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12 Celebrity Constellation Cruise Reviews for Family Cruises to Caribbean - Eastern

Never having cruised before, I chose this cruise for the itinerary and the positive reviews of Celebrity that I had read. On the whole I enjoyed it but there were some negative points too. Below is a summary of our views: GOOD: ... Read More
Never having cruised before, I chose this cruise for the itinerary and the positive reviews of Celebrity that I had read. On the whole I enjoyed it but there were some negative points too. Below is a summary of our views: GOOD: -Staff on the whole worked very hard and were friendly and courteous. Our cabin attendant, Barbara was delightful and couldn't do enough for us. Alex (Concierge manager) was also helpful. Ice cream man in Oceanview was hilarious. -The ship was very clean and our cabin was spacious and well equipped. -Food generally good, varied and plentiful -Room service very good and also prompt-lovely having breakfast on balcony! -Evening shows were of a very high standard-with many performers having been on the West End stage -Shore excursions were very well organised and the tour guides we had were excellent-very pricey though! -General nice touches like cold water and towels on re-boarding the ship -Embarkation, Disembarkation and general admin on the ship was efficient -Galley tour impressive and informative NOT GOOD: -The continual hard, hard sell from the minute we got on: -upgrade to this, buy that, internet package, so prohibitively expensive etc. So many expensive extras if you're not careful. Celebrity: remember we are on holiday, we want to relax and be pampered-not hustled -If you wanted to explore ports independently the shore excursions staff were very unhelpful, bordering on obstructive and rude, inferring each time it would be costly. difficult. too expensive, too far etc. -Very poor daytime entertainment. Watching someone try to sell you something every single day is not entertainment-it is an insult -We were excited to see that on our "at sea" day there would be pool games. Except the entertainment team couldn't be bothered to recruit the teams and it was dropped-with no announcement. We waited half an hour before realising it simply wasn't happening! -Really disappointed with "evening chic". Many people didn't bother. One man wore a T shirt and shorts! I really feel Celebrity should uphold standards and dress codes. If people don't want to dress smartly, there are other more casual options for dining. For the sake of those who make an effort (as instructed), please Celebrity, try to uphold the standards to which you aspire -The duo "Sugar and Honey" were absolutely awful. They were so depressing and sucked the life out of any potential atmosphere, no matter where they sang. Everyone around us thought the same, and my sister, who is currently on the same ship, says everyone on her cruise shares this view-as do the staff!! Seriously, it got so bad that on our last day we felt driven away from the pool by their dreary, repetitive, thin, depressing songs and went back to our balcony instead. Celebrity-please wake up and get rid of these two. We didn't find a single passenger who enjoyed this act and most found them downbeat and soul destroying. -Pre cruise admin (UK) was terrible. The website is only geared towards US customers, some info is incorrect (eg luggage tags are no longer posted), e-docs were issued several weeks late and phone calls are at an extortionate, premium rate. So in summary, good in (most) parts. Far less hard sell and improved daytime activities would go a long way to improving this cruise. Read Less
Sail Date July 2016
First of all, let me provide a little background - my wife and I are avid cruisers and have taken several for the two of us over the past few years. In addition, many of my family cruise several times a year. We are both in our ... Read More
First of all, let me provide a little background - my wife and I are avid cruisers and have taken several for the two of us over the past few years. In addition, many of my family cruise several times a year. We are both in our 30's and have two children - ages 10 and 14. Our past cruises have always been with Carnival, which is known as a "party ship" and know for its bargain pricing, so we thought we would try something a little more upscale, since this was our children's first cruise. I am writing this review as I sit in the airport to fly home, so the information is still very fresh. My hope is to simply to provide future-cruisers like myself more information since it seems that the Celebrity website doesn't do a very good job of this - other than selling their additional products and excursions. Overall this cruise was very good, however I feel that the Celebrity experience did not live up to all the "hype" and "greatness" that other cruisers and their advertising has expressed. I had the expectation that Celebrity was more "upscale" and "finer" than other cruise lines - even their website says "Premium Cruise line of the year" - however I no longer believe that. Let me say, however, it's not that we had anything really bad, it's just that compared to our other cruises (with Carnival), I had expected this to be "much better" and it was "just average" and in many areas I feel that the Carnival line excelled as follows (from my customer survey which I sent to Celebrity): ROOM STEWARD / SERVICE: Although the service was fine, there was nothing exceptional about it. Many times on Carnival ships, we have had an attendant who seemed to go above and beyond - for example - one time the Carnival attendant noticed that I had some drinks in a box and took the liberty of providing us with an ice bucket and each night he pre-chilled the drinks. Another expectation is the towel-animals you normally receive each night - on this particular cruise, we only received towel-animals on 3 of the 5 nights! A bit disappointing, especially for my kids who look forward to seeing what new animal we will have each night. On other cruises, I have also had stateroom attendants who went above and beyond to make the room "extra clean" (doing things such as discarding old programs, hanging up our personal clothes and/or towels, etc.) Not so on this cruise. Although we did not experience the "exceptional" service, I will say that the room was kept clean, beds were made, and each night the beds were turned down, towels freshened up, and after I had to ask for the ice service, it was taken care of each day. One thing to note (see cabin review below) is that the cabin (an ocean view state room on the 2nd deck) was actually much larger than I expected and the way they have the bunk-beds configured for the kids actually worked out really well. FOOD QUALITY / SERVICE: Once again, if I had nothing to compare to, I would have said the food quality and service was just fine, however given my past experience with Carnival, I had expected much more from Celebrity, which I don't believe I received. The quick-service buffet, "Ocean View Cafe" was very good, although many times it was frustrating because it took so long to get served - especially at breakfast. For example, there was ALWAYS a line to get fresh waffles, because they are made only a few at a time, which is quite typical for a restaurant. However, due to the way the buffet was arranged, you had to stand in the same line for things like French Toast and Pancakes, of which there were PLENTY of. The was true for the omelette stations, however there were plenty of those. The main problem is that the position of the omelette stations caused the line to back up around the buffet and thus blocked other self-service items (i.e. fruit) which normally wouldn't require such a long line. The other MAJOR problem with the Ocean View Buffet / CAFE is that their service closed really early. Another interesting thing was that there was only ONE pan of hash-browns on the entire buffet! I do not understand why you would have only one of ANY item. I realize that sometimes there are specialty areas for specific foods (i.e. English breakfast or foreign foods, but I don't believe that is the case with something as popular as the american hash-brown!) I understand that they can't keep a full buffet, but on past Carnival cruises, usually there is at least one or two lines for things such as PIZZA and PASTA that are open VERY LATE (usually at least 2 or 3 am) - again, not the case on Celebrity. There as a pizza and pasta line that stayed open, but many nights they were closed by 12 pm. Again, nothing really wrong with that, just not what we were expecting based on our past cruise experiences. Regarding the formal dining room - again the service and food was "ok" but not exceptional. The food was decent but nothing exceptional, however each night the food presentation was very nice and everything tasted great. Portions were also fine for most meals, and of course, you can always order seconds if you wanted it. We didn't try any of the premium dining - perhaps you just have to pay more if you want the exceptional food and service the other cruise lines offer. Overall, my main disappointments were: 1. It seems that the buffet service could be better organized in order to facilitate allowing guests to more-quickly serve their food while separating the ones who are willing to wait for special items such as waffles or omelettes, rather than clogging up the rest of the buffet line with guests who are only waiting on one specific item. 2. No 24/7 food service (except room service) and no 24/7 ice-cream 3. No Steak and Lobster night (as we have seen on EVERY cruise we have been on in the past) When we asked the waiter about this, we were told that they "do not do that anymore on the shorter cruises". 