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7 Celebrity Constellation Cruise Reviews for Family Cruises to Caribbean - Southern

Fourteen Great Caribbean Days! This was the 25th Cruise together for my wife and I. I just turned 60 and my wife is in her mid 50's, and we both love the Caribbean Beaches and time in the Sun with 16 of our Cruises being to this ... Read More
Fourteen Great Caribbean Days! This was the 25th Cruise together for my wife and I. I just turned 60 and my wife is in her mid 50's, and we both love the Caribbean Beaches and time in the Sun with 16 of our Cruises being to this area. This was our Fifth Cruise on Celebrity and have three more booked with them over the next 13 Months as we have found their service, food and smoking policy to be very well suited to our likes. We stayed two nights prior at the Hilton Marina Hotel near the pier and there were 10-11 other Cruise Critic couples staying there also. We had a great pre-Cruise Cocktail gathering by the pool bar the evening before the Cruise with about 25 fellow Cruisers present. Our Cruise Roll Call was very active and we met a lot of new friends, scheduled events such as this and others on-board, and linked up with others for our MDR Table. All worked out very well, and thanks to Cruise Critic it made for a great Cruise. Embarkation was a breeze. We arrived at the ship about 11:30 and were on board within 40 minutes or less. Being Elite and in a Concierge Class cabin made no real difference at this time as our travel mates moved through very smoothly also and were right behind us the whole way through the process. Our bags did not show until about 4:00, which is a bit later than the last few cruises we were on, but still ok. The Constellation was our first Cruise on this class of ship and we thought she was lovely and in great shape. Public Rooms were very lovely and we spent a lot of time in the padded chairs around the pool. Ship is a nice size with plenty to do and large enough to do my little "walk a'bouts" around the deck as the day went on. Bar service around the pool was good without being overly intrusive and music was at a nice level to not be overwhelming. We had a C3 cabin mid-ships and to be honest do not really see the benefits of Concierge Class over a 1A or 2A Balcony cabin. One drawback to me was the large overhang over our Balcony. It did keep any rain off the Balcony but did not permit the late night stargazing I usually enjoy. Appetizers at 4:00 were ok but kind of boring until we switched and asked for just Cheese and Crackers. That got a bit boring too after 10 days of the same cheese? The fresh flowers in Cabin and Bath were nice, but would not do Concierge again unless price was pretty close. Food and Service in the MDR was superb. Our waiter Roger and his assistant Thomaslav did a wonderful job and were always there to take care of any little issue . Carlos, the Head Waiter for our section of MDR, did a truly great job too. My wife is Gluten (wheat only) intolerant and they went out of their way to get her the next day's menu and made sure everything was done correctly throughout the two weeks. We had a great table of Cruise Critic friends (8 of us) and enjoyed wonderful conversation throughout the voyage. We ate one night in Tuscan Grill and had a wonderful meal with another couple we were sailing with. My wife and I enjoyed a nice lunch in Bistro on Five one Sea Day too. The desert Crepe with Nutella, Banana and nuts was out of this world. Plenty of good places for meals aboard the ship and enjoyed many great salads, pastas, ice cream, and many other things as the cruise progressed. Stops on this Cruise included Aruba, Curacao, Grenada, Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St Maarten, and St Thomas along with five sea days (two at beginning and end and one after Curacao). Nice mix and we liked it so much we booked the same Itinerary for next March on the Eclipse, which is taking over this run from the Constellation next year. No new Islands for us this trip but did hit a new Beach or two along the way. Weather was 80's and sunny almost all the days with only a few brief showers on a couple days but nothing that caused any disruption in our plans. Entertainment on board was pretty good. Jefferson Ang on guitar was very nice as was the Piano Man (a sub for usual Perry Grant) in Michaels most evenings. We did not do any of the evening shows, as not a fan of shows at 7:00 before our Late Traditional dining at 8:30. The bands in Rendezvous through the dinner hours were pretty good and the dance floor there was usually pretty full. We met friends there for pre-dinner cocktails almost every night and Chris, one of the Bar Waiters, got to know us very well. He was headed home for a break and we wish him well. We used the Celebrity Luggage Valet service for $20pp. Had used it prior on Oasis sailing last year and would suggest it to anyone with a later flight out of FLL. You get special tags and set the bags out as normal the night before disembarkation. You then do not see your bags until they come off the line at your home airport. No need for Porter