21 Carnival Vista Caribbean - Eastern Cruise Reviews

Chose the cruise because of the Havana Cabana. It was truly awesome. We actually got to use the pool and jacuzzis. They have always been too crowded with kids on other cruises. The staff in the Havana Cabana was great. They quickly learned ... Read More
Chose the cruise because of the Havana Cabana. It was truly awesome. We actually got to use the pool and jacuzzis. They have always been too crowded with kids on other cruises. The staff in the Havana Cabana was great. They quickly learned everyone’s name and took care of our every need. Food at the BBQ restaurant was very tasty and convenient. The steakhouse and Italian restaurant were both good. Both the dining rooms and the buffet on Lifo deck were very slow. The food was OK but not great. Things just didn’t seem to flow on the ship. It took us 3.5 hours to get off the ship. None of our bags were at the correct cauroselle. Disembarkation is the last impression a cruise leaves and my impression was very poor. Things could have and should have gone much more smoothly. Entertainment was good. We went to music shows, comedy shows, a movie and a couple of “thrill rides” at the theater. However, the sky bikes were never open. We did a couple of snorkel excursions. We’re divers so we are hard to impress when it comes to snorkeling. The excursions were fun but don’t expect to see a lot of coral or fish. At 2 ports we just hired a driver to give us personalized tours. I recommend them. More personal and informative. Cheers package is the way to go if you drink more than about 6 drinks/24 hours. Read Less
Sail Date September 2018
Embaration was a breeze flew in to Ft Lauderdale And done the airport check in while we waited on our transfer to MIA. Chose a large interior room 8473. Enjoyed to room but missed our balcony. The dining was lacking compared to other ... Read More
Embaration was a breeze flew in to Ft Lauderdale And done the airport check in while we waited on our transfer to MIA. Chose a large interior room 8473. Enjoyed to room but missed our balcony. The dining was lacking compared to other cruise lines. We did My time dine and had To go to the 5 floor to check in for dinner then had to walk to the other end of the boat and go down to either the 4th or 3thfloor to the dining room. I thought this was a bit crazy. We enjoyed all the ports went to vivo beach club in Puerto Rico. Did a tour of the sister island to ST Kitts called Nevis. Then did a jeep tour of st marteen. We also enjoyed all the shows on the Vista. The last thing was we thought the boat rocked a crazy amount compared to other ships we have been on. Weve were on liberty of the seas during hurricane harvey and the ship didnt list nothing like the vista did and we had good weather. Just thought it was worth noting your goin to feel the ocean on the vista. Read Less
Sail Date April 2018
This was only my second cruise, the first being the Carnival Freedom in April 2016. The Vista may be the biggest and one of the newest ships in Carnivals fleet, but overall it was very hit or miss. Pros- More dining choices, things ... Read More
This was only my second cruise, the first being the Carnival Freedom in April 2016. The Vista may be the biggest and one of the newest ships in Carnivals fleet, but overall it was very hit or miss. Pros- More dining choices, things like pizza, burgers, and tacos on the Lido deck come with no extra fee. There is also of course the buffet on the Lido deck, the breakfast buffet is pretty good, with a large selection of items including dry cereal, pancakes, french roast, bagels, grits, fresh fruit, yogurt, etc. Lunch and dinner items on the buffet okay, there were a few good offering, but mostly it was lack luster. Bonsai Sushi, Pig & Anchor BBQ, Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse, and a couple others are not complimentary. Personally I only tried Bonsai Sushi which was quite good, I had their Chicken Katsu, Two plates or sashimi, and the yuzu custard. The chicken Katsu wasn't anything special, but the sashimi and yuzu custard were both delicious and fresh. I was cruising with some friends who tried Pig and Anchor, which they gave mixed reviews. Cabins- I like the updated decor for the cabins and staterooms, it looks more modern than the outdated awful orange of the Freedom. The addition of USB ports was a nice update as well. Entertainment, lots of choices, movies, music, comedy acts, water slides, mini golf, arcade, water slides, and water playground. Spa- a bit pricey but a nice welcome retreat if you book early it's not crowded and very relaxing and quiet. The massage and facial were nice, and left me very relaxed. Cons- Main dining room, the food was unimaginative, service was slow and muddled, and entrees were not hot when the arrived. Elevators, slow, long lines on port days, and on disembarkation. Most of the times it's faster to take the stairs. Overall the ship felt crowded, it was often hard to find a chair near the pool, there were long lines at the coffee bar, and the Alchemy Bar was often crowded. People start lining up early for Guys Burgers, Pizza, Tacos, etc which are complimentary, so expect to wait. The Lido buffet was crowded and had long lines at times, but was pretty quick at other times. Noise, be selective about your room, some areas of the ship are noisy. If you plan on going to sleep before midnight, don't book mid ship on deck 9 or 10. You will be directly above the IMAX theater. I was on desk 10, and the noise was so bad it literally rattled the room. The last movie starts at 10-10:30 so don't try going to bed, it just wont happen. Service, there is an option for AM or PM service of the cabin, I chose day, but my room usually was not turned until noon or 1. I never recieved a room service menu in my room, and had two snoozin placards, but no cruisin placard. Overall I was not impressed, I thought the experience would be better. Read Less
Sail Date April 2018
We sailed the Vista March 24-April 1. There were 4 families all with teenage boys/girls. One family always cruises Carnival and convinced us to try a spring break cruise. I have not been on a cruise in the last 15 years so I spent a ton of ... Read More
We sailed the Vista March 24-April 1. There were 4 families all with teenage boys/girls. One family always cruises Carnival and convinced us to try a spring break cruise. I have not been on a cruise in the last 15 years so I spent a ton of time looking at reviews for the Vista. My family typically rents villas/condos or stays at resorts in the Caribbean so here is my cruise experience/opinion regarding Carnival and the Vista. The Good- *Embarkation was simple...yes, some long lines but it constantly moved. *Ship was clean upon entering. *Balcony cabin 9455 was clean and in a great location!!! *Cabin steward (Norman) knocked on our door first day. Introduced himself and asked how we would like the room serviced. He was very attentive and we tipped cash that same night as a small thank you. He took good care of our cabin. *Fahrenheit 555 is well worth the $35 charge. *Staff onboard said hello and were friendly. *The ability in the evening to find an uncrowded place for a drink was easy!! *Pizza..not sure who said it was terrible but it was actually good pizza and way better than anything found on the buffet. Long lines sometimes though! *Dining options. *Java Blue for coffee and milkshakes (spiked or not)! *Wifi was good. I bought the value plan, not the cheap social plan and had great service and access to VPN emails. *Tides pool bartenders...we tipped a $1 each time and had great service. *Debarking was "open" from 7am to 8am and we took full advantage of that! The Bad- *Having to wake up at the crack of dawn (think 7am ish) on sea days to get a decently located deck chair. By 10am, there were simply no chairs available. *Main dining room...food wasn't great and neither was the service. *Buffet...food wasn't great and lines were pretty long for breakfast. I learned after that first morning to choose other options. *Serenity Deck has no pool and loungers are always taken (at least I think, as there were always towels in them but rarely saw people enjoying them). *Red Frog bartenders ignored many guests and we never went back after the first day. Sad as my husband loves micro-brewed beers. *Getting some type of gastro-intenstinal virus onboard :( The Ugly- *Drunk, ignorant grown adults puking in the pool (closing both on sea days). *People not paying attention to their young kids. I have kids but when your kids are like 4 years old, don't leave them unattended in a hot tub and let them tumble down the stairs and have random fellow passengers help her up and have to go look on the deck to find her parents!!! *People dropping food and not picking anything up. LIterally just left and walked away. The Carnival staff is staff, not personal servants. *People leaving glasses/plates anywhere and everywhere. The elevator! The stairways! Yes. They did. *People complaining about every little thing. In the steakhouse a woman didn't enjoy her ribeye (after clear clarification on the marble and cut of meat). She was given a free meal, free wine, free dinner at another "for fee" restaurant (for her and her husband) but that still wasn't good enough. She wanted all 9 dinners of her group for free. These people are the ones ruining it for other guests and ultimately raising overall prices when carnival has to shell out "freebies" to bitching passengers. If you cannot afford a vacation and have to complain to get things for free then perhaps travel ever other year and save money to enjoy yourself with worry of cost of the trip. Overall it was a nice trip as we were with great people and the Carnival staff did a nice job given the fact they have 4,000 passengers onboard. If I were to cruise again, I think I would consider Celebrity or RCCL to perhaps step up the dining experience and hope that fellow passengers learn how to pick up after themselves and complain less! You're on vacation so why spend so much time complaining and being unhappy!? Read Less
Sail Date March 2018
I'll split this into a few subtopics and rate what I did and did not like. This is only the second cruise I've been on, so I'm by no means an expert but I'll compare it to Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas. ... Read More
I'll split this into a few subtopics and rate what I did and did not like. This is only the second cruise I've been on, so I'm by no means an expert but I'll compare it to Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas. Embarkation/ disembarkation (Good): Very easy, painless process. No more difficult than RCI to embark and disembarkation was excellent (we arrived back early and chose to bring off our own luggage). Very good process with little waiting in line. The Ship (Okay): The ship was impressive and had a lot of activities to take part in, some of which I thought were great and others I think are a little unnecessary and meant social areas had less space as a result. Firstly, the cinema is a nice extra and is reasonably priced, but I found it took up a lot of space meaning other areas seemed more cramped. This added to the strange layout of the ship and meant there was no real central social area. It wasn't a big problem but it did make the interior feel more enclosed compared to the Allure, which had a lot of social space. The water slides, Skyride and ropes course are great fun, but be prepared to line up for them. Sometimes the line could extended to the bottom of the steps for the slide meaning it was a 5/10 minute wait and the Skyride line often exceed an hour on sea days (note that if weather deteriorates they can close this at any point). Nonetheless, I think they are great additions to the ship and we really enjoyed them. There was a variety of bars and places to eat, but for some reason the ship just felt like it was lacking in things to do. The comedies and entertainment all took place in the same places, meaning there was little choice on what to do at any given time. On the Allure, there was lots of activities to take part in at the same time, but there didn't seem to be much choice on the Vista. The ship did also seem overcrowded at times. I don't think this is confined to this ship and we experienced the same on RCI, but there was a line for