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37 Celebrity Eclipse Holiday Cruise Reviews

This cruise was over Christmas and New Year. The cruise went to 8 of the Caribbean Islands, (Aruba, Curacao, Grenada, Barbados, St Lucia, Antigua, St Kitts and St Maarten). Overall the cruise was up to Celebrities high standards. However, ... Read More
This cruise was over Christmas and New Year. The cruise went to 8 of the Caribbean Islands, (Aruba, Curacao, Grenada, Barbados, St Lucia, Antigua, St Kitts and St Maarten). Overall the cruise was up to Celebrities high standards. However, the Ultimate Dining Package, which we have used in the past, had been withdrawn for this cruise. The excuse given was that this was done to allow all passengers the opportunity to dine in the specialist restaurants. However, everyone had had the opportunity to book specialist dining prior to cruising either on Celebrity's web site, direct with them or via their travel agent. We had booked for every night prior to the cruise, costing an equivalent of $1180. The normally available Ultimate Dining Package gives a discount to this plus other benefits, lunches, coffees being some off them. The withdrawal of this package for this cruise should in my opinion have been mentioned on their web site, so as not to have tarnished the cruise slightly for us. The staff in all departments were again excellent, particularly Marion (the Maitre'D), Christian, Micha and Alicia in the Murano restaurant especially. The cabin staff Muhamad and Brian kept our cabin tiptop and Tanishia looked after us in the bar. The ship was decorated out for both Christmas and New Year and the majority of entertainment was very good. The shore excursions we took took were generally very good, particularly the catamaran cruise from St Kitts to Nevis. Hopefully the management staff of Celebrity will in future give consideration to their loyal customers!   Read Less
Sail Date December 2014
We are a couple from the UK in our early fifties. We absolutely love cruising and have mostly been on various Royal Caribbean ships. So as this cruise covered New Year, we thought we would " trade up " and although it was ... Read More
We are a couple from the UK in our early fifties. We absolutely love cruising and have mostly been on various Royal Caribbean ships. So as this cruise covered New Year, we thought we would " trade up " and although it was expensive, we thought it would be worth it to enjoy the 5 star treatment Celebrity promised. Oh Dear ! I really don't want to write a moaning, negative review but Celebrity failed on so many areas and I think it is only right to point out what we experienced so that other guests will know what to expect. We flew British Airways from the UK to Miami. It took 3 hours to get through immigration and out to the bus. Brits please note , it's better to fly into Fort Lauderdale. They are much quicker. Pre night cruise was the FLL Hilton Marina. Room was clean and comfy. They stiffed you a bit on the price of their breakfast. Embarkation on cruise day was like any other. A big queue but what do you expect when there's 3,000 passengers. The ship is beautiful, of that there is no doubt. Furnishings are very plush and we had no problems ever getting loungers etc. Yes, people do leave towels on loungers all day but that happens on all cruise ships. My first gripe is the crew. They just didn't seem interested. Don't they realise it's us customers that keep them employed ? Bar staff, waiters, cabin attendants, guest relations all made us feel as if we were getting in their way. Don't get me wrong , I'm not into having long , meaningless conversations with crew but a simple Hello or the odd smile wouldn't hurt. The crew on royal Caribbean ships were much more friendlier and interactive and this is the same company. So what's gone wrong on Celebrity which they say is their premium cruise line ? - I don't know but the difference was extremely noticeable. Second gripe is the food. We enjoyed excellent food on Royal Caribbean so we were really looking forward to Celebrity cuisine. What a disappointment. Main dining room food was cold, very small portions and took way too long to be served. One hour wait between soup and main course is appalling. No point complaining as all you got was a blank stare. Food in the buffet was more akin to a works canteen. Someone should tell the chef that custard can be accompanied by more than just Bread and butter pudding. We didn't use the specialty ( or fee paying ) restaurants and from what I saw, not a lot of other people used them either The Cruise director was Patti Honacki, a celebrity wannabee who thinks her role is to appear once a day on the TV to tell us how wonderful she is, what bit parts she has had in films and to advertise the specialty restaurants, spa and other fee paying stuff. Absolutely no interaction with passengers.She should take lessons from Richard Spacey or Joff Eaton to see how it is done. Theatre entertainment was a bit naff. More akin to what you would get at a Butlins holiday camp. On board activities seemed to be limited to Trivia challenges and Zumba. For what we paid I expected a bit more imagination than that There is a large lawn area on the top deck and it is a complete waste of space. Especially when there are " Keep off the Grass " signs all over. I found that ironically amusing. A word of warning, check your stateroom account daily. We had shore excursions, champagne and specialty restaurants all charged to our stateroom account. Problem was we hadn't done any of those. We wasted valuable time trying to convince the uninterested guest relations people that they had made these mistakes. And also, even if you haven't opted to pre-pay gratuities, they still add them to your stateroom account. You have to go to guest services and stand in a queue to sign a waiver if you want to give your tips in cash. This is a terrible way to treat customers. Anyone who saw the Channel 4 Dispatches programme will know this in the only way to ensure that your tips get to the people you want as Celebrity use pre-paid gratuities to make up the crews basic wage I won't go into details about the ports - It's the Caribbean - you know what to expect. However I would advise avoiding Celebrity's excursions as they are very expensive. So to summarise - a comfortable ship but staffed by a crowd who don't seem to realise why they are there. I will not use Celebrity again. Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
I will start on a positive as we have cruised on the Eclipse four times now. As usual the staff really made the cruise as they are so gracious, interesting and hepful. Also the cleaniness of the whole ship was good. The ports were as good ... Read More
I will start on a positive as we have cruised on the Eclipse four times now. As usual the staff really made the cruise as they are so gracious, interesting and hepful. Also the cleaniness of the whole ship was good. The ports were as good as usual with no delays despite turning back to Curacao due to a medical emergency. The proceedure on and off the ship was efficient. We feel like many others that the cutbacks on the ship made our experience quite different. We tried for the first time the choice to dine when you wanted to and found the experience better than we anticipated. It avoided the rush to get ready for early dining as the other is too late due to a gasterol illness. There was no wait and we had the joy of meeting different people each evening. Also meant that it avoided sometimes sitting on an empty table. Like many others we did enjoy the food but somehow was not so special as often delays and feeling that the staff were too few. We actually ate in the buffet one night for the first time ever in the evening. Obviously the dress code has dropped very significantly which is a shame. The brunch is no longer in the Sonata and is now in the Ocean View Buffet Restaurant and was a shambles. There was nowhere to sit as full and when you did find a table to share all the dirty plates were still there so had to take to plate station so could set down own food. We loved the food and ice sculptures in the old brunch set up! Please bring it back. Also when asked whether everything was satisfactory we said the new tea bags were terrible as even with two there was no flavour. Three people took our Cabin No. and no-one came back. One gentleman working in Murano Restaurant high up said he would get loose tea and pot to us. We were so grateful but nothing. Would this have happened in days gone by - no never. We went to Sales Office to set up a forward passage but are home now and still heard nothing despite filling in form etc. on chasing it up on ship were told they had a pile to work through. Guess it is not going to materialise now! We probably will not go with Celebrity again despite Elite Status after seven cruises with them as wondering if it is worth the premium.   Read Less
Sail Date December 2014
A little about us: this was my 4th cruise but my first on Celebrity Cruiseline (recent last 2 were NCL and 1 Carnival Cruise back in my 20's). This was my husband's 2nd cruise, his first being NCL Epic. We are in our early ... Read More
A little about us: this was my 4th cruise but my first on Celebrity Cruiseline (recent last 2 were NCL and 1 Carnival Cruise back in my 20's). This was my husband's 2nd cruise, his first being NCL Epic. We are in our early 40's, no kids. We are somewhat health and fitness minded so while we like to indulge while on vacation, we still stick somewhat to routines such as working out in the gym and balancing lighter meals to compensate for some of the higher calorie meals and drinks while we are vacationing. We probably don't represent the majority of cruisers which seemed to be about 45% families with young children/pre-teens and 45% who appeared to be couples in their late 50's and up without children. We did see some young couples around our age without children but not many. So my review will have more weight around items that fit our profile vs. what others may be looking for (such as children's activities, etc). The boarding process. We came in the night before to avoid any travel delays getting to the Ship. We stayed at the Marriott Biscayne Bay (very nice hotel and fantastic sleep in the "heavenly bed"). A short cab ride over to the marina and we arrived about 10:30am. The Port is always chaotic what with the Cab drivers with baggage handlers and cabbies fighting with one another. Last year when we went on the Epic, we witnessed a little spat between a passenger and a bag handler and whether or not it was coincidence, one of their bags never made it on the ship. We opt for over-tipping the baggage handlers and my husband joked with the man that he was paying insurance to ensure our bags all make it on the ship. Our bags were available almost immediately on the boat. Back to check-in. Unlike NCL, where we lined up outside, Celebrity allowed us inside the terminal. I did the pre-registration easy pass thing prior to leaving and we were scanned in, setup the credit card and ready for boarding in 5 mins. We had to wait approx 10 mins before being let onto the ship which was about 11am or so. Our cabin wasn't ready but I didn't expect it to be until 1pm or so based on other reviews I had read prior to sailing. The bars were open so we immediately started with a beverage while we explored the ship. First thing I noticed in comparison to NCL Epic was the drink had plenty of booze in it and that the bartender was not too friendly. On the Epic, the alcohol in the mixed drinks was practically non-existant but the bar tenders were very friendly. I'll take a good drink over friendliness so not a bad trade-off from my perspective. The Spa As mentioned we like to work out and we also like to enjoy Spa amenities such as the Sauna, Steam Room and Jacuzzi after a good workout. This Spa, sadly couldn't hold a candle to the Epic. We opted not to go with the Aquaspa Class Cabin since we had done the Spa class on the Epic and felt it was not worth the extra cost when anyone on the ship could purchase the Spa pass and have the same amenities. On the Eclipse, we purchased the Spa pass for the week which entitles you access to the Serenity Room. Honestly the Serenity Room/Spa Pass was a joke. I was very disapointed. First off, NO TALKING in the Serenity room. It is posted on a small sign when you walk in, very easily missed so if you miss that sign and comment to anyone with you about the room you will be glared at by the people in there as if you are with monks taking a vow of silence. Zip it. Okay, we got that and learned to mime all week when we would want to signal each other to go in the steam room or stay in a chair. The Serenity room has 1 small unisex steam room. There are 2 curved benches. 1 bench can seat approx 4 people and the other can seat 2. Very inadequate for a ship of this size. My gym at home had a much nicer and larger steam room. The floor of the steam room had some sort of debris floating around the fist day which didn't help my opinion. There is another tiled room entitled the Aromotherapy room. Guess what? No aroma at all. Not sure what it was for. So for $205.85 for a couple, you have access to a quiet room, a small steam room and heated chairs. Should this really be an extra charge? Mens/Women's Shower/Locker Rooms. We visted the gym everyday bringing a change of clothes, etc. The ship does not supply flip flops or slippers whether you are having a "treatment" or not. So while there is Purell being pushed on you wherever you go, there is no attempt to curb spreading foot fungus in the steam room and other shared areas. There is also no complimentary razors or products as you will find in most Spa changing rooms. There is the usual dispenser in the showers with shampoo, body cleanser and conditioner, but again nothing special. 3 out of the 7 days I visited, they did not have lockers available so had no choice but to lug my bag with me into the gym or choose to leave it on the floor in the changing room. Cabin. The cabin was nicely designed and the bathroom larger than on the Epic. We had a balcony out the back of the ship which was very nice. The bed was extremely comfortable with very nice linens and the room was pretty much soundproof. We slept well. Definitely alot less storage than the cabin on the Epic. One set of small drawers. 2 overhead bins above the bed and a closet. The Room Stewards were very nice and the upkeep of the room impeccable. Surprisingly, on the Epic our bathroom smelled so bad of urine I had to ask them twice to please do something about it and they were very lax about replacing supplies (we had to call for toilet paper) so Celebrity cabin stewards were more on the ball than NCL. Room Service. We enjoyed ordering room service directly from our TV. It was very nice to have breakfast in bed and/or on the balcony. One word of warning, pay attention to quanties when ordering. For instance, select Egg, Select Quantity (we choose 4 for 2 eggs each) and we received 8 eggs not realizing, "Egg" is actually 2 Eggs. It was very confusing. It seemed on some days, the eggs automatically came with Bacon and Sausage but we would also have 2 more sets of Bacon and Sausage in separate plates. Quite embarrassing to have the Room Steward cart in 12 plates for just 2 people! Room Service was great. Dress Code. I don't know how I missed this but I didn't know about the formal dress code and we didn't pack anything dressy so we pretty much were left to eat in the Cafe (buffet) for almost all of our meals. 