or lugging your bags in and out of a Taxi, etc. Real issue is that on Saturdays and Sundays, you cannot check in your bags at the airport until 2 hours prior to your flight. We walked to Security past hundreds of people sitting in the outer airport lobby with their bags waiting for that two hour time limit to arrive- no fun at all. Disembarkation went ok, there was a slight wait right after we got off the ship but not having to find our bags was a help. Customs was very smooth and we were off to the airport with only our Carry-ons in tow. This was a truly wonderful cruise on a great ship with a very friendly Crew and great service. We are looking forward to our next Cruise on Silhouette this April. That will be our first Solstice Class sailing and our first time trying Aqua Class and Blu. Boy, am I ready to sail again! And Again! And Again!!! Read Less
Sail Date January 2012
The 1st thing we were met with was a delay, as additional cleaning was needed, there were two reported cases of norovirus on the prior cruise... OK it happens. Then as we board we were met with an onslaught of crew members selling every ... Read More
The 1st thing we were met with was a delay, as additional cleaning was needed, there were two reported cases of norovirus on the prior cruise... OK it happens. Then as we board we were met with an onslaught of crew members selling every package offered on the ship...Maybe this is practice for when you visit the islands and are met by the locals trying to braid you hair or take you on a tour. After sitting on the deck for and hour or so (there is very limited smoking on this cruise-line and no smoking indoors, bars, casino, balcony, etc) you are finely allowed into your room. OK I get it limited smoking life goes on (a little longer). Let me say there were some great staff on the ship, I realize there job is very hard, they have to put up the the passengers complaints, the kids doing their thing, the chronic complainers, and the rough oceans; but should the passengers have to put up with rude staff. We had the late seating (8:30 PM, by choice) and the four of us sat with a very nice British family. one of the Brits used the wrong knife and fork (who gives a rats a...) The assistant waiter came up to her and announced that she was using the wrong utensils and grabbed them out of her hands. The Brits were too polite to complain, but us pushy Yanks picked up the issue and registered a complaint. The food was poorly prepared, and the quality was fair. The speciality restaurants were wonderful about 90% of the time at $129.00 per person for five meals (here too the hard press to sell wine with the meal) and the crape restaurant (Bistro on 5) was fantastic. On another note at the open restaurant if you were looking for a item the staff world tell you by pointing where you might find an item or just say "don't know. Towards the end of the cruise we were told we ran out of coffee cream, bananas and my favorite was no we can not put this out we need it for the next cruise. All in all we had some great times, more so with the other passengers (the 5a.m. coffee group) by the way the coffee was pretty bad unless you went to the ships speciality coffee bar for $5.00 a cup. SO bring your bank card and be prepared to spend extra for your food and coffee. This was a very disappointing experience, The X line is touted to be an upscale line, If this so I would hate to see what the service on a poor line is like. This is the 1st and the last time I would subject my family and my self to a shoddy experience. Read Less
Sail Date December 2011
IT'S A WONDERFUL WORLD ON CELEBRITY'S CONSTELLATION *****14 Night Exotic southern Caribbean Cruise SHIP: Constellation, Date: April 23-May 7 2011, Master of the Vessel: Captain Athanasios G. Peppas My name is Kim ... Read More
IT'S A WONDERFUL WORLD ON CELEBRITY'S CONSTELLATION *****14 Night Exotic southern Caribbean Cruise SHIP: Constellation, Date: April 23-May 7 2011, Master of the Vessel: Captain Athanasios G. Peppas My name is Kim Bartholomew (Tikigal, for those who know me on Cruise Critics), and I live in the Orlando, Florida area. I have been a professional mystery shopper for 7 years. In my previous career, I was a flight attendant for 20 years, who had spent time both check riding other flight attendants, their service, and served on a quality & service volunteer board which made our cabin service the best in the skies during the 70's thru the 90's. I do not work for Celebrity, and am not compensated for my reviews of my cruises. I do pay particular attention to detail, service, attitude, promptness, cleanliness, staff coordination, and all around appearance of the ship. EMBARKATION AND DEBARKATION PROCESS: 5 Stars I traveled with my parents on this trip, and was booked in a Concierge class room in 9122. After arriving in FLL, and parking at the offsite parking, which was very inexpensive, we were immediately shuttled to the ship. Our luggage drop went smoothly, and traveled through a preliminary security. There were lines for Suites, Concierge, Elite, and check in areas by deck numbers as well. Virginia Mckeown was our check