throughout the day. The weather was pretty miserable but we still managed to get to see some of the sights of the city including the cathedral (currently being renovated), the famous fish/food market and the picturesque coloured houses one sees in all the picture postcards of Bergen. Fortunately, the weather cleared so, along with all the other tourists from the four cruise ships that were in town that day, we opted for the funicular ride up the mountain overlooking the city. The funicular ride is very efficient and quick so the formidably long queue waiting soon dissipated and we were soon on top of the mountain with great views of the city and surrounds. Well worth the journey. • Elite perks. This was the first cruise for which we qualified for Elite status benefits. These included some very welcome free internet minutes, complimentary laundry (wash and fold), an evening “happy hour” with complimentary drinks and snacks, as well as an exclusive continental breakfast venue serving a range of smoothies, fresh fruits and speciality coffees in addition to the usual range of breads and pastries, cheeses and yoghurts. • Captain’s Club. Marlene, the vivacious Captain’s Club hostess on board the Infinity was quite simply the best, most efficient and hard-working we have yet experienced on any of our previous Celebrity cruises. Highly visible and on hand to attend to Captain’s Club member needs she invariably gave the impression that nothing was too much trouble. • Staff visibility. One or other senior staff member, be it the Hotel Director, Staff Captain, Executive Chef or the Master himself, were noticeable around the vessel on most occasions, while virtually the entire senior officer contingent were on hand during functions such as the Captain’s Club reception. • Service standards. We have always been impressed with the quality of staff training within the RCCI organisation. Staff, with very few exceptions, are invariably well trained, approachable, friendly and courteous always seemingly willing to go the extra mile. Our experience on this cruise was no exception. Our cabin attendants, Luciano and Francisco (two native Indians from India!!) were especially attentive and efficient. We had pre-arranged a ship’s excursion to Windsor Castle that dropped us off at Heathrow well in time for our return journey to South Africa. As such we had priority disembarkation so we did not experience the frustrations many passengers apparently had regarding lack of transport from Harwich. The trip to Windsor was interesting and gave us a good insight into this historical town. We recommend it to other passengers seeking a seamless transfer to the airport but who have a few hours to kill before their flight. All in all, we had a great cruise. Indeed, despite the few irritations one experiences on any holiday, what is there to really complain about when one has the good health and good fortune to even be able to cruise anyway, and to be able to see so many unique and beautiful places with cruise ship ambience and convenience? Life is good!   Read Less
Sail Date May 2014
Have cruised more 20 times on various lines and ships (but never with Celebrity). Came across this particular cruise vising Iceland and some other very nice ports so decided to book. Got a balcony cabin and the weather was fantastic so no ... Read More
Have cruised more 20 times on various lines and ships (but never with Celebrity). Came across this particular cruise vising Iceland and some other very nice ports so decided to book. Got a balcony cabin and the weather was fantastic so no complaint there. I thought I would write this review to express some of my personal opinions which others may find useful when deciding whether to opt for this ship (Infinity). Embarkation at CPH was a little shambolic; very long wait I am sure something can be done to improve this process. The cabin was adequately clean, except for on the top of the TV where a lot of dust has accumulated. The mini fridge was not cold. I bought my own shampoo but not shower gel due to luggage allowance limit on flight over from UK to CPH. There was no shower gel provided just small bar of soap. I was a bit annoyed as if I had known, I would have brought my own shower gel along. The shampoo provided was in a small pitiful bottle. I have very long hair and so it does not last more than a day (even when used conservatively). Yet when asked for more, I felt the steward was begrudging this and I got one new bottle every other two days. Luckily, as said I had brought my own. There were not many interesting activities for sea days. However, as stated we did not mind as we just enjoyed sitting on the balcony instead. The food in Trellis was hit and miss. Service was ok from the waiter but not sure the role of the assistant waiter as we hardly ever saw her? Since their wages are mainly from tips from passengers, I wonder if Celeb created this extra new position for a reason. On a few occasions we dined on deck 10 as the food seemed better there compared to the restaurants and we saw our assistant waiter also on this deck so not sure why she was in two places. Our wine sommelier was appalling in knowledge, service. and attitude. Came across another in the bar she was very nice and polite. We bought a wine package it was not very nice; these bottles you probably wouldn't shell out more than 3 dollars at home yet on this ship they charge well over $100, a total rip off. We wish we had investigated the possibility of brining our own wine and pay for corkage fee. We paid extra to dine in SS and Qsine. SS was good but we felt Qsine was definitely overhyped. Don't get me wrong, if you have $40 spare by all means do try as the concept is quirky. However the service and food were appalling in equal measures. Some reviews I have read indicated too much food yet as soon as we sat down our waitress told us we were allowed to choose 3 starters dishes and one main only to share (the portions are not big). .. We chose disco shrimp and it is ... ladies and gentlemen, prawn cocktail in a glass, the glass sat on a flashing light cube. We looked forward to the Alaskan crab but when it came out was a ball of mess covered in sauce. The sauce was nice but whatever it was, could not taste the crab so it could have been a seahorse for all we knew! The soup was the only tasty thing however served in a test tube and had to be drawn up by a straw. Needless to say, was very fiddly so after two tries