1st night was Cocktail Attire, 2nd Night Formal Attire, 3rd & 4th nights were "Smart Casual" which I would say is similar to business casual, then back to formal attire... I understand the majority want to glam it up but personally I prefer a look that is more neat and casual. Unfortunately, we didn't go to any restaurants because I felt underdressed. We met other cruisers who told us not to let that us stop us from going but the reality is that I go to fancy dinners all dressed up for my job and it's not necessarily what I want to do on vacation. Also, I don't remember this coming up on other cruises but apparently no irons are allowed on board and if you want something pressed, you must pay for pressing which is fine but you need to plan ahead, if you want it back before 24 hours, it is double the price. We tended to wear clothes that were the least wrinkled rather than deal with sending clothes out for pressing. There was one day in the Celebrity Daily news where they offered a Laundry Challenge, stuff 1 laundry bag with as much as you can fit for $40. This was a good deal and it was nice to not have as much dirty laundry to bring back with us. Cafe Buffet. I'm not a food snob but have to say the buffet was blah, mediocre at best. Same food every single day. There were a few Indian selections, your typical Pasta offerings, 1 carving station and a large salad bar with very wilted, sad and dried out looking cukes, tomatoes, etc. It was okay and edible but nothing special. Soda is not included. Coke, Diet Coke, etc. is $2.00 per can plus automatic gratuity. 1 Liter of Evian $4.00 + 15% auto gratuity. 15% auto gratuity is added to everything. If you drink 1 bottle of water out of your cabin fridge, you are still paying the 15% gratuity. We would have loved to have a casual eating option such as a Sports Bar (Epic had a great Sports bar with Darts, Pool Tables, etc.) with ice cold mugs and draft beer that my husband really enjoyed. One night in the casino, there were throngs of people surrounding a tiny television where a game was on. It would have been nice to have a casual grill/pub style restaurant with appetizers, etc. Deck/Pool Area. It was a challenge to find 2 chairs together in sun no matter what time you went outside however, it was easier than on the Epic. The Pool Butlers were very good about removing towels from chairs that appear to have been held or abandoned so while we had to canvas 2 decks searching for chairs, it wouldn't be long before we would find some. We thought the grass area would have been better used for chair space than for the lawn area. Entertainment. We enjoyed New Year's Eve out on deck with singing and dancing entertainment. We particularly liked the acapella boy band. We didn't go to any of the shows because we just didn't see anything that looked interesting or anything we haven't already seen elsewhere. Can't comment too much there. Ports. We arrived late in the day for San Juan, PR. We spent some time in the casino there. After we each lost about $250 each, my husband went to use the Restroom and was turned away because he did not have a casino card! He thought there was a misunderstanding and explained we had just spent $500 in the casino and should be allowed to use the rest room. He was told that did not matter, go get a casino card and we'll let you in. He was forced to go next door to Senior Frog's to use the bathroom. We spent some time in the Old Harbor Brewery and met some super nice locals, my husband had his icy cold draft and I was able to get a nice grilled chicken salad and the best margarita I've ever had. This made up for the casino. St. Martin. 2nd time to St. Martin, same old chaos trying to get transportation to the beaches. Lots of yelling and fighting between the taxis and the people coordinating passengers. We chose to go back to a Marriott Resort where we spent the day on the beach last visit with rented chairs and an umbrella and beach bar nearby for cold ones and frozen drinks. Very nice. St. Kitts. Loved the little monkeys we saw everywhere. We went to Frigate Bay and again rented chairs and an umbrella. Beautiful beach day and area. One caveat was the price for food, 1 burger with fries was exactly $21.00 and it was no special burger either. Disembarkment We chose the Express option where you get off the ship with your bags. This means you must report to the Theater at 6:30am. We were off the ship in 2 minutes and at Miami Airport around 7:15am. While all in all, we had a terrific vacation, I would go back to NCL next time only because of the Freestyle dining and cruising style. Not to mention the Spa on the NCL Epic was incredible with huge hottubs and hot/cold baths, Steam room, saunas, etc. Hope this review helps!! Read Less
Sail Date December 2011
I am late posting as I have been in communication with RCCL regarding dietary issues but will keep this fair. My wife has a food allergy which means she cannot eat wheat. We have cruised several times before on P&O and this was our ... Read More
I am late posting as I have been in communication with RCCL regarding dietary issues but will keep this fair. My wife has a food allergy which means she cannot eat wheat. We have cruised several times before on P&O and this was our first and last cruise on Celebrity So lets look at the ship first, very good , well it ought to be as it is not yet a year old. Room quite spacious for an inside but not enough storage, lack of drawers was a problem. The bed was very comfortable. Our room attendant did not really greet us and introduce himself as other room attendants have done in the past. We did not really see him a lot until the last few days when he dropped off his envelope!!!!! He did turn the bed down every night though. After the first three days we had to prompt him to empty the bin in the bathroom. Entertainment wise, distinctly average with a few exceptions. The Jazz quartet were excellent as were the acappella group of boys and the classical string quartet. Guest artists were ok but nothing exciting apart from Jamie Allen, a clean scouse comedian and the girl singer from Birmingham whose name I forget. Too much arial stuff in the shows and the male lead singers are past their sell-by-date. The contortionist was excellent but scary. The cruise direct John (American) tried his very best and I cannot fault his enthusiasm. The star of the show was Carl Pucl, a young Canadian guy who did a talk on the Titanic over three one hour presentations, arranged a passenger choir and loads of other things to many to mention. A future cruise director if ever I saw one. No we come to the main issue, food and dietary requirements. Firstly let me say we are seasoned cruisers but only until 2010 with P & O. The cruise we wanted with P & O in 2010 was fully booked and this cruise was going to similar destinations so we gave it a go. Bearing in mind we have never had any problems with food for my wife on their cruises we were bitterly disappointed with Celebrity Eclipse. Let me say some of the negatives should not put you off but the dining experience is a major part of any cruise. The buffet restaurant for breakfast and light lunches never posed a problem as my wife knows what she an and cannot eat. An order for wheat free toast was always provided relatively quickly. The big issue was with the Moonlight Sonata main restaurant. On the first night we introduced ourselves and highlighted my wife's wheat intolerance and were initially pleased to find out that they were aware having had previous notice from us and our travel agent. Based on this you would think things were going to be ok, not the case. Our waitress Boz was excellent and to be honest towards the end of the cruise she was distinctly embarrassed by the performance of the kitchen. To be told night after night by the Maitre'D that there were no alternatives to starters, main courses and desserts other than to remove sauces, bread products and various parts of desserts was totally unacceptable. Ice Cream every night is not a dining experience. Coq au vin was presented for my wife as two pieces of chicken with no sauce despite the Maitre'D stating a separate sauce would be prepared. The speciality restaurants were a different kettle of fish and nothing was too much trouble. The Tuscan Grill were able to provide superb wheat free foccacia bread, a change from the two pieces of cardboard bread in the Moonlight Sonata and wheat free versions of most desserts. When we queried why they were able to provide this type of bread the staff were astounded as it is all made in the same kitchen!! Qsine exactly the same and truly unique dining experience, you must try it. On a personal note I found the main dining room food to be quite bland. Tasteless prawns (Or shrimp as they call it) and most of the sauces tasted the same. The fish was good though but you don't want it every night. Same with the steaks, very tasty but you don't want it every night. Despite complaints to the Maitre'D nothing happened so we had to raise it with Customer Relations who put us in touch with Simon? The Head of Catering who whilst he was apologetic did not have time to change anything until the last night when some wheat free foccacia bread miraculously appeared. Now then tipping: Tips are automatically taken from your account unless you get them taken off. They are also added on to every drinks bill you get at 15%. So if you buy a bottle of wine for $50.00 your tip is $7.50 which I think is a little OTT. The whole experience onboard reflected this. Some of the staff did not seem as motivated to provide good service as they are on P&O. Drinks prices were ridiculously expensive on the whole but as we are not big drinkers it did not bother us. Having read some other reviews I find that the special dietary requirements have proved to be an issue before. Having registered a complaint with RCCL I had to e-mail the CEO in Florida as the UK side were taking too long and after 19 days responded by saying they had passed it to another department. Strangely enough after I e-mailed the CEO I had a phone call from Florida and a response the next day from the UK. However, whilst being apologetic, they chose to hide behind their terms and conditions which basically state that they will endeavour to meet any dietary requirement but cannot guarantee to do so. They made what I saw as an empty gesture of offering money off any future cruise with the RCCL group. This wont be happening as we will be returning to P & O in 2011 so I have asked if they would make a charitable donation in the same sum to a British Charity, I won't be holding my breath. Read Less
Sail Date October 2010
5 of us (all sister and brothers-in-law) spent 2 weeks on Christmas cruise. We enjoyed it and would recommend the ship but not for Christmas, as it was very limited in Christmas spirit. The ship was lovely - nice public areas, lovely ... Read More
5 of us (all sister and brothers-in-law) spent 2 weeks on Christmas cruise. We enjoyed it and would recommend the ship but not for Christmas, as it was very limited in Christmas spirit. The ship was lovely - nice public areas, lovely spacious stateroom. We had a balcony with obstructed view which reduced the cost and I would strongly recommend. The view was good - the only restriction is that you cannot see straight down into the water but that was little or no limitation bearing in mind that it was much cheaper!! The staff were the highlight of the cruise, friendly and efficient and helpful. Not just your cabin attendants were friendly but everyone - every member of staff you encountered or just passed in the corridors smiled and greeted you. Any small issues (and very few of those) were handled quickly and efficiently. We sat at the same table every day (although we used Select Dining) and the 2 waiters and wine waiter were superb - funny, friendly, and did their jobs excellently. Food was mixed - excellent in Oceanside buffet restaurant which was the best buffet eating area I have seen on any ship, with great food and good layout so few lines developed. Mixed in Moonlight Sonata main restaurant - some food very good, some good but not as described in menu, and some poor offerings - eg cheesecake which I literally had to spit out!! Steaks uniformly excellent. Enrichment excellent - great talks by 2 external speakers - one series about science (speaker was excellent) and one about geology. Also great talks by crew about navigation, engineering, and environment - they made the subjects very interesting. The main downsides were :- Sell, sell, sell !!!! - we always felt as if the staff were on commission - trying to sell you drinks, trips, spa treatments, items in the shops - it felt like a very hard sell operation which was tiring Christmas spirit - very little. There were nice decorations in the foyer and there was a Catholic priest who gave wonderful masses, particularly Midnight Mass on Christmas Day. But that was it!! No decorations on your tables, nothing to mark out Christmas Day except a carol concert which lasted precisely 7 minutes - enough time for 4 short carols. Also, a carol concert on Christmas Eve in the Grand Foyer which was absolutely packed (showing that there was a demand for such a thing!). It lasted 15-20 minutes!!!! Embarkation was well organised but desperately slow. However, that was great compared to the slow, disorganised chaos which was disembarkation - 30 minute delay in leaving ship followed by ages standing in line with no explanation. Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
Since we live in the northeast we decided to fly to FLL. We made all the arrangements for air travel and airport-to-ship through Celebrity. Air travel was great, right on time. The bus to the ship was as if they never did this before. ... Read More
Since we live in the northeast we decided to fly to FLL. We made all the arrangements for air travel and airport-to-ship through Celebrity. Air travel was great, right on time. The bus to the ship was as if they never did this before. After meeting with the cruise ship rep, we were all herded out to the sidewalk to wait for the bus. The noise and the fumes were awful! After standing around for 30 minutes, I asked one of the uniformed people what the hold-up was. It looked like a Keystone Kops routine. Many uniformed Celebrity people with radios, but no information other than "We are waiting for a bus." Thirty more minutes pass and we're still standing around waiting for a bus. All the people waiting are starting to get annoyed. I finally asked one of the reps who looked like he was trying to figure out what to do, "What is the problem?" He told me that they needed a "kneeling" bus for a wheelchair-bound person in our group. I suggested that he provide a cab for her and let the rest of the group use the bus that was already there. Now, an hour and a half into the mission, we board the bus and leave for the pier. The ship is beautiful, the staff wonderful, the food mostly good. I loved the Corning Museum hot glass show and watched it many times. The 2 enrichment speakers were excellent, and trivia and other games were a hoot, thanks to Michael and his staff. Christmas decorations were already in place when we boarded and were nice, but nothing special was done for Christmas day. The shows were top-notch, especially the magician and the final, Cirque-type show. We enjoyed one meal in Qsine and, with a couple of exceptions, had great food and terrific service in Blu. The room, although beautiful, had limited storage compared to what we found on the Enchantment of the Seas (Royal Caribbean). Now, here's the rub: the disembarkation was a disaster, at least for those of us who disembarked early, carrying our own bags. The problem seemed to be that the same elevator bank served the departing guests and the guests who were going to and from the Oceanview Cafe, resulting in jammed elevators and waits of more than 30 minutes before people could enter an elevator with their bags. I never did get on an elevator; after waiting futilely for more than 30 minutes, some of us carried our bags down from the 11th deck. We have cruised several times on the Enchantment and never had this problem, possibly because breakfast was available at the front of the ship, and the disembarkation point was in the stern. In any case, it was inexcusable for the cruise line to allow such chaos and discomfort to reign on the last day. Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
