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10 Celebrity Eclipse Spa Cruise Reviews

We booked the 8/30/2014 cruise to the Fjords of Norway, and arrived in London a few days early. We had a pleasant stay at the Ampersand Hotel in South Kensington. We arranged for an International Friends bus to get us to Southampton, ... Read More
We booked the 8/30/2014 cruise to the Fjords of Norway, and arrived in London a few days early. We had a pleasant stay at the Ampersand Hotel in South Kensington. We arranged for an International Friends bus to get us to Southampton, stopping in Stonehenge. Stonehenge was a bit crowded. There’s a path and short fence circling Stonehenge. We can’t go into the stones, only around them. And so we did. Arriving in Southampton, there was some confusion on which line to join…An officious, squinting lady studied our ticket for a long minute, then resolutely pointed us the wrong way. We corrected that, going under some ropes to the proper line, and then through security, registered quickly and boarded without incident Celebrity provided a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine provided in the cabin, nestled in an ice bucket. The bottle was wet and slippery and, when the cork popped prematurely, the bottle escaped my grip, and there was champagne everywhere. We flung towels out and, to add to the sense of mayhem, the doorbell rang. As luck would have it, it’s the blond assistant manager of room attendants. I lauded her timely arrival, and pointed out the mess we had just made. She beckoned the room attendant who undid the damage I had done. After our first dinner, we stopped in the ship’s theater. A Chinese magician was doing Magic 101 rope-cutting tricks, seen a thousand times before. While he had reasonable English skills, he had no stage charisma. That was the last show we attended. During the cruise, we made ample use of the Aqua Spa, as documented by Celebrity’s accountants in our final room statement. Service in the spa was good, with a bit less hard sell on the goos and ointments than we experienced on an earlier cruise. At times, they can seem like snake-oil peddlers. Breakfasts and lunches in Deck 14’s the Oceanview café on 14 can be an ordeal. Time it wrong, especially on sea days, and you’re coping with the entire ship’s contingent of passengers scavenging for food. You should check out alternate available venues for breakfast and lunch (e.g, the MDR, the Aqua Café in the solarium and, of course, the Mast Grill.) On our cruise, one of the ship’s at-sea diversions was a lecture in the theater about the WWII invasion of Norway. The lecture started at 13:00. We arrived twenty minutes late, and people were already leaving. Once in the theater, we understood why. The lecturer had lost his PowerPoint slides, mid-presentation, and was slowly searching through his laptop’s directories, trying to fine the right .ppt file. We watched him struggle quietly for about five minutes, and left. I sensed a brewing rebellion in the remaining crowd. Later, on the ship’s TV, we caught up with some if the ship’s recorded lectures on Norway. These on-board performances were head-and-shoulders above the PowerPoint hell that 1941 invasion of Norway was. We learned about glaciation and the formation of the fjords. There was a new drill for the Captain’s Club happy hour. On the Equinox last year, it was held in a cordoned-off area of the Sky Lounge on 14. On this cruise, the Eclipse did it differently. Captain’s Club Elite members could swill their drinks at any of a number of bars on board. To support that, they provided sheets of drink coupons. We were allocated three drinks per person per day. This was reasonable, but the coupons added a cheesy note. Meals in the MDR were good. The Tuscan Grill and Murano were head and shoulders better. The ship’s first stop was in Bergen, where we quickly espied a TGI Fridays, Burger King, Subway, Starbucks and so on. (Why do we even travel?). After that, Flåm, a tiny town surrounded by mountains at the end of a fjord. With only 300 or so inhabitants in Flåm, the Eclipse’s passenger population was tenfold larger. Had we been organized, we could have taken over the town before the Norwegians knew what was happening. Instead, everyone was either sleeping in, noshing on breakfast, or preparing for their organized excursions into greater Flåm. There was no unity of purpose. In Flåm, up on a hill, there was a farmer on the hill who had posted a large sign “No Cruise Ships.”…one of the disgruntled 300. While in the fjords, we would often discover there was no internet. In fact, there was no satellite TV, as well. The towering mountains deprived the ship of a bead on the southern sky for its satellite signal. In spite of this hardship, we continued to project an outward sense of calm. The next stop, the cruise’s northernmost port, was Geiranger. As the ship approached the port, the boat slowed and executed a tight 180° turn, aligning with two big docking buoys, fore and aft. I was impressed. On the shore, nearby, was the floating walkway that replaced the need for tenders. It worked well. Geiranger is larger than Flåm, populated with more shops and restaurants, a hotel, houses, farms, and an RV campground. Like Flåm, it’s completely surrounded by mountains. Midday is the time to hit it, since the mountain sunrise came about 10:00 a.m., and the mountain sunset was probably around 14:30. Alesund followed Geiranger and, after that, Stavanger. Both Alesund and Stavanger are proper cities, with ample opportunity for walking and exploring. (We’re not keen on organized excursions.) At some point during the cruise, we had gotten a call From Fabian, inviting us to check out the exclusive Michael’s Club on deck 5. So, one day, at 17:00, we did. We walked in and sat down. It was so exclusive that no one was there. No passengers. No wait staff. A minute passed, and another couple wandered in, beckoned, as we were, by a phone call from Fabian. The couple accurately assessed that drinks weren’t flowing, backed out of the place quickly. After a couple of beats, we followed. During the cruise, my wife had one bout of gastrointestinal discomfort. The ship’s nurse was professional and helpful. Lacking any abdominal cramps, the nurse doubted that my wife had norovirus, so euthanasia was ruled out. She got a shot, some medications, and a day of quarantine. That afforded us the opportunity to try out the Eclipse’s room service. We over-ordered food. A bit later, Alex, our suite butler, staggered in carrying a tray that was stacked improbably high with covered dishes. The food was good. We ate on our balcony, where it was warm and sunny, facing the setting sun. As we ate, the ship pulled out of port. Seagulls were dodging and weaving alongside, putting on an aerial show. We learned this wasn’t a spontaneous show of avian affection. Someone on a balcony forward of us was putting food on the railing, attracting the gulls. Disembarkation in Southampton was a breeze. We had been told to muster in the Tuscan Grill at 7:30 to await our turn. We had luggage tags #10. When we got there a few minutes early, Bruce, the terrific concierge from the Sky Lounge was there, directing traffic. He reported that luggage numbers 1-15 had already been called and, undoing our leg chains, advised that we were free to disembark. . A flash of our key cards, and we were fleeing down ramps that zig-zagged down to street level. There was already a sea of luggage there, awaiting their travelers. In short order, we found our bags and our transfer bus and were off to Heathrow. It was Sunday, with light traffic. We arrived at Heathrow Terminal 4 early, at 9:05 a.m.   Read Less
