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I have taken many Carnival cruises over the years including sailing twice previously on the Victory. I am therefore fully acquainted with the Carnival formula. I can't think of a better way to spend New Year's Eve than on a ... Read More
I have taken many Carnival cruises over the years including sailing twice previously on the Victory. I am therefore fully acquainted with the Carnival formula. I can't think of a better way to spend New Year's Eve than on a cruise ship and once again Carnival delivered the goods. Well done! The itinerary is superb, the weather was perfect the whole time and sailing from San Juan takes away the risk of the first and last sea days being cold which at this time of the year happens with sailings from Florida and the gulf coast. There were some matters of serious concern. On the first night there was open sitting until 8-30pm in the MDRs. We lined up at 8-15pm but ten minutes later we were told to go away because the MDR is closing and that if we wanted to be fed we would have to go to the Lido that was serving the same menu. The Lido restaurant was a scrum with incredible long lines and of course it wasn't serving the same food as the MDR. We enjoy having a formal sit down dinner and to be denied this and for the Assistant Maitre'D to lie to us saying the food in cafe was the same as the MDR was disappointing. The following matter is of much greater concern for the safety and well being of passengers. The cruise director had assembled a posse of line dance followers during the cruise. For some reason he would bring them to the casino every evening to block off the main walkway leading from the theatre to the other deck five showrooms and restaurants. This is a very, very busy walkway. The result was that walkers found their access blocked by line dancers. This is very dangerous from a health and saftety perspective and in the event of an incident could lead to people being knocked over or worse. These blockages also caused the tempers of obstructed walkers to be raised. I cannot think endangering passengers is a new Carnival policy so I can only think it is maverick conduct by the cruise director who's ego was clearly massaged by fifty line dancers in a cramped space in a way it wouldn't be if those line dancers were in a showroom or on the Lido deck. The Lido buffet jiust cannot accommodate the number of passengers on board, there are long lines at all stations from first thing in the morning until early evening even on port days. The service in the MDR was good though Read Less
Sail Date December 2011
This is a review of our cruise on the Carnival Victory in December 2011. Before I start let me tell you something about us so you can see the kind of people we are. I cruised with my girlfriend. I am 38 and she is 43 and her son is 14. ... Read More
This is a review of our cruise on the Carnival Victory in December 2011. Before I start let me tell you something about us so you can see the kind of people we are. I cruised with my girlfriend. I am 38 and she is 43 and her son is 14. We have been on 3 Carnival Cruises before on the Carnival Conquest at Christmas 2009 (Western Caribbean) and Carnival Glory at Christmas 2010 (Eastern Caribbean) and Carnival Magic in 2011 in the Med. We enjoyed all of those cruises so were really looking forward to the Carnival Victory Cruise in a part of the Caribbean we have never been too before. We live in a small island called Guernsey in the Channel Islands which is in between the UK and France. The island is a UK Crown dependency although we do not like to think as ourselves from the UK. We are Guerns ! This is a 100% honest review and as much as I love Carnival and its product I am not going to say Carnival is amazing and the staff are the best and the food was perfect etc. There were some good and bad points on this cruise and we will write them here. Please remember these are our opinions which we are entitled too. Here goes! We left from Gatwick airport to fly to Charlotte in North Carolina on the 24th of December. We then transferred to San Juan airport on the same day getting there at about 22:30. We got our luggage quite quickly and got to the taxi rank first so we got to the Sheraton Hotel in old San Juan within a few minutes. It only cost $22 which we did not think was bad at all. The hotel was ideal for what we wanted. Its not 5 star but there is nothing wrong with it for a few days stay and of course it is right opposite the cruise terminal so on the 26th we just had to get our luggage and cross the road. It must have taken 5 minutes in total. Once inside the terminal we had our bags searched, I assume they were looking for rum runners! We got through the check in process within minutes and on the ship really quickly. This must have been one of our faster embarkations (admittedly we have only ever done 3 before !) We were on Lido soon after 14:00 eating our lunch. We were not able to get into our stateroom until after 14:30 but that was not a problem by the time we finished lunch. We were in balcony stateroom 7346 which is on the Empress deck. The room is tired and I think it is fair to say are other parts of the ship are too. I know I have high standards so maybe its just me. Carnival Victory was put into service in 2000 so I guess its bound to look tired in places after several hundred thousand people have been cruising on her. One thing that makes the stateroom look tired is the CRT television still in the room. It works still works perfectly fine but just to look at it instantly looks old. I assume its only a matter of time before Carnival Victory goes into dry dock for a refit and these will be swapped out. We never went to breakfast in the dining room so we can't comment on that. We had breakfast on Lido. This was one an area that I was surprised about as there always seemed to be queues. The Carnival Victory is the smallest Cruise ship we have been on and therefore has less people on it but there were always queues for food. It did not seem to matter what time of day you went to get food there were queues. This really annoyed me and I ended up one day just not eating breakfast as I hate queuing. The next day I did get breakfast on Lido and thankfully there are trays on Lido ! Woo hoo! There are no more trays on Carnival Magic or Dream (i believe) and I personally think this is a real pain. The breakfast was the usual Carnival offerings which is absolutely fine. Generally all the food on Lido was good. We were assigned to the Pacific dining room for our evening meals. We had a brilliant waiter called Antoine from the Dominica. He looked after us really well. The food is fine. I would not say its excellent but it certainly is not bad. It seems to us that there is less variety on menu but maybe that's just us? I have a wheat allergy and so I follow a Gluten Free diet. I let Carnival know this before we sailed and sure enough I got Gluten Free food. I am very grateful that they do serve Gluten free food but I have to say that the Gluten Free bread and Pizza