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Sail Date: December 2014
This cruise was sold as the "ultimate" and the ship was rated with 5 stars ! This cruise was just the worst I ever experienced. Apart from 4 constant shopping channels on the TV with a cruise director who should be fired at all, ... Read More
This cruise was sold as the "ultimate" and the ship was rated with 5 stars ! This cruise was just the worst I ever experienced. Apart from 4 constant shopping channels on the TV with a cruise director who should be fired at all, this cruise can be considered as a "rocky horror picture show".. Christmas was celebrated with flying paper-planes and hard rock music, 30 minutes (!) the cruise director was playing the piano ( worse than an beginner ) where the guest were allowed to sing christmas songs,the dinner was very poor, no decoration on tables, noisy kids were running around during dining and there was no feeling like christmas. at the pool area the so called cruise director played with the awful house rock band hard rock as it worst. The show at the theater were unprofessional, cheap and stupid. Same on new years eve and during the other days. The food was ordinary, always the same and the presentation of it far away from 5 stars. But the worst thing was the lack of hygiene - kids with diapers occupied the pools and hot tubs, even the spa. This actually should be reported to the us health authorities. Lazy waiters were busy with internal discussions rather than to clean the tables and take the dishes away. Same with the area on the pool deck. On top of it the entire staff was unfriedly except the cabin attendant and the bar keepers on the sunset deck. There was neither control, nor security visible. I could continue the list of endless complaints but it would exceed this report. One thing still to mention - the captain could not answer the question how many guests are on bord this ship! In my opinion this ship was totally overloaded. I was happy that the "horror picture show" did end after 11 days finally. This cruise line never again ! Read Less
Sail Date: December 2012
After two cruises within the year on RCCL large ships which left us fatigued from all the activities we decided to take it down a notch with Celebrity. In terms of a entertainment we found it many steps downward but service and food were ... Read More
After two cruises within the year on RCCL large ships which left us fatigued from all the activities we decided to take it down a notch with Celebrity. In terms of a entertainment we found it many steps downward but service and food were definite steps upward. This was our fourth time on Celebrity having taken a 7 day cruise to Bermuda and two eleven day cruises previously. We chose Aquaclass instead of a suite due to only corner aft sky suites available at booking. While many love this location we do not share the affinity for the location. Our cabin 1523 located forward ship and under the gym and spa was perfect for us and one we wouldn't hesitate to book again. We found the cabin pretty narrow and storage a challenge but we made it work. However, the only benefits of Aquaclass I consider rave worthy are the shower and Blu dining room. Since we consume lots of water and told that bottled water would be provided daily in aqua cabins we skipped checking in our usually duffel bag full of Deer Park. The ship provided water but it was the reverse osmosis water served anywhere on the ship and rebottled in recycled brand name bottles which was disappointing. The dining room Blu isn't so much about the food as it is the size of the dining room--a more intimate atmosphere alleviating us the need to book a specialty restaurant. Our shipmates on the cruise were pretty mature with seemingly a high number requiring physical assistance or scooters. This cruise also had a high percentage of non U.S. residents that were engaging an quite friendly. Diners in Blu were also very friendly and we often engaged in conversation with the tables in close proximity. This made for the entertainment that was sorely missing on this cruise. I can only conclude that Celebrity directed monetary resources to the staff and services and not to entertainment. New Year's night was the most exciting with free champagne to toast even before midnight. Not to be missed on Equinox is the Molecular Bar where the bartenders are mixologists with drink prices of $12.00. We found the bartenders and staff at the Lawn Club great but I am convinced the alcohol is watered down-probably due to the drink packages available. Gym and equipment also get high marks. We tried our hand at the Casino out of sheer boredom and lost like most passengers reported. Overall ship service was absolutely great provided by a staff