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37 Celebrity Eclipse Holiday Cruise Reviews

Celebrity Eclipse 16 night Med cruise, October 2011 As usual, we travelled down to Southampton the day before our cruise, its 195 miles and takes on average 4.5 to 5 hours, worst trip was 7 hours plus. We have stayed at the Holiday Inn ... Read More
Celebrity Eclipse 16 night Med cruise, October 2011 As usual, we travelled down to Southampton the day before our cruise, its 195 miles and takes on average 4.5 to 5 hours, worst trip was 7 hours plus. We have stayed at the Holiday Inn Express at Nursling, a few times, so just a short journey to the docks. Since our last visit in May, they had become a recommeded hotel for a local childrens theme park, and it was a little noisy. We have decided to stay elsewhere in future. We had been very lucky in getting an invite to visit the QM2 on the 14th October, the same day as we sailed on Eclipse. Having had a good meal at the local Beafeater the night before, we skipped breakfast, packed the car and proceeded to the QE2 terminal. We had a very interesting tour of QM2, in a group of ten with a good guide, followed by an excellent leisurely lunch with wine. We knew it would be tight to get to Eclipse, and it was 2.20pm when we left the dining room! We disembarked, fortunately the car was close, and drove to the City terminal, quickly unoaded our cases, parked the car, and checked in. We were one of the last to check in, we boarded (no photographers!), drank the 'welcome' drink, and went to our Aqua class cabin, where we arrived at 3.05pm! The difference between the two ships was a stark contrast, the traditional decor of the QM2 to the modern light decor of Eclipse. We popped down to Blu, our restaurant, as we had heard that our favourite waiter was on board, when we got there he was on the maitre d's desk, and we got a wonderfull greeting. When we got back our steward introduced himself, and went on a case hunt, as only one of our cases had arrived. This was our 5th cruise on Eclipse, all in the same cabin on the 'hump', so might know that we are very happy with the ship, it was like coming home. We had also reached 'Elite' status, the top tier in their 'rewards' scheme, which intitled us to several perks. First two days were sea days, and again the Bay of Biscay was kind to us, in these 2 days they held the 'Senior Oficers' cocktail party in the Sky lounge, where the only problem was getting an non alcoholic drink for my wife! I also did the Elite bridge visit, it was a fairly large group and a fairly short visit would not bother again! First port was Cadiz where we just walked into town and explored its many narrow streets, returning to the ship for lunch, which consisted of a drink and a few rolls from Cafe Bacio. We attended several shows with 'guest' artists, some good,some not so good. We did not attend any production shows, as we had seen them before. many pax were unhappy having to go early to get a seat in the theatre, seams to be the same on most ships! The next day was a sea day, which we spent drinking coffee, doing crosswords, and failing miserably in answering the quizz questions. We always went for the wonderful Blu breakfasts, which was always a lovely unhurried event. In the evenings we always dined early, so we got our waiter, several other couples were doing the same, and the 5 tables for 2 were nearly always occupied by the same couples, often in seated in a different order, so we all became friendly. The food and service were sublime, and nothing was to much trouble for our waiters. Items from the MDR were obtainable, but we never felt the need. There were 2 'secret' sweets, never on the menu, but available if you asked (Creme Brulee and Apple Pie). Next port was Cagliara, which we have visited before. We have cruised the Med many times, and have done the tours that interest us,so we did not do any of the ships tours on this cruise, so again, we just had a walk round the town, we normally find somewhere to explore. One of the perks of Elite is the 'happy' hours between 5pm and 7pm where you are provided with drinks and nibbles, we really enjoyed ourselves there, meeting a couple we had met before, and another couple we got to know. The next day was Palermo, we had seen all sorts of dire warnings about the port, but frankly, we thought it was not as scarey as Naples! Another sea day spent at leisure, enjoying the ship. We had prepaid our tips, and purchased a Premium non alcoholic package each, which we found excellent value, as latte's were $5.25 each and Tea $4.75 we also had sparkling water in Blu every night, at a rough guess, the average drink priced worked at around $3, we loved the no signing, no tickets involved. Then it was Venice, the favourite port of the cruise for us, it was $20 for the boat ticket, and I noticed a sign saying one way trips were 7euro's, so not ripped off too much! We walked as far as the market, and were very suprised to see vegetables for sale from our home town in Lincolnshire! We returned to the ship with heavy parcels and a lighter wallet! We had an invite to an Elite sailaway on the helipad, the crew had put some chairs out on the helipad, trust us to choose two in front of an almighty loud speaker, which deafened us when they turned the music on! It was very cold, so much so they had to fetch some blankets for us, it was a wonderful experience, but it was so cold! Next it was Dubrovnic, and as usual, people had not read the paper, or listened to the announcments, and had failed to take goverment ID's with them, and were turned off the bus at the dock gates by the border guards. Again, we explored this intriuging town, making purchases on our way round! We were then over halfway through the cruise, at sea heading toward home, but with a couple of stops on the way. The Captains Club celebration was held on a sea day, usual speeches and jokes, and a selection of food available, they had some great beef being carved, in which I indulged. That evening in Blu i had a wonderfull steak, but the next day i decided I had eaten to much beef the previous day! We noticed in the evening that many of the officers were 'on patrol' mid evening, we had several chats, in particular with the Guest Relations Manager And so to Cartegena, another port where you can walk off the ship into the town centre, so off we set to explore the place. Down one off the side streets we saw a set of 3 escalators outdoors, quite unusual we thought, so up we went. it turned out to be some roman ruins on a hill overlooking the town. We were somewhat surprised to see one of our dinner companians, who uses a buggy, at the top! That evening, the captain warned us it would be rough the next day, which was a sea day. As forecast, it was rough with 9 metre waves and 40/50 knot headwind, and in the morning the captain announced he was slowing down for passenger and crew safety. We took some pills and retired to our stateroom for a few hours. We felt fine later in the afternoon, so went o the Elite event and dinner in Blu. After dinner we were walking past the shops with some of our dinner companions when the captain again made an announcement. He explained that as we had slowed down so much, we would arrive in La Coruna in the late afternoon rather than mid morning, and we were due to leave at 9pm. He then annouced that we would not be going to La Coruna, and our reaction was that we would be going home somewhat slowly. He the said that with the co-operation of the Miami headquarters, and the port of Vigo, we would be docking in Vigo mid morning, and leaving early evening. We were delighted, as were many as they had not been to Vigo. Others, of course complained, but we did not fancy La Coruna in the dark with lots of places closed. Full marks to Celebrity for organising this at such short notice, other lines were cancelling ports completely. Docked as scheduled in Vigo, on a bright sunny day. Despite some moans, many seemed to enjoy our last port, the shops and restaurants must have welcomed this surprise visit by 3000 passengers, including around 35 children and 235 Americans. Once again, the Bay of Biscay was fairly kind to us, as we packed our cases and enjoyed our last chat with friends in the Sky Lounge, then our final meal in Blu and the farewells. I occasionally bought a glass of wine at dinner, and was paying around $9.25 for a glass of wine (which was a generous freepour) which is around £5.81, a similar price charged in many better hotels and restaurants in the UK. Cheapest bottle of wine in a Hilton recently was £20.00 equalling around $32.00, not sure why many were complaning about the prices of drinks on the ship When we awoke at 6am, we were back in Southampton, down to breakfast in Blu at 6.30am as it opened, when we finished we found out we could disembark, so