pretty much everything on the Vista. This was most prominent at breakfast, which I will go into later. It was also impossible to get a sunbed if you didn't come down early in the morning, the hot tubs were normally full and there was always long lines for food. I found the layout of the decks pretty standard and I liked the adults only area. However, the staff didn't seem to enforce the rules regarding adults only (there were clearly people there under 21) as well as the "no saving sunbeds" rule. Another criticism was the location of the outdoor smoking area (deck 10 starboard) which is next to the pool and a busy walkway. It was probably the windiest part of the ship and there always children walking past (which seemed to defeat the idea of a smoking area). I felt really uncomfortable smoking next to children and people sunbathing. This seemed to also be another rule that wasn't particularly enforced. I saw people smoking outside of the designated area regularly and none of the staff said anything. From a safety perspective, I felt its something that should really be enforced. All in all, there were aspects of the ship I really liked, but the layout could be better. The Cabin (Good): We stayed in a cove balcony cabin and were really impressed. The room was clean, spacious and the bed was incredibly comfortable (I'm a flight attendant and better than most hotel beds I've stayed in). The balcony was lovely and worth the extra money. From the outside, it looks as though you wouldn't be able to see anything from the cove balcony as it below the lifeboats, but this completely isn't the case. It's nice being low down as you can see and hear the waves hitting the ship and its a lot more private than the standard balcony rooms. It was also a great price (we paid just £50 more each to upgrade from Ocean View). We really liked the room and the only negatives we had was that there was a shower curtain rather than enclosure and only had shower gel/ shampoo in a dispenser attached the wall, rather than miniature bottles, but this is us being pernickety. The room was cleaned to a good standard by the friendly housekeeping team and had everything we needed. Another thing we loved (that I don't think RCI have) is the launderettes on every floor. It cost 3 USD for the washer and 3 USD for the drier as well as 1.50 USD for detergent. There was also a free iron and ironing board. We really liked this idea and it was so handy if you like ironed clothes or forgot to pack a few bits. Dining (Okay): There are 3 different dining sittings, early (18:30), late (20:30) or my time dining. We chose the my time and really liked the flexibility. We're late eaters and liked that we could go for dinner up until 21:30. With my time, you check in at deck 5 and they allocate your table and give you a wait time before heading to deck 3. We didn't wait at all for dinner on any of the days and really liked not having a set dining time. When you arrive at the restaurant, you are shown to your table by the front of house staff (Tanusree was fantastic, she would greet us by name everyday and, after having 2 bad tables at the start of the cruise, endeavored to make sure we had nice tables every night after. She was probably the friendliest of all the staff we came across and was extremely helpful). The setting isn't particularly grand but it's not unpleasant. There is no tablecloth except for formal nights and this didn't bother us at all. There is no dress code on casual nights and its common to see shorts and t shirts. Formal nights do have a dress code (no jeans/ t shirt/ short sleeved shirts) but this was never enforced. After reading reviews regarding food, I had low expectations but was actually pleasantly surprised. I don't think the food was as good as RCI, but I didn't think it was bad either. I liked the "taste of port" menu which had specialties of where you were that day and I liked the majority of the food most days. My partner had the steak a few times, it was nice most times apart from one tough cut. The thing that let the dining experience down was the service. It was pretty inconsistent, some days good and some bad with different waiters each night. At RCI, the service was excellent and our waiter knew us all by name, giving recommendations each night. We didn't get that at Carnival and I would assume this was due to my time dining. I wouldn't have minded being served by different staff each night, but the level of service by each was so different. Some would talk, some wouldn't. None gave recommendations and some wouldn't bring fresh cutlery between meals (those who did put them on the bare table). I wouldn't say the dining experience was poor, but it wasn't as good as RCI. Maybe the staff could have a little more training and this would improve? Entertainment (poor): I felt this was where the ship was really let down. A lot of reviews praised Matt (the cruise director) but I wasn't as impressed. Matt was very funny and friendly, but some of his team seemed to have a different agenda (when I say some, I by no means mean all). It appeared that some of the team were failed stage wannabes who wanted to be the center of attention. I found it took away from the people it should be about, the guests. This is just my opinion. I also found the quality and range of activities poor. I didn't see many of the shows as none appealed to be (none were big name stage shows) but the one I did see, I wasn't particularly impressed with. Apart from the shows, all the other "entertainment" consisted of Matt standing on the bar in the atrium or on the seats around the pool (for deck parties) and doing dance routines, getting guests to join in. The music was extremely repetitive (we could predict every song that would come on) and it was pretty much the same thing every night. It was very American focused and I didn't find it entertaining. After the "entertainment" was finished, they would always say to head to the lounge (a club) but at that point, all of the staff would disappear. This was the biggest let down from Carnival and RCI was a lot better. Apart from the mainline entertainment, there was a piano bar (which I found better than the main entertainment) and a band in the Havana bar. There was also another mainline band in the lounge area and either some singers or violinists in the atrium (who were both very good). Past 11pm, most entertainment would dry up leaving you with the choice of the piano bar or the nightclub. I'd go with the piano bar as the nightclub played the same music constantly! All in all, a little disappointing on the entertainment front. Other likes: - Download the Carnival app, I thought it was great. You can book excursions, see whats going on and download professional photos. - The salad bar at the adult only section of the ship was a simple but wonderful idea. I got bored of unhealthy good and this a nice touch. It would just be nice if it was open more often, it was only open 1-3 on sailing days. - The bars never seemed to be too overcrowded meaning it didn't (normally) take too long to get a drink. - The price for the cruise itself we found to be reasonable. If you want to keep costs down, you can (soft drinks package/ cove balcony rather than a standard/ reducing gratuity costs etc.). Other dislikes: - Everything is an added extra. Soft drinks cost more, if you buy a drinks package its limited to 15 per day and the spa is extremely expensive. As with other cruise lines, there are pay- for restaurants (which I didn't think were overpriced) but it all adds up. I think the cost of most amenities was inline with RCI with the exception of the drinks package which was overpriced and limited, unlike RCI. - Some days there seemed to be too many announcements from Matt the cruise director. It was seemingly constant and got annoying. - The DJ played the same music, every day both on the deck and the nightclub. It was too repetitive. - As soft drinks were chargeable, there were no soft drinks stations like RCI. This meant that kids had to go to the bar and wasn't as pleasant for them. - The restaurant was severely overcrowded at breakfast. You could be waiting for 20 minutes just to get to the front of the buffet. I think Carnival really need to look into this. We got around this by ordering room service. - The restaurant had strange opening times. Breakfast ran late but there would be gaps between meals. This wasn't a problem on sea days, but on port days you could get back on board at 4pm feeling peckish and the restaurant was closed. There were other dining options but nowhere to get anything healthy. The rumors: When I read other reviews there were a couple of things I picked up on that I thought I should clarify. - I don't think you can feel the moment of the ship more than other vessels. i'ts a ship, it moves, of course you'll feel it. I don't think it was excessive though. - I didn't think the Casino was overbearing with smoke. Obviously people can smoke there but I don't think it's worse than any other casino. The issue may be that its more centrally located on this ship. - The pools did look a little green. I'm not sure why, it may be a chemical imbalance and I don't think it would be anything to be concerned about. - The theater isn't as horrible as people make out. The main issue is that the seats aren't layered as well as the could be so it's hard to see over the person in front of you. The bottom line: We had a great cruise and really enjoyed ourselves. The main issues are the overcrowding in public areas, the strange layout of the ship and poor organised entertainment. There's lots to do in the day for all ages, its only at night things seem to slow a little. If they improved the entertainment I think it would be a lot better. In future, my preference would be Royal Caribbean, but if the price is right (we saved around 800 USD per person going with Carnival for a like-for-like room) I would chose Carnival again. Read Less
Sail Date March 2018
This was our second Carnival cruise. First one was almost 4 years ago and I am so glad they improved on the embarkment and disembarkment. Before, they use to snap pictures of people when trying to get off the ship at ports right on the ... Read More
This was our second Carnival cruise. First one was almost 4 years ago and I am so glad they improved on the embarkment and disembarkment. Before, they use to snap pictures of people when trying to get off the ship at ports right on the gang plank. Now, they moved that to the dock, much better and disembarkation went so quickly going on and off. We did have a 2 hour delay getting on in Miami which was crazy and no one ever explained to us what was going on, but you're on vacation and away from the snow so no big deal standing in the sun in Miami for us Canadians. We had a balcony and it is the only way I have cruised so far so can't compare it to anything. Room was the usual small cabin/comfy quarters but how much time does one spend in their room, right? The cabin steward kept our room clean and lovely towel animals. Use to get chocolate on pillows but didn't get any this time. We went to Grand Turks, Puerto Rico, St. Kitts and St. Maarten - Puerto Rico is still my favourite place. Saw damage from hurricane's in PR but especially in St. Maarten. So sad. The planes are returning to St. Maarten. Did not do any excursions on this trip so can't recommend. Entertainment was good. Matt the Entertainment Director was great, very funny. The staff on the ship work very hard and are always so polite and friendly. The ship is kept very clean considering there are thousands of people on it. Dining, Buffets and Food: I am a plant based vegan and that was impossible on the ship unless I only wanted to eat salad every meal. I started eating vegetarian on the ship, which also was harder than you would think given it is 2018. In the dining room one evening, I was about to order the tomato soup as a starter but my waiter informed me it was made with "chicken" stock. Seriously! Then whenever I found stir fry at the buffet, it had chicken or shrimp or both. Only once I found it with just veggies. I went to the asian place for lunch and ordered a veggie stir fry and it was good, although very small. I found the selection of food anywhere on the ship terrible if you were vegetarian and for get it if you were vegan. Family I was with had lobster one night at dining and the lobster was mostly raw. I think for the amount of money I paid (and for Canadians, we also have to fly to a port), the food should be better with options that are not ALL meat, cheese and dairy. And if you make a soup that contains no meat like vegetable or tomato, use vegetable stock to make it not chicken. So many of the various salad options were loaded with mayo ... vegans don't do ANY dairy. I have to say, I was very disappointed in the food. I expected better. I contacted Carnival prior to going and mention I was vegan/vegetarian and they said talk to my waiter. One night in the dining room they made me a special meal, two pieces of broccoli, over cooked asparagus and two hunks of not cooked tofu. It was disgusting. Carnival, you need to dedicate a cook to vegetarians/vegans at meal time. Someone who can make at least one thing completely tasty and healthy. Waterslides - so much fun! Skyride- LOVED it! Summary: for us, cruising is so expensive when you take in account the airfare to get to a port, cost of the cruise, all the gratuities, extras for decent coffee or a drink and then all the expenses when you go off at various ports. I think it is cheaper to go to a resort for 2 weeks then one week on a cruise. I also think that since I have only been on Carnival, I will have to research the other cruise lines to see if they have vegan/vegetarian options that Carnival just does NOT have. If so, my cruising dollar will go to the line that does. I'm not going to neglect my health just because I'm on vacation. Read Less