in gal. Very sweet, and brand new. She did her best in her brand new job. It may have been a few minutes more, but we didn't mind the wait. We were greeted with champagne, and our rooms were available to drop off our luggage immediately. Captains Club Host: Mr. Graeham Kelleher. He was very personable and cared very much for each of his Captain's club guests during the entire cruise. Words can't express how much we considered him family by the time we left our cruise. Lunch was available at the Ocean Cafe buffet on deck 10. We had plenty of time afterwards to get to know the ship, or take a small nap. The debarkation process was simple and efficient. Once our number had been called at 8:30 AM, we left in an orderly fashion, picked up our luggage and went thru customs. Although the two lines looked endlessly long, and we were at the end, we were through the whole process in 10 minutes (baggage claim, customs, and out to the real world). We boarded our shuttle for the parking lot, and were on our way home all within an hour. Concierge Room 9122:5 stars plenty of room to unload 7 suitcases. We had room for the 3 of us to put away everything, hanging and folding. At first you think you need more, but at the end, you have found all the little cubby holes in the room that is for storage. Don't forget the secret storage next to the TV, that is by the aisle way. It contains 3 more shelves. My only complaint here is the Safe is too small for your belongings. Especially in rooms built for 3-4 passengers, and the suites, should contain large safes! My carpets were clean and not soiled. There was no odor in the room. There was ample closet space to hang or store all of our belongings. We had fresh towels and linens on the bed daily, and my sofa bed (there were 3 in the room) was made for "The Princess and the Pea". How to make up a comfortable sofa bed if you are the 3rd person in the cabin: 1-2 foam egg crates on top of mattress, followed by 1 blanket, 1 bottom sheet, 1 top sheet, 1 blanket, and 2 pillows. Your dream land waits!!! Room Service: Awesome! We ordered breakfast out on the balcony every morning with fresh coffee and juice plus tidbits. We usually discussed the program for the day, and decided where we would all meet. Nothing is finer than a beautiful view of the water or your local port in the early morning hours. It was also a fine place to be for many passengers during sunset sail way's, enjoying a fine bottle of wine and Celebrity appetizers. LAUNDRY SERVICE: 1 Star: To reach Princess Cruise Line Standards for Diamond or Elite, Princess had unlimited dry-cleaning, and laundry service every day. The clothes were hung up, or in dry cleaning bags hung, and articles folded and put on your bed or dresser. Celebrity laundry comes back in a paper bag, with most items like shirts or shorts coming in a smaller size than when they left. Nothing is pressed, unless you have a Captain's Club coupon for 1 free pressing or 1 item dry cleaned for free. I do not understand this process, even though I have mentioned cold water only. If Celebrity truly wanted to be one step up on Princess, this is the department that needs attention. CLEANLINESS AND HOUSEKEEPING: 5 Stars Hand sanitizers everywhere, and in constant use, as instructed by the staff before entering many events or for the dining hall. I also noticed them constantly disinfecting the hand railings coming on to the ship from the island. Now, that is attention to detail, my friends! The restrooms were always spotless, no watermarks on the sinks or mirrors. There were plenty of paper products or towels in each public bathroom. Commodes were consistently sparkling clean, with a nice pleasant smell. Doors and trash cans were always clean and emptied often. RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES: Grade A Some people remark that Celebrity doesn't have a lot to do aboard ship, but I found that to be quite the contrary. Activities for free included morning stretch and relax class, trivia, pool aerobics, ping pong tournaments, basketball challenges, line dance classes, napkin folding, golf challenges, a lesson in facial rejuvenation and acupressure, pool games, listening to strolling A Cappella, more trivia, a nightly movie in the cinema, piano music, nightly shows in the Celebrity Theater, a lovely string quartet, dancing in different venues including Cosmos, galley tours, art auction events, shuffleboard tournaments, Zumba classes, cards, and the library if you are really stuck. For fees there were Mega Slot Tournaments, Chilates and body sculpting classes, champagne cocktail, martini or wine tastings, spa treatments, Texas Hold'em Cash Tournaments, and the Champagne High Tea at Sea. These are just a few, but I know there were more, I just couldn't get to all of them. FOOD: 5 Stars The Celebrity Constellation was my 4th cruise for 2011 on Celebrity, with two more booked ahead before year's end, and I am feeling more and more able to compare apples to apples, rather than to oranges. Celebrity is streamlining their food to be comparable with other ships in their fleet, and although some specialty restaurants