4. Service was slow at times which could probably be alleviated by having common items such as coffee, tea, and sodas located in the main dining room rather than having wait staff traipsing all over the ship. DRINK PACKAGE (ADULTS): I would HIGHLY recommend the drink package if you drink alcohol at all. This was probably one of the better deals on the ship - about $50/day for the premium package and it covered virtually everything we needed. I think one of the few things that wasn't covered were the premium wines (they have an entire wine cellar on-board but we did not partake). Both my wife and I did have a glass (or two or three) of wine EVERY NIGHT at dinner, which was covered and we had PLENTY of cocktails and liquer shots - all covered. I do recommend upgrading to the premium package because many of the cocktails (for example, the "pomegranate martini" which was featured on the first day) were not covered. However, once we upgraded our package, we never had to worry about it the rest of the cruise and we just drank as much as we wanted. However, CHECK YOUR BILL because we were charged for a few drinks during the cruise, even though we had the package. They happily removed these charges once I pointed them out. NON-ALCOHOL DRINK PACKAGE (KIDS/TEENS): Once again, we weren't really sure about this, but if your kids drink many sodas, I would highly recommend the CLASSIC package. For us, that package covered everything the kids needed and allowed them to receive sodas and many non-alcoholic virgin drinks (i.e. virgin pina colada). My teenage son even enjoyed a latte now and then and several red-bulls which we didn't think were covered but they were. ON-BOARD SHOPS / PROGRAMS: I don't know about other cruisers, but myself and my wife don't usually do a ton of shopping on-board, however it is nice to know what to expect. The Constellation has an entire floor (Deck 5) dedicated to tax-free shops including things such as Jewelry, Bottled Liquor (to take home, you cant consume it on the ship), Perfume, High-End Make-Up and Cosmetics, High-End Clothing, and a unique store which sells Apple products such as iPads and Apple computers. Almost every night they have a drawing / raffle of some sort with the idea being to get you to come in and see their merchandise. I don't know about the higher priced jewelery (i.e. Levian Dimaonds) whicn they say are some of the "best prices in the world" but in my opinion many of the deals were OK, but not that great. We compared several of the liquor prices to those of a typical liquor store at home in the US and in general you probably save 5%-10%. If you are a bargain shopper, then many of the "inexpensive" jewelry items can be purchased at a regular department store such as Macys or Kohls when they have their sales and you would probably save more. As for the expensive jewelry, I know several people who have bought things on cruise ships, but my personal feeling is that I wouldn't make an investment with a store i can't easily go back to if I have a problem - regardless of what promises they make. I don't have any personal experience but I'm not overly excited about handing thousands of dollars over to a "company" (remember the on-board stores are not owned by Celebrity) I know very little about; however there were LOTS of people buying so I guess their sales strategy is working. One thing that is a good value are the $20 watches and bracelets, but they don't go on sale until the last day at sea, so wait if you can. The same watches will be $100 during the rest of the week but for $20 if something breaks - who cares? ENTERTAINMENT: In some ways, the on-board live entertainment was incredible. In comparison to Carnival, Celebrity has several live "production shows". On our past cruises, carnival only had one. The production shows themselves had great value and were well done. I highly recommend the late-night show "Illeria" and don't be offended by their "adults only" warning - there is no nudity but there is some off color humor so don't ignore the warning completely and certainly don't let your kids go. The Cruise Director "Alejandro" was AMAZING and probably the BEST PART of the entire cruise! My biggest complaint was that we have come to expect more entertainment and activities (i.e. game-shows, trivia, etc) and while there was some of this, there was not a-lot. For example, on our first sea day I think they had one trivia session, and one BINGO compared to Carnival ships which have several of both. Most likely, this is because Celebrity cruises typically attract an older demographic, but if this is the case, then you should make that more obvious so that younger family cruises like myself know what we are getting (or not getting) before we select a cruise line. This was something I found very hard to find any information about. They also had very little to do for "late night". Typically the last show was at either 9 pm or 10 pm and all the "older" people head off to bed. However, if you're like us and ready to do something your options are either a) spend money in the casino or b) head up stairs and party/dance in the reflections lounge. While these are both fun choices, it would have been better to have had a late-night comedy (we did on Carnival) or trivia (also Carnival) for those of us night-owls who want something to other than dance. i was also very disappointed that the pools closed at 10 pm - it would have been really nice to sit in the hot-tub at 11 or 12 or 1 am and enjoy the coolness of the evening, but no such luck. CHILDREN'S ACTIVITIES: Along the same line, I think the biggest problem with this area was that the cruise was not prepared for so many young cruisers. The kids club was good and our children did participate, however there were many times when my kids said that they were "bored" because there wasn't much going on. I think the biggest area of improvement might be the number and level of activities offered for children as well as families. My 10 year-old daughter did participate in most of the kids-club activities, and for the younger ones, it seemed like a great baby-sitting service. One thing that is neat is that you can give kids 9 and older permission to "check themselves in and out" so you don't have to if you desire. We did this and it was good because she could come and go as she pleased and if she wanted to see the show, then she could simply meet us at the appropriate time. My 14 year-old son however didn't get into the kids activities AT ALL. He went the first night, but was terribly bored (they do have consoles such as the X-box and a few other things like that). The good news is that he found a group of friends that were his age and we didn't really see him much after that. Just know that many of the teenage kids felt the same way, so their weren't many of them in the teenage "x-club" after the first night. SUMMARY: Overall, the Celebrity experience was OK and we all enjoyed our vacation, however I will most likely NOT be selecting Celebrity for future cruises (especially with their premium pricing) until I am able to better understand and receive the "premium" value I should be getting from a line that touts themselves as an upscale, 1st class line. Read Less
Sail Date April 2015
We arrived at the Port around 12:15 and parked in the convenient garage. I should have dropped off the baggage before parking but luckily we didn't have so much stuff that it mattered. The process of getting on the ship was efficient, ... Read More
