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4 Celebrity Eclipse Cruise Reviews for Holiday Cruises to Europe - Eastern Mediterranean

Having spent an enjoyable holiday aboard Eclipse I can only endorse everything Dr Paul has to say about this holiday. We have travelled on most of the cruise lines at some time or another, and have never felt we were being conned for ... Read More
Having spent an enjoyable holiday aboard Eclipse I can only endorse everything Dr Paul has to say about this holiday. We have travelled on most of the cruise lines at some time or another, and have never felt we were being conned for every penny on board. Whilst the ship is delightful and food extremely good, we were disgusted at the cost of drinks on board. Whilst on holiday we always have a bottle of wine each night, but because of the cost made a bottle do for two nights. Celebrity should be aware that they will price themselves out of the market, if they continue along these lines. The cost of shore excursions were also prohibitive, and we heard many complaints about this. Because of the cost we did not take any excursions, once again Celebrity loosing money. When we were in Venice last year, we had a shuttle bus to take us right into the water bus station, free of charge, but Celebrity charged $20 per person for a shuttle boat to St. Marks Square, once again extortionate. With regard to the entertainment, on the whole it was good, but the pianist and the ventriloquist had people leaving the theatre in their droves. We also felt the first of the cruise company shows was aimed at a far younger audience than those cruising today. It was so load we heard complaints from quite a few people that they came out of the theatre with a headache. As you said, Dr. Paul, Dru think of your clientele. We very much enjoyed Michaels Club when Rik Steele was playing, and had to hurry to get to the bar after the show as he was so popular. Read Less
Sail Date October 2011
We sailed from Southampton on 14 October, having travelled down from Cardiff by train. Embarkation: Not impressive. It took nearly an hour to shuffle around the hall in single file. Other lines let you sit down until called. Cabin:We ... Read More
We sailed from Southampton on 14 October, having travelled down from Cardiff by train. Embarkation: Not impressive. It took nearly an hour to shuffle around the hall in single file. Other lines let you sit down until called. Cabin:We were originally on deck 6, above the theatre, but the noise drove us to ask for a move which was done speedily and efficiently, to Deck 10. Top marks.Cabins smallish,with drawer space at a premium, but excellent shower in large bathroom.Spotlessly clean. Dining: We had Select Dining after paying £221 gratuities in advance. But the tables we were given were always next to a service station.The better areas appear to have been assigned to those who had cruised with Celebrity before. No problem, but an early indication of the dual class system on board. For instance, the best bar was arguably the Sky on deck 14, but each evening this was reserved largely for the Captain's Club members.The small area left was for smokers, and it was usually difficult to get service. The self service restaurant was the Ocean View on deck 14, which had easily the most comprehensive range of food I've experienced, but at peak times it was extremely difficult to find a free table. These were not always cleared quickly, though strangely, there was always a surfeit of staff pushing drinks (of which, more later). Entertainment:External acts brought in were mixed, but those who stood out were Irish comedian Adrian Lynch, Welsh comedian Mike Doyle, and songstress Lindsay Hamilton deservedly brought the house down. But the funniest was a juggler/comedian, whose name I didn't note but should have. To attend a popular act, one had to get to the theatre half an hour early. P & O lay on 3 shows a night to obviate this. Why can't Celebrity? Drinks: As others have noted, the prices charged will stop me cruising with Celebrity in future. Two single gin and tonics £14?(Not even Schweppes!) Cheapest wine about £21. Gratuities: The brochure says Reception will give people who had pre-paid a voucher to prove it. One old lady at Reception was told they don't, to her obvious distress. We told our cabin steward we had, which he says he understood, yet left 2 envelopes when we checked out, which is another reason we will now be returning to P & O. Read Less
Sail Date October 2011
Celebrity Eclipse 16 night Med cruise, October 2011 As usual, we travelled down to Southampton the day before our cruise, its 195 miles and takes on average 4.5 to 5 hours, worst trip was 7 hours plus. We have stayed at the Holiday Inn ... Read More