is horrible. I assume that the bread and pizza base are made following the same recipe which leaves a horrible sort of baking soda in your mouth. I noticed this in food in the UK a few years ago but these days Gluten free bread etc. in the UK has really improved. Lets hope that Carnival change their recipe soon. Thanks for trying though Carnival. The first night on the ship is a bit strange as Carnival Victory leaves port at 22:00 so there is no assigned dining. Instead dining is any time so you just turn up to eat as and when your ready and then you are assigned a table for that night only. One tip though is that the safety briefing is at 21:30 so eat early enough so you can still attend which of course is mandatory. NOW having said that we turned up for the safety briefing at about 21:20 as we did not know where our muster station was so we went early to find it. The safety briefing started at 22:00 ! It was finished by 22:10 ! That was so annoying. Standing round for it to start. In our opinion this is NOT advertised enough so first timers do not know what they have to do and when. On previous ships the safety briefing was pointed out much more. I know its boring but it has to be done. This pretty much sets the trend for the whole ship for the while cruise. The time for an activity is just a guide! If something is due to start at 15:00 it will probably start later ! The shows on the ship were nothing special. I say that because this is our 4th cruise and well the shows are pretty much the same as the other 3 we have already seen. That's not to say they are bad they are just repetitive. We did find this ship to be very friendly in terms of the crew and staff. Some people have said that the kids are noisy on this cruise but while we did see some of this to a degree it was no worse then on any other cruise. I would not worry about this. The 31st of December was of course New Years eve. There were quite a few events going on around the ship. There was a pub crawl too which was a first for us on a ship. There was also a conga in the restaurant on one of the nights too. It seemed like everyone on board was on Lido just before midnight. It was amazing to see so many people in one place on the ship. The Carnival staff served free champagne for everyone about 10 minutes before midnight. The cruise director Karl with a K stood in the middle of Lido and sang and did the count down. At midnight the captain sounded the ships horn and everyone cheers and shouted etc. That was weird in a nice way. So many people all celebrating the same thing in one space. I guess you just had to be there. Karl was the British cruise director and he is very funny. He does a very good job in terms of being seen around the ship and also with announcements. Not too many and enough to keep you informed. Not too many sales announcements! One night Karl did a show of his own with some singing and magic tricks etc. I can only assume he must have been an entertainer at some point in his career. This is a ships review so I am not going to say much about the islands we visited, Barbados, St Lucia, St Maarten and St Thomas. We got to all islands on time and generally left on time give or take 15 minutes. How do we size up our cruise? Well queues for food is guaranteed at just about any time! Generally these are not too bad and are not a show stopper. Events do not usually start on time but again we on holiday so not a problem really. Food is fine throughout. People friendly. Islands beautiful. The ship is nice and small and you never really feel crowded. We loved this cruise. With 4 islands and only 1 sea day that is great. We had a lot of travelling to do from the UK but it was well worth it. I would definitely like to do this cruise again. Next cruise The Carnival Breeze in Europe. Can't wait! Read Less
Sail Date December 2011
My two daughters and I cruised on the Carnival Victory out of San Juan. We had a suite which we found very confortable with a couple of exceptions. The sofa was turned into a bed-but the bed tilted out and my daughter struggled to stay in ... Read More
My two daughters and I cruised on the Carnival Victory out of San Juan. We had a suite which we found very confortable with a couple of exceptions. The sofa was turned into a bed-but the bed tilted out and my daughter struggled to stay in it at night. She was cold and we used the down comforter in the closet-every day the porter would remove the comforter and after 2 days removed it from the cabin and put a blanket in it's place. The toilet tissue and the facial tissues are extremely thin and rough. The toilet tissue is so thin that it is very difficult to get off the roll. A better quality tissue or at least a 2 ply tissue would be appreciated. When we turned on the TV it did not work and one of the bed lights never worked (seems cabins are not adaquetly inspected before being reused) However the TV was fixed immediately after it was reported. Dinning on this ship is not pleasant!! The lines for the grills in the morning are far too long. The grill is too small to produce omelets in quantity and people wait for 20 to 30 minutes to get served. To make matters worse people will place orders for 2 to 6 omelets while the line gets longer and causes backups in the adjoining buffet line. There is a desperate need for a larger grill and for a system to reduce this back up like a order number tab like a lot of buffet restaurants have. Each time we ate from the buffet in the dinning room for breakfast and lunch we waited up to 30 minutes. On a cruise stopping at multiple islands this wait cuts into your time ashore. More open seating dining rooms could help alleviate this problem. There seems to be no effort to seat people in compatible groups. We were seated a table for 9 with a family of 3 that spoke no English and we spoke no Spanish (made for a long week dining in the evening) the other 3 ladies came the first night spoke Russian and immediately left and did not return the entire trip. In this casual environment and preset gratuity assigned seating does not work as well. The meals we enjoyed the most were in open seating with different people. The Sign and Sail Card is not fully explained for the Casino. My assumption was that any money on the card from the casino would automatically be credited and I did not realize that I had to cash it out or lose it. Think the excursion desk should have been honest with us about the reason for cancellation of the para sail tour. We would have liked to know that para sailing was not safe in St Thomas because we almost went with another tour to do this activity. Loved the VIP check in and check out!!! We enjoyed the cruise but will most likely not travel on this ship again. Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
Disclaimers: Despite the complaints you'll see below, I really did have a good time on this cruise. I believe in making lemonade out of lemons and not letting Murphy get the upper hand. For those of you who like to see pictures, stop ... Read More