returned to our cabin, picked up our carry off's, and walked off the seemingly deserted ship, quickly found our cases, surprisingly the customs hall was not manned, and off to the car which was parked close by. We were in the car and ready to go by 7.30am, the best disembark ever, and as it was a Sunday, a quick exit from Southampton, and home by 11.30am! In all, a wonderful cruise, perhaps our best ever, with the crew and food the best we have ever had. This not to say it was perfect, we had a few issues during the cruise.With the cabin being under the pool deck, around 7am we often got 'wake up' call around 7am, when the pool butlers started putting the sunbeds out. As mentioned previously, my wife often had a problem getting a soft drink at the Captains Club events, the waiters bring round a tray of alcoholic drinks, we ask for a non alcoholic drink, and off the waiter goes, often forgetting the drink, or another passenger highjacking it before they returned. After our visit to Vigo I went to guest Relations to pay some excess euro's off our account. There were 3 staff on duty, but it turned out only one of them was able to handle the transaction, and he was serving one passenger, with another waiting. Each transaction took several minutes, and I left the queue as it was time to get ready for dinner. When I left, there were 7 passengers waiting to do cash transactions! Looking at my account on the TV next day, I noticed that I had been charged for some drinks in a bar, and had not recieved the Internet credit due, so another trip to guest Relations, when I was able to pay in my Euro's, and sort out the overcharges. Never saw the Guest Relations Manager again, so could not hassle him about the service! Did not recieve a final account, but fortunately I had noted the ammount due as we went to bed on the last night. Just before we left for our cruise, Celebrity announced that Constellation would be coming to Southampton in 2012, to do a series of 'food and wine' cruises. We had already booked an Azores cruise on Eclipse, but this new cruise really appealed. so we enquired if we could change our cruise. Our Personal Cruise Specialist was really helpful, and changed our booking without charge, unlike other cruise lines we have used. We lost our free carking, that offer was not available for the new cruise. Read Less
Sail Date October 2011
Excellent start to cruise, no problems with embarkation & stateroom as expected. (Sailed on Eclipse to the Baltic last year). The food and service in the main dining room was of the previous high standard - this time we chose to ... Read More
Excellent start to cruise, no problems with embarkation & stateroom as expected. (Sailed on Eclipse to the Baltic last year). The food and service in the main dining room was of the previous high standard - this time we chose to have select dining to give us more flexibility which we found worked well for us. We ate in two of the speciality restaurants which, although expensive was a nice treat and most enjoyable. The quality of the entertainment varied, with some shows better than other, or perhaps not to our taste. More time in ports would have been appreciated, especially Venice and Dubrovnik. In Venice we noticed how long the queue was waiting for the shuttle boats back to the ship and cut short our sightseeing to make sure that we were not late back on board. More information regarding the closure of some sites on certain days would have been helpful. All service on board was very good - special thanks to our stateroom attendant. The end of the cruise was not so good!! We were due to leave the ship at 9.00 but did not reach our car until shortly before 11.00. ( Last year we had left the ship, collected our luggage and walked to our car within 15-20 min.) Utter chaos would best describe this years disembarkation, collection of luggage and transfer to the car parks. We hope that in future Celebrity will take action to improve the disembarkation process, because unfortunately this is the last thing that we remember of what otherwise was an excellent holiday. Read Less
Sail Date September 2011
We flew into London then bus to Southampton and stayed at the Dolphin Hotel for 2 nights. Embarkation went smooth, the room was well appointed. 1st problem came with the people smoking on their balcony. I called management and they dealt ... Read More
We flew into London then bus to Southampton and stayed at the Dolphin Hotel for 2 nights. Embarkation went smooth, the room was well appointed. 1st problem came with the people smoking on their balcony. I called management and they dealt with it right away. I am very allergic to Smoke Ship Info: Daily schedules were delivered the night before and were well done. Dining: Breakfast - buffet was good. Served Breakfast in Dining room - food arrived cool. Didn't return to served breakfast. Lunch - good. Tried several areas for lunch. Dinner: meals were good (not excellent) except for 2 that had to be sent back. We were not the only ones who had returned their meals. We eat at 2 of the specialty restaurants at 35.00 each and both were excellent. Activities: We sat in the lounges, shopped on board, swam, exercise room, walked the decks. All were enjoyable. Staff Service: Room service - excellent, Dining service was excellent, Specialty Wine tasting room service - excellent, Bar servers - very good, Breakfast and lunch servers- very good. Service Desk - one lady was very abrupt.(more on that under Entertainment) Entertainment: So so but missed the demographics of those on board. We got to meet many others on board who were also disappointed of the type and quality. I must say this was the lowest rated entertainment compared to all other cruises we have taken. Next - we went to the upper deck to hear the musicians and looked forward to Dancing only to experience a large portion of this room was for smokers. We had to leave and never went back. The Main Atrium - there was always live music and when part of the Big Band played the tiled floorarea was filled with couples dancing. We did as well and really enjoyed it. That was one day then the rest of the time there was a Jazz group, however the music they played - nice to listen to but not the beat to dance to. Couples just stood around hoping for a number they could dance to. After the 3rd day of this I went to Customer Service - located in plain sight of the Atrium floor area, and mentioned to the young lady could she get a message to the entertainment manager regarding a change to the music. She was abrupt and told me that the Jazz group was requested??? Well my request fell on deaf ears because this same group continued day after day with no one able to enjoy a dance. I have been on so many other ships where dancing in the atrium is enjoyed by so many. Shore excursions: Brugees- great time there. Had the best Belgium ever at a restaurant in the town square. Berlin: 3 hr bus ride each way. The bag lunch was not only unhealthy but whatever that 1/2 sandwich was - was uneatable. Ever the Apple was bruised. Guide was good except we spent more than an hour driving in circles in the city then rushed to look at some sights - too rushed. Sharon and I broke away to go through the Jewish memorial - one other couple from our bus joined us. Best part of OUR tour. ON bus ride back to ship - given another bag snack - the other 1/2 uneatable sandwich. If ever again I will get the ship to make us a bagged lunch. Helsinki: Great time there St. Petersburg - 2 days - go go go but overall - rushed through palaces, etc, it still was worth seeing. The arranged lunch was OK. Tallinn: Great city to tour - forget the other tours. We went to the Farm - OK then to visit a home (this was a set up by the home owner) waste of time. Stockholm - we loved seeing the City. Problem was our tour guide had an appointment for another tour a 4pm and rushed us through the Ship museum. She actually got off the bus early and the bus driver took over. He knew more history and points of interest than the guide. Copenhagen: After that tour in Stockholm I decided we would do our own walking tour. We got to see so much more than others on board that took Cruise Tours. We took river boat tour - few on board and had plenty of one on one with the guide. We would go back. We went off the tourist beat to where locals shopped and eat and had a great lunch at a sidewalk cafe. Disembarkation: This went smooth. We took a bus to a Heathrow Hotel, spent a night then flew home. This Cruise cost us approx 1000.00US each more than we could have paid for a similar cruise on another cruise line. Unfortunately we have had better consistent meals, service and entertainment on many others. Since this cruise we and 9 other siblings took a 7 day Alaska Cruise in mid September on Carnival. It was better in so many ways- surprise! Best Regards Dwayne Jacobson Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