Sail Date August 2014
This was our first trip on one of the S-Class ships, but it will not be the last. -Stayed at the Doubletree Gallery One the night before. Really nice place, great room and right across from the Galleria Mall. Arranged transfers with VIP ... Read More
This was our first trip on one of the S-Class ships, but it will not be the last. -Stayed at the Doubletree Gallery One the night before. Really nice place, great room and right across from the Galleria Mall. Arranged transfers with VIP Limo from the airport and to the port. Cars were super clean and spacious w plenty of room for luggage. Not much more than a cab and a lot nicer. -Embarkation was a breeze. It took 20 minutes from when we handed off our luggage till we were on the ship! (Skipped the photo opportunity) We did not fight the crowd in the buffet for lunch, we did stay on deck 5 and went to the Bistro on 5 (A $5 up charge applied) and had a wonderful lunch until the cabin was ready @ 1PM. -Splurged for a Celebrity Suite on Deck 10 and could not have been happier. The room had tons of storage, was laid out nicely, bed was comfy, walk in closet, bathroom was big enough for both of us and the shower was out of bounds!!!! The room was clean and in good shape. Balcony had a padded day lounger, table and 2 chairs with plenty of room to spare. -Dining was great everywhere, you can't go wrong!!! Dined in Murano, Tuscan Grill, Qsine and Bistro on 5. Qsine is NON TRADITIONAL specialty dining and was a pleasant surprise for us. The experience in all of these up charge venues is worth the price. Look for discounts and specials being offered like 20% off and 2 for 1 dining. The MDR (Moonlight Sonata) and Buffet (Ocean View Cafe) were the best we had experienced on any of the previous ships we had sailed -The common areas of the ship were well laid out and visually appealing. We liked the Library on deck 10 and the 3 story real tree spanning from deck 6-9 between the 2 central elevator banks. -Bars were plentiful, but we liked the Ensemble Lounge with comfy chairs and low key entertainment. -Spa and workout facilities easily handled all interested guests. We loved the Persian Garden steam and relaxation area (small up charge and worth every nickle) Did the Hot Rocks and Bamboo massages, both were great but get ready for the array of products they want you to buy at the end! -Entertainment 1)Main Theater was nice but shows were so-so. Headliners were ok but I am glad I did not have to pay extra. 2)Hot Glass Show and Lawn Club are really cool and some of the last things you would expect on a cruise ship. The glass items they make during the show are amazing and there really is about 1/2 acre of grass you can walk and have a picnic on. 3) Guest speakers were good and topics were varied. 4) Small venue entertainment was a pleasant surprise especially the string trio. -Did shore excursions with the Cruise line at all port except Aruba and Curacao (we picked up tours at the end of the pier). The Cruise Line Tours provided nicer transportation but were more expensive. The independent tours still provided air conditioned transport and were much more flexible with requests to stop here and there as opposed to the regimented schedule of the Cruise Line Tour. All provided good value, safe transportation and knowledgeable guides. Disembarkation was very slow due to staffing cuts with the Customs Service. DO NOT book an early flight if you are returning to Ft. Lauderdale while the budget battle is raging. The cruise ship traffic load in the port should be your guide in booking your outbound flights. -Overall Great Cruise!!!! Loved the Itinerary, Loved the Ship and Crew, Thought it was a great value for the price paid Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
Embarkation: The embarkation was a smooth process through the port in Fort Lauderdale. We were able to meet up with some of the cruise critic group at the Sunset bar. The group was nice and the guitar player very good, unfortunately the ... Read More
Embarkation: The embarkation was a smooth process through the port in Fort Lauderdale. We were able to meet up with some of the cruise critic group at the Sunset bar. The group was nice and the guitar player very good, unfortunately the sunset eclipse drink which sounded so very good wasn't available due to the lack of some of the ingredients at the bar and the mojito wasn't very good. Dinning Room: Moving on to the dining room was a bit disappointing with being seated at a table for four and only the two of us there. The waitress was very nice, but very quite and not informative. The sommelier was not very helpful and stated she was very busy, again with little information, we were told all of the wines are good and no recommendations were offered. The food was 50/50 - the vegetable korma was excellent, but the prime rib was mediocre. Later we found out that they were running short of prime rib so they were cutting it much thinner. After a bit of trouble, we were finally able to get our tabled changed to a larger group which was wonderful. Dinner again was 50/50-the veal chop was excellent but the NY strip was tough as were the crepes for dessert. However the company this evening was wonderful. Throughout the cruise, the steak dishes were hit or miss, sometimes great, sometimes not so good. As the cruise progress, the steak did get better. The rest of the food was wonderful. Even our sommelier seemed to improve and recommended a few good wines, even though she couldn't pronounce some of the names. Our waiter GiGi and assistant waiter Aya were top notch, the best I've experience in my 28 cruises to date. One note: We only ate at the Moonlight Sonata for dinner, no specialty restaurants. Spa: Spa services were very good service for both a facial and massages. As well, the hair salon did a fabulous job. Bar service: Our favorite bar had to be the Molecular Bar. Alex at the Molecular Bar hosted an absolutely wonderful tasting. We went back often to see Alex, he recommended many different drinks and we tried most of them. Entertainment: The entertainment on board was not as good as we have expected from Celebrity. The production shows were excellent, the comedian was good, but some of the other single musical entertainment weren't our cup of tea. Many probably shared this since the theater was relatively empty. However, Patty the Cruise Director had a wonderful voice. In addition, the Hot Glass Show was beyond belief. It was amazing to see glass blowing on the high seas. Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