Disclaimers: Despite the complaints you'll see below, I really did have a good time on this cruise. I believe in making lemonade out of lemons and not letting Murphy get the upper hand. For those of you who like to see pictures, stop here. I don't have a camera. The following represents only my experience and my opinions. If I don't speak to something you have a question about, please ask. Sunday - Travel Day I flew AirTran non-stop round-trip from Baltimore to San Juan. I flew in the day of the cruise and arrived at the airport at 3:30. My bag was one of the first off the plane and I was in a taxi on the way to the port by 3:45. I arrived at the port at 4:00, dropped off my one big bag, tipped the porters and went through the process of getting on board. I was in my cabin by 4:30. So far, so good. I hung around my cabin (1A-2445) for a while hoping the bag would show up sooner rather than later. Apparently this is where Murphy joined me on the cruise. After an hour I walked around the ship, booked my St. Thomas excursion and had a drink. I had to go up to the excursion desk because the TV remote didn't work for the ship's menu. Left a note to have it replaced. New one works fine. Then back to the cabin a look to see if my bag had arrived. Nope. So I went to dinner, which is open seating the first night. Most of you know that on cruises from San Juan about half of the passengers are from Puerto Rico. No biggie. Except that I was put at a table for 10 with a family of 6 who didn't speak English. For all intents and purposes, I don't speak Spanish. Shortly thereafter, a single gentleman from New Jersey joined the table, along with a lovely bilingual couple from PR who graciously handled the translations for us. Awkwardness averted and a good time was had by all. Rick from NJ and I discover we have the same dining assignment and he finds out it's a booth for 4. Not my style. So I ask the Maitre' D to move me to a bigger table. No problem says he. A note will appear in my cabin the next day with a new table assigned. It does and I'm moved. Meanwhile, after dinner and the safety drill I head back to my cabin to unpack. Not gonna happen. No bag. It's now 10:00 and the ship is moving. I'm thinking I'm going to be spending my day in St. Thomas doing some serious shopping instead of the snuba I had planned. I try calling guest services - no answer. So I go up there and prepare myself to deal with the long line and there it sits - my bag, sans tags. Now, I printed out 2 tags, covered them with packing tape and stapled them to my bag on both of the 2 handles. When I gave the bag to the porters, the tags were there and intact. So somewhere along the way, the tags "fell off." Thanks Murphy! So I didn't get to unpack until almost 10:30 that night. Afterwards, I went up for a nightcap and then off to bed. Monday - St. Thomas: After breakfast I head out to meet the tour for my Snuba adventure at Coral World. For some reason we're a very small group. Lovely. Even better, they split us into 2 smaller groups when we're going to snuba. The experience was terrific. After instructions and a safety briefing, we were in the water for a good hour at depths between 10 and 20 feet. Good enough for me. Lots to see. Great fun. Afterwards we have about an hour before we're taken back to the ship so I finally get a good look at Coral World. World? Really? Maybe neighborhood. I had no idea it was so tiny. Anyway, back to the ship for lunch and leisure time. I find the adult hot (warm?) tubs at the back of the ship and settle in to relax. Perhaps they need to put the adults only sign up in more languages than just English. If I want to spend time around children, then I'll go elsewhere. I'm in the adults only tub. Yes, that was me screaming at the splashing boys in the other tub to get out, which they did. First night at my regular dining table. Looking forward to meeting my dinner mates for the week. Not happening. Apparently Murphy told them all to go eat elsewhere. So there I sat, all by my lonesome at a big round table for 8. Lots of attention from the wait staff, but not the experience I wanted. Did the usual evening routine of a show of some sort and a night cap. Then off to bed. Tuesday - Dominica - oops, no, it's a Sea Day. OK, get out the lemonade press. Instead of river tubing in Dominica, I get to have a nice lunch in the dining room, there's afternoon tea and a wine tasting. Plus, I found the newly installed Adult Serenity area on 12. This must be what they did during the drydock. There was definitely no other ship improvements noticeable. Nice area, lots of padded chairs and loungers and one huge hammock. And the tubs are big and really hot. I spent most of the day here. Although why they put the Adult Serenity Area right outside the children's clubs is a mystery to me. Is it possible that Murphy left the ship at St. Thomas. Nope. Murphy is still with me. When I take my shower tonight I notice that there's a problem with the shower unit. It's sprung a leak and the water pressure is weak. In addition, the showerhead keeps turning towards the wall. Have you ever tried to shampoo your hair one-handed? Not easy to do. A call to guest services has this fixed right away and I have a brand new shower unit. Formal night tonight. I get all dressed up and head to dinner, with a book just in case I'm alone again. But lo and behold, I arrive at a full table. However, it's another family from Puerto Rico. Truly lovely folks, but language is a struggle. Wednesday - Barbados: I have an excursion planned with Glory Tours. Without going into detail, the tour didn't match the description. However, I did have a good time although I was disappointed not to spend more time interacting with the turtles. But my time at Accra beach was terrific. I have corresponded with Sarah from Glory Tours and am satisfied with the resolution we reached. This was a new tour and needs to be tweaked. I noticed she's changed the description already and it now better reflects the experience. Anyway, after the tour, I picked up my standard 6 Calypso rum cakes and headed back to the ship. Apparently this is where I left Murphy. Good riddance. When I get back on board my S&S card is making a funny sound (I get a buzz instead of the ding) and I'm directed to guest services. The card is defective and they make me a new one. I notice that the card says I'm at table 540. The card I got in my cabin said table 538. I inquire about this at dinner. I'm supposed to be at table 540. Much better - there are two guys from Dallas, my friend Rick from NJ and a rotating overflow group from a party of 14. The rest of them are at a nearby table for 10. Happy dining ensues. A quick stop at the casino costs me a few bucks. Not very friendly in there tonight. I'm off to do something else. Thursday - Happy Thanksgiving in St. Lucia: Herod's Land & Sea Safari Tour is everything you've heard and then some. Despite the hurricane damage that prevented us from visiting the waterfalls, we had a terrific time. We drove from Castries to Soufriere, with a stop at the Sulphur Springs volcano, and a stop for a taste of the local bread. There