still do a better job cooking than others, the menu's are basically the same, and have been taught by one executive chef system wide, teaching the other chef's on each ship his dishes, and how he likes them prepared. Each ship's executive chef seems to put a little twist of his own into the menu, and for that I am grateful, or else I would be bored with an identical taste in cuisine on each cruise. For this year at least, I know the menu. I do not know how long the particular head executive chef for Celebrity will be under contract, or know when the menu will be totally replaced. I would like to highlight a few areas of both compliment and concern: 1) The left hand side of the main dining room menu has items that are available every night of the week and seem to have been long standing favorites of past guests. I no longer have to ask the matre de for a standing order of escargot, I can just order it. These include: Chilled jumbo shrimp cocktail, Escargot, antipasti platters, French onion soup, lobster bisque, Caprese and Caesar salad, king salmon, grilled chicken, NY steak, cheesecake, apple pie, and Crème Brule. All outstanding, and being with family, we were able to try each other's dishes without having to order extra. 2) The right hand side of the menu varied so differently each night from beef Carpaccio or frog legs as appetizers to the Chilean sea bass, and quail for dinner. Each dish was expertly prepared and served picture perfect. If you didn't want the sauce, just ask your waiter! I think my waiter was a genie granting my every wish or whim. I was in heaven not having to cook for 11 days, and having gourmet food nightly. Honestly, it was a wonderful experience. 3) I did find that the portions have been downsized, which I found positive. After cruising for the past 20 years, I noticed how much waste there was in food (passengers unable to finish large portions of their meal). It truly was sad to see so much waste. Now, you are always able to double order if you wish of anything, or order it again, or just order a little bit, and in a few minutes, it will arrive from the galley. Happily the waiter will serve you another portion, and never will question your judgment. It is a much better system than discarding plates and plates of food. It has also helped Celebrity keep the costs lower on food on the cruise, thereby keeping my total price down for the cruise fare. My hats off to Celebrity for this. Next time someone says, the portions seemed smaller than last time; think of what I have just stated. 4) Excellent presentation of service. Each waiter we had, no matter where we were on the ship, were skilled in service, presentation, table set up, and clean up. Their mannerisms were consistently friendly and respectful. I was never ignored, like I have been on other cruise lines. The Waite staff was there to please. I never saw any crew member act disrespectful towards a guest. 5) The complimentary appetizers served in the room truly need to be updated. Mostly pieces of bread with a cream cheese of sorts on top or an occasional shrimp. I think humus, and the more modern appetizers would work better in our rooms, with pita crisps, rather than bread, keeping in the "healthy theme" that the ship often touts. So what constitutes healthy appetizers? Maybe some new evaluation would be good in this department, as I have seen the same, year in and year out. First night: went to the Sunset bar on deck 10 to meet the other Cruise Critics for our own Sail away party we had planned on line. Great fun and a must. You will meet many friends whom you have been on line with for months if you follow the thread for your ship. Day 2: At sea. Went to the San Marco Restaurant from Easter breakfast, the Reflections Lounge on Deck 11 for our Celebrity hosted Cruise Critic party and gift exchange. Deck 11 has fabulous views from the lounge, and is also the nightly spot for our Captain's Club parties. The ship has scrapbooking on board, and supplies all the goodies, plenty of trivia, and we went to a Senior Officers cocktail party. The Captain made his grand appearance tonight coming down the stairs during late seating for the Captain's Table formal night dinner. It was very impressive to see. Day 3: Newlywed Not so Newlywed Game in the Reflections Lounge: too funny! Scrapbooking, art auction, movies, trivia, dance shows. So much to see and do. Antigua: went on a tour of the Island, awesome! We hired a van driver to take 5 of us around. Saw lots of history, and where the British War ships hid, defending the Island. Ate in the specialty restaurant and had Lobster with Cognac and Cream sauce. Fabulous!! Also went to an elegant tea on the ship in the afternoon, with very interesting sandwiches, desserts, and teas! Loved St. Lucia for its beauty and the water sports, also attended the late night Liar's Club performance given by the ship's officers. A MUST!! Words we don't know and their crazy explanations! Grenada: Loved the spice Island. Also known for snorkeling and scuba, catamaran trips, and other pirate excursions. If you are shopping: You must go to Dot's Plaza. They have hand painted