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110 Celebrity Alaska Cruise Reviews

Celebrity Infinity - Seattle to Alaska 6/26/2009 We just got back so I wanted to write this before it faded too much. First night dinner was disappointing.  I had the stuffed chicken, which was dry enough that it was probably hours ... Read More
Celebrity Infinity - Seattle to Alaska 6/26/2009 We just got back so I wanted to write this before it faded too much. First night dinner was disappointing.  I had the stuffed chicken, which was dry enough that it was probably hours old.  The dining room was not crowded - late dining - and there were only 4 of us at our table for 8.  Service was mediocre, no one took our drink orders until I requested someone half way through dinner.  Second night we ate in the SS United States to celebrate our 10th anniversary.  Unfortunately Celebrity did not mark our special occasion for us with a cake, which I had requested in advance.  Service was great, everyone in the room came to our table to introduce themselves.  I had the filet mignon with truffle sauce which was good although it was not so tender that I could cut it with a fork as promised, and I have had better.  We did not have a window seat although there were empty tables at the windows.   I won't complain about that because we did not request a window seat be sure to request one in advance. At the martini bar, Santos is a magician!  He tosses, rolls, flips and flings bottles around with amazing speed and ends up mixing a wonderful martini.  The bar manager Cailin (spelling?) has a great personality as well as server Taz.  A great bunch of guys. Speaking of personality, Captain Theo has the best personality of any ship captain we have encountered.  We met him at our Connections party where he introduced himself as Theo (pause) the Captain!  We ate breakfast, lunch and most other dinners on deck 10.  Food was definitely mediocre, and your dining choices are very limited very early.  Most nights we went up to deck 10 after 7pm and the choice was pizza, pasta, salad bar, sushi, stir fry or for an additional fee you could dine on a fixed menu - we did not do that.  Although Celebrity used to be known for their wonderful food, those days seem to be long gone.  We had sailed on the Mercury last October and I wasn't impressed with the food then, it was even worse on Infinity. Our cabin steward Ralph never acknowledged us by name, which was a surprise to us as on all other cruises our cabin attendants had always greeted us by name.  He kept the cabin neat and clean but definitely did not go out of his way to do anything special for us.  The most disturbing thing about Ralph was his bad body odor. The balcony staterooms have tiny bathrooms.  Last time we sailed in concierge - I strongly recommend it!  The stateroom is a bit bigger, the sheets and towels are nicer, and the bathroom, especially the shower is bigger.  Several of our bath towels were stained, one had a hole in it as well as other tears and pulls.  I can only hope that they threw it away since it was long overdue for retirement. The ships singers and dancers were also disappointing.  I've seen public schools put on better performances.  Quality and professionalism were clearly lacking.  Pearl Kaufman was the special guest performer.  She is a wonderful pianist who played the tune Lara's Theme in Doctor Zhivago and many other movies. In Ketchikan we took a floatplane ride to Misty Fjords.  We booked it ourselves at the visitor center and flew on Carlin Air with Jeff as our pilot.  Jeff did a great job of flying us safely there and back but was not talkative at all.  I do not recommend them because of that. In Juneau we booked the Mendenhall glacier and salmon bake tour through the cruise line.  A comfortable bus drove us to the glacier, then a smaller bus took us to the ship after the salmon bake, which was quite good.  Both of the bus drivers, Ben on the way there and Royal who is a Tlingit Indian on the way back were very friendly and informative. In Victoria we booked a whale watching tour after listening to Brent Nixon (the naturalist onboard) talk about orcas.  This was booked through the cruise line and was great.  We saw quite a few orcas, possibly all local three pods, the weather was perfect, and the sound was smooth, who could ask for more? Disembarkation went amazingly smoothly, maybe because we were one of the first few groups to get off.  To sum up my review I'd say that Alaska was great but I won't sail on Celebrity again.  Overall the staff is not as friendly as other cruise lines we've sailed on, and although Celebrity owns Royal Caribbean, RC gives you much better service and much better food.  Happy travels ~ Liz Read Less
Sail Date June 2009
My wife and I just completed a cruise on Celebrity's Millennium (sailing date August 29, 2008). While there were many excellent features, almost everything connected with meals was a major disappointment - so much so that this may ... Read More
My wife and I just completed a cruise on Celebrity's Millennium (sailing date August 29, 2008). While there were many excellent features, almost everything connected with meals was a major disappointment - so much so that this may have been our final cruise. I certainly would not recommend a cruise on Celebrity's Millennium to a friend. I say almost everything because dinner in the Olympic was a truly memorable evening that far exceeded our expectations. But an outstanding experience cannot compensate for a week of disappointments so severe that I lost weight while on a cruise. In the Metropolitan Restaurant, the dinner menus were unimaginative, food preparation was indifferent, and service was inept. The atmosphere was chaotic and frenetic. If, as is advertised, there was piano music softly playing, it could not be heard over the din of banging pans. The Metropolitan does not meet the minimal standards of a hotel banquet hall. Less than a week after the end of the cruise, I cannot recall the menu choices in the Metropolitan other than knowing that I was typically forced to a choice of what would I settle for, not what sounded