We booked our cruise through Thomas Cook on the Internet . The salesperson was efficient and was able to inform us of the various cabins and facilities available. We opted for the Aqua Class rooms and facilities and we were not ... Read More
We booked our cruise through Thomas Cook on the Internet . The salesperson was efficient and was able to inform us of the various cabins and facilities available. We opted for the Aqua Class rooms and facilities and we were not disappointed. There was champagne and fresh fruit on arrival. Fresh fruit , complimentary bottled water and canapes each day. We used the aqua spa daily and enjoyed the heated mosaic beds with the breathtaking vista of the fjords as we cruised by. Access to the Persian Garden was free for Aqua Class guests. We had priority seating in the Blu Restaurant for both breakfast and dinner. The restaurant is managed efficiently by the Maitre d Jorges. The food was delicious and beautifully presented. We were waited on like kings and queens. Staff in all areas were polite, attentive and helpful with all aspects of our needs during the cruise. We also enjoyed dinning in the Ocean View restaurant, which was buffet style. the array of food was astounding and prepped and delivered in a clean and comfortable environment. We enjoyed the days in port, but could have done with less time in Bergen and more time in Oslo in order to see the sights on offer. We opted to arrange our own transport to see the sights in Bergen and Oslo using the cities sightseeing tour buses. You will find that this is the cheapest option at '£15 per person. Our cabin was beautiful and the stewards very attentive. We enjoyed the balcony. The ship is luxuriously appointed throughout and our favourite bar was the cocktail bar serving exceptional cocktails by the Liquid Chef, Junior. We enjoyed speciality coffees at Al Baccio's as well as the delicious ice creams. They cater for diabetics like myself with a selection of sugar free options. Thank you to all the staff who made our holiday very memorable. We hope to return in the not so distant future. Thank You to the Captain who made the cruise a very pleasurable experience. To us it was a floating palace. Read Less
Sail Date May 2012
We are Elite members with Celebrity in our fifties and retired so suffice it to say we feel this cruise line is the best match for our interests and demographic. But this cruise left us wondering if perhaps Celebrity missed the mark. This ... Read More
We are Elite members with Celebrity in our fifties and retired so suffice it to say we feel this cruise line is the best match for our interests and demographic. But this cruise left us wondering if perhaps Celebrity missed the mark. This was our first T/A, and we had high expectations given we had also not been on an S-class ship before. Yes, she is beautiful ship but we never got that feeling that she was "ours" for the 13 days. We didn't care for the flow of the ship, especially around the elevators which we had to wait for many minutes no matter when we used them. Why a large ship would only have 2 elevator areas was poor planning. The flow was also a factor on all the upper decks. We really like to be able to go to the buffet on the same deck as the pools as on the M-class ships. Having to go up a deck was a pain. The Aqua Spa cafe is great but it is very poorly placed. There is little room for people to eat and there are constantly people trying to get through that area on the way to the spa -- again poor planning. We gave up eating there. Instead we went to the Bistro on Five which we loved -- great food, lots of space, quiet and lovely views so it was well worth the $5 upcharge to us. Be sure to go on embarkation day -- a real sanctuary away from the masses at the buffet. Stateroom and its Perks -- As many have said, the staterooms are fabulous. The bathroom is roomy with plenty of storage space -- really lovely. We upgraded to an Aqua Spa room for very little, but would not do that again for many reasons. Yes, the shower head is nice but after all it is just a showerhead. Yes the towels and robes are better, and you get 2 bottles of water daily. But the drawback for us was the placement of these spa rooms. They are right under the pool deck so we had furniture being dragged overhead that started at 7AM every morning and high heels late at night. An easy fix would be to switch deck 11 and 12 but no one has done that yet. We were looking forward to dining in Blu, but that turned out to be a huge disappointment. The atmosphere is lovely and the assistant matre d' does a fine job. But the food choices are very odd. Many times, the 4 of us found nothing we wanted on the menu. So we succumb to going to the 4 Specialty restaurants, which were absolutely amazing, but added more than $100 to each account. Breakfast in Blu was wonderful. We also went to the main dining room 3 times to avoid going to Blu and had a good meal, although the service was mediocre -- maybe because we hadn't made a connection with a waiter. It was also very loud and crowded in the MDR on the lower level. We were also looking forward to using the spa without a fee, but that proved to be much more easily said than done. Because the weather was poor, the outdoor decks were almost empty and everyone came inside. The spa was packed every day. Some who had bought the spa package were understandably angry that they could never get one of the amazing heated chairs; 9 for 3000 passengers are not enough. The spa staff didn't enforce the quiet zone in the spa and some staff members even came in to talk to clients, ruining the spa experience. It was certainly not a reason to get a Spa stateroom again for us. The stateroom has little drawer space and so I had to climb up onto the bed to get golf shirts etc from the large space above the bed. I can't imagine older passengers doing that. It would have been simple to have the closet like the M-class closets that work -- half hanging and half bank of