Sail Date January 2018
We were on 8 day cruise to Amber Cove, San Juan, St. Kitts and Grand Turk. The ship decor was quite nice. We had two inside rooms on deck 9, just below the Lido deck. Rooms were decent size. The Lido restaurant was beautiful and you can ... Read More
We were on 8 day cruise to Amber Cove, San Juan, St. Kitts and Grand Turk. The ship decor was quite nice. We had two inside rooms on deck 9, just below the Lido deck. Rooms were decent size. The Lido restaurant was beautiful and you can tell that it is a new ship. Pro: Ship is huge, and lots of space to relax outside. Decorations are nice and has two beautiful pillars which divide the length of ship in three. They have a great hand-washing system in Lido and my teenage boys loved it. There were a lot of food options but we are vegetarians so could not tell if the food was good or not. Lunch had way more options than dinner. Sky ride and Rope course was fun. Couple of shows were nice. We enjoyed a show called "flick". We did not watch any paid movies in the inside theater but it seemed nice. My kids enjoyed watching movie outside in open which was free. Con: Our room was not really cleaned. There were hair in the drawer and an empty water bottle in a corner. Fridge was also not clean. However as soon as I pointed it out to the person who was responsible for our room - he cleaned it immediately. He always greeted me with my name and happy to give towels when needed. The food in Horizon dining was below average and dinner was almost 2 to 3 hours affair. We had "on your own" dining. Service was slow and not much option if you are vegetarian. Some days we just did not think that we have in us to wait for a long time for the food so we ate at Lido deck. The customer service people were not friendly and could not even understand the complaint about food. They told us that if there is no vegetarian choice available in Horizons - we can pay and eat at Italian restaurant. I talked to the person in charge of Horizons dining hall - (amith ??) and he tried to accommodate us. I am not a good cook and my kids said that after 8 days they were looking forward to my food (which is saying something). I met three other families who had someone vegan/vegetarian and they also had trouble for "sit-down dinner". At lunch - there was Mexican food which was pretty good. Mongolian wok (or gi gi kitchen) at lunch was barely OK as they did not have tofu for vegetarians. Sky Ride and Rope course - was fun but opened only for 3 to 5 hours every day and last two days of the ship it was closed due to winds so that was a bummer as my kids thought of going on the rope course on the sea days at the end of the trip and they missed it. they enjoyed Foosball though. Excursion Desk - The reps were not very friendly and quite slow. My son won an excursion for two people but because of the cold weather all water excursion was canceled at Grand Turk and we were only informed 40 minutes before the ship docked at Grand Turk. The bad thing was that I was at Horizons for breakfast and the announcement was not made in the restaurant so I did not know till the ship docked. Breakfast at Horizons was better than Lido for us though still slow service. The Customer service desk was really slow and mostly had long lines. The entertainment - comedy shows were just average and after three days, I did not bother going. The dance shows - some of them were good but Liquid Lounge is too small and gets full easily. They need to have three shows rather than two shows or have at least one of the shows early like 5 PM as if you are planning to go to Horizons, and it takes 3 hours in the dining hall - you are surely going to have a challenge to watch the show. I would not go on the ship for more than 4 days, if I do go on this ship again as I was not happy with "overall service". some people at the ship loved the ship but I found many families who thought that their experience (like ours) was mediocre. It may be because it was the New Year sailing and ship was completely sold out - to many people. many of us thought that it was Not worth the money. Read Less
Sail Date December 2017
Picked this cruise because of the price and the fact that it was a new ship. Other cruise lines have been increasing their prices so they can give "Free" drinks to the passengers who drink (we don't). So we pay for the ... Read More
Picked this cruise because of the price and the fact that it was a new ship. Other cruise lines have been increasing their prices so they can give "Free" drinks to the passengers who drink (we don't). So we pay for the other peoples drinks. Flew into Fort Lauderdale the day before and took a shuttle to the Port of Miami the next day. Had our embarkation time at 12:30 and we arrived at 12:10. This worked well as we were able to walk right onto the ship. CABIN- See comments below. Lovely large balcony, tiny room with no chairs or couch. Bathroom on left side of cabin rather than in the entrance hallway. Lots of storage with two double closets. Piece of pizza on the floor by the bed when we arrived so cleaning wasn't well done. FOOD - No so great. Buffet was OK for breakfast but lunch and dinner were poor. The meats were often tough and there were no fries unless you went out to Guys Burger Joint where the fries were spicy. DINING ROOM - We ate here three times. The lobster tails were only 1/2 a tail so you had to order at least two. Table clothes were only used on elegant nights. The prime rib showed up with the meat, a baked potato and three onion rings! Not exactly a fancy presentation or a balanced meal. Service was very good and the chocolate melting cake is still wonderful. ENTERTAINMENT - We only went to two shows. The comedy club was good and the comedienne was great (Drake). The other show was a juggling comedienne and he was also funny but the theater was TERRIBLE. I honestly don't know who designed some of this ship. The center was not stadium seating and they were high-backed chairs so we had to sit on the side area which was stadium seating. Every second chair has this ANNOYING metal table screwed to the arm of the chair. It is about 9 inches by four inches and raised about 4 inches from the arm of the chair. Basically you cannot use the arm of the chair to rest your arm! Also, they have one row of high backed chairs and IN FRONT of them is a row of low-backed chairs and then another row of high-backed chairs so those people would not be able to see anything (in the low-backed chairs). In the balcony area (which we tried) the wall in front of the first row is made of "blue-tinted" plexiglass so you cannot see the show clearly. I have no idea why they would have not used clear glass or clear Plexiglass for this? CASINO - Unless you want to get lung cancer I would avoid this place completely. The smoke hits you twenty feet from the entrance. We went twice to play the slot machines and never went back. I had to wash my eyes in the bathroom when we left due to the smoke. SHIP DECOR - Not impressive at all and not what I expected from a new ship. Carpeting on the stairs and landings was dark brown. The rest of the carpets were mostly dark brown with some beige/brown areas. Tiled areas were brown and beige. Nice carpet in the atrium areas and theater. The center LCD display which was something I was looking forward too was ruined by putting a BAR at the bottom so the display thing ended with liquor bottles, glasses, sinks and bartenders. Not attractive. OUTSIDE - We enjoyed the mini-golf, the rear pool was lovely (warm and salt water), we really liked the sky ride although it was very busy. Tried the water-slide but five flights of stairs was too much for me (senior). The bowling was a joke and we got a refund after three messed up games when the machine broke down. Library has only TWO tables to play cards and the room has a BAR in it so not easy to enjoy a quiet time with a book. ITINERARY - This was great. Didn't use any ship excursions but went to beaches in both Aruba and Curacao. Lovely places. SERVICE - Very good and no problems. DISEMBARKATION - This was also very good. Our luggage was supposed to be off the ship for pick-up by 8:15 but a staff member told us it was ready at 7:30 so we walked off and were outside by 8:15 to get our shuttle back to Fort Lauderdale. OVERALL - My husband has said that he will not go on Carnival again. This was our second time (Breeze was first) and we were not impressed. We have mostly cruised on NCL but also Celebrity and Royal Caribbean. Read Less
Sail Date November 2017
Booked on Carnival Vista because it was a new ship and like the ports.  This was my 5th Carnival cruise and have also been on Holland, Royal Caribbean and Princess, so I have been on enough cruises to compare.  Was disappointed with the ... Read More
Booked on Carnival Vista because it was a new ship and like the ports.  This was my 5th Carnival cruise and have also been on Holland, Royal Caribbean and Princess, so I have been on enough cruises to compare.  Was disappointed with the Vista for several reasons.  First the good... We chose an outside cabin and they put us on the main floor, which was convenient for getting on and off the ship.  Our Stewardess Daniella was very good as was the Cruise Direction Matt. Food was typical Carnival fare on the Lido Deck and the Dining Room.  We chose anytime dining and had to go to the 5th floor to register and then go to the dining room after we were assigned a table.   We did also eat at Guy's Burgers and his Barbeque restaurant, although it was hard to find.  Also ate at JinJin for lunch, which was free and enjoyed the noodle bowl. We never had to wait for a table, got in and out very fast, almost felt rushed at times.  Embarking and Debarking was very quick and were on and off the ship very fast. The entertainment did not seem up to par but did enjoy the special program for Veterans that Matt presented.  It was a real tear jerker and even had a veteran from WWI on board.  The shows were not appealing to us, although we did go to two of them and to the adult comedian.  After hearing the F word numerous times, decided we did not want to see the other comedian.  You can be funny without being gross, and no I am not a prude. There seemed to be numerous things for kids.  A Dr. Seuss Birthday Party, numerous foosball tables, skyride, (which you could not get on because they only had a couple of cars going) and a rope climbing area.  In the past, they gave past cruisers a perk.  Several times we got $50 per cabin to spend onboard or a casino voucher.  They also gave a cocktail party but they have done away with that. Now we get a bottle of water per person and one drink the last night of the cruise. They did have a self serve draft beer dispenser in the Lido Buffet and the Pub which saved you from hunting for a waiter. Have to say, the ship did not seem that crowded, maybe because it was so big but think next year we will check into other cruiselines. Read Less