each time withdrawing 1 ml of soup we gave up. Even if we didn't, it must be mentioned here that for each dish, the waitress was rushing to remove even though we had not finished, perhaps because the next one was ready. The desserts included three types of icecream which you could have made yourself from the icecream parlour on deck 10. So we did feel cheated with Qsine having had to pay extra. Would have liked to try the indian or Lebanese but as said the waitress said we could only have 3 starters and 1 main. In her very words ' You will have to show me what you ordered on the ipad and once I am happy I will allow you to go ahead. and you can choose 3 starters and 1 main. I do feel Qsine is a case of ' everyone was applauding the emperor's elaborate outfit until someone shouted the emperor is naked... well I am that someone. As said, the food was edible but you ought to know if it is worth your dollars. Hope you make the right choice. Overall it was ok a cruise but we would probably cruise with Princess again. Read Less
Sail Date May 2014
We had a concierge class cabin on deck 8, close to the stairs/elevators which was a good location for us. The cabin and balcony were good sized and having the little couch area was nice. The bathroom and the counters in the cabin could use ... Read More
We had a concierge class cabin on deck 8, close to the stairs/elevators which was a good location for us. The cabin and balcony were good sized and having the little couch area was nice. The bathroom and the counters in the cabin could use a little love. We noticed several areas of the ship that could use some updating/maintenance but nothing that interfered with having a great cruise. The itinerary was fantastic, starting in Copenhagen, 5 ports in Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands and Shetland Islands. This was our first cruise on Celebrity but we have been on many cruises with Princess and HAL. We were expecting the food and service to be just a notch better than on Princess and HAL, based on what we had read. The cabin steward, bar tenders, wait staff, etc. were all very friendly and accommodating. The wait staff in the main dining room (select seating) seemed to be stretched thin so the service was slow. Not a problem since we were not going anywhere! Natalie the hostess at the front was always smiling, laughing and eager to find a table for us. However the food in the MDR was usually just mediocre, nothing special, no seasoning, dry, etc. The only excellent dish we had was the escargot appetizer and one meal was inedible; a steak that was so tough it was sent back. The food in the buffet was typical buffet food and very crowded. We only ate in one specialty restaurant (Bistro on 5) and the crepes were very good. The other specialty restaurants were just too expensive! Based on our research we didn’t expect much from the entertainment but most of the shows were quite good (Elton John tribute, dance/variety shows) and the music in the lounges was good. They had quite a bit of classical music in the theatre (violin, opera) which was well attended, but not our cup of tea. We booked the 123 GO with the Classic Beverage Package included. The wine by the glass selection was very limited (1 each chardonnay, cab sauvignon, merlot, etc.). The first day or two the cabernet was by Wente and was very good then it changed to Smoking Loon which was terrible. The chardonnay selection was Benziger and was marginally drinkable. So we mostly drank vodka, the beverage package included several good choices. Since bottled water and soft drinks were also included in the package we got a lot of use out of it. Overall it was a great cruise with the itinerary and perfect weather. If the right itinerary, price and promotions were offered we would probably try another Celebrity cruise on one of the newer ships to see if our experience with the MDR food was an anomaly. Read Less
Sail Date May 2014
I think it is always important to understand who is providing a review on this site. There is such a diverse community of cruisers that perspective is extremely important. We are a 40-something couple with two young children, 5 and 4. We ... Read More
I think it is always important to understand who is providing a review on this site. There is such a diverse community of cruisers that perspective is extremely important. We are a 40-something couple with two young children, 5 and 4. We have done quite a bit of cruising with our children, we always focus on the itinerary first. Harwich - Just one observation regarding departure - take the train! Unless you plan to tour England a few days before the cruise, driving in England (particularly this route) is very slow and difficult. Google maps quoted a two hour drive, it took us four hours due to heavy construction on the M25, pretty much the whole way around London. The train station is literally a hop, skip and jump to the cruise terminal. Since we were the last folks to arrive in the cruise terminal, check-in was smooth, quick, and easy. The ship design is generally pretty lackluster, and shows its age. The process of "Solsticizing" this ship lead to a lot of questionable design changes. For instance, the kids club took over half of the forward nightclub, the Constellation Lounge. Gym The gym was at the front of the ship so it was a terrific location to hit the treadmill in the morning as the ship sailed through the Fjord. I was there at 6am to 6:30 and was usually one of two or three people in there. It didn't pick up until 7am when the staff came on duty. Food/Dining Celebrity did a good job with food quality, I was a little surprised that a ship with such a fabulous pastry chef didn't have a midnight buffet on a 10-night cruise. Breakfast in the buffet was ok. In my opinion all of the ships serve the same stuff, there is pretty much everything you could want for breakfast. The buffet did have a nice(but slow) eggs benedict counter. We ate in the main dining room most nights, the menu was diverse enough night after night that there was always something new to try and the staples steak and salmon were good. The chocolate cake served in the main dining room was to die for. It was so good, we took photos of it. Lots of photos. We dined one night at the Qsine restaurant, this is a very cool concept but make an early reservation as you would need several hours to try several of the menu items. Service is very slow. Celebrity does the RCCL Opening dining