shirts and batik clothing for sale, spices and coffee's prewraped, and exotic jams, jellies, vanilla, and coffees. Celebrity Celebrated when Prince William married Kate Middleton. I was so pleased. We woke up at 4:30 A.M., put on our hats and party outfits and went to the Cinema to watch the entire set of events unfold on the big screen. Wow. Celebrity had coffee for us, and pastries, teas, it was so so English!!! And the theatre was quite full!! Later, the ship kept up the celebration with an English theme, we had Beatles trivia, Beatles look alike and sounded alike shows. The wedding was the talk of the day Show not to Miss: Land of Make Believe. Best set design and costumes out of any performance I have ever seen on board a ship. Like a fairy tale wedding in some parts. Also saw Strike up the Orchestra with Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller. Aruba: A beautiful place to make your snorkeling and scuba dreams come true. The water is so so blue and clear. I took a cab to Baby Beach with family and friends to see where my parents used to play back in the 1940's. It was very nostalgic for them. It is very friendly and hospitable. Curacao: Place to shop for linens, leather coasters, handmade table cloths, jewelry hand painted pictures. Also another good stop for scuba and snorkeling and touring by water. The aqua water is beautiful on the ABC islands. Bonaire: Took the Mushi Mushi fun snorkeling on the Catamaran. Best trip of the vacation. The snorkeling was incredible. You can also go into town and buy coins from shipwrecks and unusual jewelry. At sea days: Did a backstage tour of the theatre with Amy Kelleher, the Producer of the Constellation shows. She was so nice, informative, and took the time to answer everyone's questions. We simply loved the tour and the costumes, lighting, and set design presentation she gave us. More trivia, dance lessons and a formal night as well. We did a Galley tour with Adalberto Herrara, Executive Sous Chef from Columbia. Also met with Thomas Stelbrink, Executive chef (Very informative). He has 45 chefs underneath him. Attending the champagne art auction, learned how to fold napkins, and learned the scarf color order of chefs on board. The galley was quite large and I was able to snap a few photos as well. I have done my share of scrapbooking as well. Unfortunate Medical Incident: A passenger needed blood, and they had to land a helicopter on the helipad, first time I had never seen that happen. Many passengers, as well gave blood to help the elderly gentleman (only if you had a blood bank ID card). It was another reminder to have cruise insurance, as helicopters aren't an inexpensive item to order. STAFF CAPTAIN'S CLUB Delightful! I can't say enough good things about this program. The benefits far exceeded my expectations, from complimentary nightly functions in the Elite Lounge (Reflections), to the Seniors Officer's party. Graeme Kelleher our Captain's Club host was outstanding, paying particular attention to every detail, to make the event perfect for all members. Our waiter in the Captains Club lounge was Randy Manding: Awesome, always had our drinks waiting for us when they opened the door at 5:00 PM. He was the Wow factor for us, and put him right into the A Plus category Dining Room: Mauricio Gironza, Rubinco Traykoski: anticipating our needs, prompt excellent service. Ocean Liners Specialty Restaurant: Srdjan Prastala, Maitre d'hôtel, very nice, always smiling. Nicola Savic- Chef de rang-so cute- he should be in Movies. Very good at his job! Fernando- Asst. Maitre d'hôtel great service as well, and our hat off to Assistant Waiter in Ocean Liners for Captain's Club breakfast is Moses Catbagan: always smiling, anticipated our every need, excellent service. Cruise Director: Sue Denning: Funny, witty, a plus for our ship as a legend in the entertainment business. She knew my name by the end of the first day, and always asked about how I was. Loved her scarf tying session! Hotel Director: Bernhard Stacner any problem, come see him. He solved all the issues aboard ship in the hotel department. Excellent! Master of the ship: Captain Athanasios G. Peppas If you want to meet this man, he is overwhelmingly friendly, informative, and concerned about you and the company. He has recently married and has a young son. They were a pleasure to meet while on board, although we only saw his family once. The Captain was everywhere, from the bridge, to shows, to greeting us at Cruise Critic and Captain's Club parties, and participating in various fun events with the passengers. After comparing him with captain's on some cruise lines who stay to themselves, I say...Come sail with Celebrity and enjoy the whole experience, and be pampered by a most professional and caring staff! Truly, Celebrity Cruise Lines did an outstanding job. The friendships made on board on this ship have been unparallel to any other cruise I have been on. These are once in a lifetime experiences, and I consider myself fortunate for the new friends made on board, and for the renewal of friends from past cruises, and for the experiences afforded to us by Celebrity. I hope you have enjoyed the review. My slideshow of the trip is at Trip Advisory.com. Here is the link to it. http://tripwow.tripadvisor.com/tripwow/ta-01a1-0fb4-cbd0?lb Read Less