appealing. No menu choice was appealing at any meal. People at my table and friends at other tables shared this evaluation. The meals I did select were devoid of flavor. Meats were cooked until they were dry; vegetables were cooked until they were an undifferentiated mush. Crème Brule was served with the pudding undercooked to the point that it did not set up. Everything tasted the same - like nothing. The serving of the one decent piece of meat, prime rib, was tiny (about five bites) while the Yorkshire pudding accompaniment could not be cut much less eaten. The "au jus" was lukewarm bullion not the drippings of cooked meat. Not one single time about anything we had to eat during seven days, did any of the eight people at our table say "This is good." Not "great" just "good." Not one time. Service was worst than either the menus or the preparation. We were at the second seating, table 558. I was served cold French onion soup covered with unmelted cheese. I asked for hot soup that took 10-15 minutes to reach me and was indifferently deposited with an air of "who are you to complain." I was not served one course until others at our table asked that I be served so they could start their course. I ordered a medium-rare steak and was served a medium-well to well-done steak. Ice cream at dessert was foam by the time it reached our table. While our table was always among the first to be seated, service was so slow that we were repeatedly the last to finish. Evenings in the Celebrity Theater were unavailable since the show started before our desserts were served. Other friends also at the second seating, but on the fourth floor, had no trouble making the show on time. They were also less critical of the food although they agreed that it was a disappointment. Since the Metropolitan closed for breakfast much earlier than we wanted to arise while on vacation, we had a few meals in the Ocean Cafe. The Ocean Cafe did nothing to recall the rumors of sumptuous buffet meals on board cruise ships. They had undrinkable coffee. It had the taste and consistence of coffee that has sat on a warming tray for many hours. No amount of water could make it drinkable. The advertised grilled steak did not exist. The staff spoke insufficient English to convey simple requests such as brown the toast or cook the English muffin so the bread is not raw dough. My omelet was cooked to a crisp while they searched for Swiss cheese. They didn't make sure they had the ingredients before they started cooking the concoction from which they make omelets. The Ocean Cafe advertises that it is open extended hours. This is accurate only due to a technicality - one station with limited choices was open, not the full buffet. There was no option for bacon and sausage, just what was left over in the one station. Want waffles, eggs Benedict, hot toast, eggs over, ham, or some other exotic entre? Finish early or eat on shore. Choices are not available in the Ocean Cafe. This litany is illustrative of the repeated disappointment we had with food on the Millennium. It is incomplete, but I do not have the time to describe every disappointing meal. I'll repeat that the Olympic was outstanding, far above expectations, but all other aspects of food service dramatically underperformed my expectations and severely diminished our vacation experience. I told Celebrity, but they never bothered to respond. I guess they don't care. Read Less
Sail Date September 2008
CELEBRITY INFINITY HAS LOTS OF HOMEWORK TO DO BEFORE THEY GET A PASSING GRADE FROM ME During our recent trip (Sept. 19, 2008) trip to Alaska on the Celebrity Infinity, I made the mistake of thinking that the Celebrity of the past was the ... Read More
CELEBRITY INFINITY HAS LOTS OF HOMEWORK TO DO BEFORE THEY GET A PASSING GRADE FROM ME During our recent trip (Sept. 19, 2008) trip to Alaska on the Celebrity Infinity, I made the mistake of thinking that the Celebrity of the past was the Celebrity of the present. To start our trip, we opted for a Vancouver two-night package and our arrival went smoothly. We did, however, get a note from Celebrity (after the final payment) that the ship would not be boarding until after 8 p.m., but figured the hotel would allow a late checkout. The Hyatt did...instead of the 12 p.m. checkout, we were allowed the room until 1 p.m. So now we were left to hang out in the lobby until 4:30 p.m. when the bus would take us to the ship. After visiting the places we had already been to the day before, we happily boarded the bus at 4:30 and were off to the dock only to be told that we needed to sightsee a little and be back around 8:30 or 9 p.m. Sightsee!!! What the heck did they think we were doing for the last several days? So we hung around another hotel at the dock until then. We were thankful that we were healthy...I can just imagine what those with disabilities were going through. Some even paid for another night, so they could stay in their room at the hotel until the 4:30 trip to the dock. Once aboard the ship, we unpacked in our small inside cabin. We have taken many cruises and knew that it would be small. After all, we came to see Alaska! To say the staterooms needed updating would be an understatement...I spotted set-in stains on the spreads and cigarette holes in the carpet and specks of mildew in the shower, but again....I came to see Alaska. Since my husband and I enjoy the freestyle type of dinning, we chose the buffet each night, but there again what a disappointment! Choice is not in the Celebrity vocabulary. They offered one type of meat at the carving station and usually one other casserole type meat, fish or chicken (all dark meat). The vegetable selection was limited to perhaps two each night and the meal was served cafeteria style with the staff serving (kind of like high school). Entrees were hidden under lids with the dish name written on the eye-level plastic enclosure, and many had trouble reading it. One dish labeled vegetable lasagna turned out to be a Greek dish with lots of eggplant and ground meat. I'll bet the vegetarians loved that one! After talking with the maitre d', we were offered steaks (for my meat