As Constellation has been relegated to shorter cruise lengths the Eclipse has taken over our favourite two week itinery. It is a beautiful ship with stunning designs but it lacks the ambiance and friendliness of Millennium class vessels ... Read More
As Constellation has been relegated to shorter cruise lengths the Eclipse has taken over our favourite two week itinery. It is a beautiful ship with stunning designs but it lacks the ambiance and friendliness of Millennium class vessels with an emphasis on selling extras. We were "Select" diners and on the first night we had booked for 8.15pm but couldn't be seated for another 30 minutes. However, every othernight we went to the other side and Andrea always found us a table (served by Guisti & Bilyana) no matter when we turned up and we always seemed to be around the same friendly diners too. Cabin was good - bigger shower is definately a plus but storage space has been slightly sacrificed for floor space. Entertainment was good/poor depending on your taste.Production shows were excellent, Guest Entertainers were of a poor standard and I'll be diplomatic to say that Cruise Director Patti has been given a bad hand to play with. Either that or her lack of appearances around ship was not out of embarrassment. Ships Officers were also not as friendly as on other cruises. Embarkation was quick/Disembarkation was slow Connie had a regular clientele and last year they were bemoaning the ship being replaced on his route. I didn't come across anything to change that view. Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
Pre Cruise Stay: Since we decided to unwind a few days before we were to board ship we looked for a nice Hotel in Fort Lauderdale- preferably close, or at the Beach. We choose the " W -- Hotel- " Fort Lauderdale. After a ... Read More
Pre Cruise Stay: Since we decided to unwind a few days before we were to board ship we looked for a nice Hotel in Fort Lauderdale- preferably close, or at the Beach. We choose the " W -- Hotel- " Fort Lauderdale. After a little searching we arrived there in our rented car! Right from the start we were very satisfied with their service. We just drove in , stopped the car and were taken care of by a friendly staff member who parked our car- since no one is to park his own car there, they took care of the luggage , which we saw again in our room. We were escorted to a nice , if a trifle dark Lobby were check in was a breeze! The Hotel itself is very modern, " cool" and vibrant -- HIP as they call that these days! We got a nice room with a spectacular view over Fort Lauderdale- including the port ( very important- for me) Since the Hotel has two towers- finding ones way is a bit confusion in the first- but one get's used to it soon. We really enjoyed our stay, the weather was perfect so we could enjoy their " cool" ( literally speaking- since the water was very, very cold) pool area! Dinner and breakfast were excellent -- if a bit pricy, with outstanding service! Would I recommend the " W " -- well yes- ideal if you look for a modern and, as mentioned, vibrant lively hotel. Nice experience but we would choose a more " conservative" kind of Hotel next time! Anyway since we were booked on a Solstice Class ship- Eclipse to be precise- the Hotel was a perfect match- since they are very similar in style and surroundings. The Cruise: We sailed on board Solstice Class ships before, so we knew what to expect. Embarkation was swift and soon were on board and greeted with usual " champagne" ! From former experiences we knew the cabins would not be ready before 1 pm, so we decided to have a little lunch before! Bistro on Five was packed so we went up to Buffet! As always a nice selection and something for everyone's taste. We booked one of these " most wanted" hump- cabins we had a nice and large balcony- Deck nine! We booked this cruise whilst on board the Constellation more than a year before so the cabin selection were still great back then. We made our pick from the Elite- member booklet- for us , it was the free Internet package and the laundry coupons- the rest- well it is buy something and get a little something extra! Nice perks for Elite members are the complimentary drinks in the special selected lounge every evening-and the nice -- if only continental breakfast in Tuscany Grill- stunning view's included! The later comes in handy on Debarkation day- where one can sit and have drinks an little snacks while waiting for ones number to be called! The Eclipse is- as all Solstice Class ships, a stunning and elegant ship. I mentioned it in my former reviews and will do so again- X- ships are exceptionally clean and well taken care of! The food was very good- I don't know but for us we thought the food on our previous cruises with X a bit better- but still- very good! Service in the main dining room was good- NOT EXCELLENT- where they constantly remind us to put the cross in the comment card. The first evening we arrived at table mentioned on our card and were politely asked if we would agree to change tables , since a family would love to sit together. We were traveling with our friends from germany, who live very fare from us . Therefore we asked for a table for four right from the early stages of booking. Naturally we agreed and so ended up on a table with eight people. Since we especially looked forward to nice chats during our dinner and due to four more people at our table we were almost unable to do so. As nice as the people at our big table were we asked the Maitre'd to change tables for us! He did so and we got our table for four! During the cruise it got to our knowledge that the " family" for which we made room in fact where total strangers- so THAT family -- thing was an outright lie! Not very nice! The new slogan with what X s advertises is called " Modern Luxury" -- well it seems that includes loud music all over the ship. " Hip and modern" background music almost in every lounge and every nook and corner! Very difficult to find a nice quite spot to read ones books! If anyone is looking for them- they are there sure- but hardly so- one is the Solstice Deck- the other in the very front of the ship up on the uppermost decks! The promenade deck is pretty useless for that purpose- or maybe you like to look at nice orange life boats! I understand X want's to attract a younger bunch of cruisers as well so they seem to have turned the music up as soon as the early seating diners leave their cabins, dressed for the night! The live band who performs on deck 3 can be heard all over the atrium, that and the overly loud music in the Martini Bar ( a " nice" mix by the way) makes it impossible to have a nice chat whilst enjoying a Drink in the otherwise wonderful Martini Bar! We had dinner in two of the ships Specialty Restaurants- one in Murano's and the other in Tuscan Grill. Well, the food in both of them were outstanding good and well worth the extra cost. However we were absolutely not impressed with the Service in Murano's -- it started " HIGH UP- with much blah blah- from then on in went downhill - no coffee or tea afterwards ( we were not even asked) and we had to call the waiter over twice in order to get our checks! Totally different in Tuscan Grill- besides we like the nice views and atmosphere there much more! Solstice Class ships compared with the Millenium Class of ships have a few design flaws -- well that of course is my/our opinion! I already mentioned it- there is no proper promenade deck, just very limited under the hump and up front at the Bow! To less elevators for ship that size an passengers carried- waiting for an elevator, not even at peak times can be a very long wait ( not that big a problem for me - since where I go, my e-book goes LOL) The Lawn Club is a nice alternative- and one which I used on former cruises with X 's S -- Class ships. This time the background music was just to loud to sit , read and enjoy! After the first week my better half fell ill with high temperature and all the symptoms of the influenza -- none of the pills we brought seemed to help so I insisted on going to the medical facilities on board! They were very friendly helpful and professional - the doctor diagnosed pneumonia in the early stages. They handled it well and it got better after only three days! We were surprised to see that so many people fell ill- the place was packed every time we went there for treatments. At almost every port the paramedics showed up at the pier and carried one or two ill passengers away. We were told they had to leave the ship because the ship could not handle their illness! So sad to watch and how easy it could have happen to us! The cost for the medical facilities and treatments - very pricy indeed, was covered through our Credit Card, otherwise I highly recommend travel insurance. There is so much reported already about the ports of call, which included, Barbados, Aruba, Curacao, St. Martin, St. Lucia, Bonaire and the private beach of X, Labadee - in Haiti and I can't add anything new there, I won't go into the port of calls any further! We booked the non alcoholic package -- which suits as nicely and is quite enough! They advertise those packages like crazy. Petty obviously some bar tenders or waiters seem not quite happy with them. Some of them were downright rude! Especially in the Casual Dining Area, called " little all Baccio! One example: one the very last day I asked for a glass of orange juice for breakfast and was told on Debarkation Day there is no orange juice available, not a problem -- I have no idea why - but be it! Just when I left I saw that he put the bottle of orange juice- full to the brim- out of his fridge! That was the icing of the cake! I made sure to write in the comment card- even if it is no big avail- they should be aware of it anyway! The celebrations for the New Year were great and held on the pool deck, they did a great job in bringing us in a good and mood and high spirits into the New Year. To the point and the ships whistle at the turn of the year rain set in- that only could mean luck! Debarkation was a smooth affaire since we made use of the Elite -- Waiting Lounge- Tuscan Grill! We booked the transport to the airport via Celebrity, to avoid long taxi cab lines. Well when we arrived at the bus it all got very unorganized and chaotic! Rude and unnerved bus drivers shouting at each other ( and some not so patient passengers as it is) -- in other words a real zoo! They made us wait in order to get our luggage into the bus in the order to the chosen airline- very well thought and good thought out! When we arrived at the airport we all had to leave to bus at THE first entrance of the building- we were told " every airline counter is nearby so we should all get off now" -- who is familiar with Miami International know THAT THIS ABSOLUTLEY NOT THE CASE! So why putting the luggage in such an orderly fashion into bus in the first place??? It has a been a great cruise with a few issues- but nothing that could spoil our cruise. We just came to the conclusion that the next cruise with Celebrity has to be on one of their Millenium Class ships since they suit us more in size and design. In cruising with Celebrity you get a lot for the money you spend! Michael February 2013 Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
We were quite apprehensive booking a cruise: our usual mode of travel is to pack light, head to Europe, rent a car and see where the wind takes us. For several years we've listened to (dedicated cruiser) friends talk about how much ... Read More
We were quite apprehensive booking a cruise: our usual mode of travel is to pack light, head to Europe, rent a car and see where the wind takes us. For several years we've listened to (dedicated cruiser) friends talk about how much they love it, but we always felt it probably wouldn't be for us. How wrong we were! When holiday plans in the Yucatan with other friends fell through last July, we went back to the drawing board. We considered everything under the sun - a cold-weather city break in Europe, eco-lodging in Costa Rica or Panama, a quick zip across the Pacific to Hong Kong or Singapore, or South Africa. And the cruise. Putting all the pieces together, the cruise just made the most sense at the time, and more than once we said to one another and to our friends, "well, if we don't like it, we can survive anything for a week, and the weather's practically guaranteed to be good." Amex in hand, we booked it. Went for Aqua Class on the advice of the travel agent at American Express (who, when she learned this was our first cruise, said, "You're setting the bar awfully high") and we were glad we did. Flew down to Miami a full day in advance, cashed some points and bunked into the Conrad. Rental car from the downtown Hertz location, and we took off exploring Miami for a day and a half. Two quick plugs -- had lunch at the Segafredo cafe at Bal Harbor Shops (we always seek out Segafredo cafes in Europe, and this one didn't disappoint), and dinner at Jaguar in Coconut Grove. Both were great. Breakfast at the Conrad in the morning, then an hour walk on the beach, return car, and off we go on the grand adventure. Relatively quick check in (about 1:30 pm - could have gone earlier, we now know), and met the couple in line in front of us. They made the vacation! We ended up having dinner together twice on board, in San Juan on that shore day, and hanging by the pool as well. Attended the Connections event and met another great couple and a family of four - we became a little group throughout the cruise. And it was a great time. The dining in Blu made a big difference we think. The food was good, but the atmosphere really made it. Only figured out that they served breakfast on day 4, so missed that the first half of the cruise. Did specialty dining in Tuscan Grille and Murano. Both were good - not spectacular, but definitely passble. the night we ate in Murano, there was a loud band playing in the bar outside, and the music clashed notably with the background music being played in the restaurant. It detracted from the experience, but wasn't a total killer to the experience. Great wine list at Murano, BTW. Also enjoyed the Aqua Spa cafe. Nice healthy alternatives. I actually lost weight on the cruise! Did our own thing on the port days. Nothing pre-planned. We think we missed something in Sint Maarten/Saint Martin. it was fine, but not the destination we expected. Really glad we went to St. John on the St. Thomas stop. it was beautiful. There was a real rush for the chairs at the pool -- descending into what I dubbed "Chairgate" when one woman sought the intervention of three personnel. A very loud argument ensued - which made many people uncomfortable. One morning I arose before 6 am -- and was able to get the last of the beds for two by the pool, and a few chairs for the rest of our crew. Also, the poolside crew didn't enforce the adult pool occupancy rules - and when pressed on the topic, said that it was because of the number of children on the vessel. While we love children, it would have been nice to have had the rules enforced. We wanted to use the spa, but essentially couldn't because it was occupied by groups of young people who occupied it from 10 am and didn't get out til the end of the day. The entertainment was decent -- a bit on the cheesy side, and as we seemed to be at the end of a contract period, some of the singers were exhibiting audible vocal fatigue. Also, found it quite odd that the string trio would be playing selections from the movie Titanic -- or is that some inside joke that I'm not in on? FInal analysis: I've never been more relaxed in my life. We've booked a short 5-day'er at the beginning of April - not S class ship, so we'll be in C1, (or is it C3 -- highest Concierge Class) and we'll be looking forward to trying cruising without the benefits of AQ. Will be interesting to see how the impact of Blu, etc, will be on our experience. But we're hooked. See you on the seas! Read Less