drawers. The balcony was large with chaise loungers but we never got a chance to use them because it was too cold or windy or raining with spray from large waves that kept the chairs soaked. Staterooms -- 4, because of the lack of drawers as well as noise from above. Public Areas -- Again, a series of hits and misses. We are dancers and there is a great dance floor upstairs on Deck 14 but was almost never used. Instead the live entertainment was shoved into the space at the bottom of the grand staircase where pillars caused dancing to be difficult and where people continually walked through to get to guest relations. People who came down the staircase walked into folks dancing; just a plain bad decision. Then there was the glass blowing which was awesome as were the glass blower guys. It was too bad the weather was bad. We froze up there trying to enjoy it. The lawn area is nice I guess, and we did play bocce ball once but again with bad weather this entire deck was lost space. The flow on this deck is poor as well, going upstairs and down to get to elevators. The pool area is beautiful and on a hot day (we didn't get any) it would have been great. The theatre is a wonderful space and I was so glad to see the tables gone and replaced by clever cup holders so you can actually walk down the aisle. The ceiling is horribly painted and again is such an easy fix. The Internet Cafe was so crowded one often had to wait 30 minutes to get a computer. Yet, the space called "Earth" was never used and could have housed a second Internet area. You would have thought that Celebrity would have realized years ago the need for much larger Internet space. The Spa Relaxation room under it is a very nice area which we used every day. I was glad many guests didn't find it. The gym was very crowded and wait time for machines was up to 30 minutes. Perhaps that was also because of the weather. The martini bar was a big hit and you must go just to see the bartender do his multi pour tricks. Public Areas -- a 3, because the beauty and variety was there but the functionality was missing. Entertainment: So we all know Celebrity isn't NCL and expect less than stellar Entertainment. I felt badly for the ship's singers and dancers who were very good -- better than almost all other troupes we've come across but the material they had to perform was cheesy, old, an uninspiring. We are booked on 3 more cruises this year so we simply won't bother going to the theatre for them. The comedian was awesome but all the rest very ho hum. The Brits seemed to like the singer but she was self-serving and relied more on song choice than her actual talent. The ventriloquist -- what can I say -- a ventriloquist on a cruise ship -- definitely a miss. We were not wowed once. Even the "strength act" was just OK, yet the two were very talented. It was the material they were given that was of poor quality. Of the 13 days, only the comedian was worth going to. Elite Member: This was our first cruise as Elite members and we were very glad we had worked hard at becoming "Elites." The perks were fabulous! We really appreciated the free Internet minutes and used all. We were able to take smaller luggage with us knowing that laundry would be done for free. Priority embarkation and disembarkation at ports was super and did make a difference especially in Le Havre when we got off the ship within 5 minutes of its being cleared allowing us to have a 12 hour private tour of the D Day beaches. The free cocktail hours from 5 -- 7 was wonderful. The staff worked very hard at making sure drinks flowed non-stop and the serving of appetizers never stopped. It was a highlight of the cruise for us. The only poor part was the Captain's Club hostess was overwhelmed by the number of Elite members and she coped very poorly. She never knew anyone's names. Yes there were lots of us but she did have almost 2 weeks. The line up to get into the Cocktail Party was very long and unnecessary. All they had to do was open the far doors and have 2 lines -- such a simple fix. With over 700 CC Elite members why there was no live entertainment there was odd -- to me it was an obvious choice. Elite Member Status -- a big 5. Cruise Director/Passengers: Is it the cruise director who decides where things are located? If so, she missed the mark. She was never visible except at the shows. Why did she feel she had to reread and retell the exact same information as was in the Daily bulletin on the announcements? Yes the captain's part was somewhat interesting, but it sounded as if she just needed to appear useful. Her staff was marvelous especially Maria who could get chilled, wind-blown passengers to participate. The game shows were good, but the British fellow running them was very condescending. The mix of passengers on the ship was one we will try to avoid. It was just too formal and "entitiled" for us. There were several people who wouldn't move to the back of the elevator. Even after the excuse me they wouldn't move and with a little nudge and gentle push they got indignant. Was it the T/A cruise phenomenon, was it the arriving at Southampton part? We couldn't figure that out and may do another T/A that ends in Miami just to try it again although a T/A will certainly not be high on our cruise list. This aspect was a low 3. (Sorry Maria -- you were awesome!) Ports: One reason we chose this cruise was going to Ireland -- so this was a real let down. Then to replace Ireland with the sad city of Coruna, Spain on a holiday with protesters parading down the main street -- well -- bad choice. BTW The Azores are beautiful and we would go back there. Le Havre -- horrible place -- make sure you plan not to tour around it. Honfleur, Deauville, Arromanches -- anything but Le Havre. We got to the Canadian and British beaches and cemetaries so that was fantastic and for that reason alone we give the Ports a 4. Embarkation/Disembarkation: Celebrity seems to have perfected these processes and again this proved to be the case. Both were so smooth. In fact, we had a transfer bus arranged for us in Southampton. Allowing for customs, lines, etc, it was to arrive for an 8AM pick up. Then a couple of days before Southampton, Immigration had passengers come to get their passports stamped on board but never explained what that would mean at the pier. What it meant was unbeknownst to any passenger, we were simply able to walk off -- no stopping -- no checks nothing. So we had to wait outside for almost an hour because we were that early. Again, it was such an easy fix to just communicate with passengers what disembarkation would look like and we could have easily called the bus company for an earlier pick up. So what should have been a hit turned into a miss. Too bad, but I guess