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2 Celebrity Equinox Panama Canal & Central America Cruise Reviews

This cruise was sold as the "ultimate" and the ship was rated with 5 stars ! This cruise was just the worst I ever experienced. Apart from 4 constant shopping channels on the TV with a cruise director who should be fired at all, ... Read More
This cruise was sold as the "ultimate" and the ship was rated with 5 stars ! This cruise was just the worst I ever experienced. Apart from 4 constant shopping channels on the TV with a cruise director who should be fired at all, this cruise can be considered as a "rocky horror picture show".. Christmas was celebrated with flying paper-planes and hard rock music, 30 minutes (!) the cruise director was playing the piano ( worse than an beginner ) where the guest were allowed to sing christmas songs,the dinner was very poor, no decoration on tables, noisy kids were running around during dining and there was no feeling like christmas. at the pool area the so called cruise director played with the awful house rock band hard rock as it worst. The show at the theater were unprofessional, cheap and stupid. Same on new years eve and during the other days. The food was ordinary, always the same and the presentation of it far away from 5 stars. But the worst thing was the lack of hygiene - kids with diapers occupied the pools and hot tubs, even the spa. This actually should be reported to the us health authorities. Lazy waiters were busy with internal discussions rather than to clean the tables and take the dishes away. Same with the area on the pool deck. On top of it the entire staff was unfriedly except the cabin attendant and the bar keepers on the sunset deck. There was neither control, nor security visible. I could continue the list of endless complaints but it would exceed this report. One thing still to mention - the captain could not answer the question how many guests are on bord this ship! In my opinion this ship was totally overloaded. I was happy that the "horror picture show" did end after 11 days finally. This cruise line never again ! Read Less
Sail Date December 2014
We are quite surprised that Equinox is considered a "winner" for it's cabins, as this was by far the smallest, most uncomfortable cabin out of 16 cruises we've done to date! At just 8'6" wide at the widest ... Read More
We are quite surprised that Equinox is considered a "winner" for it's cabins, as this was by far the smallest, most uncomfortable cabin out of 16 cruises we've done to date! At just 8'6" wide at the widest point, minus the furniture and countertop, that leaves very little space to move around. The bed is curved out of necessity --- you would not be able to negotiate getting to the balcony door without the corners having been "removed" from the bed. But for tall people like us (DH is 6'3" and I am 5'11"), our feet hung over the bed by a good 6 inches, which was very uncomfortable indeed! Add to that the fact that apparently, "X" does not have queen size sheets! For the first 8 of our 11 nights on board, our queen bed was made up with a twin size sheet, turned sideways to have some sheet on the side to tuck. Result: our feet not only hung over the end, but had no covering! We continually were removing and turning the twin sheet tback to it's proper orientation so our feet were covered, but of course, that left no sheet on our sides! We had what is considered to be a highly-sought-after balcony cabin in Concierge class on the top deck...the one with the bit of straight glass, then angled aft for great views. Yes, the balcony was enormous at almost 14' in length. BUT --- with cabin width being less than we've ever experienced, it was a "tunnel". Cozy? Yes. Great for safely drying your bathing suits when clipped on the chair? Yes. But if you plan to enjoy breakfast on that balcony, beware! Even though there are no rooms above (the buffet restuarant is directly above, then the "Lawn Club" over that) -- it seems the staff assigned to wash the sidewalks of the lawn club favor throwing their buckets of dirty water over the side of the ship AT THAT EXACT BALCONY LOCATION!!! Our breakfast was nearly washed out, with water splashing on our food as we dined 4 feet or so from the railing, on our second day aboard! (We learned to stay MUCH closer to the glass door and sacrifice the view to be able to enjoy our al fresco meals!) Then there is another key issue --- precious little storage. In fact, the least amount of storage of any ship we have ever experienced. Even the tiny closet was so shallow, the doors barely closed once the hangers had clothes on them! We strongly considered