We arrived at the Port around 12:15 and parked in the convenient garage. I should have dropped off the baggage before parking but luckily we didn't have so much stuff that it mattered. The process of getting on the ship was efficient, although the man taking photos for the card ID was rude, a rarity on the trip. The gangway aboard took us to mid-ship deck 3 right in front of the guest services counter. They had complimentary champagne and this did not create a feeding frenzy as it would have on Carnival, a good sign of things to come. Once we got the bags into the room on Deck 9 I went back down to guest services to reserve dinner at Tuscan Grille for our last night aboard. This took about 15 minutes. Afterwards our family of four hit the buffet on deck 10. The buffet didn't change much day to day during lunch. There was a carving station with hot meat like turkey and roast beef and a selection of gourmet cheeses and even cold luncheon meats. Another hot section was called gourmet, but you were likely to find mashed potatoes and chicken breast and a fish selection. Near the back of the ship was a pizza buffet. There was also a Panini grille, and some Asian selections and a custom pasta bar. It was thorough and a better selection than Carnival. Our lunch choices were varied during the cruise. One day we ate in Key West. Another day we ate at the waiter service restaurant on Deck 4. Kids ordered hot dogs and hamburgers there and we ate a Cobb Salad although New York Strip was available too. We probably would have skipped the buffets altogether except that the kids preferred faster service. If you have kids then the Fun Factory is the name to remember. Our daughters 4 and 7 spent a great deal of time there even begging to stay for dinner or the late night slumber party. The kids were not happy when we came to pick them up. The young ladies working there were superb, always friendly and helpful. With the kids away at Fun Factory we choose the 8:30pm seating for dinner. We shared a table of 8 with another family of four. Their kids were slightly older than ours. They were friendly people, but we did not see them again at dinner. We skipped the formal night. The last thing I wanted to juggle is a suit and the means to press it. So for most of the cruise our dinner was an intimate affair at a table for 8. Between us we ate Prime Rib and Pork Chops and Salmon and New York Strip and Lamb. Not bad. The service was friendly and attentive. I don't know how they work such hours. The girl who was our assistant waiter could be seen the next morning assisting at the breakfast buffet. On the last night we ate at the up-charge Tuscan Grill. I have heard a few reviewers say that it's not worth the extra money, but I would argue that the food is even better than the dining room and the intimate setting is much more relaxing. If you are like us and don't get many date nights then this is worth it. It's also a good way to use the beverage plan. We included the standard beverage package in our cruise. Either there is misinformation or they have been tweaking the program. The understanding I had was it included beer up to $6, liquor up to $7 and wine up to $9. If you wanted a drink that cost more you would pay the difference. That didn't work out as planned. The $13 martini at the Martini Bar cost the full $13 and things like Pellegrino and Perrier were not included despite what I had read elsewhere. The good news is that bartenders had some leeway in what they gave you. Their $7 bourbon was Jim Beam, but the only place where they seemed to stock it was the pool bars. At the other places they substituted Jack Daniels (not bourbon but no complaint) or Maker's Mark. My wife drank mostly Pinot Noir or Shiraz under the $9 umbrella. The bartenders were not as friendly as the wait staff. I don't know if that is the culture of the bartenders or their worry that the drink packages cost them tip money. We prefer the ship to the excursions and it makes port days a good time to hit the pool. We skipped the formal dinner on the first night and were practically the only people in the solarium. It was a win on both counts. Other times those areas were packed. The casino was pretty quiet the times I tried it. I played two Texas Holdem tournaments, but I never saw a cash game. The blinds were so quick that it was more like blackjack than poker and yet it was something to do on the afternoons at sea when the pool was crazy. They also had 3 card poker, blackjack, craps and roulette and many slot machines. They had a pretty nice sale on the first Sea Day and I bought swim trunks for $10. They also had a selection of $10 watches and other items. Twice we planned to work out in the fitness center and twice they cardio machines were all booked up. It wasn't a lack of selection so much is that Celebrity seems to attract a fitness crowd. We don't do the shows on the ship so I can't comment, but the live music in the lounges were pretty good. The Rendezvous lounge before dunner featured a jazz group and singer that was just my speed. We have tried beach vacations with the kids, but they are bored by their parents that want to sit and read books and drink cocktails. What makes a cruise such a good family vacation is the balance of kids activities, adults activities, and family time. Celebrity was a step up from our other experiences with Carnival. It costs more but it's quieter and the overall quality is better. Read Less
Sail Date March 2015
I'm SO embarrassed. I wrote this review months ago, but totally forgot to upload it. I always post a review after my cruises and we enjoy Celebrity, so I didn't want this to go to waste! Hope you find it helpful. ... Read More
I'm SO embarrassed. I wrote this review months ago, but totally forgot to upload it. I always post a review after my cruises and we enjoy Celebrity, so I didn't want this to go to waste! Hope you find it helpful. Embarkation: Smooth and quick. Cabin: Outside: Deck 3: The cabin is nicely appointed, but starting to show age. For example, the sealant around the window, which was filthy the entire cruise, is coming out, there are some tiles stains in the shower and scratches on the furniture. Public Rooms—The ship is kept extremely clean. The cabin corridors were quite bright. The theatre is quite large with excellent sight lines. The MDR has an enormous wall of windows. Dining-We had anytime dining, which worked half of the time. We made reservations, so never had to wait that long. However, as has happened on past Celebrity cruises, we asked to be sat with strangers at a large table and were promised such, only to be put at an 8-top with 5 empty seats. The food throughout was excellent, though, like most cruise lines quality has slipped. Lobster tails and (real) prime rib were nowhere to be seen. We did eat in Ocean Liners---well worth it---extremely attentive service and selections which couldn’t be found in the MDR. The spa café is a special treat on Celebrity. Entertainment- We had only 1 production show on this 5 night cruise. (There were supposed to be two, but the stage malfunctioned and that show was replaced by a smaller show.) The English female singer/comedian was quite good. We enjoyed Sarah of the cruise staff and her daily trivia games. Normally, I don’t care for cruise directors, but Alejandro was excellent. Gym- The gym has up-to-equipment and is roomy, with large locker rooms and sauna. Ports of Call – Key West—relaxing, but not much to do (probably because we’ve been there so many times). Cozumel- we went to a dive shop (Aquaworld) on our own to get a snorkeling trip, but it wound up being a bust. The company took us basically 100 feet off shore—we could have taken a public bus to Money Bar, as we have done in the past, and had better snorkeling. Do not use this company. In general, Celebrity’s standards are still high. The art on board is of better quality than other ships and the amenities superior. However, the Constellation is starting to show its age. Read Less
Sail Date February 2015
This was our 6th cruise on Celebrity cruise line and absolutely unbeatably the worst one. The ship is old, worn out, smelly, and feels unclean; there is no wow factor at all – very drab. Embarkation was chaotic, mostly due to no ... Read More