Celebrity Eclipse 16 night Med cruise, October 2011 As usual, we travelled down to Southampton the day before our cruise, its 195 miles and takes on average 4.5 to 5 hours, worst trip was 7 hours plus. We have stayed at the Holiday Inn Express at Nursling, a few times, so just a short journey to the docks. Since our last visit in May, they had become a recommeded hotel for a local childrens theme park, and it was a little noisy. We have decided to stay elsewhere in future. We had been very lucky in getting an invite to visit the QM2 on the 14th October, the same day as we sailed on Eclipse. Having had a good meal at the local Beafeater the night before, we skipped breakfast, packed the car and proceeded to the QE2 terminal. We had a very interesting tour of QM2, in a group of ten with a good guide, followed by an excellent leisurely lunch with wine. We knew it would be tight to get to Eclipse, and it was 2.20pm when we left the dining room! We disembarked, fortunately the car was close, and drove to the City terminal, quickly unoaded our cases, parked the car, and checked in. We were one of the last to check in, we boarded (no photographers!), drank the 'welcome' drink, and went to our Aqua class cabin, where we arrived at 3.05pm! The difference between the two ships was a stark contrast, the traditional decor of the QM2 to the modern light decor of Eclipse. We popped down to Blu, our restaurant, as we had heard that our favourite waiter was on board, when we got there he was on the maitre d's desk, and we got a wonderfull greeting. When we got back our steward introduced himself, and went on a case hunt, as only one of our cases had arrived. This was our 5th cruise on Eclipse, all in the same cabin on the 'hump', so might know that we are very happy with the ship, it was like coming home. We had also reached 'Elite' status, the top tier in their 'rewards' scheme, which intitled us to several perks. First two days were sea days, and again the Bay of Biscay was kind to us, in these 2 days they held the 'Senior Oficers' cocktail party in the Sky lounge, where the only problem was getting an non alcoholic drink for my wife! I also did the Elite bridge visit, it was a fairly large group and a fairly short visit would not bother again! First port was Cadiz where we just walked into town and explored its many narrow streets, returning to the ship for lunch, which consisted of a drink and a few rolls from Cafe Bacio. We attended several shows with 'guest' artists, some good,some not so good. We did not attend any production shows, as we had seen them before. many pax were unhappy having to go early to get a seat in the theatre, seams to be the same on most ships! The next day was a sea day, which we spent drinking coffee, doing crosswords, and failing miserably in answering the quizz questions. We always went for the wonderful Blu breakfasts, which was always a lovely unhurried event. In the evenings we always dined early, so we got our waiter, several other couples were doing the same, and the 5 tables for 2 were nearly always occupied by the same couples, often in seated in a different order, so we all became friendly. The food and service were sublime, and nothing was to much trouble for our waiters. Items from the MDR were obtainable, but we never felt the need. There were 2 'secret' sweets, never on the menu, but available if you asked (Creme Brulee and Apple Pie). Next port was Cagliara, which we have visited before. We have cruised the Med many times, and have done the tours that interest us,so we did not do any of the ships tours on this cruise, so again, we just had a walk round the town, we normally find somewhere to explore. One of the perks of Elite is the 'happy' hours between 5pm and 7pm where you are provided with drinks and nibbles, we really enjoyed ourselves there, meeting a couple we had met before, and another couple we got to know. The next day was Palermo, we had seen all sorts of dire warnings about the port, but frankly, we thought it was not as scarey as Naples! Another sea day spent at leisure, enjoying the ship. We had prepaid our tips, and purchased a Premium non alcoholic package each, which we found excellent value, as latte's were $5.25 each and Tea $4.75 we also had sparkling water in Blu every night, at a rough guess, the average drink priced worked at around $3, we loved the no signing, no tickets involved. Then it was Venice, the favourite port of the cruise for us, it was $20 for the boat ticket, and I noticed a sign saying one way trips were 7euro's, so not ripped off too much! We walked as far as the market, and were very suprised to see vegetables for sale from our home town in Lincolnshire! We returned to the ship with heavy parcels and a lighter wallet! We had an invite to an Elite sailaway on the helipad, the crew had put some chairs out on the helipad, trust us to choose two in front of an almighty loud speaker, which deafened us when they turned the music on! It was very cold, so much so they had to fetch some blankets for us, it was a wonderful experience, but it was so cold! Next it was Dubrovnic, and as usual, people had not read the paper, or listened to the announcments, and had failed to take goverment ID's with them, and were turned off the bus at the dock gates by the border guards. Again, we explored this intriuging town, making purchases on our way round! We were then over halfway through the cruise, at sea heading toward home, but with a couple of stops on the way. The Captains Club celebration was held on a sea day, usual speeches and jokes, and a selection of food available, they had some great beef being carved, in which I indulged. That evening in Blu i had a wonderfull steak, but the next day i decided I had eaten to much beef the previous day! We noticed in the evening that many of the officers were 'on patrol' mid evening, we had several chats, in particular with the Guest Relations Manager And so to Cartegena, another port where you can walk off the ship into the town centre, so off we set to explore the place. Down one off the side streets we saw a set of 3 escalators outdoors, quite unusual we thought, so up we went. it turned out to be some roman ruins on a