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35 Celebrity Caribbean Cruise Reviews

Celebrity Summit December 21, 2019 – January 4, 2020 Caribbean B2B Sailing You can see photos from this cruise and our other sailings by following the link on our Cruise Critic profile page: ... Read More
Celebrity Summit December 21, 2019 – January 4, 2020 Caribbean B2B Sailing You can see photos from this cruise and our other sailings by following the link on our Cruise Critic profile page: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/profile/35108-jgnova/ A change in winter break itineraries sailing from Baltimore, our favorite home port, forced us to look at other options for our annual trek south. After a bit of research, we decided to do a back-to-back on Celebrity Summit from San Juan, which had two different itineraries stopping at 9 islands over the two weeks, with one stop (plus the San Juan turnaround) duplicated. Embarkation / Disembarkation: Getting on the ship was amazingly fast. Instead of waiting in a line to then go to the check-in desk, we were sent to someone standing on our side of the desks. He scanned my boarding pass, decided to use my photo that I had uploaded, took a photo of DW, and sent us on our way up the escalator. We crossed the gangway, had our boarding passes scanned again on deck, and entered the ship on deck 4, where we were handed our boarding-day mimosa, and sent on to our cabin. Our seapass cards were in a pocket on the cabin door and we entered, staying long enough to stow our carry-on luggage. From there it was on to a Concierge Class lunch in the MDR, which was delicious and gave us an opportunity to sit and chat with a few fellow passengers. I would guess it took us less than 30 minutes from being dropped off by the taxi to being seated for lunch! Getting off the ship was equally efficient. We waited for them to call our number, took the elevator down to deck 4, and walked right off with no perceptible line. From there we walked through immigration, again with minimal delays, found our luggage, and were in a taxi within minutes. B2B Turnaround: This was our second time on a B2B from San Juan and they have really improved the process. Our previous experience required us to leave the cabin around 8, with no allowed return until the cabins were all ready for the next week, even though we were in the same cabin. Then we had to wait in a meeting room until the ship was cleared by the Customs people, walk off the ship after turning in our old seapass, wave our passports at the Immigration officer, and walk back on to pick up our new seapass, and wait until the cabins were opened. This year, those of us staying in the same cabin were allowed to stay there until around 9, when we went to the Sky Lounge, which had coffee/tea and pastries, and wait while they cleared the ship. We then swapped our old seapass cards for new ones (we got the old ones back the last night), waved our passports at the Immigration officer, and were free to wander the ship or return to our cabin. So much smoother! Ship: This cruise represented our fifth and sixth weeks on Summit, but our first after she was “Revolutionized.” Our previous sailings included both before and after her “Solsticization” in 2012. The various changes have been addressed elsewhere and I’ll focus on the subtleties that we noticed most. The library has been removed and we spotted a few books stuck in shelves in Rendezvous lounge and Cellar Masters between a few checker and chess sets. I think removing the library is a major loss as there have been several times on a cruise when I found books in the library that I wanted to read instead of what I brought on my e-book reader. The new layout also moved the Tuscan Grille entrance from near the mid-ship elevators and the atrium to the rear of the ship, hidden among cabins. This change, to create space to add more cabins, also removed the S.S. Normandie artifacts collection from the Tuscan Grille entrance and its contents were dispersed elsewhere on the ship. I am positive that on previous sailings I could find places to sit on deck away from the pool crowds and noise that were shaded but I could find nothing on this sailing other than the few covered seats near the movie screen. This left the Promenade Deck (4) as the only place I could reliably sit in a quiet and shady spot to read. Cabin: We were in 8134, a Concierge Class cabin about mid-way between the aft and mid-ship elevators and this was a great location for moving about the ship as the aft stairs (missing on Solstice class ships) were great for getting to the MDR and Oceanview café. The renovated cabin was bright and had more than enough storage for the two of us. The bathroom renovation added more shelf space and a bright night light that was extremely helpful. The only complaint we had about the cabin was that the switch for the bedside lamp on one side of the bed was not reachable from the bed, which we thought was strange – had the designer not actually tried sleeping in a cabin? Food: The food was as we remembered on previous Celebrity sailings – varied and delicious. Select dining is now on deck 4 with traditional dining on deck 5. The addition of Luminae meant that everyone with Select dining in the MDR had to enter through the starboard MDR entrance, resulting in a lot of traffic past the tables near the entrance. The service was excellent and the hostess was extremely helpful at helping guests stick with the same serving team every night. One benefit of this arrangement was that, even though we had Select Dining, we wound up sitting with clusters of the same people almost every night, allowing us to have more than cursory “who are you, where are you from, how many cruises have you taken” conversations. The new layout in the Oceanview Café was an excellent change from the old design and I found it less congested than that on Solstice class ships. The only complaint I have about the new layout was that the bakery section (with the croissants and breakfast pastries) was about as far from the omelet station as possible. The food and selections were excellent, as always. The buffet was rarely crowded, even on the last morning of the cruise. Entertainment: We did not go to the shows as we have consistently found the volume level to be louder than we find comfortable. Medical clinic: We experienced a medical problem necessitating a few visits to the clinic, during which we met with both intake nurses and both physicians. The care was excellent, thorough, and not as expensive as we anticipated – more in line with what we pay for a doctor visit at home. Ports: We had a mix of ship and private excursions: Week 1: St. Kitts: We have been to St. Kitts multiple times and have toured the island so we reserved a beach day at the Marriott at Frigates Bay and had no trouble getting a taxi in either direction. The beach was lovely and we had little trouble finding chaises under a cabana from which we could watch the waves. Aruba: This was our second trip to Aruba and had toured it on that earlier visit. The Casabari Rock Formation had fascinated me and I wanted to explore that further on this return visit. However, my research found another formation with petroglyphs, the Ayo Rock Formation, so that became our point of interest for this visit. We found a taxi at the pier and learned about the standard rates for each destination, which seemed reasonable (about $100 for the round trip and about a half hour to explore the rock formation. Unlike the better known (and closer to the port) Casabari Rock Formation, which appeared jammed with tourists when we drove by, the Ayo Rock Formation was almost empty – we were the fourth vehicle to park there. We had a great time exploring the structure with NO CROWDS! Curaçao: This was also our second visit and we used the ship excursion to the Hato Caves, which were fascinating because they were at a higher elevation and were quite warm. From there we toured the historic town of Willemstad after which we were free to wander and then walk across the floating bridge back to the port area. Bonaire: Another return visit after a previous tour, so we took a ship excursion that offered a semi-submersible tour of the reefs near Klein Bonaire, a small island across from the port area. This was a great way to see the reefs and fish without having to swim or even get wet! Week 2: Barbados: This was also a return trip for us, but our first time to tour, having walked around Bridgetown on our own on our previous visit. This time we took a ship excursion to Harrison’s Cave, which used an electric tram to guide the tourists around a huge cave formation and we thought it was a great trip. From there, the tour took us to a Highland overlook that gave us a view of the Atlantic-side beaches and then for a trip around the island to get an idea of the parts of the island we had not seen on our way back to the port. We walked on our own to the Pelican Crafts Village to see some local crafts, a place we had visited previously. Some of the work was extremely original and interesting, and a painting almost came home with us until we remembered airplane luggage limitations. St. Lucia: We had to skip our planned tour because of the previously mentioned health issue but have rebooked the tour for our next sailing that takes us there. Antigua: We booked a beach day at BeachLimerz, a place we had visited a year earlier, and enjoyed a day sitting on the beach and watching the waves and clouds. The owner arranged our taxi service in both directions and everything went quite smoothly. St. Kitts: We decided to stay on the ship and take advantage of the almost-empty ship to relax. I love watching the clouds and shadows wander across the mountains on St. Kitts and Nevis whenever we have been there. St. Thomas: I grabbed an open-air bus to Magens Bay and had a relaxing day enjoying the calm clear waters and lovely beach – and watching the pelicans swoop among the swimmers to grab their own lunch. Overall experience: This was a great vacation, with nine islands and three sea days, coupled with the great Celebrity service we’ve learned to enjoy. The weather was excellent with slightly rough seas only one evening and a little rain one afternoon. Read Less
Sail Date December 2019
Wonderful week aboard Celebrity Edge. Food, service and ambiance was first rate. Our infinite veranda balcony was on deck 6. Lifeboats were directly below us. Although our view was magnificent, I would stay on deck 8 or 9 next time. I ... Read More
Wonderful week aboard Celebrity Edge. Food, service and ambiance was first rate. Our infinite veranda balcony was on deck 6. Lifeboats were directly below us. Although our view was magnificent, I would stay on deck 8 or 9 next time. I loved the balcony and how it extended your view. Lots of privacy. The concept took me a couple of days to get use to, but once I did, I loved it. If traveling with friends, you could not share balcony space, like on other ships. Ship is modern decor and gorgeous. Easy to navigate. Loved the 4 dining room concept and thought the food was excellent. Even the buffet was spotless with staff serving the food, instead of guests handling it, Ate at the Steak house and then he food was delicious. Also loved the soup, salad and sandwiches, ( no extra cost), in Eden. Plenty of chairs both in the sun and in the shade, as well as, a beautiful solarium. Embarkation and debarkation were simple. From drop off at ship to getting in my room took 12 minutes. Used face recognition for customs on the way out and from gathering luggage to shuttle for parking 15 minutes. Also casino slots were loose. Lots of winners. Black jack tables were 6 dollar minimum on sea days and 10 dollars at night. Entertainment was okay. Performers were talented but shows were different and not my favorite. Comedians were excellent as was Greta Soloman a violinist who won the European performance award. Magician and game shows were awesome too. Last but not least staff was the kindest and most helpful. One more thing, lots of public bathrooms that were kept spotless and many hand washing stations throughout Read Less
Sail Date February 2019
I chose this cruise because some friends had done it and invited us to join them the second time, we were a little apprehensive and unsure what really to expect, but let me say in just a few words... absolutely fantastic! Where to start ? ... Read More
I chose this cruise because some friends had done it and invited us to join them the second time, we were a little apprehensive and unsure what really to expect, but let me say in just a few words... absolutely fantastic! Where to start ? ship was very large but not too big where you get lost. We had a stateroom balcony room which again was not large but was very clean and comfortable, it was nice to sit out on the balcony in the morning and evening, especially when coming into port. Dining, there are so many options, if you want formal there are a la carte or casual the buffet, all good food in every restaurant as we tried most, it was nice getting dressed up every night and being a little formal but not stuffy. There are shows every night with two showings around 7.00pm and 9.00pm, we see a couple which were very good. There are several bars, we tended to go the Martini bar to meet and go back after dinner, the service on all the ship is 5* i have to mention the staff at the martini bar were superb and very entertaining, one man who stood out was Nyoman Sutrisnawan who should get a special mention, another was Colin Samuel who served around the pool again he deserves a special mention, he went above and beyond just serving and his duties. Excursions were well organised and enjoyable and not too long so you could enjoy half the day doing your own things. I would recommend both a cruise on this ship and all the staff and facilities. One advice would be to get to know the ship early on the trip as there is lots you wouldnt know about if you just sit at one bar or the pool. Read Less
Sail Date March 2017
We used to cruise a lot with NCL, but over the past few years, we switched over to Celebrity. We've been on this ship several times. We love everything about it! We love the atmosphere and the food/restaurants! Abraham from Qsine ... Read More