we should still give this one a 5. Food: We didn't have a bad meal and the experiences at QSine and the Tuscan Grill were wonderful and delicious. We asked for a cheese plate with crackers to be brought to our stateroom daily at 4:30 and got 4 tiny slices of cheddar and 2 packages of soda biscuits -- memorable but for the wrong reasons. The dessert menu features far too many cheap ice cream choices that you can get upstairs anyway and the other miss was salads. Other than the Specialty restaurants, including the wonderful Bistro on Five, we didn't have a memorable meal ever but everything was good. I guess that means a 4. It was a cruise of hits and misses that we won't be promoting to others. But the Eclipse is a lovely ship that we may go on again. We seem to prefer the M class ships and cruises that are more port intensive with a friendlier passenger mix. We were sure the brand new Eclipse and S class ship would surpass our expectations but the Constellation still ranks first with us. We are looking forward to our 2 weeks on the refurbished Summit in November. Read Less
Sail Date April 2012
The Celebrity Eclipse is an exquisite cruise ship, and the crew was extraordinary. I especially loved the Tuscan Grill, and BLU offered an intimate atmosphere with special attention to detail that you would not be able to achieve in the ... Read More
The Celebrity Eclipse is an exquisite cruise ship, and the crew was extraordinary. I especially loved the Tuscan Grill, and BLU offered an intimate atmosphere with special attention to detail that you would not be able to achieve in the larger main dining room. The Aqua Spa seemed very expensive for the short time I received treatments; however the staff was professional and very informative. The Cruise Director, Mike, was superb and I was very happy to sail with him again on our 2nd Celebrity cruise. A variety of entertainment was presented, and I enjoyed all of the shows and special guest performances that I attended. The ports of call were excellent. We visited the El Morro fort in Puerto Rico which was magical. We took a boat ride from St. Thomas to the beautiful Trunk Bay, St. John and fell in love. We did the Sea Trek dive in St. Maarten which was amazing. I give five stars to the Celebrity Eclipse; however Celebrity Cruises has appalled me. There were three people in my reservation, separated into two Aqua Class staterooms. This was not my original plan, and it's important that I share my booking experience to prevent others from making the same mistake I did. Thirty days before our sail date, my husband and I decided to add his 19-year-old daughter to our reservation through the Celebrity Reservation phone service. Celebrity assisted us in booking a second stateroom at the lowest fare possible under my step-daughter's name. I paid for her booking in full, and then I logged into the My-Celebrity website to complete her online check-in. I was unable to complete online check-in due to a Celebrity Cruises policy that prohibits stateroom assignment of anyone under the age of 21 without an adult older than 21 booked in the same room or the stateroom is physically adjacent to the stateroom of a parent. I called Celebrity Reservations back, and asked them why they did not tell me about this policy when they assisted me in booking a stateroom for her. There was no response; therefore I asked them to help me fix the reservation problem. I was advised to move my husband into her stateroom and move her into my stateroom, and then when we boarded the ship we could go to Customer Relations and switch them back into the correct rooms. I accepted this option; however I was uneasy about it since my husband and I were celebrating our wedding anniversary in a Concierge Class stateroom and my step-daughter was booked in a regular stateroom. I contacted Celebrity Customer Service to verify the information I had been given, and discovered it was untrue. I requested cancelation of my step-daughters reservation with a refund because there were no Concierge Class staterooms available that were adjacent to one another and Celebrity failed to tell me about their under-21 policy when they booked her reservation. Celebrity refused to refund the money I paid, and they suggested I upgrade to two adjacent Aqua Class staterooms. This upgrade was the only option Celebrity gave me to remedy the situation without losing our Concierge service, and it cost an extra $2,000. I completed the online check-in and my step-daughters name did not appear on our Xpress Pass, although both stateroom numbers were present and her name was listed on the onboard expense account and the luggage tag example. Celebrity assured me that I did not need to worry. On sail day when I attempted to board the ship, a Celebrity customer service representative informed me that my step-daughter could not board the ship because her name was not listed on the Xpress Pass. I demanded immediate attention to this matter, and after shedding a few tears, the problem was quickly resolved. Upon entry into our staterooms, my 19-year-old step-daughter was provided a bottle of champagne and open access to the mini-bar. Celebrity Cruises must improve their reservations process and their customer service department before I ever consider booking another cruise with them again. Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
We arrived in Miami at 10am. Our relaxation began as soon as we got to our hotel, the Ritz-Carlton Biscayne Bay. This was in the middle of nowhere with a nice beach, 2 pools, one adult, one family. They were showing a movie that night at ... Read More
We arrived in Miami at 10am. Our relaxation began as soon as we got to our hotel, the Ritz-Carlton Biscayne Bay. This was in the middle of nowhere with a nice beach, 2 pools, one adult, one family. They were showing a movie that night at the family pool. It was windy and a little cool, however the pools were like bath water and the loungers plush complete with pool butlers. The ocean felt a little cold. They do offer a reasonable "Bon Voyage" package and room rates, however we had "club level", all the food and champagne we needed and a wonderful 5 star dinner in the dining room. Breakfast was also good, if you have "club level"they have the best cookies! I had been diagnosed with cancer just a few days before final payment was due, so no alcohol for me and I need to eat. I felt very lucky to be on the this cruise as I was 6 weeks post op. We left the hotel at 10:30am it was $34.00 to the pier. We met wonderful people while waiting to get on board. Embarkation was easy, however they were having problems with the credit card machine and 4 days into our cruise we got a note that it had not been activated. An easy fix by the