were also lots of photo stops, including the Pitons, Marigot Bay and a banana plantation, where we ate the sweetest bananas. The Creole buffet lunch at his Mom's was out of this world. One of the best meals I had all week. We ended up at a beach resort property (closed because of the hurricane), but still a lovely place to rest and/or snorkel. Almost everyone on this tour was from our roll call and we had a great time. The ride back in the boats was definitely an E ticket ride. (If you don't get the reference ask someone who remembers those tickets from Disneyland.) There were short stops to see and hear the bats and a quick visit to Marigot Bay. Usual nighttime activities. If it wasn't a show, it was the R-rated comedians in the lounge. Funny guys. Or maybe it was the drinks and the company - who knows? Friday - St. Kitts Today is The Tour with Thenford Gray. Another fabulous day. Great tour, great guide, fun group of people. Lots of photo stops of beautiful sights. We did a bit of an island tour on the way to Caribelle Batik and Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park. Then off to Cockleshell Beach for lunch, some beach time and my long-awaited aloe massage. Very relaxing. Back at the ship it's the same old, same old. See above. Saturday - St. Martin Today's tour is with Bernard. All around the island, a stop at Maho to watch the planes land, a stop at Marigot for lunch and shopping. I found the French bakery and a croque monsieur and a raspberry beignet (or in English, a grilled ham cheese sandwich and a jelly donut). It tastes much better in French. Finally a stop at Orient Beach for more R&R. Another terrific day. Tonight is much the same as always, except it's time to pack. This is also my one night in the casino where I luck out at the roulette table and win back my previous losses. I break even. I'm not greedy and don't want to hang around to give any of it back. Besides, it's been an entertaining 90 minutes and I have go finish packing and put the bag out. Sunday - Time to go home. Since I have a 4:00 flight, I'm in one of the last groups to be called. A few of us gather in one of the lounges and wait until we are almost personally escorted off the ship. Last call time for us. While we wait, we enjoy treats from the coffee shop. It's funny to be paying cash for anything onboard. The flight home is on time and uneventful. General Overall Impressions of the Victory: The ship is in need of some serious cosmetic work. It looks old and worn. The food can best be described as adequate. It just didn't seem as good as on previous cruises. I sampled all the venues and very little jumped out as excellent. Nothing was bad, just not great. I saw 2 production shows and a magician. They were all fine; again, nothing exceptional. The new comedy club was a nice innovation. I only saw the R-rated shows and for the most part they were funny. I didn't go into the piano bar because of the smoke and I'm not a disco or deck party person, so I didn't go there. For a smoking venue, the casino was bearable and I didn't notice the smoke much at all. For the first time in the 3 times I've had virtually the same cabin, there was more noise and movement than usual, causing me to wake up very early every morning. The bedding was wonderful as always. Service throughout the ship was good, most everyone was friendly. But again, nothing exceptional. I wasn't moved to leave anything extra besides the basic auto-tips. This cruise was definitely all about the ports, most of which I would definitely visit again. But I have serious reservations about sailing from PR again. I just wasn't happy with the entertainment concessions made to that group of passengers. But I had no complaints about the behavior of any of the passengers on the ship. Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
We have cruised this itinerary on the Victory before so we were very unhappy that Carnival announced that they were dropping Domincia and adding a sea day, the seven ports in seven days were what made this such an exciting cruise but we ... Read More
We have cruised this itinerary on the Victory before so we were very unhappy that Carnival announced that they were dropping Domincia and adding a sea day, the seven ports in seven days were what made this such an exciting cruise but we didn't let it stop us from having a good time. We flew in Friday and stayed at the Howard Johnson Old San Juan, which I will no longer recommend, they no longer have breakfast, the elevator doesn't work and the place was nasty. Still, it was convenient to all the sights and we made the best of it. Embarkation was fast and easy, we couldn't really tell that the ship had been in drydock other than new carpet on the stairs. We had anytime dining and were seated promptly and professionally. The food was very good, the lobster was not over cooked, all the dishes came out promptly and warm. Service from all the dining staff was excellent, many waiters remembered our names, even though we only sat with them once. Andrew and Alberto are especially to be noted. Our starboard cabin was well maintained and beautiful, we were well taken care of by Jelena & Marlo, our stewards. We managed to dock starboard side to the port at every port except San Juan and St martin, those two were port side I was concerned about our cabin being under the Spa/Gym and hearing people working out at odd hours, but it was not a problem. We could hear people from time to time, but never too early or late. We went to a few shows but frankly we didn't stay long, not much into singing and dancing...Went to the comedy club and thought the guy was terrible... didn't gamble in the casino at all. We had a great time on our cruise, we had a good mix of fellow passengers, the weather and ports were good and the ship and crew superior. Towel animals, chocolates on the pillow and dancing/singing waiters, yes, we love Carnival! Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
My boyfriend and I flew to Puerto Rico from Sacramento. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express which was a perfect location near great upscale shopping and an awesome beach within five minutes of our hotel. We normally spend more on hotels ... Read More