This was our 6th cruise on Celebrity cruise line and absolutely unbeatably the worst one. The ship is old, worn out, smelly, and feels unclean; there is no wow factor at all – very drab. Embarkation was chaotic, mostly due to no direction from the staff and pushy passengers. We went on the same itinerary on the Millennium 2 years ago and it felt like night and day compared to this cruise. I cannot believe that in 2 years Celebrity dropped so low. We took a Celebrity cruise 3 month ago on Silhouette and it was a nice cruise, we noticed many budget cuts and corners cuts even on that cruise; however it cannot be compared to this cruise. It’s a shame that Celebrity fell so low that I cannot even compare it to Carnival – there was no service, no entertainment, no care and no variety on a 5 days cruise. In 5 days NO ONE paid us any attention - not the room steward, not the server, not the wait staff at the buffet, not the entertainment staff - in 5 days on the ship NOT ONE PERSON offered or provided any service or enjoyable experience or did anything worth recognition. Even guest relations manager was not interested in remediating the situation. The cabin was worn out, rusted out, poorly decorated and very small. There were stains everywhere. The pool towels brought to our room the second day were dirty, the bed shits were dirty, the carpets were dirty, the balcony looked like it was not cleaned in ages. My husband developed a severe allergy while on the ship, he is allergic to dust. The room steward spends 3 minutes in the room and leaves dust, dirt, stains untouched. It took 3 days to get ice from the room steward. The first day we asked and got no ice, the second day we asked and got ice in the middle of the day, by the time we got to cabin later in the day it was melted and was never changed, so the 3rd day after asking both room steward and assistant to have fresh ice in the room we finally got it. One day the room service menu disappeared from the tv screen and since room steward did not provide paper order forms for breakfast, we were not able to order morning coffee. The interactive function was fixed the next day, we ordered juice to be delivered for 8 am the next day and got a knock at the door an hour later at 12:30 am after midnight and juice delivery. The main dining room waiter was so busy that it was impossible to stop him and ask for a different dish or just to get a recommendation on the selection. The food presentation was not imaginative, quality was not good and choices were limited. The first cruise day was a nice warm day in Key West and I was planning to spend it on the balcony reading; however window washers decided to wash the windows and floors of the food court 3 decks up and spent 3 hours watering all balconies below. They saw people on the balconies trying to relax and enjoy some sun, but they did not care one bit and kept on watering us over the head with dirty salty water. The worst part of the ship was the buffet dining room with very poor, tasteless and limited choices, terrible working hours and no service whatsoever. In 5 days not once coffee or water was offered by wait staff in the buffet area, nor tables cleaned or dirty dishes removed from the table. The buffet operation hours on board of this ship are ridiculous. If you don’t eat before 10 am, there is no hot or fresh food available between 10 am and 12 pm. If you missed lunch, there is no hot food available between 2 pm and 5:30 pm. Two years ago on the same itinerary, for the day at sea, a very beautiful brunch was served in the main dining room, and there was a midnight sweets buffet on the pool deck. On this cruise if you miss your small window of food service, you either have to wait for the next meal or wait for an hour for order from a very limited selection of a room service menu. The last day at sea, knowing the situation with meals on this ship, we went to Ocean café at 1:30 which is about 1.5 hr earlier than our normal lunch time, but we missed lunch on 2 previous days and were determined to have some fresh food in the afternoon. I went to the salad line with a plate at 1:30 pm and waiter/server closed the shutter over the food in front of my face. I asked him what was going on and why is he closing the salad bar so early, he said that they close one side at 1:30 and the same selection is on the other side and I should go there. I went there and there was 1 salad with tofu available and 4 empty salad dishes. I went straight to the guest relations office and explained the situation. I also tried to state how much I was disappointed with the whole cruise, with hours of operation, with limited options, with total lack of service; she interrupted me and said that she cannot remediate what's done but that she will report the incident to the manager of the dining room at the Oceans Café. She also suggested that I should talk to a manager in the café when there is a problem. To which I said that on all other cruises the officers and dining room managers were available and in the dining room at all times, on this cruise neither in the buffet nor in the main dining room, the manager did not introduce himself, never stopped by the table and I had no idea who to even look for. Regarding the hours of operation she said that it is the same on all ships. To which I told her that 3 month ago on Silhouette the buffet was open for 23 hours a day and there was always a selection of sandwiches, cookies, salads, fruits or horderves available. But she did not care one bit about my experience or my dissatisfaction. In 5 days RARELY any staff member even said hello anywhere on the ship. We waited by the pool side bar for 15 minutes to order drinks while barman was chatting with other staff members. When dance lessons were offered in the reflection lounge, the lounge bar was closed and there was nowhere to get water or a drink for 2 hours that session lasted. The professional entertainment on the ship is almost none existent. Cruise director is really trying to be funny and to be everywhere at once, but he cannot be a substitute for a whole professional staff. Passengers entertaining passengers, so called “life activities” is so amateur it is said and not funny. The days at sea had no professional entertainment offered throughout the day. You had to choose between casino, bingo, shopping on board, art gallery or drinking. There were no lectures, no tour of the ship, no interesting guests, no cooking show, no game shows if you don’t count a poor attempt for unskillful game called majority rules. The dance band that was supposed to play dance music before and after dinner, decided to become rock-n-roll, country, hipster mix, invited a “guest” with guitar that knew 7-8 old rock hippy songs and played them continuously every time we stopped by the deck 4 trying to find a tune to dance to. There were always many people at the lounge, none of them dancing, since the music he was playing was not suited for pre-dinner dance, but they kept on repeating the same performance night after night without paying any attentions to guests. We ordered a future cruise while on the last cruise on Silhouette 3 month ago. That cruise was supposed to be Mediterranean next summer on Constellation. We will be canceling it because after this experience I cannot imagine spending 10 days on this ship.   Read Less
Sail Date February 2015
Celebrity Constellation – 9 Night Cruise Eastern Caribbean (13-22 Dec 2014) out of Port Everglades (Ft Lauderdale, FL); Celebrity Suite 9096 (Deck 9) which came with concierge’s service. The check-in service was first class – the ... Read More
Celebrity Constellation – 9 Night Cruise Eastern Caribbean (13-22 Dec 2014) out of Port Everglades (Ft Lauderdale, FL); Celebrity Suite 9096 (Deck 9) which came with concierge’s service. The check-in service was first class – the boarding classes (suites vs. rooms) are separated/divided so you feel from the start a difference that you’re paying for. Once checked in, your documents are passed over to one of many cabin Butlers which provide care and attention to the 50 various suites aboard; they in turn will escort you directly to Michael’s Club (Concierge’s Lounge), which is specifically only for suites and Captain Club members (part of their rewards member’s package). Once there the Concierge – ours was Bogdan, who was absolutely fantastic; a ball of energy focused on making our stay very memorable. The lounge is staffed with some great people; three that come to mind are: Ivana, Sotoko and Consuelo. For the club members you are provided a tour and information about the club and its usage; I’ll leave the run down up to them on your visit; however, these were top notch customer service professionals – always a smile and always there to feel at ease. Now for the boat – it’s an older ship (2002) from the Millennium Class, and our last Celebrity cruise was in a Penthouse suite aboard the “Solstice”, which is their Solstice class ship; so we’re now comparing apples to oranges due to the difference of classes, suites and years (8 years apart). So it’s easy to say that the Constellation staterooms are pretty worn as we were in the lowest of the