We love cruising and cruise twice or more a year. We arrived early at 11am to avoid lengthy queuing in our car as previously and waited in the foyer for half an hour or so until allowed up to the boarding lounge. Quite a large number of ... Read More
We love cruising and cruise twice or more a year. We arrived early at 11am to avoid lengthy queuing in our car as previously and waited in the foyer for half an hour or so until allowed up to the boarding lounge. Quite a large number of crew were also arriving so all credit to them for the seamless changeover. As noted by an earlier reviewer there were a lot, such a lot, of very elderly and disabled people on board. It once took us an hour from the scheduled meeting time for a trip to get ashore to the coach. The crew were trying to lift very many disabled people in wheel chairs and scooters down a steep plank in a general free for all disembarcation. I was wondering if there is not some maximum number that can be coped with on a ship before it represents a safety issue in the event of an evacuation. The Oceanview gets very crowded and it helps if people act with consideration for their fellow diners. I was astonished when an elderly lady without a dish or cup in hand sat down next to me one day to wait for her husband and proceeded to sweep the uncleared items from her table on to the cleared place of my husband who had gone for desert. The staff were clearing quite quickly but she did not wish to wait. An elderly man in a singlet at luchtime was very offputting. As noted in a previous review the number of people with tattoos, male and female, is increasing. When we first started cruising with Celebrity there were mostly American guests on board and many more international guests, with more UK guests standards of cruise dress and etiquette are slipping. Very many people said it was their first cruise and a lot of moaning went on. The staff do an excellent job in difficult circumstances. We dined on second sitting and although the doors were opened at 08.30 for 08.45 our waiter was often still 'meeting and greeting' at the door until 09.00. We had generally good service although a beef dish that was recommended to my husband did not turn out to be worth it so we tended to ignore recommendations and assumed it meant 'we've got a lot'. Fairplay we have never been told something is unavailable, amazing. The vegetables are often little more than a garnish on a long menu so rather than ask for a plate of steamed vegetables, which they are happy to provide, I always looked for a good helping of vegetables at lunchtime. Some lunchtime meals were so outstanding I was happy with a lighter meal at dinner. The smoking policy on Celebrity is that guests can smoke in the Sky Lounge, port side. As the air conditioning cannot cope with this, by late evening it has built up and so we did not spend much time there. We did go up one evening for a publicised special dance event but the party had not started and we retreated to the Disco. This is an underused facility, mainly because even when hordes are passing it after the show it never has floor filling music to tempt anyone in. We made a request and the floor soon filled but then it became obscure music again after 20 minutes and people drifted away. Actually we spent less time than usual dancing on this cruise and more time watching movies in our cabin. We dance a lot when we are on Cunard because it has a great Disco/nightclub and floor filling DJ also Grand ballroom for a twirl. The Ballroom floor on Eclipse adjoins the grand staircase which was part roped off one night with a big yellow hazard sign on the ballroom floor so photos could be taken. This kinda kills the romance. As noted in a previous review, the audience participation event 'Masquerade' was dulled down by about 16 seated elderly and disabled guests taking over the whole area surrounding the ballroom floor expecting a 'floorshow' which it isn't. Most of the Rocky Horror music type 'show' is on the staircase which is not viewable from the sofas. Perhaps the organisers could explain that this is a participation event and that the best view is from above. Cunard doesn't allow smoking in the Skylounge equivalent (however they do allow it in the cabins although I haven't yet had a problem tainted cabin). Evidence has recently been published that even one exposure to second hand smoke can cause a cardiac event so Celebrity should address this in the design of their new ships with a dedicated smoker's room like Cunard. Apparently 'third hand' smoke impregnated on drapes and chairs is carcinogenic according to a report in our our Local Authority magazine. In Provence we took a trip to 'Sanary and Castellet' two excellent stops for strolling with camera. The scenery on route is very pretty. In Pisa we viewed the Baptistry and the Cathedral interiors and admired the Leaning Tower exterior. If you wanted to climb it you would need to rush to the ticket office immediately on arriving at the 'Field of Miracles' to get a timed ticket which would allow you to do so before the scheduled departure. Unlikely at peak times. I was glad I took an umbrella as the walk to the Field was about 15 mins in very hot sun. In Civitavecchia we took the free bus into town and went first to the little archeological museum. We then strolled up the main street, looked at the market, finally we strolled along the promenade and read about the history of the Spa Resort it had been before the war. The Promenade is being restored and there are several pleasant cafe bars in this area. In Cagliari we went to the small archeological museum which has been excavated under a church revealing the ancient town walls and streets. We then enjoyed the views from the Bastion and walked up to the Cathedral. The Governor's Palace is worth a visit. We took the Cadiz walking tour and had a glimpse into the Arabic style courtyard interior of a private Club. The Cathedral, Covered Market and old Town walls were very interesting. Cadiz is more or less a grid system so you could do this tour using a guide from the Tourist Office. From Lisbon we took a trip to 'Medieval Obidos'. There were two beautiful museum/art galleries (free) to enjoy in our free time. A beautiful 17c church, a castle and many little shops are to be found inside the tiny walled citadel. Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
Vessel: Celebrity Eclipse Dates: Holiday Cruise: Dec. 26, 2010- Jan 2, 2010 2 Adult Passengers, Balcony Stateroom, Eight Floor Ports of Call: Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Roatan, Costa Maya Our expectations were high ... Read More
Vessel: Celebrity Eclipse Dates: Holiday Cruise: Dec. 26, 2010- Jan 2, 2010 2 Adult Passengers, Balcony Stateroom, Eight Floor Ports of Call: Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Roatan, Costa Maya Our expectations were high prior to boarding the Eclipse. I had looked into different cruise options for more than 20 hours online and the Eclipse met the bill for a sleek, sophisticated vessel. Boarding: The process went fairly smoothly. Initial Impression: A large, very good looking vessel that shows upscale lines. Champagne was provided on initial boarding. Drink Package: We decided to purchase the beverage packages, which was a good decision, as soon as we boarded. After deliberating for a couple of weeks prior to the departure as to whether the price was worth it ($50.00 a day for the premium alcohol package and $40.00 for the classic alcohol package for my girlfriend), we determined it was indeed. These are rates per person. Classic included all wines and mixed drinks to $8.00 and the premium up to $12.00. Beer is up to $5.00 in the classic and unlimited in premium. Good selection of imported beer, including Guinness. Bottom line here: If you plan on buying alcohol onboard, get the package. I suggest the premium package as it allows the 10.00 martinis in the martini bar and the $12.00 martini creations in the Molecular Bar (featuring organic martinis, including those with liquid nitrogen). All bottled water, soda, coffees, wine, champagne, after diner drinks are included in the alcohol packages. A 15% surcharge is applied at the front so no tipping is required, although the better staff bartenders deserve more. We tipped the sommelier quite a bit more because he was professional, knowledgeable, and was quick with refills at dinner. It also eliminated needing to sign every time one wanted a drink. Very cost effective and flexible, especially on New Year' Eve. However, we were not able to get a bottle of water from 0230am-0700am. My girlfriend was told at 0630 by a waiter in the Oceanview cafe that she could purchase a bottle at 0700am at the bar; and this was after he consulted his supervisor. I feel