and potato husband), but we didn't have the heart to eat steak while others munched on casserole surprise. And so it went, food-wise, but I must say each staff member was wonderful and tried to be helpful. The scenery was everything we expected, and our trip to Hubbard Glacier was on a clear and glorious day. The ship's captain inched close enough for us to get some wonderful pictures. To wrap up the trip, we stopped in Astoria for a booked tour to Cannon Beach. Here again, what was the Celebrity line thinking...a school bus awaited us. If you were over four feet tall, you needed to be in the back of the bus where the seats were higher and Lord forbid you got the seats over the tires. However, the tour guide was great, but the cruise line needs to let people know when they book a tour what type of transportation is involved. We had onboard some with disabilities who were having a tough time getting on and off and getting comfortable...and oh, for air-conditioning, we had the guys open the windows. Again, high school all over again. And to add insult to injury, the ship's re-boarding ramp was steep enough so that even a mountain goat wouldn't dare try it. As a retired teacher and writer, Celebrity has their work cut out for them if they expect to keep up with the cruise lines that have freestyle dining down to a science. I did talk with several of the staff on the ship to voice my suggestions, and they assured me they would be sent to Miami (didn't believe that for a minute). So in closing here are the tips for the Celebrity line and by the way, see Alaska; it is really beautiful: 1. Don't board your ships at night, and if you have to, arrange a true late checkout with your hotel partners; 2. Have more choice on the buffet; I can eat pizza and salad at home (and have someone from NCL show you how to do it right); 3. Work on updating those depressing staterooms and stock in some bleach for the shower mildew; and a great idea would be in-room coffee service (less spilling of coffee as travelers take it to their rooms). 4. Offer steak at least once to everyone and maybe even a real lobster tail (I don't think the folks in the dining room even got that.); 5. Don't use school buses for tours; and if you do, write it in your brochure; and lastly 6. Keep all your staff; they are wonderful, and they only thing that is saving you. Read Less
Sail Date September 2008
This was my fifth Celebrity Cruise and the third one to ALASKA. (previous two, Mercury--A+, A+) Seems like when I talked up the service and experience, more friends wanted to go. This time there were 20 of us in eight cabins. This was also ... Read More
This was my fifth Celebrity Cruise and the third one to ALASKA. (previous two, Mercury--A+, A+) Seems like when I talked up the service and experience, more friends wanted to go. This time there were 20 of us in eight cabins. This was also the first time I book via a travel agent, knowing that some of the people were rather demanding and I wanted a profession in between. We booked the air and hotel through XXX and I was able to get the PAN PACIFIC hotel included the day before and after for about the regular price of the air. What a great hotel! You can throw a rock and hit the ships (don't do it) and it's a elevator ride down to the cruise terminal, Canada Place. The Pan Pacific took care of the luggage. Same on the return, just handed it to the bellman at the cruise terminal and saw it next in my room. We were excited about the INFINITY because we loved the Millennium in the Med. Great ship! Meeting our party in the lobby of the ship& that's when it started falling apart. We were to have three balcony rooms with inside rooms right across the hall. The diagram of the forward, 7th deck shows them across the hall and the agent confirmed that with Celebrity. They were not! They were in a inter hallway almost 200 feet from the balcony rooms. Because there were small children, this was a major problem! But all the screaming and complaining to GUEST relations could do nothing. The ship was sold out. Then is when we found out about the major motor (pod) problems. We'd heard that they were doing the cruise backwards with Sitka first, not last. Not a big deal, right? Let's face it, the Alaska ports are interesting and maybe even exciting (if you want to spend the big bucks on helicopters and dog sleds) but the towns are tourist traps. Many shops are controlled by the cruise lines' $$ and if you never go off the ship (for the towns), you wouldn't be missing much. What is amazing, spectacular, and memorable is the inside passage. It is hundreds of miles of rain forest and maybe the most beautiful places on earth (but inhospitable). Sitting on a cruise ship, drink in hand and watching wildlife, nature and panorama scenery pass is the reason we took this trip again. But the Infinity was not going there. POD PROBLEM!! The major inside passage up and down was eliminated because the ship couldn't go fast enough and we were told maneuver in the tight spaces safely enough for the pilots. We limped to Sitka through open ocean, arriving late. Tendering was the worst I've ever seen! Calling Tender ticket # 342598 Two hours! I think Sitka is off the CC list next year. I assumed a cute Russian village with a Russian bar with some incredible vodka it was just a place to buy a Sitka t-shirt. Do walk to the hatchery and the extra mile to the stream. Late in means late out. Late out means you lose the light and the topography becomes black. And that was how the trip went. They should have let us know we were going to be playing catch up the entire trip. We probably would have gone anyway making it our choice. The weather was good/bad. Wait five minutes and it would change. Rating of the cruise without the major disappointments. It was a 8 out of ten. The cabin service was a ten of ten. We'd actually had Norbert on a previous cruise and he took great care of us! The food was nearly a ten of ten too! It was like the AK weather, if you didn't like it, the waiter could sense it and five minutes later brought something else. (until you were too full) I see that the Mercury is leaving