15 Celebrity Edge Transatlantic Cruise Reviews

We love transatlantic crossing and hoped everything about our two previous Celebrity crossings would be there plus more. The short answer...no way! Where should I start? The biggest ripoff with this ship is the “infinite ... Read More
We love transatlantic crossing and hoped everything about our two previous Celebrity crossings would be there plus more. The short answer...no way! Where should I start? The biggest ripoff with this ship is the “infinite balcony.” What a crock! It is an ocean view cabin with three extra feet and a window that SOMETIMES goes up and down. If there’s rain or wind or anything else it’s locked from the bridge and you sit and stare out a window. It’s NOT a balcony. While we’re discussing this, there’s a motorized horizontal blind that takes a noisy 45 seconds to go up or down. Don’t plan to take a quick peek outside because the blind is locked in place and your roommate will surely wake up with the racket. As for the cabin if you’re used to Celebrity’s Solstice class two important things are missing...a coffee table for in room dining and the storage area over the bed. Dining: We booked Aqua Class for the sole purpose of being assigned to Blu. Our very first meal was the worst I’d ever had on a cruise. Entree #1 took almost 45 minutes to arrive and was served cold; entree #2 arrived and was undercooked fish. To give them their due subsequent meals were prepared as ordered. The restaurant truly seems like an afterthought in the design of the ship. It sits in a hallway on deck five adjacent to lifeboats...zero view and is extremely noisy in the one third of the restaurant near the kitchen. I feel like the ship was finished and someone said,”ooops, we forgot Blu.” Eden was unusual with well-prepared food but really just a one-time destination. The deck 14 feeding trough was typical buffet fare...nothing bad, nothing great; main dining room lunches were OK. The ship itself: if you like the soaring atriums of the Solstice class ships, be prepared to be disappointed...it doesn’t exist. They refer to the center of the ship as the “Grand Plaza.” Nothing “Grand” about it...two decks with very limited visibility down to the Martini Bar which no longer has the ice bar or the intimacy of former Martini bars. Guest relations is stuck in a corner on deck three with employees standing at glass tables so anyone next to you knows your business. And, be sure to bring your own pens...none for passengers, only pencils because of the environment. No restaurant meals are posted and the nightly newsletter is pretty slim. There was a Veterans Day commemoration we were unaware of because nothing was posted anywhere. Shore excursions were no better or worse than other ships...samefor the theater. Bottom line: I’m not saying “never again” but Solstice class is head and shoulders above this new ”wonder” with the personality and charm of an office cubicle. Read Less
Sail Date November 2019
Overall Impression: Excellent! Technologically modern cruise liner, but some minuses explained below. Embarkation: Easiest ever, by far. No waiting, attendant simply scanned pass from cell phone, checked passports and we were on! ... Read More
Overall Impression: Excellent! Technologically modern cruise liner, but some minuses explained below. Embarkation: Easiest ever, by far. No waiting, attendant simply scanned pass from cell phone, checked passports and we were on! Sea cards were waiting at the entrance to cabin. Debarkation: Also the fastest, easiest ever at the Ft Lauderdale cruise terminal. Two years ago, it was the debarkation from Hades here. Greatly improved! Those customs declarations of the past are gone. Stateroom: see cabin review. Dining: There are four “Main” Dining rooms. Each had its own theme, although main menus were the same at each restaurant. We opted for anytime dining since we did not know about the different dining rooms in advance. That worked out well this trip, although we prefer fixed dining. Service was average to poor at times. Service at breakfast in the main restaurant seemed particularly poor. We were assigned on morning to a table that seemed to not have wait staff assigned. Waited 45+ minutes before order was even taken! Servers only seemed to appear when serving the different courses, if refills needed in between, you had to flag someone down, who then may, or may not, have notified your server. Food was about average for what we have experienced on previous cruises. Specialty Dining: We did not experience any of the Specialty restaurants. The charge seemed way too high. Entertainment: Again, about average for the cruises we have experienced. The theatre was nice. House band was really talented. Shore Excursions: Cruise line excursions were ok. Packed into full sized busses for transport. Went on a outside excursion, which worked out really well in very small tour group. Our van was able to get much closer to attractions than the full sized busses. Spa/Fitness: I have to give this a thumbs down. There is a fitness center with the expected variety of work out machines and free weights. However, there are no locker rooms! A real minus in my mind. Also wet and dry saunas are only available behind limited access area. A separate charge (not nominal) is required to enter that area of the spa. Non-existent lockers rooms and non-access to saunas where a big bummer. On Board Shopping: There is a (very) small section of one of the shops were a very limited amount of souvenirs/sundries were available. ALL other shopping areas were over the top expensive, both in their offerings and costs. Really missed the everyday, reasonable sundry shops found on previous cruises. Casino: Very modern slot machines, and some actually paid out! Kinda unusual for a cruise! Access: There are only two ways to access the front of the ship to see out front (unless you also count the forward facing camera images available on the stateroom tv). Both are behind limited access passageways. One is through the limited spa area. (I tailgated someone in to access it). The other is the limited retreat area, accessible only to suite dwellers. Us steerage classers are out of luck. Read Less
Sail Date November 2019
Here is our feedback from our Celebrity Edge Aquaclass Transatlantic Nov 1 - 17th. In all honesty we had a magnificent cruise. Our AQ infinity stateroom was perfect for us and the extra space on a 15 night cruise was really appreciated. We ... Read More
Here is our feedback from our Celebrity Edge Aquaclass Transatlantic Nov 1 - 17th. In all honesty we had a magnificent cruise. Our AQ infinity stateroom was perfect for us and the extra space on a 15 night cruise was really appreciated. We loved the bathroom and the spacious shower (although there was some flooding on a few days, Guest Relations are aware and gave us $200FCC to say sorry). The Spa is lovely as far as it goes but unlike other new cruise ships it doesn't have a large jacuzzi/plunge pool that we were hoping to find. The salt room is a mystery still and we don't know what it is supposed to do. The float chairs are hanging in an area that folks walk through so no benefit there. The gorgeous design is great but functionally, they'll probably have to rethink this area. Some of you expressed a lot of disappointment in BLU restaurant. Our experience was the exact opposite and once again we had such good times, food and service there. We're foodies and so we know a bit about good and bad food. The only time we sent food back was because we'd tried something new to us and it wasn't to our liking - that doesn't make it bad food. As usual we made a lot of effort to engage with the servers and the Maitre'D, this meant that within 3 days we knew where we wanted to sit and who we wanted to serve us. BINGO. Our friends from USA joined us most nights and they were as thrilled with their dining experience as we were. Just to put some perspective on this, read on. We also knew some others who were in suite class and so used Luminae. After about a week we suddenly saw them leaving BLU as we had just sat down and ordered. We said hello and were told by them that the standard of food and service in Luminae was not good and they had much better meals and service in BLU. They weren't the only ones, each night thereafter and also at breakfast, suite guests were queuing for tables in BLU. Our sommelier was an absolute character, she sometimes sang Thai love songs as she poured our wine, and we're pretty sure we had some wines that were above our Classic Drink Package once or twice. Did we pay extra cash tips? Yes, we always do in the restaurants and the bars - the return on strategically handing a few $$s to the right people works wonders - don't judge us for this, each must do what they think best. If those few $$s made the difference between a wonderful experience and not, it was a few bucks well spent. Please keep any negative judgments to your self. For further context, we made a second cruise whilst in Florida on a different cruise line, no names, the experience was supposed to be a first class suite ship within a ship treat. What a mistake that was, it only confirmed that we should stick with Celebrity and Azamara, and this is what we intend to do all through 2020 and 2021. Whoopee, how lucky to have the choice eh? Happy cruising folks! :-) Read Less