Sail Date February 2017
Booked because of recommendation of Carnival. This has been one of the most disappointing cruises we have ever been on. They have sacrificed aAmenities in order to squeeze more cabins on board. It feels like a "no frills ship". ... Read More
Booked because of recommendation of Carnival. This has been one of the most disappointing cruises we have ever been on. They have sacrificed aAmenities in order to squeeze more cabins on board. It feels like a "no frills ship". Nothing about it is quality. It feels as though we are being gouged at every turn. Everything is extra. Spa is a disgrace. We took the Spa floor in order to use the facilities. Unfortunately, there are 9 warming beds in a male/female room with the hot tub. I waited an hour and a half and finally left. People in the hot tub were noisy and they were right next to those on the hotbeds who were there to relax. The bars were abundant, but after paying top dollar, could not even get a pretzel or aanthing with drink unless we went to store and purchased them separately. The theater is very small and double as the night club. Therefore, we sat in chairs on a level floor and could not see the show from manager Dwayne from the stage. They were chairs that had been temporarily placed until the show was over. They were then moved to make way for the night club. The Serenity deck for adults only, was smaller then that of ships we were on with under 2000. We ordered room service every morning for 7am. It did not come on a number of the days. The room was small and felt cheaply appointed. The bathroom below par. This is our first and last cruise on Carnival. I could go on and on. Never again! Read Less
Sail Date January 2017
Cabin 14201 Spa cabin. This is 1 of 4 cabin on the 14th deck that face forward. This is an ocean view cabin. The room was very spacious. Come out the door and go through a door and you are at the Spa. Just to the left is a door that leads ... Read More
Cabin 14201 Spa cabin. This is 1 of 4 cabin on the 14th deck that face forward. This is an ocean view cabin. The room was very spacious. Come out the door and go through a door and you are at the Spa. Just to the left is a door that leads to a small balcony with sofa. Food: The buffets were just OK. Sea Food Shack: was well worth the money. You get 2-4" lobsters rolls for $12, clam strips were very good $6. Both comes with fries, Seafood platter has a variety of all the fried stuff and was very good as well. For lunch we ate at JiJi's (Asia) and Capitano's (Italian) both were very good. Guy's burgers as you all know was good. The taco's at the blue iguana are good as well. For breakfast We ate in the main dining room once and the food was very good. I ate the huevos rancheros with a fried egg on a couple of mornings from the blue iguana. There is a salsa bar with hot sauces to spice it up(which I really liked). Most mornings we ate at the buffet which has a wide variety of food. For Dinner we ate at JiJi's and at Fahrenheit 555 (steak). Both were excellent as well as the service. I rode the Skyride which gives you a different from above. The water slide with the tube is a blast. The other slide you go so fast you loose perspective of where your at. But it was fun. The Spa: I would never pay again for a Spa room. The small whirlpool was never hot just kind of Luke warm. The aerobatic sauna and turkish bath saunas were the same, never like hot. You had to stay in there 30-45 minutes to get to a sweat. Did not see the since of the infrared sauna it was always cold. Inside the steam sauna the paint was peeling off the dealing. Some of the brackets were coming out of the wall. The service as always is good. Overall we liked the ship but probably would not go on the ship again unless it repositioned to Port Canaveral. I would not go all the way to Miami for it. There was nothing special about it other than it being a new ship and we wanted to try it. Are favorite is the Dream class ship. We have been on the Dream 5 times and want o go on the Magic and Breeze in 2018 when it comes to Port Canaveral Read Less
Sail Date January 2017
One Heck Of a Cruise ! Back in Sept hubby presented me with a folder titled "One Heck of a Cruise" and headed to work. Hubby is a musician and has spent many weekends/holidays on the road. I used to say to him, one day you ... Read More
One Heck Of a Cruise ! Back in Sept hubby presented me with a folder titled "One Heck of a Cruise" and headed to work. Hubby is a musician and has spent many weekends/holidays on the road. I used to say to him, one day you are going to owe me one heck of a cruise. When I was handed the folder, it had print outs of 14 different cruises. I thought he wanted me to pick out the cruise I wanted. The first cruise in the folder was Vista, and I knew I didn't need to look at any of the others, because I really wanted to cruise on The Vista. I texted and told him, I choose Vista, and he says, that's good cause that's one of em! We will be cruising for 106 days total ! He told me he had already spoke to my boss about it all, and he was taking time off as well. We had always planned on taking a cruise like this, but we had dubbed it our "Freedom 55 Cruise" which was still 6 1/2 years away. Hubby and I quit smoking in 2004, and any money we would have spent on that habit went strait into a savings account, and we watched it grow and grow. Although the folder listed which cruises, I did not know the order of cruises, no did I know the cabins. Those were part of the surprise. Our flight departed our city at 6:30am. Neither of us had slept much for the few days leading up to our cruises. We had to take 3 separate flights, with only about an hour wait in between each flight. We flew to Fort Lauderdale, simply because our flight there was $85.00 less for each of us, and our hotel stay was far more affordable than any hotel we could book in Miami on a Friday night. We got to our room at 5:00pm, and we ordered pizza (can't recall the name) but it too was recommended to us as having absolutely amazing pizza. We were starving, and it was the best pizza either of us had ever ate. I think both of us were snoring by 9pm. The Vista ! Hubby's friend picked us up at hotel at 10:30am, and we headed to Miami ! Keep in mind I still had no idea which cruise was first ! He actually blindfolded me ! Everyone was asking why I had a scarf around my eyes...lol. It was The Vista ! This is the cruise I had initially picked from the folder he handed me titled "One Hell Of A Cruise" because at the time I thought he had wanted me to choose a cruise from the folder... Much has changed from our last Carnival Cruise on The Breeze. For starters, the Sail and Sign card is placed in your mail box outside your cabin door, which hubby never took me to until after a pre-embarkation drink Twilight Zone (which is my absolute fav drink of any Carnival cruise ship) (I would have many more as the week went on) and some quick munchies in the very overly packed Buffet. Will write more about food later in review. All the Cruisers seemed happy, but the staff...not so much. Hubby decided since this was the ship I really wanted to cruise on that he would also make it a memorable cabin. He knew I was intrigued by the Havana Cabana...and he was on wait list for 4 months before one came available due to a cancellation. He did say however, that the price jumped up $170.00 from when he had first looked into Havana Cabanas. The cabin was nice, the ambiance in the cabin really made it feel like you were on a cruise. The outside part of Havana was separated by a common walk area. Would have been nicer if there was no space between Cabana and view of ocean, like Balcony cabins. Outside the Cabana was a hanging chair, which was surprisingly comfortable. There was also a lounger and two chairs. It would have been awesome to enjoy what we had dubbed our pre-breakfast, breakfast from room service, however, that only happened once. Not many complaints about the room service food, other than the fact that it never arrived twice, the other 2 times we must have got someone else's orders, because they were totally different than what we ordered. On two other occasions, we had coffee but no cups. The next day, no coffee, but cups came...and on all but 1 morning the delivery to room took over 1 1/2 hrs. So we learned by day 3 to order an 1 and a 1/2 hours before we actually wanted breakfast. Was no biggie, since we were heading to buffet/MDR for breakfast anyways. The Havana Cabana had an airy feel to it. It reminded me somewhat of the spa cabin we had on Sunshine 3 years previous. No complaints about the cabin, there was plenty of storage room. We hung up some shirts, and went to buy our drink packages. Being our first cruise on our 14 cruise ship adventure, we knew we would be enjoying many anticipated Carnival Drinks...particularly The Twilight Zone ! The Atrium : Really didn't have that Carnival Feel, but the Glass Funnels changed colours and designs. There was one before entering the casino as well. Atrium seriously didn't feel or look like Atriums on other Carnival ships. The Casino : We don't gamble, but hubby does like playing one game because when we were on Sunshine, he won a handful of cash from it. He did not even come close this time. Of all the casinos, on all the cruises we have sailed on, no casino seemed as packed as Vista...it was so poorly designed, we couldn't believe it got past the drawing table. Chairs were so close together they might as well have been over-lapping. It was difficult to get through the narrow paths. If I were employed in casino...this would cause me to grumble, but the employees seemed very up-beat and making the best of what we have dubbed "Crazy Cramped" and avoided the casino after the first evening of the cruise. In fact, the crew in casino and Steakhouse were the happiest of all the crew. They were understaffed, and looked worn. The Food : The Steakhouse : Since our first Carnival cruise on Sunshine in late 2013, we had vowed to ALWAYS go to The Steakhouse ! Hubby booked it the first evening of our cruise. We dined early, and when you book first night in Steakhouse, you are given a free bottle of wine, from a very short list to choose from, but it went very well with our meals. I always have The French Onion Soup...because it is just that good ! Hubby was disappointed that The Porterhouse Steak is no longer on the menu. So, instead he ordered The Cowboy Steak. Along with my French Onion Soup, I had the lobster, which I always have, because it has always been phenomenal. For Dessert I had the Caramelized Apples and hubby had The Chocolate Sampler and we shared. We both wished The Steakhouse had more Dessert options, and although hubby said his steak was really good, he missed The Porterhouse. The evening was nice, not busy until we were ready to leave. We were not rushed, we were treated so well. The Seafood Shack : There were plenty of places to dine on Vista. My fav was The Seafood Shack. You placed your order and the food was brought to you. We really enjoyed the New England Clam Chowder. It came in a bread bowl that was even better than the Chowder. Hubby ordered a few buckets of peel and eat shrimp, but the shrimp seemed a tad mushy. We also really enjoyed the Fried Buffalo Shrimp, and recommend the Fish and Chips. One afternoon I ordered The Crab Cake Sliders, and they were amazing. The next time I ordered them, they were not nearly as yummy for some reason. Guys Burger : Hubby loves these burgers. He wished they were open 24/7. Of all the burger joints on all the cruises he said that Guys has the best burgers. I would order a bun with cheese and just build a sandwich with all the awesome toppings. I think hubby had a burger every afternoon. BlueIguana Cantina : (Burrito Bar) Was always packed long long line....that moved way too slow...and we don't know why. We really didn't enjoy it this time. Burrito Bar on Breeze was so much better. With so many different types of wraps, we think Carnival should offer more than whole wheat and jalapeño. We only ate once and never went back. Fresh Creations : Super huge Salad Bar, with so many different ingredients to build an amazing salad. Was freshest food we saw on Carnival Ship. We both enjoyed this, and would have a Salad early afternoon at Serenity area. Was very impressed. I think it was only available a few hours over lunch. We both wished it was open later in the afternoon. Deli, and Pizza : All were available 24/7 if I remember correctly. We enjoy the pizza on Carnival probably more than any of the other ships. At Pizza Place they also offered meatball subs or lasagne on certain evenings meatball subs and lasagne was also offered, and hubby loved those meatballs. We are guessing that The Deli has dramatically downsized. Just seemed to be hardly any options compared to what we remembered on Sunshine and Breeze. Think hubby had a sandwich, but we never went back. Cucina del Capitano : What a popular place. Seemed everyone was raving about this place. It was very busy when opened. Hubby is still talking about Nonas Meatballs. I recommend the Caprese Salad. We dined on this same salad on pretty much every cruise, but I remember the one here the most. We also both enjoyed the Caesar Salad. Came with a small anchovy Fillet. Presentation was pretty. On advice from everyone we had to try the Spaghetti Carbonara...and everyone should try this. I requested no bacon, and they asked if I would like more of something else instead. Awesome. There was also a side dish with tomato and zucchini..and zucchini being one of my fav veggies I had to try it. Wow. I want the recipe ! We ate lots, on all the cruises, some meals much more memorable than others...that one comes to mind right after The Steakhouses. I recommend everyone try it. The Tiramisu looked much nicer than it tasted. I couldn't put my finger on what was off about it, but Tiramisu on Celebrity was far better. Hubby tried some apple in pastry...