that guests that purchase beverage packages should have access to water 24 hours a day. There is water in each room available for an additional fee. Dinner: We had the assigned 6PM time. Dinner was prompt and professional with 2 sides of the menu. One listed classic dishes available every night; the other side provided a Chef's selection which changed daily. One may mix and match and ordering multiple courses is not a problem. After dinner Remy Martin Cognac, either at dinner or in Michael's Lounge was relaxing. We liked the bartender Mila in Michael's because she was personable and knowledgeable. Jesus in the Ensemble lounge kept the drinks coming and was a blast. The music varies in each of the lounges. Dinner varied and the formal night included lobster. Impeccable service in the dining room. We could not get a reservation so late in the process for the specialty restaurants, although others raved about them. Nightly room service was quick and excellent. The pool bar is great for chicken and burgers. The 14th floor has the Oceanside grille which has great variety if one chooses a casual option. The sushi was disappointing as there were 3 options and they were not very tasty. Celebrity select dining seemed to be unnecessary for the extra cost as seating was flexible by 15-20 minutes or goes casual. Caffe Bacci- great international coffees and drinks. Gelato bar- costs $3.00 a serving which was surprising as everything else was included. Some of the guests were rude to staff and complained about minor issues, such as the size of the chicken pieces in the pasta! To the women who were acting as nannies for two children during breakfast on Deck 14, PLEASE change the kids soiled diapers in the restroom and NOT at the dining room table. Entertainment: Saw the magic show and variety shows. Both good. Martini Bar has its own show on the cold, ice bar with one enthusiastic staff member who was going wild on NY Eve. There was only one DJ available on NY Eve and was removed from the club that we were in and reassigned to the top deck where many young guests were partying. The activities director did not offer us another option and stated it was not her fault. Additionally, she added it was her boss decision and we need to voice our concerns. Balcony Stateroom- Well apportioned and excellent design. Beautiful bathroom and spacious balcony. In room entertainment is awesome and the bed was relaxing. We had an outstanding attendant, Eric, who was there as soon we departed the room and had it reassembled immediately thereafter. Bravo! Ports: Grand Cayman- We almost missed this port of call as we were one of 2 ships to make it because of the weather. No jewelry deals in ANY of the ports. It is all hype. As a matter of fact, some of the items are pricier than in the USA. Roatan: Filthy port with little to offer. This is a place for shore excursions sponsored by the trip. We took a private taxi tour and after $40.00 and 1 ½ hour later, were ready to get back to the ship. Cozumel: Good port but be safe. Many opportunities for foolish tourist to drink too much tequila and wind up in jail with high bail. We went to an all inclusive at Uvas and it was a blast. Just know the area is a tourist trap. Costa Maya: Do not leave the sheltered shopping district without a cruise sponsored tour. Care to pet the dolphins for 100 bucks a person for 10 minutes in a small cage about 30 feet long. We passed on it. Best part of the trip? Horseback riding on the beach and in the ocean at Pampered Ponies in Caymans. Good price and a good staff. They cater to all styles. My girlfriend and I noticed an eclectic combination of personas. The cruise ship is luxury and upscale. Providing an ice cold towel on return from each of the ships ports distinguished the ship amongst others in port. If you want to be treated like royalty in a new ship, which crew is still getting used to the intricacies of the vessel, sail the Eclipse. Only gripe here is that some of the staff's limited English proficiency resulted in confused orders in some bars... something easy to overlook. The bartenders in the Molecular bar were distant and disengaged. The male bartender handed us a drink menu and did not offer us any suggestions. A female bartender spoke only to the male bartender in perfect English. Again, no suggestions were made to help guide us on our drink selection. One of the other guests guided us. The drinks were fresh and spectacular. The Molecular bar was something we looked forward to and my girlfriend refused to go and be treated poorly by the bartenders. The male bartender did interact with a specific group of male guests. Both failed to make us feel comfortable. Awesome cruise lines, decent price, first class service. GREAT job and we will return. Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
My girlfriend and I just got back from an amazing cruise aboard Celebrity's Eclipse. First off, as a quick intro we are in our early 30's, and we are experienced travelers, with this being our 8th cruise. We have also ... Read More
My girlfriend and I just got back from an amazing cruise aboard Celebrity's Eclipse. First off, as a quick intro we are in our early 30's, and we are experienced travelers, with this being our 8th cruise. We have also cruised Carnival, Princess, and Royal Caribbean. This is my second Celebrity cruise, and my girlfriend's first. Embarkation in Miami: We arrived around 2pm, and boarded the ship effortlessly. My first step on the teak deck showed me the newness and beauty of the ship. Another step had me in front of a white-gloved staff member offering a choice of either mimosa or champagne. Nice touch, Celebrity. Very classy. I noticed these small but very important gestures the entire week. From that point on, we were overjoyed with every aspect of the ship. Typically, we choose interior cabins due to their economy price and convenience for mid-day naps and sleeping late, but we got a great deal on a balcony cabin, so we splurged. The cabin, on deck 8, was in a word, wonderful. The room was spotless, extremely well set up, and gone were the overly annoying blues and pinks of other cruise lines. The cabin was decorated in earthy tones, with wood cabinets and granite countertops. The balcony was large and beautiful. The bathroom was also fabulous, with a vessel sink and tile backsplash. The shower was easily large enough for two people, and had a door rather than the annoying curtain. There was plenty of room, and the bed was one of the most comfortable we'd slept on while on a ship. This theme of cleanliness and beauty ran throughout the ship. Public areas were amazing, and while it is a larger ship, it never felt cramped. The pool area was, of course, a popular hangout on sea days, and the Oceanview Cafe did seem a bit hectic on the day everyone boarded, but other than that, the cruise and the onboard experience felt very intimate. The Lawn club was fabulous, the previously mentioned Oceanview Cafe and the Moonlight Sonata (the wine tower is truly something to behold) were amazing, and the specialty restaurants were gorgeous. We found the ship to be the most attractive one we had ever cruised on. As far as beverages go, we found the sunset bar (at the very aft of the ship) to be rarely crowded, and Michael's Club (as well as the darkly lit area just outside of the entrance) to be wonderful places to enjoy a refreshing drink. The martini bar was fantastic, as was the casino. I was even blown away by the beauty of the public bathrooms. The ship is completely modern and beautiful, from head to toe. To be honest, I really don't have much to say in any sort of negative slant towards the ship. One very important note: My girlfriend and I typically bring a bottle of wine or alcohol onboard in our bags with no problem. I had previously read that Celebrity was really cracking down on this, but that we were allowed two personal bottles of wine with a corkage fee. So we decided to pack two bottles of wine, in our checked luggage, and if discovered, be very willing to pay the fee. So by evening on the first night, neither of our bags that contained the wine had shown up at our door. Around 6pm I got a call from the room steward, letting me know that I had to go to deck 2 security because there was liquor in my bag. Of course, I was pretty embarrassed, but he said not to worry, that there were plenty of people in the same boat that we were in. When I got down to deck 2, there were indeed a large number of people claiming their bags with alcohol. In order to leave with the bag, one had to open it and show the contents to a security staff member. Those with wine were allowed to keep the bottle(s), but any liquor was confiscated. I assume that it was given back at the end of the cruise, but I don't know. So take this as a word of warning to those thinking of sneaking