Sail Date November 2019
We wanted to experience the new Celebrity Edge, and having been to most of other ports in the other itineraries, we opted for a Transatlantic to maximize the time on the ship rather than the ports. We were a part of a group of 10 ranging ... Read More
We wanted to experience the new Celebrity Edge, and having been to most of other ports in the other itineraries, we opted for a Transatlantic to maximize the time on the ship rather than the ports. We were a part of a group of 10 ranging from our 40s to our 60s, and some of us were skeptical about the number of sea days...9 out of 14. Well....after our time on the Edge, we are all looking to do another Transatlantic on the Edge or a sister ship. I honestly cannot understand some of the prior negative reviews and attribute some of them to the early shows or nuances of a new class of ship. For us, the Edge sets the bar very high for other ships and we were Wowed from the moment we stepped on until we left two weeks later. THE SHIP: The ship itself is stunning, innovative and logical. From the moment you walk aboard, you note the “gaudy” decor of ships of yesteryear are gone as you enter the elegance of a floating 5-star resort. The color palette throughout is tasteful, neutral where necessary, but riddled with breathing green throughout. The public spaces were plentiful, with the multi-story Eden having something for everyone. Eden provides small tables for two along the rear expansive window facade, larger sofa and chair areas, a bar, outside areas for dining and secluded sofa areas in the upper portion. I previously read complaints of a lack of areas to relax and read...and I find these criticisms unwarranted...seek and you shall find tranquil and tasteful ares. THE CABIN: See below. We were in an Iconic Suite but that is not what steered my positive review or experience. We travelled with friends and family ranging from Panoramic Oceanview, Concierge (with Infinite Veranda) and Sky Suite Cabins, and met many friends and visited many cabins aboard. Having visited all of the cabins, and receiving input from all in our party, our collective opinion is that the cabins, all cabins, were amazing. The Iconic Suite stands out as a floating Park Avenue apartment, with the service commensurate with such accommodation. I cannot say enough about our Butler George and his attention to every single detail throughout the cruise. The little extras Celebrity provides is fantastic, including the Fette robes with our initials on them. HINT: If you go by your middle name and want a different initial on your robe, let them know in advance. The Sky Suites with the beds facing the ocean (and sliding bathroom mirrors to face outwards) were a big hit and a favorite among those having sailed in Sky Suites in the past. Our friends stayed in the Infinite Veranda cabin. I have read the reviews and it is not for everyone, but our friends quite enjoyed the extra space and ability to open the balcony when desired. Probably 80 to 90% or more of the time one is in the cabin (and especially on rainy days) is spent INSIDE rather than OUTSIDE. The infinite veranda provided that extra space for that 80-90% of the time and gave the room a much roomier feel. I recommend it to those looking to try it...and if you don’t like it, choose a regular balcony next time. I think change is hard for many, but if two cabins were next to each other, one with the infinite veranda, and one without, if you walked into both, I think the majority would opt for the infinite veranda. In the Iconic Suite, the decor was amazing and tasteful but the true treat was the outside terrace complete with a plethora of live plants, seating, a hot tub, double chaise lounge, and more. DINING: The true treat on this ship is the Specialty Dining. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE. With a 14 day Transatlantic w had the opportunity to try every specialty dining venue at least once, including Dinner on the Edge on the Magic Carpet. Fine Cut Steakhouse: We dine at steakhouses at home, and found Fine Cut on par with or better than most high end steakhouses. They offer a 30 day dry aged steak and a Tomahawk Ribeye for the Fred Flintstone connoisseurs, and poached lobster and Dover Sole for the pescatarians. The Ceasar Salad with a twist (caviar instead of anchovies) is good but the Wedge would be my recommendation. The side options are generous and for a party of our size, all were provided. Eden: This had the WOW factor...from the Avante Garde drink ingredients and presentation, to the menu and presentation where each morsel of food was placed with a purpose. The menu options are limited and you may need a slightly adventurous palate but the kitchen will accommodate the more limited diners (two in our group have less adventurous tastes and loved Eden enough to go back). Raw on Five: One of my favorites...open for lunch as well so we went numerous times. The seafood tower is great to share, and the sushi and rolls are high quality with great presentation. Grand Bistro and Petite Bistro: For lunch the venue serves at the Grand Bistro, with French cuisine including mussels and escargot...not the typical ramekins but loaded atop a flaky tart crust...a must for escargot connoisseur. But at night, the bistro converts to Le Petite Bistro, a 4D dining animated Iron Chef-style experience across a 4 course meal. We expected the venue to be gimmicky and the quality of food secondary, but we were pleasantly surprised and all enjoyed both the experience and the food. At one point I looked up and everyone in our party sat mesmerized with their cell phone videos rolling as the dinner “show” rolled out. Rooftop Garden: Weather permitting, this is a must. We only visited once and wished we had gone more. Surprisingly good food, under the stars, but cleverly shielded from the wind in the center of the outside open deck. Definitely a must. Luminae: We have had Luminae on several ships but the number of suites on the Edge makes Luminae a bit larger perhaps at the expense of efficiency. The Maitre D’ and servers were fantastic and never stopped but timing and temperature were sometimes an issue...not their fault. Also, on the Edge, because Luminae is on deck 12 and the main dining and specialty restaurants on decks 3 through 5, the option previously afforded to order off the main dining menu as well as Luminae has been eliminated. For me...not a problem...but a bit of an issue for some of our more traditional diners. We opted for breakfast there most of the time, and dinner several nights. They go out of their way to please...and lunch is a great option as well. Oceanview Cafe: I am not a buffet lover so I only visited a total of 4 times for breakfast or lunch over the 14 days. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality, variety, and freshness of the buffet, even after several sea days. There is something for everyone...but with most buffets, you end up taking a little of this, a little of that....until it adds up to a lot of everything...hence why I try to avoid buffets. But...as buffets go...this one is exceptional. Unfortunately, the pizza was fantastic as well (not helpful when trying to limit the weight gain over 14 nights!!!). Entertainment and Activities: This was perhaps the area where our group, and others, were most critical. First the positive: The solo vocalists and musicians that performed in Eden and the Martini Bar were great...and the staging areas were central for audio and visual experiences. Ashlie Amber performed many difficult Whitney Houston songs and was fantastic. The adaptation to Hot Summer Night’s Dream with vocals combined with Cirque du Soleil acrobatic style performances was very enjoyable, but not everyone’s style, and the comedians were good. The dancers and shows were good and the Eden performances during dinner were great. However, many of the show outside performers were not up to par, and some were unfortunately just not good. This is the area I feel that the Edge is in most need of improvement. However....we went to the Club instead, and made our own fun. For a Transatlantic, I expected the Club to be empty ...but I was pleasantly surprised and the enjoyment spilled out to the Martini bar late night. For those with children ...a Transatlantic Cruise is likely not for you. There were either 2 or 4 kids I think on the whole cruise. But for those looking to experience a new style ship ...I recommend the Transatlantic for the number of days you actually get to enjoy the ship, meet your fellow passengers, relax and steal some “me” time. Would I go again? Can’t wait!!!! Read Less