We used to cruise a lot with NCL, but over the past few years, we switched over to Celebrity. We've been on this ship several times. We love everything about it! We love the atmosphere and the food/restaurants! Abraham from Qsine is the best! If you want atmosphere and small bites served uniquely..this is the place to go! We always seem to over order! The French restaurant is amazing! The staff was wonderful. Feels very luxurious. Love that they have table side preparation for certain entrees. Food was delicious and I'm not a fan of French food usually. Sushi on 5 is nice for lunch. Obsessed with the Porch for sea food lunch. Lawn club grille is great. Love the party they do where you can help cook! Food is super yummy. Love the fact that there is grass! They recently installed a large movie screen outdoors. Saw the staff setting up for a movie night which included appetizers and blankets and cushions on the lawn. Bummed that you had to pay for it. You should have just had to sign up for it. My husband smokes cigars, and they are always friendly when it comes to allowing cigar smokers tp smoke outside with other smokers...unlike NCL. Bar staff is always friendly. We made friends with Putu who was amazing! Enjoyed hanging out in the wine bar as well. Staff there was great and always remembered our wine order! Normally the photographers are a little annoying, but AJ and the staff were great. Made it fun! The solarium is a nice place to take a nap before dinner! Our favorite ship ever, we will be back! Read Less
Sail Date February 2017
I wanted to go on a Solstice class ship. The itinerary (from Aruba to Saint Martin) and the time of year(Just after Thanksgiving) were the reasons that I chose this cruise. 4 Friends traveled together and had a super trip. I would ... Read More
I wanted to go on a Solstice class ship. The itinerary (from Aruba to Saint Martin) and the time of year(Just after Thanksgiving) were the reasons that I chose this cruise. 4 Friends traveled together and had a super trip. I would definitely sail this ship again! The ship is beautiful with wonderful public rooms. The central area however was not really a great room to watch entertainment though dancer's seemed to be having a great time. Even the Ocean Cafe (buffet) was a pretty area with a nice open to the sea dining addition with an overlook right to the sea. The two story dining room was modern and helped make each meal their special at least in terms of the room itself My favorite activity room was the Solarium for (I believe) 16 and over. helped you enjoy an indoor swimming and hot tub experience as I am not a fan of outdoor pools though lots of folks seemed to enjoy that area too. The show room was a typical entertainment area, but some poles did block a full view. We needed and got an accessible room (6141). It was a great location with no noise seeping in from public areas. The cabin had plenty of room for storage of both small and large necessities. The room was close to the forward elevators, but again no noise from the elevator entered our room. We ate most of our meals in the regular dining rooms. We had asked for table for 4, but this table was we had was really in close and direct line to another table for 4 and still a third table for 2. We did not get the separation that we sought. Food was mostly interesting and tasty. Generally we did not find the steaks off the regular menu all that good though they were listed among classic dishes. When we tried the salmon from this group we had better results. We could choose a number of dishes at each meal and those that had a sweet tooth found a place to try new treats. We ended up trying all of the specialty restaurants and here is our list of favorites in descending order, Murano, Qsine, Sushi on 5 and Tuscan Grill. Service in all was professional and added to our evening. Your tastes may change the order if you try these for fee dining choices. We were able to get some additional discounts as the cruise moved on. We did not have any problems booking these restaurants on board Eddy Jenkins was an engaging and friendly cruise director. He brought energy and fun to our sailing. His staff for the most part matched him in a nice variety of performances. We liked a number of folks who performed in the common areas. We did not like the Topper production show. Voices were good, and costumes and sets were bright. We just were not engaged by the story presented. On the other hand we did like Rock City which featured a variety of classic rock music with singers, dancers and specialty acts came together well. Overall we enjoyed the entertainment and liked the fact that we had a big show on the last night with Shades of Buble a trio paying honor to Michael Buble and his music. We also enjoyed the glassblowing demonstrations on the upper deck. The staff from the Captain on down were friendly and fun. Connie our room steward was always accommodating and our interactions from dining room to guest services were always pleasant ones. We were always greeting in a welcoming manner no matter who we dealt with on this voyage. Captain Leo was both competent in his PR roll and could very well have been a poster model for Captains. He was one of the first Captains who I could understand and even laugh with with his daily announcements. We took several tours among our group ranging from a sunset sail in Curacao to a historical tour in Antigua. That later tour turned out to be great but we had some confusion caused by the verbal description as being mild activity contrasted with the shore excursion ticket showing walking of a mile over rough surfaces. We did get a refund after reading that description as one of our group would have met some difficult time walking. In Curacao I wandered around on my own. (easy walk by ferry or pontoon bridge to downtown) followed by nice visit to a small Mariner museum and a Synagogue dating back to the 1700's. Read Less
Sail Date November 2016
Another fantastic cruise on Celebrity Equinox: Nov 7-18, 2016 This was our 4th sailing on the Equinox, and we have enjoyed them all. Since our last cruise on her in March 2016, we noticed several changes, which I will discuss later. ... Read More
Another fantastic cruise on Celebrity Equinox: Nov 7-18, 2016 This was our 4th sailing on the Equinox, and we have enjoyed them all. Since our last cruise on her in March 2016, we noticed several changes, which I will discuss later. We had the same Captain (Costas) and Hotel Director (Jamie) as we had in March. Both were very friendly and assessable, as were other officers and crew. We went to the same ports as we did in March 2016, but in a slightly different order. We were spoiled because we had suites on two of our cruises on Celebrity this year, but we had Aqua class this time, and it was fine, but we missed being able to go to Michael's Club and dining at Lumanie. Twice we ran into Robert, who was our butler before, and he remembered us, and he was as gracious as ever. We hope we get him as our butler on our next cruise when we have a suite in 2017. Since we live in Tampa, we drove down the day before and stayed at the Rodeway Inn on Hwy. 84, as we have done many times before. You can leave your car there, and they take you to the port, and get you when you return. There are several hotels that do this. We had receive an email from Celebrity that since this was a repositioning cruise from Europe, we should not arrive until noon. The clerk at the hotel said that we should disregard this, and we did, and got to the port about 11 am. We checked our luggage and immediately went to the terminal check-in. Since we were Aqua class, we had priority check in and we went to level 2 where we waited with other Aqua passengers. We boarded at 11:45 am, and had a glass of champagne in our hands a couple of minutes later. Celebrity does a first class job on this, and it is one of the things that sets them apart from other cruise lines. We went to deck 14 for the buffet lunch, which was good. About 3 pm, they had the lifeboat drill, which, in our opinion, is a joke because they do not even take you to the life boats. Instead, you go to a designated area, which in our case was the main theater, and you listed to a video about what you should do. We still cannot believe that the coast guard allows this. If the ship is going down, I am going to the life boat, not the theater. Dinner at Blu was just OK--somewhat overcooked salmon, but still a good dining experience. The main show was Pete Matthews, a juggler, and he was great; do not miss him if he is on your cruise. Tue, Nov 8, 2016: an at sea day. We had breakfast at Blu, which was excellent. We went to the destination talk, and I won a bottle of wine because I had one of the winning tickets; never had had that luck before!! We bought the 3 dinner specialty restaurant package with some of our onboard credit, and had dinner at Murano this evening. We have done this on our last 3 or 4 cruises, and the Dover Sole was outstanding. You get one dinner at Murano, one at Tuscan Grill, and one at Silk Harvest for this package; you can also get a 5 dinner package if you choose. Wed, Nov 9; another sea day Since we have Elite status, we had the breakfast at Tuscan Grill, and it was excellent. A fairly limited menu, but it is delivered very fast. You get 5 or 6 choices, plus a free glass of champagne, or mimosa. We ate here several mornings, but also ate at Blu and the main dining room (once) for breakfast. We went to the "destination" talk, which was good, but they never tell you about local shopping places. Celebrity, as well as other ships we have been on, only tell you about their "approved list" shops. We had lunch at the main dining room and dinner at Blu. The show at the theater featured a great singer, Jesse Hamilton, and he was excellent. We had seen him before, and if he is on your cruise, do not miss him. Thur, Nov 10: Costa Rica We have been here several times before, so decided not to take a tour. There is a local craft market about 1/2 mile from the ship, but Celebrity did not tell you about it; you can buy some local goods, or some stuff that it is made in China, but we did not get anything on this trip. We had breakfast at the main dining room, and we have had better service; I had to ask 2x for cream cheese for my smoked salmon, and asked for champagne, but never received it. Had lunch at the buffet and it was good, as well as dinner at Blu. The main show was "Broadway Cabaret", and it was very good. Fri, Nov 11: Panama We have been here 2x before and decided not to take a tour. We walked a short distance to a nice shopping mall (that the ship does not tell you about); there are several junk shops, plus a nice electronic store, a grocery store, and a casino. Some of the shops would let you haggle for the price, and some would not. We were rather lucky because we went about 10 am, and shortly after we returned to the ship, it started raining, and rained off and on all afternoon. Sat, Nov 12, and Sunday, Nov 13: Cartagena, Columbia We arrived about 9 am at the entrance to the port. We had been here in March, and one of the waiters told us to be sure you are on deck to observe the old fort on the port side as you enter the bay. Celebrity did not tell us that. It takes about an hour to go from the entrance of the port to the dock. Two ships, Celebrity Infinity and Coral Princess were already docked. We went to the Sky lounge (forward) to watch the ship come in. Cartagena is a very large city with a lot of high rise buildings (on the port side). The skyline looked much larger than either Miami or Tampa. At the end of the pier there is a high-priced shop and adjacent to that is an aviary with a lot of birds. You can take a free shuttle from the ship to there, but it is only about 350 yards. We took the shuttle there, and walked back. If you want a taxi, this is where you can get at taxi to town. Otherwise, there is nothing to do at the pier. We had taken a tour when we were here in March, and had signed up for one this time, but it got cancelled. We had dinner in Tuscan Grill and it was the best filet we have ever had; our waiter, Jose, was from Columbia and he was very informative. The show in the theater featured a great singer, Savannah Smith, so do not miss her. Monday, Nov 14 Another sea day, and it rained a lot, with a lot of thunderstorms. We did get to see some spectacular lightning in the early am. We went to the Select/Elite wine tasting, and it was informative and very good. Tuesday, Nov 15: Grand Cayman We were the only ship in port, which was good since this can be a very busy place if several ships are in port. We took the water taxi to downtown, and just did a little shopping for a couple of hours and then went back to the ship. This was "lobster" night and we were very disappointed with the lobster in Blu. The lobster was so tough that it was difficult to cut, so we sent them back. The second one was a little better, but certainly not what were used to on Celebrity. We have had much better lobsters in the main dining room, and on our next cruise, that is where we are going for lobster. The main show featured David Guidice, and he was excellent; he did a tribute to Billy Joel. Wednesday, Nov 16: Cozumel We arrived about 10 am, and took the "Mayan living history and Island Tour". It was supposed to take 3 hours (per the tour brochure), but took about 4.5 hours. We would not have taken it if we had known that it took that long. When I asked the tour guide about this, he said that Celebrity had the time wrong, and I complained about this when I returned to the ship. Who knows if Celebrity will correct this. We have found in our previous cruises on Celebrity, and other ships, that the tours almost always take longer than the stated time. We can understand this because of traffic congestion, but not if it is just wrong. On this tour, we went to a little shopping center that was not even on the places we were supposed to visit. The tour guide steered you to a couple of shops that featured coral, and I bet you that he got a kickback from that, although there is no way you could prove it. Thursday, Nov 17 A sea day on our way back home. They had a great show in the main theater that featured some of the previous entertainers, and they were great. Friday, Nov 18. We arrived at Fort Lauderdale early, and we always take our own luggage off because we can get off earlier and head home. This time Celebrity did not tell you what deck you disembarked from, but because we had been on here in March, we knew it was Deck 5, so we lined up early, and were about 7th in line. We could not tell what the delay was, but we got to disembark later than what time we were told. We would like to add some additional comments that we think future cruisers would be interested in: 1. The hi speed internet connection was much improved since March. Since we are Elite, we get 90 minutes pp internet for free, but you can buy unlimited wifi for $250, and we met a few people who did this, but it was not worth it to us. 2. We were Aqua class and also had Elite status. Aqua got called to board before Elite, but Concierge seemed to go through check in faster than Aqua. I had called Celebrity before we left, and the lady I talked with said that there was no set standard for boarding except that Suite guests got to board first. In our opinion, the higher class should board first. 3. Celebrity has eliminated the sheets of coupons that they give you for Select, Elite, etc.