concept which to me falls quite short of being an open dining concept since they take reservations; they need to take a lesson from NCL on this - first come, first serve. Entertainment The entertainment was ok. The production dancers were very good, the production singers - not so much (except for one of the female leads). The contortionist couple were amazing. Celebrity always caters toward the older crowd when it comes to entertainment so it didn't surprise me to see a concert pianist in the theater one night. However, the pianist, Brooks Aheron, was extremely entertaining for all ages. The only real miss for us in the theatre was a female soloist who had been on The Voice UK. The club and lounge singers did a good job. Kids Club As previously mentioned the kids club took over a portion of the Constellation Lounge, so it provided great views for the youngsters but the club design was an after thought. No jungle gyms to keep the youngsters active like Disney or Norwegian. Considering what they had to work with, the crew of the kids club did a great job keeping the kids entertained and interested. The hours of the club were a little odd, i.e. it completely shut down from 5pm-7pm every night. The flip side is that we didn't have to pay for the club in ports unless we left them for lunch. Most of the cruise lines use that tactic on sea days (to make sure the kids get fed). It was a annoying that they did it everyday. My gauge on the quality of the kids club is whether or not my kids are pestering me to go there throughout the cruise. I'm happy to report they never lost interest! (To date - Only the RCCL clubs hold the honor of boring my children) Ports: (We did not go on any ship-sponsored excursions) Oslo We did the City Sightseeing hop-on/hop-off in Oslo since we had never been to Norway before. We used City Sightseeing in several of the cities and the buses usually had wifi onboard. If you've never done an Icebar before, the Oslo one is small but worth the price. Stavanger Stavanger is a quaint little city. There is a mall/grocery store close to the port if you need any supplies. Flam Flam is an incredibly beautiful place. I will spend the rest of my life trying to figure out how to retire there. These is a walking loop from the port is about a 2 mile circuit but it will take several hours due to all of the photos you'll have to take. (if we didn't have the kids with us I would have rented bikes here). Alesund - It rained heavily the day we were here. This is a quaint little city but I assume the reason the ship was in port for 12 hours there had to do with timing into the fjords. I recommend an excursion that takes you outside of Alesund. Geiranger - Beautiful, but this place was a zoo when we were there due to having three cruise ships in port that day. The Infinity had to use the tenders. There are several tourists buses that will drive you to the scenic overlooks. City Sightseeing also ran a bus service to the overlooks. One tip on Geiranger - get up early to get a photo of the Seven Sisters waterfall as the ship sails into Gerainger. In the afternoon, leaving Geiranger, they do the whole production and photo op turning the ship 365 degrees. However, due to the time of day you will most likely be taking your photos in to the sun. Olden - Beautiful place and similar to Olden, I would love to retire here. Again, if we didn't have the kids here we would have rented bikes. There is a glacier tour here, but if you have done Alaska, you'll be disappointed. Bergen - This historic capital of Norway seemed to have more life than the current capital. We also lucked out in having a beautiful sunny day in Europe's rainiest city. Everything was packed with tourists, not just from the ships. It was crowded, very crowded. I disembarked from Bergen and hopped a flight back to US due to work obligations. It would be a great end to a cruise to hop off in Bergen and tour around Norway a little more, just a thought. Several folks disembarked with me in Bergen, I suspect that was their plan. Read Less
Sail Date September 2013
We went to Norwegian Fjords with Celebrity recently. Overall, everything was great in the ship, the itinerary was simply amazing and the weather cooperated with us throughout the trip! I really recommend this destination to all who would ... Read More
We went to Norwegian Fjords with Celebrity recently. Overall, everything was great in the ship, the itinerary was simply amazing and the weather cooperated with us throughout the trip! I really recommend this destination to all who would like to see nature at its best! However I don't recommend Celebrity line to those with toddlers as neither the line nor the clientele are toddler friendly. I will wait for few more years for my toddler to grow up before I will sail with them again. Now some details; Staterooms; We had a concierge class veranda room. The reason we opted for this was to have some extra room for the baby bed and buggy and to have a balcony. I must say concierge was all a waste as we could not benefit from the amenities at all. Boarding priority was not needed as the boarding for everyone was very smooth, we did not buy any excursions from the ship so no need for concierge, there were afternoon snack service to rooms but you have to be at the room at given time and we never were. So YES for the balcony, NO for the concierge class. Restaurants; EXCELLENT main dining room Trellis. To be honest you don't need any other restaurant if you have a main one like that. Beautiful presentation, very tasty food, great service, I give 5 stars to the main restaurant! Now I can't say that for the specialty restaurant SS United Stated... We tried it with our elevated expectations from main dining room and were very DISAPPOINTED. It is also quite expensive (45$/person), thank god it was offered free to us for the trouble they caused (see below). Save your money, enjoy Trellis Restaurant; it is free and better than SS. United States :) Fun Factory; Overall NOT Toddler friendly, they admitted to us; they simply try to avoid toddlers into the Fun Factory as it creates more work for them. There was not enough information on the Celebrity web site about programs for toddlers at 2yo, but it was written there are some programs. Good thing I did not expect a lot, only a room where I can play with my baby. First day I went to check out, they told me "at the sea days toddlers can only come between 12-2pm" at which hour they usually