Sail Date November 2019
We sailed on the Celebrity Edge on the April 26th to May 13th, 2019 trans-Atlantic (TA), crossing. Check-in was fast and efficient. We downloaded and used the Celebrity app. That allowed us to scan in our passports and photos so upon ... Read More
We sailed on the Celebrity Edge on the April 26th to May 13th, 2019 trans-Atlantic (TA), crossing. Check-in was fast and efficient. We downloaded and used the Celebrity app. That allowed us to scan in our passports and photos so upon arrival we were able to quickly pass through check-in and make our way onto the ship. Bravo to Celebrity for updating the process and creating the app. Once onboard, we were able to access our rooms quickly and our baggage arrived shortly after we got into our cabin. Our sea pass was awaiting us at our cabin door. Our cabin was a sunset veranda, # 11274, and this sailing represented our 4th TA in a sunset veranda so for the purpose of full disclosure, we were predisposed to like the location and aft cabin experience. We were not disappointed. Our cabin was well laid out, had sufficient room and the location at the back of the ship was perfect for us. The bathroom was spacious, and the shower seemed larger than we have experienced on previous ships. The water pressure and temperature were excellent. The bathroom counter space was enough for our needs. The balcony was longer than normal sized balconies but to us, it seemed shorter than previous sunset cabin verandas and although the balcony could have accommodated two loungers, it only had two chairs and a very small table. We like to sit on the balcony and enjoy the sunrise or sunsets. Loungers would have been much better and added comfort. We ended up using the small table as a foot-rest which was not the best option. The cabin itself was well maintained and “Andi”, our cabin attendant was excellent. He did an outstanding job of keeping the cabin in perfect condition and always greeted us by name and with a smile on his face. The cabin was bright, well appointed and had a large mirror sporting “surround lighting” at the dressing table. The size and lighting was appreciated and useful. We found that the dresser/counter space was limited and made more so by the “Celebrity books” and paraphernalia already occupying the limited counter space. We ended up placing the books under the bed to give us more counter space. Overall we would give the room a 4.5 out of 5. Because we did not stay in an Infinite Veranda room, I will not rate those type of cabins but I will pass on some general comments. The rest of the people in our group (14), all had Infinite Verandas so we were able to see a number of them first hand and we heard the pros and cons. Most of our group were not fans of the cabins as they felt they never got the outside experience. One likened it to having an oversized window that you could “sometimes” open. Apparently the ship’s staff have the ability to lock the mechanism(s) so they could not open the “verandas” when the seas were deemed too rough. The people in our group were all on decks 8 or 9 so fairly high up. Consequently, some felt that there should not have been the need to block the ability to open the veranda. The verandas were also described as restrictive, noisy and limiting views. The ship itself has some positives and negatives. I would be remiss if I did not mention the art around the ship. I am not speaking of the usual art found on ships that is later placed for sale, but specifically the art used as part of the ship’s décor. Well done Celebrity! We loved the different pieces and the mixture of styles. The overall appearance of the ship is fabulous. Definitely a 5 out of 5. The buffet on deck 12 was very good and the selection for the most part was excellent. The morning staff were always in attendance to fill up the coffee and bring juice etc. At lunch time they were not as visible and at times it was difficult to find bar staff. However, we were generally there for the food and there was a wide selection and usually very good. 5 out of 5. The idea of four main dining rooms is in my opinion, an epic fail. We had made reservations in advance of our sailing for every night of our sailing and in the different dining rooms. We knew we might want to make changes to dine with friends but thought that paying the extra for Select dining would allow for ease in making changes. Quite the opposite, if we needed to change reservations, we ran into problems. Additionally, there were variations in the quality of food and service in different rooms and if you had a bottle of wine in one restaurant, and dined at another the next night, it took awhile to get your wine. We found that the Normandie was the poorest restaurant in terms of service and food quality. There were a few times when the meal that arrived was cold or there were delays in getting some dishes. The result was that a person might be still waiting for their meal when the others at the table were almost done their main course. Additionally, the first night we were dining with a number of friends and we were given a table with chairs on one side and padded bench style seating on the other. The seating was so low that the four people on that bench style seating were uncomfortably low and likened it to be a child at table that was too tall for them. By the end of the cruise we were avoiding the Normandie and focused on any of the other restaurants. Overall the food in all the restaurants was unremarkable, uninspired and average. The Cyprus and Tuscan came out on top for service and quality so we were trying to eat there and that meant navigating the restaurant change process and it was not a fun or easy process. 2 out of 5 for the four main dining rooms. We tried three specialty dining venues. The Eden experience lived up to the hype and was a delight. Entertaining, delicious and memorable, it was an excellent meal and overall super evening. The entertainers were enjoyable, the open meal preparation fun, and the service impeccable. The food was exceptional. We would definitely pay the extra money to enjoy that experience again. 5+ out of 5. The Fine Cut Steak House was so/so. It is positioned two decks above the martini bar and is open to the bar and common area below. That means all the noise that is occurring below, is heard in the restaurant. As a result, one’s conversation is in competition with shouts, music and other noise from the two open decks below. Consequently, the ambiance is somewhat lacking. The food was good but not exceptional. We all had the steak which was OK but two were overcooked. The décor was average and overall, the dining experience was average and not worth expending the extra money. 2 out of 5 Le Petite Chef was a fun experience. The animation was entertaining, and the serving staff were excellent. The food was very good and we would repeat the experience again, if only to get better video of the entire dinner preparation. We imagine that the animation would wear thin after awhile, but for now, we highly recommend people give it a try. 5 out of 5. The entertainment on average was good and although we did not attend a lot of shows, those that we did attend (4) were entertaining and enjoyable. The seating was comfortable and although we sat in different locations, we always enjoyed a clear field of vision. 5 out of 5 with the caveat that we took in a smaller number of shows and there are others who can provide a better review of the entertainment. The emergency drill was excellent with video screens employed so everyone had a good view. The staff were, for the most part excellent and friendly. There was a high degree of visibility for senior staff and the Captain was entertaining with his 10am morning updates. We would recommend the ship, the cruise line and in support of that statement, I can confirm that we booked two future cruises while onboard. Read Less
Sail Date April 2019