that appeared fairly relaxed and extremely courteous. Special shout outs to the staff of Blu and Celebrity's "Loyalty Ambassador." Weather in Dec-Jan was perfect and we made all the ports. In each of the ports we acquired tours from the locals with no major regrets. Cozumel- Been there done that so many times I wish it wasn't a stop. Hubby took advantage of this being the first cruise stop and went into "town" for a full body massage for $50.00 while I gem window shopped. Massage suite was air conditioned with only two massage tables/areas. It apparently IS the place to dump spouse to allow peaceful assessment of the stones. Costa Maya - Somehow we've missed this port on other cruises but we really enjoyed it. Recommend skipping the golf cart rental(60.00 for two hours) walk outside the gate and pay $2.00 each for a taxi to the beach area. Many beach cafes where a chair/umbrella and internet access is free with purchase of food/beverage. Beach great-bathrooms clean what else could you want? Many passengers stayed in the port area to swim with the dolphins and shop the vendors in the area-very Americanized. Costa Rica was also a great port and the place I considered the best for shopping on the entire cruise. Locals at the port "tent straw market" are not aggressive and are very courteous. This is the port for coffee, massages, manicures/pedicures (ladies take your favorite color) and other touristy items such as T-Shirts. Prices are considerable higher at other ports. In Colon, we were able to tour the Gatun locks, tour Colon the city, drive to Panama City visiting the old and new cities, and a stop for shopping on the way back to the ship. Negotiated cost was $150.00 for two. A highlight was that our tour guide drove us to two additional locks and across/back the two main huge canal bridges which gave us a great view of the canal in both directions. I recommend skipping the taxi "cartel" that will accost you in the terminal and instead find one of the "red polo shirts" tour guides at the bottom of the escalators. Initially we negotiated a tour to Miraflores Locks and Panama City with a taxi service paying the first $35.00 to the cartel with $115.00 to be paid to the driver upon completion. The cartel then will appoint a driver for you. However in our case the driver did not wanted more than $115.00 for his services. After arguing with the cartel and then telling us that he needed $5.00 more we terminated the arrangement, received our initial deposit back, and obtain the services of a "red shirt tour guide." Cartagena- $20.00 per person bus tour acquired from vendor. A mistake--other passengers will not respect the meet-up time and therefore some sites are skipped. Also the tour guide's main job is to get you into an assigned jewelry store to purchased oil dipped resin filled emeralds. Street vendors are really, really aggressive and are all selling the same made in China souvenirs. Picked up Columbian coffee and costume jewelry at cruise port. Internet Cafe available at port for $3.00/hr. Caymans - Had the privilege of tendering ashore to join the passengers from four other boats in port. I've always wondered why this is such a major cruise port. Bought $7.00/bottle beer at local cafe, taxi to Seven Mile Beach and back, and very amused at jeweler trying to convince me to purchase a "yellow diamond" without proper papers for 8 grand. I rewarded his efforts by buying a $25.00 rainbow topaz that I set in an empty setting. I spent days viewing the "yellow emeralds" better known as golden beryl onboard the ship--didn't purchase-but the salesperson offered to buy us champagne to think about it. She also visited us at the Molecular Bar to inform us we only had two hours left to make the purchase. Cruise recommended for those whose prime objective is relaxation and can self entertain. Read Less
Sail Date: December 2010
The December 27 sailing of Celebrity Equinox was our sixth cruise overall and second New Year's cruise. We're an energetic gay couple in our early thirties who tend to be relaxation-oriented while cruising. That is to say ... Read More
