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3 Celebrity Eclipse Cruise Reviews for Holiday Cruises to Europe - Western Mediterranean

Excellent start to cruise, no problems with embarkation & stateroom as expected. (Sailed on Eclipse to the Baltic last year). The food and service in the main dining room was of the previous high standard - this time we chose to ... Read More
Excellent start to cruise, no problems with embarkation & stateroom as expected. (Sailed on Eclipse to the Baltic last year). The food and service in the main dining room was of the previous high standard - this time we chose to have select dining to give us more flexibility which we found worked well for us. We ate in two of the speciality restaurants which, although expensive was a nice treat and most enjoyable. The quality of the entertainment varied, with some shows better than other, or perhaps not to our taste. More time in ports would have been appreciated, especially Venice and Dubrovnik. In Venice we noticed how long the queue was waiting for the shuttle boats back to the ship and cut short our sightseeing to make sure that we were not late back on board. More information regarding the closure of some sites on certain days would have been helpful. All service on board was very good - special thanks to our stateroom attendant. The end of the cruise was not so good!! We were due to leave the ship at 9.00 but did not reach our car until shortly before 11.00. ( Last year we had left the ship, collected our luggage and walked to our car within 15-20 min.) Utter chaos would best describe this years disembarkation, collection of luggage and transfer to the car parks. We hope that in future Celebrity will take action to improve the disembarkation process, because unfortunately this is the last thing that we remember of what otherwise was an excellent holiday. Read Less
Sail Date September 2011
We love cruising and cruise twice or more a year. We arrived early at 11am to avoid lengthy queuing in our car as previously and waited in the foyer for half an hour or so until allowed up to the boarding lounge. Quite a large number of ... Read More
We love cruising and cruise twice or more a year. We arrived early at 11am to avoid lengthy queuing in our car as previously and waited in the foyer for half an hour or so until allowed up to the boarding lounge. Quite a large number of crew were also arriving so all credit to them for the seamless changeover. As noted by an earlier reviewer there were a lot, such a lot, of very elderly and disabled people on board. It once took us an hour from the scheduled meeting time for a trip to get ashore to the coach. The crew were trying to lift very many disabled people in wheel chairs and scooters down a steep plank in a general free for all disembarcation. I was wondering if there is not some maximum number that can be coped with on a ship before it represents a safety issue in the event of an evacuation. The Oceanview gets very crowded and it helps if people act with consideration for their fellow diners. I was astonished when an elderly lady without a dish or cup in hand sat down next to me one day to wait for her husband and proceeded to sweep the uncleared items from her table on to the cleared place of my husband who had gone for desert. The staff were clearing quite quickly but she did not wish to wait. An elderly man in a singlet at luchtime was very offputting. As noted in a previous review the number of people with tattoos, male and female, is increasing. When we first started cruising with Celebrity there were mostly American guests on board and many more international guests, with more UK guests standards of cruise dress and etiquette are slipping. Very many people said it was their first cruise and a lot of moaning went on. The staff do an excellent job in difficult circumstances. We dined on second sitting and although the doors were opened at 08.30 for 08.45 our waiter was often still 'meeting and greeting' at the door until 09.00. We had generally good service although a beef dish that was recommended to my husband did not turn out to be worth it so we tended to ignore recommendations and assumed it meant 'we've got a lot'. Fairplay we have never been told something is unavailable, amazing. The vegetables are often little more than a garnish on a long menu so rather than ask for a plate of steamed vegetables, which they are happy to provide, I always looked for a good helping of vegetables at lunchtime. Some lunchtime meals were so outstanding I was happy with a lighter meal at dinner. The smoking policy on Celebrity is that guests can smoke in the Sky Lounge, port side. As the air conditioning cannot cope with this, by late evening it has built up and so we did not spend much time there. We did go up one evening for a publicised special dance event but the party had not started and we retreated to the Disco. This is an underused facility, mainly because even when hordes are passing it after the show it never has floor filling music to tempt anyone in. We made a request and the floor soon filled but then it became obscure music again after 20 minutes and people drifted