suites vice the nicer Penthouse on the newer Solstice. The food: It was exceptional!!! Nuf’ said!!! Now we loved what we refer to as the “trough”; if you watched a few hundred graze during your meal time – you’ll truly understand tagging this as its name. I don’t blame the ship or its staff on this daily regression in the “human food chain”; I blame the rude and inconsiderate passengers which have no sense of common courtesy – they drive onto the blinding heaping mounds of meat – potatoes – breads while only concern in their life is them. They’ll cut in line – they’ll stop in mid-stride, they’ll be looking one way while walking another…the food is plentiful and well cooked, most will say it’s under seasoned and it should be so be ready for that. Hidden secrets the Ocean View’s grill area every night Jonathan would grill to order select cuts of meat from lamb, chicken, steak, pork, etc…these were thin cuts but if you want more go back! Jonathan was identified as one of their best employees working the trough. Now the table cleaners were entertainment…it was fun to watch how many times they could look busy without being busy; this would be blamed on the management staff, with the passenger turnover during each meal – this group has no problem to keep tables clean and free of dishes. The only major complaint in this area was the ice and juice machines, which were constantly out of order or not working properly; and it always seemed to be the passenger’s responsibility to ensure these were working and not the staff each meal period. Only went to the Tuscan Grill for specialty dining; and we went there twice as it was that good. Great service and great staff, nuf said. We chose early dining but really only went there once and it was very nice…again staff was very good. The shows and the activities were like any other cruise ship…no better and no worst…the best thing about this vessel was “NO SMOKING” in the common areas; the worst thing was the other passengers, they were the only rude people I encountered on the ship. Last item to share the ship’s Captain was the best I’ve ever encountered…very personable and enjoyed each and every announcement he made…he made you listen as he passed on very important information but had you waiting for his hook…always a little humor mixed in with his messages.     Read Less
Sail Date December 2014
The embarkation was excellent. The food was top quality the first evening and the first and last two sea days but the food was skimpy and tasteless in the garden buffet during the five port days. This was our big complaint. Celebrity is ... Read More
The embarkation was excellent. The food was top quality the first evening and the first and last two sea days but the food was skimpy and tasteless in the garden buffet during the five port days. This was our big complaint. Celebrity is clearly cutting corners in food preparation and production in the buffet. On the last sea day night no bowls were present and the bowls were cold when they were brought out. The first two bowls I picked up had food , grits in fact , on them. This is unsanitary and pathetic for what I thought was a cruise line of high standard. The desserts were miniature dwarf servings until the last two sea nights , then they served the regular slices of what we though was left over or unsold desert from other pay for food dinner locations. Many salads were scooped up at lunch time and reserved in glasses at dinner time , even though the salad looked dry. The jewelry sale was the biggest farce that I have ever seen on a cruise ship. The cheap watches were so cheap that we witnessed two customers bring them back as soon as they got to their cabins due to operation failure. This should be an embarrassment to Celebrity cruise lines. The ship was very nice and in great shape for it's age. Disembarkation was a breeze and the 7:00 a.m. exit time for passengers whom were handling their own baggage was earlier and better than other ships. All of the port stops were great and the reason we decided to try Celebrity for the first time. This Celebrity ship did not measure up to Carnival , Norwegian or Princess cruises in our past so we will be going back and not forward with Celebrity Cruise line in the future. Read Less
Sail Date November 2014
This was my fouth cruise, 2nd on Celebrity. I have to say after reading some reviews I was hesitant in what I was going to find. Constellation was an older ship, not being taken care of? Not true. Very clean, and well taken care of. It is ... Read More
This was my fouth cruise, 2nd on Celebrity. I have to say after reading some reviews I was hesitant in what I was going to find. Constellation was an older ship, not being taken care of? Not true. Very clean, and well taken care of. It is an older ship, it is not brand new but it is scrubed, painted and nice. The dinningroom is a little dated, but it's clean and still very nice. Our room may have been one of the ones that was re-vamped, but I could see the wear but it was very clean so it was fine. Everyone was the best at taking care of us from our stewart Benjit to the dinning room hostess, I couldn't have asked for better service. The food wasn't as fantastic as our last Celebrity cruise, it was still very good however, just not over the top, I still gained my cruise weight, but it wasn't all the "best" of whatever I had but non the less still very good, the buffet had good food, not a huge variety but I think they did a great job, with the selections, bread was always fresh, always had a chicken, beef choice and a pasta, pizza and sandwich station and of course a ample selection of ice cream. We arrived everywhere on time and getting off the ship was almost nothing -- took just a few minutes to get off and on. We did try the conceirge treatment on the ship -- I think it was worth it, priority embarkation was awesome -- I think from the Taxi to getting on the ship -- under 10 minutes -- easy. We didn't need the champagne and didn't take advantange of the appetizers (we had plenty of food-lol) but used some coupons for the gelato and our third person received 40 mintues of free internet -- and a few more coupons we didn't use. Our room number was 9122, deck 9 does have the overhang but honestly I didn't really even notice it -- that room is kind of in a space where you can get a little sun, but it wasn't an issue at all, would have no problem getting another room on that deck. The entertainment -- was really good, I have seen my share of slightly cheesy productions and overacting and not the best singing but this crew -- was actually really good, first cruise I was actually looking forward to seeing the shows. The captain was awesome, he is funny, personable and seems to have his act together, I mean connecting with the guests, he did some comedy too -- I would be excited to be on a cruise with him again -- again a cruise first for me as well as the cruise director Rich -- he was excellent, very funny, personable and didn't push the activities too much wasn't forced to be a nice funny guy, he seemed to really be himself, as well as the activities director (Sarah?) Anyway these are things I have not ever experienced before and actually does make a difference, makes the cruise a little more personal. I don't have little kids, but I saw them running around with newly crafted stuff they were proud to show their parents and hunts for items -- they seemed very happy and making new friends. All and all this obviously wasn't a new ship, but there are others out there if that's what your looking for, to me this was a very, very nice cruise short enough for my busy college student but long enough for a nice bonding, relaxing trip -- don't need to go to Cozumel again but that has nothing to do with Celebrity but Key West -- I will be going there again -- a very laid back beautiful island. I do have to say -- there was way too much unnecessary whining going on, wating in line (if you are late for breakfast that is going to happen) nothing is going to be perfect -- not getting chocolate on your pillow -- is not (in my opinion) a cause to have a problem, we did get chocolate covered oreos -- they were good! But more than a few times I hear frm a crowd "this is ridiciousl" no it's not.. calm down and get free room service. seriously.. get a grip. Read Less
Sail Date November 2014
We left Port Everglade on December 14, 2013 in route to Key West and then on to Cozumel...or so we thought. We reached Key West on Sunday morning and went into the city for a trolley tour which was really informational and a lot of fun. It ... Read More