The December 27 sailing of Celebrity Equinox was our sixth cruise overall and second New Year's cruise. We're an energetic gay couple in our early thirties who tend to be relaxation-oriented while cruising. That is to say we're happiest on the beach or by the pool, cocktail-in-hand, and don't always take advantage of the myriad organized activity and entertainment options usually on offer (so you won't read much about them here). We also have little use for anything formal, but do notice and appreciate fine food and quality service. Pre-cruise After a harrowingly narrow escape from the northeast's Great Snowpocalypse of 2010 on the morning of December 26th, we stayed one night at Ft. Lauderdale's Hyatt Pier 66. We had a lanai room that opened out to the pool area. We enjoyed the Hyatt for its sleek aesthetic (lovely sliding louvered doors rather than curtains in the room, minimalist lobby, etc.), but found the hotel's location a bit bothersome. Yes, it's closer to the beach than hotels on the port side of the bridge, but we were only there for a few hours and just needed to get some shopping done and go out to dinner. This led us to the conclusion that we might be better off at the Embassy Suites, which seems to be situated in a more walkable area with more restaurants and stores nearby... We'll try that next time. Embarkation We headed to the ship at about 11:30 a.m. The new terminal is very well laid out and convenient. Clear signage and helpful staff abound. We easily located the line for Concierge Class and didn't wait a moment to check in. There didn't seem to be lines for any category, in fact. We walked right onto the ship without slowing down. Bravo. On Board For us, cruising has so much to do with the ship. For this reason, embarkation day is always one of the highlights of our trip... Exploring the public rooms and touring the facilities for the first time (with that signature glass of X welcome champagne, of course!) is always so exciting. And Equinox did not disappoint. Celebrity Equinox is truly spectacular. Easily the most beautiful ship we've had the good fortune to board. With stunning, modern, grand spaces (like the atrium bordered by eight glass elevators that travel 15 decks toward the sky) as well as intimate spaces (like Cafe al Bacio with its windows that look out onto the promenade, evoking that marvelous ocean liner feel) Equinox has it all. And somehow the ship feels even less crowded than other ships we've sailed on despite accommodating 1,000 more guests. After seeing photos, we'd imagined that the pool area might feel a bit closed in by the towering sun shades, but it doesn't at all. It's a truly awesome, open space. And nestled at the foot of each of those sun shade structures is a sort of mini-cabana - a wonderful place to spend a sea day. We were impressed with the Sky Observation Lounge and noted several times what a great space it was, but how underutilized it seemed to be. One of our favorite places on board was the Sunset Bar, aft on Deck 15. We spent many evenings up there with new friends. A truly fabulous venue for a sailaway cocktail... I hesitate to even mention it because I don't want anyone else to discover it! We also really enjoyed the Martini Bar on Deck 4. Barman Edy (pronounced "Eddie") is a genius. I won't say anything else because I don't want to spoil it for you. Just go spend some time with Edy and his colleagues. You'll be impressed! Overall - and in seemingly every design detail - Equinox is magnificent. One example is the feeling one gets when walking on Deck 4 between the Entertainment Court and the Grand Foyer... What could have been a simple corridor, or part of the casino, is a soaring airy space overlooked by the art gallery and Tastings/Molecular Bar area one deck above. This shopping arcade has a very upscale feel, as does nearly every inch of the ship. Design-wise, Equinox is so very chic. Not at all resort-y or kitschy. Just gorgeous. Stateroom We enjoyed our stateroom, Concierge Class (C3) 1277 on Deck 10 (bed near the verandah). The location aft of the atrium was ideal as we always wanted to ride on those amazing glass elevators rather than the less impressive forward set. Choosing a stateroom aft of the atrium also means the overhang from the public decks above is one deck higher (further removed) than it is from midship staterooms. This was our fourth cruise with a verandah stateroom and we were thrilled. The layout is truly awesome. I simply can't explain how they've made 200 square feet feel so spacious. A very comfortable space with tons of storage throughout. And the bathroom is almost shockingly large. We loved the furniture on the verandah and the fact that the sliding door can be fixed in any position on its track by rotating the handle to lock it in place. There's nothing like listening to the sea as you fall asleep. Absolutely the best stateroom we've had. Dining We ate everywhere on the ship we could! Tuscan Grille was our favorite. We enjoyed two evenings there and thought both the food and the service were unmatched. The filet couldn't have been more perfect. We thought the food at Murano was truly outstanding (the duck was extraordinary!), but the atmosphere was a bit too formal for our taste. Silk Harvest we thought was a lot of fun, with delicious food, but we are surrounded by excellent Asian food at home, so while Silk Harvest was a fun diversion, it was no culinary