My boyfriend and I flew to Puerto Rico from Sacramento. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express which was a perfect location near great upscale shopping and an awesome beach within five minutes of our hotel. We normally spend more on hotels but we were hardly there. The La Concha Hotel was nice and right on the beach for a great second choice. Great restaurants and perfect location for a little bit more money. We spent a couple extra days in Puerto Rico so we could sight see and relax prior to our cruise. On our last night after the cruise we went to Jazz Festival right across the street near the beach. It was great! Loved the local food. We went to Cafe Angel for authentic Puerto Rican dishes that were great. We didn't experience any of the previous complaints about Puerto Rico or the locals there. We had a great experience and everyone we encountered were polite. We visited Old San Juan, El Morro Fort,San Cristobal Fort and a couple of the local beaches. You can find anything you need if you forgot anything from home. It was awesome. A photographer's dream. I took over a thousand pictures on our trip. We chose the Carnival Victory because of the itinerary and overall were very pleased. We had VIP check in so after we checked out of our hotel we got right on board, no problem. I would recommend that I felt Carnival could have a separate entrance for VIP check in. It didn't feel right for us to bypass the long line of people already waiting in line so we could cut in the front of everyone. We weren't happy about how that was handled. We had an ocean suite, cabin 7271 with a private balcony on the Empress deck. It was perfect! Our room stewards Mark & Renee were awesome. The service we received from them was excellent. It was a quiet mid ship suite near the elevators for easy access in and out. The jet tub in our suite was wonderful. Great cruise. great way to spend our Christmas vacation. Read Less
Sail Date December 2009
This was the trip of a lifetime! I've never seen and done so much in such a short period of time. We were worried that the trip might be too long with so many stops, but time flew by. We couldn't believe it when the cruise was ... Read More
This was the trip of a lifetime! I've never seen and done so much in such a short period of time. We were worried that the trip might be too long with so many stops, but time flew by. We couldn't believe it when the cruise was over. We are a couple in our mid-twenties. This was my 3rd cruise, and my husband's 2nd cruise - all with Carnival. We got married at a cruise stop (Key West) in 2008, and we had an awesome time traveling with nearly 60 people. While we loved having people around, it was nice to have time for the two of us and make all the decisions about our excursions. We'd also love to try other cruise lines, but for the price, you just can't beat Carnival. The service was great, and we enjoyed spending our evenings eating delicious food, taking advantage of the nightly Happy Hours in the casino, and singing with Angela in the Piano Bar. (The only thing I didn't like was hearing Hotel California three times in two hours!) We stayed in Puerto Rico one night before and after. We had no regrets about our decision, but started to doubt ourselves after the cruise after a heated dispute with a taxi driver and then as we stood in a crowded, hot Holiday Inn Express as we tried to get rid of our luggage and others were trying to checkout! Once we had that taken care of, all was paradise as we jumped in the big waves at Coranado. Be sure to check out our port reviews as these were the highlight of our trip, and I spend MANY hours researching cruisecritic! :) Read Less
Sail Date December 2009
The Carnival Victory is, when all is said and done, a decent enough ship, the problems it suffers from are basically all derived from the human factor. The ships layout is pretty standard for this class of vessel and the facilities ... Read More
The Carnival Victory is, when all is said and done, a decent enough ship, the problems it suffers from are basically all derived from the human factor. The ships layout is pretty standard for this class of vessel and the facilities available are generally good. PORTS OF CALL The itinerary with a different island each day is, as far as I know, fairly unique and offers a good variety of islands. ST. Thomas offers good shopping, Dominica offers an island with little development, St. Lucia, Barbados, Antigua and St. Kitts all offer well developed tourist infrastructure, with historical and cultural differences enough to make them all worth visiting. FOOD The quality of the food was quite possibly the worst I have ever experienced on any ship. The buffet was like a farm yard feeding trough and seemed to be cleaned less regularly. The full service dining provided a menu of bland, non descript food that i would be embarrassed to be served at a local Picadilly. I'm not sure where the 'chef' trained, but it certainly wasn't a culinary institute, or maybe he just made do with the poor quality food available onboard, any decent chef would have sent most of the food back to the supplier. SERVICE The levels of service provided by staff were barely acceptable, there seemed to be an underlying attitude of 'well what do you expect'. ENTERTAINMENT This seemed to be kept to a minimum, mainly to keep people in the bars, which had the obvious results of drunks wandering around the ship at all hours. When shows were performed by the ships dancers and singers they were generally of a good standard, but way too infrequent. These shows are now cut down to one show per night rather than one show per dinner sitting, to allow for the sales of more booze. Read Less
Sail Date December 2008
The cruise started out perfect on Sunday, December 21, 2008 with an effortless check-in and debarkation from San Juan but things changed by the next morning. Monday, December 22, 2008, the shore excursion to St. Thomas was excellent ... Read More
The cruise started out perfect on Sunday, December 21, 2008 with an effortless check-in and debarkation from San Juan but things changed by the next morning. Monday, December 22, 2008, the shore excursion to St. Thomas was excellent but returned to the cabin to find our toilet not evacuating properly (slow to flush). We did not report this problem immediately because we thought just an isolated incident with everyone possibly utilizing the facilities, since most of the shore excursions were returning to the ship. Tuesday, December 23, 2008, this morning the cruise started to go down hill rapidly.... The cabin toilet facility would not work, so reported incident to Cabin Steward. Returned from day in port to fine toilet working properly, so continued with going to dinner at the Pacific dining room. 2015 hours, Pacific Dining room, table 419 met by our waiter, who never introduced himself by name or country of origin, appeared he really did not care to be serving us tonight. Asked for a wine list, which was not produced until after the first course and the bottle ordered did not appear to almost the end of the main course! Service was slow and level expected attention, quite lacking (much better service obtained on the Carnival Valor, with a waiter that was not only a gentleman but an entertainer)! Wednesday, December 24, 2008, once again the toilet facilities in our cabin stopped working and had to report this incident to our Steward. Proceeded to our shore excursion on St. Lucia and returned to the ship by 12 noon to find the cabin facilities operational. Proceeded to spend the remainder of the day on the Lido Deck enjoying the sunshine. Greeted by a big screen television, which could barely be seen from the sun glaring on the screen. The movie was depressing, something to do with Sissy Spacek suffering from Dementia and being befriended by an orphan girl (not very uplifting during the Christmas holidays). Once