Sail Date December 2011
Having spent an enjoyable holiday aboard Eclipse I can only endorse everything Dr Paul has to say about this holiday. We have travelled on most of the cruise lines at some time or another, and have never felt we were being conned for ... Read More
Having spent an enjoyable holiday aboard Eclipse I can only endorse everything Dr Paul has to say about this holiday. We have travelled on most of the cruise lines at some time or another, and have never felt we were being conned for every penny on board. Whilst the ship is delightful and food extremely good, we were disgusted at the cost of drinks on board. Whilst on holiday we always have a bottle of wine each night, but because of the cost made a bottle do for two nights. Celebrity should be aware that they will price themselves out of the market, if they continue along these lines. The cost of shore excursions were also prohibitive, and we heard many complaints about this. Because of the cost we did not take any excursions, once again Celebrity loosing money. When we were in Venice last year, we had a shuttle bus to take us right into the water bus station, free of charge, but Celebrity charged $20 per person for a shuttle boat to St. Marks Square, once again extortionate. With regard to the entertainment, on the whole it was good, but the pianist and the ventriloquist had people leaving the theatre in their droves. We also felt the first of the cruise company shows was aimed at a far younger audience than those cruising today. It was so load we heard complaints from quite a few people that they came out of the theatre with a headache. As you said, Dr. Paul, Dru think of your clientele. We very much enjoyed Michaels Club when Rik Steele was playing, and had to hurry to get to the bar after the show as he was so popular. Read Less
Sail Date October 2011
We sailed from Southampton on 14 October, having travelled down from Cardiff by train. Embarkation: Not impressive. It took nearly an hour to shuffle around the hall in single file. Other lines let you sit down until called. Cabin:We ... Read More
We sailed from Southampton on 14 October, having travelled down from Cardiff by train. Embarkation: Not impressive. It took nearly an hour to shuffle around the hall in single file. Other lines let you sit down until called. Cabin:We were originally on deck 6, above the theatre, but the noise drove us to ask for a move which was done speedily and efficiently, to Deck 10. Top marks.Cabins smallish,with drawer space at a premium, but excellent shower in large bathroom.Spotlessly clean. Dining: We had Select Dining after paying £221 gratuities in advance. But the tables we were given were always next to a service station.The better areas appear to have been assigned to those who had cruised with Celebrity before. No problem, but an early indication of the dual class system on board. For instance, the best bar was arguably the Sky on deck 14, but each evening this was reserved largely for the Captain's Club members.The small area left was for smokers, and it was usually difficult to get service. The self service restaurant was the Ocean View on deck 14, which had easily the most comprehensive range of food I've experienced, but at peak times it was extremely difficult to find a free table. These were not always cleared quickly, though strangely, there was always a surfeit of staff pushing drinks (of which, more later). Entertainment:External acts brought in were mixed, but those who stood out were Irish comedian Adrian Lynch, Welsh comedian Mike Doyle, and songstress Lindsay Hamilton deservedly brought the house down. But the funniest was a juggler/comedian, whose name I didn't note but should have. To attend a popular act, one had to get to the theatre half an hour early. P & O lay on 3 shows a night to obviate this. Why can't Celebrity? Drinks: As others have noted, the prices charged will stop me cruising with Celebrity in future. Two single gin and tonics £14?(Not even Schweppes!) Cheapest wine about £21. Gratuities: The brochure says Reception will give people who had pre-paid a voucher to prove it. One old lady at Reception was told they don't, to her obvious distress. We told our cabin steward we had, which he says he understood, yet left 2 envelopes when we checked out, which is another reason we will now be returning to P & O. Read Less
Sail Date October 2011
Excellent start to cruise, no problems with embarkation & stateroom as expected. (Sailed on Eclipse to the Baltic last year). The food and service in the main dining room was of the previous high standard - this time we chose to ... Read More
Excellent start to cruise, no problems with embarkation & stateroom as expected. (Sailed on Eclipse to the Baltic last year). The food and service in the main dining room was of the previous high standard - this time we chose to have select dining to give us more flexibility which we found worked well for us. We ate in two of the speciality restaurants which, although expensive was a nice treat and most enjoyable. The quality of the entertainment varied, with some shows better than other, or perhaps not to our taste. More time in ports would have been appreciated, especially Venice and Dubrovnik. In Venice we noticed how long the queue was waiting for the shuttle boats back to the ship and cut short our sightseeing to make sure that we were not late back on board. More information regarding the closure of some sites on certain days would have been helpful. All service on board was very good - special thanks to our stateroom attendant. The end of the cruise was not so good!! We were due to leave the ship at 9.00 but did not reach our car until shortly before 11.00. ( Last year we had left the ship, collected our luggage and walked to our car within 15-20 min.) Utter chaos would best describe this years disembarkation, collection of luggage and transfer to the car parks. We hope that in future Celebrity will take action to improve the disembarkation process, because unfortunately this is the last thing that we remember of what otherwise was an excellent holiday. Read Less
Sail Date September 2011
We flew into London then bus to Southampton and stayed at the Dolphin Hotel for 2 nights. Embarkation went smooth, the room was well appointed. 1st problem came with the people smoking on their balcony. I called management and they dealt ... Read More
We flew into London then bus to Southampton and stayed at the Dolphin Hotel for 2 nights. Embarkation went smooth, the room was well appointed. 1st problem came with the people smoking on their balcony. I called management and they dealt with it right away. I am very allergic to Smoke Ship Info: Daily schedules were delivered the night before and were well done. Dining: Breakfast - buffet was good. Served Breakfast in Dining room - food arrived cool. Didn't return to served breakfast. Lunch - good. Tried several areas for lunch. Dinner: meals were good (not excellent) except for 2 that had to be sent back. We were not the only ones who had returned their meals. We eat at 2 of the specialty restaurants at 35.00 each and both were excellent. Activities: We sat in the lounges, shopped on board, swam, exercise room, walked the decks. All were enjoyable. Staff Service: Room service - excellent, Dining service was excellent, Specialty Wine tasting room service - excellent, Bar servers - very good, Breakfast and lunch servers- very good. Service Desk - one lady was very abrupt.(more on that under Entertainment) Entertainment: So so but missed the demographics of those on board. We got to meet many others on board who were also disappointed of the type and quality. I must say this was the lowest rated entertainment compared to all other cruises we have taken. Next - we went to the upper deck to hear the musicians and looked forward to Dancing only to experience a large portion of this room was for smokers. We had to leave and never went back. The Main Atrium - there was always live music and when part of the Big Band played the tiled floorarea was filled with couples dancing. We did as well and really enjoyed it. That was one day then the rest of the time there was a Jazz group, however the music they played - nice to listen to but not the beat to dance to. Couples just stood around hoping for a number they could dance to. After the 3rd day of this I went to Customer Service - located in plain sight of the Atrium floor area, and mentioned to the young lady could she get a message to the entertainment manager regarding a change to the music. She was abrupt and told me that the Jazz group was requested??? Well my request fell on deaf ears because this same group continued day after day with no one able to enjoy a dance. I have been on so many other ships where dancing in the atrium is enjoyed by so many. Shore excursions: Brugees- great time there. Had the best Belgium ever at a restaurant in the town square. Berlin: 3 hr bus ride each way. The bag lunch was not only unhealthy but whatever that 1/2 sandwich was - was uneatable. Ever the Apple was bruised. Guide was good except we spent more than an hour driving in circles in the city then rushed to look at some sights - too rushed. Sharon and I broke away to go through the Jewish memorial - one other couple from our bus joined us. Best part of OUR tour. ON bus ride back to ship - given another bag snack - the other 1/2 uneatable sandwich. If ever again I will get the ship to make us a bagged lunch. Helsinki: Great time there St. Petersburg - 2 days - go go go but overall - rushed through palaces, etc, it still was worth seeing. The arranged lunch was OK. Tallinn: Great city to tour - forget the other tours. We went to the Farm - OK then to visit a home (this was a set up by the home owner) waste of time. Stockholm - we loved seeing the City. Problem was our tour guide had an appointment for another tour a 4pm and rushed us through the Ship museum. She actually got off the bus early and the bus driver took over. He knew more history and points of interest than the guide. Copenhagen: After that tour in Stockholm I decided we would do our own walking tour. We got to see so much more than others on board that took Cruise Tours. We took river boat tour - few on board and had plenty of one on one with the guide. We would go back. We went off the tourist beat to where locals shopped and eat and had a great lunch at a sidewalk cafe. Disembarkation: This went smooth. We took a bus to a Heathrow Hotel, spent a night then flew home. This Cruise cost us approx 1000.00US each more than we could have paid for a similar cruise on another cruise line. Unfortunately we have had better consistent meals, service and entertainment on many others. Since this cruise we and 9 other siblings took a 7 day Alaska Cruise in mid September on Carnival. It was better in so many ways- surprise! Best Regards Dwayne Jacobson Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
Vessel: Celebrity Eclipse Dates: Holiday Cruise: Dec. 26, 2010- Jan 2, 2010 2 Adult Passengers, Balcony Stateroom, Eight Floor Ports of Call: Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Roatan, Costa Maya Our expectations were high ... Read More
Vessel: Celebrity Eclipse Dates: Holiday Cruise: Dec. 26, 2010- Jan 2, 2010 2 Adult Passengers, Balcony Stateroom, Eight Floor Ports of Call: Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Roatan, Costa Maya Our expectations were high prior to boarding the Eclipse. I had looked into different cruise options for more than 20 hours online and the Eclipse met the bill for a sleek, sophisticated vessel. Boarding: The process went fairly smoothly. Initial Impression: A large, very good looking vessel that shows upscale lines. Champagne was provided on initial boarding. Drink Package: We decided to purchase the beverage packages, which was a good decision, as soon as we boarded. After deliberating for a couple of weeks prior to the departure as to whether the price was worth it ($50.00 a day for the premium alcohol package and $40.00 for the classic alcohol package for my girlfriend), we determined it was indeed. These are rates per person. Classic included all wines and mixed drinks to $8.00 and the premium up to $12.00. Beer is up to $5.00 in the classic and unlimited in premium. Good selection of imported beer, including Guinness. Bottom line here: If you plan on buying alcohol onboard, get the package. I suggest the premium package as it allows the 10.00 martinis in the martini bar and the $12.00 martini creations in the Molecular Bar (featuring organic martinis, including those with liquid nitrogen). All bottled water, soda, coffees, wine, champagne, after diner drinks are included in the alcohol packages. A 15% surcharge is applied at the front so no tipping is required, although the better staff bartenders deserve more. We tipped the sommelier quite a bit more because he was professional, knowledgeable, and was quick with refills at dinner. It also eliminated needing to sign every time one wanted a drink. Very cost effective and flexible, especially on New Year' Eve. However, we were not able to get a bottle of water from 0230am-0700am. My girlfriend was told at 0630 by a waiter in the Oceanview cafe that she could purchase a bottle at 0700am at the bar; and this was after he consulted his supervisor. I feel that guests that purchase beverage packages should have access to water 24 hours a day. There is water in each room available for an additional fee. Dinner: We had the assigned 6PM time. Dinner was prompt and professional with 2 sides of the menu. One listed classic dishes available every night; the other side provided a Chef's selection which changed daily. One may mix and match and ordering multiple courses is not a problem. After dinner Remy Martin Cognac, either at dinner or in Michael's Lounge was relaxing. We liked the bartender Mila in Michael's because she was personable and knowledgeable. Jesus in the Ensemble lounge kept the drinks coming and was a blast. The music varies in each of the lounges. Dinner varied and the formal night included lobster. Impeccable service in the dining room. We could not get a reservation so late in the process for the