(like laundry, casino match play, bingo, gelato). I am sure that saves Celebrity a lot of money for printing costs. Now it is done with your cabin key. Instead of getting 2 gelatos , now you only get one. 4. I Lounge: Celebrity is geared to Apple technology, whereas Holland America is geared to Microsoft. For most of the Apple classes, there is a charge to attend, whereas on HAL, the Microsoft classes are free. Many of us had a hard time connecting to their wifi, and the lines were long to talk to an expert. Jose was terrific and very efficient, but there should have been at least 2 experts, considering how many older people (like us) were onboard and are not nearly as efficient as our kids or grandkids when it comes to computer related things. 5. Baggage check-in at the pier seemed more efficient than on other Celebrity cruises we have been on. The porter put the Deck 11 baggage on one dolly, Deck 10 on another, etc. This may have been the reason we got our luggage earlier than before. 6. We always enjoy going to the Cruise Critic gathering on these cruises, and normally they are the morning after the day you board. However on this cruise, the party was at 5 pm on the day of departure, and many people, including us, did not attend because we were busy unpacking. Surely Celebrity can do a better job on scheduling this. 7. On several days, there was an article in the Celebrity daily news that you could go through immigration faster if you had an app called "Mobile Passport" for your smart phone. We downloaded it to our phones, and tried to use it but it would not allow you to input the ship, ports visited, or items you bought. I went to the I Lounge and neither of the reps knew anything about it, which is surprising since Celebrity made such a big deal about it in the daily paper. So we filled out the old immigration form by hand. When we got to the terminal in Ft. Lauderdale, there was a special line for people who had the app on their phone. The sign said that it was available for I Phones, and that it would soon work for Android phones (like ours). Hopefully it will be available before our next cruise in 2017. 8. Celebrity really needs to change the way they award Elite and higher members. If you are concierge or above, you get the same little gifts in your stateroom regardless of your status, so basically you get no little gift for being Elite. You get a zippered canvas bag, and a little credit card holder; we now have about 10 of these! If you reach VIP status on Carnival (like Elite on Celebrity) you get a really nice gift, like a Tervis Tumbler, or fancy beach bag. It has been several years since we traveled on Carnival, so I really do not know what they do now. Overall it was a great cruise, friendly staff, good food and lots to do. We used to cruise on Carnival and Holland America, but once we discovered Celebrity, it is our line of choice. Read Less
Sail Date November 2016
This was our 25th anniversary cruise and our second on Equinox. We are both in 50's and have also cruised most other lines over the past 20 years. We arrived two days early and stayed at the Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina. This ... Read More
This was our 25th anniversary cruise and our second on Equinox. We are both in 50's and have also cruised most other lines over the past 20 years. We arrived two days early and stayed at the Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina. This hotel is so close to the port that you can see the boats while in your room. Also walking distance to Grocery, Liquor and plenty of Restaurants. The hotel itself is small and manageable, with great tiki bar and views of the intercoastal. We grabbed a cab around 11 and went to the port. Check in was very easy and we waited a bit in the lounge area before being called to board. Think airport gate area for the lounge area, with less crowds. We were in a Celebrity Suite, room 1110. Upon boarding we went to Michaels Lounge for a bit and had a drink and met the staff that would be there all week. They were all incredible, especially Jole (Yo-La) who was the Concierge. While we had already booked our excursions and dining, etc.. we did not use her much, but she was always happy to see you and greet you as you came and went and very conversational. I asked for Vanilla Vodka and Cranberry which they did not have so, without thinking twice, simply took regular Vodka. That evening when I returned ordered the Vodka and Cran, but she said they had gone and gotten me Vanilla Vodka and it was there the rest of the week. We left our things and headed to Lunch in Luminae. Michaels club is a great perk for suites, with free liquor and light snacks, cookies etc... and great place to meet others. We used in almost everyday. Luminae - This is another incredible perk for suite guests. The service was incredible and food was best we have had on cruise. Gaga, was one of our wait staff and we got to know her well and she is unbelievable. One of the things about Luminae, is that the menu is limited, but do not worry, you can choose from the main dining if there is nothing that wows you on the menu. They will pretty much do anything for you here. One night I had a Martini from the Martini Bar and they asked if I wanted another. I said, is that possible, since it comes from bar all the way up and over. He laughs and says, what, is there a camera on right now and my Martini was there in 5 minutes. Any other night if I had one, it would be refreshed when empty. Same thing for unique beers I would get from Gastro Pub. Our experience here was so good that we cancelled our night in Murano, even though that meant not using one of 3 Free Specialty dinings we had been given. Other Food: We at at Tucan twice and I really like the selection and the quality is very good. The service, while good, was a bit slower than we would have liked. Gastro Pub we often got beers here, but also ate dinner one night. The cheese soup is very good, the burger just okay and the fish and chips good. If you want a casual night or to catch a game, this is a good option. Buffett - We ate most lunches on-board here. I have to say the layout is crazy as you spin your way around and there is not start line and end line in the stations, people coming from all angles. The food itself I found very bland. It seemed like everything taste the same, whether salad, burger, taco, etc... Not a fan. I missed the pizza on Carnival and Princess that were open all the time. Gelato - we had this one night and it was very good. Cafe El Bacio - We had a couple deserts from here and they were better than the dining room options, but not as good as they looked. Spa Cafe - Loved the smoothies and muffins and fruit here in the morning as well as it is a great place to get coffee without the crowds of the Buffett. Room I like the room as it has a huge balcony and separate bedroom. That said the bathroom is tiny and little to no storage or counter space. We visited a Sky Suite and the bathroom was much larger. Also, this enormous "hump" balcony only has a small table with two chairs and one lounger. Now they know there will be two in the room, why not two loungers. there was plenty of room. The room comes with a butler and we did utilize him for breakfast almost every morning. Simply put the sign out by 2 am and tell him what time. It was very good with exception of one day, when the order was quite messed up, but no big deal. Ports Panama, we took private tour to the canal locks and got lucky and saw a boat come through and then went to the old city for lunch, but unfortunately it rained quite heavy so we were not able to see much of the city. We did do the "hill" and it had incredible views and was worth the drive over. Costa Rica - We took a tour to a rainforest and then to a beach. While our guide Ricky Ricardo Tours was excellent we did not care for the port. Columbia - We had an overnight in Cartegena and it was incredible. We just went into city on our own, about 10 minutes in cab and walked around, got lost, had drinks and snacks and shopped. Watched a great sunset from bar on top of the Wall and then took a buggy tour. We liked it so much we stayed and had dinner and did not get back to boat until about midnight. Great 1st day. The second day we did Celebrity Private Beach day and this was not as good. Long boat ride of over an hour and the beach place left a lot to be desired. It was a small Cay and private, but they only had a couple options for bar and the beach was maybe 50 yards long. Not worth the price. Cozumel - We did a private beach and it was nice and then shopped for a few hours before going back on board.\ Cayman - Just grabbed a cab to beach and hung out. Great day, but they make you board at 2:00 pm which is a big pet peeve on this trip, as we could have stayed all day. Tip, do not get in a cab within the Port Area. They will sit you there for as long as it takes to fill it up and it is a waste. Simply exit the port and either grab a cab or take the small public bus (minivans) for a couple of bucks. Port Days - We are sun people and it is tough to get a spot due to all the chair saving hogs. All cruise lines need to get an answer for this, as you see chairs with things on them for hours and no one there as people who want to sit walk around looking. Shows - We did three and they were okay. Nothing to write home about and kinda cheesy. They had one really good singer, but he spent way too much time goofing around with crowd instead of just singing. Disembarkation - Celebrity does this right for Suite guests as there is separate area and you walk over, get bags and go to front of any line. We were off and out in less than 10 minutes. Misc. We did a Anniversary package with Champagne, flowers and cake which was quite nice and we had them bring the cake to our room in morning, but then we did not eat so Butler brought it down to dining room that night. Ship is clean and we had good service. We had Premium Drink and Free wifi and not sure how I will cruise without it. Never had issue getting drinks at any of the bars, even Martini, but there are definitely less servers around the pool, now, but a minute walk was no issue. Read Less
Sail Date November 2016
We tend to like the lines that have under 500 passengers but live in Florida, so cruising on a larger boat is the best way to go on a Caribbean cruise in the winter. Celebrity's SkySuites give us the small ship feeling with all the ... Read More
We tend to like the lines that have under 500 passengers but live in Florida, so cruising on a larger boat is the best way to go on a Caribbean cruise in the winter. Celebrity's SkySuites give us the small ship feeling with all the amenities of a much larger boat. Traveling to Miami took us longer than going to Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, but there was no annoying security check to get into the port and parking was a breeze. We dropped our luggage off and parked right across from the ship. At $20 a day, it is not inexpensive but very convenient. Check in was a breeze and our room was ready for us as it was about 1:30 when we boarded. We had lunch at Luminae which we thoroughly enjoyed. The food is outstanding and the service was really good, although not as good as on the Summit. We don't even bother with specialty restaurants anymore. We had a Classic Drink Package which covered almost all liquors and some nice wines, as well as cappuccino and other specialty coffees. We had four port days and Luminae was not open for lunch on those days. We found the hand tossed pizza at the buffet to be much improved and now rivals that on Princess. Food at the buffet was okay, but we never went hungry, and I enjoyed the different ethnic dishes, especially the curries on the one day we ate there. The Reflection is a new ship and it is very well appointed without being too glitzy. Public rooms were all very nice. The ship is small enough that every part is easily accessible. I only wish that the evening entertainment would have been better. There was a popular comedian appearing at 10:30 PM, but it was in a small venue, and all of the seats were occupied well before 10:00. The comedian on the first night of the cruise was so bad that we didn't rush to get to see the next one. The singing and dancing shows were just okay. We have been to Grand Cayman and Cozumel many times before, so we only took a brief walk off of the ship. The port at Falmouth, Jamaica is a reconstructed little mini town owned by RCCL. It consists of souvenir stands and a few restaurants for those who didn't eat enough on the ship. We ventured outside the gates into the town of Falmouth. It was market day, and although we didn't feel terribly unsafe, there was little to buy, and it was a little bit crazy walking in the street with cars behind us. Later we found out that one lady's cell phone was snatched from her backpack, and were glad we decided to go back to the ship. I didn't expect to spend much time on RCCL's private island Labadee in Haiti, but have to say it was really nice, and I could have spent another day there. The water was beautiful and RCCL provided lounge chairs and floats, and there was a nice barbeque lunch with a full bar. Disembarkation was also very easy as I don't believe there were any other ships in port. We were told to leave our room at 8:00, but left closer to 8:30 and waited by the pool until 9:10, our assigned time to pick up our luggage. All in all, we spent a relaxing 7 days, eating, drinking and reading and after exactly one week, I am already ready for another Celebrity cruise. Read Less
Sail Date August 2016
We have cruise many times, but this was our first repositioning cruise. We left from San Juan, and ended up in Bayonne, New Jersey. I happened to be on the Summit in January, 2016, prior to its refurb. One of the nicest new features is a ... Read More
We have cruise many times, but this was our first repositioning cruise. We left from San Juan, and ended up in Bayonne, New Jersey. I happened to be on the Summit in January, 2016, prior to its refurb. One of the nicest new features is a comfortable outdoor movie venue. It has nice couches arranged in little groups so you feel like you are in your own area. The Summit isn't as sexy as the larger Celebrity ships. The balcony cabins are fine, except when you fold out the love seat for a third person; then it is very tight space wise. We were able to open the doors between 2 of the 3 balcony cabins we had together; unfortunately, they couldn't open all 3 balconies. The food and service were great. We love Celebrity. They go out of their way to make your trip enjoyable. Our main dining room server was fantastic. We did not have an assigned table, but they made sure we went back to the same table every night. It was great. We ate at QSine also which was an amazing dining experience. The entertainment was good (not great). The captain was Captain Kate--her announcements from the bridge were something we looked forward to. Unfortunately, bad weather kept her on the bridge when she was going to do a talk in the theater. We went to St. Maarten, St. Thomas, and Bermuda. We had never been to Bermuda before. We enjoyed all of the islands. This was a family cruise with an age range from 26 to 91 and everyone had a good time, which is saying something. Celebrity will be our first choice when shopping for our next cruise. Read Less