the hard stuff on board. Truthfully I was a bit surprised that they did this, but I suppose its the direction the industry is going. Food was fantastic on all fronts, which was a welcome surprise. I admit that I have feared for some time that with the advent of specialty restaurants, cruise lines would allow the quality of main dining room food to deteriorate while focusing on the revenue generating specialties, but it was not the case here. Steaks were cooked very well, risotto was fabulous, and appetizers and desserts were fantastic. Also, the service was top notch. We did try both Qsine and the Tuscan Grill, which were both spectacular. In the Tuscan Grill, the steaks were cooked to perfection, as was the Sea Bass. Also, ask for Ozzy if you can. He will take care of your every need. Qsine is not to be missed. Everything about this restaurant is just fun. When you enter, they give you an IPad with which to browse and order the many small plates available in a tapas-style configuration. These were all better and way more creative than any tapas place I've been to. Sushi lollipops, Kobe beef sliders, a trio of soups, all served so creatively that they're as fun to look at as they are to eat. For example, the painter's filet arrived in the shape of a painter's palette, with the outside colors being various accompaniments that were to be enjoyed with the filet. Simply amazing, and well worth it. The only gripe I had with the overall ship offerings was the sushi that was offered nightly. It wasn't bad, by any means, but other lines (specifically Carnival, which is totally unbelievable) had much better rolls and fresher tasting fish. Also the pizza from room service was pretty doughy, but I wasn't expecting too much there. The ports were great. Please note that if you are ever in Costa Maya, please get out of that initial port area. I love Costa Maya, and have never spent more than 5 minutes on that tourist trap of a pier. I was told by another cruiser that the owner of the pier made a deal with the cruise lines that they would try to keep as many people on the pier as possible, but anyone who stays is missing a true Mexican/Caribbean gem. Rent a golf cart of take a cab into town. You will find great bars, fantastic restaurants, waaaaaaaaaay cheaper beers, great people, crafts, massages, and beautiful beaches. I hate to hear every cruise how many people didn't even know there was a town there. Also, if you are in Cozumel and have some wheels, Mr. Sancho's and the "Freedom in Paradise" reggae beach bar are totally worth the trip - my personal favorite being the Reggae bar. Its at the very southern tip of the island, and they have cheap drinks and great eats. It is well worth the trip. West Bay in Honduras was also a great beach with a lot of fun things to do. Entertainment was basic cruise fare...I don't usually attend many shows. The newlywed game, ran by passable cruise director Paul Baya, was bland. However, the cirque-de-soleil style show, titled Eclipse, was pretty good. In fact, I believe a lot of the stunts were more dramatic than the majority of the crowd could understand. If you are a Captain's Circle member - don't miss Celebrity's club member party. It was far and above the best of the parties that any line has thrown that we have attended for return guests. This is reason enough to join the club. The only issue we had with the entire cruise was the disembarkation. No numbers were going to be called like other lines, they just basically told you to vacate the stateroom by 8:30 and go to your assigned waiting area (the Moonlight Sonata for us). Well, rather than harp on it, lets just say we didn't get off the ship until around 11. There were tons of people standing around, with no information from Celebrity about how long things were taking or why. I was told by one of the customs people that this always happens in Port of Miami on disembarkation day, so I don't think this is a negative aspect of the ship or Celebrity itself. Overall the cruise was virtually perfect, and the Eclipse was one of the best ships we have ever been on. I will have to say that I personally prefer the "main street" design that Royal Caribbean takes on its larger ships as opposed to a 3-4 story atrium, but that's just me. It seems like it creates more of a central hub for the ship. I do like Celebrity's focus on elegance rather than family, and while I do like RC's approach to active people (basketball courts, rock climbing walls, surfing, etc.), Celebrity's focus on understated sophistication is also very a welcomed change of pace and was executed with ease. We will be sailing on Celebrity in the future. Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
We arrived later than expected due to a three hour drive in bad weather and afraid we wouldn't be allowed on the ship. Registration was a breeze and we were greeted by a calming, friendly agent who immediately put us at ease. This ... Read More
We arrived later than expected due to a three hour drive in bad weather and afraid we wouldn't be allowed on the ship. Registration was a breeze and we were greeted by a calming, friendly agent who immediately put us at ease. This gorgeous ship truly feels like a 5-star hotel. Despite the large number of guests on the ship, we never felt that we were in a crowd. We bought a bottle of our favorite wine to enjoy on our balcony with the lovely complimentary appetizers brought to our room every afternoon. Without exception, the wait staff was top notch. The holiday decorations and professional entertainment were very uplifting and kept us smiling. The ease of getting a quick bite to eat at the informal International Buffet was a treat. The food was always fresh and what great selections! The nightly dining included was very good; however, one night we chose to splurge and ate at the Tuscan Restaurant. OMG! I'm sorry we didn't eat there every night! The food was exquisite and worth the extra $. The martini bar was a favorite hangout with top-notch martini experts making unique concoctions. Yum! We did not book any excursions, but had a grand time just tooling around San Juan, St. Maarten, and St. Thomas on our own. It was drizzling in San Juan so we spent half the afternoon at Senior Frogs wearing balloon hats and eating popcorn out of dog bowls while sipping marvelous margaritas. I thought we would be bored with Labadee, but had the best time there. Actually, it was beyond our expectations and we had a blast. Disembarkation was a breeze...the easiest we ever experienced. The only disappointment was the lack of storage in the room. Two of my 4 cruises have been on Celebrity and, without doubt, were the best. The Eclipse, just launched in April, 2010, was an excellent choice and wouldn't hesitate to "do it again"! If I wasn't such a lady my husband would have had to drag me kicking and screaming off the ship. I didn't want to leave....neither did he. Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
Our family traveled together for Thanksgiving - 13 of us - all very experienced cruisers. 3 older teenagers, everyone else from 45 years of age to a very young 79. The Eclipse is, quite simply, a beautiful ship. We were all ... Read More
Our family traveled together for Thanksgiving - 13 of us - all very experienced cruisers. 3 older teenagers, everyone else from 45 years of age to a very young 79. The Eclipse is, quite simply, a beautiful ship. We were all blown-away by lovely decor and attention to design detail in both our staterooms and all public areas. Such a clean ship. Even the sinks in the public restrooms were amazing! Staterooms: Positive: Very comfy beds, fabulous bathrooms including showers with very hot water and great water pressure, good toiletry storage, and outrageously thick and fluffy towels. Our staterooms were all adjacent so we slid back each balcony divider and therefore had one long veranda which allowed us to enjoy time together watching sunsets, port entries, etc. Great tv with good reception and the teenagers loved the on-demand movies. Negative: Lacking adequate storage for clothes. Steward did not keep the room as clean as it should have been. Food: Beautiful dining room, with VERY slow service. After we expressed concern the service improved (additional waitstaff was added) but each dinner still took 2+ hours. Many times the food was cold or tasteless. We appreciated the nice try with the Thanksgiving dinner, but the turkey, dressing, etc. was really not good. The Buffet area was huge with a great assortment of food and very minimal wait time. Good cookies. Entertainment: Theatre is beautiful. Saw a fantastic "Cirque du Soleil" type show. Casino: Machines did not pay...lol. Teen Entertainment: None. Non-Existent. Our three kids(16, 17, and 19) are low maintenance, experienced cruisers and so they found what to do to amuse themselves but there were not planned activities or specific teen areas (as there are on Royal Caribbean) for them. I do not recommend taking your kids on this ship. Ports: St. Marten - One adult and two teens went zip-lining - it was fun but strenuous for the adult. On a previous cruise we raced an America's Cup sailboat and I certainly recommend that excursion. St. Kitts - Heaven on earth. Such a beautiful island worth many more visits. Take the tour offered by Rosevelt Taylor - velt28_21@hotmail.com. www.stkittsislandparadisetours.com. This was the best tour we've ever taken on a cruise vacation. Rosevelt is professional, knowledgeable, and his van was clean and comfortable. We drove right through the area that the recent armed robbery occured in and saw police patrolling the area in an attempt to make the tourists feel more comfortable. Spa: Wonderful spa and gym areas. Great variety of brand new work-out equipment. Took the stretch and ab classes each morning - good instructors. Summary: Beautiful ship for adults wanting to just relax and enjoy the view. However, next time we'll cruise on one of the new big Royal Caribbean ships instead. Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