We wanted to spend enough time on the ship to explore it fully. We did have concerns seeing some of the early re3views. We decided to stop reading them as some where so very negative! We were in a suite 7306 aft S1. At the outset ... Read More
We wanted to spend enough time on the ship to explore it fully. We did have concerns seeing some of the early re3views. We decided to stop reading them as some where so very negative! We were in a suite 7306 aft S1. At the outset let me give some background. We are seasoned Celebrity cruisers. We are Elite +. We have travelled in all levels of stateroom on all ships other than Flora and Reflection! We are from UK so flew out from UK to Fort Lauderdale. We went to the cruiseport early, around 10-30. After an extremely quick check-in on computer, we were shown to the lounge where drinks and snacks were served prior to embarkation. After a quick coffee we were on board, straight to our room where we found our room keys, dropped off our handheld and were ready to explore! We just love the overall design of the ship, the big open spaces, the artwork, wonderful inspired seating inside and out. The pool areas indoor and our are just beautifully designed areas. The retreat sundeck and lounge areas have interesting modern design, nice seating, lots of private space as well as social areas. Some areas took a bit of getting used to, the club and the martini bar. They have plusses and minuses compared with similar venues on other ships. We found the club to be a little dark for our personal taste, and the twin levels at the martini bar a little odd, although we loved the live music and dance floor now in this venue. Tiny martini glasses though kept the bar staff very busy with those of us with premium drinks packages lol! Some of the entertainment we felt was aimed at an older crowd for this sailing… we are in our 60s!. When they did get it right on the last formal night the ship was buzzing and the dance floor crowded. Celebrity don't assume older folks don't like to rip up the dancefloor!! We went to one show on the first night. Nice venue, comfortable seating, but shows aren't really our thing and we didn't go to another. A bit predictable for us. We did go to the Eden show. It was a little mysterious, challenging and puzzling. Overall we enjoyed the experience, we loved seeing the acrobats from very close quarters. Maybe a narrator is needed to help some like us understand the flow of the evening. We ate in Eden. We sat by the kitchen and watched the Chef and his staff preparing food with great precision. The food was excellent in a very modern style. Entertainment very enjoyable and service just perfect. Eden was a wonderful place in the day. We had lunch from the café We sat outside at one of the 2 external seating areas. We also sat in the floating chairs just looking at the ocean. A beautifully designed multi use venue. Celebrity also threw a party for those married over 30 years. The cheers to the years event was beautifully handled with the support of cruise critic members. The ship provided champagne and a wonderful cake. The art work on board is modern and we loved walking round the ship to see it. Like all art it isn't to everyone's taste but overall we liked the décor. It was fun to find the photographs in stateroom corridors was themed and we saw many areas of the world we had travelled to and it brought back many happy memories. Luminae was as always a wonderful experience and a cruise highlight. Loved the photos in there and the themed colours and lighting. It might have been nice to break up the larger area with some screening to make it a little more intimate. The staff did a great job, never had to wait for a table, food was great and waitstaff and sommelliers very accommodating. We had premium drinks and were served a wide variety of excellent wines. Retreat lounge was a beautiful area. Nice seating lovely outside terrace. Beautiful pool area, loved the hanging chairs, great bar service, nice selection of chairs and loungers in busy and quiet areas. I do have reservations about the food and drinks in the retreat pounge. I dont think it is modern luxury especially on chic night to have self service food and drinks. There is someone behing the food counter but hey dont serve onto the plate. There is a wash station but very very few used it. Some helped themselves with their hands. For wine self service some were filling wine glasses almost to the brim to take into Luminae for dinner. The concierge told me very nice glasses for the retreat were being found all over the ship! one night there weren't ANY glasses available! Cofee and tea were a problem also with the small machine unable to cope with the deamd and resulting in people standing in lines. I bypassed it by asking a server for what I wanted. They were very willing and I was well satisfied but puzzled by the self service elements which clearly weren't working in the evening and for afternoon tea. With some staff and good service the lounge would work wonderfully well. Le petit chef we had dined at previously on Sillhouette. This time it seemed a slow night and although we enjoyed the food we found by comparison the animation to be a little dull. The somellier told us we couldnt use our premium wine package for the wine pairing. We asked for the wine list and ordered full size glasses rather than the smaller taster sizes in the pairing. It seemed unnecessary nickel and diming on good spenders! magic carpet. It was a great experience and fantastic food. Shame it doesnt have a glass floor like some buildings have. If you get the chance do it! Also loved having a drink out on it in the day. The weather didnt allow us to do it every day but when we could we did Fine cut steakhouse was a great meal, wonderfully presented and served. Would do this one again. We wanted to try a sandwich and pastry at the bistro one day, but we were told it was only the set meal at lunchtime. Again we thought this very restrictive and a missed opportunity by Celebrity for a nice lighter lunchtime venue. The spa, I was dying to see. Celebrity give access to the thermal suite to aqua guests but not suites. I live in hope they will readdress this and give a even a limited number of days or hours to suite guests. We booked a day in the thermal suite. It is a beautiful area, well designed with a series of rooms and showers to try. A day was really too long especially as the guidelines indicate no more than 10 mins in many of the rooms. Little things that can be addressed let the area down. Robes provided had no pockets so no-where to put spectacles when in the rooms, No slippers provided, the showers in the changing rooms leaked all over the floor of the changing room and a cleaner was almost permanently stationed there to clean up. It was a nice experience spoiled by those little things that make a spa a luxury experience. As always, the captain, his officers and crew are the stars on Celebrity. We have nothing but praise for their excellent work. The ship is different, will appeal to a new audience and the old audience if we dont constantly make comparisons with older ships. It wont be for everyone, and some may want to move over to other more traditional ships. Fo us the Kelly Hoppen designs were refreshing light and classy. With a few tweaks this could be a modern luxury experience........ Read Less
Sail Date April 2019
We booked this cruise because we wanted to try out the Celebrity Edge from Ft. Lauderdale to Europe. We were planning to leave the ship in Le Harve, France for a river cruise to Normandy, and saw this as an opportunity to easily travel the ... Read More