specialty restaurants, although others raved about them. Nightly room service was quick and excellent. The pool bar is great for chicken and burgers. The 14th floor has the Oceanside grille which has great variety if one chooses a casual option. The sushi was disappointing as there were 3 options and they were not very tasty. Celebrity select dining seemed to be unnecessary for the extra cost as seating was flexible by 15-20 minutes or goes casual. Caffe Bacci- great international coffees and drinks. Gelato bar- costs $3.00 a serving which was surprising as everything else was included. Some of the guests were rude to staff and complained about minor issues, such as the size of the chicken pieces in the pasta! To the women who were acting as nannies for two children during breakfast on Deck 14, PLEASE change the kids soiled diapers in the restroom and NOT at the dining room table. Entertainment: Saw the magic show and variety shows. Both good. Martini Bar has its own show on the cold, ice bar with one enthusiastic staff member who was going wild on NY Eve. There was only one DJ available on NY Eve and was removed from the club that we were in and reassigned to the top deck where many young guests were partying. The activities director did not offer us another option and stated it was not her fault. Additionally, she added it was her boss decision and we need to voice our concerns. Balcony Stateroom- Well apportioned and excellent design. Beautiful bathroom and spacious balcony. In room entertainment is awesome and the bed was relaxing. We had an outstanding attendant, Eric, who was there as soon we departed the room and had it reassembled immediately thereafter. Bravo! Ports: Grand Cayman- We almost missed this port of call as we were one of 2 ships to make it because of the weather. No jewelry deals in ANY of the ports. It is all hype. As a matter of fact, some of the items are pricier than in the USA. Roatan: Filthy port with little to offer. This is a place for shore excursions sponsored by the trip. We took a private taxi tour and after $40.00 and 1 ½ hour later, were ready to get back to the ship. Cozumel: Good port but be safe. Many opportunities for foolish tourist to drink too much tequila and wind up in jail with high bail. We went to an all inclusive at Uvas and it was a blast. Just know the area is a tourist trap. Costa Maya: Do not leave the sheltered shopping district without a cruise sponsored tour. Care to pet the dolphins for 100 bucks a person for 10 minutes in a small cage about 30 feet long. We passed on it. Best part of the trip? Horseback riding on the beach and in the ocean at Pampered Ponies in Caymans. Good price and a good staff. They cater to all styles. My girlfriend and I noticed an eclectic combination of personas. The cruise ship is luxury and upscale. Providing an ice cold towel on return from each of the ships ports distinguished the ship amongst others in port. If you want to be treated like royalty in a new ship, which crew is still getting used to the intricacies of the vessel, sail the Eclipse. Only gripe here is that some of the staff's limited English proficiency resulted in confused orders in some bars... something easy to overlook. The bartenders in the Molecular bar were distant and disengaged. The male bartender handed us a drink menu and did not offer us any suggestions. A female bartender spoke only to the male bartender in perfect English. Again, no suggestions were made to help guide us on our drink selection. One of the other guests guided us. The drinks were fresh and spectacular. The Molecular bar was something we looked forward to and my girlfriend refused to go and be treated poorly by the bartenders. The male bartender did interact with a specific group of male guests. Both failed to make us feel comfortable. Awesome cruise lines, decent price, first class service. GREAT job and we will return. Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
Our family traveled together for Thanksgiving - 13 of us - all very experienced cruisers. 3 older teenagers, everyone else from 45 years of age to a very young 79. The Eclipse is, quite simply, a beautiful ship. We were all ... Read More
Our family traveled together for Thanksgiving - 13 of us - all very experienced cruisers. 3 older teenagers, everyone else from 45 years of age to a very young 79. The Eclipse is, quite simply, a beautiful ship. We were all blown-away by lovely decor and attention to design detail in both our staterooms and all public areas. Such a clean ship. Even the sinks in the public restrooms were amazing! Staterooms: Positive: Very comfy beds, fabulous bathrooms including showers with very hot water and great water pressure, good toiletry storage, and outrageously thick and fluffy towels. Our staterooms were all adjacent so we slid back each balcony divider and therefore had one long veranda which allowed us to enjoy time together watching sunsets, port entries, etc. Great tv with good reception and the teenagers loved the on-demand movies. Negative: Lacking adequate storage for clothes. Steward did not keep the room as clean as it should have been. Food: Beautiful dining room, with VERY slow service. After we expressed concern the service improved (additional waitstaff was added) but each dinner still took 2+ hours. Many times the food was cold or tasteless. We appreciated the nice try with the Thanksgiving dinner, but the turkey, dressing, etc. was really not good. The Buffet area was huge with a great assortment of food and very minimal wait time. Good cookies. Entertainment: Theatre is beautiful. Saw a fantastic "Cirque du Soleil" type show. Casino: Machines did not pay...lol. Teen Entertainment: None. Non-Existent. Our three kids(16, 17, and 19) are low maintenance, experienced cruisers and so they found what to do to amuse themselves but there were not planned activities or specific teen areas (as there are on Royal Caribbean) for them. I do not recommend taking your kids on this ship. Ports: St. Marten - One adult and two teens went zip-lining - it was fun but strenuous for the adult. On a previous cruise we raced an America's Cup sailboat and I certainly recommend that excursion. St. Kitts - Heaven on earth. Such a beautiful island worth many more visits. Take the tour offered by Rosevelt Taylor - velt28_21@hotmail.com. www.stkittsislandparadisetours.com. This was the best tour we've ever taken on a cruise vacation. Rosevelt is professional, knowledgeable, and his van was clean and comfortable. We drove right through the area that the recent armed robbery occured in and saw police patrolling the area in an attempt to make the tourists feel more comfortable. Spa: Wonderful spa and gym areas. Great variety of brand new work-out equipment. Took the stretch and ab classes each morning - good instructors. Summary: Beautiful ship for adults wanting to just relax and enjoy the view. However, next time we'll cruise on one of the new big Royal Caribbean ships instead. Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
We travelled with three couples who are all good friends. We were booked in Aqua class and there were various comments among us regarding the value. We absolutely loved Blu, the diningroom designated to be used by Aqua cabin ... Read More
We travelled with three couples who are all good friends. We were booked in Aqua class and there were various comments among us regarding the value. We absolutely loved Blu, the diningroom designated to be used by Aqua cabin passengers. The room is smaller than the main dining room, service top notch and I think the food is prepared in a different kitchen. We generally had breakfast there as well, fresh orange juice, yum..and Nice and quiet. I used the Persian Gardens almost daily, nice heated beds, steam and sauna looking out over the ocean, and the other perk is the shower in our cabin that had jets of water for the body and overhead. We did have lunch in the buffet. Because Blu was so good, we did not feel like we needed go to any of the private, extra charge dining rooms. Our friends, on the other hand, did not see the value. They said they are not foodies, don't care where they eat as "food is food" and there is plenty everywhere. They used the Persian Garden only once. And the third couple loved Blu and never used the Persian Garden. So, everyone is different. The ship itself was kept very clean. We were in the casino a few evenings and it was quite busy. The shows were hit and miss. The entertainment we enjoyed were In the Skydeck at 10 p.m. Almost nightly. Live Music, a bit of a show by the dancers, and the guests joining in, or just watching. The gym is large and very busy in the morning. More equipment available later. New Years Eve was magical, dancing and singing out on the deck with at least 1200 people on a warm Caribbean night under the stars. The band played for all age groups. Only minor issues were: Disembarkation was very, very slow getting through customs. I think it was because it was New Year's Day and they were short staffed. Chairs on the deck at the pool was a challenge ...people 'saved' seats by putting down towels and books, then left,..and lots of times those spots were vacant for hours. Not a great system. All in all, we complained that we had nothing to complain about. Read Less
Sail Date December 2016
I've noted previous reviews on here that list a range of complaints and frankly I just don't understand what anyone has to complain about. This is my third Celebrity Cruise and I was a little worried after reading some reviews ... Read More
I've noted previous reviews on here that list a range of complaints and frankly I just don't understand what anyone has to complain about. This is my third Celebrity Cruise and I was a little worried after reading some reviews that suggested things were slipping in relation to food on Celebrity. I had nothing to worry about. The food on my 14 night Holiday cruise was outstanding! The best of any of my previous cruises which had already impressed me. The Main Dining room was so good. I chose Celebrity select and enjoyed the flexibility this provided. No wait for a table ever. Always seated at table for two as requested. Service was consistently outstanding, friendly and attentive even with different waiters. Food quality was outstanding every night, plenty of variety and I was always impressed what was achieved considering they are trying to mass produce for several thousand people a night. The baked french onion soup is the most delicious version of this soup I have ever tasted. Food quality in the buffet Oceanview Cafe was also consistently high with plenty of cooked to order stations keeping everything fresh and hot. The curry station was excellent. I think i had curry at nearly every lunch and was delicious. I noted several people commenting on the quality and authenticity. Everything was kept well stocked and turned over. I ate at Tuscan Grille and Qsine. Both of which were terrific. Tuscan more for the service and atmosphere as I did not see all that much difference in food quality over the Main Dining. Qsine is super fun and has so much variety but you really need an appetite. The christmas atmosphere was terrific complete with a transformation of the foyer staircase into a winter wonderland ginger bread house display and a truly impressive Christmas day brunch in the Main Dining which was stunning. The ship was kept so spotless and clean it was always impressive as to how much care was taken to keep the ship looking brilliant. So many great activities on board to suit every persons tastes and interests. Entertainment was fantastic all over the ship with the exception of the Male barbershop quartet who I thought were abysmal, thankfully they did not really feature and were easily avoided. The ports were all interesting and quite different. My favourite being St Maarten and Barbados. I could have passed on Grenada which I thought was not as good as the other ports by far. The crew, waiters, bar staff and activity staff were all helpful and genuine. Beautiful food, beautiful ship, amazing vacation. So hard to come home! Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
About us: We are in our 50's and both retired. This was our 10th Cruise and our first Celebrity Cruise. Arriving: We flew in from Atlanta, GA and stayed at the Holiday Inn Express that was about ½ mile away from the port. We ... Read More
About us: We are in our 50's and both retired. This was our 10th Cruise and our first Celebrity Cruise. Arriving: We flew in from Atlanta, GA and stayed at the Holiday Inn Express that was about ½ mile away from the port. We considered walking over to our ship, but were told that our ship could be up to 2 miles away from the port entrance so we went with Holiday Inns bus service. I think it was $10 each, but I do know within 5 minutes of purchasing the tickets someone convinced me that we should have took a cab telling us "It would cost about ½ of what your paid". So it goes. We arrived at the port about 11:15 am and the boarding process took 45 minutes. Was the slowest check we encountered in our cruise history, no problem since we had 14 days onboard? The ship: From the moment we first stepped on the ship we were simply amazed, The Eclipse is such beautiful ship. It was decorated for the holiday's which added a nice touch. It has a very nice layout and easy to navigate. The person per public space is low compared to the other lines we sailed on, so even thought there were around 2800+ passengers sailing we never felt crowded. It didn't take long for us to realized this was the nicest ship we ever been on. We stayed in cabin 7290 which is a on the starboard side. It is a hump cabin and our room stewardess told us the balcony was about 50% bigger than the standard balcony. We were able to fit our huge suitcases under the bed and we had plenty of room for our clothes. It is real close to the elevators and was very quiet. Spent time on the balcony each night of the cruise. The gym was really quite large for the number of people that actually used it, so that was a nice change. On a number of ships we have been on there simply isn't enough equipment for the number of people. Food: We went to the MDR just about every night. We were seated with four other people who we developed a close bond with over the 14 days we were there. The food was excellent, the best we have had a sea, and the service was great. On RC we tend to be disappointed with the MDR for one reason or another and usually end of at the buffet so this was a nice change. Celebrity was really pushing the Specialty Restaurants. They had a guy greeting people after our dinner in the MDR. He had a signup sheet and if you seemed the least interested he would try to close the deal. We didn't do Any of the Specialty Restaurants but 3 of the people at our table went to the Tucson Grill and said it was excellent. We did the Ocean View for breakfast and lunch. Food was good there too. They had an Italian, Mexican and Indian section that I enjoyed. The coffee was excellent. Very strong, the way I like it. Entertainment: The entertainment in the Theatre was very good. We didn't go to a lot of the shows on this cruise but we caught most of the Celebrity Shows, the last one was a Cirque du Soleil type production which was excellent for a cruise ship. If you decide to see just one show I would recommend that. They also had different performers through out the ship that were pretty good. I really enjoyed the 3 violin players. I also went the Casio on most nights and yes they do have a few 1 cent machines so I was able to keep my losses to a minimum. Was nice to have a smokeless Casino. The prices for alcohol were reasonable $8.05 for a glass of wine with included tip. Disembarkation -- We walked right off the ship at 8:15 with no delays. We carried our luggage as we thought we could get an earlier flight home. They did run out of coffee in the Ocean View Cafe. I shared a table with 6 other people that last day and one person came back to the table and said "they are out of coffee" Since it was so early it didn't register and 5 minutes later I went to get some and they still didn't have any. That was a first. Other: Pool- nice added touch with the cushions on the lounge chairs. The wait staff will walk by once in awhile but not the constant "Can I get you a drink" that we see on Carnival and RC. This was also true with the photographers. Conclusion: We loved the Eclipse and first thing I did when we got home was book Celebrity Solstice for 8/2013 and Celebrity Equinox for 1/20/2014. Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