from Vancouver next year. Other than about 100.00 more for air, it's probably a better port. You'll have a passport then for sure and wasn't much of a hassle either in or out. We were in Cabin 3080. Very nice and comfortable, mid level and mid ship cabin. The cabin was always neat and clean but tight for three to get ready. We couldn't get the room cool and below about 74. We tried to make the specialty restaurant SS United States but had to cancel because of the late tenders and port arrivals. The captain took us very close to Hubbard Glacier. Maybe two football fields. The weather was cold, foggy and raining. I don't think the captain had a button to fix that so he got us CLOSE! It was the only time I heard the naturalist speak and he told a good story. Entertainment. After dinner we went to the show and without exception, they were entertaining to off the strip Vegas quality. We all spent the rest of the evening in the Casino. Many times I forgot I was in the ocean and not in Vegas! Aqua Spa. The Therapy Pool was wonderful the first night but progressively got greener and less inviting every day. It was heavy salt and chlorine and had two beds with bubbling water. Everyone go out with a bleached swim suit. We always ate breakfast in Aqua Spa cafe. The best pastries and tarts. A secret place and well hidden. Ketchikan  Like Disney Wilderness but enjoyed being off the ship (calling tender ticket 4356098). Juneau. I like the comedian who called the tram, the scam. Over twenty bucks to take you up so you can see where you were. Again we were late and left late to all ports. About the Infinity. We never saw them cleaning a window, even in Hubbard. Okay, it was raining a lot but you don't turn off your windshield wipers because it will just get wet again? The Mercury was older and showing wear (like an old pair of denim jeans) but was always being taken care of& Would I go again? Never AK in August. In June, it's light until the wee hours and you see it all. Never when a ship is having problems. CDC problems and Pod problems should have made me cancel. One of our party got very sick the day after leaving the ship??? Getting off the ship was only a problem in that they game me a very late disembarkation even though I told them I had an early flight (I didn't. I've been on enough cruises to know that you never tell them you are staying or you sit in a hallway for hours. Yes, they got me.). So, I still love Celebrity but feel sorry that they didn't tell me about the problems and let me make my own decisions. Instead, I am upset about the way they handled the problem. I will not be taking any CC M-class ship until they get the problems fixed. If they need me to testify at the POD law suit, I will!! Read Less
Sail Date August 2006
I have sailed many cruises with several cruise lines. This was my 4th cruise on Celebrity but I am a Diamond Member on RCCL thus an elite on Celebrity. We had a royal suite (6140) on the Infinity. Commit that room number to memory and ... Read More
I have sailed many cruises with several cruise lines. This was my 4th cruise on Celebrity but I am a Diamond Member on RCCL thus an elite on Celebrity. We had a royal suite (6140) on the Infinity. Commit that room number to memory and NEVER, EVER book it. (I will get to that later) We arrived by our own car and stayed in a hotel in North Vancouver a couple of days early. Vancouver is such a wonderful place. Then used the cruisepark people as always and they were great. This cruise started in a hole and just kept digging for us. They limped home with one engine several hours late and Noro Virus loose on the ship. We were all put in a large room and given something to eat and drink. Not a bad start, doing their best in a rough situation. Then the fun began. We were to board at 7PM (no customs check). They called for&. All passengers with small children, wheelchairs and Captains club members to board first. (To heck with the numbers they passed out) Any guesses how many people bolted for the door? You got it, about 1500. The one poor lady trying to stem the flow was overrun. On board we got the message that we would not leave until the following day around 4PM. (24 hour delay) Sitka was once again removed from the lineup but we could have a port day in Vancouver. While Vancouver is a WONDERFUL city to be stuck in, still disappointing. Then came the next warning sign. In order to leave, all passengers had to debark and go though customs starting at 11 AM on Monday. Can you see it coming yet? To make a long story short, 1500 Pax left the ship at 11 and once again, the same poor lady was overrun. As always in such a situation, there were a few who tried to duck it or ignore it and we finally left at 5PM when the last one was rounded up and sent though customs just before they closed. A cheer went up as the gangplank was removed and we left port. Food is always subjective on ALL cruises. I love Celebrity's food and I was not disappointed. However I do not like their desserts, and I was also not disappointed in this area as well. The buffet was as always, a lot of choices and surely you can find something to your liking there. Service in the Dining room was good, but nothing out of the ordinary. We did the specialty dining, but will not comment on it other than to say I will not return. Just not me, not the ships fault. Service in the buffet was another story. Because of the horrid Noro Virus the cruise before they were nuts on sanitation the entire trip. They took up the salt and pepper shakers and on the second morning I was told they must salt and pepper my meal. I was so angry that I left the meal on the table, glaring and mumbling at the poor guy. You could not get you own drinks either. This left you wondering what was coming next. Dining in the buffet became a hassle&.not what you want on a cruise. The real disaster was our royal suite. (Remember 6140?) What a joke. There is a hot tub on the balcony & it was broke. They fixed it only to have it and the tub in the bathroom as well fill with black water. They fixed the hot tub finally, but it still left a nasty ring around the tub from the