(was similar to a dessert offered in Steakhouse) and he really enjoyed it. Hubby thought an Italian Cheese Plate would have been nice way to finish off dinner, but there was non on menu. The Pasta Bar : Simple, and quick. Pick your noodle (handful to choose from) pick your sauce (I got brave and ordered Clam sauce....and was pleasantly surprised) hubby had the meat sauce, which he said was pretty tasty. You then pick from a decent list of add-ins, such as Shrimp, chicken, mushrooms, eggplant, sausage...etc. We were pleased with everything. It too was popular. The bread was good, the salad was decent. We meant to go back again for lunch, but we never made it. Ji Ji's Cucina : Just way too small. Did not like the cramped feeling at all. Too many people. We felt so rushed. I had Shrimp Dumplings...(had another name...but not sure what they were called) but they came with some dipping sauces...and the sauces were very good. I chose Sweet and Sour Shrimp...and was impressed. Hubby tried Peppered Beef. Dish was smaller than than we expected, but he said it was decent enough that he would try it again...if we came back on a different Carnival Ship. Seeing so many Cruisers waiting to get into the way too small a space also made us want to rush so others could dine. Pig and Anchor : We do not remember seeing this on or previous Carnival Cruises, but hubby though it was pretty darn good ! It was part of the Guy Fieri creations. Hubby had smoked Pork...and he looked like he was heading to heaven while eating it. I thought the coleslaw was one of the tastiest coleslaws I had over all the cruises. There was a handful of sauces to top your meat. There was chicken, sausage and smoked beef as well. Hubby really wanted to come back and try the smoked beef, on other Cruisers recommendations, but we never made it back. It was only operating on sea days, and very select times. The ShakeSpot : I was so happy when we walked by this gem. They had one on Sunshine as well. I didn't even know they had one on Vista. Spiked or non spiked milkshakes and floats. I swear 1/4 of my weight gain was due to enjoying these too often and too many. Seriously did not walk past it without getting one...and kinda made sure we walked past it a few times a day. These were not included in the drink package, but the Spiked Chocolate Rum one was my fav...a close second was Spiked Frozen Irish Creme...was definitely something to write home about. There wasn't one that I didn't like, and well, I liked them all ! Cost was reasonable at $7.75 or around there. They were big, they had alcohol in them and they were very refreshing. I think all Cruisers should try at least one, and I think ShakeSpot would be excellent addition to all Carnival Cruises. Hubby liked one that had the name Grandpa in it..so much that he ordered it every time I steered him in that direction to ShakeSpot. Half way through Cruise he would say....ohh I know why you want to walk this way...lol. Java Blue : Blue Cake...it was good. Hubby didn't like it, but he isn't really a cake kinda guy anyways. He ate cookies, and lots of them. I think he said he liked the Short Bread ones the most. Hubby is a huge fan of Patron, and the coffee he had with Patron in it was a go-to for him. I thought it was awful. I tried a chocolate coffee...wasn't a fan tho. They also had cappuccino, latte etc. Room Service : So frustrating. Vista really really needs to work on this one. We learned by day 3 that if we wanted a pre-breakfast before heading to Lido or MDR that we had better order at least 1 1/2 ahead. Obviously we were getting mixed up orders. One day we had coffee but no cups, next day no coffee, but cups. We are not big complainers...but my coffee, and hubbies teas are a must after a late night. Hubby was really grumbly about most of the menu having extra cost. He really thinks room service should be included in the cost of the cruise fare. So he refused to order anything that had an extra cost. I remember a grill cheese that I liked. We often would order cookies and cake and just save them for when we wanted them. Think I had a late night Caesar Salad as well. Hubby stook to BLT and said they were actually really good. These late day orders took just as long. I believe a few times we just never got anything at all. Didn't order pizza because it is now extra...but we ran into Cruisers that said we were not missing anything and that it was just not good at all, and different than the Pizza Pirates. The Taste Bar : Absolutely loved this idea. We knew about it on Breeze, but never went. Smaller bite sized portions of what is offered in MDR. Only open in evenings. A few nights we would find ourselves tasting several things along with again...too many people. Carnival should consider having a few of these spread out over the ship. MDR : Of the 14 cruises we took, Vistas MDR experience was truly the worst. Might be the main reason we dined at so many of the other restaurants. We chose My Time Dining. Horizons. It was huge. For those we had spoke to who had set seating times, we heard over and over again how small their MDR was. Hubby and I dined alone and it was never a problem, and always a seat. Other than the bartenders, the staff in MDR were for the most part...Zombies. Some tried, but they always seemed exhausted. We felt bad for them. Way too many diners, not nearly enough staff to handle the work. We tipped ours nicely, not because we were pleased with the food at MDR, but because it appeared each staff in MDR was working the job of 5. We felt the MDR Dining had declined dramatically from our first Carnival Cruise on Sunshine, to The Breeze, and Vistas decline was noticeable. The food just wasn't that good, aside from a few good meals. Not nearly as many selections as on other cruise lines we had cruised on this one heck of a cruise. Hubby always ordered Shrimp Cocktail, which was good, until we compared it to the other cruises. I enjoyed the Caesar Salad, but suggest not ordering it nearing the end of cruise. The last pickings of romaine were probably used near the end leg of cruise. I did really enjoy this portobello mushroom dish. Probably remember that meal more than any other in MDR. One thing we found very disappointing was Escargot is now listed as a rare find, along with Alligator Fritters and Frogs Legs. On other cruise lines we could order it every evening. We had enquired about it to our wait staff, were told they could bring us one out anyways...but it never came to the table. Hubby did say the Braised Short Ribs were memorable, and is listed in his top 20 Fav meals of our cruise. I remember one evening ordering Cream Asparagus Soup and Lobster Bisque. Both were good enough. Avoid Seafood Newburg like a virus...wow, that was just terrible. I ended up ordering two more soups, because I just couldn't eat my main. Seafood Newburg is at the very bottom of my..."never order again list" French Onion Soup and Caprese Salad were very good, and hubby and I both enjoyed those...until comparing them to other cruise meals. One evening we had Smoked Salmon. It was only an app. Wish I would have ordered enough to make it a meal...because it stands out as being really good. We love elegant night (elegant has however lost all meaning on Carnival) and always look forward to Lobster Tail. Wow, they sure are shrinking in size from our Cruise on Sunshine a few years ago, til now. The Lobster came with shrimps that were close to same size as the tail. When they arrived they were pretty much cold. Only thing that warmed them up slightly was the drawn butter...(which was way better, and more plentiful than on the other cruises) My absolute fav meal in MDR was a zucchini - eggplant dish. Can't remember the name...but i wish it were offered every evening. Made it in my top 20 fav meals of the cruise....(sadly there is very few Carnival Meals listed) Crab Cakes deserve an honourable mention as well. Didn't make the top 20, but it was close. The Desserts totally trumped the meals in MDR, in fact other than NCL, I think we enjoyed the desserts on Carnival more than the other cruise lines. The pies on Vista trumped the pies on any other cruise we did. I tried the chocolate melting cake. I always do, and then ask myself what the big hype is about. Hubby isn't a dessert kind of guy, but he always ordered the international cheese plate at the end of our meals, and enjoyed them. A few meals he even surprised me by ordering Sherbet. I did order a banana split from the kids menu on two occasions, and this should be offered on the regular MDR menu, as we had many Cruisers asking us how we got a banana split when they never saw it on the menu. I like cookies, and I liked to order the cookies to the cabin along with the chocolate cake, and have them as late night snack. Activities on Vista : We spent the first evening basically just walking around the ship, getting ourselves orientated with the ship, all the while sipping on some drinks, even tho we were fuller than full. The Sky Ride : Crazy line-ups. On day two hubby and I stood in line for well over an hour. As we approached the front of the line we were told Ride was closing due to increasing wind. We did not complain about the wait in line simply because we met another couple and went for drinks and RedFrog, and then dined together that evening. We also played mini-putt, and had a blast. They were our age, and it was their first Carnival Cruise. We met with them frequently throughout the cruise, and if not much else, this couple helped make our cruise memorable. Comedy : We enjoyed Lester Bibbs. (We had already seen his routine on The Breeze) and although I remember it being pretty much the same, he made us laugh so hard our stomachs hurt. Hypnotist : He was personable, funny and all ages friendly. If you cruise the Vista, make time to see this act. The Magician :was also very entertaining, more so than on the following cruises, and he is one of the first things we bring up when talking to others about Vista. Piano Bar : Just wasn't what it was when we were on Sunshine. We were told he was the best Piano Bar entertainer in the whole fleet. We disagree. He was hungry for tips, would stop in the middle of the songs. We think he was the same one we had on The Breeze, but not positive. We think his name was Ben, but because he didn't really impress us, we only went to piano bar one evening. Karaoke : Was so popular, but unfortunately there just wasn't enough time to fit in all the singers. Carnival really needs to have a Karaoke Bar, that operates all day and into the night. We were