We arrived in Miami at 10am. Our relaxation began as soon as we got to our hotel, the Ritz-Carlton Biscayne Bay. This was in the middle of nowhere with a nice beach, 2 pools, one adult, one family. They were showing a movie that night at ... Read More
We arrived in Miami at 10am. Our relaxation began as soon as we got to our hotel, the Ritz-Carlton Biscayne Bay. This was in the middle of nowhere with a nice beach, 2 pools, one adult, one family. They were showing a movie that night at the family pool. It was windy and a little cool, however the pools were like bath water and the loungers plush complete with pool butlers. The ocean felt a little cold. They do offer a reasonable "Bon Voyage" package and room rates, however we had "club level", all the food and champagne we needed and a wonderful 5 star dinner in the dining room. Breakfast was also good, if you have "club level"they have the best cookies! I had been diagnosed with cancer just a few days before final payment was due, so no alcohol for me and I need to eat. I felt very lucky to be on the this cruise as I was 6 weeks post op. We left the hotel at 10:30am it was $34.00 to the pier. We met wonderful people while waiting to get on board. Embarkation was easy, however they were having problems with the credit card machine and 4 days into our cruise we got a note that it had not been activated. An easy fix by the wonderful Guest Relations people on board. We boarded after 1pm, with a glass of champagne in DH's hand we explored our new home. We could not get into our room until 3pm. Lots of wonderful lounges, a smoke free casino-yea! We rarely had to deal with a smoker, except one who was lounging by the pool on the wrong side of the deck. It was nice to not smell smoke on the balcony, hallways, balcony and inside of the ship. Eclipse has by far the best buffet afloat of the ships we have been on. Liked the layout of the ship. We enjoyed the adults only pool and the piped in music, never took our ipods. We enjoyed the Hot Glass Show twice. Loved our AQ room and Persian Gardens, the dry sauna and relaxation room. We did not like the tea in our room however. We had the best cabin steward and I needed lots of water which I had. The shower was amazing and I would book this category again for the shower and amenities. It was nice having not to bring Q Tips and cotton balls. The first night dining in "Blu" was a nightmare for me. We had an 8:30pm reservation, I was hungry and ordered asparagus to arrive when DH's salad arrived, didn't happen. After 45 minutes and not happy waiters I went up to the buffet to eat, came down and the asparagus (over cooked) and pasta dish (spinach too oily and overcooked) waited for me. We then requested the dining room the next night as there was nothing I could eat, had a wonderful experience in Moonlight Sonata. We then ate at the buffet and "Q'sine" one night, this is a culinary journey like no other you will ever experience anywhere in the world and is not to be missed! We had turkey dinner and lobster in "Blu" on Thanksgiving at 6pm and everything was perfect this time. Our last night did not see anything I could eat in "Blu" so went to the buffet. Our room was across from the elevators and was constantly noisy, from hall closets, to kids running down the hall, to late night parties in the atrium and pool parties where people were jumping up and down until 2am. The balcony was deep, but not sure we would book it again, do not need a deep balcony, can only see forward and was still windy, if you look aft you see the Royal Suite Veranda. It was shady almost always which was nice for me and I could sit in the lounger with my wig off and no one would see me. San Juan we got off and took a walk, got caught in a huge downpour. St Maarten took a tour with Bernard's Tour, would recommend him again. Went to two beaches and saw the Planes fly over us. St Kitts got off and walked around the port shops and peeked over at the Millennium and laid out in the sun. On our way back to Miami it was not windy and it was warm. We loved the gelato with the home made waffle cups and cones. Could not get a milkshake made anywhere, tried everyday, every bar. DH had the premier soda package and loved it. I enjoyed the apple juice anytime from the buffet or Aqua Spa Cafe. We enjoyed afternoon ice cream complete with Reece's pieces and M&M's to sprinkle on. We loved being able to walk in our slippers and bathrobes to the spa and adult pool. The fitness room was by far the best ever. I loved the hours of the Persian gardens, adult pool and fitness room. The room service menu was the best we have ever seen and we had room service breakfast nearly every morning. This was by far the most relaxing cruise we have taken where we did not have to worry about smelling smoke from smokers. we could have asked for and more. Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
Hotel/Embarkation: We flew into FLL the night prior and stayed at the LaQuinta FT Lauderdale Airport. Very clean, friendly staff, super cheap. Steve from SAS picked us up at 11:00 Saturday morning and we were on our way. We arrived at the ... Read More
Hotel/Embarkation: We flew into FLL the night prior and stayed at the LaQuinta FT Lauderdale Airport. Very clean, friendly staff, super cheap. Steve from SAS picked us up at 11:00 Saturday morning and we were on our way. We arrived at the terminal right at noon, entered the terminal...and stopped. Almost 3 hours later we were on board. I know that arriving at noon was going to put us right into the thick of things, but wasn't expecting it to be quite this long. Online registration/check in seemed to have been an exercise in time wasted, as we had to fill in the same information all over again in the terminal. Finally just before 3 we were on board with our champagne, and headed directly to our stateroom. Stateroom: Our home for the week was AQ1551, port side, next to one of the bubble cabins. Very convenient to the elevators and spa. Cabin and bathroom were both big, with plenty of room for us and our belongings. Limited drawer space, but the overhead cabinets above the bed made for plenty of storage. Balcony was nicely sized with two chairs/footstools, and a table. This cabin was of the bed-near-the-door configuration. Flat Screen TV was on a swing arm which allowed us to watch free movies in bed -- a luxury! Our cabin attendant was generally absent -- and not in the good 'the cabin fairies visited while we were gone!" way, but rather in the "strange that he never introduced himself, cannot be found for ice, doesn't seem to pick up consistently, and leaves odd notes" way. Housekeeping was really the only service quibble we had, and we weren't going to let it ruin our trip. Public Rooms: The last email I sent before shutting off my phone in Miami was "this ship is gorgeous!" and I still felt that way a week later when we left. From the art to the furnishings you could see how much thought was put into every detail in every space, making everything comfortable and elegant. All areas were always clean, including the public bathrooms which were lovely and well-used. We were sailing full and rarely saw passenger logjams -- the flow seemed to be working. Dining: Its been a very long time since I last sailed Celebrity, but the food and service were every bit as good as I remembered. We had a bit of a service misstep Saturday night in Blu, had a quick conversation with Adrian & Akar, the wonderful Maitre D' and Assistant, and were nothing short of amazed every meal thereafter. The food was lovely, with a decent variety of choices. The portions were just right, and never left us stuffed