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2 Celebrity Constellation Cruise Reviews for Gay & Lesbian Cruises to Caribbean - Eastern

We booked an Aqua Class stateroom that was supposed to have an unobstructed view. The entire cruise we viewed this huge metal item that should have moved to clean windows, but never moved once. So every scenery picture has this big metal ... Read More
We booked an Aqua Class stateroom that was supposed to have an unobstructed view. The entire cruise we viewed this huge metal item that should have moved to clean windows, but never moved once. So every scenery picture has this big metal object. We might as well paid less and had a balcony with a lifeboat in from of it. Waste of money for us to have paid extra for this room. This class entitled us to the Blu restaurant. We have been on other ships that have the Blu restaurant and loved it so we went for the extra bucks and booked it on this ship. Huge waste of money. HUGE! Breakfast took more than an hour of sitting in our seats waiting for service. I mostly ordered oatmeal and most of the times was told they are out or waited the hour for them to run up to the buffet to get it. Every day my husband and I ordered tomato juice instead of the usual offerings that they had on their trays. That seemed to be an issue. The first day looking at the waiter was like deer in the headlights look he gave back to us. Also took close to an hour to locate. He even had to run to the bar to get it. We don't like cubes in our juice so we were served warm juice every single day. The next 8 morning were pretty much a repeat of the first as if they didn't get that we wanted tomato juice and we were going to ask for it every morning. Every morning without fail the creme poured into the coffee would curdle and it did so for the next 8 mornings. They had to remove the curdled coffee and replace it every single day, never learning their lesson from the prior day. The same people were always visibly surprised every time it happened. Dinner was worse. 2+ hours from the time we were seated to actually being served. The food was not bad, but nothing better than I get at home, certainly not the standards we usually have enjoyed in the past on Celebrity. The biggest complaint is the seating. We travel to get away from it all and to be with each other, not nasty unhappy people that make small talk and never to be seen again. If we want to make friends we would book a big table and sit with others. We don't. The tables for 2 are really tables for 4 as they are a mere inch apart, forcing you to be friendly and converse with your table mates that were forced on you by this seating arrangement. The buffet was horrid. Every day we tried to have lunch but could not stomach whatever it was they were trying to serve. Most days I survived on cheese and an apple. For Celebrity, it was the worst buffet I have ever experienced. The Solstice ships have such a wonderful buffet that many times we preferred that over a sit down restaurant experience. Not on this ship. Pure slop! We did get to experience a meal in the Ocean Liners restaurant and I highly recommend it. It was a true dining "experience" with a great menu and outstanding service. Also, real table for couples that want to be with each other and no one else. Outstanding experience. Sadly, this was our only highlight on the entire cruise. We were on a gay and lesbian cruise without prior knowledge and we do not fall into that category. We should have been warned in advance. It was an awful experience, not one I wish to repeat. This group got a huge discount while the rest of us paid the normal, non discount price. Totally unfair, considering they had the run of the ship and we were stuck in our rooms. The staff in uniform that were walking around the ship were friendly, made sure they did not pass us without acknowledging us. The ship was clean, the rooms were clean. The Waite and bar staff were all angry and unhappy about something and it showed. I felt at any moment there was going to be a revolution on the ship. We have been on over 40 cruises and this is the first one that I wanted to just get off and fly home and be done with it. Maybe we cruise Celebrity too much as the shows are all the same. Jayne Curry, the English comedian was funny the first time and almost as funny the 2nd time, but now its the 5th time and in all these years she hasn't changed her act, her stories, her songs one bit. Even on the elevator the other guests were saying the same thing, boring, and predictable. Get new acts or tell the old timers to freshen it up to new stuff! We have cruised Celebrity quite a bit, in fact we are a Captain's Club Elite Member, so I have a lot of Celebrity experiences to compare this cruise ship to. This ship needs a new manager or all new staff. It does not hold up to Celebrity standards at all. I couldn't be more disappointed and hope that this is not a sign of what is to come from this cruise line. Unfortunately we already long ago booked another cruise on this exact same ship for May to do the Adriatic Sea. As badly as I want to do that itinerary, I am strongly considering pulling out for fear of being on this ship with the same staff and receiving the bad food, bad shows and bad service all over again. Already a huge waste of money out of my pocket the first time, hate to be stupid twice. I filled out the online cruise form they send when you get off the ship and expressed most of what is in this review with no acknowledgment afterwards. Either they don't bother to read what is sent or they just don't care. I have since sent an actual letter to the main office in Miami but not enough time has passed for me to truly say I am being ignored. Beware of this ship! Read Less
Sail Date November 2015
We went on this cruise with a bunch of friends. We started off by staying in Fort Lauderdale for four days prior to departure. We like to spend time in Fort Lauderdale prior to cruising from Port Everglades. Overall..the ... Read More
We went on this cruise with a bunch of friends. We started off by staying in Fort Lauderdale for four days prior to departure. We like to spend time in Fort Lauderdale prior to cruising from Port Everglades. Overall..the Constellation is an older ship, but it is neat and tidy. This review will be based on the following five principles. Cabin/Stewart Food Dining Room/Service Food Buffet/Service Decktop - pool, etc. Bars Our cabin was quite nice and fairly roomy for Celebrity, we had an outside room with a large window, which was nice. The room however, was a showing it's age. Frayed corners on the chesterfield, nicks on the bathroom counter and vanity. The curtains were a bit faded - all minor things. Our cabin stewart was fantastic. For the life of my I cannot remember his name. He was from India (I had quite a chat with him as we were heading for India the following February for a month). He was constantly available for us and had a huge smile (EVERY TIME). Nice a nice young man. The Dining Room is another area that is showing it's age. This is going to be the shorter part of my review as I do not have a lot to say about the food quality or service. Overall, with the exception of our wine stewart, things in the dining room were sub-par. Our group consisted of 8 friends and we sat together. Every single night we dined it took three hours to get in and out, forcing us to miss the shows. Service was slow and food was mediocre. Not a strong point for this ship. The staff are overworked! Due to the slow service in the dining room we tended to eat at the buffet for lunch and some dinners. The food at the buffet was hit and miss, generally good. We did however, love the back part of the buffet area where you could sit outside (especially at sail away) magnificent - great bar staff as well. Pool and things to do outside on this ship - low point for the Connie...pool is too small. Had to wait constantly to get into the pool for fear of squeezing others out. The mini bars they had set up around the pool, although a great idea, took up a lot of sun bed room. The service at the pool bars was great. We had the unlimited beverage service and thought the service may be poor once the bartenders knew who had this package, but that was not the case. Bars - Overall - the martini bar was okay...they made a lovely dirty gin martini, but other types, not so good. The service was slower than most bars, but there are a lot of theatrics going on when they make the drinks, which is nice to watch...so the wait does not seem that long until you get tired of the mixing show :) Our favourite bar was at the back of the ship off the buffet. At sail away this was the place to be lovely live music (softer) and great service and views as you sailed away from different Caribbean Islands and watched the sun set. Overall...Celebrity Constellation has seen it's day. The tiredness of the ship seems to overflow to the tireless of the overworked staff. Does not set the mood overall. Would not cruise on this ship again. This was our first time on Celebrity having cruised on many times on Princess, Carnival, Royal Caribbean. We will give Celebrity another try. But not Connie...sorry! Read Less
Sail Date November 2015
Celebrity Constellation Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.2
Dining 5.0 4.0
Entertainment 4.0 3.7
Public Rooms 4.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 5.0 3.9
Family 4.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.5
Enrichment 4.0 3.4
Service 5.0 4.3
Value For Money 5.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.1

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