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5 Celebrity Europe - Black Sea Cruise Reviews

We just returned from the Sept. 20th 2014 cruise thru/around the Black Sea and what a disappointment.! We sailed about 18 months ago on the Solstice from Dubai to Singapore and expected a similar experience on the Solsticized ... Read More
We just returned from the Sept. 20th 2014 cruise thru/around the Black Sea and what a disappointment.! We sailed about 18 months ago on the Solstice from Dubai to Singapore and expected a similar experience on the Solsticized Constellation. Lets begin.... Celebrity after much delay finally amended the ports due to the crisis in the Ukraine. They hyped the new ports as if we were going to the most exciting,wonderful destinations..After returning home and rereading the letters from Celebrity-we started laughing at the promotion of this cruise ! We boarded without any real problems in Istanbul and within several hours our baggage was delivered to our cabin.We booked Concierge and were on the 8th deck. The cabin was fairly spacious and had adequate storage. The bathroom was what one would expect on a ship,but the shower was surprisingly large and almost like a normal size shower at home. Our room attendant -Desmond was great and always available to asset in any needs or answer any questions. Celebrity has done away with small things that obviously reduce costs. No longer do you get chocolates on your pillow each evening or those humorous animal creations using a towel-no big deal..afternoon canapés wee the same non descript greasy or salty tidbits and the fresh fruit each day was tired looking apple,pear and orange with no variety ever. The ship itself seemed tired and showing some wear and tear. Several of our fellow cruisers complained of mold in the bathrooms,obvious signs of chipped paint in hallways and worn bannisters in several areas. We also experience a terrible 'raw sewage'-to be polite smell coming from at least one or two cabins on the aft side and that aroma lasted three or more days before we wised up and walked to and from our cabin in another direction. The food in the MDR was OK -nothing really great and their Indian Vegetarian selections were awful not just to Indian couples but to our selves and others who attempted to eat the entrees. The buffet menu at nighttime seemed OK and at least offered more choices to dine. We ate several evenings in the Specialty Restaurant -Oceans ? and there the decor,service and quality of food,etc was worth the $ 55 par head charges.It is very similar to Murano on the Solistice if I am correct. As an example of Celebrity'sd cost cutting--at breakfast in the MDR jellys,preserves were provided in those little packets that one will see in a neighborhood diner and if you requested Ketschup for your eggs,in lieu of it being provided to you via severing dish or a Ketchup bottle,the server would stand over you and drop a serving on your plate and disappear. Whatever happened to the supposed upscale Celebrity experience that is so highly touted ? Entertainment was what one would expect on a cruise,nothing to talk about-in some cases like watching a rerun of the old Ed Sullivan shows ! We opted out of taking any of the overpriced,crowded and basic,pablum tours continually being hawked by Celebrity and joined with other cruisers in doing our own planning and booking. Now about the ports.... Athens,Ephesus and Mykonos were wonderful and whether it was your first time or the 10th visit,these locations never fail to please. But as far as Burgas,Varna,Constanta,Trabzon and Sinop--3rd rate stops and in some cases looked as if WWII just ended and the devastation,ruins were just beginning to be addressed. Constanta in particular is a real dump and in several other stops,some of the women from the ship felt very unsafe just browsing in the local shops.There is a reason that most of the cruise lines have bypassed these ports in the past and have mostly avoided them even now. In at least one port,we were the first Western ship of our size to ever visit and once you looked around you could understood why ! There always was a church or monastery to visit or a local museum or garden,but they were not major 'must sees' on any travel magazine or travel sites ... The obvious reason for their inclusion had to be Celebrity not being able to at a decent-read cheap cost price other availability of ports and Celebrity's marketing dept. attempting to maximize their expenses at our detriment. Several passengers wondered why we did not go instead to Gallipoli and Troy-maybe then it would have meant renaming the cruise as a Greek Isles cruise and not a Black Sea one. Bottom line- many passengers voiced very similar complaints and perhaps those of us griping aloud have come to expect a level of service that Celebrity is unable or willing to provide.If one wanted to sail on Carnival and receive that type of experience -why the necessity of paying the higher booking costs ? WE are already committed to sailing in the beginning of January on the Infinity from Buenos Aires to Santiago and approach the cruise with trepidation and major concerns. I just hope we do not have the same experience on board. At least we know the ports are acceptable... I am fairly certain that regardless of this upcoming cruise,it will be the last time we sail with Celebrity.I would rather pay a little more and receive the quality that is advertised and expected... As afinalcomment,please be aware that the overwhelming majority of your fellow passengers will be in their mid 70's + and also the dress attire is dismissed by too many of the passengers even on the so called'formal nights'..Ido not relish the idea of eating next to individuals who look as if they would be not out of place in a cafeteria setting and unfortunately dress for dinner exactly that way ! Others may express a totally different view of all that I have written-but that is up to you the reader to analyze.. a blue collar individual even if they have achieved success financially will still present themselves accordingly and sad to say do not expect or have failed to experience 'fine dining' and a level of sophistication promised but seldom delivered ! Read Less