Sail Date April 2016
Background: We are a retired couple that live in the San Francisco bay area and have been on nearly 50 cruises across many of the mainstream cruiselines, but with most of our cruises being on Princess and Celebrity. We love cruising on ... Read More
Background: We are a retired couple that live in the San Francisco bay area and have been on nearly 50 cruises across many of the mainstream cruiselines, but with most of our cruises being on Princess and Celebrity. We love cruising on Celebrity and do love getting a balcony cabin but have been known to travel in an oceanview and inside cabin if that is what is within our budget. We booked this cruise well over a year ago using a future cruise credit that we purchased on a previous cruise and we were able to also take advantage of a group booking through our travel agent that featured an Oregon winemaker with associated events. We've sailed on the Equinox a little over 3 years ago and were excited about returning to this fabulous ship. She did not disappoint!! Embarkation: We arrived at the pier around 12:30 PM. Security and elite check in were a breeze and we were on the ship with absolutely no waiting required in the terminal. The cabins were not ready for approximately one hour after we boarded so we simply went to the martini bar to get a cocktail while waiting for the 'cabins are ready' announcement. While at the martini bar, there was a bit of a push to upgrade to the premium package but the waiter was respectful when we told him we would have to judge the wines we would receive for our wine events before making the decision as whether or not we wanted to purchase the upgrade. Of note, there were no martinis offered at the martini bar under the classic package, even if you asked for one of the smaller sized ones. This was a change from our previous cruise on the Equinox. There were call drinks available here so all turned out ok. Also of note, we found the classic package was sufficient so we never did upgrade to the premium package. Cabin: We were in a 2B category on deck 6 on the hump - directly across from the Internet Café. We noticed the glass doors that separated the cabin hallways from the elevator vestibule areas were no longer functioning, at least on deck 6. It appears that this was intentional. We were concerned with the probability of noise but had very little issue with this once in our cabin. A few times, we could hear some loud passengers when trying to sleep but they were few and far between. We usually went to sleep after all the shows in the centrum were done so we were never bothered by that. We had incredible room stewards. We requested ice for every day and always had ice. We asked for 2 soft pillows and they brought exactly what we wanted. Everything was kept so clean and tidy and it was as though Anthony and Victorino had anticipated our every need. We so appreciated such great service! If they saw us walk up with coffee in our hands, they dropped what they were doing to open the door for us. Nice job!! The bed was very comfortable with crisp white sheets surrounding a comforter. Our refrigerator was not actually functioning but filled with mini bar items so didn't bother to report it. There was a desk near our balcony door which I used as a vanity. The TV seemed like it was new and on brackets so you could turn it towards the bed or the couch. It did make an awful little noise every time you turned it on or off. Available on the TV was the ability to watch TV, on demand movies, check your onboard account, order room service, listen to music or check out your pictures. This was very functional. The bathroom is so nice with tons of shelves for all your toiletries. The shower has rounded doors that slide close instead of those icky shower curtains that stick to you when the ship is moving. The toiletries were of decent quality. The closet has ample room for all your clothes and there is extra shelving above the bed if needed. The balcony had a medium sized table and two pretty comfy lounge chairs. I like the flooring they use for their balconies on Celebrity -- kind of a soft wooden feel. It was kind of too hot to sit out on the balcony throughout much of the cruise, though. Their was a full sized couch and a small cocktail table in the cabin which got a lot more use than the balcony did. Ship: The ship looked as wonderful as it had 3 years ago. Nothing seemed in disrepair and everything appeared to be sparkling clean and nicely decorated. Of note, the public bathrooms are absolutely beautiful, especially when compared to other ships on which we've sailed. We noticed nothing that needed replacement in any of the public areas. Gone are the couches and cushy furniture out by the Oceanview bar, which we've enjoyed so much in the past, but understandable. It must have been a nightmare to keep those looking clean and fresh through all the usage they got. The Sky Lounge and the indoor pool area were a couple of our favorite hangouts while onboard for reading or relaxing. Dining Venues: The set up in the Oceanview Café was perfect with separate stations offering different types of food set up which kept the lines short. The tables were cleared quickly so not too much trouble finding a place to sit and eat your meal, the exception being on the last morning. There were a couple of missteps in the buffet, albeit minor ones. One day, the majority of the romaine lettuce had seen better days and once when ordering an omelet, they gave mine to someone else and then forgot to make one for me. After waiting 20 minutes, I gave up and grabbed a hard boiled egg instead. Other than these couple of minor incidents, everything was just great. There were many friendly staff members that made sure we were well taken care of. One evening we ate dinner at the buffet and we just loved the coconuts with a straw ... very unique and very yummy! Bar service in the Oceanview Café and bar was never lacking. We were always served promptly and always with a smile. Main Dining Room: We had anytime dining and Dorica, the maître' D, set us up at table #510, us and our friends. Since this was a table for 8, after the first night we let Dorica know we would be willing to share and explained that we loved that table so much that we would like to dine around 7:15 every night. We ended up with 2 more couples that felt the same way so we made it a table for 8 every night with fill ins for the nights when we or others had alternate dining plans. Our waiters, Roger and Sandoval, were most incredible!! William was our sommelier and even though we only had the classic beverage package, he would find a wine that went well with the meal we ordered. He also found the perfect accompaniment for our friend that purchased the premium package. William was the best sommelier we've ever encountered on a ship. Osvin also came by to check on our table nightly to make sure every was fine, although we assured him, it was not only fine, it was always exemplary service! What a team -- we were very spoiled!! The food ranged from very good to absolutely excellent. There was always something inviting on each night's menu. We also enjoyed one breakfast in the Main Dining room, which was very good. Waiters strolled by every few minutes to make sure you had everything needed (coffee, water, juice, muffins, etc.) Specialty Dining Venues: We tried each of the specialty dining restaurants with the exception of the Bistro on 5. First up was Silk Harvest. We were given a 30% discount that was offered pretty much throughout the entire cruise. Our food was phenomenal and we were even asked if we wanted anything else. Alas, we were stuffed!! The food did not outshine the service, which was also spot on! Since we were celebrating a birthday, they sent a nice chocolate cake to our room via room service as we were too full to eat it while in the restaurant. Next, we were treated to a meal for us and our friends in Murano. This may have been the best food we have ever had on any of our many cruises. Again, the service was phenomenal, with the exception of the sommelier. Again, a minor misstep but after being spoiled by William in the main dining room, our expectations may have been set too high. Our third specialty restaurant was in the Tuscan Grille, as we were invited to dine with the Hotel Director, Jaime, along with our friends and 2 other couples. We had an amazingly fun table and Jaime couldn't have been nicer or more welcoming. Maria, who was in training as the next Captains Club Hostess, took very good care of us. The ladies all got a rose and everyone had a beautiful picture of the table provided to us as a remembrance of our special evening. Again, the food was exemplary as was the service and the wine. We had a special wine pairing luncheon the following day at the Tuscan Grille, which featured the same menu as the previous evening. The difference here were the wines, which were this time provided by the Oregon winery owners that were onboard. Another great meal, which happened to be on the last day of the cruise. We took a little breather before we attended the elegant tea in Blu. It was also excellent but I was really full by this time so my description could probably never do it justice. It is funny to think that I have never attended this event before and now cannot figure out why I haven't. We also ate in the Tuscan Grille a few times for the elite breakfast. It was always a most pleasant experience with a beautiful view and atmosphere. I love being able to get a cappuccino, a mimosa and a light breakfast of lox and bagels. Just perfect!! Café Al Bacio: The service here was just as good as some of the other venues I have described. Whether we stopped for a sweet treat, a glass of milk, a great coffee drink or a cocktail, it was always just fabulous. Evalina, Reddy and Mint took very good care of us ... always with a smile and an offering to consume more calories ...but never pushy! Gastro Bar: I miss Cellar Masters but can see that the Gastro Bar also has a bit of a following. We also had great service here but decided not to upgrade to the premium package due to the absence of Cellar Masters. It is a wonderful place to sit and listen to the low key entertainment they offered. We never did order off the menu but it looked rather tasty. The Gastro Bar is known for their craft beer selections, none of which were available on the classic package. Mast Grill: This is the other venue where I feel there could be some improvement. There are no cooked turkey burgers available (or garden burgers for that matter). It takes 15 minutes from the time you order a turkey burger to getting one on your plate. One time, I waited about 20 minutes and it was so crowded that we could not find a table so took our lunch back to our cabin. It was disappointing to see that they gave us garden burgers instead of turkey burgers. Another time, there were turkey burgers that were already made so we got one right away and yet another time, there was almost a fight amongst the passengers over who ordered their turkey burger first. I just wish they had them available like the regular hamburgers without such a long wait; from what I can see, there is a need for it. Not a make or break deal as it certainly didn't look as though we were going to starve to death. Aqua Spa Café: This is a nice place within the indoor pool area to just grab a quick snack, whether it be a small dish of tuna or chicken salad with a couple of those amazing breadsticks or a salad bar. I love this option and it was never too crowded. Room Service: We had two morning tours so only ordered room service twice for breakfast. It was quick and accurate; they even give you a quick call to make sure you are awake or in your room. The food arrived hot and with appropriate utensils and additions for the coffee. The delivery team does not wait around with their hand out so had to make them wait a few seconds the first time to find some cash for a tip. This is definitely an improvement from what we've experienced on our previous Celebrity cruises. Nicely done!! Entertainment: Sadly, we missed a lot of the entertainment but heard from fellow passengers that the new production shows that they are rolling out fleet wide were spectacular. We did attend one show which featured a comedian. We did not think he was very good but the woman behind us what laughing heartily throughout the entire performance, so could have just been our tastes. We've seen the hot glass show before and really wanted to attend the evening show but were busy with other events that we never did make it. From past experience, I can tell you it is well worth your while. We enjoyed the duo that performed, a female singer with a male guitar player. They played in different venues but we saw them in the Explorers Lounge and the Gastro Bar. She had a very unique voice and a great comradery with the audience. The band 'Take Five' were simply excellent and played music for all age groups to enjoy! The performance of the singers / dancers in the Centrum was fabulous. They had everyone on their feet. They also had a disc jockey that played some really good music by the martini bar that drew a big crowd. I would have thought that a DJ was rather cheesy but the music chosen was surprisingly good so no complaints from me there. I felt as though the volume was appropriate in each of the venues where the entertainment was offered. Casino: We spent quite bit of time in the casino and had a fair amount of fun. We didn't find any luck but were treated well by the casino host, Andrew and his sidekick, Kevin. We had a bit of onboard credit, which could be used in the casino but as slot play that was loaded onto our player's club cards instead of getting cash. We are mlife gold members so the 5% fee was waived. (Maybe now waived for everyone?) When our onboard credit was exhausted, cash was given in lieu of slot play in the casino. This new system worked out well for us as we never cashed in our onboard credit just for the cash anyway. Captains Club Hostess / Events: What can I say but 'Hello my darlings'? Claudia, who sadly is on her last sailing as I write this, was incredible. She made every one of the captain's club members feel as though they were oh so special to Celebrity. She remembered names, birthdays, anniversaries, likes and dislikes. Whether we went to the elite cocktail hour in the sky lounge