told by one of the crew that Carnival does it this way because they find the same Cruisers who enjoy karaoke also enjoy the casino, and Carnival wants them in the casino spending money. Love and Marriage : We made it a point of getting to this line of entertainment as we enjoyed it on The Breeze on previous cruise. We laughed, and it was done really well. One of the couples made it especially hilarious. We recommend Cruisers try and make it to this show. Hasbro : We came, we saw, we left. It wasn't quite what I was expecting, but glad we finally got to one after missing it on two previous Carnival Cruises. IMAX, was awesome. Go. Where We Spent Our Time : RedFrog Pub : playing darts and pub style games. We enjoyed it here because of the outside area which we didn't experience on our previous Carnival Cruises. Bartenders were quicker here than any other spots on the ship (and by quicker, I don't necessarily mean quick) Carnival Vista needs more bartenders. Took way too long to get drinks no matter where we were on the ship. Alchemy Bar : we enjoyed our time there, in fact we probably spent more time there than any other spot on the cruise. Try the Caribbean Manhattan. Yum. Yum. We learned a lot from the bartender. Wasn't as popular as it should have been, but that meant more attention to the ones that were there at any given time. Serenity : Was large, like really large. That being said, there were never many places to Lounge due to its popularity. The bartenders there looked so over-worked and so tired. They did their best considering, and we tipped extra due to watching how busy they always seemed to be. Karaoke : Hubby being a musician, he definitely wanted to sing, that only happened once due to the long list of singers. Dive In Theatre : one night we enjoyed a movie with the couple we met. Why doesn't Carnival offer butter with that popcorn ? Was an nice relaxing evening. The Cabin : Our cabin was 185 square feet. Plenty of storage and room to move. We slept well the first evening. I was pleasantly surprised that Havanas stocked cabins with Elimis Products, but gone are the chocolates on the pillows. Two bottles of water, and that was about it. There is a Cabana only area (which opened up to everyone in late afternoon I believe). There was a very small pool, and two hot tubs. Seemed quiet most of the time during the day. An access key card is used to enter the area. Once 5pm rolled around, there was no more quiet, as it opens up to all Cruisers. We heard many Cruisers complain about this, but hubby and I thought that it was perfect for Carnival to let everyone enjoy the area as we did. The Pros : Carnival Comedians : Laugh so hard. By far the best comedians of all the cruise lines we tried on this One Heck of a Cruise. Alchemy : Love this concept. Enjoyed our time there. IMAX : A must see (however not nearly enough showings considering the amount of Cruisers on this ship) St Jude's : We love how much effort Carnival puts into raising money/awareness for this amazing cause. I bought a shirt on all four cruises. The Steakhouse : definitely the first thing we bring up when talking about our Carnival Cruises. We highly recommend Cruisers take an evening to spend there. Probably the best $35.00/person that we spent on all the cruises. The Cons : Staff : There just didn't seem to be enough staff to handle the amount of Cruisers. They looked tired, they looked stressed. They were not nearly as friendly as the staff we had on our three other Carnival Cruises. Tables were not cleared, railings and walls were dirty in some areas. Sometimes we would not see one tray in the hallways, and other times it seemed like there were no staff to collect them. Bartenders seemed like they were trying, but if there is one improvement to be made on Vista we (along with many other Cruisers agreed...they need to have more bartenders staffed) in fact hubby and I almost regretted buying the drink packages because the wait for drinks were prolonged far too long. Whether standing in line at the bar, or waiting for a drink to be served. If we ever cruise on Vista again, we probably won't even bother getting the drink packages. Lack of Art : seriously, the art we did see was nothing to write home about, compared to other ships. Seemed to lack that Cruise Feel, for lack of better words. Cost of Cruise : Havana Cabana : Deck 7. $1669.00 + $122.77 (port fees and taxes) hubby $1669.00 + $122.77 (port fees and taxes) mine --------------------- $3,583.57 + $207.20 (Gratuities) ------------ $3,790.74 Breakdown of cost of cruise : $1,895.37/person grats included. This was an 8 day cruise : $236.92/person/day. We did get the drink package at $399.60/person +. $59.94/person grats --------- =. $459.54/person We felt the drink package was worth the money on the other Carnival Cruises because we had no problem getting our drinks. At $57.44/day and a 15 drink limit, if we drank to our limit every day the cost of each drink amounts to $3.83/drink. Many of those drinks were Twilight Zones (love those) Where we spent our money : IMAX : $12.95/person x 2 = $25.90 The Steakhouse : $35.00/person + we tipped an extra $20.00 = $90.00 The ShakeSpot : $7.75 x 12 = $93.00 (yikes, but well worth it) Cucina Del Capitano : $15.00 x 2 = $30.00. Arcade : $20.00. Laundry : $6.50 to wash and dry one load. St Jude T-Shirt = $10.00 --------------------------------------------------------------- Total. = $275.40 Total spent on cruise minus excursions (will review excursions/ports at end of all cruise reviews) Total spent = $4,985.62 / 2 = $2,492.81 each. / 8 days at sea = $311.60/day per cruiser. To sum up this part of cruise/s : It wasn't worth the $311.60 per day per person. The ship was so crowded in so many places. Took way too long to get served drinks, and hubby likes his beer, and can easily drink 15 on sea days. I don't think he got to 15 on any of those days due to the long waits in line. There was plenty to do on the ship, we met some amazing people who we still keep in touch with. Will we cruise on Vista again...? Probably not. That being said, it wasn't the worst of the cruise/s, but it certainly wasn't close to the top of the list as we thought it would be leading up to the cruise/s. If Carnival were to hire more staff to accommodate the amount of Cruisers on this ship hubby and I agree the experience probably would have been much better. We are however glad we get to say we added Vista to our growing list of Carnival Cruises, and we do love Carnival Cruise Line. We hope this review was insightful. Happy Cruising Everyone. Read Less
Sail Date January 2017
We chose the Vista simply for one reason---it was a brand new ship. We'd been on the Breeze a few years ago just months after it got to Miami and were very happy. We've now been on several Carnival ships (and NCL and Celebrity) ... Read More
We chose the Vista simply for one reason---it was a brand new ship. We'd been on the Breeze a few years ago just months after it got to Miami and were very happy. We've now been on several Carnival ships (and NCL and Celebrity) and consider ourselves loyal CCL cruisers! First of all, let me say that a few negative things about the ship itself did NOT ruin the cruise for us! The weather was beautiful for January and we loved the ports we went to. Embarkation started off strangely. We had selected a "check-in" time of 11-11:30am several weeks before. To this day, I have NO IDEA what that meant! We arrived at about 10:30--asked about the 11:00 check-in and were told to just wait in line. We were given "Zone 3" and sat down. We had a balcony cabin and were very happy with this. Our cabin steward was great! We both thought, though, that this regular balcony seemed a little smaller than on previous ships. We had two small lounge chairs and a table and we always seemed to be moving out of the way of the door. Our first major problem was the "Your time Dining." We had originally asked for "early dining" and later found out we were in "Late." I called CCL well before the cruise and were told we would be "wait-listed" for Early. When we boarded the ship, we discovered they had us down for "Your Time Dining." On our first night, we were told to go to the Java Café on Deck 5. We got there at 6:20pm, waited until 6:50pm to receive our "dining ticket" to proceed to the Horizons MDR on Deck 3. There we waited in line for another 15-20 minutes. The next day, I went to the maître d's counter and asked to be changed to Early Dining. I was told there were NO tables at all in early or late dining. This made me---and a LOT of other people I talked to in the coming days----believe that the 2 dining rooms on the Vista were substantially smaller than on other ships. We have never had a problem switching tables or dining times before. I guess "Your time Dining" would work if you got to the Java Café at 5pm and were first in line!! I'll keep the rest of this short!! The Liquid Lounge is a total joke for a showroom. VERY crowded seating----very poor set-up. You no longer have a nice little table in front of you for drinks, etc. . We sat in the balcony one night and had a tiny, weird 5" oval ledge between seats that I guess was for drinks. If anyone ever used this for their drink, it would most certainly end up in your neighbor's lap! My sister (65) commented one night that if they had to evacuate this lounge in a hurry, there would be serious problems! That is very bad! I have to repeat what other reviewers have said. There is "No WOW factor on this ship! Everything seemed crowded in--even the area where photographers are taking pics on elegant night! Many passengers felt that it was all because they needed the extra room for the big I-Max Theater ($13 pp) and the Thrills theater. I'm very sorry to say we were not impressed with the Vista. If this is the direction Carnival is taking---and we heard that the new Horizons ship is exactly the same design----then we'll be looking at different ships--and different cruise lines. Read Less
Sail Date January 2017
I wanted to go on the newest carnival ship. getting on the ship was easy , getting to our room and out bags were waiting on us at 11:30am . first impression , was the ship looked dirty and not brand new . stains in the carpet and outside ... Read More
I wanted to go on the newest carnival ship. getting on the ship was easy , getting to our room and out bags were waiting on us at 11:30am . first impression , was the ship looked dirty and not brand new . stains in the carpet and outside decks had dirty floors and dirty glass. not a big issue to me . all the public areas are SMALLER , lido area is smaller and has less lounge chairs , water works is slightly smaller than the magic. the main show lounge is a disaster , first the seats are not theater seating so you will have a problem seeing over peoples heads , and all the seats are jammed together as so you cant get out of your seat without having the whole row stand up and let you out . total mess . and its half the size of the magic , or dream , of breeze or liberty ETC. ETC. it seats very few people for a ship that large . it you don't get there 30 minutes early and stand in a long line in the hallway . you will be lucky to get a seat and wont be able to see over the heads in front of you. comedy club is the same thing , half the size of the other ships and a lot of the seating is on stools , yes stools . way too small for a ship this size . everything seems to be made smaller , the ship feels very cramped and feels VERY crowded . lines everywhere , lido had huge lines daily , forget going to the breakfast buffet unless you want to stand in a 30 minute plus line , pizza same thing , guys burgers not as bad but still a long line . only 2 hot tubs in the general area . and it was always full of kids with goggles and snorkels , serenity deck also had 2 hot tubs and the whole area was very crowded . i tried to ride the sky cycle , but the lines during the short time it was open was always 1 1/2 hour plus . staff was all very nice and very friendly with the exception of the sports area workers . they seemed to have an attitude . my advice is don't go on this ship in peak season of holidays . its not designed well to handle the extra crowds . Read Less
Sail Date December 2016