wonderful Guest Relations people on board. We boarded after 1pm, with a glass of champagne in DH's hand we explored our new home. We could not get into our room until 3pm. Lots of wonderful lounges, a smoke free casino-yea! We rarely had to deal with a smoker, except one who was lounging by the pool on the wrong side of the deck. It was nice to not smell smoke on the balcony, hallways, balcony and inside of the ship. Eclipse has by far the best buffet afloat of the ships we have been on. Liked the layout of the ship. We enjoyed the adults only pool and the piped in music, never took our ipods. We enjoyed the Hot Glass Show twice. Loved our AQ room and Persian Gardens, the dry sauna and relaxation room. We did not like the tea in our room however. We had the best cabin steward and I needed lots of water which I had. The shower was amazing and I would book this category again for the shower and amenities. It was nice having not to bring Q Tips and cotton balls. The first night dining in "Blu" was a nightmare for me. We had an 8:30pm reservation, I was hungry and ordered asparagus to arrive when DH's salad arrived, didn't happen. After 45 minutes and not happy waiters I went up to the buffet to eat, came down and the asparagus (over cooked) and pasta dish (spinach too oily and overcooked) waited for me. We then requested the dining room the next night as there was nothing I could eat, had a wonderful experience in Moonlight Sonata. We then ate at the buffet and "Q'sine" one night, this is a culinary journey like no other you will ever experience anywhere in the world and is not to be missed! We had turkey dinner and lobster in "Blu" on Thanksgiving at 6pm and everything was perfect this time. Our last night did not see anything I could eat in "Blu" so went to the buffet. Our room was across from the elevators and was constantly noisy, from hall closets, to kids running down the hall, to late night parties in the atrium and pool parties where people were jumping up and down until 2am. The balcony was deep, but not sure we would book it again, do not need a deep balcony, can only see forward and was still windy, if you look aft you see the Royal Suite Veranda. It was shady almost always which was nice for me and I could sit in the lounger with my wig off and no one would see me. San Juan we got off and took a walk, got caught in a huge downpour. St Maarten took a tour with Bernard's Tour, would recommend him again. Went to two beaches and saw the Planes fly over us. St Kitts got off and walked around the port shops and peeked over at the Millennium and laid out in the sun. On our way back to Miami it was not windy and it was warm. We loved the gelato with the home made waffle cups and cones. Could not get a milkshake made anywhere, tried everyday, every bar. DH had the premier soda package and loved it. I enjoyed the apple juice anytime from the buffet or Aqua Spa Cafe. We enjoyed afternoon ice cream complete with Reece's pieces and M&M's to sprinkle on. We loved being able to walk in our slippers and bathrobes to the spa and adult pool. The fitness room was by far the best ever. I loved the hours of the Persian gardens, adult pool and fitness room. The room service menu was the best we have ever seen and we had room service breakfast nearly every morning. This was by far the most relaxing cruise we have taken where we did not have to worry about smelling smoke from smokers. we could have asked for and more. Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
Have just arrived back on the Celebrity Eclipse 4th Sept 2010 I have seen other reviews from people on the same voyage so will try to limit this to our experience of Aqua Class. Booking late we had a choice of an unknown balcony or paying ... Read More
Have just arrived back on the Celebrity Eclipse 4th Sept 2010 I have seen other reviews from people on the same voyage so will try to limit this to our experience of Aqua Class. Booking late we had a choice of an unknown balcony or paying more and being allocated an Aqua Class cabin. As we were traveling with another couple decided that we did not want to be opposite ends of the ship, so elected to pay the extra and go Aqua. We originally made the booking directly through Celebrity and the salesperson advised us to take ajoining cabins 1552/1554 (there were two others together at the very front). Having made the booking and checking on the review and critic sights, we found that 1554 had a metal structure directly in line with the balcony (the rep never mentioned this, she also put us down for Anytime dining). We had previously spoken to Caroline a cruise specialist with travel councellors, and after further discussions switched our booking to her. (A very good move). She came back to us and advised that the view was very restricted from 1554 and this should have been discussed on our original booking - she therefore changed that cabin for one just down the hall - she also discovered that if you select Anytime dining in Aqua Class you get re assigned to the MDR! Anyway the point is make sure you have a very good agent or your holiday could be ruined. Aqua Class - everything I read about this was true - the food was exellent, well presented and varied all cooked in its own kitchen. Our waiter Danni said the chef checked every meal as it left the kitchen, and it didn't get served unless he was 100% happy. The staff in this restaurant couldn't do enough for us and we will find it very hard to go back to the MDR on future cruises. The restaurant was small and intimate, we never felt rushed- every meal was an experience in fact I even took photo's of the food (never felt the need before) it was a work of art and tasted even better. One of our party was poorly one morning and the assistant Maitre De Akar arranged for something to be sent to the cabin. One thing that surprised me for the whole ship, was how many people dressed up for the 'formal' nights it was good to see even young lads with dinner jackets - it wasn't over the top, but really added to the experience As for the ship - it felt small, however we could always find somewhere to relax and never crowded. I think the cruise director has just changed to John Grantham, an ex stuntman from Hollywood, he was very low key and likeble, his talk about his experiences was very good. I can't remember a cruise where all the performers around the ship were so good - the standard was terrific and we even made a point of going to the lounges just to hear them - Les Merle who played with some of the greats and took over from Buddy Rich fronted a jazz group, the accapelo group had a large following. The stage shows were good in the main, however I found the show ECLIPSE over indulgent and the singing had no real words (unless you were an Inca) I Have been interested by the comments regarding the level of sound in the theatre - it didn't seem to be any more than normal Eclipse is a brilliant ship, and Celebrity seem to keep their staff for many years and they all appear to be very proud of their ship. The ports of call were good we really loved Cadiz and Toulon in fact the only dissapointment was Gibraltar where we only had half a day. Venturer followed us in and it was a very rushed and crowded experience. I can highly recommend this ship, and as you can guess especially Aqua Class   Read Less