adventure for us. Still, I would recommend it without reservation. As I've mentioned, we like to keep things pretty casual on vacation, so the Bistro on Five proved to be a great fit for us. We never wanted to go to the Oceanview Cafe (buffet) for dinner, but there were two nights when we didn't feel like dressing up and having the whole Silhouette (MDR) experience either. On both of those nights we went to the Bistro on Five and enjoyed great food and excellent service in a much more casual, delightful atmosphere, for just a nominal fee. Surely the cover must be for crowd control. It's a wonderful place! The only restaurant we didn't get to try was BLU. Interestingly, one of the reasons we'd chosen Concierge Class rather than trying Aqua Class is that we thought we'd prefer Silhouette over BLU's "clean cuisine". If I were booking again today though, I'd choose Aqua Class. I found myself disappointed when friends who were in Aqua Class asked if we could be their guests at BLU one night and the maitre d' apologetically informed them that it was impossible. We would have really liked to try BLU. And of course, Aqua Class guest aren't obliged to eat in BLU, it's simply their option. And the setting is so much more intimate than the MDR that I think we would have enjoyed it, given our preferences. That said, however, the Silhouette Dining Room was very cool - glitzy and glamourous. And Celebrity Select Dining works very well. We made and changed reservations a few times without any trouble and never once waited to get in. The only downside is that you may not always get your preferred table... Another reason to try Aqua and BLU. If you value intimacy over glitz and glamour, that is. To each his own. Service The service aboard Celebrity Equinox was outstanding. Our cabin attendants Ozy and Alex were really wonderful. Never intrusive, but always eager to offer a cheerful greeting, run ahead of us to open the cabin door, or help with anything else. All the bar and restaurant staff were wonderful too. We had the premium beverage package and didn't notice even a hint of negativity about the arrangement from anyone. It's amazing that on a ship this large (the largest we've been on by a great deal), the service still feels so remarkably personal. The one negative issue that arose during what would otherwise have been a near-perfect vacation was Cruise Director Que's unwillingness to put an LGBT gathering in the Celebrity Today daily program. On previous cruises, this has never been a problem. Que explained to us that this is corporate policy and that "special interest" group meetings are only posted on a board near guest relations, never put in the cruise daily. Since we hadn't realized this was the case, we'd already missed two of these meetings and imagined there must have been others who were unaware as well. Putting an LGBT gathering (just a time and place) in Celebrity Today just once at the beginning of each cruise would make such a difference to LGBT guests and would require so little effort on the staff's part that I can't understand why Celebrity won't allow it. Still, we eventually did make a bunch of wonderful new friends and despite this issue, felt that overall the service aboard Equinox was first rate. Disembarkation Disembarkation was a breeze. We were assigned the 8:10 a.m. departure group (based on our flight out) and were told to meet in the Equinox Theatre at that time, and that there was no need to come early. We arrived at the theatre door at exactly 8:10, just as the activities staff was announcing that our group was welcome to proceed to the gangway on Deck 5. Just like on embarkation day, we didn't even stop moving. Just turned around and walked to Cafe al Bacio and off the ship. We found our luggage, made it through customs and were in a taxi before 8:25. Couldn't have been easier. Bravo once again. In Short Despite the one small issue with the LGBT gathering (will X change the policy?), Celebrity Equinox was precisely what we were looking for. The ship's fabulous public spaces, excellent facilities, multiple delicious dining venues, extremely comfortable quarters and friendly, professional service all made for a near-perfect combination. We look forward to being back onboard Celebrity's Solstice-class ships. Spectacular. Read Less
Sail Date: November 2010
Ship was beautiful, staff very friendly & accommodating. I use a walker & found it difficult to open & keep door open to enter cabin over the sill. Inside the cabin I had to fold the walker (3 wheels) & store it behind the ... Read More