We left Port Everglade on December 14, 2013 in route to Key West and then on to Cozumel...or so we thought. We reached Key West on Sunday morning and went into the city for a trolley tour which was really informational and a lot of fun. It was quite hot, so I was glad for the water from our ship and the free bottled water from the trolley tour. Went back on board around 2:00 p.m. and showered, and waited for our departure from Key West at 5:00 p.m. At 6:00 p.m. we were still in port and waiting to hear the engines reeve up to be on our way. At 7:00 p.m. the captain came over the loud speaker system to inform us of the "good news, bad news & really good news!" Which was we were still in Key West...really, I didn't know that...one of the turbine engines had broken down, & the really good news was that we were moving over the Naval base dock for the repairs that needed to be done on the ship. Then he stated that we would be underway by 10:00 p.m. that evening. If you wish to go back into Key West for the evening, we could be tendered there and needed to return to the ship by 9:30 p.m. so we could leave at 10 p.m. At 10:30 p.m. the Captain came over the loud speaker again and stated the repair was taking longer then anticipated and we would be in port until 9:30 a.m. the next day. We got up the next morning and waited for our time to leave the port. At 10:45 a.m. the captain came over the loud speaker again and stated we still could not leave port and we would be able to go into Key West again if we wanted to. We did not get off the ship again, as we really didn't have anything else to do in Key West. He stated we would leave port at 10 p.m. that night. Again, we did not leave and were told we would leave at 6 a.m. the next day and head to Nassau, Bahamas. Now, I have been to Nassau 6 times already. I mostly go on this cruise to enjoy my time on the boat. I find the Bahamas a good first time cruise, but don't really like getting off there anymore. I was definitely disappointed with this news. We did finally get on our way at about 7:30 a.m. on Wed. 12/18. I went down to the purser's desk to see if there would be any kind of compensation for this change. I was told there would not be anything for our inconvience but I could try to contact the Headquarters when I returned home. I did that just a few moments ago and got no satisfaction of any kind. Just sincere apologies and that she would certainly let her superiors know of my dissatisfaction. It wouldn't have taken much to make me happy really...I mean the fact that the engine was that broken down is not something that they didn't know wasn't going to happen anytime too soon. When my car is acting up, I know by certain sounds that it makes that I need to get it checked out soon...I believe it is the same with a cruise ship. You have been working with this vessel long enough to know when something major is about to happen. Ignoring that and your passengers is not how to do business. Other issues with the ship was our wait staff. Our sub-waiter was a sweet young man who had been working there for 2 months. He was not very attentive because he didn't seem to know what to do next. Our first night he spilled coffee on one of our dining mates. She was wearing white (coffee stained) pants now. Our waiter was fast. Too fast as he made many mistakes on whose order he was serving to whom. Twice I received our vegan dining mates food and they received mine. Several times I told him to slow down and take the time to be right instead of being too fast. He, however, saw the slowness of our sub-waiter and did alot of the jobs he should be doing for us. Thus the reason for such overly excessive mistakes. The entertainment was really good. The comic was outstanding, the singers at the bars were really enjoyable and there was a string trio that played spectacular. The Celebrity Shows of dancers, singers and aerialist was fantastic. The Art Auction was fun and entertaining as well. Our cabin stewards were prompt and friendly. We enjoyed there presence and dedication to perfection. There were other staff that really made this cruise stand out to us as well. The young girl who waited on us for our gelato in the evenings was refreshing along with one waitress who brought our drinks in the same area on deck 5. And then there was Taylor (with the cruise director dept.) who really helped make our last day (at Nassau) fun and entertaining. These few things made our time being STRANDED bearable. However, I would never cruise with Celebrity again. The attitude that things happen with no regard for the price I spent for a cruise that just didn't deliver doesn't meet with my standards. As you know when in port, the casino and shops are all shut down due to the rules and deals that the lines have with each port they go into. That meant, while stuck in Key West for 2 1/2 days, we couldn't shop or play the slots while there. I just wish that Celebrity would have said, "Book with us again and we will comp your drink package or give you an onboard credit of $100 per stateroom or something like that." I wasn't looking for a free cruise back to Cozumel (although, I would have welcomed it), I was looking for something that showed me that they took seriously my disappointment with the way this trip turned out. Even if they had offered 1/4 to 1/2 off my next cruise, I would have been happy. But they sheer "so sad, too bad" attitude makes me say I'll never cruise with them again. As they are part of Royal Caribbean as well, I am beginning to feel the same way as the Crown & Anchor lines too. The same corporation would treat me the same if something happened on their line as well.   Read Less
Sail Date December 2013
We have been on many cruises and most recently have done our last 4 cruises on Celebrity because we find that this company provides what we are looking for in a cruise holiday. Embarkation - a pleasant trouble free experience - no ... Read More
We have been on many cruises and most recently have done our last 4 cruises on Celebrity because we find that this company provides what we are looking for in a cruise holiday. Embarkation - a pleasant trouble free experience - no complaints here. Cabin - we were in a C2 cabin 9038 which I chose due to the irregular shaped balcony. It was a lovely cabin and the extra room on the balcony was fantastic, we had lunch there several times. The overhang is large but didn't bother us in anyway. The Cabin Steward and his assistant were very friendly and kept everything spic and span. Food - Unfortunately in the MDR we were not impressed (we were on Select Dining) The service was not very efficient, a lot of waiting on some nights between courses, and also the quality of the food was not the standard we have enjoyed on previous cruises (our last one being in the summer on the Equinox). We did eat in the Tuscan Grille and Ocean Liners, both were substantially better than the MDR and the service and food was excellent. We also ate in the Creperie on Deck 5 some nights and this too was a much more enjoyable experience - unfortunately the menu choice was rather limited. The food in the Sunset Grille was fine for breakfast and lunch but awful at dinner in the evening (hardly any choice - pasta or pizza it seemed every night). The layout of the cafe is much nicer on the Equinox too. I think the Christmas dinner in the MDR was the most disappointing for me, about the only edible thing on the plate was some turkey breast - perhaps the Americans don't really 'do' Christmas dinner. Entertainment - there were a few highlights. Perry Grant was entertaining in Michael's club (the Piano bar), one of the production shows was good and the Christmas show was nice. Unfortunately our 17 year old son and his 18 year old cousin were with us and this provided a problem which Celebrity seemed less than efficient at solving. Our son wanted to spend time with his cousin in the evenings, the place to go was the nightclub 'Reflections', unfortunately at 11.30pm they would tell anyone under 18 to leave. This meant our son came back to the cabin early and missed spending time with his older cousin. We did ask if the rules could be relaxed but although we were told someone would get back to us, nobody did. We were upset to find out from other parents that their children under 18 had managed to avoid being ID'd and were able to stay late at the club. We did complain again to the cruise director and she apologised and amazingly for the last 2 days of the cruise suddenly no one was told to leave the nightclub ... we did ask for this much earlier in the cruise and it is such a pity that we had to wait until the last 2 nights of a 14 night cruise for something to be done .. a shame for us Celebrity fans because our son ended up unhappy and saying it was 'his worst cruise ever'. Overall- our holiday was OK and we did enjoy the ports we visited and the staff on board (particularly the cabin staff and those in the speciality restaurants) were really friendly. We have been on the Constellation before but will not choose the ship again because we prefer the Solstice Class more. I don't like being negative about things and I have to say I did meet some lovely people on board but we would not sail on Constellation again. Read Less