the movie went off no entertainment followed but advertisement for the shore excursion movie to purchase in the photo gallery. What ever happened to live bands on the Lido Deck? Finally an entertainer emerged to play a kettle drum to pre-recorded back ground music. Where were the Cruise Director and his FunShip entertainment staff??? Would have loved to use the hot tubs but unfortunately they were completely occupied by children (no adults present only kids), I thought this violated Carnival Cruises' safety rules? Christmas Eve, Pacific Dining experience was a repeat of the previous days by a lack of service. Ordered two single glasses of wine to received them at the end of the main course, and this was only after sending the waiter and assistant waiter to locate the wine order! Almost forgot returned to the room to once again find the restroom facilities not functioning properly. By this time it became apparent the toilet would not be fixed properly while at sea, so utilized the facility only in emergencies and relied on the public restroom for the remainder of the cruise. The remainder of our days on the ship were nothing extraordinary and the highlights were the shore excursions. Sunday, December 28, 2008 arrived at the San Juan airport at 1400 hours, after going on a rainforest tour, to find ourselves standing in line five hours with US Airways trying to check in for our flight home. Needless to say, once we were face to face with a ticket agent at 1900 hours, we were finally informed our flight was delayed until 2100 hours but unfortunately we would not be able to make our connecting flight home from Charlotte. All efforts to be rerouted to other major airports to make connecting flights were fruitless and ended up flying to Charlotte and spending the night in a hotel. Monday, December 29, 2008 arrived at Charlotte airport to once again be greeted by a check in line! To make this short we did get home but 12 hours past our original scheduled time, which resulted in us missing one day of work, long distance calls to family to advise of the delays and additional airport parking fees. All these arrangements were made by Carnival Cruise lines, so I must hold them responsible for the poor air service on a airline that is ranked lowest in customer satisfaction! Carnival arranged for Delta airlines to take us to the port on Sunday, December 21 but to save a buck placed us returning home with USless Airways. Basically, I now need a vacation from the vacation we took during the Christmas Holidays, thanks to the Carnival Victory! Read Less
Sail Date December 2008
We began our journey in Buffalo with air purchased through the cruise line, yes we flew the day of sailing. To make a long story short, we missed our connection in Philadelphia due to weather, and ended up at the pier just in time to watch ... Read More
We began our journey in Buffalo with air purchased through the cruise line, yes we flew the day of sailing. To make a long story short, we missed our connection in Philadelphia due to weather, and ended up at the pier just in time to watch the ship sailing off into the night. Beautiful! If you run into trouble en route to the ship, I urge you to call Carnival. Because I called while we were in Philadelphia to let Carnival know we would likely miss the ship, they put us up in a really nice hotel in San Juan, and let us know who to call to book a flight to St. Thomas the next day. This was all done painlessly on my cell phone while we waited for our new flight in Philadelphia. San Juan - our hotel was just lovely - the Condado Plaza - I would recommend it for a pre-cruise stay, which I will definitely do before my next trip, no more day-of flying for me! Our flight to St. Thomas was with Cape Air on a 9 seater plane. The flight was wonderful! What a thrill, and it almost made up for missing the sailing ;) Basically a half hour sightseeing flight. My hubby and I just loved it! After a short cab ride to the pier, we finally saw the Victory - and even though we were all scared of hearing the "toot toot" from the horn just before we got there, she was still tied up when we happily rolled up the gangway. I believe there were 200 - 300 people who missed the sailing, so we watched many people follow our path all day long. St. Thomas - we didn't do anything! We boarded at 2:30, and weren't about to set foot off the ship again that day!!! The Victory - What a beautiful ship! We absolutely loved the color schemes and designs of the public areas. The "seas of the world" theme lent itself to beautiful blues, greens and golds. There are tubes covered in tiny white lights that snake around the ceilings which make the ship festive. Joe Farcus said in the design video that they were inspired by electric eels - don't worry, they don't look like eels! I found the colors and decorations elegant and lovely. The ship was constantly scrubbed and cleaned, and most surfaces were simply gleaming. Of course there were some areas where several years of wear were evident in carpets, for example, and I believe she is in for some refurb in the near future, but you certainly won't suffer any if you go before that work is done. Others had warned about "seahorse bites". Boy oh boy, did I fall victim! The seahorses at the foot of each stairway railing were quite decorative, but for the somewhat accident prone, just watch your step! (DH can't figure out how I did it). Staff and Crew - We really liked Malcolm as director. We found him genuinely funny, not corny, and very entertaining. He also kept the Bingo and the announcements to a minimum, which made for a nice atmosphere in our opinion. Although this coming week will be his last on the Victory, so if you're cruising in 2009, you won't have him anyway. Squishy, the assistant CD walked with us on the On Deck for the Cure, and was great to chat with. Otherwise, we didn't see many entertainment staff. The room stewards and wait staff were just as good as we have always had, and some of the bartenders were especially friendly and chatty. On-board: I have to admit, we didn't make it out to any bars, which is out of character, but when you read our daily activities, you'll understand why! There was a latin band, karaoke, some jazz nights with the orchestra, a classical pianist, a solo guitar act, a duo (replacing the Music... bands?) and a calypso duo. The Orchestra was wonderful. I thought the dancers were the most coordinated and talented we've seen so far. The female singer has a tremendous range, and I enjoyed most of her songs, definitely the most talented female we've had on our three cruises. The male must have been sick at first, because I wasn't impressed during the first show, but was blown away by the second. Livin' in America and Vrooom are fun, high energy shows with great costumes and fun music. They were nice, enjoyable evenings. Christmas: Decorations on the ship were lovely, traditional, and certainly not obtrusive. There was also a large menorah lit every evening, but there was no ceremony involved as far as I could tell. There was a lovely Christmas show