jets not being cleaned yet. Never did use that thing, which I was most looking forward to. There was also no privacy to it as the design of the deck was such that it was only partly covered, allowing peepers from above to watch. The tub itself would only hold one person at a time. The partial cover over the balcony was canvas and flapped horribly in the wind at night when it was windy. The tub in the bathroom never worked, so black water or not, it was not useable as a hot tub. The phones went out for two days, fixed twice. The computer went down for half a day as well as the overall sloooooowwww Internet being down half of the next to last day. The room steward was also bad, so that made it worse. We could just not get ahead of the repairs in the room the whole trip. DW became very upset finally with it and the steward and you know what they say about Mama being unhappy. The bright spot was our Butler who tried his best to make us happy. We gave him really good marks. What made us most angry was that everyone seems to KNOW that this was the room from& heck. If they knew that, why not fix it? Sheese. We heard about the fixes the week before that those people had, some were ours as well. Celebrity does a uniquely bad job of Alaska. ALL other cruises I have been on in Alaska. (This was our 15th year to go to Alaska, most but not all with cruises) take pride in being in Alaska. Pointing out whales, places, ETC. There was only one announcement all day at noon. While I would love that in the Caribbean, it leaves you lost on what is going on around you in Alaska except for the wonderful views. There was this wonderful lounge forward on 11 for viewing&. They never cleaned the inside windows the entire trip and by the last couple of day&it was nasty with little handprints, slobber, and unknown drips of God knows what. I can understand the outside (remained quite clean despite the rain) but the inside? One guy was busy cleaning the bottom legs on the chairs on the third day out in the morning. Hey buddy& can ya clean these disgusting windows? Hubbard glacier&. We finally got to see the area after five trips into the area due to wonderful weather. What a place I have been missing all those years. Then once again&dig the hole deeper. We got to the glacier where they turned the ship 360 degrees slowly and left. Only 30 minutes at the face of the glacier. I was stunned. The least time on any cruise in the past was 1 hour, the rest were over that. They also put a stupid tender in the water to video us there and it disrupted the sounds and sights as well. The one tour was a total bust due in part to poor tendering procedures, but it was going to be a bust no matter what. Not Celebrity's fault at all. It was the undersea tour, and should not be in Alaska if they can not work it out better than that. Stick to the Caribbean. There was more, but time to put this horrid cruise to rest. We are canceling next year's cruise on the Summit in Alaska and booking Princess. No more chances for Celebrity here. (It is our second one and the first was even worse years ago.) I will stick to them in the Caribbean where they do a wonderful job. I talked to people on the cruise (most first timers) and they loved it. I am glad. There were so many unhappy customers on this cruise from the start. I saw at least three open arguments with ship workers and supervisors; this is NOT a happy ship. You never air this stuff in public. They did not think twice about doing it. Others noticed it as well. Read Less
Sail Date July 2006
I guess I should begin with the original situation that occurred about a year ago. My husband and I were ready to take a cruise for our 1 year Wedding Anniversary and decided to choose Celebrity Cruise Lines Summit because we liked their ... Read More
I guess I should begin with the original situation that occurred about a year ago. My husband and I were ready to take a cruise for our 1 year Wedding Anniversary and decided to choose Celebrity Cruise Lines Summit because we liked their itinerary through the Inside Passage of Alaska. The original sailing was for June 3rd of 2005. The night before we were scheduled to fly out my husband received a phone call late in the evening by a Celebrity Rep. They stated that our cruise had been canceled because of a propulsion problem, and we would receive our money back and a free voucher for a future sailing. Although I was very disappointed that our Anniversary plans were thwarted, we were happy that they were accommodating. We then made arrangements for our replacement Alaskan cruise which was set for May of 2006. Now comes the start of our issues with this cruise line. We, by chance decided to call the cruise line approx. 5 months before our sail date to confirm our reservations and ensure that our room was on the side of the ship facing land. When I called the cruise line they informed me that our prior booking had been canceled because they updated their computer system and any bookings that were not "paid for" were canceled. I promptly told the rep that we did not need to pay for our cruise because it was supposed to be comped. After she put me on hold for well over 20 minutes, she proceeded to tell me that all she could do was offer me another room on the other side of the ship. I told her that this was unacceptable and we wanted Celebrity to honor our original booking agreement made when the other cruise was canceled. She again stated that all she could do was give us another room. I asked her if it was then possible for us to move our sail date since she could not accommodate our needs. She began to get an attitude with me and told me that we can just take the other room and leave it at that. At this point my frustration level was clearly rising and I asked her if I could speak to a supervisor. She proceeded to tell me that she was the highest level of employee in which I could speak to concerning this matter. I hung up the phone with her, utterly angry at the situation at this point and called Celebrity back a couple of hours later and was able to speak to a woman that informed me of the Cresso desk. This is a customer service