Sail Date April 2011
This was only our 2nd cruise on Celebrity Cruise Line, but we are hoping that it's the "start of something big!" We have cruised on a variety of lines, mostly Holland America but are finding Celebrity a bit more fun. The ... Read More
This was only our 2nd cruise on Celebrity Cruise Line, but we are hoping that it's the "start of something big!" We have cruised on a variety of lines, mostly Holland America but are finding Celebrity a bit more fun. The Constellation is one of their older ships but has been recently "solsticized" and remodeled, keeping the best of the original ship and adding the flavor of the newer models. The size is just right for my hubby and me - about 2000 - and having 3 sets of elevators certainly makes moving about the ship a breeze. Of even greater importance was the staff - top notch in our opinion. Our experience in the MDR was one of the best that we have ever experienced. The food was very good in the MDR, but not as good at the buffet line.Entertainment was mostly OK, but one night the cast outdid themselves and performed an extravaganza not usually seen on the high seas - at least in a non-mega ship. They actually performed a mini-play with a thread of a plot and fantastic costuming and stagecraft.Another item worth mentioning is the effort of the stripes to mix and mingle with the passengers. There were many opportunities to meet the captain and his subordinates - an obvious attempt to be available.The enrichment on this ship was outstanding with lectures by Milos Radovich on a variety of scientific topics that were fun as well as informative! Read Less
Sail Date March 2011
Yes over all we did have a nice cruise. We were a group of 8. Ages 45 to 75. Getting on the ship went great. Our room attendants did a very good job. The room itself was fine. The problem with the room was storage of suitcases that ... Read More
Yes over all we did have a nice cruise. We were a group of 8. Ages 45 to 75. Getting on the ship went great. Our room attendants did a very good job. The room itself was fine. The problem with the room was storage of suitcases that have fit under beds before would not fit now. The lack of shelving for short people. We now remembering having this problems with the other ships in this class of ships. Food overall was not bad. The best food was at lunch. The East Indian food was very good. The main dining room was nice. I love the escargot and the salmon that you can get every night. The food overall was just not great. Now the jeans and t-shirts in the dining room at dinner. I feel it is disrespectful to everyone in the dining including the staff. Is it that hard to put a polo shirt with a collar on. Wearing a plain white t-shirt or the black one with Def Leppard on it just does not cut it for me. This was a man about 50. I was told by the maitre d' that they paid for their cruise. The maitre d' informed the man about the dress code, but the maitre d' can not turn him away. I really don't have a problem with jeans and t-shirts if the rules were changed. The events for the elite level were very nice. They all did a great job. Overall I dont think we will do Celebrity in the Caribbean again. We will still do Celebrity in Europe. The things we really love about Celebrity just do not fit in a Caribbean environment. I think that Royal Caribbean is a better fit for us in the Caribbean. Richard Read Less
Sail Date January 2011
Our 10 night ultimate caribbean cruise started out of Ft.Lauderdale FL on March 27th and lasted til April the 6th. We had a great time on this cruise. Along with my self was my husband Rich and daughter Cayley age 5. My dad and his ... Read More
Our 10 night ultimate caribbean cruise started out of Ft.Lauderdale FL on March 27th and lasted til April the 6th. We had a great time on this cruise. Along with my self was my husband Rich and daughter Cayley age 5. My dad and his girlfriend were also travelling with us. Getting on board was easy breezy! I wish we would have already had our ship baggage tags (had to get them from porter) would have liked to have already had them filled out..but no big deal. Our room was ready when we got on the ship by noon. Which is always nice to be able to drop your carry on things off before you go have lunch and explore the ship. The Constellation was a beautiful ship, really liked the layout of the buffet area, nice and open. The art on the ship was nice, nothing to really complain about. Our inside cabin (our very 1st inside cabin) was really great! Nice and roomy and since we're always on the go we didn't miss the window or balcony. The bathroom was a nice size and in wayyy better condition then on the newly refurbished Century! Our room attendant Paulwin was excellent, very nice and accommodating. The crew itself was alot friendlier then on the Century, though our little girl really loved the fun factory kids club, we thought the childrens staffon the Century was a bit more