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3 Celebrity Eclipse Cruise Reviews for Entertainment Cruises to Alaska

We enjoyed our 7 day Alaska cruise on the Eclipse. The Eclipse ship was comfortable, spacious , and clean. Everyone was so friendly and the service was wonderful. Our stateroom 8257 was very comfortable & clean, we had a great view ... Read More
We enjoyed our 7 day Alaska cruise on the Eclipse. The Eclipse ship was comfortable, spacious , and clean. Everyone was so friendly and the service was wonderful. Our stateroom 8257 was very comfortable & clean, we had a great view from our Balcony. Our housekeeper "Melvin" was so very cheerful and helpful. Melvin took care of all our needs every day, ie extra towels as many time that we needed them , he placed ice in the ice bucket every evening for me at 9 pm, brought personal items for our person care when needed, . Melvin always greeted us every day when he saw us with a warm & cheerful good morning (day) & have a wonderful time I hope Celebrity realizes they have a winner they have n Melvin I have some severe food allergies & was very concerned about the preparation of the food during my cruise. I am very allergic to MSG, raw Ginger, raw Garlic, spices like curry, turmeric, cumin so had to avoid them especially Indian & Asian dishes. Therefore, on the first day of the cruise I spoke to the Maitre d" in the the main dinning room and explained my concerns. He was really understanding and made special arrangements for me, he spoke personally with the chef about my dietary needs. Then he arranged for me to see the next days menu so I could select what I would like to eat and then checked with the chef to confirm that the meal was safe. By doing this I was able to relax and enjoy my dinner every evening without having to make it an issue. I would like to say thank you to our amazing and charming waiter, Vincent and the assistant Viviano. They took special attention to all our needs and made every evening very special. I extent my special thank you to the Maitre d, and the Chef for taking very good care of me. We ate at two of the Specialty Dinning Restaurants and enjoyed the meal, and attentive service. We selected the Tuscan Grille for a romantic Italian dinner & exceptional service (2 times) also the Qsine La Petite Chef because of the unique dinning experience show & gourmet dining (2 times) We enjoyed the 4 shore excursions that we took. Alaska is a beautiful place and make sure you go ashore or take am excursion to experience the place.The excursions are expensive but worth it, It was difficult so select which ones to take. My favorite was the Hubbard Glacier Inside Passage Cruise. Make sure you dress warmly for Alaska as it was very cold during the Alaska cruise. I, actually had to purchase a warm fleecy hoodie at one of the stores on the cruise to wear to keep warm . The entertainment shows in the Theater were amazing. The director of entertainment Lauren was very profession, funny and delightful to speak to when she was on board the cruise. I would recommend this cruise to my friends and family if they show any interest in going on an Alaska in the near future. In closing I wish to say thank you to all the staff/crew that made this cruise a wonderful memory. Read Less
Sail Date July 2019
Intro: I have to say so far for us Celebrity has been to date the best cruises my hubby and I have done. I don’t think that any Cruise line has lived up to my expectations 100% of the time, and yes even Celebrity has some faults, but ... Read More
Intro: I have to say so far for us Celebrity has been to date the best cruises my hubby and I have done. I don’t think that any Cruise line has lived up to my expectations 100% of the time, and yes even Celebrity has some faults, but when on board and talking to other avid cruisers, almost all say Celebrity beats any other cruise line they’ve been on. Embarkation: Three ships in port in Vancouver on June 2nd. The drop off area was changed so we had to go underground to do this. This incurred a lot of walking, we had to zig zag, go up then down, then up again, down again. It was the craziest embarkation we’ve done so far. Thank goodness for the porters who took our luggage right away. They can do this as we already printed and attached our boarding luggage tags, which cuts down on waiting in another line. So I definitely recommend doing this ahead of time. If you have a disability and need assistance let someone on staff know and they will help you directly onto the ship. 7/10 rating Sail Away: Live band playing on the upper deck, which I love. Really gets you into vacation mode, however they only played a few songs, packed up and left just as the party was getting started. Usually the band will do an exciting countdown as we sail under the Lion’s Gate Bridge, but this never took place. 7/10 rating Dining: Mast Grill -Lido deck 14, outside. Complimentary This was open on embarkation day, so if you don’t want to fight the lines in the buffet it was a nice, quiet spot to grab a burger & fries or a hot dog. Oceanview Cafe- Lido deck 14, inside. Complimentary This buffet area had an excellent assortment of delicious food. My favorites are the chicken & okra curries. Some of the best I’ve eaten. They featured items daily which is mentioned in your newsletter. I only ate here a couple of times as I’m not a big fan of overly crowded areas and don’t like searching for a place to sit. You can take your food outdoors, however need to go down a floor or flight of stairs if you want to eat on the outside pool deck. Aqua Spa Cafe- Resort deck 12, inside. We loved this little cafe by the indoor pool area which opts for healthier choices or light little dishes of food- complimentary, and smoothies (fee $). I kept on going back for the Chicken Salad. The Asian Noodle Salad with the spicy oriental dressing was delicious. The 1/2 Turkey