I chose this ship because it is Carnivals newest in 4 years. I have not been on Carnival since our trip on the BREEZE when she was new, ( which we loved). We thought that this would be an enhancement of the Breeze, judging by the promos. ... Read More
I chose this ship because it is Carnivals newest in 4 years. I have not been on Carnival since our trip on the BREEZE when she was new, ( which we loved). We thought that this would be an enhancement of the Breeze, judging by the promos. We booked spa balcony cabins, as we did on Breeze, but we were very disappointed in the Spa on this ship. They advertised a Thallosotherapy pool...and what was there was just a large hot tub, not nearly large enough for this size ship and could only fit around 5 people in at a time. Also, even though we paid extra for Spa access, with our category booked, 8S, there always seemed to be day passes taking up all of the small space. The spa/thermal suites area was very small and was always crowded. We hardly had a chance to use it. Please limit the day passes.... The ship was nice, LARGE and decorated nicely for the holidays. Many Carnival fans will be disappointed that there is no central atrium or main lobby areas, but rather a small lobby bar area that was very crowed when Matt the cruise director (the best thing about the ship!) was there "performing" . Matt was the most entertaining cruise director I have seen in a long time. He is great at ad libbing and is quite hilarious....however, that is about all I can say for the cruise directors staff, because I really did not see or hear of any others...?! There were the typical activities throughout the day...lots of trivia, art auctions, kids things and of course the hairy chest contest....but Twice in one week? .. really? The announcements and information was also incorrect at times ,... and confusing. For example; the second "elegant night" was announced as white night AND elegant night Also NO shopping or PORT maps in Fun times the night before port and NONE on gangway...unless you left ship in the first hour! They do NOT leave any on the gangway. The tv had a lot of Carnival channels but we could not find any events re playing on the tv, like we usually see...... Love and marriage show, Hasbro game show, pool games, except debarkation talk. The elevators are small HOT and slow. Only one goes to deck 15, serenity deck....horrible. The pool has a great large screen tv and only showed the '\"aquarium loop" the entire trip in the day time. NOT one concert or documentary, as we usually like with these large screens. Dive in movies were ok. Weather was not too great for them....We did not use the IMAX/ Thrill theater, although it is a nice feature. The Limelight lounge is the focus of the comedians on board. One of my favorite things on a ship. The first guy was just one obscenity/insult after another; which is not my particular taste. New comedians come on board mid week and the female one was very funny. I did not get to see the rest of the shows for various reasons, mostly conflicting times with other activities. One thing that could be improved on,...maybe stagger the show times or space them apart more, instead of back to back. Then they would not have to clear the room after each show, and more people could enjoy the shows. The entertainers/Playlist Productions are ok. Good singing and lots of energy. Choreography... only average...It would be nice to have one large Production show per week, on board, in my opinion. We went two or 3 times, but then it was the same show each night, just with a different theme. The main theater (Liquid Lounge) is tiny for this large ship and doubles as the nightly "club" venue after 11. Makes no sense to me at all. I spent more time in the Casino! I will say this was one of the first cruises where I did VERY well almost every night in Casino. But a big complaint....only one crap table for a ship this size...and it was packed almost every night. The food was good and plentiful throughout, as typical on cruise ships. Our service was very good. The "your time dining" arrangement does not make sense. You are to check in at deck 5 and then proceed to deck 3 or 4 for your table. It is a lot of unnecessary walking. If you did decide to dress up and maybe where some heels, it would be so much more difficult...but on this ship, the dress code was very casual. We saw more T shirts, shorts and flip flops in main dining room than ever. There are 2 elegant nights and about 50% of passengers dressed up. My favorite eating spot was Blue Iquana cantina for lunch AND breakfast... and the Sea Days BBQ....Guys burgers are still good......Pizza was a joke. Always a line...too long to wait and not necessary. Just put an extra person there and serve the pizza. We waited as he took 8-9 pies out of the oven proceeded to slice them ALL before serving and then gave out whole pies to young kids, while many people in line then had to wait for new bakes 25 minutes for pizza slice......made NO sense at all. The ships staff in general was accommodating but really seemed quite indifferent, when I did have some questions at guest services... I asked about comment cards and was told they were now paperless. I had some concerns, and she did not seem to care. I was not WOWED by any means on this cruise. It was just ok. Would I go again, most likely NO. I am pretty much over Carnival at this point. Cutting way too many corners. It is still a good option for families with younger children. It seems as if they are going after quantity, rather than quality. No table cloths in the main dining room is a big disappointment also. That sets the tone for your dining experience, and as I mentioned before; it turned out to be a very casual tone. No visits from Maitre D' to the table all week, even thought they were visible with their IPADS trying to arrange seating. They do not enforce the dining dress code at all. That coupled with the bare tables,it was not the cruise dining experience that I am used to. I did not really utilize the buffet, except for breakfast. Long line for omelettes/eggs; As with the rest of the ship, it was just ok. There was soft serve available all week but their "homemade" ice cream machine was broken this week... The ports were nice. Always love St. Maarten for shopping and beach. San Juan was enjoyable. It was my firs time there. We walked around the "old San Juan" and explored the forts and castles... Really fun. There is a free trolley available, but we chose to walk off some calories. Not a hard or bad walk at all. There are many local artists selling their jewelry very reasonable prices. Grand Turk...(my first time there also) was a disappointment as well. 2 Carnival ships in port, Ours was late to debark and NO loungers available.. So many rude seat savers and people never showed up. Margaritaville was very popular and crowded and the pool is nice, but welcome to Spring Break all over again....I was looking forward to a nice quiet beach day........The ship docks right next to the beach., no tendering or transportation needed. I would guess I could have walked down the beach a ways, for a quiet spot, but I did not attempt it. Shopped a little and back to the ship. I rated the trip as 3 star average because I believe there is not bad cruise....just some are better than other. We sail about 3 times per year. This was definitely NOT one of my favorite cruises and In this case, there are many are better choices, in my opinion...... I sailed with my husband ( 59) and my son (23) who has not cruised since age 16 and always previously on Carnival, and his girlfriend (23). Her first cruise. Hope they work out the problems....in the meantime; happy sailing. Read Less
Sail Date December 2016
We are experienced cruisers and we chose this ship because we typically have fun on Carnival cruises. However, the Vista was a huge disappointment for the following reasons. 1) The anytime dining option has people go to the 5th deck, ... Read More
We are experienced cruisers and we chose this ship because we typically have fun on Carnival cruises. However, the Vista was a huge disappointment for the following reasons. 1) The anytime dining option has people go to the 5th deck, stand in line only to receive a slip to allow you to go to the 3rd deck to eat. No tablecloths and no dress code enforced so it feels like a cafeteria; 2) Limelight comedy club has no bar so you will more than likely not a get a drink when its full. There is a long 30 minute wait to get in so I suppose they expect you to stand in line with your drink; 3) TV did not work properly for 1st 3 days and the internet for the 1st 36 hours was off and no compensation; 4) The theater doubles as the night club so there are no permanent seats is very poor. No tables to place a drink and activities for the club tend to be pushed out to accommodate the theater and other activities' schedule; 5) The piano bar is one of our favorite spots but it's tucked away in a corner and the piano is partially blocked by a large pole. Poor location. We only went once; 6) The food is ok but we felt it was a step below normal carnival food. One day a host told us we couldn't sit at a table because they had no one to clean it after we finished eating. I told her that was not my problem. Only 1 sea day brunch for 3 sea days when other ships have 1 brunch per sea day.; 7) Wait staff service was very slow, 1 hr 45 minute start to finish; 8) Only 6 hot tubs with 3,950 passengers so they are always crowded; 9) The ship's layout does not have a very nice flow; 10) Very long lines ship wide. The Atrium is rather closed in. Just a few thoughts. On a positive note, there are a lot of good customer service focused employees but management is removing their ability to provide good service on their ships Read Less
Sail Date December 2016
First of all, the ship was absolutely beautiful and the staff was attentive. There were plenty of dining options however there may be a wait at times for the anytime dining option. You will get a buzzer if a table isn't immediately ... Read More
First of all, the ship was absolutely beautiful and the staff was attentive. There were plenty of dining options however there may be a wait at times for the anytime dining option. You will get a buzzer if a table isn't immediately ready. The photos on this ship are all digital which is really a cool. Instead of tons of photos plastered on the wall, there are digital displays in which you can view your photos anytime. Very nice. They print them when you order them. I recommend that you download the free app which is only good for the cruise that you're on. A list of entertainment, restaurants and your photos can all be accessed from your phone. The app is free but if you want to activate the chat feature, it was only $5.00 for the whole cruise. It allows you to chat with anyone on the ship. It's a very handy feature when traveling with a large group or simply if you want to be able to communicate with your cabin partner when you're not together. Now for the bad. There were too many kids on board and many were out of control. They often left the ice cream station a mess. This is my 5th cruise and I have never seen so much debris in the halls to include crushed ice cream cones in the hallway. This is a brand new ship and it's really a shame. I even had to caution a kid against playing in the revolving door. (Yes, they have a revolving door leading out to the deck) I guess it's my fault for taking a cruise during the Christmas break. Tomorrow is the last day of the cruise and I must say, I'm ready to go. Overall, I'm having a good time but some parents need to learn how to control their kids or leave them home! Read Less
Sail Date December 2016
My husband and I have always choosen Carnival to be our cruise line because we have always been treated special, the Carnival way. However, we were disappointed with Carnival Vista. We had a great steward, Frank, but i cant say the same ... Read More
