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Stay in the ocean-view stateroom and feast your eyes on the calming ocean waters every day. Complementing this view is 175 spacious square feet of amenities that include a mini-bar and sitting area.

Ocean View (04)
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Ocean View Cabin Reviews
Cabin 4069
Apr 2015
Final cruise let-down By: Cheryl E
Cabin was good. Large window. Our cabin attendant very friendly.
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Cabin 4025
Jan 2015
Very average By: Frangy
Great cabin n and very quiet. In my opinion best part of the ship. Very stable too.
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Cabin 4089
Nov 2014
Disappointed By: 2gUn
Cabin was clean and comfortable The sink was small and shallow combined with a tap which was hard to regulate when first turning on so was quite regularly getting splashed.The safe was locked and was not fixed until the fourth day so we used the safe of the people in the next cabin.
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Cabin 4018
Sep 2014
Overall well laid out ship, but in disappointing condition
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Sep 2014
Great Times By: jessica/florida
Lots of storage options; room for all our stuff for 2. Not as large as some ships but satisfactory. Big window. Nice size shower. 9th deck, quiet
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Cabin 4086
Sep 2013
Cruise Magic By: Boishaaier
Our cabin was well located, quiet location, and well appointed.
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Cabin 4018
Aug 2013
Vancouver and Alaska By: Cop Chef
We had the Outside Stateroom #4018 which had a nice large window. Bed, pillows, and comforter was extremely comfortable, lots of closet and draw space. Easy to use Safe situated behind the mirror. Bathroom was really nice and well ventilated. Nice location on Deck #4, forward on the MidShip, close to the forward elevators and Sick Bay, but far enough away. Staterooms straddled on both sides and above us. No Stateroom opposite. I don't know what was below us, but the room was nice and quiet. I highly recommend this room. Stateroom Attendant Jude and Assistant Rohan were excellent and anything we asked for, we received without hesitation.
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Cabin 9035
Jul 2013
Plenty of storage, good size and spotlessly clean
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Cabin 4079
Apr 2013
In our cabin, the floor seemed to be wet by the walls and smelled like mildew making me feel ill in the middle of the night a few times. At first I thought it was our towels from the bathroom but then I kept feeling that our floor by the wall was very cold. Come to find out it was the wet floor and I think it was from the shower because I noticed new caulk in it after a few days. I didn't complain about it because I thought it was the towels at first, but then I saw a guy with caulk in his hand and the fumes from the product were overwhelming. After they caulked the shower the floor was no longer wet but the smell did not go away. Also our shower had mold all in it and so did the shower curtain but the curtain was changed in the duration of the cruise.
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Cabin 4069
Mar 2013
Pleasant enough By: Laurarc
The cabin in neutrally located on the ship. You don't feel the rocking as much. The carpet is outdated. Beds are hard as rocks so be sure to ask for an egg crate topper. The bathroom is suffient but be sure to check the glass shelves for cleanliness. The large oceanview window was nice.
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Cabin 4007
Mar 2013
The folded up bunk beds don't mix very well with getting in and out of a "Queen-sized bed.
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Cabin 4098
Feb 2013
Not Our Best Cruise By: wooduser43
As indicated in our review of the cruise, cabin number 4098 should be avoided at all costs, unless one is totally deaf. While we are careful to avoid cabins too near the engine room or adjacent to elevators, we didn't dream the cruise line would position passenger cabins directly below galley work areas that would be in use after midnight. A review of deck plans always reveals elevator locations, engine areas are always to the rear and below and late night entertainment areas can be easily identified by even cursory review of deck plans. However, we have now learned to avoid rooms directly below what appears as undesignated, white space on the above deck floor plans. Galley prep areas should be clearly identified. Their tile floors and metal workstations make resonating noise below inevitable.
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Cabin 4016
Jan 2013
I was in 4016, an oceanview stateroom on the starboard side, near the front. I loved this cabin! It was very near a staircase, which took me directly up to the fitness center, and it was extremely quiet (I heard virtually no noise from inside or outside the ship during the entire trip). I'd been a little concerned because instead of inside staterooms facing it, the medical center faced it, but I heard no noise from there either; the medical center's entrance faced the elevators rather than the hall, and it wasn't open very many hours a day, either. (I never went in it, but it seemed to be doing a hopping business every time I walked by!) Deck 4 felt very stable to me. I've gotten seasick on almost all of my past cruises, but not on this one. I like a very cool room temperature, more so than most people, and by turning the A/C down all the way, it stayed at about 66-68F, which was pretty good.
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Dec 2012
Even though we were on the 4th deck, mid-aft, the location was extremely quiet. Plenty of nooks and crannies for storage. The only complaint is that the hallways and even the cabin had a musty, mildew smell that did not go away.
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Cabin 4116
Feb 2012
Stay away from cabin 4116 By: AceHimself
4116 is underneath the kitchen and extremely noisy with gurgling drain sounds that will prevent you from sleeping and drive you mad.
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Cabin 4082
May 2011
Noisy, noisy, noisy all the time...under the galley. Nice view from window, lots of closet and storage space, average cabin bathroom, comfortable bed and pillows, middle of the ship, easy access to most everything.
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Cabin 9030
Mar 2011
Contemporary decor, light wood dresser and closets, bedspread tacky (pilling and lint), bathroom showing age, ample drawers and closets, quiet.
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Jan 2011
Wonderful Cruise By: schoppie
Very good use of space and organized. Some times heard moving about in hall above our room early in the morning..the rolling of carts. Would try to have a room above us next time.
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Cabin 4114
Dec 2010
Outside 4114 great cabin, steward was always there when needed always clean and ready to use
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Cabin 4085
Nov 2010
Room Size-Ok. Closet and drawer space: Good Room location: not good, shuffle board was played above our room the entire day at sea. Bathroom: Dirty floors, shower shoes or flip flops required. Carpet: in room - Filthy!! and old! Outlets: 1 - primitive!
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Sep 2010
What a Cruise! By: bobbysue777
The cabin/bathroom facilities were very good - reasonably quiet hallway, when the children werent running up and down, we had a window, lovely view while at sea, but we were by the gangplank and it was very noisy, especially at 5.30AM when the crew decided to start work, even when the tenders were lowered for going ashore days, very noisy, we were woken early again - this was supposed to be our "5" star holiday cruise? The carpet was filthy in our cabin and our linen/towels had holes in them. Not impressed with the state of the "Century" - bad value for money.
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Cabin 4128
Sep 2010
Celebrity is for an older crowd By: GlamisNewEngland
Can was quite small but plenty of room for the two of us. Very clean.
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