Sail Date September 2014
We visited Istanbul independently prior to the cruise and spent 3 wonderful days site seeing. we boarded the ship on the 20/9 and the process was quick from getting on board to the cabin being ready and our luggage arriving , we were in ... Read More
We visited Istanbul independently prior to the cruise and spent 3 wonderful days site seeing. we boarded the ship on the 20/9 and the process was quick from getting on board to the cabin being ready and our luggage arriving , we were in aqua class deck 11 The cabin was spacious and clean but I was disappointed with the size of the bathroom/shower probably the smallest we have ever had and we have been on a number of ships . our steward Alvin was excellent nothing to much trouble for him . we dined in BLU most nights and the food was average my wife had to send somefood mainly fish back due to the way it was cooked . to be fair they were very apologetic and offered us any other dish . we went in the restaurant on deck 10 for breakfast and enjoyed what we had . the entertainment in the main show lounge each night was okay but we did not go to all the shows . we opted to go to reflections on deck 11 and the group were excellent although we did not feel the room was fully utilised . we were extremely disappointed with the activity programme throughout the day if you stayed on board there was very little to do . regarding the ports of call we booked this cruise to visit Ukraine we understand that this part of the cruise had to be cancelled but the new itinery was not good .the ports of bourgas,varna ,constanta,trabazon and sinop were very disappointing they all had the customary churches statues and museums but little else. we did enjoy mykanos kusadasi and Athens but we had been there before . when I booked this cruise in December 2013 the cost of the cruise was over £2000 per person after the cruise itinery was changed at the end of may 2014 the cost of the cruise was £1800 for two people and this is reflected in the ports of call and the lowering of standards compared with our previous cruises on celebrity . I would conclude that we have no problems with the cleanliness of the ship or the staff who were always polite and friendly .it was the ship , the itinery on board and the ports of call It is unlikely we will go on constellation again although we could go on celebrity again as we enjoyed eclipse in the past Read Less
Sail Date September 2014
Hi, I will write this review in my best English but it is not my mother language so I am sure I will make mistakes, I hope this won't bother the readers too much. We are from the Netherlands and we are 58 and 51 years old. This was ... Read More
Hi, I will write this review in my best English but it is not my mother language so I am sure I will make mistakes, I hope this won't bother the readers too much. We are from the Netherlands and we are 58 and 51 years old. This was our second cruise on Celebrity Constellation. Last year we had a Transatlantic from Miami to Amsterdam. We then found out that the ship is quite small, there was not much to do aboard. So, we decided never to have a transatlantic cruise with Constellation again. But.....this was something completely different. A lot of ports, not well known, we took the change. We booked in oktober 2013 when it was still quiet in the Ukraine. Sadly, things changed. Celebrity offered us a different cruise with different ports, no longer the Ukrain. Although we thought this was not a really good alternative, we understood. There was no compensation from Celebrity for people who booked early, instead there was a real price drop so we payed too much. Well, as long as the cruise is nice, that doesn't matter. We embarked in Istanbul. This was very good. No lines, from taxi to deck 10 took us less than 20 minutes! Our cabin was ready in a short while and our suitcases arrived half an hour later. Fantastic! In Istanbul we stayed for 3 nights in Hotel Amira. Nice hotel, beautiful rooms and five stars service! We went to dinner in the MDR. We always have second seating and we always ask for a table for 6 persons. We usually end up with people from our own country but this time we shared the table with four people from the UK. Very nice company, our dinners were the highlight of the cruise! Unfortunately, the weather wasn't all that good. But our captain was fantastic. He sailed detours and changed the itinerary to avoid storms and he managed to dock in two ports where we should have used the tenders. So, a big hooray for the captain! Entertainment on board was what we expected. We had three production shows. Those were the same as 16 months ago. Very good, but nothing new. We also saw the show of a magician, White Magic, very good. And a show of a singer, Peter