Bacon Sandwich on pumpernickel bread was also a hit as a light bite. We also enjoyed the soup which you need to order. This cafe is open for breakfast and lunch. MDR-Moonlight Sonata- Promenade deck 4, inside The main dining room is open daily for lunch (and for Concierge guests on embarkation day) but I never had lunch there. This dining room is gorgeous, its white, bright monogrammatic decor gives a feeling of airiness & elegance in this large venue. We only ate here for breakfast one morning. Service felt a little slow and our breakfast was just o.k. Moreno- Entertainment deck 5 We booked this restaurant for our first night as Celebrity offers their specialty restaurants at a discount then, which is an excellent way to enjoy your first evening at sea and away from the crowds especially in the MDR. The dining venue is a bit dark, and if you’re looking for an ocean view you will not find it here. Our $35 discounted fee included an appetizer, main entree & dessert. The Diver Scallop Wellington Style Baked in Puff Pastry appetizer with Black Truffle Emulsion was definitely a favorite for our group of six. We all ordered double and they allowed us to do so. We were off to a good start, however when our friend ordered another scallop dish in lieu of dessert they seemed a little ‘put off’ by it but obliged. Sushi On Five- deck 5 Not much to write about. Ate at this restaurant on the Infinity, it was so good we so couldn’t wait to try it again on the Eclipse. Something didn’t feel right...the ambience was different, service not as attentive, we ordered the same food, but it just wasn’t as delicious as it was on Infinity. Blu- Specialty restaurant for Aqua class guests- Entertainment deck 5. Opened for breakfast & dinner - No reservations We were a little skeptical to book the Aqua class cabin, however for us it ended up being one of the highlights of our cruise & dining, that’s why we didn’t bother to venture much elsewhere. On this cruise the cost wasn’t much more but it was well worth the little extra $$ to book Aqua class. Blu’s food was exceptional for dinner, breakfast was good. There are still the daily feature items you can order from the MDR that’s not listed on Blu’s menu (appetizer: Caesar salad, Escargot, French onion soup, Shrimp cocktail & for dinner: chicken, steak & salmon). Blu has its own kitchen with about five chefs. The conception is to provide healthier meals, so the Calamari will be grilled not fried & sauces are made more like an au jus than thickened with flour. My favorite meal for dinner was the lamb shank, it was fall off the bone delicious served with a curried couscous, some ordered it with potato...I can’t say I’ve had better in any land restaurant. Also the freshly caught halibut in lobster broth, tender and moist, so good. The best desserts by far was the Creme Brûlée & Apple Pie. Don’t even bother with the Cherries Jubilee, it was just plain awful. Overall dining rating 9/10 Drink Package: We at first decided not to purchase the drink package on this cruise as it was costly and when pre-purchasing online each person in a cabin has to purchase the package which would of been about $950 USD for both of us for the seven nights. Since I hardly drink we felt this would not of been worth it for this cruise. Also the drink package option included in the fare price package that was offered worked out to be more expensive than purchasing it separately which seemed a little odd to me. We instead opted to gift ourselves a $450 onboard credit to cover the majority of our alcoholic beverages. You can pre-purchase this online which is a great way to budget your spending and not get hit with such a huge bill after cruising. Once onboard staff are always trying to get you to purchase dining, drink & other packages. We told the waiter trying to sell packages that we didn’t purchase the drink package as we had to buy two and I’m not an avid drinker so it’s not worth it for us. He told us that yes online you have to buy for each adult in the cabin, but when on the ship you only need to buy for one! WHAT?? My husband immediately purchased the package for himself which was well worth it for him. Entertainment: Excellent from the comedy to the shows we enjoyed them all, some a lot more than others. We were lucky enough to see Jeffery Allen performing as Elton John. Incredible! This was by far my absolute favorite and the comedy on board made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt. 9/10 Rating Activities: Lots going on all over the ship from music, dancing, & mini performances by Celebrities onboard dance crew. Some things I wanted to do overlapped others. I really enjoyed the trivia in the observation lounge. Being an Aqua class guest also gave us privileges to use the Persian Gardens for free. The Roman beds (warm tiled beds) were a very relaxing way to spend a few hours in peace and quiet. You also had access to use the sauna and steam room. 10/10 rating Excursions: Didn’t do any booked excursions this trip. Juneau & Ketchikan have stores right off the peer so walking is easy. Go to an onboard seminar for information on the port and receive coupons for shopping and free gifts. If you need help going up the steep, long peer they will assist you. If you like to shop, go to Creek Street while in Ketchikan. It’s a lovely walk over wooden bridges and creeks with cute touristy shops in charming old buildings. Choose to shop or see Mendenhall Glacier while in Juneau or take a tour of the Alaskan Brewery. Shore excursions can be booked with many different tour operators. Just make sure they have a ‘back to ship on time’ guarantee. When booking third party excursions be very aware of the time the ship gets into port. This doesn’t mean you can get off at that time. It can take up to approximately 2 hrs from when a ship docks to when your able to disembark. Not to mention the crowds of other people