sincere about working with the kids then onthe Constellation..but still they were good. The food on the constellation was a step up from the quality and quantity of the Century. We found every meal fantastic on this cruise, except the scrambled eggs in the morning I just don't know why they cant fully cook them I cant stand runny scrambled eggs! The coffee was decent..better in the dining room then at the seaside cafe though. Ocean liners didn't disappoint but thought the staff presented the food and was alot more welcoming at Muranos on the Century. Just my opinion..but the food was excellent. In the alternative dining in the seaside cafe. Igor the head man there, whom we've met on the Century, had joined the Constellation and we were glad for it! Such a nice guy to talk with and seems truly genuine with his kindness. The food there was excellent and the service was prompt and pleasant. Overall we had a fabulous time on this cruise and recommend the ship and all the port of calls. Read Less
Sail Date March 2009
Myself and DH decided to give Celebrity a go since they had the most ideal itinerary for us. We are both mid 40's and this was our fourth cruise. Having been on Royal twice we thought that we would see what her sister line had to ... Read More
Myself and DH decided to give Celebrity a go since they had the most ideal itinerary for us. We are both mid 40's and this was our fourth cruise. Having been on Royal twice we thought that we would see what her sister line had to offer. Embarkation should have been a breeze as we were number 3 and 4 checked in at the port. One would think that the staff had never done this before. After being informed (read told) where to sit in order for them to "load" passengers in the order they arrived the RCI representative opened the doors and announced that they would board passengers in the order that they arrived. No problem! Except that they started from the farthest point in the room meaning passengers who just finished arriving boarded first. The RCI rep was quickly informed that she started from the wrong end of the room! Once on board we quickly dropped off our carry on luggage despite the room not being ready. Met with our room attendant who was most courteous and helpful while we were there, thanks to Willy! Off to get our champagne and a bit to eat. After our initial bad start we shook it off and explored our "home". Constellation is fairly well laid out and the map provided was quickly put to use. Despite other postings, we found her to be quite clean and very well maintained. Sure there are the occasional items that should be attended to but just think of how many people sit, touch,and walk up and down those chairs and halls each and every day! We truly enjoyed the offerings in the buffet area for both breakfast and lunch. Having the ability to have my omelette made fresh with what I wanted everyday was a treat! My DH really enjoyed the waffles. Lunch was great as the options were endless as long as your imagination allowed you to explore the oriental food, sandwich/panini bar, or even the pasta bar. Our only disappointment was the coffee! Being used to Tim Horton's coffee we struggled to drink one cup a day. (Usually have three!) The main dining room experience was fabulous! Thank you to both Loredana and Julio who more than made the grade! Thanks as well to Celebrity as we had great table mates and we spent many hours both at our dining room table as well as in the lounges before and after dinner! The food was sometimes good, sometimes great and occasionally passable. I learned quickly to ask our waitress for her recommendation and she never led me astray! The ports were wonderful and each traveler will look for something different so I won't cast my judgement here. We chose things we would like and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The entertainment was geared for the "older" crowd who graced this fine ship. Most of the shows were not to our liking but we tried to keep an open mind. We did leave two shows as the hypnotist was a flop and we didn't really care for the singing during the "Broadway" show. I truly enjoyed Doug Cameron and Perry Grant wasn't my cup of tea. Perry did seem to have almost a cult following but count me out! We would have liked to have had a comedian on our cruise as we have enjoyed them on other cruises more than the singing and dancing. I would have to say that Royal Caribbean shows certainly outdid the ones on this ship. All in all we had a wonderful cruise, mostly thanks to our table mates, but would I pay extra for it. In one word, NO. Would I go again, yes if it was the right price and it was going where I wanted to go! Read Less
Sail Date January 2009
Celebrity Constellation Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.2
Dining 5.0 4.0
Entertainment 4.0 3.7
Public Rooms 4.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 5.0 3.9
Family 4.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.5
Enrichment 4.0 3.4
Service 5.0 4.3
Value For Money 5.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.1

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