or hungry, and the presentations were very nice too. But the true star of Blu was the staff. Everyone from the Maitre D's to the waiters and assistant waiters operated like one big family, and welcomed us into their dining room every night. They were warm and friendly, and maintained just the right balance of formality and friendliness to make sure meals were elegant without being stuffy. Luana, Musfiin, and Danny were among some of the best I've ever had, and nothing was ever too strange or inconvenient for them. Dinner at Blu was the highlight of many days, and we never left the dining room without a good meal, some good laughs, and good company. We had dinner at QSine one night, and actually found ourselves missing Blu. The food and the presentations were really remarkable and innovative, and the service was perfectly adequate -- but it just wasn't what we'd been spoiled by across the hall. The buffet (Oceanview Cafe) was always well stocked and manned, with a wide variety of foods. Soup, salad, pizza, pasta, Indian, Mexican, breads, stir fry...a little something for everyone. The food was always tasty and hot. Finding seating in the buffet was a problem sometimes, as folks tended to linger. If you head aft outside, there are usually a few tables near the Oceanview Bar. We ate breakfast here most days, and really enjoyed the omelets and waffles. Room service was hit & miss. Some of it was quite good, some was just okay. Sometimes we'd get all the necessary items, sometimes we'd get no silverware. It always came pretty quickly, even late at night. We did have lunch in Bistro on 5 one day, for the $5 surcharge. I very much enjoyed this, and was surprised to see the restaurant always empty. Activities/Entertainment: We did not participate in many of the activities, but the Cruise Director's staff was always around and working hard. We attended the first night show, the last day cooking competition, late night comedy, and the Liar's Club. All were adequate and about what we'd expect -- nothing really outstanding, but plenty enjoyable. We did spend a bit of time in the casino each day, which was quite good to me, and not so good to my fiance. We did pop in briefly on the Thanksgiving football and tailgate party and thought it was a nice idea, and well executed. I watched the Officers vs Passengers pool volleyball tournament, and was very amused. Bar service: We vacillated a lot over whether to purchase the bar packages, and in the end we did not. I still believe this was the right choice for us, as neither of us drank anywhere near the daily charge, but I have to admit being a little jealous at the convenience I saw other folks experiencing. We did have one soda package, and I never experienced any weirdness on the part of the crew when using it. Starting Sunday we fell into an easy routine of stopping by the Molecular Bar on the way to dinner, and spent an always enjoyable hour with Thomas every day. This is a man who takes his craft and his cocktails very seriously, but is charming, funny, and engaging. We eventually drank our way through the cocktail menu, and enjoyed each one. I was even the recipient of a custom cocktail one evening, complete with a peanut butter cookie to compliment it. Ports: We visited San Juan, St Maarten, and St Kitts. At San Juan and St Maarten we just wandered around a bit and did some snacking and shopping. In St Kitts we took a ship-sponsored excursion to Caribbean Cooks, a cooking school run by two sisters who used to live in Northern Virginia. We spent a delightful afternoon with them, full of good stories and good cooking. In the end we ended up with 6-7 dishes and a book of recipes used in class. Not your typical city tour or beach excursion, but I'd highly recommend this one for anyone looking to do something a little different. Disembarkation: A world of difference from embarkation. Much more organized and orderly. We had been assigned a 9:15 disembarkation, but things were moving so quickly that we were off the ship closer to 8:30, and by 9:15 we were back in our SAS shuttle en route to FLL. Overall: Eclipse is a beautiful ship with a wonderful crew upholding the Celebrity standard of service. While there were a few wrinkles to work out, I'm confident that they're a function of newness, and that they'll be sailing near-perfection in no time at all. If you have the ability and means to sail AQ, go for it! Blu, the daily iced tea and bottle water, the ultra fancy shower, and access to the Persian Gardens are all worth it. Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
I am late posting as I have been in communication with RCCL regarding dietary issues but will keep this fair. My wife has a food allergy which means she cannot eat wheat. We have cruised several times before on P&O and this was our ... Read More
I am late posting as I have been in communication with RCCL regarding dietary issues but will keep this fair. My wife has a food allergy which means she cannot eat wheat. We have cruised several times before on P&O and this was our first and last cruise on Celebrity So lets look at the ship first, very good , well it ought to be as it is not yet a year old. Room quite spacious for an inside but not enough storage, lack of drawers was a problem. The bed was very comfortable. Our room attendant did not really greet us and introduce himself as other room attendants have done in the past. We did not really see him a lot until the last few days when he dropped off his envelope!!!!! He did turn the bed down every night though. After the first three days we had to prompt him to empty the bin in the bathroom. Entertainment wise, distinctly average with a few exceptions. The Jazz quartet were excellent as were the acappella group of boys and the classical string quartet. Guest artists were ok but nothing exciting apart from Jamie Allen, a clean scouse comedian and the girl singer from Birmingham whose name I forget. Too much arial stuff in the shows and the male lead singers are past their sell-by-date. The contortionist was excellent but scary. The cruise direct John (American) tried his very best and I cannot fault his enthusiasm. The star of the show was Carl Pucl, a young Canadian guy who did a talk on the Titanic over three one hour presentations, arranged a passenger choir and loads of other things to many to mention. A future cruise director if ever I saw one. No we come to the main issue, food and dietary requirements. Firstly let me say we are seasoned cruisers but only until 2010 with P & O. The cruise we wanted with P & O in 2010 was fully booked and this cruise was going to similar destinations so we gave it a go. Bearing in mind we have never had any problems with food for my wife on their cruises we were bitterly disappointed with Celebrity Eclipse. Let me say some of the negatives should not put you off but the dining experience is a major part of any cruise. The buffet restaurant for breakfast and light lunches never posed a problem as my wife knows what she an and cannot eat. An order for wheat free toast was always provided relatively quickly. The big issue was with the Moonlight Sonata main restaurant. On the first night we introduced ourselves and highlighted my wife's wheat intolerance and were initially pleased to find out that they were aware having had previous notice from us and our travel agent. Based on this you would think things were going to be ok, not the case. Our waitress Boz was excellent and to be honest towards the end of the cruise she was distinctly embarrassed by the performance of the kitchen. To be told night after night by the Maitre'D that there were no alternatives to starters, main courses and desserts other than to remove sauces, bread products and various parts of desserts was totally unacceptable. Ice Cream every night is not a dining experience. Coq au vin was presented for my wife as two pieces of chicken with no sauce despite the Maitre'D stating a separate sauce would be prepared. The speciality restaurants were a different kettle of fish and nothing was too much trouble. The Tuscan Grill were able to provide superb wheat free foccacia bread, a change from the two pieces of cardboard bread in the Moonlight Sonata and wheat free versions of most desserts. When we queried why they were able to provide this type of bread the staff were astounded as it is all made in the same kitchen!! Qsine exactly the same and truly unique dining experience, you must try it. On a personal note I found the main dining room food to be quite bland. Tasteless prawns (Or shrimp as they call it) and most of the sauces tasted the same. The fish was good though but you don't want it every night. Same with the steaks, very tasty but you don't want it every night. Despite complaints to the Maitre'D nothing happened so we had to raise it with Customer Relations