Since we live in the northeast we decided to fly to FLL. We made all the arrangements through Celebrity for the flying and ground transportation to the ship. The flights were fine, right on time both ways. When we arrived in FLL we found ... Read More
Since we live in the northeast we decided to fly to FLL. We made all the arrangements through Celebrity for the flying and ground transportation to the ship. The flights were fine, right on time both ways. When we arrived in FLL we found the Celebrity transfer agents in baggage claim. There was about 40 of us total to use the transfer bus to the pier. We were herded out to a far end of the baggage claim and then another bit of a walk to the bus area, all this dragging our bags. The agents seemed to be in a dither, running around and talking on their radios. Thirty minutes go by and there is no bus. I asked one of the agents about the hold-up and was told they were waiting for a bus. Another 30 minutes go by and still no bus. This time I found an agent that seemed to be in charge and asked what was going on. He told me they needed a special bus for a passenger in a wheelchair. I suggested he use a taxi for the one passenger that needed special care and not hold up the other 39 of us. After some more running around and talking on their radios, that is what they finally did. One hour and thirty minutes later we boarded a bus and headed to the pier. The ship was already decorated for Christmas - very pretty. Our room was a port side balcony and since we carried our own bags we were able to settle in right away. Others, it seems, did not receive their luggage until the next day. They had to go down to the baggage area in the ship and point out their luggage. It seems many of the tags were missing. Since we were Aqua Class, we dined almost every night in Blu restaurant. The service was good, the menu interesting, and with the exception of two nights, very good. We tried Qsine one night and had a fun time - too much food! I enjoyed the gelato on the 5th deck even though it was an extra charge. The entertainment shows were very good and there were always seats available whether we went early or late. Good magic show and super Cirque type show. My wife and I met many wonderful folks during the voyage and enjoyed playing the various trivia type games. Michael and Mickey were always able to make us laugh. I really enjoyed the Hot Glass show. The artists who made the various beautiful glass pieces were very good and made this one of my favorite places to visit. The two enrichment presenters were very good, but the area where the talks are presented was noisy and the projector was dim and washed out - too bad. We did not use any of the ship tours, but found our own way around. Getting off the ship was a nasty experience. Other ships we have sailed on had the food area in the bow. That left the mid-ship elevators less busy and made getting off the ship a non-event. This ship has the food area and the mid elevators in the same location. The passengers going for food conflicted with others trying to get off with luggage. After waiting for over twenty minutes most of us had to resort to the stairs - in our case 9 floors. Then all passengers had to walk a long way aft on the dock past the end of the ship and then the walkway turned to the left and we walked back again in the opposite direction to enter customs. Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
Let me start with a little background to put this review into some perspective. This was our ninth cruise, our sixth with Celebrity but our first on an S-Class ship. Every cruise is special but we wanted something extra special to ... Read More
Let me start with a little background to put this review into some perspective. This was our ninth cruise, our sixth with Celebrity but our first on an S-Class ship. Every cruise is special but we wanted something extra special to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. Before booking and even setting our budget, we researched every cruise line and every itinerary finally deciding that we would spend two weeks relaxing in the Caribbean on Constellation in one of her Penthouse Suites with the huge aft balcony over Christmas and the New Year. Of course, when details of the 2012/13 cruises were released for sale, Eclipse had replaced Constellation on this route and the holiday cruises were split. The best laid plans ... Pre-cruise The scheduling of this cruise immediately gave us logistical problems. We really wanted 3-days in port pre-cruise but that meant flying on Boxing Day [26th December] and travelling down to Heathrow on Christmas Day. Not something we thought it fair to ask our taxi company to do. We eventually decided on travelling down on Christmas Eve and spending Christmas Day in a Heathrow hotel. More research resulted in us selecting the Ambassador's Suite at the Marriott. The suite was definitely the right choice with a huge sitting/dining room and ample-sized bedroom with king-sized bed. It had 1½ baths, two wardrobes, a large desk area, two really comfy sofas and a dining table that could seat six people more than comfortably. Compared to what we would have paid for a standard room, the suite was excellent value. The service was quiet and efficient. Complimentary Internet access was provided for printing boarding passes. There were two issues which marred our stay a little but both were probably one-offs. Because it was Christmas, there was only one restaurant open serving a reduced menu plus a set three-course Christmas dinner. The food was mediocre at best. A bigger issue but not really anything the hotel could do much about was some of the other guests who were not only very obvious for the size of their group but whose behaviour was loud and unpleasant. There was no breakfast provided in the Executive Lounge but the other complimentary refreshments, including wine and beer, were and we especially enjoyed the cheese board after dinner. Our breakfast in the restaurant was complimentary. It was one of the most laid-back Christmases we have spent but enjoyable none the less. Our usual preference would be to book our flights [and pre-cruise hotels] through Celebrity but, by the time the flights came on sale, prices had risen so much that we would not be able to afford business class through Celebrity. In the end, we arranged our BA own flights. Apart from a delay of over an hour whilst we sat on board due to a problem with the hydraulics, the flight was very pleasant, the food surprisingly tasty and the cabin crew friendly. We made up much of the lost time at the start. However the biggest surprise was Miami airport. Our previous experiences there since 2009 have been more than unpleasant and, for different reasons, it has taken us between 2½ and 3½ hours to get through the system. Recent reports on Cruise Critic did not encourage us to believe there had been any improvement. However, the airport has not only clearly undergone a huge upgrade but we were actually made to feel welcome. Immigration and Customs were friendly without being unprofessional -- not quite up to the high standards of Philadelphia or even Las Vegas but no longer an airport we feel we want to avoid. One thing to note about Miami airport is that there is now a US$5 charge for a luggage trolley and you will need $1 or $5 to feed into the machine. The result of this is that available porters are now much more difficult to find. Our three days pre-cruise, booked through Celebrity, were at the Embassy Suites hotel in Fort Lauderdale. This is not the most luxurious of hotels but we like the space in the suites [especially useful for storing cruise luggage] and its location [close to a number of restaurants and shopping for everyday items and wine] but, most important, we are used to it and enjoy our stays there. This was our fifth time here. What we had forgotten is how friendly and efficient the hotel is. With the complimentary full breakfast and daily evening Manager's Happy Hour and suites equipped with microwave, fridge, coffee maker, iron & ironing board and hairdryer, and a lovely outdoor pool area we consider the hotel extremely good value. Embarkation For the first time, we decided to skip the Celebrity transfers and take a taxi to the ship in an attempt to avoid arriving with a crowd. In the event, we were persuaded at the hotel to take their shuttle but this still allowed us better control of our luggage. We arrived at the terminal about 11 o'clock and no queues but, once we had checked it, realised that we had not avoided the crowds. The ground floor waiting area was already full. We were directed upstairs to the suite waiting area but had hardly sat down when we were called for boarding, suite guests first. There had been some reports about problems with those who required assistance boarding but there was no sign of problems this time. The area for those requiring assistance was next to that for suites and they followed us boarding. However, there were only two people using mobility scoters and no wheelchair users. After some confusion, we discovered that we could use Michael's Club where we met the Captain's Club Hostess and there were light refreshments. We able to book a cabana on Labadee through the Concierge but little else because our butler arrived to take us to our suite long before the announcement that the staterooms were available. Having been told that our butler would be Luis, we were really surprised [and pleased] to meet Jose, our butler from our previous cruise on Infinity. To avoid confusion with another Jose, he was now known as Luis. Penthouse Suite The one word we both use to sum our suite now we have had time to reflect will probably be a surprise. It is not "large" nor "luxurious" but "comfortable". The suite is very large and really luxurious but, above everything, it was comfortable. We loved it! We had spent many hours studying photographs and videos on the Internet and these give a very good impression of what it is like. There were few surprises except for the lighting and the bed. It is very good lighting but there are 32 light switches [excluding any of the doors which turn on internal cupboard lights when opened] many of which are sophisticated combined on/off/dimmer switches. We never did completely master them! The huge king-sized bed was so comfortable! It was the most comfortable bed we have ever slept in by a very long way. Ship Even some of the critical reviews I have read about Eclipse describe her as stunningly beautiful but that description did nothing to prepare me for just how stunning and beautiful she is. There is something about her that is beyond her contemporary beauty and I was struggling to put what it was into words until Captain Manetas summed it up by saying that it was the German engineering. And he was right, it is all the small details such as the soft close drawers that make all the difference. One of the issues attracting a great deal of criticism before our cruise was the music throughout Eclipse -- not just the volume but also the type of music played. This certainly was not a problem on our cruise. There was loud, very modern music in the Martini Bar but, most of the time, it was difficult to hear the music there over the buzz of conversation or the music from the foyer. There was just one evening when the bar was unusually empty that the music was too loud. Elsewhere on the ship, there was different music in different areas and the musak piped into the hallways was at very low volume and varied from Christmas Carols to the Beatles. The only music we found objectionable was the guitar player. In the Sunset Bar for sail-away from Fort Lauderdale, not only was he far too loud but he was also very bad! Unfortunately, like a bad penny, he just kept turning up everywhere. Conversely, Twist of 8, the party band, on the Pool Deck on New Year's Eve played for something like 4 hours without a break and created the perfect party atmosphere. Dining Since 2009, we have chosen to eat only in the speciality restaurants but we did enjoy our one visit to Blu on our last cruise and hoped to be able to repeat that experience as well as having dinner served in our suite for the first time. Pre-cruise, we booked five nights in each of Murano [including our two complimentary meals] and the Tuscan Grille. [Our four visits to Qsine on our last cruise were probably enough for us.] Despite the rumours on Cruise Critic, we were able to book Murano for New Year's Eve in advance. As it was, we were invited to the Captain's Table for New Year's Eve, took part in the Chef's Table for another of our planned visits and organised a dinner in our suite for four Cruise Critic friends for a third. To make up for there were two lunches held in Murano -- an extra one because of New Year. We were disappointed on our first visit to find that they are no longer able to serve fois gras on board. The fois gras on Celebrity ships has always been the best we have found anywhere, including some of the top restaurants in Paris, and something we always look forward to. They have also discontinued my favourite desert, the Pear & Pineapple Napoleon -- this, apparently because it was not very popular! Having overcome these disappointments, we found the quality of the food in Murano outstanding even by comparison with its equivalents on the M-Class ships. The lobster was excellent every time we choose it. Conversely, although we still enjoyed our dinners in the Tuscan Grille, it did not come up to the high standards of Constellation in 2010. Personally, I found the Tuscan Onion Soup disappointingly thin and the Calamari nothing special. Both were firm favourites on Constellation. I had breakfast each morning in Blu but, despite hoping to go more often, we only managed to fit in one visit for dinner but we exceptionally lucky. The Chicken Consumee we had loved so much on Infinity last year was on the menu again this evening. We had a thoroughly enjoyable meal and my husband thought the New York Strip better in Blu than in the Tuscan Grille and the Main Dining Room on New Years Eve. We ate lunch most days in the Oceanview Cafe and much preferred the island layout over that on the M-Class ships. We were surprised to find that we did not miss the trays. The selection of food each day was excellent and varied. In particular, I found the choice of curries exceptionally good and my husband was impressed with the pies of which there was usually a choice of two types. The Caribbean