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Sail Date: February 2013
I will try to keep this concise. The ship is beautiful and spotlessly clean, Hand sanitizer everywhere !. The ports of call on the ultimate Caribbean were great !! here comes the bad stuff !! The food overall was a let down with the ... Read More
I will try to keep this concise. The ship is beautiful and spotlessly clean, Hand sanitizer everywhere !. The ports of call on the ultimate Caribbean were great !! here comes the bad stuff !! The food overall was a let down with the main dining room being the worst offender. It was very hit and miss. Either steaks not cooked well enough or tough. Cold vegetables and warm Entrees. Soup was either great or bland.Salad courses were minuscule and desserts nothing special. The 'Famous' baked Alaska was like a frozen dessert from a supermarket !! Our waiter was dull and mumbled a lot but the assistant waiter was very nice and friendly.Service and food was just not what we have had on previous ships. The ocean view buffet was very dull not great presentation and was just cafeteria quality.Nothing special offered. we had to point out mixed leaf salad with black/brown ends and stale cucumber.Pizza was good if you were lucky to get it fresh out of the oven. The oatmeal was like water. Could not get them to cook eggs fully.just small things but really impacted the trip.They don't do a midnight buffet as People were all tucked up by eleven usually but did a brunch which we missed and was supposed to be good,but only doing it once an eleven night trip is bad !! Cafe Baccia did great pastries but the cookies were like bricks you could break your teeth on them.The coffee was so so and again only warm not hot which was also an extra cost. Room serviceagain a bit up and down.One day cold then the next it was hot. The best place to eat was the 'bistro on five' as you got hot food and a decent portion for only $5 extra well worth it. Also the staff were great .. We did not try other speciality restaurants as we did not want to pay extra to just receive more average food for $40 or so extra. The service on the ship was again hit and miss, I felt a lot of staff were just going thought the motions. There were a few exceptions. The casino staff ,'Andrea' in particular the hostess who was great fun to talk to and made us very welcome. also the cabin stewards overall were very nice and had a warm hello. The ship entertainment especially poolside was virtually non existent.The various quizes we came across were roughly 20 question over and done !! However the shows were mostly good with one exception the 'Beatles' type show was dire but the others were good.A good comic and a great female singer who was funny too. On the next to last night they finally pulled a 'red and black salsa night' which was on deck at 10.30. This was great but everyone we spoke to said it was too little too late as we were nearly at the end of the cruise. It was the only time we saw anyone on deck after eleven P.M except an odd few !! The pool side band while not bad could not keep any tempo going and went from happy, to sad songs making the atmosphere go up and down !!The steel band were a bit of a joke too . !! Two guys with a background tape. A little cheap again !! The D.J in the club did not know thow to play to the crowd(had there been a crowd) as most nights the 'Quasar' was empty !! The Martini bar was very popular and seemed the busiest place before and after dinner as it was lively and the staff seemed more upbeat.But we are not big drinkres so that wasn'r for us really but when we did have a drink there it was nice . Overall not our best cruise experience. We are in our 40's and we on the young side on this cruise so I think they were catering for an older clientele.But even older people we spoke to said they were finding this trip dull, and they had been with celebrity many times so had more to compare to than we did. we did complain to the hotel manager and to be fair they gave us a very good compensation deal. I have not listed other things as I don't want to go on too much .Overall a beautiful ship but a lacklustre performance on many counts. I am sure others had a wonderful time but it was not for us. Read Less
Sail Date: December 2010
The December 27 sailing of Celebrity Equinox was our sixth cruise overall and second New Year's cruise. We're an energetic gay couple in our early thirties who tend to be relaxation-oriented while cruising. That is to say ... Read More
The December 27 sailing of Celebrity Equinox was our sixth cruise overall and second New Year's cruise. We're an energetic gay couple in our early thirties who tend to be relaxation-oriented while cruising. That is to say we're happiest on the beach or by the pool, cocktail-in-hand, and don't always take advantage of the myriad organized activity and entertainment options usually on offer (so you won't read much about them here). We also have little use for anything formal, but do notice and appreciate fine food and quality service. Pre-cruise After a harrowingly narrow escape from the northeast's Great Snowpocalypse of 2010 on the morning of December 26th, we stayed one night at Ft. Lauderdale's Hyatt Pier 66. We had a lanai room that opened out to the pool area. We enjoyed the Hyatt for its sleek aesthetic (lovely sliding louvered doors rather than curtains in the room, minimalist lobby, etc.), but found the hotel's location a bit bothersome. Yes, it's closer to the beach than hotels on the port side of the bridge, but we were only there for a few hours and just needed to get some shopping done and go out to