Sail Date August 2010
We booked this cruise a year ago or so to celebrate my parents' Golden wedding anniversary. We booked adjacent balcony cabins with my parents in the cabin next door to my son (age 15) and myself. Both balcony cabins were on deck 9 on ... Read More
We booked this cruise a year ago or so to celebrate my parents' Golden wedding anniversary. We booked adjacent balcony cabins with my parents in the cabin next door to my son (age 15) and myself. Both balcony cabins were on deck 9 on the straight part of "the hump". Embarkation at Southampton was fairly painless having filled in the necessary documents online (although grumbling all the time about lack of pre-cruise documents arriving in the post, something I really miss). The check-in procedure was definitely smooth at the port as passport and credit card etc. details had already been supplied. Our cabins were ready for us upon boarding at around 2pm. Our stewardess Marites introduced herself almost immediately and both her and her assistant Michael proved to be absolutely wonderful keeping the cabins spotless. They were both so warm and friendly, always greeting us with lovely smiles. Storage in the cabin proved a little disjointed with cupboards over the bed and a smallish wardrobe. Perhaps we have just become used to the so much more user friendly "walk in" wardrobes of the standard balcony cabins which we enjoyed the on P & O Azura and the Princess ships of recent sailings. The bathroom however was the best I've had. I just loved the spacious shower and very practical bar for leg shaving. Everything was of a high quality except, strangely the toilet paper which disintegrated upon use. An extendable washing line in the shower for smalls etc. would have been useful. On the subject of washing however, there is no laundry room provided and even to get something ironed it had to be sent in. Of course most of us are unpacking a suitcase full of clothes that need just a quick press so an ironing room at least was much appreciated. These thoughts were echoed by many fellow passengers. A big reason why we have chosen Celebrity Cruises is that they do not allow smoking in the cabins and on the balconies. A real treat to be able to sit outside and enjoy the sea air without the whiff of a neighbours' smoke. Well done Celebrity! We had booked first sitting traditional dining, a bit of a rush at 6.15 each evening. We had a table for 8 towards the centre on the bottom level of the Moonlight Sonata dining room. Unfortunately the noise level in the dining room meant it was a struggle to hear our companions across the table, which proved a big disappointment to my hard of hearing father who could not participate in any banter. Having sailed on Celebrity Summit last year with a table in a similar position of our table of 8 we did not experience this problem so it must just be the acoustics of the Moonlight Sonata Dining Room. We would certainly book Select Dining on Eclipse in future where the smaller sized tables are on the upper level and it was not as noisy. For the most part the food was wonderful. Poor Dad however was forced to send his main course back on a couple of occasions. A lover of fish, the fish dishes proved a bit fussy and unappetising. I enjoyed everything apart from a couple of disappointing soups. The service from Bresley and his assistant "Panasonic" was superb, even remembering each night that I liked lemon served with my water. We ate at all the speciality restaurants. Dad and I went to the Tuscan grill which was absolutely fantastic. We celebrated my parents' Golden Wedding Anniversary evening in Murano, which was indeed excellent (although the Dover sole was not quite as good as on Azura) but the service proved just a little intrusive. We ended up in fits of giggles when the waiter timed his arrival of the anniversary cake with Dad handing over of Mums' pendant (complete with elastic band) and hovered a little too long. Poor Dad, never the most romantic, his moment was ruined. On the second last night my son and I (almost as an afterthought) dined at Qsine and have never had so much fun at a meal. Everything is such a surprise and I am still fantasing about the delicious "Sushi lollipops". We absolutely loved it and it is certainly a must do for kids of all ages and I wish we had discovered it sooner. "Mr Spice" is honestly the most enthusiastic waiter we have ever had. "The Trough" (Oceanview cafe) had a lot of variety on offer with stations you can nip in and out of. The drinks station was awkwardly organised though and people were always bumping into each other resulting in a constant wet patch on the floor. Never my favourite eating venue on any ship as they are always so cafeteria like, I usually tried to avoid it and discovered instead the Aqua spa cafe at the solarium. All the produce is organic and it was the perfect spot for a light breakfast and lunch. Only having nine tables it was quieter than "The Trough" although it did become a lot busier the second half of the cruise once people discovered it. Disappointingly the smoking area was just the other side of the glass doors so the odd whiff of smoke drifted through to the eating area particularly on inclement days when the smokers were taking cover. I treated myself and paid $99 to use the Persian Garden (thermal suite) for the duration of the cruise. This proved a wonderful "bolt hole" with its aromatic suite, steam room and heated stone loungers with a glorious sea view. The ship seemed to have a shortage of outdoor loungers and of course being as Eclipse caters primarily to a British market and as the British do enjoy sunning themselves there was always the potential for a deckchair bunfight. It was almost impossible to find a lounger on sea days at the outside pool but there was usually one to be found around the indoor adult's only solarium. The entertainment was good with a particularly memorable Capello group called "Sound Decision". These boys were fabulous and really made me smile popping up with little short shows all over the ship. The production shows were good but older folk were a little disappointed as they were focusing more on "modern