Sail Date December 2011
Embarkation and General appearance: EVERYTHING went wonderfully! Was on the boat in no time at all. Was treated to a nice buffet. Got right into the room. Could tell that the boat was aging. No problem. I kind of expected this. Stains on ... Read More
Embarkation and General appearance: EVERYTHING went wonderfully! Was on the boat in no time at all. Was treated to a nice buffet. Got right into the room. Could tell that the boat was aging. No problem. I kind of expected this. Stains on the couch and signage in bathroom getting hard to read etc. Otherwise, everything looked clean. Steward was "polite" but nothing extraordinary. Probably saw him 3 other times entire cruise. Just seemed awkward remembering my past experiences and expecting much more from this particular member of the cruise team. Food: Breakfast is great. The sushi bar is good. Don't do hot buffets in the middle of the day. Salad bar is fine. The evening meal in the San Marco dining room was about 180 degrees from what I remembered. First night I was at my table I ordered a 45 dollar bottle of wine. The Sommolier...lol..put it in a nice metal pour basket and began pouring my wine in a water glass that I guess substituted for a wine glass. I objected and asked for real wine glass... he left for a couple of minutes and returned telling me that this "water glass" was all I could have. So remember to take your own wine glasses if you eat in the San Marco. On 2 separate nights the entree was not eatable. I filled up on bread and cheese. I guess I am saying, don't expect much and you won't be disappointed as I was. I really wanted to cry. However, thank goodness for the Ocean Liner restaurant. At $30.00/person WHAT A DEAL!! Worth every penny. Ate there on BOTH formal nights. Service, food, ambiance. WONDERFUL.!! But, both nights, was only half full of patrons. Service: Just not like I remembered. Had a problem with my credit card on third night. Got a note from "guest relations" and called immediately. Got NO answer. Had to GO to desk and the lady told me that she didn't hear the phone "ring"? Turns out they had lost my credit card number. Just a pain you don't need. Overall, staff was friendly and did all they could. But just doesn't have the electricity of the staff seeming to really want you to be there like in cruises past. Probably everybody feeling the economy? Port of Calls: All went off as planned. No problems here. Entertainment: Brooks Aheron one night .. Great pianist. 2 Broadway type shows..nothing special. 2 comedians...ok Took Perry Grant from the piano bar and made him the headliner for the 2 shows one night.(not a fan) Hypnotist didn't show ..comedian took her place. Overall: Use to BRAG about Celebrity being a 10. Now...the best I can give it is a 6. This is because I take a very inexpensive NCL cruise out of the Charleston Harbor. I would compare the Celebrity "big ship" "big service" with this little NCL cheap cruise..use to be NO COMPARISON. NOW I can't tell them apart! Going on a BIG NCL ship cruise next week for 12 days..Hopefully this downswing isn't bothering Carnival..will let you know. Read Less
Sail Date January 2009
My wife Carol and I are both classed as Seniors (people tend to tell us so, anyway) and though we had been on four cruises this calendar year, the one we were looking forward to the most was the Celebrity Constellation, for one very good ... Read More
My wife Carol and I are both classed as Seniors (people tend to tell us so, anyway) and though we had been on four cruises this calendar year, the one we were looking forward to the most was the Celebrity Constellation, for one very good reason. It is considered the highest rated line in its class, (So, we are told, says the well regarded Conde Nast Traveler's magazine) and everyone we had queried over the years had told us that Yes, indeed, it deserved the title, with superior food and service. To our mutual regret, and stating right up front in no uncertain terms that we are positive people and look for the best in all things, Darn...unfortunately, we did not find much to rave about here; we wondered if our expectations were set too high. Let me first comment on the good. Embarkation from our S.Fl. area of Ft. Lauderdale was as rapid and smooth as any we have ever experienced. Greetings both at the service counters, as well as by staff helping people entering the embarkation area, could not have been more gracious and helpful, as was agent service once reaching the counters to present necessary paperwork before boarding. Reception on board was also friendly and efficient and we found our cabin, an oceanview on Deck 2 in the forward section, to be clean and functional. Storage was more than adequate for a ten day or somewhat longer voyage. There was a small desk with a chair and a small sofa as well. The steward appeared quickly and introduced himself politely and offered to be of any needed present or future assistance. We entered the drawing for free services at the spacious and well laid out spa and (Surprise) found ourselves passing through the gauntlet of smiling young faces offering numerous services, requiring us (Surprise 2) to pass through all the "stations of opportunity" to reach the location to deposit our drawing entry. BW (Need I translate: Beautiful Wife) and I were assigned Table 489, lower floor (of 2)in the attractive San Marco Dining Room. We always look forward to meeting our new tablemates and request a table for 6; we find this the ideal size for conversation. We could not have been more delighted with our new friends, two couples of similar age, lovely sisters and their husbands. The usual first night jamup with people being met and escorted to their seats was handled well and with good grace. So, Dean and Carol, was the food all that you had looked forward to? Was it? Tell us...tell us NOW! NO. I am subject to a life long dairy allergy, to my regret, and as usual had notified the line well ahead of time as had our local travel agent. To our interest, one of the delightful sisters also had the same problem, and we were both greeted with understanding by the personable Ass't Maitre d', "Christian" from Romania. All wait staff was exceptional but the table agreed had too many tables to handle. Christian brought our tablemate "Iris" and myself the next night's menu at the end of the meal so that we could place an advance order to be handled without any dairy of any kind. Problem in main? Every night the vegetables (usually broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and/or string beans) were so undercooked as to be nearly or completely inedible. We applaud short-cooked vegetables, but never ever those that taste barely warm and are so hard as to be left uneaten after a worthwhile try. Despite mention to appropriate staff, PLUS three handwritten notes to the Hotel Manager hand delivered to Customer Service, this continued except for one night when it seemed as if notice had been taken. After that? The parade of the hard and inedible food continued, and the final night was the worst of all. There is, in our opinion, no excuse for this and certainly no reason for a line supposedly noted for superior food. Credit where due, two meals featured excellent palate cleansing sorbets, a special delight to BW Carol. To their favor, special dairy free desserts were made for what was, Christian told us, the complete list of passengers requesting dairy free meals. Unfortunately, there is, I suppose, only so much one can do. Regrettably, after a few nights, desserts were placed in front of both Iris and I with a flourish and the announcement: "Lactose free!", as were some entree items. I seemed unable to convince that Lactose intolerance and dairy allergic are two vastly different things. We do and must give them a resounding "A" for effort, if not for execution. Ex.: On the third night I ordered decaf tea at the end of the meal and it was subsequently brought every night without request. Well done. (The tea service, not the vegetables) The far too underdone vegetable concept appeared to overflow to the cafeteria service on Deck 10, the "Seaside Cafe." One day we had Butternut Squash chunks