or breakfast in the coffee house, she always had time for a hug and chat. She invited us to sail away on the helipad while leaving Cartagena ... this is a memory that we will remember for a long time to come. Best of luck to such a sweet and beautiful woman!! We made a point of attending the elite events, especially the cocktail hour in the Sky Lounge every evening. We would really miss that gathering if we ended up on a cruise with vouchers instead of using the lounge. Oleksiy was our bar server and I just have to say Wow! He just knew everyone by day 2 of the cruise, what they liked to drink, where they liked to sit and whom they liked to sit with. Asri and Val were also phenomenal and always made sure they served us some great appetizers .. all with fabulous smiles and stories of their day. The elegant tea and wine tasting events were also well worth our while and we enjoyed both of these events immensely. Photo Services: We entered a contest at the photo area otherwise may not have known where it is. It is kind of tucked in way back on deck 5. One of the photographers had stopped us for some photos. Because we do tend to cruise often, we don't pose for these sessions during the cruise, but we threw caution to the wind. The photographer must have known what he was doing as he asked us to pose like this and then like that. We were actually asked to look into each other's eyes and we just laughed (sorry to say, at the photographer) as we'd just about had enough. Well, that was the photo we purchased as we have nothing like it in our repertoire of cruise photos. I mean, really, how many photos of yourself can you have? Well, obviously the answer to that is 'one more'! It might be the best one we have taken. The photos are getting to be way overpriced, though. @ $25 for an embarkation photo and $30 for that photo we bought, that is a bit too high. They do have some digital packages, though, for just over $200 so might work for some. Classic Package: Someone on my roll call asked me to list the wines available within the classic package so here goes: Mezzacoron,a Dolomiti Pinot Grigio Clifford Bay, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc St Francis, Sonoma & Seeker Chardonnay Beringer White Zinfandel, California Clos De Chance Merlot Castle Rock, St Helena Pinot Noir Excelsior, South Africa & Wente, California Cabernet Sauvignon There were probably a few others available in some of the venues onboard but these are the ones that were listed on the menu. Future cruise sales: Alina, at the future cruise sales desk is so very knowledgeable and quite personable. She was able to book a couple of future cruises for us while onboard. She knew every trick to save us more money or get us more perks. I have not always had the best luck with the future cruise sales people finding us the right deals but this girl knows her stuff!! Currently, they were offering 2 perks plus the onboard credit associated with the future cruise booking....and a one category upgrade where available. There was also a drawing for anyone booking a future cruise that day. i-lounge: The day of our embarkation, the ship was upgraded with a newer, faster internet service. While I still heard fellow passengers complain, I thought the new service was an improvement of a hundred fold. I only checked my emails, confirmed a reservation for a private tour in Cartagena and checked in for my flight so maybe the complaints of others were valid. For the basics, it was in and out very well and it never dropped its connection on me. I never said a bad word while in the i-lounge in the numerous times I was in there. I cannot say this was the case on previous visits to the i-lounge when checking emails. Also, the apple computers in the café were really nice. There are sanitizer wipes available on every table. Everything was kept tidy and clean in this room. Wine Group: We signed up for the Abacela wine group package that was set up by our TA. I have sailed on these group cruises a couple of times previously, always with Celebrity and always been very pleased with the events and the special additions. This time, it seemed very disorganized throughout the entire cruise. I am not sure where the problem stemmed from but we were not notified in a timely manner of the included events for this package. While still in port, I contacted our TA and they knew nothing of it as the group is small ... usually about 100 passengers only. Our TA forwarded us to the guest relations desk and they didn't know about it either. We showed up at the Sky Lounge the first evening right after sail away as that is where the first event was held on our previous cruises for these groups. Our assumption was correct. This wasn't well attended as I think a lot of people had not received any notification of this. There was also a misstep with the onboard credit, which was handled appropriately in the end and a change of venue for one of the wine events that maybe some didn't find out about in a timely manner. We were able to attend each of the events except for the galley tour, sometimes finding it by guessing. There was a tour of the wine tower in the Silhouette dining room which was very interesting. The wine pairing luncheon, which was also available through the ship for a cost, was well worth it. The winery's better wines were served towards the end of the cruise and they were paired perfectly with the meals that were served. Disembarkation: We signed up for luggage valet. This service is available for $20 per person with up to 2 bags. Since we only had one bag to check, we only signed up for this service for one of us and checked in online for the other one. BEST $20 ever spent and I would recommend it to anyone that has the ability to use this. There are specifications that need to be met, such as airport, airline and flight time. We were then provided with a special luggage tag and put our bag out in the hallway in the evening. The next time we were to see it was at SFO -- our final destination. We signed up for the time we wanted to disembark and their schedule was spot on and since customs was a breeze, especially without any large bag, were at the airport for our 12:45 flight with plenty of time to spare. Ports of Call: The itinerary was of particular interest to us as it was a bit different with stops in Cozumel, Costa Rica, Panama, an overnight visit in Cartagena and Grand Cayman. The original itinerary had not included the overnight stop in Cartagena and did include a stop in Belize, which was ultimately canceled. In hind sight, this was very preferable as, even though it was hotter than hot in Columbia, this proved to be a very interesting and enjoyable port of call. The entire trip was worth it due to our favorite stop, which was in Panama. We stayed on the ship in both Cozumel and Grand Cayman as we've been there many times before and wanted to enjoy the amenities on the ship. Excursions: One recommendation would be the tour we took in Panama to Fort San Lorenzo and the Gatun locks that was offered through Celebrity. This is one of the best tours we've taken and not only did we get to see the new locks, we also saw two different ships passing through the old / current locks. In Costa Rica, we took the ship's tour to the Dole Banana Plantation. We enjoyed this tour but were left with a feeling of 'that's all?'. What we saw was interesting and well worth the trip out there but would have been improved with about 30 minutes more of touring at the plantation itself. In Cartagena, since we had two days there, we visited the little zoo area right near where the ship docks. This was very worth our while and they had numerous native birds and animals. The second day we were there, we signed up for a free walking tour of the old walled city. We attended one of the lectures onboard prior to this tour which gave us some background into the history of Cartagena. It was an excellent talk held in the Equinox theater by one of the excursion staff members and enhanced our walking tour with a bit of knowledge going in. This walking tour was incredible although so very hot. I do highly recommend it but it is good to know there is a stronger breeze in the afternoon than in the morning so maybe not quite as sweltering. This tour meets at the naval museum towards the oceanfront side of the walled city. We were almost duped by someone at the entrance trying to convince us he was our guide. Since you have to sign up for this tour in advance, I asked him what names he had on his list. He didn't have our names, so we ventured on until we found the correct tour that we signed up for and very glad we did. We found this tour to be very interesting and you cannot beat the cost ... just a tip at the end for our hard working guide. We were told conflicting information about the price of a cab to Santa Teresa Plaza, which is near where the naval museum is located. We walked past those that were charging $20 and found a cab to take us for $10. The cab back was $8 and it does help if you speak a little Spanish, as it is helpful to get around while in this port. Summary: This cruise got 5+ stars in our book! As mentioned, just a few very minor missteps but such awesome experiences and service that any complaints we may have had were overshadowed by all the good times. The Equinox is a beautiful ship with such a fun, friendly and helpful staff. The spoiled us and made us feel quite special. Just of note, as it is in the news, there were areas where we encountered some mosquitoes. We were warned that Zika was of concern so we made sure we didn't go out without our insect repellent. No bug bites even though we were in some areas of the jungle. Read Less
Sail Date April 2016
I love cruising and have gone on Princess,& Royal Caribbean, but Celebrity is my favorite. Celebrity offers a higher level of service. The crew was friendly and seemed happy to be working for the company. We had a balcony cabin on ... Read More
I love cruising and have gone on Princess,& Royal Caribbean, but Celebrity is my favorite. Celebrity offers a higher level of service. The crew was friendly and seemed happy to be working for the company. We had a balcony cabin on deck 9. Our room steward, Yogi and his assistant were excellent. Our cabin was immaculate and whenever we requested something, it was done and we never had to ask twice. We had first seating. The menus were diverse and the food was excellent. We ate at 2 specialty restaurants. Tuscany was Italian cuisine and it was excellent. We have eaten at the restaurant on other Celebrity ships and have never been disappointed. The other restaurant was Q which was fun and quirky. It was like Tapas. We ordered many different plates and shared them. We have eaten there before on a family cruise. There were 9 of us and we were and we were able to sample lots of different cuisines. The entertainment was wonderful. The ship's singers and dancers were very talented. Their productions were top notch. They also entertained at different venues as part of the evening activities. The ports were great, St. Marten, St. Kitt, St. Lucia, Barbados, Aruba Antigua and Curaçao. My only complaint was that we spent an overnight in Barbados. Unfortunately it was Easter and nothing was open. The next day was an Island holiday and nothing was open. That was unfortunate. The ship is beautiful and well maintained. The embarkation and disembarkation went very smoothly. We did spend some time in Miami before the cruise visiting relatives. Read Less
Sail Date March 2016
This was our fifth cruise on Celebrity and our 15th cruise overall. The experience we had onboard the Eclipse was nothing short of terrific. The room was well maintained, the food excellent, and the entertainment was very good. The ... Read More
This was our fifth cruise on Celebrity and our 15th cruise overall. The experience we had onboard the Eclipse was nothing short of terrific. The room was well maintained, the food excellent, and the entertainment was very good. The crowd seemed to be all experienced cruisers that knew the system and just enjoyed it all. The ports were pretty standard, but fun to see once again. The entertainment was very good....the production company was above average and Zoe Tyler, a singer from London, was the best I have ever heard on a ship. The service was friendly and quite professional. The staff was very approachable and pleasant. It was another beautiful cruise on Celebrity.....We are very loyal to this company. Read Less
Sail Date March 2016
Great ports from Curaçao and Aruba, to St. Lucia and Barbados etc. We were able to scuba dive and snorkel in some beautiful waters; and enjoy great beaches too! The food was very good in the restaurants; but we did take advantage of ... Read More
Great ports from Curaçao and Aruba, to St. Lucia and Barbados etc. We were able to scuba dive and snorkel in some beautiful waters; and enjoy great beaches too! The food was very good in the restaurants; but we did take advantage of the specialty restaurants also. We highly recommend the evening entertainment, as they did an excellent job on many nights. The one area of disappointment for us was the total lack of Caribbean themed music with the guitarist, and pool-side band. Three years ago we found the strolling musicians playing carribean /Jimmy Buffett type music really helped relax and create a great mood for the trip. This year had more European musicians who did not know any Jimmy Buffet or Toes in the sand music. The pool band was very good and sang or played many good songs, and tried to accommodate! The blend of many different nationalities also help to create an even nicer environment and trip. We almost felt in the minoritity as Americans! Read Less
Sail Date March 2016
Never before have a been such a wide variety of age groups on any cruise line or ship before. One great thing were the college age kids who were on Spring break, (most major college's in the U.S.A start spring break in March), I-- ... Read More