Grant, he was very good. We didn't see any other shows. Because we had second seating at 8.30 we went to the shows at 7.00, that was well organised. But unfortunately, all the shows later in the evening in Reflections started at 10.30. The activity manager thought that a dinner that started at 8.30 must end at 10.00. This was not the case, not a single evening. We always got dessert at 10.35-10.40 so when we finished, we gave our card to the sommelier, waited to get it back, then ran through Rendez Vous, Martini Bar, Casino and Photoshop to the elevators. We got up to Reflections at deck 11 to find out that the show was nearly over. Usually when we got in we heard the host say: We are now at the end of the show! Very disappointing. We missed quizshows and Karaoke. The Karaoke finals (a big succes, Reflections was overcrowded) last for only 30 minutes! What a shame, because everybody enjoyed it and after the final song, everybody " ran " away and there were only 30 people left. I can't believe why the entertainment team (last year 4 people worked there, this year 3) didn't give more time to the successful items. Since our last cruise on Constellation, 16 months ago, it was obvious that there was less staff. You could see that in Oceanview. Tables were not cleaned in time. Several persons were looking for a table, a lot of tables still had leftovers and dishes from former eaters. The staff had no time to clean it quickly. Also there was one person walking around for barservice. We ordered once with this person but it took more than half an hour to get our drinks. Obviously we already finished our meal. That's why from that moment on we got our drinks ourselves. We had beverage packages, tips were included. The tip was always the same: ordering at a waiter who brought it with glass and ice was as much tip as getting it at the bar yourself in a can for takeaway. Hmmm....My husband liked the specialty coffees at El Bacio. Waiting time over there was sometimes very long, like twenty five minutes. There were long lines for take away. More staff would have been a good idea. Since Michaels Pub is now only for elite members and the Martini Bar (a great hit on our last cruise with a DJ who played crooner music, every evening it was hard to find a free chair) was ment for an other audience (with a DJ for people in their 20's) with lots of open places at night, there was only Reflections and Rendez Vous for bands to play. Both rooms were very big. Sometimes it should have been better to have a more intimate room for a few dancers but that's not available on Celebrity. Most people on board were in their 50's and 60's and then there were a few older and a few younger. We were surprised about the music choice in the public rooms. Too young!!!!! Celebrity claims to put much effort in the environment. That's a good thing of course. We couldn't rhyme this with the pictures taken on board. There must have been taken thousands and thousands. They sold this pictures for 25 USD a piece !!!!!! Of course a lot of pictures where not sold. These pictures gave a lot of garbage. Not so good for environment. I have a suggestion: make the pictures less expensive (how about 5 USD a piece). You will sell much more and it's better for the environment. We had the laundry done. When we got it back, one pantyhose was lost and one was torn down. We had no evidence of the dirty laundry we put in the bag. An advice for everyone: try to avoid laundry services. We had 2 formal nights and a semi formal night. We were not familiair with a semi formal night, so we asked at Guest Relations. They didn't know either. Hmmm.....We like to dress up for formal nights, so did our table mates. It was a real pleasure to see so many beautiful suits and dresses. It's a pity that Celebrity didn't do anything extra on this nights. No special menu, all very modest. The food was good but not fantastic. We missed extra things like a brunch or a dessert festival. There was nothing extra. You should think Celebrity would do this to compensate for the poor itinerary. But they didn't. We had several ports where no passenger had been before, I'm sure. You could take a shore excursion but we all know this is very expensive and not always good, you are with 55 people and often have to wait. We don't like shore excursions. There was a lady from Shore Excursions who told us about the ports, doing them on your own. That could have been nice but her information was not so good. For example, she told us that Aya Sofia in Trabzon was beautiful (she even showed us pictures of a beautiful ceiling) and she said it was an easy short walk tot Aya Sofia. Well, first of all, it took 90 minutes of walking to get there. No easy walk. Second of all, the ceiling was hidden behind curtains. Very disappointing. Also the only thing she told about Sinop was that it was a happy city with happy people. She forgot to mention the prison, very impressive and close to the ship. It looked like she didn't do her homework well. It was not possible to write a review for all the ports we visited because the options Burgas, Constanta, Trabzon and Sinop where not listed. So, I will tell something about these ports in this part of the review. Burgas is a small village in Bulgary. Friendly with a park and shops. Interesting?.....no. We took an excursion to Nessebar. It was 40 minutes by bus, we had 3 hours free time. Nice little village with old elements. We liked it very much. Constanta in Rumania didn't have good critics so we