type sector of Celebrity that is supposed to go above and beyond to accommodate their customers. I had my husband speak to the woman at the Cresso desk because of my frustration, I did not want to lose my temper. After about an hour of back and forth with the Cresso rep, my husband was able to move our cruise to a July sail date (which by the way was not a date near our 2 year Anniversary such as the second canceled booking for May of '06). He also spent another 30 to 45 minutes on the phone with her reaching an agreement on what added amenities they could provide because of the situations we had encountered. She relented and provided us with complimentary wine on two of our formal nights and complimentary certificates for 2 to the Summit's specialty restaurant. After this exchange we were back to being happy with the cruise line until I tried to receive my credit for our airfare changes, which was a part of the original cancellation agreement from the cruise in June of '05. In January of '06, we made our flight arrangements for our new booking in July. I had the airline fax my receipts over so they could be forwarded to the cruise line in order to have my credit card reimbursed. I spoke with a Celebrity rep and they told me to fax the info and they would credit me. I did so the same day. After two weeks had passed I phoned the cruise to inquire about my credit. They proceeded to tell me that they had not received the fax and to please resend it. I did so the following day. After about a month of checking my credit card bill I still did not see a credit. I then phoned the cruise line again and inquired. They stated that they had not received it and to refax. At this point I was utterly ticked. To make an even longer story short. We finally received our credit the week before our sail date of July 7, '06. After all of this my husband and I still kept an open mind because this was a free cruise and we were looking for a cruise line that we could use on a regular basis and we had heard good things about Celebrity. We finally boarded the ship on Sat. the 7th and the ship was nice. The first thing we did was reserve our dinner at the specialty restaurant. The MD had our voucher for the free meal. We also received our comp. bottles of wine on two nights during the cruise. There were a few things that did not meet our standards with Celebrity: -the food was not very good, the portions were small. -the buffets and food areas closed early. -the only activities onboard after 10:30pm was a disco and the casino. -the activities throughout the trip were not geared to anyone under the age of 65. -Icy Strait Point was a huge disappointment. Souvenirs were very expensive and there was nothing to do unless you had an excursion planned. The town of Hoonah, which is about a two mile walk from the dock was a dilapidated, run down, poor excuse for a destination location. -the service on board was excellent in the casino and our stateroom attendant was great. However, the rest of the service was poor. -the entertainment was also very poor, the comedian was good but aside from that the other shows were terrible. The Cirque De Soliel show only lasted about 30 minutes, and it was nothing like a real Cirque show. -we booked a concierge class room, it was very small, not functional at all (i.e. no real space for luggage) and the bathroom was worn down and extremely small. The tiles in the shower were coming up, the shower curtain was dirty, and the toilet seat was worn to the point the paint was coming off. Also, there were no outlets in the restroom for a curling iron. On a final note we have now checked our credit card bill and they seem to have overcharged us $100 from our final statement. This ought to be fun trying to get this resolved. Overall, this was a very disappointing experience and I could not recommend this cruise line to a fellow cruise traveler. We would rate Carnival higher than Celebrity. Read Less
Sail Date July 2006
This was a very disappointing cruise and not at all what we expected from Celebrity Cruises. Our first cruise was last year on Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas to Eastern Caribbean, which was fabulous. We chose Celebrity to Alaska this ... Read More
This was a very disappointing cruise and not at all what we expected from Celebrity Cruises. Our first cruise was last year on Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas to Eastern Caribbean, which was fabulous. We chose Celebrity to Alaska this year because we thought it would be spectacular and of an even higher standard but, oh boy, were we wrong; it was dreadful! The embarkation was disorganised and confused with Celebrity staff looking flustered and check-in being suspended for quite a while. The ship looked 'tired' and in need of some refurbishment both inside and out. Varnish was well worn on hand rails, paint was flaking, carpets were stained and communal area toilets had broken seats and faulty taps. The cabin was pleasant enough but the wardrobe cupboards didn't fit properly and there was much creaking of the cabin fixtures when the ship was at sea. We spent the first few days stuffing wads of paper in various gaps to stop the creaks so we could get some sleep. The cruise itinerary was substantially changed when the ship suffered a damaged starboard propeller-pod bearing right at the start of the cruise. Two significant ports were missed altogether, most other port calls were shortened and the two special sea days at the Hubbard Glacier and Inside Passage were so badly degraded they were barely worth doing at all. Celebrity handled the issue appallingly and caused widespread anger amongst the passengers. Discontent became so bad that Celebrity embarked two Customer Service Representatives at the first Alaskan port to try and calm the situation. In reality they worsened things as they had no authority and no proper plan of how they were going to deal with the large community of disgruntled passengers. The entertainment provided in the Celebrity Theatre was poor at best. We did try it out but generally left after ten or fifteen minutes because it was so amateurish