Never before have a been such a wide variety of age groups on any cruise line or ship before. One great thing were the college age kids who were on Spring break, (most major college's in the U.S.A start spring break in March), I-- being a product of the movie, "Animal House" and the college age of the 80's and a 18 year old legal age remember a more wild and rambunctious Spring break spent in Florida and The Padre Islands on the beach and for a total cost for a week on the beach including the bus ride from Wisconsin was a mere $400.00 dollars. The College kids on the Constellation were cool cats and mostly in there mid 20's. They were well behaved and really added a lot of life and energy to not only the pool area but the main dinning hall as they girls were wonderfully outfitted with Celebrity's new, 'Chic," look. One of the interesting observations was the lack of children on the ship. I would surmise that most parents were waiting for there little ones to get out of public school before beginning their school breaks. The Constellation was by far one of the most well maintained ships I have even been on. I'm not talking the rooms but the actual, exterior, balcony's, and general areas. If you sail this ship you will have the opportunity to tell the offers your own opinion as the crew was available on more than one occasions and as Constellation is a "small" ship in todays standards you may bump into fellow passengers from time to time. We were in cabin 6114 on the promenade deck, it was your standard cabin that look like it was decorated in the 80's so I cant really complain now can I? Always book on the promenade deck of any ship and on any fleet. The luxury suites are located on this deck in most cases and so are the best housekeeper--and least chance of getting an obstructed view from your balcony, well almost. Food, oh, everybody wants to hear about the food, and the booze. Fact is if you like your libations, GET THE UPGRADES beverage package-period, you can walk around with a Hendricks gin with a cucumber slice in it and a bottle of Pierre water if you like, all included in your package. This package also includes your specialty coffees, wines in the main dinning room, and specialty drinks-why deny yourself life's simple pleasures! The buffet served decent sushi at around 4pm everyday with a large variety, and mist so soup. Never saw that before. Main dinning room was up to speed. Service was top notch and consistent with cruise ship dinning. The food also was varied and well prepared. I have only nice things to say about the main dinning room. I feel the two specialty restaurants on board were awkward in the sense the food in them was in fact the same food you could get in the main dinning room but of course for a price. The dishes had been renamed, and of course reshaped, but regardless they were the same cut of steak, the same desert and the same pork and cuts of fish. If you want an romantic/intimate setting yes, this will be your juiciest night as the atmosphere is pleasant and a change from the main dinning room-the food though not. If your still onboard I have a few things to say about the shipboard entertainment, well on actually. There were two shows put on by the staff. like watching STAR WARS for the first time and viewing the chemistry of Harrison Ford and Carrie fisher-pure magic. I had to ponder if they actors on the Constellation knows this themselves. to see for yourself several young people preforming a act and doing it with such chemistry made me slightly jealous and reminded me of my younger years and when I myself was part of something much larger than ourselves. Finally we come to the end of my review of the cruise ship Celebrity Constellation. Yes, don't hesitate to get on this ship. She is fun, smooth, and noteworthy, (did I mention I won $400.00 dollars in the casino?) could have used that money in the 80's. The Constellation will satisfy if you have or have not cruised before--she doesn't disappoint only you can do that on a cruise. My one last piece of wisdom. "Don't believe all the negative cruise reviews you read about." Good sailings! Read Less
Sail Date March 2016
We had sailed the Equinox in Europe in 2010 and it was lovely to anticipate being back on the lawn! Embarkation and disembarkation were very good - Celebrity has finally got it right. It used to be a nightmare. Captain Nikolas was ... Read More
We had sailed the Equinox in Europe in 2010 and it was lovely to anticipate being back on the lawn! Embarkation and disembarkation were very good - Celebrity has finally got it right. It used to be a nightmare. Captain Nikolas was wonderful - excellent English, excellent sense of humour and I enjoyed his "Hello its me again" at 10 a.m. The crew was fantastic. Cheerful and perfectly dressed to serve us. CD Alejandro was one of a kind - such enthusiasm and energy. Our cruise was mostly older people and also mostly European - Germans, Brits and French Canadians. He (and his side kick Andreas from Spain) had us all up and dancing. Our cabin was perfect as was our cabin attendant. This ship is immaculate and beautifully decorated. The entertainment was good. The dancers are trying to get out of the cruise mould, and presented shows that were very different. Jayne Curry was sublime - she did three shows, including a matinee at 2 pm on a warm sunny sea day. The theatre was packed. I hope that Celebrity hangs on to her, although this was her last cruise for a while, as she was heading home. The Captains Club hostess was a warm, welcoming beautiful person who made us feel so very special. Thank you Claudia. Now on to the food. We feel that the food in the dining room has definitely deteriorated. We took my time dining for the first time and will not do it again. Roxanne at the desk was so very nice and tried hard to place us. The waiter we had, Val, was very kind and efficient. The atmosphere is not good, because there is constant movement and the staff always trying to clear away and reset tables quickly. They are very efficient but it is not conducive to a relaxing dinner. We went to all three specialty restaurants and had wonderful food. We also ate at the Oceanview Café and found the food for all meals to be very good. It was a wonderful cruise and we would do it again. Read Less
Sail Date February 2016
We loved our experience aboard the Constellation. Superior service is something we have come to expect on Celebrity ships, however this crew exceeded our high expectations. Embarkation was a bit chaotic, however it was no fault of the ... Read More
We loved our experience aboard the Constellation. Superior service is something we have come to expect on Celebrity ships, however this crew exceeded our high expectations. Embarkation was a bit chaotic, however it was no fault of the cruise line. Ft. Lauderdale experienced severe weather (tornadoes and high winds) on the morning of our departure, and when we arrived at the terminal there was only emergency lighting and the xray machines and computers were non functioning, so the previous cruisers were late departing, and baggage was being examined by hand. All that being said, power was restored shortly after our arrival and the rest moved along swiftly. I do wish that the picture taking was done at the check-in and didn't require a second line, but once power was restored to the terminal we were aboard within 45 minutes ( there was a big backlog due to the weather and power issues). From that moment on, we were spoiled with pampering service everywhere on the ship. The Concierge Ilaria, was amazing. After I filled out the in-cruise comment card complementing the service and several crew members, I suggested that the hairdryers that required the user to hold in a button to have airflow, I received a call from Ilaria. She told me that she had checked around the ship in all the suites (we were Concierge Class) and that was the only kind of hairdryer available. She then offered to use of her personal dryer! What amazing thoughtfulness!! Even though I had my own, and declined her generous offer, I couldn't believe the offer. AMAZING! From the servers in the dining room, to the bar service by the pool, to the room stewards we experienced nothing by smiles and a willingness to go the extra mile from every crew member we encountered. We found the entertainment to be better than usual. The comedian, and juggler/comedian were funny, and the resident production troupe were better than most cruise ships. Our room steward, Lizardo, did a great job. We never had to ask twice for anything, he kept our cabin spotless and quickly learned our preferences. We ate at the Tuscan Grille and enjoyed the meal and the service. Our experience in Ocean Liners was FAR superior however. From the old world ambience, to the menu, to the tableside preparation to the outstanding service, our experiences there very special. We are looking forward to dining at Ocean Liners on our next cruise in December, it was well worth the extra money. Although we enjoyed Tuscan Grille, we would probably not re-visit it. The food in the main dining room was good, the only possible suggestion we had was that on several nights they had all of our favorite proteins (duck, lamb, steaks,) and on others (only 2) we found ourselves ordering from the old standards. The buffet was just as we've come to expect, however the table vacated by previous diners were cleared and cleaned quicker than normal, allowing for an easier flow and the constant attentiveness by bar wait staff made getting morning coffee appear as if my magic (much appreciated). The only negative (minor) we noticed was that Celebrity seems to be cutting back on live music by the pool. There was only and hour to and hour and a half per day (dance class and Zumba) on the sea days. We missed that and hope it's not a trend. The DJ, Lancero, who played in the center of the ship every evening was great and had high energy, they need to give him a dance floor on a regular basis Read Less
Sail Date February 2016
Our 14 night cruise on Eclipse was THE BEST of our 28 cruises taken, (two with Celebrity). The ship is looking terrific, both inside and outside. Constant maintenance has kept her looking like new. The friendly and enthusiastic efforts ... Read More
Our 14 night cruise on Eclipse was THE BEST of our 28 cruises taken, (two with Celebrity). The ship is looking terrific, both inside and outside. Constant maintenance has kept her looking like new. The friendly and enthusiastic efforts of all crew contributed materially to a very happy cruise for my wife and I. In particular the stateroom attendants, dining room servers and martini bar people were outstanding in service provided. Well done Eclipse! We stayed in balcony cabin 1068, a mid ship Concierge Club cabin (category C2). The cabin was fine, very quiet, no view obstructions, and very clean. We ate only in MDR and Oceanview cafe, skipping the specialty restaurants for the first time ever, This was because we found the food to be very good in the 2 venues we used. Quality in the MDR was good, no bad experiences. The menu is short but has adequate variety nightly, and all dishes were high quality. In our opinion food quality in Oceanview has improved over our last Celebrity cruise, and is superior to Princess, HAL and RCI, much better than NCL. Entertainment was improved over 2 years ago, some good comedy and general entertainment acts. The shows were OK , not really our style, but well done. Both embarkation and disembarkation were a breeze, no waiting and no problems. We were relieved after reading so may horror stories on CC. Some observations in response to issues we have seen raised on CC lately: .Buffet food was very good. The sushi was quite acceptable, if not great. Items cooked to order such as shrimp and steak were well cooked and tasty. .In the MDR we found the sommelier service to be funny/friendly and fast, no sign in our area of overly busy sommelier or slow service. .The treats in Cafe al Bocio are still free and do not require purchase of a drink. .The martini bar staff were terrific, and we absolutely enjoyed the bar at 4:00PM daily. We saw no sign of poor seating in the area, and the music was not too loud at all. . We did not experience any difficulty getting prompt service at any time in any bar. .Chair hogs continue to be an issue near the pool. We avoided that area seeking quieter spots which are plentiful. .We are not fans of the Curacao overnight stay, but it did not affect our enjoyment of the cruise at all. Hopefully those who do more touring than we do saw the benefit. In summary, a great relaxing and enjoyable cruise, with no issues at any time. We are a couple aged 70 and 71, who are looking forward to our next cruise, which will be on Celebrity for certain. Read Less
Sail Date February 2016
Celebrity Equinox Review My husband and I sailed on the February 1, 2016, cruise aboard the Equinox which made port at Cozumel, Limon, Colon, Cartagena, and Grand Cayman. We took the same cruise aboard the Equinox in 2009 and have ... Read More
Celebrity Equinox Review My husband and I sailed on the February 1, 2016, cruise aboard the Equinox which made port at Cozumel, Limon, Colon, Cartagena, and Grand Cayman. We took the same cruise aboard the Equinox in 2009 and have taken another 30 on NCL, Disney, Princess, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, and two aboard (insert a shudder) Carnival. So we are experienced cruisers. Much has been written about this ship, and I don’t see much reason to repeat it all. We had balcony cabin 6115 only because we booked at the last minute. I would not choose it unless I had to. Believe me, it is a long way to Tipperary from that cabin. Over 500 steps to breakfast...and 500 back. We heard music during the shows at night– without benefit of being in the theater– as this cabin is just above the theater. It was not a problem and I rather enjoyed the reprise of Tenors or Rock. The cabin was fine except I hated the lack of drawer space. I don’t like leaning over at a 45 degree angle to get to my underwear from over the bed. Nor do I want to have to rappel back to the floor after having climbed up on the bed to get it. I also didn’t like the very hard pillows on the bed. I had a neck ache very morning. The bathroom, however, I did like. I think it is the best laid out of any we’ve had other than the main bathroom of the Owner’s Suite on the NCL Jade, but that’s another story involving an upsell fairy. Plenty of storage in the bathroom. I hated the narrow slabs that served as night tables. They couldn't hold anything much more than the phone. Our room steward, Sury, was great. He managed to get inside our cabin and clean when we were at breakfast and dinner which was very nice indeed. I always appreciate that. We found the crew to be unfailingly attentive and friendly. Food was fine though I mourn the wonderful cakes they used to have on Celebrity years ago. We had no difficulty in getting into the restaurant as we made a 6:15 reservation for every night. We had the same waiters every night as well, so that went well. Entertainment was a mixed bag. Jane Curry (vocalist), Stephen Kane (pianist), Tenors of Rock, were all great. My eyes did roll back in my head every time performers let it leak that they had a CD for sale after the show and they all did. The production shows “Set” and “Elysium” were just plain dreadful. It was not the fault of the talented performers. They did their best. But the concepts were so far out there as to be incomprehensible. And as this was an old folks cruise with the average age of the sailors about 73, these “modern” shows played especially poorly. I am trying hard to think of an audience to whom they would appeal. If I think of any, I will add an addendum to this review. Very