away. Actually we spent less time than usual dancing on this cruise and more time watching movies in our cabin. We dance a lot when we are on Cunard because it has a great Disco/nightclub and floor filling DJ also Grand ballroom for a twirl. The Ballroom floor on Eclipse adjoins the grand staircase which was part roped off one night with a big yellow hazard sign on the ballroom floor so photos could be taken. This kinda kills the romance. As noted in a previous review, the audience participation event 'Masquerade' was dulled down by about 16 seated elderly and disabled guests taking over the whole area surrounding the ballroom floor expecting a 'floorshow' which it isn't. Most of the Rocky Horror music type 'show' is on the staircase which is not viewable from the sofas. Perhaps the organisers could explain that this is a participation event and that the best view is from above. Cunard doesn't allow smoking in the Skylounge equivalent (however they do allow it in the cabins although I haven't yet had a problem tainted cabin). Evidence has recently been published that even one exposure to second hand smoke can cause a cardiac event so Celebrity should address this in the design of their new ships with a dedicated smoker's room like Cunard. Apparently 'third hand' smoke impregnated on drapes and chairs is carcinogenic according to a report in our our Local Authority magazine. In Provence we took a trip to 'Sanary and Castellet' two excellent stops for strolling with camera. The scenery on route is very pretty. In Pisa we viewed the Baptistry and the Cathedral interiors and admired the Leaning Tower exterior. If you wanted to climb it you would need to rush to the ticket office immediately on arriving at the 'Field of Miracles' to get a timed ticket which would allow you to do so before the scheduled departure. Unlikely at peak times. I was glad I took an umbrella as the walk to the Field was about 15 mins in very hot sun. In Civitavecchia we took the free bus into town and went first to the little archeological museum. We then strolled up the main street, looked at the market, finally we strolled along the promenade and read about the history of the Spa Resort it had been before the war. The Promenade is being restored and there are several pleasant cafe bars in this area. In Cagliari we went to the small archeological museum which has been excavated under a church revealing the ancient town walls and streets. We then enjoyed the views from the Bastion and walked up to the Cathedral. The Governor's Palace is worth a visit. We took the Cadiz walking tour and had a glimpse into the Arabic style courtyard interior of a private Club. The Cathedral, Covered Market and old Town walls were very interesting. Cadiz is more or less a grid system so you could do this tour using a guide from the Tourist Office. From Lisbon we took a trip to 'Medieval Obidos'. There were two beautiful museum/art galleries (free) to enjoy in our free time. A beautiful 17c church, a castle and many little shops are to be found inside the tiny walled citadel. Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
Well a fantastic cruise on the Celebrity Eclipse, there were a few niggles like all cruises but the majority was fantastic. The Ship Definitely one of our favourites, from the public areas to the stateroom we love the styling and ... Read More
Well a fantastic cruise on the Celebrity Eclipse, there were a few niggles like all cruises but the majority was fantastic. The Ship Definitely one of our favourites, from the public areas to the stateroom we love the styling and the atmosphere onboard. Large yes but plenty of intimate areas to sit chill out or have a drink. The Cabin 1605 Aqua Class on the portside forward facing on the hump. The advantage of this cabin was the balcony 15 feet deep on onside 13 feet deep on the other it was massive, even in the rain and wind it was possible to sit outside with no ill effects, there were 2 seats, 2 foot stools and a table. Inside the bed was next to the balcony, which did make moving around a bit difficult but after a day or so we got the hang of it. Plenty of hanging space but not a great deal of drawer space for 16 nights, gym stuff etc stayed in the roll on bags and was pulled out as required. The bathroom had plenty of storage with a shower that blasted water from all angles. Being Aqua Class there were 3 or 4 bottles of water, fresh fruit and flowers each day. Dining Blu The jewel in the crown of Aqua Class, the food and service was great every night and for the majority of the time we were able to get the waiter area we wanted with the staff we wanted, however all staff were great and we sat in a variety of places due to the anytime dining in this restaurant. The food was quite un-Americanised in comparison to the main restaurant. It was served in a very contemporary style with what we felt good sized portions. Breakfasts were also good here for the 3 times we made it. The difference in the ambient noise when dining when compared to the main dining rooms on ships was unbelievable Main Dining Room We had lunch here twice plus one of the brunches and enjoyed it each time. Oceanview Cafe Good