who put us in touch with Simon? The Head of Catering who whilst he was apologetic did not have time to change anything until the last night when some wheat free foccacia bread miraculously appeared. Now then tipping: Tips are automatically taken from your account unless you get them taken off. They are also added on to every drinks bill you get at 15%. So if you buy a bottle of wine for $50.00 your tip is $7.50 which I think is a little OTT. The whole experience onboard reflected this. Some of the staff did not seem as motivated to provide good service as they are on P&O. Drinks prices were ridiculously expensive on the whole but as we are not big drinkers it did not bother us. Having read some other reviews I find that the special dietary requirements have proved to be an issue before. Having registered a complaint with RCCL I had to e-mail the CEO in Florida as the UK side were taking too long and after 19 days responded by saying they had passed it to another department. Strangely enough after I e-mailed the CEO I had a phone call from Florida and a response the next day from the UK. However, whilst being apologetic, they chose to hide behind their terms and conditions which basically state that they will endeavour to meet any dietary requirement but cannot guarantee to do so. They made what I saw as an empty gesture of offering money off any future cruise with the RCCL group. This wont be happening as we will be returning to P & O in 2011 so I have asked if they would make a charitable donation in the same sum to a British Charity, I won't be holding my breath. Read Less
Sail Date October 2010
Well a fantastic cruise on the Celebrity Eclipse, there were a few niggles like all cruises but the majority was fantastic. The Ship Definitely one of our favourites, from the public areas to the stateroom we love the styling and ... Read More
Well a fantastic cruise on the Celebrity Eclipse, there were a few niggles like all cruises but the majority was fantastic. The Ship Definitely one of our favourites, from the public areas to the stateroom we love the styling and the atmosphere onboard. Large yes but plenty of intimate areas to sit chill out or have a drink. The Cabin 1605 Aqua Class on the portside forward facing on the hump. The advantage of this cabin was the balcony 15 feet deep on onside 13 feet deep on the other it was massive, even in the rain and wind it was possible to sit outside with no ill effects, there were 2 seats, 2 foot stools and a table. Inside the bed was next to the balcony, which did make moving around a bit difficult but after a day or so we got the hang of it. Plenty of hanging space but not a great deal of drawer space for 16 nights, gym stuff etc stayed in the roll on bags and was pulled out as required. The bathroom had plenty of storage with a shower that blasted water from all angles. Being Aqua Class there were 3 or 4 bottles of water, fresh fruit and flowers each day. Dining Blu The jewel in the crown of Aqua Class, the food and service was great every night and for the majority of the time we were able to get the waiter area we wanted with the staff we wanted, however all staff were great and we sat in a variety of places due to the anytime dining in this restaurant. The food was quite un-Americanised in comparison to the main restaurant. It was served in a very contemporary style with what we felt good sized portions. Breakfasts were also good here for the 3 times we made it. The difference in the ambient noise when dining when compared to the main dining rooms on ships was unbelievable Main Dining Room We had lunch here twice plus one of the brunches and enjoyed it each time. Oceanview Cafe Good selection throughout the day and the quality was good, on occasion it could possibly have been slightly warmer but that is a common buffet problem. Bistro on 5 and Cafe Al Baccio Great for lunch and the Crow's Nest captured the record for the most diners at on table - 12 in total, thanks to Brenda for organising. I would like to see a slightly different menu in the Evening but for lunch and that returning to the ship snack it is ideal. We enjoyed numerous different teas and coffee's in Cafe Al Baccio and the pastries/cakes/sandwiches were to die for. Qsine and Murano's We tried Qsine again and although we enjoyed it we felt that Murano's trumped it for food quality and service if we go onboard again we will certainly go again. FlambEed Lobster and the FlambEed Strawberry Crepe's being the highlight. In all the dining areas tea was available in individual teapots and there was a wide choice of teas. Bars & Drinks package We took the Classic Drinks package so basically beers too $5 and all other drinks to $8, this was approx $39+15% a day. We pre-booked before joining the ship and were apprehensive about had we done the correct thing, but for us it worked really well. We had freshly squeezed orange juice or freshly made smoothie's ($2.5 to $4) each morning in the Oceanview Cafe, fresh Espresso based coffee ($3 to $5) in any of the restaurants or bars rather than the "machine" coffee, all the teas or coffees in Cafe al Baccio ($3 to $6). Cans of soft drink were $2.50 and bottled water was $2 to $4 depending on size. It is fair to say that we used at least half the cost in non-alcoholic drinks daily. It was good to experiment with the different cocktails and spirits these were generally cost $6 to $8. The wine was very easy basically the selection at $8 a glass in blu met our needs and the glasses were kept topped up. When we mentioned to the Sommelier that we had tried wine in cellar masters that we enjoyed it appeared the next time we dined even though it was not on the Blu wine list. The more expensive package included the martini and molecular bars where the drinks were $10 to $12, but you could basically get all other drinks at those venues. In addition although it included more beer selection too $8 but there were not many spirits between $8 and $12 - only a handful. The other spirits were over $12 therefore not in either package so it is worth planning ahead as too what you like. There is a slightly wider wine choice too. Remember all the above do not include the 15% gratuity. Entertainment The live music around the ship was varied but all had something in common the artists were good something we have not seen on a ship for a while. What we saw of the main theatre acts were good but the 7pm show was not really for us. Ports For us the main ports were Split, Venice and Dubrovnik and we walked the feet of ourselves. We thoroughly enjoyed each of these ports and I will highly recommend the tour that we booked in advance in Venice - The Secrets Itineraries of Doges Palace (http://www.museiciviciveneziani.it/frame.asp?pid=595&z=2&tit=_EN_itinerarispeciali) and really enjoyed it. We pre-booked Vaporetto tickets and collected them at Place de Roma with no problems. We also visited the Opera House which was an enjoyable tour. Palermo - what a riot - dark, dusty, dirty, noisy and smelly. Although a complete contrast to the rest of the cruise I secretly enjoyed Palermo. Niggles We did have some drinks appear a few times on the bill and after few discussions with the Guest Relations staff I finally asked to see the Bar manager. The matter was then resolved and we received compensation for the hassle. People with feet on tables that you eat off - do you do it at home, why do it on a cruise. Man boobs, hairy chests and women in bikinis dangling over the food choice at the Aqua Spa cafe sorry please show some respect too others and follow hygiene rules, we could not eat there after what we saw. Crow's Nest meet and lunch We had a meet on the second sea day (Cruise Critic meet was the first sea day) and then lunch later in the first week and we enjoyed meeting all the other nesters and they really added to the enjoyment of the cruise. If you have never attended a meet before remember everyone is nervous as you before the meet but you will get on like a house on fire. It was our first time and we will attend on other cruises in the future. We were also invited to the bridge and engine control room. So that is it a superb ship, a superb cruise, superb staff, and some superb new cruise friends what more could we have asked for. Our pictures are at http://picasaweb.google.com/clydecruiser/CelebrityEclipseOctober2010# not had time to tag them due to work but hopefully you can guess where. Read Less
Sail Date October 2010
Celebrity Eclipse Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.6
Dining 5.0 4.3
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 5.0 4.6
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.2
Family 4.0 4.2
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.8
Enrichment 4.0 3.8
Service 4.0 4.6
Value For Money 4.0 4.1
Rates N/A 4.2

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