rough crossing to Playa Del Carmen for our shore excursion to Xcaret from Cozumel. We were literally lifted out of our chairs and plopped back down into them every few seconds. You know it is going to be rough when people are stationed in the front of the boat with rolls of barf bags. Plenty bags were pealed off those rolls and the sounds revolving around their use were everywhere. We did not participate. Xcaret was a beautiful place and we enjoyed it despite the Disney-like food prices. We hired Roger, one of Oscar Brown’s cousins, to be our guide in Limon. We had already done the beaches/banana plantation thing and this round just went to places like the local market and cathedral, beautiful overlooks and a grocery store and such but enjoyed ourselves very much. I especially liked it when a lady selling red peppers at the market almost died laughing when I told her a single red pepper cost nearly $3 at Wal-mart. I tried a water apple which proved to taste very much like a pear. Also was introduced to a spice “bomb” by Roger and bought some to season our chicken at home. Also picked up cinnamon bark for next to nothing. At a small fruit market out in the boonies we had some of those marvelous tiny sugar bananas and watched a girl take corn on the cob out of a big pan of water, roll it in butter, and serve it up in clean husks. Looked tasty, but I doubt it could have matched Indiana sweet corn. Plenty of local shopping right at the port and best prices on the trip. Molas, puzzle boxes, wooden items, tee shirts, and the usual. Across the street is a cheap internet place and not far off is the grocery store. Everyone was friendly, and we did not feel unsafe at all. We took an excursion in Colon to Old Panama City and Reproso as we had already done the Embera Indian-canal-Gatun Lake route on our last visit and were looking to do something different. Nothing earthshaking but quite pleasant. We took our lunch break at a local grocery store with an inexpensive cafeteria attached. Lunch for the two of us (salad, fruit bowl, empanada, and drinks ran us $8. Most people spent a half hour running around the grocery store gathering up cheap coke and chips and coffee. I was surprised at how nice Panama City is. This tour is labeled inaccessible. Believe them. You can’t take a wheelchair down paths full of large gravel or across grass. At Reproso there is no elevator so you have to climb about 25 steps in all and walk a narrow way over the work area. Cartagena was lovely as last time. The terminal has to be the nicest anywhere and has been improved and enlarged since 2009. Nice store, nice garden restaurant, Juan Valdez, beautiful birds. What a pleasant spot! We took a tour of Popa Hill, Las Bovedas, the city, the naval museum, and saw a brief folk dancing show at the latter. Although this tour is listed as accessible, this tour was totally unsuitable for wheelchairs. First of all, we had to walk up a hill at a 45 degree angle for about 1/4 of a mile, then climb about 15 stairs, then climb more hill. You could not take a wheelchair down the narrow congested walk at Las Bovedas nor the crowded, narrow sidewalks along the way the guide took us in Cartagena. Be aware of these things. We had a whole 15 minutes at Las Bovedas which was ridiculous. The guide told us to go into #2 which either is owned by her friends or gives her kickbacks. On our second day in Cartagena we just wandered on our own and that was great. I don’t care for Grand Cayman and it is a mystery to me why so many ships stop there. The stores are full of junk and the island is not attractive. A beach? Big deal. Snorkeling? Big deal. There are better places for both. On this day the it was too windy to go to the main port and we were diverted to the South Side. That change was handled quite efficiently but lines were fairly long, waits were fairly short. Best part was the free wi-fi in the pass through near Margaritasville. Easy embark and disembark. Efficient bus transportation to the airport. We were at the airport at 9 for our 12:45 flight. Pleasant cruise! Nice ship, though I don’t get why Celebrity thinks it is such a big deal to have grass at sea. Seems like a total waste of deck to me. I wonder where that person is who has always had a yearning to play bocce afloat! Read Less
Sail Date February 2016
We stayed the night before at the Renaissance which is directly across the street from the port and we could actually see the ship from our room. Very nice hotel full of mostly cruisers. We drove right into the port the next morning and ... Read More
We stayed the night before at the Renaissance which is directly across the street from the port and we could actually see the ship from our room. Very nice hotel full of mostly cruisers. We drove right into the port the next morning and parked in a lot adjacent to the terminal. Just FYI, there is another lot which is closer, but is reserved exclusively for Allure and Oasis and the lot was not even half full but we still were not allowed to park there. It is $15 USD to park in the lot per day. Pier service was excellent. We arrived at 10:30 and were checked in in less than 5 minutes. Boarded the ship at 11:30 and because we were staying in a Suite we were able to go to the Luminae restaurant where we were able to have snacks and lunch until our cabin was ready. We stayed in a Sky Suite (S1) room 9374 in the back of the ship on the straboard (right ) side. The sky suites are very nice. Plenty of room, butler service, upgraded bath amenities (Bulgari), etc. It is extremely quiet as very few guests are walking by and we like that. The balcony is large, and probably the only drawback to it is some soot from the smokestack will get on there each day but they do clean it (albeit not perfectly). The attendants did a nice job of keeping everything clean and tidy although they seem to not want to give out additional soaps, shampoos, etc. We had to ask twice but it may be because the Bulgari items are expensive. This was our second time on this itinerary and let me start by saying that this was probably the best overall staff we have ever experienced on ANY cruise ship. The Captain, Leo (who is leaving halfway through the next cruise) was by far and away the most interactive Captain we have ever experienced. You would see him everywhere around the ship and he was as approachable as any member of the crew. Just an all around fantastic guy. Alejandro the Cruise Director (and Linde the Activities manager) and his entire staff were also excellent. As a suite guest we were able to dine in the Luminae restaurant which was exquisite - we would say that the food was as good if not better than the specialty restaurants. Plus, if you like something on the menu from the main dining room they will prepare it for you. They have breakfast and dinner every day and lunch on at sea days. You can eat on the Bistro at five on port days (they waive the fee) as well as a suite guest. We attended the entertainment shows each night and some of the late night entertainment shows and overall they were excellent. We think Celebrity has definitely improved in this area. We ate breakfast and lunch mostly in the buffet and it has improved greatly over last year, but we think it could still use some improvement. For example, if you go in towards the end, many times the carving station will have been shut down and they seem more focused on getting ready for the next meal service than finishing the existing meal service. The quality of the food is good, but not excellent - keeping in mind it is very difficult to prepare excellent quality food in a buffet setting. The service was excellent and attentive though and they are eager to please. The ship is very clean - we love the fact that they have hand towels in the restrooms as opposed to air dryers and paper towels. The public areas were always attended to and they even had bathroom attendants in the public restrooms during busy times (shows, dinners, etc.) which we thought was a nice touch. The ports of call were a nice change from your typical Caribbean cruise. We overnighted in Cartegena, Columbia which was very nice (and warm!). We did not participate in any shore excursions as we did them last year, but we would strongly recommend seeing the rainforest in Costa Rica and the Panama Canal up close in action. I will say that we tried to use the "destination concierge" to book a private tour and had a misunderstanding so our advice would be to be sure you are VERY SPECIFIC about what you want. You will pay a hefty premium for this type of excursion, but it can be tailored to just about whatever you want. Again, a nice touch as Celebrity really tries to cater to the needs of their guests. We spent a great deal of time in the Casino and like most ships, it has the usual games. Table minimums are fair, and they do have a European Roulette wheel which is somewhat rare. Overall nice dealers, host, and managers. Shopping onboard is nice - they do have a Michael Kors boutique and some upscale shops on deck 5. Deck 4 has the usual suspects.. Our favorite venue was the World Class Bar on deck 5. The bartenders were truly masters of their craft and all of the drinks were unique and delicious. The hot glass show on deck 15 is not to be missed as well. The future cruise office is now a pretty impressive operation. They have anywhere from 4-6 agents working at any one time and it is BUSY! They had some great promos going so we actually booked four more cruises through Sept 2018. Book early as a ton of stuff was already sold out. Debarkation was as good as could be, but as most cruisers know, it is never fun. Celebrity does it as well as anybody. A few last random thoughts.. -This is really not an ideal ship for kids -Sky suite guests can now use Michael's Club - this is a change -Suite guests no longer get complimentary nights in specialty restaurants - this is a change - If you enjoy drinking, upgrade to the premium beverage package - you will not be disappointed. We would strongly recommend this cruise - great ship, great staff, good length (11 days is about perfect), and good ports of call. Celebrity constantly gets ranked highest in luxury cruising and we would definitely agree. Read Less
Sail Date February 2016
We are a retired couple from the UK who have been cruising, primarily with Celebrity, for 10 years. This was our 16th cruise, 13th with Celebrity, all but the first in suites. Since treating ourselves to a PH for a milestone anniversary in ... Read More
We are a retired couple from the UK who have been cruising, primarily with Celebrity, for 10 years. This was our 16th cruise, 13th with Celebrity, all but the first in suites. Since treating ourselves to a PH for a milestone anniversary in 2012, we have been hooked and have not downgraded since so only cruise once or twice every 18 months. We have Elite+ Captain’s Club status but this gives us few additional perks. We learned a few days before we left home that embarkation would coincide with the Miami marathon. Although we booked our pre-cruise hotel [including transfers] through Celebrity, we would normally take a taxi to the port. In view of the marathon, we were not sure if this would be sensible. Unsure of what to do, I contacted a fellow Brit working in Celebrity’s Miami office for local information. Her response certainly exceeded any expectations we may have had. She arranged for the local shore-side concierge staff to take care of our embarkation. But more of this later. Pre-cruise As well as our pre-cruise hotel, we booked our flights through Celebrity. What we had not realised, until we spoke to another person on the cruise at the gate, is that Celebrity provides a representative at the departure airport. They had been recognised and approached because they had attached their luggage labels before leaving home. I am sure that it would be useful to know that there is a representative there should there be any disruption to travel plans. After a very bumpy flight caused by the storms along the east coast of the USA, we passed through Miami Immigration and Customs rapidly and smoothly. In view of the weather disruptions, marathon and recent reports, we had low expectations and were pleasantly surprised. The Celebrity representative was waiting for us and we were soon on the way to the Biscayne Bay Marriott. Having heard how difficult it was to find a hotel in Miami leading up to the marathon, I believe that we got a very good deal through Celebrity. The hotel, itself, was OK but nothing special except that it had a view of the cruise port and we could see Eclipse on Sunday morning. Breakfast was very good and, although not included in our package, not expensive. We had booked two nights and just wanted to chill-out pre-cruise so we ate all our meals at the hotel. The only errand we had was to purchase flowers for the cruise. A short walk to Publix and we had a huge bouquet of alstroemeria for just $24. These were fantastic and looked as good on the last day of the cruise as the first. Embarkation: We were picked up from the hotel just before 11 a.m. by two members of the Celebrity’s shore-side concierge team. It was reassuring to be with a driver so familiar with the area during such a changing situation. We made it to the pier in very little time to be met by another member of the team who supervised our luggage drop. We were then escorted through Visitor Security and round all the queues to a special check-in area where our Seapasses were waiting for us. From there it was straight onto the ship with an escort to Michael’s Club – just an hour from being met at the hotel. Very shortly afterwards, our suite was ready. Here, everything we had requested in advance was ready for us – including a microwave they had actually bought especially for us! [My husband had loved having a microwave on Constellation and Millennium.] I was especially pleased to see that they recognised my preference for champagne by upgrading our welcome Perrier Jouet champagne to the Belle Epoque. After meeting our butler, Gene, he escorted us to Luminae for lunch. Here we were introduced to the Maitre d’, Nevena. Nevena was our waitress in Tuscan Grille on Constellation in 2010 and it was great to meet up with her again. Her energy and professionalism throughout the cruise was outstanding. We requested a larger table and Nevena ensured that one was available for us every evening. An attention to detail we really appreciated was having the wonderful Ravi as our waiter no matter where in the restaurant we were seated. It is not possible to have a smoother embarkation and the only drama was breaking a fingernail. Even that issue was eased by being able to make an appointment for a manicure during our short wait in Michael’s Club! Suite: The suite did not disappoint. It is a wonderful suite in a perfect location. What else is there to say? During the whole cruise Mus and Zoran