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Sail Date: May 2019
As seasoned Celebrity clients enjoying previous cruises on their Solstice Class ships we had preconceived ideas as to what we might expect on the new Edge. With all the advertising hype we’d read and the artist’s impressions we’d ... Read More
As seasoned Celebrity clients enjoying previous cruises on their Solstice Class ships we had preconceived ideas as to what we might expect on the new Edge. With all the advertising hype we’d read and the artist’s impressions we’d seen on line over the last months we were quite excited to finally experience this brand new innovative ship. First, our stateroom and spacious bathroom were nicely designed with an easy on the eye colour palette and the bed is comfortable with quality sheets and bedding. The spacious shower was great. The jury is still out on the ‘Infinite Balcony’. Having experienced this new concept on an 11 day cruise we have come to the conclusion that we prefer a traditional balcony and not this very wide window that opens to just above waist level. No sunbathing is possible here except down to said level and the motor operating the window is a little noisy, ditto the black out blind consequently disturbing your partner who still might be sleeping if you feel the need for fresh air and light in your stateroom at sunrise or whatever time of day. We appreciate the idea behind this but it really didn’t work for us. The general design of the Edge is far removed as it can be from the Solstice Class ships but it’s difficult not to make comparisons. There are a lot of plain walled corridors with dead ends on the Edge which in places gives it the look of a modern conference centre and not a luxury ship Modern and contemporary it maybe but quite stark looking in certain areas. How about some more artwork to soften this? Celebrity’s obvious intention was to create a totally different style of ship which would appeal to a different and younger market. The result is a party type ship with constant uber loud and invasive music from bands or DJS and trivia competitions hosted by crew using high volume microphones who obviously like the sound of their own voices all of which takes place in what is the equivalent of a central atrium which extends to the Martini Bar. Hence there’s no escaping from the constant cacophony of noise which can be heard on all decks throughout this vicinity. The problem here lies because the ship in this area is almost totally open planned with no glass or walls separating one section from another. Consequently a relatively quiet and relaxing coffee in Al Bacio on Reflection and sister ships is now an impossiblity in the new mutation of Al Bacio on Edge which is directly above the noisy central atrium cum Martini Bar. If you time it right in between sessions (about 15 minutes of respite) you might get a coffee when you can actually chat to your partner, fellow cruiser or server without shouting or getting a sore throat to boot! Ditto the same experience in the ‘speciality fine dining restaurants’ which all share this dreadful noise with the party revellers below whooping and cheering whenever the barman in Martini Bar juggles his bottles and cocktail shaker to the delight of his customers. So for those who are in search of a relaxed and quiet fine dining experience in these restaurants can forget it. This is a huge designer mistake! There is nothing to compare on Edge to the tasteful and wonderful Murano and Tuscan Grill. We so missed them both!!!! The concept of the divided MDR into 3 different styled restaurants didn’t work for us. The main changing daily menu in all 3 restaurants are identical and the few (3 or 4) speciality dishes reflecting the country they represent are disappointing to say the least. We tried the Italian restaurant once and on the strength of that cancelled our other reservations in the other 2 restaurants. Having said that the rack of lamb dish there was infinitely better than in Fine Cuts where we had to send it back as it was dry and overcooked. The second attempt was equally as disappointing so added to this the awful noise from the high volume of music and annoying bass coming from below, we upped and left. Several diners close to us were complaining to the servers hoping they could influence someone to reduce the noise levels but it seems that all decisions like this come from head office in Miami. Ridiculous! Perhaps the new generation of cruisers either want or can tolerate these noise levels but Celebrity are bound to lose a good percentage of clients who are looking for a quiet relaxing and sophisticated cruise. Fortunately we were in Aqua Class so we dined in Blu most evenings which for us was the best dining experience although not yet quite as good as Blu on Solstice Class we’d previously enjoyed. The service however in Blu was exemplary. Breakfast in Blu was a delight and consistently excellent. Sometimes the best meal of the day. Sad but true! Still on the subject of Blu....where the previous Blu restaurants in Solstice Class enjoyed lovely sea views from all the windows, the view from Blu on the Edge is of lifeboats. Not very inspiring. Eden was very underwhelming and nothing like the artists impressions. Maybe when the potted plants grow it might look more exotic. Nothing very Eden like there and a lot of wasted space. As one of the only places on board one could find reasonable peace and quiet to enjoy a drink it’s a shame they don’t serve coffee there as an alternative to the noisy Café Al Bacio. Also what decent cocktail lounge runs out of mint half way through the cruise? It did in Eden and obviously also in the Martini Bar. So that was the end of mojitos for me on this cruise! Would we sail on the Edge again. Sadly no! We much prefer Solstice Class. Let’s hope they don’t follow suit and become Edge-like or Celebrity will lose our custom and I believe that of many more besides. Read Less
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Cabins 5.0 4.0
Dining 4.5 4.2
Entertainment 4.0 3.2
Public Rooms 4.5 4.1
Fitness Recreation 5.0 3.9
Family 3.0 3.9

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