and juvenile. Given that we ended up having more days at sea than initially scheduled, there was no additional entertainment laid on and there was little to do. All very boring really. The only saving grace of the entire cruise was the serving staff. They were great but the ships officers were morose and unfriendly. The staff assigned to our second sitting dinner table were just the greatest and looked after us really well and helped compensate for all the other shortfalls Celebrity accomplished. Our cabin butler was also fantastic. Nothing was too much trouble for him and he was always cheerful and helpful. The excursions booked through Celebrity were rushed and somewhat disorganised. We always felt under time pressure having to see and experience things in a hurry. The best excursions were the ones we organised ourselves once ashore. The final excursion was a Vancouver city tour before being dropped off at the airport for the journey home. We waited over two hours at the assigned meeting point aboard the ship before disembarking and then another hour clearing customs formalities and awaiting a bus. By the time we got going there was very little time left for the tour so we had a very rushed tour of Vancouver in order to get to the airport on time. NEVER AGAIN WITH CELEBRITY. The after sales service from Celebrity is virtually non-existent. Despite numerous letters and telephone calls they have failed to communicate with us at all. The local UK Customer Service Manager refuses to speak with us on the phone and will not reply to our letters. Customer service just isn't their priority once they've got your money. Read Less
Sail Date May 2006
This was our first ever cruise and also our first ever flight, which was from the UK to Los Angeles. We were terrified on the plane and had to be given injections of tranquillisers by one of the Pilots who was also a trained neurosurgeon ... Read More
This was our first ever cruise and also our first ever flight, which was from the UK to Los Angeles. We were terrified on the plane and had to be given injections of tranquillisers by one of the Pilots who was also a trained neurosurgeon and champion jockey (rode the Derby winner a few years ago). So the flight was somewhat hazy in our memories. On arrival at the port, after spending an uncomfortable night hitch-hiking from LAX to San Pedro, we spent several hours in line. Going up the escalator, my wife caught her expensive mink coat in the machinery and brought everything to a standstill. She was lost for words - a minor miracle. After having our welcome photos taken, I accidentally stumbled into the photographer and broke his camera - he was very nice about it and actually apologised to me ( well, I think he did. It was in Spanish and I couldn`t be sure.) On boarding the ship we eventually found our balcony cabin and proceeded to settle in. The ship, itself, is very big and it was quite easy to lose one`s way. In fact my wife disappeared on the first night and I haven`t seen her since. I found the casino very amenable and often slept there after spending pleasant evenings in the Champagne Bar, the Martini Bar, etc. Food was a huge disappointment. No decent chips, no meat pies, no tripe and onions. Just a range of snobby menus which even my French tablemates couldn`t understand. Ate most of the time in the crew`s cafe with the Chief Engineer and his mates. Some problem with the propellors affected the ship`s speed, but the Captain assured us that we would not sink and that even if we did we would be suitably compensated. He mentioned the "Titanic" much to everyone`s amusement. Ports of call were OK but isn`t Alaska cold ? No one warned us that we would need warm clothing and I found it distinctly chilly just wearing shorts and sandals. Still, the nice young ladies in the Red Onion Saloon at Skagway did their best. Embarkation was a breeze. Just got on the first bus at Vancouver and finished up in the middle of nowhere. All in all, a salutary experience which I would readily wish upon my worst enemy. Read Less
Sail Date May 2006
After reading other reports it would seem that our experience as first time cruisers on the Summit does not agree with anyone else. We found the atmosphere on board attuned to one object only, that of fleecing their captive customers of ... Read More
After reading other reports it would seem that our experience as first time cruisers on the Summit does not agree with anyone else. We found the atmosphere on board attuned to one object only, that of fleecing their captive customers of their last dollar at every opportunity (hot chocolate at the Hubbard Glacier sir ? $10 - yeah, right). Port excursions were far cheaper when booked ashore (Juneau - Taku Lodge flight/Salmon Bake $244 aboard compared to $180 at the pier). The Alaskan ports were great fun to visit (the object of the cruise) but we were bored rigid on board between ports. The entertainment in the theatre was crass in the extreme, resulting in our leaving each show after 20 minutes. Amateur would just about describe it. I will spare you any comments on the grotesque feeding habits of our fellow passengers The ship was ugly and the internal furnishings banal. Our first cruise will certainly be our last. Value for money?, I'll take Sandals on the Caribbean over the Summit anytime. Read Less
Sail Date July 2005
I was on the Summit cruise of 5/7. First I want to say the crew was GREAT. To our waiter Bobbo and assistant waitress Tamera, we miss you. I have read many of the comments from people calling many of us cry babies or so what if you were ... Read More