hill overlooking the town. We were somewhat surprised to see one of our dinner companians, who uses a buggy, at the top! That evening, the captain warned us it would be rough the next day, which was a sea day. As forecast, it was rough with 9 metre waves and 40/50 knot headwind, and in the morning the captain announced he was slowing down for passenger and crew safety. We took some pills and retired to our stateroom for a few hours. We felt fine later in the afternoon, so went o the Elite event and dinner in Blu. After dinner we were walking past the shops with some of our dinner companions when the captain again made an announcement. He explained that as we had slowed down so much, we would arrive in La Coruna in the late afternoon rather than mid morning, and we were due to leave at 9pm. He then annouced that we would not be going to La Coruna, and our reaction was that we would be going home somewhat slowly. He the said that with the co-operation of the Miami headquarters, and the port of Vigo, we would be docking in Vigo mid morning, and leaving early evening. We were delighted, as were many as they had not been to Vigo. Others, of course complained, but we did not fancy La Coruna in the dark with lots of places closed. Full marks to Celebrity for organising this at such short notice, other lines were cancelling ports completely. Docked as scheduled in Vigo, on a bright sunny day. Despite some moans, many seemed to enjoy our last port, the shops and restaurants must have welcomed this surprise visit by 3000 passengers, including around 35 children and 235 Americans. Once again, the Bay of Biscay was fairly kind to us, as we packed our cases and enjoyed our last chat with friends in the Sky Lounge, then our final meal in Blu and the farewells. I occasionally bought a glass of wine at dinner, and was paying around $9.25 for a glass of wine (which was a generous freepour) which is around £5.81, a similar price charged in many better hotels and restaurants in the UK. Cheapest bottle of wine in a Hilton recently was £20.00 equalling around $32.00, not sure why many were complaning about the prices of drinks on the ship When we awoke at 6am, we were back in Southampton, down to breakfast in Blu at 6.30am as it opened, when we finished we found out we could disembark, so returned to our cabin, picked up our carry off's, and walked off the seemingly deserted ship, quickly found our cases, surprisingly the customs hall was not manned, and off to the car which was parked close by. We were in the car and ready to go by 7.30am, the best disembark ever, and as it was a Sunday, a quick exit from Southampton, and home by 11.30am! In all, a wonderful cruise, perhaps our best ever, with the crew and food the best we have ever had. This not to say it was perfect, we had a few issues during the cruise.With the cabin being under the pool deck, around 7am we often got 'wake up' call around 7am, when the pool butlers started putting the sunbeds out. As mentioned previously, my wife often had a problem getting a soft drink at the Captains Club events, the waiters bring round a tray of alcoholic drinks, we ask for a non alcoholic drink, and off the waiter goes, often forgetting the drink, or another passenger highjacking it before they returned. After our visit to Vigo I went to guest Relations to pay some excess euro's off our account. There were 3 staff on duty, but it turned out only one of them was able to handle the transaction, and he was serving one passenger, with another waiting. Each transaction took several minutes, and I left the queue as it was time to get ready for dinner. When I left, there were 7 passengers waiting to do cash transactions! Looking at my account on the TV next day, I noticed that I had been charged for some drinks in a bar, and had not recieved the Internet credit due, so another trip to guest Relations, when I was able to pay in my Euro's, and sort out the overcharges. Never saw the Guest Relations Manager again, so could not hassle him about the service! Did not recieve a final account, but fortunately I had noted the ammount due as we went to bed on the last night. Just before we left for our cruise, Celebrity announced that Constellation would be coming to Southampton in 2012, to do a series of 'food and wine' cruises. We had already booked an Azores cruise on Eclipse, but this new cruise really appealed. so we enquired if we could change our cruise. Our Personal Cruise Specialist was really helpful, and changed our booking without charge, unlike other cruise lines we have used. We lost our free carking, that offer was not available for the new cruise. Read Less
Sail Date October 2011
I am late posting as I have been in communication with RCCL regarding dietary issues but will keep this fair. My wife has a food allergy which means she cannot eat wheat. We have cruised several times before on P&O and this was our ... Read More