We booked this cruise because we wanted to try out the Celebrity Edge from Ft. Lauderdale to Europe. We were planning to leave the ship in Le Harve, France for a river cruise to Normandy, and saw this as an opportunity to easily travel the Atlantic. We got off in Le Harve the day before the ship sailed to Southampton. First of all, I read the other review of the Edge Transatlantic, and I am thinking these people were not on my same cruise. To make a big deal over shampoo or sounds in the wind, give me a break! The ship is beautiful, had great service, great dining, great entertainment, and a relatively smooth sailing. I have been on many ships, including three trans Atlantics, and did not experience rough seas on this sailing. Maybe those people on the top decks should have been down on Ocean View cabins like me. We know better crossing the ocean. Our cabin was on deck three near the front elevator. The only criticism I have for the cabin is having to walk the length of the ship every day to get to dining. The restaurants were at the back of the ship and we were on the front. It was near the theater. We liked the idea of being able to eat in 4 different restaurants every night and had no problems making reservations for early seating. The service was excellent and food choices plentiful. The buffet dining in the cafe was not good at night. There was very little choice, the same menus, and not as good as other ships we have been om. The shows were great. We especially loved the first night entertainment of December 63 which featured Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons music. They had lovely voices, and a high energy show. Lorraine Crosby one night did a terrific show of Queen and other rock music. Every night there was entertainment in the theater. I did not particularly like the Celebrity production shows. Also they featured lectures, extra shows, and other events during the day. We knew that there was no library on board, so we brought digital books with us. The ship provided a restaurant every day for games to allow people to play. i took advantage of this by hooking up with fellow cruises to play cards on sea days. My husband liked the fitness area and said it was very modern with lots of excellent machines. He never had to wait for one the whole cruse. The shops were too high end. Not everyone needs expensive jewelry and watches. They were empty and I missed the typical sales that most ships offer. None were available. I think Celebrity will have to rethink these shops for most cruisers. The ship excursions were typical, my only criticism was the day in Lisbon where we had a very poor excursion with a poor tour guide. It was one of the worst tours we ever were on. It did not help that it was raining all day. The other days were sunny but cooler with better tour guides. We did not have many ports to visit on this itinerary. It is a waste of money to book a high verandah cabin crossing the Atlantic. We know this so we booked an outside cabin which was more than comfortable. Our cabin steward, Garvin, gave us excellent attention. I would highly recommend the Edge. We booked another Celebrity cruise on board for next year and think highly of them. This was one of the best cruises I ever have taken. Read Less
Sail Date April 2019
We have been on at least 30 cruises and have sailed with Celebrity 7 times prior to this cruise. We were very excited to sail on the Edge as it seemed like it was going to bea bit different from other ships...well, it was...and not in a ... Read More
We have been on at least 30 cruises and have sailed with Celebrity 7 times prior to this cruise. We were very excited to sail on the Edge as it seemed like it was going to bea bit different from other ships...well, it was...and not in a good way unfortunately. We booked the 15 night Transatlantic cruise beginning on 4/28. First off, embarkation was a breeze! We booked an infinite balcony...for sure, something different for the industry. We HATED it. It felt like a tiny (5'x6') solarium attached to the room. It didn't give you the balcony experience at all. If you open the window, the A/C goes off in the room. The only redeeming feature was the shade that you lower with a button. It made the room very dark at night and you don't have to deal with curtains. The cabin itself was okay as was the bathroom. Why locate the couch away from the TV...it's very hard to watch while you're sitting on the couch. There was enough storage too. It sure would be nice if they'd put in larger waste baskets...those puny things they use are ridiculously small. The ship itself is pretty but it seems like they were just trying too hard to be "edgy"..sorry about that. There are very few comfortable chairs around. I miss an observation lounge and thought Eden was weird. Several times we tried to go there for lunch and it was closed a lot for private events. Most of the meals we had were good. I do think other cruise lines could learn a thing or two from Celebrity regarding the buffet layout. The crew was good. Overall, not as friendly as on Princess or Holland America. Our cabin steward, Mark was phenomenal. The entertainment staff...especially Sarah and Bethany were wonderful. Laundry service is not good. They have the nerve to charge $49.95 for a bag oflaundry and it comes back to you stuffed in the same bag. It's marginally folded. We're not going to sail on the Edge again. We got it out of our system. By the way, this cruise was expensive compared to comparable TA cruises. We could've gotten a suite on HAL for what this cost us. Read Less
Sail Date April 2019
We chose this cruise to go on the new ship and have quite a few days at sea. Everything about it was near perfect. Embarkation was very quick in Ft Lauderdale, about 15 minutes after we arrived at the terminal. We were allowed to go to ... Read More
We chose this cruise to go on the new ship and have quite a few days at sea. Everything about it was near perfect. Embarkation was very quick in Ft Lauderdale, about 15 minutes after we arrived at the terminal. We were allowed to go to our staterooms fairly quickly (the attendant was still working in ours but we dumped our bags and went to have lunch). We loved the aqua class stateroom with the infinity balcony; wonderful to be on a brand new ship! We mostly dined in Blu, the aqua class restaurant. We had fantastic service. always got our same great waiters and generally our same table for 4. We thoroughly enjoyed the quality of the food and smaller portions of healthier food, but we never went hungry. We don't usually do sit-down breakfast dining on cruises but did several times on this ship due to the quality and prompt service. Lunches and breakfasts were good in the Oceanview cafe with nice variety; loved the pizza too! We did the Steakhouse specialty dining (good but not much better than what we got in Blu) and the rooftop grill (fun and plenty of food; nice to be outdoors when it is not windy and cool, which it was many nights on a transatlantic). Besides the restaurants, overall staff and service was good. The Martini flight was fun and an amazing demonstration. Only regular complaint about Celebrity is that if you ever need guest services, they don't answer the phone and there is a long line at the desk many times. Eden (which came with a lot of hype) was not as expected. It is in the back of the ship and lower deck so suffers from the engine rumble. The entertainment was pretty strange, although we did enjoy the food and presentation specialty dining - it was unique. It did not have the tropical ambiance at dinner as the sun was out past 9 and there is a lot of glass. They do serve lunch (excellent reuben panini) if you want to get away from the crowds. Only downsides we saw with the ship: no top deck indoor lounge like at the front of many ships. The only way to get a view out the bow is to go through the spa to a small outdoor area on the front of the ship. Many high end shops so very little shopping was being done. And a few bugs to be worked out or tweaks to the next version of the Edge. Entertainment was good although would have been nice to have another cast production show on such a long cruise. Comedians were decent as were most of the musicians. We did not do many other activities other than poolside exercise and did our own thing in ports or with private excursions. They had trivia about every day as well as other activities if you want to divert from poolside reading. The spa was really nice with the different type of thermal and salt rooms, the rain garden showers and heated tile loungers (sometimes a battle to get one in the afternoons). Loved the multi-level jogging and walking track with no steps!! Thoroughly enjoyed Bermuda, the Azores, Lisbon and Bilbao. We did not get off in Le Havre, France as had seen D-Day beach areas previously and most things were closed in Le Havre as a Sunday. Self disembarkation in Southampton was a breeze as you had to check in with British customs officials onboard a couple of days before we disembarked. Read Less
Sail Date April 2019
Celebrity Edge – Personal Review Stateroom – Sky Suite room 11202 (as compared to Sky Suite on Solctice Ships) Like – -Open balcony with rail; -Bathroom mirror opens to view the ocean (NOTE: This mirror slides open at ... Read More