with the singers and dancers and a very few children from Camp Carnival - each age group performed a song or dance. Santa Came, the Captain gave a greeting, and at the end, many staff came down with candles and everyone sang Silent Night. It was a lovely, moving experience. We gave all our servers and stewards a little extra cash in a holiday card, and a box of chocolates for each of them. They were all pretty surprised and happy to receive them, and it was nice to give a gift on Christmas. Passengers and cruise atmosphere - this was the most low-key cruise we've ever been on. There weren't many people on-deck at any time of day. The lido buffet was very busy around 3:00 every day when people returned from shore. The shows were pretty much full every night. While talking to Squishy (Assistant CD) he told us that most cruisers on this itinerary are there for the ports of call, so not many participate in on-board activities or games, and the night spots aren't as busy. Case in point - there were 9 of us who completed the On Deck for the Cure. As I mentioned, there were only a couple Bingos on board, hardly any special activities and the advertisements and announcements seemed to be at a minimum, which was really nice. It seemed less "camp-like" and more relaxed than other cruises we've done. Food - yum, yum, yum! We did not enjoy the food on the Triumph last year, so we were wondering about the food on her sister, the Victory. I really loved the food. Nearly everything I ate was absolutely delicious. Stand-outs were certainly the chilled cucumber soup, the Taste of Nations Mediterranean on Lido, the soups at the Yangtze Wok, the Sushi bar, appetizers at the Past Guest Party and Seafood Medley in the main dining room. The only so-so meal I had was Chateaubriand, and that's because we raise our own beef so it's hard for plain old American beef to compare ;) Let's get on to the ports of call!! (those that I actually made it to!) Dominica - we did a private tour through bumpiing tours with the owner Levi Baron. It was only $60 per person for a 7 hour tour - the Roseau Valley Best. We hiked to Middleham Falls (I felt that hike for three days!), visited the Titou gorge, Middleham Falls, Wotten Waven Sulphur Springs, the Botanical Gardens and did snorkeling at Champagne Reef. The tour was phenomenal. I have never seen a place as breathtaking at Dominica. It's very undeveloped, and you're truly in the rainforest here. It's my idea of paradise with mountains, valleys, waterfalls, rivers and lush green as far as the eye can see. Levi was terrific, and I would HIGHLY recommend his tours for anyone travelling to Dominica. Remember, in the rainforest it rains - they average an inch a day. We were soaked all day, but it didn't dampen the awesome tour! www.bumpiingtours.com Barbados - we booked a helicopter tour through Horizon Helicopters. They are relatively new, and are located near the airport. The nice thing about Horizon compared to the competition is that your tour is private, so DH and I were by ourselves with the pilot and no other passengers. The tour was very interesting, we encircled the entire island, and the pilot gave us a lot of information on the land and history. After Dominica I didn't find Barbados as beautiful, but the cliffs and coastline were very impressive, and the helicopter experience was once-in-a-lifetime. It was very windy, so we were pretty queasy by the last 10 minutes or so, and glad to touch down!! The tour also included a visit to the Barbados Concorde Experience which is an interesting exhibit for anyone interested in aviation. You get to go through the Concorde and learn a lot of the history of aviation in the Caribbean. DH really enjoyed it. We hired a taxi which came back to pick us up at a pre-arranged time. Some more rain today, but luckily after we landed. www.horizonheli.com and www.barbadosconcorde.com St. Lucia - booked the Land and Sea to Soufriere through Carnival. We loved the tour which visited a fishing village, several lookouts spots, drove through a banana plantation and visited a drive-in volcano (cool!) and the botanical gardens. Our guides were fantastic, enthusiastic and gave a lot of information on the land, history and culture. The Gardens were tremendously beautiful. There's plenty to see and do on St. Lucia, and lots of lovely places to stay. I would certainly go back for a week-long vacation. We then boarded a catamaran for a delicious creole lunch and 2-3 hour cruise, a highlight was breadfruit casserole, which tasted like a baked mashed potato with cheese. The rum punch was free flowing, and there was calypso Christmas music playing. The shoreline was beautiful, and I felt perfectly relaxed and contented. We stopped to swim and saw some nice fish life. It was another windy day, and we had a few showers. It was the perfect way to spend Christmas. Antigua - this island seems very developed with homes and businesses most closely resembling those we're used to at home. The landscape is much flatter than the other islands, it's drier, and there are more fields with agriculture and pasture. We did another ship tour - hike, snorkel and kayak eco-tour. We took small boats for about 45 minutes to great bird island. The ride was WILD! It was very windy again, and we got soaked on the fast ride. It was very James Bond though, and we loved the rush. We walked up to the top of this nice island which had a bit of vegetation, definitely a desert island. There were cool rock formations to look through down to the ocean. We snorkeled for awhile, but the waves were so big the bottom was really worked up which made it murky. One thing we weren't pleased with was that after our snorkel, we were told to throw our equipment back into these bins where we got them, and the next group was on their way down to get them. ick. I'm sure the salt water keeps germs down, but I'm tempted to get my own equipment for future. We then boated back to a somewhat sheltered area among mangroves for kayaking. The water was rough, and it was not exactly relaxing to fight our way around the stands of mangrove! The guides were friendly enough, but didn't explain much. They definitely show signs of doing this every day like clockwork. We did a very similar tour in Grand Turk last year which was phenomenal due to the enthusiasm of the guide who practically jumped in the air with glee each time he saw a creature to show us. In all, we didn't have a bad day in Antigua, but nothing we saw or did would entice us to return. St. Kitt's - what a great way to end the trip! Another absolutely beautiful island. The buildings and homes were lovely here. Roads were well-maintained and drivers were courteous. We booked the Scenic Rail Tour through Carnival ( you can't book it privately). There was a 45 minute bus ride to the train with a very friendly, knowledgeable guide who showed us many towns and landmarks. The train itself is a narrow gauge double-decker train. There are 5 cars, and each holds maybe 20 passengers. You can sit up top in an open air covered car or below at tables in air conditioning. they