sleep! But considering we had a port every day except 2 I was ok with that. Next day we went (a port day), ah they told me "toddlers can only come when the ship is actually at the port", now I was not happy with this "go away today, come tomorrow" attitude. So I went ahead to complain to customer relations as I believe you must make a point about these things to get them fixed eventually. Then the Fun Factory managers approached us... to apologize? No, to make her case stronger and made us think we shouldn't have complaint about her team. All the explanation around the ship was crowded with older children and every time they accept a toddler inside they must disinfect everything the toddler touch, so they don't accept them often. Her attitude was aggressive and pushy, which made me even angrier! So the situation got elevated... Briefly we avoided the fun factory for the rest of the trip and the customer relations manager apologized. I would not go to Celebrity until my child is at least 8-9yo. Norwegian Fjords-Excursions; AMAZING places to visit! Here are our highlights; -Oslo; We had the worst weather there and it was a Sunday, the city empty, rainy and dark... We went to city ourselves, which was very close from the port. Unless you plan the whole day in the city, DO NOT take the HOHO ticket as you can walk to most of the city center monuments and ICE BAR. It was not an impressive city but we really liked the ICE BAR, worth a visit. -Stavanger; You can just walk to(or even actually see) the old city from where the ship is docked. Very pretty streets and houses. Nothing else interested in the city center. -Flam; We did take the Train ourselves but with a bit of initiative was involved. Pay attention that even if your ship is the only one docked that day (we checked before and it was the case)they bring tourists by busses from other locations and the train tickets are usually sold out, unless you take the excursion which is more than double the cost. What we did, we bought tickets to a very late (thus available) train, then wait next to the train at an earlier departure until it is 5 min to departure. Then we approach to the ticket guy and say we have a ticket for a later train but if there is any space? We watched this worked on 2 trains including ours! So we boarded on a train that was shown "full" on the screens:) It was worth all the scheming :) TAKE the train at Flam. -Geiranger; the HOHO bus going to the lake that you can see the glacier was very nice! We had a perfect clear day so could see glacier perfectly, and very nice scenes on the way. -Bergen; you can walk to the center where you will see very nice medieval streets and 3 min away the Fish Market. WE enjoyed this city more than we thought based on some reviews. Very interesting items are sold at the market such as whale sausages and very brown goat cheese or cloudberry jams :) You can do a lot of sightseeing in this itinerary by yourself and excursions will cost 2 or 3 times more for similar trips. Also very importantly the crew at Celebrity was very happy. Compared to the crew we have seen around us at Norwegian Cruise Line, the ones at Celebrity are happier with their work. And you get effected by the difference...We thought this made a huge difference at the experience and we liked it! We will go back to Celebrity again (without a toddler).   Read Less
Sail Date August 2013
Our first cruise was also with Celebrity, on the Century, last year, and it speaks volumes that little over a year later we were back on a cruise with the same company. It is very difficult to find any faults with our cruise to the ... Read More
Our first cruise was also with Celebrity, on the Century, last year, and it speaks volumes that little over a year later we were back on a cruise with the same company. It is very difficult to find any faults with our cruise to the Norwegian Fjords on the Celebrity Infinity. Although we're a little younger than the usual cruise population (early thirties), we have so far found that Celebrity fits our needs perfectly; great food and drink, stylish ships, and super-friendly staff on board; to me, it really feels like they do their best to keep up standards and give everyone a great time. It took around half an hour from parking to get on the ship at Harwich - everything was smooth, well-organised and easy. The champagne greeting is a lovely welcome, and the sun was shining to match my mood as I settled into holiday mode. We opted for a mid-ship inside cabin, which was very similar to our cabin on the Century. It had everything you needed, and though compact, had enough room to store all our clothes and belongings, and was nicely styled. It was a quiet cabin - the only noise we ever heard was from our cabin attendant greeting our fellow passengers outside the room. Speaking of which, our attendant was great, keeping the cabin clean and tidy; only problem for me, and I'm sure this wouldn't be a problem for most, was that he was slightly too attentive - I don't feel the need for someone to be at my beck and call, and asking after how I am every time I open the cabin door. We found the food on the ship to be exceptional. We tried every restaurant, including Qsine, SS United States and Bistro on Five, and found both the food and the service to be excellent. The service in SS United States was the best I've received, and Qsine is so inventive, I believe they are both worth the extra cash - you are on holiday, after all. Lunch on the first day was in Bistro on Five - recommended for a peaceful meal while the buffet is busy. In the main dining room, on select dining, most nights we were able to sit at table for 2, which was our preference. The food never disappointed, despite the high numbers of people they cater for. I'd recommend the pool grill for a tasty burger as an alternative lunch, something we didn't get round to trying on our previous cruise. My one point of recommendation for Celebrity with regards to food and drink - it would be nice to have the option to try some foods from the area you are visiting on the cruise - a local goats cheeses, locally caught fish, beer from the local brewery etc., whether this is part if the daily menu, or a one-off special event. It would really enhance the cultural aspect of the cruise, particularly for those who found it too expensive to eat and drink off the ship in Norway. As you may have noticed, I have a 'worry about the cost when you get home' attitude, but others