Buffet provided on the second Sunday [a sea day] was really good and most enjoyable. Lee Goble, the new Executive Chef, even ensured that there were whole coconuts which were broken open after the coconut water had been drunk for the coconut jelly to be eaten. However, the dining highlights for us would have been the Chef's Table and the lunches in Murano had it not been for the meal provided when we entertained some Cruise Critic friends for dinner. Between them Chef Lee and Antal Puskas [Maitre d' of Murano] wanted to create something special for us and they excelled themselves with a four course buffet. Drinks Package For our last cruise, we purchased a Premium Alcohol Package each but we had a couple of problems for the package to be more convenient: we found the choice of wines by the glass not too our tastes even paying the supplement for those over $12/glass and had far too many problems being charged for drinks at Cafe al Bacio. We certainly did not get good value from the packages. Because of this, we initially decided not buy a package this time. In the end, we did buy the Premium Non-Alcohol Package still not expecting to save money. This worked for us this time and the only problem we had was trying to convince the bar staff in the Oceanview Cafe that Strongbow Cider is not a Soda and we should be paying for it! Captain's Club We have cruised with Elite status for some years now but have never attended the evening cocktail event. Although we really enjoyed the Elite breakfast in Michael's Club on our first cruise after it was introduced, since then all Captain's Club events have been far to crowded for us to enjoy them. When the Captain's Club Hostess informed us that there were 500 Elites on board we said that we would not be attending any of the Captain's Club events. We did receive three vouchers each for drinks on New Year's Eve when there was no Elite Cocktail Party but they were not accepted in the bar where we were meeting friends so we did not even use these. Entertainment We have never been to a show on a cruise and consider relaxing over a good meal our entertainment. We did make an exception to watch the Hot Glass Show and really enjoyed it, staying for the full two hours despite a very heavy rain shower. We were so pleased on the last day of the cruise to be lucky enough to buy, at auction, one of the piece we had seen made. Ports The rain plagued us in most of the ports. This was our first Caribbean cruise and, other than Labadee, we had not been to any of the ports before. We had few plans in advance because we are not beach people and, as I mentioned, it was our intention to simply relax. However, we did book two excursions pre-cruise. Some years ago, in Grand Cayman, we had taken a submarine tour but a recent hurricane had made the water cloudy. We decided to try again in Bridgetown. Although [perhaps surprisingly] Celebrity offered this excursion for less money than booking direct, we did book direct because they offered a special "VIP" package not available through Celebrity. This cost just US$40/head more than the standard tour and was well worth it because we got the best seats in the submarine, just behind the pilot. We had a great view through the front window as well as the sides. The VIP package also gave us exclusive use of the top deck of the tender boat to and from the submarine, priority boarding and disembarkation, canapes, fruit juices & wine, and a souvenir photograph. It was a far better experience than in Grand Cayman: the water was crystal clear, there were lots of fish to see and we went to a depth of 149 feet [as opposed to 100 feet]. We can highly recommend this tour in Bridgetown, with or without the VIP package. Despite having no experience, I have always wanted to ride a horse along a beach and booked the Celebrity tour to do this on Aruba. This turned out to be one of the many highlights of this cruise for me. Despite being a complete novice, I gained the satisfaction of learning how to control a [admittedly, beginner's] horse, Lulu. We had a fantastic ride over the rough terrain of the Arikok National Park to a small cove where, unfortunately, the heavens opened and we were soaked to the skin destroying the photo opportunity. However, that was the only negative aspect of the whole fantastic morning. Disembarkation and Journey Home Prior to the cruise, there were a number of reviews on Cruise Critic complaining about the distance people were required to walk on disembarkation. As my husband has difficulties walking long distances [and because of our experience of how his need to stop for rests caused obstructions to others disembarking in Hong Kong in similar circumstances], we arranged for him to have wheelchair assistance. Everything went very smoothly and the only negative was the extremely long queue for taxis. Celebrity had actively discouraged guests from relying on this method of transport and cannot, therefore, be blamed for something outside their control. The taxi queue was well controlled and we probably did not wait longer than the other option we had considered. We had pre-booked a day-room at the Miami airport Sofitel hotel where we had a lovely lunch outside enjoying the last of the Florida sun. I am not sure if we really got value for money as we spent very little time in our room before catching the hotel shuttle to the terminal but it was nice to have somewhere to sort out the luggage and relaxing for the short time we had. We had another delay after boarding -- this time because a passenger had been taken ill and her luggage needed to be removed from the plane. Again we were about an hour late in taking off and made up no time on the journey. Arriving at Heathrow, we waited about 45 minutes for a gate to be made available for us but at least the snow had not started, yet. Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
We started our month long vacation from Virginia on December 19, 2012. We drove to Florida and spend a week at a time share resort with family in Orlando, FL. We drove to Fort Lauderdale the day before sailing and stayed at a Holiday Inn ... Read More
We started our month long vacation from Virginia on December 19, 2012. We drove to Florida and spend a week at a time share resort with family in Orlando, FL. We drove to Fort Lauderdale the day before sailing and stayed at a Holiday Inn hotel that provided 14 nights of parking free. We took the shuttle to the ship and boarded the fastest we have ever been able to board. Since we had already sailed on Solstice and Silhouette we were able to recognize most of the ships venues immediately. This was a bump out veranda and was located mid ship which we prefer. The two weeks flew by and was over all too soon. Thank goodness we had booked a 7 day cruise on the new sister ship Reflection that was leaving Miami just hours after the Eclipse cruise was over in Fort Lauderdale. I must say that the reviews that been posted by Eclipse guests are NOT indicative of the cruise experience we had. Compared to the other 29 cruises we have taken Eclipse food, crew, entertainment was as good as and in some ways better than any other ship. It was so good that we decided to book the same ship for the same islands for the 2013 New Years 14 day sailing. We would NOT do this unless we were happy with the overall 2 weeks we sailed this time. Was the cruise perfect?? NO! Did the crew listen to any concerns with food or excursions and do whatever they could to address our concerns in a timely manner and with genuine effort? YES! A small example would be the fact that trying to book the horseback ride at the excursion desk they indicated that the Aruba company offering this excursion had an age limit of 65. They could have just told us they could NOT help us. Instead, the excursion manager was called in and seeing that we are very fit at 66 and 69 and have ridden horses all our lives he took it upon himself to contact the company by email to discuss getting a waiver. A day later we were informed the waiver had been approved. After the ride we went back to the excursion desk and the young women who helped us had also gone horseback riding on a previous cruise and had ridden the same horse my wife rode. Our wait staff in the MDR also made sure to ask if we had any special requests. We like to use olive oil instead of butter on our bread and the olive oil was at our table every night after that. We I made a point about how good the goat cheese cigar tasted I found 3 goat cheese cigars on my plate the following night even though it was NOT on the menu. Why do I point out all the things that the crew did for us?? Because it was obvious they DID care and DID want to make our cruise experience as good as possible. When the cruise critic organizer had to cancel this cruise I wound up becoming the MC because I had co organized the gift exchange. The names tags my co organizer prepared had the country flag of each person at the cruise critic Connections party. Even the senior staff officer Patti who was the cruise director commented on never seeing better name tags at a cruise critic meeting. I implored all cruise critic guests at the party to seek out ALL crew during the cruise and if they saw them without a smile they were to give them one of theirs. I will be active on next years boards with hints on things to do to have a wonderful two week vacation. Some of the highlights for us included the wonderful holiday decorations the crew had worked hard to put up. The 2 hour glass show at night was wonderful and did not seem near that long. Yes the seats are NOT cushioned so you want to drag a beach towel from your room to make a cushion! Yes the ships today are trying to squeeze every dime by offering things that used to be included at an additional charge. We spent the extra money for Tuscan and Murano and felt it was worth every dollar. Murano was requested to make a dish NOT on the menu (Steak Diane flambe at the table). This was for our 41st anniversary. It was over the top good. As good or better than any Washington DC restaurant that charges double the price. By being the fill in MC for cruise critic we wound up getting invited to the Penthouse Suite for the 40th anniversary party of one or British cruise critic couples. This was another over the top experience during this two weeks. The cabin storage space seems to be an issue that we get around by requesting 2 dozen wire coat hangers so we can hang up as much as possible. I also turned one of our suitcases into an extra wardrobe drawer under the bed. We learned to utilize the overhead bins for things we did NOT use every day and to use the easy access drawers for our everyday items. I hope this review balances out some of the reviews where everything seemed to be going wrong. Terry Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
We loved the Eclipse. The ship is beautifully designed with lots of bars (of all kind), very good food-even in the beautiful and spacious buffet and especially in Blu where the staff was terrific. Boarding-We arrived at the terminal at ... Read More
We loved the Eclipse. The ship is beautifully designed with lots of bars (of all kind), very good food-even in the beautiful and spacious buffet and especially in Blu where the staff was terrific. Boarding-We arrived at the terminal at about 12:30pm and boarded right away with very little wait. We had carry-on luggage and went right to the buffet for lunch. Our room was ready shortly thereafter. Cabin-we were in Aqua Class, cabin 1631. It was very nice but a bit smaller than we're used to and less drawer room than we've found on other ships. Nonetheless it was fine. The veranda was large enough for a small table, 2 chairs and two ottomans--all very modern furniture. The bathroom was also nice with enough storage room, but again small with no tub. (The best bathroom we've ever had was in a veranda room on the Niew Amsterdam earlier this year-it was huge with separate shower and tub). Thankfully, the cabin was very quiet and we were glad we booked a cabin below other cabins as v. a public area. We're convinced, after several noisy experiences, that a cabin between other cabins is the best choice. Restaurants-The dining room reserved for Aqua Class is Blu. It was wonderful-great, healthy food--but not bland, just well cooked and not enormous helpings. If a food was not on the menu, staff did its best to get it for you-like a certain vegetable. On the subject of staff, they were great and eager to please. Blu was open for breakfast and dinner only so we either had lunch at the buffet or on deck 12 at the healthy spa food area. The problem with the buffet was that there were so many choices, arranged in multi-stations, that we tended to overeat there. We also experienced the usual rude passengers who acted like they hadn't eaten for days!! We also ate at Qsine-one of the specialty restaurants. It's menu could best be described as ecletic tapas--very interesting and worth at least one try. The other restaurant that we paid extra to eat at was Murano. We were looking forward to it based upon positive reviews on this site. However, it turned out to be our worst meal. The service was okay, but the lobster was horrible--very small, dry tails almost like a langostino, but not billed as such. After one meal was sent back and another one just like it arrived, Tony, the maitre d' came over to ask me what the problem was. I told him the food was "horrible" and he started arguing with me in front of everyone about how I could use the word "horrible" to describe my meal. I was mortified and I told him I'd take up his attitude with the hotel manager-which I did. The manager apologized and I hope that no one else experienced what ruined the evening for us. We had room service several times-for early morning coffee. It was great-on time and hot coffee. Entertainment-We went to two shows-both were good-not spectacular, but fine. We also attended two lectures-on the history of pirates (which was very boring) and on baseball (which was okay). We also went to one afternoon movie. Bars-The Martini Bar was the most entertaining with very talented bartenders who used a very generous pour. We also had wine at the Wine Cellar. The Cellar had a unique way of purchasing a glass--you buy a card there, insert it at a wine "station" and then select the amount of wine you wish. There was a tremendous variety of wines and delightful staff to help. Gym-The ship has a large gym with newish equipment (since the ship is a little over a year old). Very nice facility with the usual very young staff not too interested in helping you unless you're buying their services. Disembarkation-It was a breeze. We left the ship at 8am and were at the Miami Airport by 8:30am. Since we had carryon we just walked off the ship when we were done with breakfast at Blu. P.S. Ports-The 3 ports were essentially the same. They were Puerto Rico (good to get off ship to cross street to go to CVS), St. Thomas-the usual tourist spot with tons of jewelry shops, and St. Maarten/St. Martin. On this last island we took a van tour with 3 other couples-got it outside the port for $25/pp. It took us around the island-both sides-and was very good with an entertaining guide and a very good price as v. the ship's tour. The most interesting thing in St. Martin (the French side) was the Sarafina Pastry Shop-pastries and coffee tasted like Paris! Read Less
Sail Date December 2011
CELEBRITY ECLIPSE East Caribbean Cruise December 10 -- 17, 2011 By Mary & Vincent Finelli 'Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house there was hustle and bustle, so this review did not get done! 'Twas ... Read More