Ship was beautiful, staff very friendly & accommodating. I use a walker & found it difficult to open & keep door open to enter cabin over the sill. Inside the cabin I had to fold the walker (3 wheels) & store it behind the drapes as the passageway was very narrow. Purposely taking late dining to relax after going ashore, we found that most shows were changed to have the late sitting passengers see the show while the early seating passengers ate. Therefore, we missed most of the shows. Another reminder for all- If you have booked to take a cruise on a new ship that is coming into port for the first time, as was the Equinox (this year it will be the Silhouette), don't rush to get to the ship early as we had to hang around until 2:00 PM in order to board as the Coast Guard had to do its thorough inspection of the Ship. The food & elegant of service was not up to par as it had been on the Millennium in 2006, nor Azamara Journey in 2009. However, I love Celebrity & am taking the October 10th, 12 Day Holy Land Cruise on The Silhouette and remaining on Board for the Transatlantic Cruise into Port Liberty, NJ Read Less
Sail Date: December 2009
This was our 15th cruise on Celebrity. We range in age from 49 to 59 and have cruised several cruise lines over the years. We drove from Texas to the cruise as I don't like to fly. The ship was docked at pier 18, which is the new ... Read More
This was our 15th cruise on Celebrity. We range in age from 49 to 59 and have cruised several cruise lines over the years. We drove from Texas to the cruise as I don't like to fly. The ship was docked at pier 18, which is the new one for RCL. Parking was simple as was loading and unloaded. No one seems to do this as easy as Lauderdale. Getting through the check in was quick and painless and we were off to the ship quickly as we carried our own luggage off. The ship is very simple yet elegant. Not much glitz but I really liked the overall layout and look of the ship. Our room was 1019 and seems like the rooms are getting smaller and smaller with each passing year. Oh well, it was a place to sleep and hide from time to time. DW and friend both loved the Hot Glass show. The ladies sat through almost every show and never got tired of it. Also, I was a bit curious about the "lawn". Wow, what a cool idea for a ship. Very nice touch. Our first port was Grand Cayman. Never my favorite port, so we got off wandered around for a short time, got a couple of rum cakes and back to the ship. No need to waste time here on overpriced and cheaply made souvenirs. The next port was Cartegena. This was our first time to be in this port. We took a tour of the city using a private tour. It was a good idea. We were off to an early start and stayed one jump ahead of the ship tours. That meant we had time to wander around and see things without stepping on people at every turn. The monastery at the top of the hill is a stunning view. We had hoped to go to the gold museum but it was closed that day. Of interest was that this is a starting port for RCL. A ship loads and unloads at this port. It was odd to see a "terminal" in a place like this. Our guide laughed and said this is where the wild ones board. It also loads in Panama with mostly American passengers. I would go back to Cartegean again, but would like to see some different tours that take you out to look at nature and the country. Sadly, that appears to still be a dangerous thing to do. All the locals were very happy to have cruise ships back after years of them avoiding the port due to civil unrest. The vendors in the street are very aggressive, more so than Jamaica to some extent. However it was mostly easy to just say no or be serious about dickering for what they offered. We docked in Panama and took a tour to the rain forest. This was one of the oddest tours I have ever been on. Our tour was guide by "Ricky Ricardo". His English was somewhat limited. However the people on the bus were embarrassing. I have never seen such a rude and unruly group. We could have really been in trouble as we are serious birders and could not believe our luck to get such a noisy group. However the driver noted our watching birds and dragged out a well worn book. We left the group to make out down the trail and we lagged behind and drug the driver with us. His English was very limited and our Spanish a match. However we all spoke birds and nature and this became the highlight of the cruise. Some of the birds we saw and the driver's knowledge of the local birds was amazing.