didn't and I felt they missed out a little. We had the classic drinks package as part of our booking deal, and upgraded to premium on arriving on the ship. I'm glad we did, as we spent many an hour in the Martini bar in the evening; it had the best and friendliest bar staff, and a younger feel, with more up-to-date music than in the other bar areas. We loved the flexibility of the drinks package, and I was able to drink pots of tea to my hearts content in the cafe - at $4.75 a pop I didn't even try one pot on our previous cruise and missed having a proper cuppa (the tea in the MDR/buffet doesn't cut it for me). We enjoyed trying different wines with dinner, having a few beers and cocktails by the pool, picking up a handy bottle of water each time we left the ship. Just helps add to that relaxed, free and easy feeling of being on holiday. The weather was pretty great on our cruise, as far as Norway goes, and we were able to spend time relaxing in the sunshine on the deck, as well as enjoying our time on land. I used the solarium pool, hot tubs and sauna several times, which was a great way to relax after a busy day. I also used the gym, which had everything to meet my needs - could do with being a little more air conditioned for my personal taste. We took three excursions through Celebrity, and three independent tours. All were great. Celebrity organises its excursions very well; yes, they are a bit more expensive than DIY, but in my experience they have delivered. I'd recommend getting out and about in the countryside if you are able to - our favourite days were when we spent time hiking in Flam and Geiranger; I feel those who stuck to the train, or bus tours, missed out a little. We loved the Flamsbana train, but the views from above could not beat our 7 mile hike down through the valley after. Entertainment on the ship was mixed - we found the dancers/singers to be better than our last cruise, but I was less keen on the other choices. There were 2 guitarists/singers, which were both quite good, but there could have done with being a little more variety. The string trio were excellent, the rest of the entertainers, so so. Mostly though, the entertainment is not aimed at our age group, so can't complain too much. The Cruise Director was excellent, and very visible throughout the cruise, and the activities manager did a very good Derren Brown style 'mentalism' act on the final night, which was a cut above the usual cheesy cruise entertainment. On request, the entertainment team arranged for the men's Wimbledon final to be shown in the theatre, which was a nice touch, and fun for the Brits to celebrate Andy Murray's triumph. I really have very little to complain about on this cruise; I paid for the cheapest cabin, but received fantastic service, and made memories I will never forget. We did spot a few sour faces on our fellow passengers around the ship from time to time, but generally feel that a person's attitude massively impacts on enjoyment - we set out to enjoy this cruise, and Celebrity did nothing to disappoint. Well done, we'll be back.   Read Less
Sail Date July 2013
We chose this cruise because of the Iceland/Norway itinerary. Our last time with Celebrity was in 2003 on the Constellation. Soon we were reminded why we always spoke highly to friends about the Celebrity experience and so glad we have ... Read More
We chose this cruise because of the Iceland/Norway itinerary. Our last time with Celebrity was in 2003 on the Constellation. Soon we were reminded why we always spoke highly to friends about the Celebrity experience and so glad we have become reacquainted. We flew overnight from Boston and took the ship's transfer to the port of Harwich. Boarding was quick and our suite ready early afternoon. The Infinity has been nicely maintained for a ship over 12 years old. Service was exceptional in almost all areas. Our butler Edwin extremely attentive and yet respected our privacy. Cabin steward excellent. We took advantage of the 123 promotion and had the classic drink package. Although only one of us drinks alcohol, I took full advantage of specialty coffees, non-alcoholic drinks, etc. Probably had more diet sodas than I usually have in a year! Also had select dining. Favorite spots: Blu: Although we only had breakfast there once and dinner twice, we found the service and food to be outstanding. Suite passengers can use Blu and we never had a problem being seated. AquasSpa cafe: Great place for a healthy lunch. With classic drink package we could get their smoothies free of charge. We alternated between it and the Bistro on Five. Cafe al Bacio: Great coffee bar with very tempting desserts. Bistro on Five: Great crepes and service. Well worth the $5 surcharge. Qsine: Such a fun place to eat we went twice. The last time with a wonderful couple from London and we were able to view the wonderful fiord as we departed Geiranger Norway. Very creative presentations  do have the Lava Crab! Martini Bar: By far the most interesting passengers meet here during the course of the evening. Great bar service! Morning show: Every morning on the cabin TV we began our day with watching the Cruise Director JC and Activities Director Pete, entertain us as the events of the day were presented. A lot of fun!Wanted to mention a few ports that are not usually visited. Faroe Islands a most pleasant surprise. Trshavn had grass covered roofs and brightly colored buildings. Akureyri in northwest Iceland and our closest stop to the Arctic Circle had temps near 80 F and spectacular vista's. Geiranger Norway spectacular! Really looking forward to our transatlantic on the Equinox on November. Read Less
Sail Date July 2013
This was our first cruise on X, and we loved the ship size. The crew were all very nice, but we did notice that a few had some limited English skills. Here are some key points: Deck 11 AQ-This floor had only 1 elevator that came to this ... Read More