selection throughout the day and the quality was good, on occasion it could possibly have been slightly warmer but that is a common buffet problem. Bistro on 5 and Cafe Al Baccio Great for lunch and the Crow's Nest captured the record for the most diners at on table - 12 in total, thanks to Brenda for organising. I would like to see a slightly different menu in the Evening but for lunch and that returning to the ship snack it is ideal. We enjoyed numerous different teas and coffee's in Cafe Al Baccio and the pastries/cakes/sandwiches were to die for. Qsine and Murano's We tried Qsine again and although we enjoyed it we felt that Murano's trumped it for food quality and service if we go onboard again we will certainly go again. FlambEed Lobster and the FlambEed Strawberry Crepe's being the highlight. In all the dining areas tea was available in individual teapots and there was a wide choice of teas. Bars & Drinks package We took the Classic Drinks package so basically beers too $5 and all other drinks to $8, this was approx $39+15% a day. We pre-booked before joining the ship and were apprehensive about had we done the correct thing, but for us it worked really well. We had freshly squeezed orange juice or freshly made smoothie's ($2.5 to $4) each morning in the Oceanview Cafe, fresh Espresso based coffee ($3 to $5) in any of the restaurants or bars rather than the "machine" coffee, all the teas or coffees in Cafe al Baccio ($3 to $6). Cans of soft drink were $2.50 and bottled water was $2 to $4 depending on size. It is fair to say that we used at least half the cost in non-alcoholic drinks daily. It was good to experiment with the different cocktails and spirits these were generally cost $6 to $8. The wine was very easy basically the selection at $8 a glass in blu met our needs and the glasses were kept topped up. When we mentioned to the Sommelier that we had tried wine in cellar masters that we enjoyed it appeared the next time we dined even though it was not on the Blu wine list. The more expensive package included the martini and molecular bars where the drinks were $10 to $12, but you could basically get all other drinks at those venues. In addition although it included more beer selection too $8 but there were not many spirits between $8 and $12 - only a handful. The other spirits were over $12 therefore not in either package so it is worth planning ahead as too what you like. There is a slightly wider wine choice too. Remember all the above do not include the 15% gratuity. Entertainment The live music around the ship was varied but all had something in common the artists were good something we have not seen on a ship for a while. What we saw of the main theatre acts were good but the 7pm show was not really for us. Ports For us the main ports were Split, Venice and Dubrovnik and we walked the feet of ourselves. We thoroughly enjoyed each of these ports and I will highly recommend the tour that we booked in advance in Venice - The Secrets Itineraries of Doges Palace (http://www.museiciviciveneziani.it/frame.asp?pid=595&z=2&tit=_EN_itinerarispeciali) and really enjoyed it. We pre-booked Vaporetto tickets and collected them at Place de Roma with no problems. We also visited the Opera House which was an enjoyable tour. Palermo - what a riot - dark, dusty, dirty, noisy and smelly. Although a complete contrast to the rest of the cruise I secretly enjoyed Palermo. Niggles We did have some drinks appear a few times on the bill and after few discussions with the Guest Relations staff I finally asked to see the Bar manager. The matter was then resolved and we received compensation for the hassle. People with feet on tables that you eat off - do you do it at home, why do it on a cruise. Man boobs, hairy chests and women in bikinis dangling over the food choice at the Aqua Spa cafe sorry please show some respect too others and follow hygiene rules, we could not eat there after what we saw. Crow's Nest meet and lunch We had a meet on the second sea day (Cruise Critic meet was the first sea day) and then lunch later in the first week and we enjoyed meeting all the other nesters and they really added to the enjoyment of the cruise. If you have never attended a meet before remember everyone is nervous as you before the meet but you will get on like a house on fire. It was our first time and we will attend on other cruises in the future. We were also invited to the bridge and engine control room. So that is it a superb ship, a superb cruise, superb staff, and some superb new cruise friends what more could we have asked for. Our pictures are at http://picasaweb.google.com/clydecruiser/CelebrityEclipseOctober2010# not had time to tag them due to work but hopefully you can guess where. Read Less
Sail Date October 2010
Celebrity Eclipse Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.6
Dining 5.0 4.3
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 5.0 4.6
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.2
Family 4.0 4.2
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.8
Enrichment 4.0 3.8
Service 4.0 4.6
Value For Money 4.0 4.1
Rates N/A 4.2

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