decided to stay on board (it was also raining, not really inviting). From people who went to Constanta we heard it was a very sad city. All these people should have stayed on board if they had only knew. We think Celebrity better skips Constanta en make a two days stop in Athens. Trabzon in Turkey was a nice place with good shops. Since there are not too much tourists there, they didn't pull you into their shops. Very pleasant. But interesting?....no. Sinop had a good museum, it was a prison. We spent lots of time there, although just visiting. They had a nice port and good shops. We liked it there. And the same as in Trabzon: not too much tourists so we were not pulled into shops. But again....interesting?.....no. Well, the cruise went on and on. We had a good time, nice cabin, reasonable food, great table mates and we had some fun time in the ports. But then THE LETTER ARRIVED. It was the disembarkationletter. We made 4 cruises before (2 RCL, 1 HAL and 1 CEL). On all of these cruises we were asked what time we wanted to leave the ship. This time we flew at 2.40 pm so we wanted to leave around 11.30 am, if possible. Unfortunately we had no choice, we had to leave at 7.40 am!!!!! I was never before in a 5 star hotel where checkout time was 7.40! There was no other option. The day before we already arrived in Istanbul. We tried to find a luggage storage at the port. There was none. The staff in the port didn't speak English but it was clear: no luggage storage. We went into town and found one next to the Taksim Square. On the day of disembarkation we got our suitcases in the port. My suitcase was broken. Two of the four wheels where off. Just opposite of the handle, so it was very hard to walk with it. We tried to find people from Celebrity but we didn't. Nobody spoke English so we went off. This departure (way too early, way too unfriendly and leaving us with a broken suitcase) was not the best departure ever. It gave a bitter sauce over our sweet cruise. THAT'S NO MODERN LUXURY!!!!! Read Less
Sail Date September 2014
This was the twentieth cruise, eight with Celebrity, the second on Constellation and, because of advancing age and declining health, possibly the final sailaway. The decision, for what might be the last time in a lifetime, was to take a ... Read More
This was the twentieth cruise, eight with Celebrity, the second on Constellation and, because of advancing age and declining health, possibly the final sailaway. The decision, for what might be the last time in a lifetime, was to take a relaxed approach to travelling. After four and a half hours from the house to Gatwick by train. We had requested assistance at our local station which we discovered included Reading and Gatwick. We stayed overnight at the Premier Hotel with dinner and breakfast included. We had stayed at the Premier on a previous trip and were satisfied. The food is very good. In the morning we had a short and easy walk from the hotel to the terminal. We dropped our bags and having arranged assisted boarding we went to the waiting area. The assisted transfer to the boarding gate was efficient. We settled in on the Turkish Airlines Boeing 737 for the four hours flight to Ataturk airport Istanbul. The assisted boarding seemed to include a special meal! The Hotel (at a cost of 30 euros ) had arranged a transfer and it worked well. We stayed at The Best Western Blue, The President Hotel. We arrived at the hotel at the at 7.30 local time a total time of nine and a half hours from the hotel in Gatwick. The President is a reliable modern hotel in the centre of the city, located near a tram stop. It is very much a transit stopover rather than a place to settle into. We stayed two nights. The Terrace Restaurant has a spectacular view and it also serves food. The waiter in the lobby café was wonderful. The hotel arranged a boat tour of the Bosphorus. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and the commentary was good. This was one of the highlights of the holiday. The day and a half in Istanbul refreshed our memory of our previous visit when on the Summit. We had a taxi from the hotel to the Constellation. (12 Euros) The transfer was easy given the dreadful stop start traffic. Boarding the ship was quick and our Suite 6128 was not ready so we had lunch in the Oceanview buffet restaurant. We liked the selection of food and it became a preferred place to eat when we were on the move. We soon got into the suite and waited only a short while for our luggage. The room looked brighter than a standard stateroom and there was more room, though the layout didn’t appear to deliver more useful space. There was a bottle of bubbly which we don’t usually drink and eventually we got a bottle of still white wine. There was a small bunch of flowers and three pieces of fruit. A pleasant surprise was we were able to use the Blu restaurant. The butler, a charming man from India, walked us to the restaurant. The Blu is a good restaurant and we had most of our evening meals there. We used the two complementary Speciality Restaurant visits. The Oceanliner was more of an occasion than the Tuscany. The coffee at the Tuscany was perfection. We went to the main dining room once but the service was slow. On previous cruises we had used the SPA healthy eating restaurant but people who might have eaten there seemed to be at the Blu. We went there twice and eventually only went to the Oceanview, sitting outside to see the sea go by. The weather and the Black Sea ports were disappointing. People