This was our first cruise on X, and we loved the ship size. The crew were all very nice, but we did notice that a few had some limited English skills. Here are some key points: Deck 11 AQ-This floor had only 1 elevator that came to this area. No problem. Both hallways had a small sitting area, making the halls seem much more open. Very nice! Had a back door/stairway that went straght to the back of the buffet and back patio on deck 10. Very nice! Loved the big shower, shower doors, and spray jets! DID NOT like that the balcony didn't have a cover. I knew about this before, and thought it would be fine. It rained, and the rain hit the glass doors. Then we had to wait for the balcony to dry before we could use it. I would have loved to sit under a covered balcony and watch a rain storm. I would prefer deck 9 balconys with the large overhangs, to this. We had some rough waters, and there was a fair amount of creeking on this top floor. I got a bit queasy because of the waters, thinking maybe the top floor was not the best place for me in rough seas. I didn't hear any noise from the sports deck on 12th floor. Room was very quiet. The AC/heat worked perfectly! Toilet flushed well-right on! BLU had exceptional service. Food was good to OK. The vegetarian options were very tasty. The afternoon canapes didn't look very appetizing and I so I cancelled delivery after the first few days. The carafe of tea was cancelled also, since it was basically colored water. Didn't use the Persian Garden...I think it is better on the S-class ships. Loved the priority check-in since the line to board was very long. Would do AQ again, but not on deck 11 if rain was forcast. The Ship-Loved the AquaSpa cafe for healthy food options. Really enjoyed the Indoor pool area. I hung out here when it was raining, and the sound of the water, humidity of being indooors, and the light from above was so pleasing! Pool grill was good for afternoon fries! Didn't use the MDR. Was told by others that if you are AQ and go to the MDR, they send you to BLU. OceanView Cafe was fine. Food was good to OK. DH liked the Pasta station and Sushi Bar. As always, the Ice Cream station was yummy. I got some M&M's for late snacks from there, some times! I liked the Grill in the back, but there was always a long wait. Constellation Lounge was nice, and not used much. Every time I went there, all the older folks were asleep everywhere! haha Rendezvous was nice. The music and singers there were pleasant. LOVED the String Trio. 3 lovely Russian girls. They played around the ship regularly. Cafe al Bacio was awesome. Walked thru Cellar Masters plenty of times. This place was always empty (except sometimes the older folks were here instead of in the Constellation! The public restrooms were kept very clean-I appreciate that, X! Crew-JC was a nice and pleasant CD. He seemed to be everywhere, all of the time. Very busy young English Chap! Plenty of crew, always friendly and willing to help. Speaker Kennedy was very good. Other speaker, not so much. The Dance Group put on action-packed Shows. Very entertaining. The female comedian, and the Hypnotist were entertaining. Ric was very good. The pianist was very good. I loved the Zumba Classes-made sure I went to EVERY one to work off the tons of calories I ate!! There were a lot of options onboard to keep people busy. Good! Captain Michael made a few appearances...good PR. Shore Excursions-Took a few. They were OK. The guides we had, all had very heavy accents. Felt a bit rushed a few times. I would think twice next time about taking ship excursions. Passengers-Odd how things work...there were numerous groups of folks of many cultures/nationalities. LOT'S of kids onboard. I think a group of young teens went thru Deck 11 (3 times) stealing all of the door signs! GRRRRR When in the Constellation, I noticed loud noise from the KidZone. All-in-all, we knew we had kids (probably 40-50) onboard. Some were lovely and polite, others not so much. I saw 3 VERY young babies....being held in arms the entire cruise (bless those parents). There was a large group who were absolutely rude to servers in the Oceanview, numerous times....I think it might have been a language barrier, or cultural "status" thing. Once, at the back grill, I had to speak up and say to a few who were yelling at the servers, to please be kind! They then starting jabbering about me, I'm sure! hahaha What to do. Ports-I loved this itinerary! Loved it! Torshavn was fabulous. It looked like a Christmas postcard. Iceland was a Geology dream. The Norway ports were sooooo amazing! We hiked all the way up to the point in Geiranger, then back down. That was a good way to work off all the calories we consumed. The natural wonders we experienced cannot be put into words. We stood close enough to rushing waterfalls to get the spray on us and smell the freshness! We stopped at a small red coffee shop on the way down to rest. We sat out on the picnic bench, sipped hot tea, and looked out over the fjord. It was truly a memory-made. Went up the funicular in Bergen, and hiked back down. We did things on this trip we sooo enjoyed. We have made it home safely, and will count this trip as one of our favorites. Could I dig deep and find something to gripe about......maybe.....but then again, why should I! Thank you Celebrity for being host! Now, can I be ELITE? JK :) Read Less
Sail Date June 2013
A review of the Celebrity Infinity by a first time cruiser As a first time cruiser who was on the Celebrity Infinity doing the Iceland and Norway cruise last week I felt compelled to write a review to clarify a few of the myths I had ... Read More
A review of the Celebrity Infinity by a first time cruiser As a first time cruiser who was on the Celebrity Infinity doing the Iceland and Norway cruise last week I felt compelled to write a review to clarify a few of the myths I had gleaned in the run up to the cruise. So this review is from the perspective of someone who is new to cruising yet has high standards and high expectations (especially of food). Like many, half the excitement of the cruise was discovering Cruise Critic. I learned a lot reading the forums and roll call every week and it certainly set my expectations - but they also mislead me a little. So here is my balanced review. So firstly, I have discovered there are 2 types of cruisers (& 2 types of cruise critic reviewers), those that are balanced and fair, with reasonable expectations and those who are going to look for fault no matter what. We met some of these one day at lunch in the Main Dining Room (MDR). We had excellent lunch of Teriyaki duck and lentils. Our neighbouring table got chatting with us and the first thing they told us was how limited the menu was for lunch, we disagreed and stated that there were so many choices for lunch at different locations throughout the ship that you were spoilt for choice. We came across this couple a number of times during the trip and they always looked unhappy or had a negative comment to