Celebrity Edge – Personal Review Stateroom – Sky Suite room 11202 (as compared to Sky Suite on Solctice Ships) Like – -Open balcony with rail; -Bathroom mirror opens to view the ocean (NOTE: This mirror slides open at night in rough seas) Dislike – -couch very hard; -safe is 2/3 size of previous ship’s safes; -smaller refrigerator; -Balcony chairs comfortable but have short backs and no chase lounges making it impossible to put our head back and legs up for a snooze on the balcony (NOTE: we spoke to another couple who has a Sky Suite. They requested a lounge chair and the cabin attendant exchanged the chairs for lounges); -Bathroom has a tub and mostly senior passengers who have problems just sitting and standing up so why make them step over a tub to get in the shower; -No place to hang a towel near the shower – we had to put the towel on the floor outside the tub; -soap dish in shower is under the showerhead, immediately fills with water so no soap bar can be left in this dish; in any case they did not provide soap bars in the shower. -Didn’t like the Body Wash, Shampoo or Conditioner. They are now in 2 pint containers with a locked pump top – had to play with the pump ever day to get it to work – finally just unscrewed the pump top in order to use it – wasted a lot of shower water while we putzed around getting the pump to work – NOTE we liked the BVLGARI brand we had on previous cruises was a much better product. -garbage can in bathroom is under the sink/cabinet drawer – need to bend over nearly touching the floor to dispose of tissues (not good for seniors with a bad back); -We miss the daily hard copy newspaper; -No more flowers in the room (not sure how that helps the environment); Luminae Restaurant – attractive room. Comfortable and very nice when we have flat seas or resting in port. Similar menus to the other 4 restaurants and Blue. Fewer people on days of rough seas due to location on deck 12. Most meals Good to Very Good with the occasional Excellent Retreat Lounge – tucked away on 15 FWD comfortable but isolated. We needed to go to this lounge to get our free wine outside of 5-7pm. Between 5-7pm we could get wine at The Club on 4 AFT near most of the other restaurants. After 7PM it’s a long walk to the Retreat Lounge FWD to get another glass of wine. Good choice of wines on the bar and you help yourself. Mixed drinks need to be ordered from the wait staff. Constantly ran out of wine glasses and ditto with the wine. Only one bottle of wine left out at a time. Retreat Pool – 16 FWD on the bow. Very windy place while underway. Regular pool is more protected from the wind and more comfortable while underway. Lounge area very comfortable – never crowded. Lots of lounge chairs. 6 people fill the small pool. This is of little benefit in colder weather like this trans-Atlantic trip – We had about 3 warmer days where this pool area was a bit crowded but comfortable. Entire ship – -impressed with seating/lounge availability outside on decks around the ship – everywhere we went, there was plenty of seating available however there were fewer lounge chairs available at the main pool during the warmer days – people sill throwing a book and towel on the chair early and not showing up to use it until hours later. Staff were supposed to remove towels and books if chair not used for 30 min but this was never enforced. -Walking track – best I’ve seen on any ship – full 1 deck incline. 4.5 laps = 1 Mile. -Fitness Center – well equipped with loads of options however no empty machines late afternoons. -Tai Chi class every morning at 10:30 but weather prevented this class half the time. Class was excellent. Shops – Pricey stores – Celebrity must assume all passengers have an AMEX Platinum. All stores constantly empty when we passed by. I can’t imagine these will last long. Average age of ship’s passengers is north of 65, probably more like 70+ and most have already gotten all the jewelry and watches they want and are in the process of passing it down to their kids, not buying more. Magic Carpet – a marketing gimmick but nice addition to the ship. Its moved to deck 5 at night where more partygoers can have a drink. It’s still too cold for us at night but it should be a hit in warmer weather and calmer seas. Ship serves dinner only once per cruise + dinner is a$65 PP option + 18% tip + drinks = $150 night per couple. 2nd night optional on longer cruises. We had a reservation for the 2nd night in Lisbon but was cancelled due to rain and cooler temps. Lunches: Ocean View – breakfast and lunch – very good, plenty of seating. One concern – at lunch there were often no crew member offering the hand sanitizer, ditto some mornings - saw many people entering the restaurant without using the sanitizer dispensers. There was a large wash basin at the entrance to accommodate 10 people washing their hands. It was seldom used. Eden Café – A well kept secret on the ship. Great salads and paninis + best chocolate chip cookies on the ship. Dining: We liked the idea of 4 individual restaurants vs one large dining room; Better/more food selections; Free Dining Options: Cosmopolitan, Tuscan, Cyprus, Normandie and Blue. All good options but Normandie was our favorite. We like the four restaurant option vs the larger single dining room on their other ships. Although we usually had reservations, all restaurants seem to be able to handle all walk-ins every night. LeGrand Bistro (optional $55PP) Excellent - We enjoyed Le Petit Chef – a Must See for all passengers. The best $55 we’ve spent on a meal in years. Check it out on YouTube. Entertainment: -We’d rate most of the entertainment from 5-7 on a scale of 1-10. Mostly singers, celloists with the Celebrity singers and dancers doing some good shows. -They had an Excellent acrobatic show in The Club. This room is small, but the show ran many nights, so we finally got in with a good seat after a few visits. -Comedian Fred Klett and The Magician ZeeZeus – Bot excellent- Rated 10+ -Beyond the Podium speakers were at times scheduled too close together, not leaving a break for lunch; -Speakers appearing in The Club had not enough room – much too small for some of the audiences; -Movies were shown on the outside screen in the Garden area – most days it was too windy and much too cold to sit – even on days when we were in port and all theaters and clubs were empty, the movie was still outside – Very poor planning. Observations: Major issue: When we had rough seas our room had very loud creaking that sounded like whales crying. We reported this to Guest Relations who immediately sent up the Assistant Chief Housekeeper. By that time the seas settled down and the creaking has ceased. The Next night we again had some rough seas and I awoke at 5AM. I decided to get dressed and leave the room to see if the loud creaking was just our room. As I walked into the hall I could hear the creaking up and down the hall. I walked to the 12th deck and the creaking as 50% louder on that deck. The following night a senior officer was on deck 5 and, as I walked by, he asked how I was enjoying the cruise. I told him about the loud creaking, and he pondered his response for a moment. He then told me they are aware of the issue and a crew of engineers will be boarding the ship in Southampton to diagnose the problem. I appreciated his honesty. We’re booked on the Edge in 2020 from Barcelona to FL and ‘ll be checking to ensure this issue is resolved before finalizing that cruise. During the dinners, we spoke to passengers from all floors – they had the same experience. Although we’re booked on the APEX in Oct 2020, we need to watch this problem. It will be deal breaker if the problem is not resolved. Balcony rooms – Everywhere we go we meet people who have balcony rooms with the infinity window. Most people we spoke to dislike/hate them. Many said they will never sale on the Edge again with these windows. Others want a balcony room with the old style balcony rails. I suspect unless Celebrity changes this issue on future Edge type ships, they will be sailing with primarily suite passengers. Library – This is no more on the Edge. They now offer a single shelf with a dozen books and some magazines – many people complained about this. Rooms – For Edge type ships, we like the starboard side rooms. Reason is Celebrity always puts the Magic Carpet dockside to show off the ship. Read Less
Sail Date April 2019
Let me start by saying: If you are not willing to accept change - the Edge is not for you. Celebrity definitely threw away the cookie cutters when they designed the Edge. We absolutely loved it and would sail her again in a millisecond. ... Read More