removing the doors and stashing them under the bed --- but that area was occupied with our luggage, which we had to use continually for extra storage! Great hint we learned on Cruise Critic: bring 4 of those folding storage "cubes" -- the 11" square ones. They will fit into the over-bed cabinets and make them actually usefully (if you are tall enough to reach them! Here, tall is a necessity! LOL) It amazed uu that the sofa was a wooden box with cushions (not really comfy, but nice to have), and Celeb could very easily have designed those to open up for extra much-needed space for our "stuff". But alas - no such option. And with only 5 small drawers - good luck trying to organize. Plus, the teeny shelf in the closet was so small, (maybe 5 to 6 inches high) it only held a few pairs of shoes or a few purses. Even the closet floor could not accomodate more than a few pairs of shoes, and the clothing kept interfering with finding those shoes!!! The bathroom was lovely to look at, and the shower was quite nice - the rounded sliding door made for a very nice shower. I must say the bathroom fan was a very pleasant surprise --- no fogged up mirrors, and no need for "convenience" spray! :-) But here again...the countertop is a whopping 7 inches wide! Sure doesn't hold much! And that cute little cabinet? It's just that - cute..and LITTLE! DH's kit bag would never fit on those shelves. Each shelf was approx. the size of a roll of toilet paper, so be forewarned. But the worst feature in the bathroom was the sink! Whoever designed that should be sentenced to spend a month aboard, living with that sink!!! It's an oval "bowl" (yes, quite attractive), measuring 11 inches by 6 inches. Tiny! But wait - there's more: the spout extends to the very center of the bowl, essentially rendering the sink virtually unusable! When brushing your teeth, you have the constant feeling that one tiny movement of the ship will cause you to break a front tooth on the water spout! And when washing your face, you are forced to wash one side at a time, because one hand in needed to cover the spout so as to not knock your teeth out while your eyes are closed!!! Our cabin steward was continually leaving 5 to 6 washcloths a day, and we quickly realized why --- so you could surround the tiny narrow sink, so as not to drench the entire bathroom!!! (There was always so much water on the floor, we brought in the floor mat from the balcony to keep in front of the sink!) And ladies - be sure your swimsuits are bikinis or two pieces, because a normal one piece bathing suit will not even fit in that sink to wash it out! There were pluses, however ---- the main dining room food was exceptionally wonderful; the ship itself is drop-dead gorgeous, with marvelous nooks and crannies to enjoy; the staff is (mostly) very very pleasant and helpful; and the solarium pool is lovely, even if the wooden lounge chairs, which cannot be angled, are not at all ameniable to reading poolside. That said --- the entertainment was weak (anyone who has been lured into veiwing "Splash" will know exactly what we mean!), and composed mainly of the cast merely posing at varius areas around the ship each evening. Not dancing, not entertaining, but just posing in extravagant costumes. The buffet was A DISASTER! It consists of many circles of various types of food, with no flow of traffic, forcing everyone to wander over a large area trying to compose a meal on a plate! That is - IF you can even find a plate! They were sorely lacking a good deal of the cruise! And even worse --- don't expect to actually find a clean table to sit at, since "X" seems to lack the staff to bus the tables. We had to find a space amongst other people's debris and dishes for 2/3 of the entire cruise. However, we avoided the buffet as much as possible for these reasons. All in all - a lovely ship, but with no thought to actual comfort and convenience for the passenger. Amazing food -- but stick to the main dining room! And for those who feel the cavbn is "just for sleeping ayway", well, I hope you're under 5'7", otherwise, you won't get much of that, either! We disembarked, realizing why "X" dropped their famous slogan -- sadly, they no longer exceeed expecations in many aspects!   Read Less
Sail Date November 2014
Celebrity Equinox Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.6
Dining 4.5 4.3
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 5.0 4.7
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.3
Family 4.0 4.3
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.8
Enrichment 4.0 3.9
Service 5.0 4.6
Value For Money 4.5 4.2
Rates 4.0 4.3

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