make! Some other observations: The average age of our fellow travellers was quite a lot older than we expected (something I got from reading CC). We are in our 40s and were definitely some of the youngest on board. I found a number other passengers quite rude and few of them acknowledged us or said "good morning". And there was a general sense of "entitlement" that meant people didn't say 'please' and 'thank you' and found it acceptable to push and shove, which we found very rude. Also I never really understood why people felt in a rush to get somewhere. What was extremely impressive about the Infinity was that although the ship was full, it rarely felt crowded and we almost never had to queue longer than 5 minutes to get a coffee or get a table for 2 in the main dining room. Embarkation So back to day 1: we had a nightmare of a journey to get to Harwich - a 2 hour journey that took 4 hours and was very stressful- not the start to our holiday that we had hoped. Having finally got out of one traffic queue, we joined another and queued to get into the car park. After about 30 minutes we were unloading our luggage and then proceeded to park the car and get on a bus that took us to the terminal to check in. Another 20 minutes queuing and we were checking in and got our sea passes. Then through security and finally we were on the ship. Since we were on board 2 hours later than we had planned, we could go straight to our rooms. Again from reading CC, I got the impression that this process would be quicker, but not today (not that it was any worse than the typical airport checking process). The room We had 6048, a 2b class balcony cabin on deck 6 mid ship towards the front. This room had an extra spacious triangular shaped balcony. Which, whilst very nice we soon learned wasn't really necessary. We did use the balcony a lot but only had 2 chairs and a small table and a regular sized balcony would have been spacious enough (this cruise wasn't a hot weather cruise so no chance to lie out on your balcony). You did get to look into your neighbours balcony, so felt a little intrusive at times. The room itself exceeded my expectations based on my reading cruise critic. There was a lot of storage space as well as under the bed space for luggage. The bathroom is small but fortunately we are both slim so it was adequate! The "peg on the shower curtain" advice from CC prevented the shower curtain closing in the already small shower room space. The room was clean fresh and space enough for 2 and our attendant was great -invisible but always seemed to know when we were out to clean or do turn down. The ship I couldn't fault the ship and facilities (more on those below). It looked pristine, clean and well taken care of. Since its the only cruise I have been on, I have nothing t compare it to but it was similar to a good standard 5* hotel . The food Reading CC I got the impression that the food in the MDR was a little hit or miss so based on this we booked the 5 speciality restaurant deal in advance of the cruise. However, the food in MDR has been fantastic and as I alluded to in the introduction, I am a fussy eater. We had Select Dining and I would recommend making a reservation, even in peak time we only waited 5 minutes for a table for 2, whereas the line for those who had not made a reservation was considerably longer. Having said that, towards the end of the cruise we stopped making reservations and instead ate later. You are advised to avoid peak time between 6.30-8.00. Most nights we ate at 8 or later. The service in MDR has been very good and the wait staff are very attentive. They work very hard but somehow make it work. I do agree with CC that when on a drinks package and buying wine by the glass, it can be a challenge to get the attention of the sommelier but it seems that they have too many tables to cover but no problem, we just asked our waiter and soon had a refill. The food itself has been great and the portion sizes are just right and not too big (last night I had the sirloin steak and roast potatoes- the waiter told us that someone had ordered 3 portions for himself-amazing!!). On our final sea day we went to brunch. The presentation and the food was fantastic - only slightly spoilt by the feeling we were at "feeding time at the zoo" and we got the impression some people hadn't eaten for several days! Our 5 x speciality meal package meant we could eat in Qsine twice and SS Unites States 3 times but we changed this without hassle (at guest services) because we much preferred Qsine. Qsine was fantastic and some of the most enjoyable food I have had in a long time - the sushi lollipops are delicious and not to be missed. The staff were fun and looked like they enjoyed their jobs. SS United States was very spacious with great staff who were playful. I had the lobster which was cooked table side and delicious. The nights I have eaten there I have struggled to get through the dessert course-probably because I had already eaten too much! Only criticism is that the menu didn't change throughout the voyage. Drinks We have read many threads about the drinks packages but in the end decided against it since we had read the classic package didn't include fresh juice and premium coffees and we would have to drink an awful lot of alcohol to equate to $62/ day!! However on day 2 we succumbed to the allure of the classic package ($50/ day including tax) partly because we wouldn't have to worry about what we drunk and also because we found out that the classic packages does in fact include fresh juice and all the premium coffees from Cafe al Bacio- is this new or just different policies from ship to ship? I don't know but that is how it is on the Infinity. Also at the Martini bar we were able to get smaller martinis on the classic package. I know there has been much debate about this, so there is the answer- at least on this trip. I asked the waiter and he informed me that i could order a martini, appletini or Cosmo. This area became our location of choice for pre and post dinner drinks and was very sociable and fun. I kept a rough count and we were drinking around about $50 a day (thats 2 lattes, orange juice, tea, 2 glasses of wine and 2 G&Ts). I have to say that I am sure I have drunk more just because I have the package. It can be a challenge to drink $50 a day and I would think twice next time but its nice to know what our final bill will be (although its easy to check your bill daily). The