Let me start by saying: If you are not willing to accept change - the Edge is not for you. Celebrity definitely threw away the cookie cutters when they designed the Edge. We absolutely loved it and would sail her again in a millisecond. My husband, son and DIL sailed on the Edge on her Transatlantic 28 April 2019. Embarkation was amazing - from dropping off luggage at 11:30 am with porter to opening our cabin door 15 minutes later. Best embarkation we have ever experienced. My husband and I have been on 57 cruises and my son over 30. We stayed in Aqua Class cabins and the experience was wonderful. Cabin was great, we really enjoyed the Infinite Balcony, Room Attendant amazing. Enjoyed the Thermal Suite and thoroughly enjoyed "Blu". Being a Transatlantic, on any other ship with a balcony, we would not have used it due to cooler weather. With the IB, we were able to adjust the window to correspond with the weather. We also enjoyed that it gave us more room in the cabin to get ready for dinner. The staff at "Blu" were amazing. After our first dinner, everyone knew our names, knew our wine preference and were most attentive. We also did 7 Specialty Dinners - 3 at Eden, 2 at the Steakhouse, 1 at Raw on 5, and 1 at Petite Chef. Eden dinners were wonderful, loved the Petite Chef and Raw on 5. However, our second visit to the Steakhouse was very disappointing. Steak was not good and service was spotty. We loved the entertainment at Eden. Felt that their were not enough entertainment options in the evening. We found that the Eden bar was our go to place before and after dinner. The bartenders were fantastic. Cons: As with every cruise, nothing is perfect. The same with the Edge. They need to have one more bar option. The champagne bar was always over crowded, the martini glasses were the smallest I have ever seen. People just didn't leave the bar area so seating was very hard to get. The Casino Bar was good, however, they offered no specialty drinks. The Sunset Bar was not used most days and nights due to the weather. Too many high end stores, almost no one in them during the whole cruise. The Magic Carpet was fun but again because of weather not used very much. Disembarkation at Southampton was great. We carried off and went from our cabin to the port in less than 20 minutes. All in all a most wonderful cruise vacation. Again, loved the Edge. Read Less
Sail Date April 2019
We took the transatlantic re-positioning April 2019 in a deck 11 inside cabin to get plenty of time to see and experience the ship. For us, Celebrity always had very good food, genuinely friendly and professional staff and great ... Read More
We took the transatlantic re-positioning April 2019 in a deck 11 inside cabin to get plenty of time to see and experience the ship. For us, Celebrity always had very good food, genuinely friendly and professional staff and great entertainment; whilst always sailing in really clean and well maintained ships. The Edge has definitely not disappointed. I have to take my hat off to Celebrity; they have thought so carefully and taken to a wonderful new dimension, so so many aspects of ship design; that this review won't have the space to cover them all ! Some of our favourite were an excellent cabin [We had an inside] with a great spacious shower room ( the best shower experience ever on a ship in 30 years - really ) super LCD TV, plenty of varied deck space with never a problem finding a lounger, even on the best deck days. There is a great sense of space on this ship and the best dedicated(and interesting) walking and running track we have seen anywhere afloat so far. The food was consistently very good to excellent with really great varied restaurants included and speciality dining options,the later are definitely worth booking in advance as a package. [ We took a package of four and went to Eden twice] We particularly enjoyed Eden, Le Petit Chef experience[a marvelous one off] and Fine Cut steakhouse. The new Atrium and and Coffee/drinks space is really super with amazing staff coupled with great singers for a really nice pre or post dinner experience. The new show theatre and visual staging shows and entertainers were amazing with genuine standing ovations nearly every night. The ship is really easy to get on and off with multiple lifts to the purpose built spacious disembarking area. It took us only 12-15 minutes to get on-board at Fort Lauderdale and the new check in process appeared to work well. Celebrity and it's design teams have undoubtedly, we think, done a marvelous job and it's all delivered by what continues to be, in our view, the genuinely friendliest staff at sea who, with the great new ship, made for a really enjoyable cruise. Read Less
Sail Date April 2019
We are long time Celebrity cruisers and booked the Transatlantic Trade Winds cruise shortly after the Edge was announced. To start this review off I will readily admit that the Edge is polarizing-people either like it or they don't. ... Read More
We are long time Celebrity cruisers and booked the Transatlantic Trade Winds cruise shortly after the Edge was announced. To start this review off I will readily admit that the Edge is polarizing-people either like it or they don't. For us it was a middle-of-the-road experience, but there are aspects of the Edge that devalue the experience and thus I've rated the experience as poor. Here are the highlights of the pros and cons.... Pros: The Infinite Balcony Rooms: one of the most polarizing of aspects of the Edge are these rooms. I liked them for the fact that the room is bigger because the 'balcony' area exists as part of the overall room. There is also storage everywhere. Yes, the closets are a bit smaller, but there is loads of shelves for folding and storing items. And...the best part is that there is a full sized dresser that truly took the entire contents of my two suitcases. It was a pleasure to be able to pull items from the dresser without being squeezed into a corner or not being able to see what was going on. The bathroom is enormous and the shower is well designed with massive amounts of storage. We did put our balcony window down a fair amount and were not bothered by the fact that the AC turns off when the window is open. As for the overall performance of the AC, we found it to be much better than the systems on the Solstice class ships. Variety of Seating in the Ocean View Cafe: expanding on the theme of the 4 different 'dining rooms', they have added variety to the seating for the Ocean View Cafe. This was a good idea and gives the area a nice feeling of being open and modern-lots of ability to do the Goldilocks thing and find a chair that suits you. Handwash Stations: Yahoo!!! What a great idea although likely borrowed from other ships (like the QM2), you actually have the option of washing your hands before you eat. Theatre: the design of the theatre makes it a more intimate experience and truly, I don't think there is a bad seat in the house. Cafe Baccio: They've made this area larger and it is quite nice. Staff were excellent and it is the place to meet people. Jogging Track: If there was on aspect of the Edge that I loved, this was it. They've beautifully executed a jogging track that is an experience in itself. Undulating between two decks it gives you loads of different things to see, challenges you with a hill and before you know it, you've done a couple of miles. Cons: -The beds: I've always slept well on Celebrity but this time it was not so. They've done something to the beds, with either a plastic cover or have used memory foam, but whatever they've done it's a hot experience and not in a good way. -Specialty Dining: I'm not entirely sure what Celebrities process for booking specialty dining is, but it seems to be a work in progress. We were not given the option prior to boarding of purchasing a 3 pack of dining, only an option of 9, but once on board there seemed to be a limited number of 3 packs suddenly available. The cost of these has also gone up significantly and to be brutally honest, it's not worth it. We booked the Steakhouse for our anniversary dinner and treated our friends to it as well. The charge came to $225 US for the 4 of us with no alcohol. The food was good but not good enough to warrant the cost-the value just isn't there. The biggest complaint however is with the blended environment. The Edge has an amalgamated central plaza design that is capped off on deck 6 and both the Steakhouse and Raw on 5 have open concept designs that is supposed to allow patrons to enjoy the ambiance of the plaza while eating. Problem is that the ambiance created by the Martini Bar is a complete, utter and unwelcome intrusion in the restaurants. Five minutes into a Martini Bar demonstration complete with loud music, hand clapping and shouting, I asked the maitre d if it was going to end soon. He indicated that it would stop in another 5 minutes or so. When I asked him how he stands it, he told me that if it was a continuous thing, he'd leave his job. Bottom line-there is no value with specialty dining anymore and it was a less than special experience, just not worth it. No Quiet Areas: As