(You know you have a serious birder when he pulled out his cell phone and began to play bird calls to call in the birds.) We went to a second stop on the tour and almost had a riot on our hands. The rowdy group wanted to skip the second half as it was hot, and they were missing their lunch and bridge games. "Ricky Ricardo" said we WOULD make the second part though which was great as we saw several Coatimundi which were the first I have seen. The wild bunch went on one trail and the driver and us took off the opposite direction. More birds and a troop of Howler Monkeys were added to the list. Next was Costa Rica and we took a nature tour to an animal recovery site. This was well done and things were going well until it pounded rain as only it can in the tropics. Drowned rats we looked like but all had a great time anyway. (See how much fun a group can be when they are not being rude and ugly?) The next port was Belize and we did the Laminai and New River tour. This was our second time to take this tour. More pounding rain and a wild and wet ride down the river to the Mayan ruins. However once again nothing stopped our group. We were running late so we did not get to malinger down the river as in the past. Still a wonderful tour though. Last port was Cozumel and DW and friend went Tequila tasting. The girls liked the new museum set up there as they had a very nice set up of Mayan culture. Then we went off to town to do some shopping off the plaza. (Best deals and most fun had away from the cruise shops) The wind was howling as a front had come through and it was only 74 there. Nice day. The last sea day was cold and getting colder as we moved north. This is always a possibility during the winter in the Gulf of Mexico. SO.... A few things of note. We went to the Silk Harvest restaurant and it was every bit as good as others have said. The service and food were perfect. The main dining started off a disaster. We went down to main seating and had ordered when a group came in late and said we were at their table. When we checked our dining card more carefully, we found that we had been summarily exiled from first to second seating. The maitre'd was huffed that we were there and finally found us a new place to be. He did get us a new table the next day after we had the loyalty lady follow up with an email to him. Second seating was NOT going to happen. We got the best end of the deal as our new table mates, waiter and asst. waiter were all great. The food was normal for Celebrity and we like what was offered each night. JMHO..... deserts were always a miss. I ate ice cream every night as most of the deserts were not to my liking. Oh well.... I would say that the Ocean View buffet was a bit off. The food was good and always lots of choices. However we noticed that all week the selections barely changed. It was good but nothing new every day. The worst thing on the cruise was the smell in the hall on deck 10 forward. It was just awful and was there throughout the cruise. Sometimes, it even crept into our room. Our Steward said they were aware of it and trying to find a fix. They need to do that or this will become a major issue for anyone on that deck. No idea if it was on any other deck. Shows were on par with most ships, and we did not bother to take in most of them. The new show the first night had some good parts but could have been better. The smoking on the ship has been greatly reduced. No more smoking in the casino, in rooms or on the balconies. This is something that I really did notice and like. However there were still a few who did try to sneak a smoke on the balconies but it was WAY less than in the past. It will get better as time goes along. In general, this was the first time in years of cruising that I was able to enjoy the balcony without smoking someone else's tobacco habit. It was also nice to sit in the casino as long as I wanted and not leave gagging or having to change clothes reeking of smoke. We were very disappointed with the loyalty functions. The morning thing was nothing special and the evening meet in the sky lounge was very disappointing. No emails before we boarded the ship either. We have never been treated like this as elite members and we did notice it. DW said that it felt like we were just passengers and not valued repeat customers. Would we sail this ship again. Very definitely would. Was this a great cruise with a great list of ports? Perfect! We were very disappointed when we checked on booking this cruise for next Christmas as they had brain deaded the schedule. It was set too late to make the cruise and get back to school or have you children with you without missing a week of work or school. I have no clue what they are thinking on those dates. Guess we will look elsewhere which is a shame. Read Less
Celebrity Equinox Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.6
Dining 4.5 4.3
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 5.0 4.7
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.3
Family 4.0 4.3
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.8
Enrichment 4.0 3.9
Service 5.0 4.6
Value For Money 4.5 4.2
Rates 4.0 4.3

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