kept it immaculately. There really were no signs of wear since the first time we stayed in it, over three years ago. Luminae: We much preferred the layout of Luminae on Eclipse to that on Millennium. It is split into two room, there was much more space between tables and there were proper tables for 4 rather than just tables for 2. In addition to Nevena and Ravi, Maggie, the sommelier, and Martina, our assistant waiter, were wonderful. Maggi ensured that we were able to drink the wines we preferred by the glass and the ever-cheerful Martina was a delight. Chef’s Table: We have taken part in a Chef’s Table on every cruise since it was introduced in 2011 and we enjoyed this as much as any other. As always, it is the mix of wonderful food and wine, great company and good service which make this event worthwhile for us. Marjan, Maitre d’ Specialty Restaurants, always tries to be innovative with the menu. This time, it had a slightly retro theme we really enjoyed. Other Dining: Breakfast we ate in our suite: my husband collecting what he wanted from the buffet and me from the supplies Gene kept stocked as arranged with the pre-cruise concierge. This worked perfectly for us and is preferable to trying to make room service or Luminae work. Lunch we either collect from the buffet or the pool grill to eat in our suite, on our balcony or outside at the back of the ship depending on the weather and sun. We find that the buffet is arranged well and has an excellent selection. The buffet during lunchtime on the final sea day had an exceptional selection of food. Michael’s Club: On our two previous cruises with Michael’s Club in its current incarnation, the room was packed every evening and, so, we were concerned about the inclusion of Sky Suite guests. It was difficult to understand how the room could accommodate any more people and it was very crowded during embarkation. However, at least on this cruise, our fears were unfounded and, otherwise, crowding was not an issue. Sylvia, the concierge, was efficient – in my opinion, the most important quality for a concierge – and Johnson, the barman, provided just the service we have come to expect. Shore Excursions: Large-group, bus excursions do not interest us and nor does general sightseeing so we rarely book ship or private tours however, this time, we booked four excursions pre-cruise. Two culinary tours were cancelled but we really enjoyed the other two. The Bridgetown, Barbados 4x4 Adventure to the Green Monkey reserve was good fun and we saw lots of monkeys! We were a bit worried when we saw how many people had gathered at the terminal for the tour but there were only 10 guests in each vehicle and there was no attempt to keep us all together as a group. This is a tour we would highly recommend. We would also recommend the Chef’s Market Discoveries excursion in Sint Maarten. We were a small group of six guests and three crew and visited both the Dutch and French sides of the island including fish, spice and vegetable markets where Niels, the Murano Sous Chef, purchased ingredients for our dinner in the evening. Then we went onto Grand Case, the “French Gourmet Capital” of St Martin, for a three course lunch before travelling back to the ship. Meanwhile, Niels had returned to the ship to prepare our special dinner held in Qsine where we were looked after by the Maitre d’ who was one of the crew accompanying us during the day. Ports: In addition to the two port where we took ship’s excursions, we visited Oranjestad, Aruba; Willemstad, Curacao [overnight]; Castries, St Lucia; St Johns, Antigua; and Basseterre, St Kitts [the only port we had not visited previously]. We are not beach people and in all these ports we just wandered around and, perhaps, had a drink in a bar although I did visit the Maritime Museum in Curacao. For us, the overnight stay was a negative but we are looking forward to our overnight stay on Sint Maarten on our next cruise so that we can spend more time on the French side of the island. One thing we did notice, because we often did not stay long ashore, is that it was usually quite late before the cold towel and drinks were available. Even those of us who do not go ashore for very long appreciate these amenities. Ship: The ship, like our suite, was in identical, perfect condition this cruise compared to our cruise in 2012. The only flaws would appear to be in the service provided by the Photo Shop and Guest Relations. It annoys me when I understand their systems better than they do and have to insist that they check their facts with their management. We had a large amount of pre-purchased [and, therefore, refundable] OBC, spent less than expected [thanks to the dreadful selection of stock in the shops] and had two tours cancelled and I did not want the balance of our account credited to our credit card. I was told, at Guest Relations, that I could not be refunded in cash and would have to go to the Casino where I would be charged 5%. Of course, she discovered that she was not correct but it leaves a poor impression on the last evening of the cruise. Incidentally, we had been able to withdraw cash from the Casino regularly throughout the cruise without a surcharge [because we were in a suite]. Conclusion: Yet another wonderful Celebrity cruise and we cannot wait the ten months until our next. Read Less
Sail Date January 2016
My DH and I have just completed 2 seven night back to back cruises on this ship. It is not the first time we have done B to Bs, but it will be the last. Not only is the menu in the MDR repeated, but 80% of the entertainment in the theatre ... Read More
My DH and I have just completed 2 seven night back to back cruises on this ship. It is not the first time we have done B to Bs, but it will be the last. Not only is the menu in the MDR repeated, but 80% of the entertainment in the theatre is repeated too. Also, because the ship has to return to Miami at the end of each cruise, we didn't get far south enough to get the chance of better weather. 14 night cruises for us from now on!!! That said, apart from the shocking weather on the first leg, the cruise was most enjoyable. We are Elite members so benefit from many bonuses which are appreciated. We were invited to stand on the heli-pad for the sail in to San Juan. Fun, if a little windy! The ship is beautiful. We have sailed on all the Solstice class ships and this one is the newest. We had a balcony cabin on deck 6 and were not bothered by the lifeboats. They are at floor level. The food in the MDR was hit and miss but mainly good, but the desserts everywhere on the ship all looked lovely but were very disappointing - better for my waistline! It is very difficult to find a quiet spot at night with music blaring out on deck 3. Serious bridge players couldn't possibly use the Games Room. The entertainment was the usual fare. The production shows were not great - seen it, seen it, seen it. One of the acts The Tenors of Rock, got a deserved standing ovation - but as another reviewer commented, they only managed 45 minutes - were they rushing off somewhere!! The Cruise Director Alexander Yepremian was one of the best we have come across. He has a great singing voice - maybe he could use it a bit more! There seemed to be more small pockets of entertainment than I've seen before the leader of the house band did a spot in Sky lounge one night. An English girl with a nice voice and the 2 girl singers from the production shows also did a short show in the Sky lounge - Enjoyable. However, we greatly miss the acappella groups - bring them back!!! The Captain, whose last cruise it was on this ship, was almost invisible. Obviously not a people person, but he did his job and mastered the ship well - especially in the rough seas of the first week. The speciality restaurants are now ridiculously expensive. I love the Murano, but $100 for 2 on top of what we have already paid is outrageous. Sometimes we ate dinner in the Ocean View on deck 14. The selection of food was incredible including freshly cooked fish, chicken or steak to order. Nice if you didn't want the formality of the Opus Restaurant. On this subject, Celebrity have dropped the "Formal" nights it's now called "Evening Chic" where they ask you to dress a little more "dressy". However, they have relaxed other rules and men are now allowed into the restaurant dressed in shorts. I do think that is a step too far and has really lowered the tone. Pretty soon they'll be allowing them in wearing swimming shorts. How can they ask us to be "dressy" and let men wear shorts to dinner. If you want to wear shorts, eat in the casual cafe. Not what you'd expect from Celebrity. All in all, as usual, a most enjoyable trip. The staff are helpful and polite and for a little while, you can pretend you are living in a little bubble of paradise. Read Less
Sail Date January 2016
we are primarily princess cruisers, first time with celebrity. we were impressed and very satisfied with our trip. we tended to compare everything with what we have experienced with princess. we cruised on the eclipse. it is a very easy ... Read More
we are primarily princess cruisers, first time with celebrity. we were impressed and very satisfied with our trip. we tended to compare everything with what we have experienced with princess. we cruised on the eclipse. it is a very easy ship to navigate. cabin was the usual balcony setup. we thought the food on the food court was great. plenty of choices and it changed on a regular basis. cabin steward was the best we have ever had,,and we have cruised a bunch !!! the bella river duo was my favorite musical act on the ship. they were a pleasure and we tried to hear them once or twice a day.the perk package they are offering at the moment is a great deal !! the classic drink package is quite a bargain if you like a drink or 3. I mark them down in one area only. getting off the boat is quite chaotic. I prefer princess big time over X. evidently the tags they use are not too good. a lot of people lost tags which means looking at a lot of bags on the 3 different carousels. for the most part,,the excursions were great. only negative was the zip line. its about a hundred bucks and for that we got 5 wires ! the guised are great and the scenery at the old sugar plantation is marvelous,,but there are just not enough wires to justify the trip. swimming with the green sea turtles and interacting with stingrays,,GREAT !!! Read Less
Sail Date January 2016
we are usually princess cruisers. we had noticed the celebrity boats when we would board our ship in ft. Lauderdale. always looked maintained. people had always spoken highly of their cruise experience with celebrity..... we checked em ... Read More
we are usually princess cruisers. we had noticed the celebrity boats when we would board our ship in ft. Lauderdale. always looked maintained. people had always spoken highly of their cruise experience with celebrity..... we checked em out,,found a great deal on a 2 week cruise and there u go !! we had no downside to our cruise, food was great entertainment was just fine,,our balcony cabin was clean and the steward took great care of us. we liked it so well,,,,,while we were on the boat,,they ran a promotion,,,,so we booked 2 more weeks this coming January !!! in my opinion,,,,they are similar to princess,,they try hard to be very good at what they do. only glitch was the deboarding process. that didn't go real well,,but we were told that they were already working on a cure for the ails of getting off the boat. we are glad to add celebrity to our potential cruising partner. Read Less
Sail Date January 2016
Had cruised twice on the Constellation and enjoyed the Celebrity experience. Made the mistake of trying NCL for two cruises. Although the Getaway was nice the service and quality were no match for the Eclipse. We have been on many ... Read More
Had cruised twice on the Constellation and enjoyed the Celebrity experience. Made the mistake of trying NCL for two cruises. Although the Getaway was nice the service and quality were no match for the Eclipse. We have been on many cruise lines and the service and crew were the best on Celebrity. We stayed in an Aqua Class cabin and it was clean, spacious, well stocked with spa quality items and had a large balcony. The Solarium (adult indoor pool) was nice and the chairs were plentiful and well maintained. The pool Butlers were fantastic and were keeping up with the items left behind by the passengers and kept the towel racks full of nice clean. The food in the Ocean View Cafe was very good and had many options, ( could use better bartenders working the bar). We ate breakfast in Blu which is reserved for the Aqua Class guests. the food was great and the Service was excellent. We ate in all three specialty restaurants and he were all good. Qsine was a little quirky at first but the food was excellent and it was a great "journey" through different kinds of food. Murano was the white glove French style venue. The food was excellent and the service outstanding. Tuscan Grille was the third, and our favorite. The entire staff was outstanding, and the food was fantastic. looking forward to our next cruise Read Less
Sail Date January 2016
Our 7th cruise on the Summit. It is a great size and we find that the public areas, lounges, venues etc. are just great. They have many things to do aboard and the crew is the best around. We did many excursions on the islands mostly with ... Read More
Our 7th cruise on the Summit. It is a great size and we find that the public areas, lounges, venues etc. are just great. They have many things to do aboard and the crew is the best around. We did many excursions on the islands mostly with local tours, even some for the 2nd time because the previous times were so much fun and great prices. Our cabin was located mid ship and our cabin stewards Mo and Sunni were outstanding. This was our 1st time in Aqua Class so we ate in Blu. The food was excellent and our waiters were great- Arwin, Oscar and Billy and Luis the sommelier and Angelique. David the maitre d was great. I did miss having the experience in the main dining room having a large table and getting to know our table mates. But we did get to meet and talk to lots of folks from all over the world during our time on board. We enjoyed the shows though we had seen most of them before. Mark Weston the activities manager was a trip and he will make a great Cruise Director for sure. Captain's Club hostess Ashley was great as always doing her best to greet and get to know her guests. Disembarkation was no problem and went smoothly for us. We booked our next cruise on board as we usually do and look forward to another great cruise in the future with our favorite cruise line CELEBRITY. We have cruised since 1994 and have always had a terrific experience. Read Less
Sail Date January 2016
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