I am late posting as I have been in communication with RCCL regarding dietary issues but will keep this fair. My wife has a food allergy which means she cannot eat wheat. We have cruised several times before on P&O and this was our first and last cruise on Celebrity So lets look at the ship first, very good , well it ought to be as it is not yet a year old. Room quite spacious for an inside but not enough storage, lack of drawers was a problem. The bed was very comfortable. Our room attendant did not really greet us and introduce himself as other room attendants have done in the past. We did not really see him a lot until the last few days when he dropped off his envelope!!!!! He did turn the bed down every night though. After the first three days we had to prompt him to empty the bin in the bathroom. Entertainment wise, distinctly average with a few exceptions. The Jazz quartet were excellent as were the acappella group of boys and the classical string quartet. Guest artists were ok but nothing exciting apart from Jamie Allen, a clean scouse comedian and the girl singer from Birmingham whose name I forget. Too much arial stuff in the shows and the male lead singers are past their sell-by-date. The contortionist was excellent but scary. The cruise direct John (American) tried his very best and I cannot fault his enthusiasm. The star of the show was Carl Pucl, a young Canadian guy who did a talk on the Titanic over three one hour presentations, arranged a passenger choir and loads of other things to many to mention. A future cruise director if ever I saw one. No we come to the main issue, food and dietary requirements. Firstly let me say we are seasoned cruisers but only until 2010 with P & O. The cruise we wanted with P & O in 2010 was fully booked and this cruise was going to similar destinations so we gave it a go. Bearing in mind we have never had any problems with food for my wife on their cruises we were bitterly disappointed with Celebrity Eclipse. Let me say some of the negatives should not put you off but the dining experience is a major part of any cruise. The buffet restaurant for breakfast and light lunches never posed a problem as my wife knows what she an and cannot eat. An order for wheat free toast was always provided relatively quickly. The big issue was with the Moonlight Sonata main restaurant. On the first night we introduced ourselves and highlighted my wife's wheat intolerance and were initially pleased to find out that they were aware having had previous notice from us and our travel agent. Based on this you would think things were going to be ok, not the case. Our waitress Boz was excellent and to be honest towards the end of the cruise she was distinctly embarrassed by the performance of the kitchen. To be told night after night by the Maitre'D that there were no alternatives to starters, main courses and desserts other than to remove sauces, bread products and various parts of desserts was totally unacceptable. Ice Cream every night is not a dining experience. Coq au vin was presented for my wife as two pieces of chicken with no sauce despite the Maitre'D stating a separate sauce would be prepared. The speciality restaurants were a different kettle of fish and nothing was too much trouble. The Tuscan Grill were able to provide superb wheat free foccacia bread, a change from the two pieces of cardboard bread in the Moonlight Sonata and wheat free versions of most desserts. When we queried why they were able to provide this type of bread the staff were astounded as it is all made in the same kitchen!! Qsine exactly the same and truly unique dining experience, you must try it. On a personal note I found the main dining room food to be quite bland. Tasteless prawns (Or shrimp as they call it) and most of the sauces tasted the same. The fish was good though but you don't want it every night. Same with the steaks, very tasty but you don't want it every night. Despite complaints to the Maitre'D nothing happened so we had to raise it with Customer Relations who put us in touch with Simon? The Head of Catering who whilst he was apologetic did not have time to change anything until the last night when some wheat free foccacia bread miraculously appeared. Now then tipping: Tips are automatically taken from your account unless you get them taken off. They are also added on to every drinks bill you get at 15%. So if you buy a bottle of wine for $50.00 your tip is $7.50 which I think is a little OTT. The whole experience onboard reflected this. Some of the staff did not seem as motivated to provide good service as they are on P&O. Drinks prices were ridiculously expensive on the whole but as we are not big drinkers it did not bother us. Having read some other reviews I find that the special dietary requirements have proved to be an issue before. Having registered a complaint with RCCL I had to e-mail the CEO in Florida as the UK side were taking too long and after 19 days responded by saying they had passed it to another department. Strangely enough after I e-mailed the CEO I had a phone call from Florida and a response the next day from the UK. However, whilst being apologetic, they chose to hide behind their terms and conditions which basically state that they will endeavour to meet any dietary requirement but cannot guarantee to do so. They made what I saw as an empty gesture of offering money off any future cruise with the RCCL group. This wont be happening as we will be returning to P & O in 2011 so I have asked if they would make a charitable donation in the same sum to a British Charity, I won't be holding my breath. Read Less
Sail Date October 2010
Celebrity Eclipse Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.6
Dining 5.0 4.3
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 5.0 4.6
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.2
Family 4.0 4.2
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.8
Enrichment 4.0 3.8
Service 4.0 4.6
Value For Money 4.0 4.1
Rates N/A 4.2

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