in the UK had better weather than we had. The ports we visited were a poor substitute for the Crimea. The weather was adverse and we had to divert from the island of Mykonos, Greece to Kusadasi, Turkey. We went on a tour to Ephesus by a Cruise Critic member. The trip to Ephesus was almost worth the cost of the whole holiday. The next day we went with another Cruise Critic group to Corinth. We had been there previously and it was not a special day. We then went to Mykonos where they have the windmills. If you have ever wondered why they have windmills in Mykonos… it’s the wind. The ship has been ‘Solicised’ or ‘nickel and dimed’ so that things that were provided in the price are now chargeable. Charging for nearly everything has taken the edge off the feeling of ‘special’. Now we are sitting duck paying customers. Having said that being in a suite and also being Elite Captain’s Club members meant that we had freebies. Gratefully received! The final full production show was the best we’d seen on any of the previous cruises. Did we like everything? No, we didn’t, but there were enough things that satisfied us. We took the ship’s transfer to the airport at a cost of $50. The flight to the UK was without a hitch (a short takeoff delay only.) We stayed at the Premier Inn and had what was the best evening meal of the holiday. Well done Premier Inn. The cruise and its associated costs was value and ‘if only’ we’d had better weather and the Crimean ports.   Read Less
Sail Date September 2014
This was our 28 cruise and our first Celebrity experience. I must say that this will be our last Celebrity experience too. We began our trip of a lifetime with four full days in Istanbul enjoyed a pre-arranged private tour experience that ... Read More
This was our 28 cruise and our first Celebrity experience. I must say that this will be our last Celebrity experience too. We began our trip of a lifetime with four full days in Istanbul enjoyed a pre-arranged private tour experience that was outstanding, staying at the Pera Palace which I strongly recommend. The hotel's history, being the hotel for the guests traveling on the original Orient Express, and their outstanding service made the start of our vacation a Wow experience. Unfortunately, our Wow experience ended when we began our experiences with Celebrity Cruises. As per our travel documents from Celebrity we arrived at the cruise terminal a few minutes before 12:00 noon on the morning of October 7th. A long line outside the cruise terminal surprised us. Then a few minutes on a line that did not more, a representative of Celebrity stated that they flew in earlier that morning from London to assist the Constellation staff as the dreaded virus had effected about 100 people on the previous cruise and the entire Constellation was being decontaminated before we could board the ship. There were at least 4 staff members from the London office telling everyone on line that we can not board until at least 3:00 p.m. We were told we could wait in the terminal but there was only one bathroom and limited seating. They suggested we go back into town and return later in the day. With Istanbul traffic it can take an hour just to get back into town. We opted to stay along with everyone else. These London Celebrity reps all stated that Celebrity tried to contact all guests to inform them of this problem and the delay. This was a blatant lie. I had my laptop with me and my cell phone with international access. I never got any emails or phone calls. Neither did our travel agent or any other guests after they checked while we were on-board. As we had late checkout at the hotel, we could have stayed at our hotel instead of sitting in a warehouse building with only one toilet for 3 1/2 hrs. OK, so Celebrity can not control people getting sick. So we were willing to let this pass even thought they lied about the contact info. We now are on board at 3:45 p.m. We find our room, on our own. The room looked very basic, obviously stripped. So we thought they still needed to work on it. We took our own tour of the ship, then went to the mandatory safely drill at our muster station. They specifically stated, do not go to your cabin for the life vests and we would not be going to our lifeboat stations. After the safety drill, we returned to the cabin at approx. 5:20 p.m. and it looked the same and no luggage either. We found a bar opened and had a drink before dinner and then dinner. We had early sitting and arrived at 6:25 p.m. Our waiter Omer was so professional and friendly and so was his assistant Santos. Finally we are about to relax. Our sommelier Marko was also the perfect man to insure the best wines at dinner. Throughout the cruise these three men helped to make our dining experience memorable. Return to our stateroom at 9:00 p.m., our luggage is outside the cabin and we bring it in ourselves. On all other cruises the luggage was brought into the room. Still the room looks bare but not sure what is missing. After unpacking I finally realize what is missing: No bathrobes. No welcome/bon voyage champagne. No glasses to drink anything in. No welcome gift from our travel agent. No welcome anything. To late and too tired. First full day aboard is a sea day: Call housekeeping to pick up laundry, they promptly pick it up at 8:00 a.m. I then go to Guest Relations asking about the missing items. I am told by Ellen that champagne and bon voyage gifts are Never in your room on embarkment day but the next day. Seems to