CELEBRITY ECLIPSE East Caribbean Cruise December 10 -- 17, 2011 By Mary & Vincent Finelli 'Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house there was hustle and bustle, so this review did not get done! 'Twas the week after Christmas and all through the house there was hustle and bustle, so this review did not get done. 'Twas Jan. 1, 2012 and a New Year, so with resolution we now attack the job; it will get done. The Celebrity Eclipse is a wonderful art experience. Since she is a sister ship to the Solstice, she is exact in every way except in her decorations. The art collection has been described like her name: Eclipse -- "rare and unexpected" as the book on Eclipse art says. The pieces of art have been selected to make the passengers look "stop and ponder." Featured is the art community of Miami; showcasing two artists per deck, one on port side and one on starboard. With each display there are unique points being made, for example, Miller's photos of what seems to be an eclipse are actually camera less shapes made directly onto photographic paper. Using this as a stepping off point will set passengers up for a unique and surprising art experience. Be careful what you think you are seeing may not be what you are seeing at all! EMBARKATION The Eclipse sails out of the Port of Miami, although it's about a one hour ride from Boca Raton, FL, security is much less time consuming than Ft. Lauderdale. Thus a similar amount of time is required. We arrived at 12:45pm, baggage drop off was rapid. Vincent used his walker and not his scooter. Even though 1:00pm was listed as boarding time, we were boarded immediately. We have Elite status; therefore, there was no waiting. Our stateroom 1524 Deck 11 was ready; we left our carry on luggage in the room and were off to the buffet of Roast Beef and Pop overs in the Oceanview Cafe` (deck 14 aft). THE SHIP As we remember, all the captains of the Celebrity ships we have met have been Greeks, so is this one on the Eclipse, Captain Panagiotis Skylogiannis, who was born in Athens, Greece. The ship was beautifully decorated for Christmas. The Grand Foyer on Deck 3 had a wonderful gingerbread Church and winter scene. The church had three separate sections and two bell towers. The scent of gingerbread brought Mother's kitchen to mind. It was artfully adorned with lots of frosting and "snow"; the foreground had a miniature train and it was surrounded by miniature Christmas trees with many twinkling white lights. There were several mini house scenes and even a red mail box with Snoopy sleeping on top of it. The Atrium balconies on Decks 4 & 5 were festooned with green balsam garlands and clusters of gold and maroon balls. Everywhere were real red poinsettia plants and some areas were all white poinsettia plants --- just lovely. To travel on these fantastic cruise ships anytime is great, but at holiday time it's spectacular. Hotel Director Bernhard Stacher (Austria) and his staff set the tone on the Eclipse with very high standards. The sea is good to Bernhard and he gets younger looking every cruise. Even though we wrote a thorough description of her sister ship, the Solstice, here we will concisely review the Decks: Deck 2 houses the medical facility. Deck 3 has the lower level of the Moonlight Sonata Dining Room with its fantastic ceiling of crystal balls and ship evoking shapes. Here are also Guest Relations, Shore excursions and the Passport Bar. Deck 4 has Celebrity Central, Entertainment Court and the Eclipse Theater. Here are also Cellar Masters Wine Room and three Bars: the Quasar, Martini Bar, and Crush. It also houses the Fortunes Casino, the shops on the Boulevard and the upper level of the Moonlight Sonata Dining Room. Deck 5 has the upper level of the Eclipse Theater, the Art Gallery, Galleria Boutiques and the Photo Gallery. There are four lounges: Cafe al Bacio (coffee), Ensemble, Galleria Tastings, and Michael's Club. There are five restaurants: Bistro on Five (Creperie), Blu (Aqua Class reserved restaurant), Murano (specialty restaurant, French cuisine), Qsine (specialty restaurant, around the world cuisine), and the Tuscan Grille (specialty restaurant, Italian steakhouse). Deck 6 has the iLounge (Internet) and staterooms. Decks 7, 8, & 9 have all staterooms. Deck 10 has the Library with open stacks (24 hrs.) and staterooms. Deck 11 has a Relaxation Lounge and staterooms: mostly Suites, Concierge and Aqua Class staterooms. Deck 12 has passenger areas: Aqua Spa, Beauty Salon, the Persian Garden Pools, Solarium swimming Pools and Whirl Pools. Aft there are the Sky Suites and the Concierge Staterooms Deck 14 has two Bars, the Mast and the Oceanview, the Sky Conference Center and the Sky Observation Lounge. Midship is the Jogging Track and aft is the Oceanview Cafe`. Deck 15 has the Corning Hot Glass Show, the Lawn Club and Bocce field, the Fun Factory and the Video Arcade. Deck 16 is the Sun Deck. The ship is registered in Valletta, Malta. She had her Inaugural Season 2010; she weighs 122,000 tons; her length is 1,033 ft., beam is 121 ft. with a draft of 27 ft. and a cruising speed of 24 knots. Her occupancy is 2, 850 guests. CABIN Wheelchair accessible cabin #1524 (Aqua Class) is located forward on the starboard side. It has an automatic door opener with an extra wide door and a foyer with a place to park the wheelchair. When entering on the left is a huge bathroom with a large 4X4 ft. shower with fold up seat. And safety rails all around. Next is the queen size bed with flanking night stands: One drawer and a shelf and reading lamps. Then, there is a small beige love seat and a medium coffee table. When entering on the right there is a double wardrobe with ample room. Next, is a long desk/cabinet with six drawers, a personal safe, a refrigerator, a lighted mirror, a desk chair and a coffee table. The carpeting was Burberry, heavy on the maroon and our Steward was Fevon Gracias, who was always ready to help. The far wall is half window and sliding doors to the balcony which has two recliners, two stools and a table. Vincent uses the balcony frequently, he loves to relax, to contemplate and sometimes naps lulled by the ship's motion and the sound of the waves. He also enjoys star gazing and this time he was lucky to see some of the most bright shooting stars on late Tuesday evening. Later we learned that it was the peak of the annual Geminid meteor shower. FOOD AND SERVICE Service under Hotel Director Bernard is excellent. We travelled Aqua Class with our own special Dining Room "Blu." This restaurant is dedicated to healthy, inventive offerings (reminiscent of chef Todd English). The portions are medium to small; just the way we like them, since we are more tasters than eaters. The Blu manager is Alex , whom we met on the Solstice. Maitre D' is Marcel (Slovakia) and Asst. Maitre is Viorel (Romania). The Sommelier is Krish (Mauritius). Our waiters were Gede (Indonesia) nad Renata (Macedonia). This friendly International group made our week at table #855. Blu is decorated exactly like the one on Solstice except the dominant color there was cobalt blue and here it is ruby red. Not as stunning as the blue, but still lovely. The breads are excellent and hot: crispy bread sticks, French bread, olive rolls, dark ryes and some sweet ones too. Practically, there are just four courses: appetizers, soups and salads, entrees and desserts. Eating in Blu was pleasant and quiet. On the second Formal Night Bernard invited us to the Captain's table in the Moonlight Sonata and we were struck by the fact that the main Dining Room was so active and high spirited. It was fine for one night, but the next night we truly appreciated the calm and relaxing atmosphere of Blu! I guess we are starting to show our age. We dined in the Tuscan Grill ($30 cover charge) and enjoyed it. The menu is new, the Maitre d' Jorge is from Portugal and his Asst is Erkan from Turkey. There is an offering of eight or so appetizers. Mary tried the crab cake and a carpaccio of mango and octopus, and Vincent the prosciutto and an arugula salad with fried mozzarella. For entrees Vincent took the perfectly cooked filet Mignon and Mary the Veal cutlet done Milanese style with mushrooms and truffle sauce, buonissimo. Our waiters were Peter (Hungary) and Mehomet (Turkey) and the Sommelier was Maria (Serbia). Service was terrific and the entrance of walking under giant wine casks sets an expectation for a special night, and it was. ENTERTAINMENT On board activities are under the supervision of Cruise Director Mike Gibbons whose interesting background in music and performance makes him a hit! On this ship , in addition to the usual cruising activities, such a dance parties, pool games, trivia, bingo, casino gambling, etc., there is an interaction between officers and passengers which includes challenges of officers versus guests in Bocce games (Lawn Club, deck 15), Pool Volleyball (deck 12), etc.... Also there was a Star Gazing party on the Lawn Club conducted by officer Andrew. The List of Activities published in Celebrity Life is so extensive that you can be very busy throughout the cruise, so we are very fussy in selecting some interesting ones and dedicate the most of our time to relaxing and enjoying "il dolce far niente" (the sweet do nothing). We also enjoyed chatting with a few officers at the Captain's Circle Party, the Environmental Officer Andrew Mott (Worcester, Mass.), Financial Controller Fani Kechagia (Greece) and Resources Officer Mario Valentino (Canada). All of them are courteous, helpful and interesting people, easily interacting with passengers. "Celebrity Showtime" in the Eclipse Theater has been on par with our expectations, but the one show we enjoyed best was that of the singer impressionist Paul Tanner: a great voice and terrific impersonations of Tom Jones, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. We heard that comedian Al Ducharme was really hilarious in several performances throughout the cruise, unfortunately his shows were so late at night that we missed them all. PORTS OF CALL Day 1. Miami, FL USA Depart 4:30 pm Day 2. At Sea Day 3. San Juan, Puerto Rico Arrive 3:00 pm Depart 11:00 pm Day 4. St. Thomas, USVI Arrive 8:00 am Depart 5:00 pm Day 5. St. Maarten, Antilles Arrive 8:00 am Depart 5:00 pm Day 6. At Sea Day 7. At Sea Day 8. Miami, FL USA Arrive 7:00 am DEBARKATION We had an early breakfast at Blu Restaurant and at eight o' clock we went to the Bistro to get wheelchair assistance for debarkation. It was all so very simple and expeditious that we were on our way home by nine o'clock. CONCLUSIONS This was another great cruise. There has been insinuations by some readers that our reviews are not critical enough, since they contain only a few negative points and bias for the special treatments we receive from officers and crew. And this is somewhat true: How could we write a negative criticism when we have had a great cruise, where everybody made us feel very special, where everything we desired we received? Naturally, our demands are reasonable and we know what to expect when we book a cruise on a given ship. This was our 93rd cruise and by now we know well many cruise lines and their ships. Thus, we know what to expect from most of them and we can choose our cruises accordingly to our desires and preferences. Furthermore, since in the last few years we both have had to deal with limited mobility and need a wheelchair accessible cabin, we cruise only with those lines which do best to accommodate disabled passengers. In the past we have raised issues about availability, location, comfort of accessible cabins with several cruise lines, but only some of them have heard our plea by making their new ships more wheelchair-friendly (i.e., Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, Princess and Norwegian), while some others have ignore the problem (i.e., Costa, Carnival and Holland American). Actually, there is something that can be improved even in this ship: The gangway at the entry point to the ship on deck 5 is a bit too steep for Mary's wheelchair pedals thus she had to be helped to access the ship. Our next cruise is on one of our very favorite ships, the Oasis of the Seas, Jan. 21st, 2012. We sailed on the Oasis in Dec. 2010 for the inaugural cruise, thus we look forward to spend our wedding anniversary on this fabulous giga ship. We have also booked a cruise on the MSC Poesia for Feb. 18th, and this is a new cruise line we want to experience. Happy cruising! Read Less
Sail Date December 2011
We're fairly experienced cruisers and enjoy luxury cruises. This was our first Celebrity cruise and our expectations were high. Celebrity did not disappoint. The Eclipse is a gorgeous ship. The interior design work on the ship, ... Read More
We're fairly experienced cruisers and enjoy luxury cruises. This was our first Celebrity cruise and our expectations were high. Celebrity did not disappoint. The Eclipse is a gorgeous ship. The interior design work on the ship, the fabrics, furnishings, linens and attention to detail on this ship was second to none that I've sailed with prior to this. The ship is well laid-out and it's easy to find everything. We had a CC stateroom and enjoyed this level of service. The upgraded linens were very beautiful and comfortable. The bed was very comfortable. The shower was very roomy and had rounded glass doors. There was ample storage space for clothes and suitcases. We ate at the MDR only once for dinner (New Year's Eve dinner only). We prefer the other dining options and thoroughly enjoyed Murano three times and the Tuscan Grille three times. I would recommend either of these choices for a great dining experience and exceptional service. The cruise director was great! There were so many great options of activities for all age levels and interests each and every day that if you couldn't find something to do, then it was your fault. We enjoyed a bocce tournament and golf putting tournament at the Lawn Club. It was great to have a real grass area at sea. We also enjoyed the fitness facilities and I took two Pilate classes that were well done. The shows were excellent. There was a Cirque du Soleil type show that was truly exceptional. The Eclipse singers and dancers were by far the best that I've seen at sea. We enjoyed every show. I didn't stay up to see the comedians but I heard that they were good. Our ports of call included San Juan, St. Martin and St. Kitts. St. Martin was truly gorgeous. We took an excursion to Orient Beach and had a great day. San Juan was okay. We took a city tour and saw a historic fort St. Kitts was fun and the people of St. Kitts were very nice. We took a catarmaran ride and a train ride to see quite a bit of this pretty island. The staff on the Eclipse were all wonderful. Our stateroom attendant, Racquel, was a true sweetheart and she brought us fresh fruit and flowers each day. Our room was always spotless. The Murano and Tuscan Grille staff were exceptional. We will book with Celebrity again. We were impressed and had a great vacation. Read Less
Sail Date December 2011
Celebrity Eclipse Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.6
Dining 5.0 4.3
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 5.0 4.6
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.2
Family 4.0 4.2
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.8
Enrichment 4.0 3.8
Service 4.0 4.6
Value For Money 4.0 4.1
Rates N/A 4.2

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