in wild rice; the few chunks of squash were hard and undercooked, and even the rice had hard undercooked kernels appearing in it. A major plus, in the service line, dispenser containers of various nuts and dried fruit, and by the hot cereal section, serve yourself small bins of flax seed, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Well done with a view toward healthful eating. Now if I could just chew those errant vegetables.... Staff here on two occasions were above and beyond with special help and are to be well applauded. There were two excellent open station brunches served in the San Marco, with special displays of ice carvings et al, and numerous open small stations for convenience, serving/ carving stations of broiled meats, to-order eggs, waffles etc. Table service at of course open seating tables did fall short with refills of drinks hard to come by. This was served on the first Sunday and the last Saturday. To work off all the attendant calories BW and I made several trips to the well equipped gym. Again, here we found a major and inexplicable flaw. Piped in music was so obnoxious that my wife and I were near incredulous as to what the thinking was when the demographics of the ship were, and may well usually be, a mature clientele. We were treated to what BW described as "War Music" and consisted of what I can only describe as a veritable cacophony of sound consisting of screaming, pounding and screeching. One rap segment featured a female-decorum prevents my describing in exact detail-rapping in full detail the woes of her female cycle...there is NO reason for this "musical" assault, and we notified spa staff at the entrance desk. Both young ladies said that they did not know what the music consisted of and they did not hear it from their station, but that they were told to play it "for aerobics". Really? At no time when we were in the gym was there any aerobic activity of any kind. My wife resorted to doing her exercise sets and running outside in the interim. Oddly, the background the young ladies were listening to was quite lovely and soothing, consisting of soft Eastern chimes and bells...This was (the "War Music") subsequently moderated, but one must ask, why was it there in the first place? Does no one in authority pay attention? An odd cabin noise in an otherwise satisfactory cabin surfaced the second night out; one of tablemate couples reported the same in their cabin. It sounded as if someone were tapping constantly on the wall of the other cabin. This was of course more noticeable at bedtime and so loud that it interfered with both falling asleep and staying asleep in extreme instances. My BW finally decided it was the ship's construction creaking. We have never heard such noises on any ship we have sailed on. I must mention several issues of general housekeeping which we found highly disappointing. Ship's clocks, visible at key points throughout the ship, usually at stair tops, were universally and without fail, never correct and ran from five minutes to as much as twenty minutes off. On at least one floor, elevator call button parts were missing, and in at least one restroom, a coat hanger was missing from the wall. Two notes were written to the Hotel Manager; neither situation was addressed. Now really, how hard can it be to tell someone: "Hey, the clocks are off all over the ship; please tend to that." Oh, that hard? Apparently so. And the photo department...dear me.The usual picture taking and display of course is hard to mess up, but other things may not be. In one daily bulletin entry, an announcement was printed of a session dealing with interests in using and setting your digital camera. I attended in the photo department section as noted, expecting to see chairs set up for a speaker and attendees. Alas...utter confusion. I went to the desk to inquire, stating the bulletin entry and advised that I wished advice on how to access a certain setting. I was looked at oddly and asked: "What's wrong with it?". Well, there was nothing "wrong with it" nor was there any discussion or group that I could find or the counter person knew about. A second entry noted a discussion on the Nikon L18. As I was interested in a small point and shoot camera for my wife, I "attended." Attended...what? Again, I asked at the counter where the demonstration was and a photographer demonstrating a full size SLR was pointed out as "the happening"...this to one older gentleman all alone standing in the open space with a staff member. I said, I thought humorously, to the person telling me this, "That's an L18?" It was of course, not. "Yes". He responded. My feet and I departed, the part not my feet shaking its head in wonder. More wonder is still to come. We have never yet been on a ship that did not provide, for most ports with rare exception, postal services with stamps for mailing from the various ports visited. On calling the desk to inquire the price of mailings at our first port, I was told: "Are you mailing to the U.S.?" "Yes", I responded. Subsequent response? "We hold those and mail them when we get back to Ft. Lauderdale"...Hm. We carried our mail off ship and found a local P.O. to mail at. Ports visited were: St.Thomas, St.Kitts, Barbados, St.Lucia and St.Maartin. Having been to all before more than once, we simply left the ship briefly to visit the everpresent dockside shopping areas. I must make note of the extraordinarily courteous and helpful Barbados Tourist Police, who, as we were looking for a certain dockside building without immediate success, followed us and dismounted from their vehicle to see if they could be of any help. Gracious and commendable indeed. Entertainment: A few bright spots: Production shows well rehearsed and presented, but with all due respect to the sincere and talented young performers, we found nothing surpassing other ships of lesser reputation. Comedian "Noodles" exceptional and a bright spot. An act I can only describe as "Extreme Aerial Dexterity" by a young lady working without any safety device whatsoever, breathtaking and heavily applauded. Two solo songster acts, one male and one female, a matter of individual choice. There were several deck parties with food at various points, one a featured Fruit Buffet. On entering the area our ears were blasted nearly to oblivion by a sound system turned up so high that we had to literally cover our ears with our hands and retreat to the furthest available point, where it was still impossible to carry on a conversation without shouting into each other's ears. The "Fruit Buffet"? as with all fruit served in the entire 10 days, all melons were cut while far from ripe and generally uneaten and wasted. I do not exaggerate-I had three bites of ripe melon the entire cruise. Is it not possible to time fruit and open it when ripe and only ripe? Apparently not on the Constellation. Orange slices and bananas served at breakfast were, to the contrary, spot on and sweet. Based on these myriad points and problems, I found our anticipated superior experience to be anything but, and, sadly, to be a major disappointment and would not sail this ship again. BW agrees and feels that only if it were a bargain in the extreme would she care to go, and then only for the experience of being on a cruise per se. We have earlier in the year been on RCCL's Freedom of the Seas (as the reader no doubt knows, The Constellation is part of the stated upscale line of RCCL, excluding the much smaller sized Azamara subsidiary) but we found The Freedom to be vastly superior in every detail and would book it again in a minute. Oops...final noted incompetency de jour, the Constellation is of course in the trade simply known as and referred to as "The Connie". At the BW's request, I called the line before departure to inquire if there were bathrobes furnished in our room, so that BW Carol did not have to pack one. When I was asked what ship I was on and replied: "The Connie", I was advised that Celebrity had no ship by that name. Dear me. I was then advised that there were no bathrobes in our room. Can you guess? Scene; Closet door opened...hanging inside closet, two bathrobes. It's another'Dear me"...and I was expecting SO much more. Dean M. 30 __________________ Read Less
Sail Date December 2008
Celebrity Constellation Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.2
Dining 5.0 4.0
Entertainment 4.0 3.7
Public Rooms 4.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 5.0 3.9
Family 4.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.5
Enrichment 4.0 3.4
Service 5.0 4.3
Value For Money 5.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.1

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