day" West End shows like "Wicked" and "We will Rock You". They also complained that they were loud. There was an Acrobatic team called Alex and Sally who were fabulous. The hypnotist, a chap by the name of Christopher Caress was honestly the best show I have seen on a cruise ship, fantastic. There was also a very funny Irish comedian and some good cabaret singers to please the older folk. The Hot Glass show is also very interesting and worth seeing at some point during a cruise. Disappointingly many of the "lectures" were really about "nickel and diming" the passengers but this seems to be a reality in cruising today. My father was disappointed that there was no organised Bridge in the card and games room. We only booked a couple of the ships' shore excursions. It was easy enough in most of the ports to catch the ships shuttle (at a fee) and walk around the Mediterranean ports at leisure. All in all it was a lovely cruise on a beautiful ship. As lovely as a ship is, it can only be as good as the staff onboard. The staff on Eclipse offer a wonderful warm and friendly service. We found them very approachable. We generally always get chatting to staff and they really are such genuine people. Marites, our stewardess was genuinely concerned when Dad caught a dreadful chest and cold bug delivering piles of extra pillows to the cabin to help during the night. The service was spontaneous and from the heart. We would definitely sail on Celebrity Eclipse again. Read Less
Sail Date August 2010
This was our first cruise with Celebrity and we have returned very impressed. Everything seemed a couple of notches above our previous cruise experience with NCL and P & O. Don't get me wrong we have always had a wonderful time ... Read More
This was our first cruise with Celebrity and we have returned very impressed. Everything seemed a couple of notches above our previous cruise experience with NCL and P & O. Don't get me wrong we have always had a wonderful time but Eclipse has blown us away. The Eclipse is a modern, contemporary and stunning ship. I love the design and she enjoys airy open public spaces. Huge expanses of glass can be found that allow a fantastic view of the sea. She has two main groups of elevators that due to the tapered bow and stern allow easy access to most parts of the ship without having to walk to far. Celebrity have really got the 'Solstice' design spot on and its no surprise that the design as been so well received. The cruise was a short 4 day break just popping over to Cork. Celebrity have boarding fine tuned and we walked straight on and were soon enjoying lunch. Lesley was very impressed. We booked a Concierge Class Cabin last minute and you can imagine our joy when we were upgraded to Aqua Class. This meant lots of little extras in the cabin, which also enjoyed a premium location on Eclipse close to the Spa. The main benefit was being able to eat in Blu. More on that later. Most of the balcony cabins are very similar with enhancements based on grade. We had a fantastic spa shower, iced tea every day, robes, slippers and luxury bedding etc. I did sit out on the balcony but it was a little chilly. The cabins are deep but not particularly wide. Furniture was of a very good quality and the 32" TV on a swivel mount. The interactive services were spot on and powered by a mac mini. Storage space would be tight on a two week cruise but plenty of space under bed so some gear could be stowed here. We were on Deck 11 underneath the lido deck. No noise could be heard although due to weather the pool area was not that busy. Sebastian our Cabin Steward was fantastic. Due to the weather we did not spend to much time on open deck but i did enjoy a swim and I would imagine that the outside pools, bars and public spaces would be superb in a warmer climate. The sheer variety of chairs, loungers and sunbeams is amazing and all the soft furnishings are all of the highest quality. We found the food to be of the highest quality in all areas. The main Ocean View Cafe has a superb buffet selection and finding a seat was never a problem. The salad bar was incredible. We had one lunch in the main dining room which is a magnificent two deck space. Again food was wonderful. Aqua Class meant we were able to have breakfast and dinner in Blu. This is for Aqua Class guests only. The brochure does say that it offers a healthier choice but don't let this put you off. No set dining times just great food. The breakfast muesli was created at the table and was superb as were the omelettes. A full cooked breakfast can be chosen. The evening food was always hot and beautifully presented and the steak especially was cooked to perfection. A maximum of 260 guests are eligible to eat here so it never felt rushed, busy or cramped. We also tried Quisine and played with the magical iPad which the menu is presented on. Food with a presented with a twist that was delicious. The cover charge was about £19.50 per head. Well with the experience. Just make sure you are very hungry when you go as the food keeps flowing. The entertainment onboard was great fun and the theatre has state of the art production facilities. We really enjoyed 'Eclipse' which is a modern circus show, The cast worked very hard and the audience thoroughly appreciated their skills and efforts. iLounge was of course perfection as it features Apple hardware. Sensible place to buy a new Mac as prices in dollars and feature no tax. Visit to Cork was great although we only went ashore briefly for a stroll. I think the best part of the cruise were the staff themselves. Eclipse has upward of 65 different nationalities serving onboard and this shows in a very chilled, relaxed but upscale way. All staff seemed to work together very fluently and the service was never less than outstanding. Nothing was to much trouble. The Grand Buffet was a work of art and Lesley and I appreiciated the effort made to set this up. I could go on but bar the odd moaning guest that we overhead everything from our point of view was perfection. Celebrity seem to have it just right and do not appear to have made cutbacks to their quality product unlike other lines. We can't wait to travel again. Eclipse is a beautiful ship, manned and crewed by magnificent staff. Look after them Celebrity as they are worth it. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
Celebrity Eclipse Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.6
Dining 5.0 4.3
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 5.0 4.6
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.2
Family 4.0 4.2
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.8
Enrichment 4.0 3.8
Service 4.0 4.6
Value For Money 4.0 4.1
Rates N/A 4.2

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