I was on the Summit cruise of 5/7. First I want to say the crew was GREAT. To our waiter Bobbo and assistant waitress Tamera, we miss you. I have read many of the comments from people calling many of us cry babies or so what if you were at sea, you had a cruise experience. The first thing I have to say is if I wanted days at sea, I would have taken a Cruise to Nowhere, out of New York and saved the airfare to the west coast. How much BINGO can one take at $30.00 a pop per person, twice a day ($120.00 a day) when at sea? How much Pictionary, Name That Tune or battle of the sexes trivia can you play? How much time are you going to spend in the pool sailing the North Pacific in May? I have to admit it was funny seeing people on lounge chairs around the pool dressed from head to toe and with a blanket. How many drinks can you down (at 5.95 to 9.95 per drink plus 15% gratuity) a day. I did enjoy the Martini Sampler Special they had twice during the cruise. Six varieties of martinis at 2 oz. each. After a couple of specials you forget about the rest of the day! Did I mention the Wine Auction, the Art Auction or the diamond and jade specials, how about the gold chain by the inch, starting at 99 cents per inch! If that does not interest you, the Casino is open when we are not in Port. This cruise was doomed from day one! I was told the ship got in late from Hawaii. When we went to board the ship, we had to go up an escalator and at the top was an enclosed area with a doorway going out to a walkway that led to the gangplank to board the ship. The line backed up and people piled on top of each other at the top of the escalator. People were screaming for help and to stop the escalator. Two people were cut up and hurt pretty badly. Celebrity had no personnel at the top of the escalator. A few days later we were talking to one of the people hurt and they told us Celebrity tried charging them $300.00 for medical care!! After we left port later that night, one of the crew members I was talking to told me they had a problem with the ship coming back from Hawaii and that is why they were late. We were to dock in San Francisco on Tuesday at 8 am, but on Monday night the Captain announced we would be docking at 12 am due to some maintenance needed. SF was nice and we were supposed to leave at 6 pm. We sat at the dock in San Francisco till about 7:00, when there was an announcement that it would be another hour till we left. The ship FINALLY left a little after 8:00 pm. Late Wed. morning the Captain announced that due to a bearing problem we would not be docking at Seattle or Sitka because the ship could only due 17.4 knots to be safe instead of 22 knots. Later the Captain stated that Lloyds of London inspected the ship and they were told if they kept the speed of the ship at no more then 17.4 knots per hour they could continue the cruise. The problem with that was at that speed, they could not make all the ports and had to cut time at the rest of the ports. People were very upset and they demanded a meeting. I have to give the Captain credit; he stayed at the meeting until every question was answered. When the captain was asked if he knew about the ship problems while we were in SF, his answer was I would not insult your intelligence and tell you no. When someone got up and asked for a show of hands how many people thought they should get a full refund, the Captain raised his hand. This was all on video tape. This meeting started about 1 pm PT on Tues. May 10. The same day, at 12:16 pm ET (9:16 am our time) it was posted by South Florida Business Journal; Celebrity will dry-dock Summit and cancel May 20 cruise to Alaska. Passengers will be given a full refund AND a FREE CRUISE!! We did not find out about this until the next day. Celebrity gave us a $200.00 credit per cabin. In Ketchikan we left at 2 pm instead of 4 pm so we had to cancel one of our excursions. We arrived in Skagway late. On May 16th we were supposed to arrive in Hubbard Glacier at 9:00 am and stay till 1:00 pm. We did not arrive until 11:00 am and then we never got near the Glacier. The Captain said it was because there was another ship in there and only one at a time could go in. We left there at 1:00 pm. The only way I could see the Glacier was with a pair of binoculars. On May 18th we were suppose to Cruise the Inside Passage. We did not cruise the first 775 miles of the passage, only the last 225 miles. We arrived at that point of the Inside Passage about 9:00 am. The Captain announced that because of the fog, and that we would not be able to see anything, we would sit in the Bay until 5:00 pm when the fog would lift. By 11:00 am the fog lifted, at 3:30 pm the fog rolled back in. We found out that was a lie, the reason we sat there was because they had no pilot to take us in and he would not arrive until 5:00 pm. At 4:52 pm I was standing on our balcony and watched the pilot boat drop off the pilot. He boarded right below me. Then we took off but you could not see more then 60 feet ahead due to fog. Our dinner was 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. When we left the dinning room the passage was clear so we got to see the Inside Passage for 1 hour then it got dark. There were other things that happened, there were meetings in the grand foyer each day we were out at sea with anywhere from 300 to 600 passengers at each meeting. Over 1000 people signed a petition to join a class action suit. On the last day Celebrity said they were giving us 30% off our next cruise. That means I have to save up the other 70% and the airfare to see what they took away from us. What are the highlights of a cruise to Alaska? The things you can only see from a ship, Hubbards Glacier, the 1000 mile trek along the Inside Passage with wondrous wildlife and waterfalls. Spotting whales and orca and just the natural beauty of it all from your balcony or up on deck. If anyone tries to tell me that Hubbards Glacier and the Inside Passage are days at sea I must say no way, those are spectacular sightseeing days. Why else did we take a cruise? To unpack once, and besides, its impossible to drive from town to town in Alaska. If I had been given the choice of disembarking in SF and taking another cruise, I would have. We saved for 2 years and booked 9 months in advance. I spent 9 months researching as much as I could so that we would have the best experience possible. Unfortunately I did not research Celebrity or the parent Royal Caribbeans corporate treatment of customers. I hope Celebrity does the right thing on their own without having to file the class action suit. Read Less
Sail Date May 2005
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