dinner. This led us to the conclusion that we might be better off at the Embassy Suites, which seems to be situated in a more walkable area with more restaurants and stores nearby... We'll try that next time. Embarkation We headed to the ship at about 11:30 a.m. The new terminal is very well laid out and convenient. Clear signage and helpful staff abound. We easily located the line for Concierge Class and didn't wait a moment to check in. There didn't seem to be lines for any category, in fact. We walked right onto the ship without slowing down. Bravo. On Board For us, cruising has so much to do with the ship. For this reason, embarkation day is always one of the highlights of our trip... Exploring the public rooms and touring the facilities for the first time (with that signature glass of X welcome champagne, of course!) is always so exciting. And Equinox did not disappoint. Celebrity Equinox is truly spectacular. Easily the most beautiful ship we've had the good fortune to board. With stunning, modern, grand spaces (like the atrium bordered by eight glass elevators that travel 15 decks toward the sky) as well as intimate spaces (like Cafe al Bacio with its windows that look out onto the promenade, evoking that marvelous ocean liner feel) Equinox has it all. And somehow the ship feels even less crowded than other ships we've sailed on despite accommodating 1,000 more guests. After seeing photos, we'd imagined that the pool area might feel a bit closed in by the towering sun shades, but it doesn't at all. It's a truly awesome, open space. And nestled at the foot of each of those sun shade structures is a sort of mini-cabana - a wonderful place to spend a sea day. We were impressed with the Sky Observation Lounge and noted several times what a great space it was, but how underutilized it seemed to be. One of our favorite places on board was the Sunset Bar, aft on Deck 15. We spent many evenings up there with new friends. A truly fabulous venue for a sailaway cocktail... I hesitate to even mention it because I don't want anyone else to discover it! We also really enjoyed the Martini Bar on Deck 4. Barman Edy (pronounced "Eddie") is a genius. I won't say anything else because I don't want to spoil it for you. Just go spend some time with Edy and his colleagues. You'll be impressed! Overall - and in seemingly every design detail - Equinox is magnificent. One example is the feeling one gets when walking on Deck 4 between the Entertainment Court and the Grand Foyer... What could have been a simple corridor, or part of the casino, is a soaring airy space overlooked by the art gallery and Tastings/Molecular Bar area one deck above. This shopping arcade has a very upscale feel, as does nearly every inch of the ship. Design-wise, Equinox is so very chic. Not at all resort-y or kitschy. Just gorgeous. Stateroom We enjoyed our stateroom, Concierge Class (C3) 1277 on Deck 10 (bed near the verandah). The location aft of the atrium was ideal as we always wanted to ride on those amazing glass elevators rather than the less impressive forward set. Choosing a stateroom aft of the atrium also means the overhang from the public decks above is one deck higher (further removed) than it is from midship staterooms. This was our fourth cruise with a verandah stateroom and we were thrilled. The layout is truly awesome. I simply can't explain how they've made 200 square feet feel so spacious. A very comfortable space with tons of storage throughout. And the bathroom is almost shockingly large. We loved the furniture on the verandah and the fact that the sliding door can be fixed in any position on its track by rotating the handle to lock it in place. There's nothing like listening to the sea as you fall asleep. Absolutely the best stateroom we've had. Dining We ate everywhere on the ship we could! Tuscan Grille was our favorite. We enjoyed two evenings there and thought both the food and the service were unmatched. The filet couldn't have been more perfect. We thought the food at Murano was truly outstanding (the duck was extraordinary!), but the atmosphere was a bit too formal for our taste. Silk Harvest we thought was a lot of fun, with delicious food, but we are surrounded by excellent Asian food at home, so while Silk Harvest was a fun diversion, it was no culinary adventure for us. Still, I would recommend it without reservation. As I've mentioned, we like to keep things pretty casual on vacation, so the Bistro on Five proved to be a great fit for us. We never wanted to go to the Oceanview Cafe (buffet) for dinner, but there were two nights when we didn't feel like dressing up and having the whole Silhouette (MDR) experience either. On both of those nights we went to the Bistro on Five and enjoyed great food and excellent service in a much more casual, delightful atmosphere, for just a nominal fee. Surely the cover must be for crowd control. It's a wonderful place! The only restaurant we didn't get to try was BLU. Interestingly, one of the reasons we'd chosen Concierge Class rather than trying Aqua Class is that we thought we'd prefer Silhouette over BLU's "clean cuisine". If I were booking again today though, I'd choose Aqua Class. I found myself disappointed when friends who were in Aqua Class asked if we could be their guests at BLU one night and the maitre d' apologetically informed them that it was impossible. We would have really liked to try BLU. And of course, Aqua Class guest aren't obliged to eat in BLU, it's simply their option. And the setting is so much more intimate than the MDR that I think we would have enjoyed it, given our preferences. That said, however, the