also trying to disembark, so leave time for this. Service -Blu- Staff that served us here were exceptional! A big thank you to Dan, Maria Hugo & “Z” ( can’t recall his full name). Their personalized service goes beyond words. No matter where they were working on the ship they always spotted us and came over to assist since we were traveling with 2 people with slight disabilities. I was pushing my friend in his wheelchair to the cafeteria for lunch and never had to look for someone to help us carry plates etc., staff appeared from nowhere and insisted to help us each time without me ever asking. Another time our friend got lost in the cafeteria (yes it’s that large) and Maria (waitstaff at Blu) recognized her, helped her with her plate. Searched and found us and brought her over. So far the best service I’ve experienced on a cruise. Are there some areas on board that I felt service was lacking? Absolutely...The Sunset Bar. Two guys, rude to guests and each other. Arguing in front of us, one demanding an apology from the other. Time to get off the ship guys! -Pushing sales- You’re bombarded when you get onboard. They want you to purchase drink, dining & spa packages etc. I get it, sales are important to most business’ small & large, but it’s really overkill. We would just kindly say no thanks. Cruise director- Lauren was amazing...that’s one hard working lady. She was seen everywhere and always seemed to invest time interacting with passengers. On HAL cruise last fall we only saw our cruise director once, I was actually starting to think maybe there’s not even one on board and then there he was standing by the piano, having a drink wondering when the day was going to end. I’m not going to take away from those who went above and beyond in service, so I’m rating Service 10/10 Overall: Celebrity seems to have the right balance with things to do, dining and entertainment. No wonder it appeals to age groups in their late 20’s and up. If your looking for an elegant, upscale cruise that’s not too ostentatious then Celebrity’s for you. We love everything from the size, beauty and cleanliness of the ships, to the quality of food and service we receive. Read Less
Sail Date June 2019
Have cruised with NCL and Holland-America for comparison. ONBOARD NATURALIST: Milos is Excellent. Every lecture he provided was excellent scientifically, with supporting details and entertaining :). Answers questions extremely well, ... Read More
Have cruised with NCL and Holland-America for comparison. ONBOARD NATURALIST: Milos is Excellent. Every lecture he provided was excellent scientifically, with supporting details and entertaining :). Answers questions extremely well, and is one of the most enjoyable people you will meet on a cruise. He is not on every cruise. FOOD: Knew from reviews that Celebrity Eclipse had food quality issues. Dining room (Bluemoon) was good to excellent food quality with rare exception. Service was very good. Main buffet (Oceanview Cafe) was very disappointing. Consistently over cooked and dry meat, but sometimes done well on a few dishes. Cakes: not one was worth eating at the buffet. Everyone I tried (then frankly gave up after about 10 tries over several days) was either extremely bland or just poor flavors. Colorful, but not worth eating. Cafe served creme brulee that was awful. Bluemoon dining creme brule was excellent. Cafe cheese cake was awful. Bluemoon dining cheese cake was excellent. Cafe salad vegetables were often either unripe of going bad. Pizzas are mediocre. Pasta is an embarrassment. Every red or meat pasta sauce was literally SOUP, not sauce, with very weak flavoring. Cafe breads were consistently dry and hard (left out too long). Donuts were worse I've ever tasted -- old and tough. Breakfast food quality was better in the cafe than lunch or dinners, but again, waffles were dry. Pancakes were better. Meats were often dry. Muesli cereal was very good. Stick to Bluemoon dining as much as possible. SERVICE: Consistently very good service with rare exception. Wait times often too long in guest services, but dining and food table service was great, and maid service as well. ENTERTAINMENT: Not Terrible, Not Great. Some better than others, and some by personal preference. Very little to do on the days at sea except Milos' lectures. In Alaska, you can find many tours and excursions other than at the exaggerated priced ones of cruise ships. We rented cars often and made our own way at our own speed to the tours and hikes we desired, Check with each city in advance of your cruise for good public transit options of rentals and local suggestions. Most the rental cars will pick you up or have a location close to the ports. Locals informed us that most of the excursions are really not very good. We enjoyed Bald Eagles in every city on our own. Multiple eagles in most cities flying all around the city to enjoy, often right near the ship. Unless the salmon are running, rare to find bears unless in caged enclosures. MANDATORY GRATUITY: Celebrity, to their credit, allows you to decline the auto gratuity/tips ($14.50 USD per person per day) once onboard and tip your service help directly. Mandatory Gratuity is simply a fraud to hide the true costs of the cruise. Tipping is not a universal practice worldwide, so pay your staff a full honest wage, Celebrity and other Cruise Lines. Then tipping is as it should be as an add-on incentive reward for outstanding service, not for just showing up to work. Read Less
Sail Date May 2019
Celebrity Eclipse Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.6
Dining 5.0 4.3
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 5.0 4.6
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.2
Family 4.0 4.2
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.8
Enrichment 4.0 3.8
Service 4.0 4.6
Value For Money 4.0 4.1
Rates N/A 4.2

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