My husband and I have always choosen Carnival to be our cruise line because we have always been treated special, the Carnival way. However, we were disappointed with Carnival Vista. We had a great steward, Frank, but i cant say the same for another steward, my husband had an incident where he asked another steward for a corkscrew, because we could not find our steward and the horrible room service was not picking up ( called for almost an hour, also every single time we call for breakfast room service, something is missing, no coffee cup, super late delivery, like an hour late and the last one was they never picked up our order) so this other steward answered " do i look like i have a corkscrew with me?" Duh! We know she does not have it with her but she could have said, "what room are you in and I will have someone send it up to you" (coz hubby told her we could not contact room service) so instead of that, she said "just go to the bar and let them open it for you" My sweet hubby did go to the bar and guess what? They charged him $15 corkage fee to open the bottle despite his explanation that he will bring it back to our room where I was waiting and that room service is not picking up our call. I was livid when I found out they charged him, I went back to that bar in the atrium and spoke to a bartender, who kept telling me that because we took out the bottle from our room, we have to be charged corkage fee. I showed her a copy of their liquoir policy... Corkage fee only when you intend to CONSUME the drink outside your room, at the bar, or main dining room. She would not listen when I kept telling her, i am drinking it in our room and that the only reason we had them open it, is because the room service is not answering for almost an hour and steward was no help, I then asked for her supervisor, she went to his office and when she came back, she said she will reverse the charges. Guest services and room services were hard to contact, nobody is answering most of the time. Miscommunications on a lot of activities! 1st one, Grand turk, why wait until the last minute to inform passengers that we could not dock in Grand turk? My husband knew it first before they even announced it over the paging system. Then in Jamaica, we got to dock a few hours before our scheduled one so we were allowed to go down and shop and come back for our 11am excursion assembly. We called the guest services to ask if we should still come back for the excursion assembly at the liquid lounge and they said yes. So at 8am, we went to the shopping center near the dock and rushed back before 11am back to the boat to the liquid lounge, only to find out from other ppl (no notes on the door) that we did not have to meet at the liquid lounge, insead it will be down the port's center. Very vry inconvenient, irritating and wasted time, not to mention, a long walk! Love Mat's shows but he is not organized! Lastly, food in the main dining area is HORRIBLE! Ate there 2x, 1st night and elegant night, the only one I liked was the lobster night and the rest of our cruise, we ate at bonsai and seafood shack, Bonsai is awesome! Not everything is bad... Love the shows, the games, love the interior decorations, the skyride and sky course! Vista has so much potential, just need to change your staff to the more caring ones, and definitely change the chef! Read Less
Sail Date November 2016
We were definitely excited about being on the new Carnival Vista since we are Diamond Carnival cruisers. We booked a back to back cruise so were on the ship for 17 days.However, we were very disappointed in the way the ship had been ... Read More
We were definitely excited about being on the new Carnival Vista since we are Diamond Carnival cruisers. We booked a back to back cruise so were on the ship for 17 days.However, we were very disappointed in the way the ship had been designed. It seemed that because it was a larger ship they tried to fit in so many new venues and cut back on other things that are the regular Carnival design. The funnel in the centre of the atrium was very interesting, changing colour and design continuously. This replaced the glass elevators that are usually on the Carnival ships. It was very difficult to find the public washrooms and if you are a man and play in the casino you have to go up a deck to find one or walk the length of the ship on the casino deck to find one. The casino tables were so close together than it was difficult for the bar staff to deliver drinks as well as being difficult to get around the various tables. The public washrooms when found were very small, only 2 or 3 stalls except for the one in the atrium area had 5. They should have had large washrooms in the high traffic area where the Liquid Lounge was for performances, the Limelight Lounge,Punchlinder Club, Casino. In all of our Carnival cruises this was the smallest interior cabin we have ever had. There was only one closet with 4 drawers, no drawers in the vanity only 4 open shelves. No table only a stool at the desk. No extra hooks to hang wet clothes but there was a clothes line in the shower. Very disappointing. We had a leak in our cabin 2 days from disembarkation and were given another cabin to use for the day until the leak was fixed. I sent my laundry out to be done for the next day and upon return we were missing a pair of capri pants which were never found so Carnival reimbursed the cost of the pants. Additional laundry that we sent I requested it back the same day and there was no problem. There are metal door tracks for the fire doors around the ship which are higher and bevelled at the top, higher than the usual metal strips. I fell on one of these and damaged my brand new eyeglasses. We had purchased the Carnival Vacation Package for our travel and when I called the insurance company to report this I was told that they don't cover eyeglasses. I will avoid buying this package in the future. I advised the security staff that there should be a yellow and black strip placed on these higher tracks letting people know they should watch their step. Several other guests mentioned that they had also tripped over these tracks and almost fallen. There were at least 2 other people besides me who had fallen over these tracks and were injured. Matt the cruise directors and his staff were great. We had extra entertainment on the first leg of our cruise since it was a Journeys cruise and one the 6 day part of the cruise there were live shows every night and they were all excellent especially the production of "Flick". The Liquid Lounge was not built on a slant so you could see over the person in front. It was filled with individual chairs which they removed after the late show to turn it into a dance club. It was very difficult to see most of the performances if someone in front of you was tall or if you had a pole in the way. There seemed to be an overabundance of poles. There were several eating venues around the ship that you had to pay extra for which I thought was excessive. Why should we be charged extra when we already paid for the cruise. We ate pretty much always in the Dining Room for breakfast and dinner and would have lunch at Guy's Burgers which are to die for. There were two theatres on the ship which carried an additional charge as well. There was an Imax Theatre and a Thrill Theatre. We didn't go to either one once we heard there was an additional charge. There were 2 pools on the ship and a 3rd pool in the Havana Cove Balcony area that would open to all cruisers after 7 pm each day but it was only available to cruisers who had Cover Balconies the rest of the day. They removed the hot tubs at the main pool and replaced it with seats that allow you to immerse your feet in...would have preferred the hot tubs. There were plenty of lounge chairs as well as comfortable chairs and tables on the lido deck and lots of seating in other areas. Overall we enjoyed the warm weather but will probably not book the Vista again unless the itinerary is enticing. We had ordered the shuttle for embarkation. When we arrived at the airport at 1 pm we were told that a shuttle had left earlier with only half full, it broke down on the way to the ship and they had to Uber everyone to the ship. They didn't think there were enough people to order another shuttle. Meanwhile some people had been waiting up to 3 hours for another shuttle to arrive. It finally came around 2 pm and it took us 2 hours to get to the ship because of New York traffic so we never arrived until 4:30 pm in the ship. Read Less
Sail Date November 2016
The Vista looms large and is pretty darn impressive looking up at it from the dock but, once on board, doesn't seem merely as big.  Most of the public places on the ship felt smaller than usual - there is no grand foyer or lobby, ... Read More
The Vista looms large and is pretty darn impressive looking up at it from the dock but, once on board, doesn't seem merely as big.  Most of the public places on the ship felt smaller than usual - there is no grand foyer or lobby, just a couple smaller areas - the "lobby" floor you cannot even get across without having to go up a floor and back down since parts are blocked due to interior restaurants.  The larger aft restaurant (the Horizon) just didn't seem grand at all, it is difficult (unless you are right in the middle of the room on the 3rd floor) to even realize it is a 2 story dining area.  Pools areas felt congested and smaller.  Generally, this cruise seemed like there was less wait staff than any we've been on - lots of tables with dishes and drinks and we had to find a bar for a drink as there was rarely anyone rotating around serving in the pool areas (waved one guy down at one point and he said we should go to the bar if we wanted a drink).  They've done away with some hot tubs (there are 2 in serenity and 2 in the back of the ship on Lido were all we found).  The electronics were incredibly spotty... still some kinks to work out there (Thanksgiving day football anywhere but in the sports bar was pretty much impossible to watch and wireless was largely unusable 2 of the 3 days I purchased the "top end" connectivity package).  That said, a bad day cruising is far superior to just about any other day on the planet.  Carnival isn't close to competing with the likes of an Oasis-class ship with the Vista - they don't have the crew, the processes and procedures down at all.  General consensus of those we spoke with was that the ship was just ok at best - there really isn't anything the ship does better than others or that really differentiates it - too bad, we were hoping from more from Carnival's latest and greatest. Read Less
Sail Date November 2016
Booked the trip over a year ago. Wanted to leave on her first cruise from NYC. I'll start with the good :) The entertainment crew led by Matt were amazing. Cookie is so funny.They all work so hard and are so good at their jobs.A+ ... Read More
Booked the trip over a year ago. Wanted to leave on her first cruise from NYC. I'll start with the good :) The entertainment crew led by Matt were amazing. Cookie is so funny.They all work so hard and are so good at their jobs.A+ to them. Food at the outer area's was great. Guy's burgers, Pasta Bar, Mongolian Grill, BBQ and Salad Bar were all excellent. Pools, chairs, Dive In Movie's all were awesome. Ship is beautiful, love the colors. Now for the other side Our pre-booking was completed noting we wanted to board between 1130-1200. Upon arrival at the terminal we were not asked our time. They put everyone in the same time slot. We were literally waiting hours to board. It was horrible and totally unnecessary. Cruise was over 2 1/2 hours late leaving port... Very disappointed in the amount of smoking area's on board. The Casino doors are open all of the time and the smoke smell wafts out down the hallways. Many, many smoking area's around the ship. Seems kind of odd that no irons are permitted in the cabins but you can get drunk and smoke and be trusted to put out the cigarette in an approved container. Would have thought a brand new ship may have gone non smoking. Seating in the Liquid Lounge is very bad. If you are not tall, you don't see. I realize Carnival is a laid back Cruise line however when going to a sit down dinner I hated to see people wearing hoodies, hoods up, ball caps, cut off jeans, etc. Really took something away from the experience. Overall we had a good time but I will have second thoughts before taking another Carnival Cruise.... Read Less
Sail Date November 2016
Carnival Vista Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.1
Dining 3.5 3.6
Entertainment 5.0 3.7
Public Rooms 4.0 3.8
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.0
Family 5.0 4.0
Shore Excursion 3.5 3.6
Enrichment 1.0 3.5
Service 4.0 3.9
Value For Money 5.0 3.6

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