ruin the whole idea of a bon voyage gifts but she was adamant that is how Celebrity does it. We received the warm champagne (no ice bucket) at 11:00 p.m. on day 3, the candy/fruit at 10:00 p.m. on day 4. The bathrobes arrived on day 6, the drinking glasses arrived on day 7 and a small bucket of ice started to appear on day 8 but not regularly. By this time I had to just laugh at the incompetence. Oh, the promptly picked up laundry was partially returned the night of day 3 and the balance was lost until I asked for a manager on day 5 and they found the clothing, still dirty, somewhere in the laundry room. At least I got an apology and they didn't charge me for the cleaning. By the way, the stewardess introduced herself on day 3 and her assistant on day 4. The assistant was very good and for most of the time he was the one doing the cleaning. We saw him a few times early in the morning making the room up. On the few days that the stewardess was in the room, the room looked sloppy and never vacuumed. From all the other experiences on board I learned that making complaints gets the guest in trouble so I didn't bother saying anything else. This was the first time I did not tip a stewardess. Her behavior and attitude was appalling. The daily buffet: Beyond atrocious. Due to the prior cruise virus outbreak all stations were sealed in plastic. The guests could not touch anything. They served you. Long lines with no signs where to enter or exit was causing outbreaks of bad behavior early in the mornings. We ate all breakfasts in the dining room as we thought it was more civilized. It was but the dining room staff all acted like it was their first day on the job. We arrive early right after opening time, asked for a table for 2, the room had only 4 other people in it and boy were they put out. You get a look and an attitude that they must now do you a favor and find you a table for two. And the room is almost empty. Every single day the same thing. Then you get a menu & I ask for a cup of coffee, yes sir. Then we get the water guy, I ask for a cup of coffee, yes sir. Then we get the juice guy, I ask for a cup of coffee, yes sir. Then the waiter wants to take our order. I ask for a cup of coffee and he says they are still brewing it in the kitchen and he must take our order. This happened every single day. Oh and I found out were the carafes of coffee were stationed and just helped myself. No one said a word. Was this crappy behavior necessary? I might be wrong on the day but we were not able to serve ourselves at the buffet for any meals until day 9. The virus thing: I am sure that Celebrity must be careful will this type of illness but to many of us on board we all thought it was a scam. You couldn't touch anything in the buffet line. There were signs everywhere to wash your hands and sanitize your hands. And they had staff all over the buffet areas and lounges and bars constantly washing down the tables and surfaces we might touch. The captain even made announcement daily. The staff were all told not to touch guests even with a handshake. This went on for 9 days. But as the days passed, I observed the following: When we were given menus no one washed them down after we held them. They were placed back in the pile at the entrance. No chairs of any type were sanitized. If you sit in a chair what do you do? You either put your hands on the arms and pull in or put your hands under the seats and pull in. Not one chair was being cleaned. You get a drink at the bar, then ask for another. Several bartenders would then take your glass and refill the same glass. They were touching a glass you used and they weren't wearing gloves. Nothing was being sanitized in the gym. When you used a machine you walk away and the next person uses it. No sanitizing. This became the topic of conversation with many people about the absurdity of Celebrity thinking that washing down tables, removed salt/pepper shakers, no loose butter or rolls on the table and all the other inconveniences we were put through would eliminate a virus. Ironically while on board bartenders told us the virus started with guests that went to a particular restaurant while on an excursion and not because of the ship. The entertainment was mediocre at best. The various bar venues has some good singers/musicians but the nightly theater entertainment was so obvious a cost cutting cheap show. Many high school shows are far more entertaining then what Celebrity drags up. The excursions were truly wonderful and not too expensive. Yalta and Odessa were fascinating. Skip Bulgaria, I can say I was there, but it truly is a third world dirty unpleasant place and tourists shouldn't go there till they get their act together. Athens & Mykonos have great history. Ephesus & Istanbul are so over the top wonderful experiences. If you get to Ephesus you must experience the Terrace Houses. A tour ever better then Pompeii, Herculaneum or the Valley of the Kings. We would love to go back to Turkey and explore more of this wonderful country. Enrichment Activities: Were almost non-existent. Only two sea days but we love speakers talking about the region we will be traveling in (and not the sales pitch by the excursion dept.) And just 2 talks with odd topics. Another cost cutting. Celebrity Cruises and the Celebrity Constellation in particular should be ashamed of themselves for advertising Luxury cruises. This was anything but!   Read Less
Sail Date October 2013
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