staff In general I can't say enough positive things about the staff. They go out of their way to make your trip positive and seem happy to serve. There were a few exceptions but they were few and far between. As the trip went on, staff began to get to know you and your preferences and I thought they were outstanding. The entertainment I had some preconceptions about cruise entertainment and by and large that has proved to be accurate and the little we have seen has been slightly underwhelming but maybe we are the wrong demographic? At least we could make our escape from the (impressive) theatre quite easily! I would recommend the iBroadway show which was very good and the most "professional" of the shows we did see. The singers and dancers work incredibly hard. Excursions We avoided all the cruise's excursions and organised our own at much cheaper rates. There is a feeling of "sell sell sell"on the ship. Maybe they have targets to hit? Anyway, Faroe Isles was small enough to walk around and it was good to burn off some of the calories we have put on so far! A very pretty capital city. We walked for maybe 3-4miles and pretty much saw all the sites. Reykjavik Reykjavik was a tale of 2 halves. The countryside was stunning- (we organised our own excursion to blue lagoon and the golden circle tour) the waterfall, geysers and blue lagoon something very unique to Iceland - would highly recommend a dip in the blue lagoon!.... yet the town itself was rather disappointing and a little 'tired'. Akureyri My favourite stop on the journey and I wished we had more time here (arrived at 8am and left by 2pm). The weather was chilly but blue skies and sunny and still snow on the mountain peaks (which we learned was unusual for this time of year but due to a harsh winter). We took a bus excursion that we arranged ourselves, that took us to Godafoss waterfall and an old northern icelandic town. Just enough time to see both. You could get 'up close and personal' to the waterfall which was stunning and worth the 30 minute drive. Geiranger A beautiful fjord village but completely overrun with tourists and complete chaos! There were 4 cruise ships in so a population of appx 6000 in a village usually accommodating 250...... Must be lovely when everyone leaves! Bergen We took the funicular to the top of the city and walked back down mount Floyen. Incredible views from the top. It was a rainy day so not much fun wandering around the shops. We couldn't believe how expensive it was (£8 for a coffee!) So one observation at this point. Every time we got off the bus and were given a time to be back, someone would always be late, leaving the rest of us hanging around. Clearly they felt their time was more precious than ours! The facilities We are gym goers and made sure we used the gym pretty much every day. Helped us feel slightly less guilty about the food and drink we consumed! It was often busy but never too packed. Similarly most other locations were often busy but you never get a sense that 2000+ people were on the ship. A good tip is try and do things a little differently to others. Most mornings we had a light breakfast at the Aqua cafe (avoiding the Oceanview buffet) and like I mentioned earlier, we tried to eat later than most. We also visited Bistro on 5 a few times for lunch. Nice food and worth the $5 cover charge for the peaceful environment alone! Disembarkation We went to theCelebrity theatre for our allotted time of 8.30am and were in our car by8.50am. Very quick and painless. Sad to be back home but at,east the sun is shinning! My conclusions An excellent adventure that took us to locations I have never visited (and may never visit again) and a cruise was a great way to see them. The ship was surprisingly good as was the service, food and staff. I will probably do a cruise again but it will definitely not be the only kind of vacation I take (I know there were a number of travellers we spoke with who only do cruises). I think Celebrity do a great job at making the experience a positive one. They upsell a little too much but maybe that comes with the territory. Read cruise critic to learn about the ships, tips, roll call etc but realise we are all unique so when someone tells you the MDR food is terrible and someone else says its great, you just need to make your own mind up!! Read Less
Sail Date June 2013
I have been on 7 cruises as find them relaxing for both myself and my husband who uses a wheelchair with an attachment that makes it into a motorised trike, anyone on the same cruise I am sure will remember him zooming around the ship and ... Read More
I have been on 7 cruises as find them relaxing for both myself and my husband who uses a wheelchair with an attachment that makes it into a motorised trike, anyone on the same cruise I am sure will remember him zooming around the ship and ports with me usually trying to catch up. As we only live about 2 hours away from Harwich it is perfect to get to and very quiet when you get there so onboard with 30 minutes, nice lunch in buffet then into cabin. Had sky suite 8127 this time but although the butler Edwin was very attentive I do not think I would book a suite again as most of the disabled cabins are large enough for us and I did not need the extra food that came at tea time or the canapés in the evening. Enjoyed the lounges and no where felt crowded even during sea days, casino kept calling us but did not win much which is the name of the game. Did not go to any shows or talks but felt others onboard enjoyed them. Did not feel the food in the MDR was as good as on Eclipse but did enjoy the Qsine and the breakfast buffet the Eggs Benedict were amazing. Did not see children around so either they were not onboard or they are well looked after. Did not go on excursions as prefer to make our own arrangements for wheelchair, however did you shuttle in Bergen which was like having a private van as no-one else on it. No problems disembarking and taxi waiting as soon as we got off. Would recommend both ship and port to anyone and looking forward to going again soon. Read Less
Sail Date June 2013
Celebrity Infinity Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.1
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.9
Family 3.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.7
Enrichment 3.0 3.7
Service 4.0 4.3
Value For Money 4.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.1

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