Silhouette Dining Room was very cool - glitzy and glamourous. And Celebrity Select Dining works very well. We made and changed reservations a few times without any trouble and never once waited to get in. The only downside is that you may not always get your preferred table... Another reason to try Aqua and BLU. If you value intimacy over glitz and glamour, that is. To each his own. Service The service aboard Celebrity Equinox was outstanding. Our cabin attendants Ozy and Alex were really wonderful. Never intrusive, but always eager to offer a cheerful greeting, run ahead of us to open the cabin door, or help with anything else. All the bar and restaurant staff were wonderful too. We had the premium beverage package and didn't notice even a hint of negativity about the arrangement from anyone. It's amazing that on a ship this large (the largest we've been on by a great deal), the service still feels so remarkably personal. The one negative issue that arose during what would otherwise have been a near-perfect vacation was Cruise Director Que's unwillingness to put an LGBT gathering in the Celebrity Today daily program. On previous cruises, this has never been a problem. Que explained to us that this is corporate policy and that "special interest" group meetings are only posted on a board near guest relations, never put in the cruise daily. Since we hadn't realized this was the case, we'd already missed two of these meetings and imagined there must have been others who were unaware as well. Putting an LGBT gathering (just a time and place) in Celebrity Today just once at the beginning of each cruise would make such a difference to LGBT guests and would require so little effort on the staff's part that I can't understand why Celebrity won't allow it. Still, we eventually did make a bunch of wonderful new friends and despite this issue, felt that overall the service aboard Equinox was first rate. Disembarkation Disembarkation was a breeze. We were assigned the 8:10 a.m. departure group (based on our flight out) and were told to meet in the Equinox Theatre at that time, and that there was no need to come early. We arrived at the theatre door at exactly 8:10, just as the activities staff was announcing that our group was welcome to proceed to the gangway on Deck 5. Just like on embarkation day, we didn't even stop moving. Just turned around and walked to Cafe al Bacio and off the ship. We found our luggage, made it through customs and were in a taxi before 8:25. Couldn't have been easier. Bravo once again. In Short Despite the one small issue with the LGBT gathering (will X change the policy?), Celebrity Equinox was precisely what we were looking for. The ship's fabulous public spaces, excellent facilities, multiple delicious dining venues, extremely comfortable quarters and friendly, professional service all made for a near-perfect combination. We look forward to being back onboard Celebrity's Solstice-class ships. Spectacular. Read Less
Sail Date: March 2010
We have traveled on many cruise ships with many cruise lines and have been on several Celebrity ships but we have both agreed that our recent trip from March 29,2010 to April 9, 2010 on the Equinox was fabulous. We feel in love with the ... Read More
We have traveled on many cruise ships with many cruise lines and have been on several Celebrity ships but we have both agreed that our recent trip from March 29,2010 to April 9, 2010 on the Equinox was fabulous. We feel in love with the ship and all that it had to offer. Our cabin was lovely and we enjoyed our mornings sitting on the veranda and having our coffee while we sailed on the very blue Caribbean. Our cabin steward(Miguel) was wonderful and did not miss a thing including making sure we had everything we needed especially my ice water. Our dinner companions at our table came from England, Canada and Florida. We had a lot of interesting conversations spending longer than each night having our dinner at the 6:00 seating. Our table was 344 and our waiter Gary never rushed us. The food was very good most nights and though we did eat at the Tuscan grill and thoroughly enjoyed every morsel. Our ship stopped at Grand Cayman, Cartagena, Panama,Costa Rica, Roatan, & Mexico. The few trips we took from the ship were okay but the one we took in Roatan was not described correctly. They did not say that the trip to the ship wreck was going to entail jumping off the boat and swimming back to shore this was a problem for some. Most of the shows on board were very good, we especial like the performance by the ships cast, the dancers were fantastic. The only really bad night was when they had a singer named Travis, who thought he could impersonated other singer. Totally wrong, really bad and so was the ventriloquist the last time he preformed. Though we traveled on a full ship that had 355 children and over 45 countries represented you would only know that when we had to disembark the ship. That is something that Celebrity needs to improve upon. It is the time it takes getting to your luggage that was unorganized. We loved the ship so much we book another cruise for June, 2010 on the Eclipse to the Baltic. Great work Celebrity we look forward many more cruises with you Read Less
Celebrity Equinox Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.6
Dining 4.5 4.3
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 5.0 4.7
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.3
Family 4.0 4.3
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.8
Enrichment 4.0 3.9
Service 5.0 4.6
Value For Money 4.5 4.2
Rates 4.0 4.3

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