above, the redesign of the central plaza area has allowed for the all the different environments to be blended, which is compounded by the plaza being capped off at deck 6. Sound reverberates and echoes...it was impossible to find a quiet area. Eden: I love the colour green, but the shade they've used in Eden is reminiscent of the Cold War/Healthcare in the 50's....just ugly...and it's a weird space. They've taken the best part of the ship and tried to morph it into something for a younger crowd. This is fine, but the crowd sailing wasn't younger and it showed in Eden with the area being more popular with the crew than guests. The bar staff were surly, the chairs so low (you have been warned) that you have to roll yourself onto the floor to get out of them. Shops: As others have related, the shops are not for ordinary cruisers and are all high end. Dining: We were assigned to Tuscan and we okay with this as we were traveling with friends, but be forewarned if you are not, that the new dining arrangements make for an isolating experience. The large tables where you can meet new people are gone and this seems to be part of Celebrities grand design for attracting a new generation of travelers, but I missed the opportunity to meet new people over a meal. Food was okay with portion sizes all over the place and a weird familiarity with the serving staff that left me reeling when our server told me over dinner one night (in front of everyone) that I wouldn't be so fat if I didn't eat bread at night. Wow, just wow and please pass the bread sticks... Are the Scrubbers Working? A universal observation by a significant amount of passengers was that the Edge is blowing blue and visibly polluted a number of ports. It was so bad in a few ports that the upper outside decks had to be avoided. We've never seen this before with a ship and chalked it up to the fact that she is new and that her engines still might be breaking in, but the amount of pollution she produced was profound. Enrichment Lectures: The overall entertainment on this sailing was not good. To many singers who think that holding a single long note is talent, but the enrichment lectures were bad. One presenter had to be told to stop giving his lectures while in his bathrobe and slippers. We caught him on a day when he got dressed and I was left wondering what the hell Celebrity is thinking. A lecture on the Azores was filled with slides of the guys ex-girlfriends in bikinis (with his wife and co-presenter sitting in the front row) and shots of his vomit on his sailboat. I am not exaggerating with this account. He followed this with a 6 minute (I timed it) discussion on vomit and how to tell which kids will do it and when. It was astonishingly inappropriate and unprofessional. Does Celebrity actually listen to what is being presented to their guests? Awful, awful, awful. Bottom line....While we didn't hate the Edge, we didn't really like her either and at the end of the day, we'd avoid booking on her unless she offered an itinerary that no one else offered. To be honest, I've think we've had it with Celebrity-they just seem to be going in a direction that is aimed more at trying to squeeze as much out of their guests as they can and not even trying to provide value for the experience. Try the Edge, but beware that she is a very different and not always positive experience. Read Less
Sail Date April 2019
We are long time Celebrity cruisers (8 different ships) starting in 2009. We have also done cruises on Princess, NCL, Carnival and Cunard and were travelling with an older neighbour friend and her married daughter. My wife and I liked ... Read More
We are long time Celebrity cruisers (8 different ships) starting in 2009. We have also done cruises on Princess, NCL, Carnival and Cunard and were travelling with an older neighbour friend and her married daughter. My wife and I liked our Deck 11 concierge stateroom. New balcony format adds lots of room and especially for baggage storage when you are packing/unpacking. Window opening does pauses HVAC performance but loss of heat/coolness can be somewhat controlled by closing inner balcony doors. Those inner doors should have vertical curtains so that light could be better controlled and differing sleep / wake up schedules accommodated. I've been in IT over 40 years and found the internet package coverage was solid throughout most of the ship ship. While we experienced only minor connectivity issues and session disconnects while wandering around the different ship areas, many others were not . Unfortunately many others had Internet speeds on transatlantic crossing were very good with only exception of late day and evening after leaving Bermuda. Overall services on ship were professional tainted only by a couple of "sour" crew members encountered. We signed up for the late meal sitting and were assigned to a table of four in the Tuscan grill. Unfortunately, our linked reservations with friends placed them in the Normandy as a couple. After speaking with the concierge office we all ended up in the Tuscan given that our friends like it's decor over the french restaurant setting. Our dining experience in the late meal assignment was somewhat mixed. While the service was very good, food and portion inconsistencies (mostly with combined meat pasta dishes) caused us to order double Entrees pretty well most evenings. For example the vegetarian "Vegetable Wellington" Entree offering was the approximate size of a Pop-Tart and it upset my wife to the point that she refused to eat it and simply went on to have a desert. The Sommelier / wine steward was very pleasant but brand new to position. She had little to no basic wine knowledge. Sadly she should have been better trained and/or have shadowed someone for longer periods. I had to request she bring over the wine list multiple times when she had absolutely no clue as to what was available or as a recommendation with a selected food item. Entertainment and Excursion seminars were OK in my opinion, although one of the presenters lacked any level of professionalism or decorum by placing past girlfriend and sailboat "puking" pictures on the overhead screen. Very poor judgement IMO. I liked the few excursions in the we had chose in the Azores, Lisbon and Paris (Eiffel tower and non-dining boat cruise). We found the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao to be a disappointment likely given the nature of almost the entire 2nd floor display materials of post WWII and other genocide reflections material. Art I suppose but rather hugely depressing! My biggest challenge in liking the Edge was the amount of noise at all times in public areas and no real quiet area offerings on the ship outside of staterooms and external decks. While I understand that a younger clientele is being targeted and the ROI for each square foot of space profitability are critical items for Celebrity and its investors, from a long term Celebrity cruiser prospective, the lack of quiet space without retreating to your own cabin was a big on-going disappointment. I was also frustrated by the completely upscale nature of boutique stores and store materials offered on the ship. I wasn't able to purchase a bottle opener or pack of cards while on the ship. It was all Tiffany's and other high-end designer items. And... its not like we haven't bought jewellery or other such luxury items previously, its just that there was no variety or lower end offerings, if we were so inclined. Lastly, I must mention the unrelenting emails and shameless marketing of pre-cruise materials and bid offers. The occurrence of these items appeared to be significantly ratcheted up over the last 90 days before sailing. However, by that time we had purchased our shore excursions and even a call to the customer support line inquiring about a stateroom upgrade indicated that there were no available upgrades below Owner suite class in-spite of the "bid offer" options being suggested. An absolutely annoying in-basket filler and shotgun broadcast time waster. I even felt obliged to apologise to our friends we invited along on the cruise given the amount of "junk" emails sent out by Celebrity. Unfortunately, I will not likely return to the Edge, II & III offerings because of the issues noted above. We have two cruises booked on Cunard given our very enjoyable QM2 transatlantic voyage home a week after getting off the Edge. Read Less
Sail Date April 2019
Celebrity Edge Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabin 5.0 N/A
Dining 4.5 4.2
Entertainment 4.0 3.3
Public Rooms 4.5 4.1
Fitness & Recreation 5.0 N/A
Family 3.0 3.9

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