do not over pack the cars, so there's plenty of space. It was very windy again (surprise) so it was a very shaky ride! They provided drinks, little coconut cakes, a travelling choir and informative narration. It was a beautiful trip with acres of sugar cane, scenic mountains, old sugar mills, busy little towns and farmers working in the fields. There were kids running alongside the train, and in every town people waved and smiled at us. Maybe it's because the government has told them that this is what paves the roads and builds the hospitals.... but regardless, it makes a great impression, and they are definitely hospitable to tourists. Where the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean sea meet you can actually see the waves crash against each other in a wild frenzy. That was something to see! There are many historic sites, museums, hiking trails and places to visit in St. Kitts, so I will definitely be back here as well. www.stkittsscenicrailway.com Coming Home - we enrolled in the Lex program. For $20pp Carnival takes your luggage from the pier to the airport and checks it to your final destination. They also print your boarding pass and give it to you the night before you disembark. We did this because we had several hours before our flight, and since we missed San Juan on embarkation day, we wanted to wander a bit. Disembarkation could be nicer. After a week of excitement and luxe treatment (hey, this is luxury for us!) we felt pretty unceremoniously booted off the ship, bags in the hallway, waiting in the lounge to be told to line up, then standing in line to get off the ship. Oh well, I guess a super expensive line might have a fancier send-off, but it's a small trade-off for the great prices on Carnival I guess :) We walked down the paseo de la princesa which had a neat "Earth From Above" photo display on, then headed along the pathway at the base of the wall to the foot of El Morro. There were loads of cats here which added a sort of quirky ambiance! They collect donations to feed the cats. Again it was super windy, and we enjoyed rolling seas and big waves. Walking through old San Juan was lovely with beautiful Christmas decorations on many buildings. Getting to the airport was great, as we breezed through security straight to the gate, although the lines weren't long at all, so we wouldn't have had much trouble anyway. Our flight arrived and departed 40 minutes late, and the plane was practically falling apart! (US airways). Three luggage compartments popped open during takeoff and landing, and my hubby had to close several during the flight that opened above our heads. My seat wouldn't stay upright, and the light above my seat was smashed. Made me very optimistic about the safety of the plane! The pilot told us he was late because before they left Philadelphia the equivalent of the check engine light kept lighting up so they had to get it checked out. I was very uncomfortable on that flight. We found that our connecting flight was leaving concourse F, and we were landing in concourse A, and would have 10 minutes to get there by taking a shuttle. While rushing to concourse F, we looked on the departures board, and saw beside our Buffalo flight "Cancelled". Oh No! After another visit to Special Services, we got on an 8:30 flight to Buffalo. Ok, another 2 hours, no problem. We finally got to Buffalo and.... no luggage. Filled out some forms, and headed home, pretty exhausted. After crossing the boarder painlessly, and making it across the windy skyway bridge (do you notice a weather trend here?) we got to my parents house 22 hours after getting up that morning. Phew! the next day, we got a call from the airline around noon that they had our luggage, and were sending it by truck that evening. So DH and I headed home, and our luggage made it to my parents' where we'll pick it up later this week. Phew. So I've initiated my claim for our extra little flight to St. Thomas, some huge taxi fees, extra meals, and a smashed digital camera that didn't survive the flight home in our carry on luggage. It wasn't the best way to end the trip, but in all we had the very best time we could have hoped for. I absolutely loved this itinerary, and would do it again in a heartbeat. The Victory was probably our favorite ship for decor and atmosphere, as well as food. It was the perfect way to spend Christmas, and we loved every minute from the moment we boarded the ship to the moment we got off. Read Less
Sail Date December 2008
My husband and I, our 4 kids and my daughters fiance just got back for the December 28th sailing of the Carnival Victory. This is our 4th New Year's family cruise and the second one in the Caribbean. We flew into San Juan ... Read More
My husband and I, our 4 kids and my daughters fiance just got back for the December 28th sailing of the Carnival Victory. This is our 4th New Year's family cruise and the second one in the Caribbean. We flew into San Juan from Toronto early Sunday morning and boarded the ship at 1:30 pm. The embarkation was quick. We had booked 2 balcony cabins and 1 inside cabin. All the cabins seemed smaller than on previous cruises and the 3 boys sharing the balcony cabin were cramped but we expected that. The cabin service was excellent. We found the food to be very good in the dining room and to avoid line-ups ate breakfast there every morning as well. It was fine. Lunch was usually on the Lido deck late afternoon after returning from island visits and we had some problems with lines. The service in the dining room for the dinners was excellent. The waiters seemed to have problems getting our breakfast orders correct though. We found the entertainment to be good to very good. The acoustic guitar player was excellent. Ports: St. Thomas. We took a taxi to Coki Beach and would not recommend it. Dominica - We booked a private tour with bumpiingtours.com. Everyone of us thought this to be one of the best tours ever. I cannot say enough goods things about this tour. Every minute was fun. Barbados - We did the Mount Gay Rum tour in the morning which we found interesting and then took a taxi to Lobsters Alive in the afternoon. The beach was beautiful and we all enjoyed it. St Lucia - We booked the Cosul tour because of recommendations on CruiseCritic.com boards. We were very disappointed with it. Everyone of us felt ill by the end because of us having to sit at the back of a large van and having to endure many hours of driving twisty roads. Our driver was boring and had little to say. The waterfall viewing and volcano visit were nice but not worth the long long drive to see them. It was a huge disappointment to us. Antigua - We took a taxi to Dickensen's beach. The beach is beautiful and 2 kids rented a jetski and 2 kids went horseback riding along the beach. A fun day. St. Kitts - We walked off the ship and booked a tour from a taxi driver. It was relatively inexpensive and after the tour we were dropped off at Cockleshell Beach and picked up 2 1/2 hours later. A great final day. New Year's Eve was celebrated onboard. In typical Carnival fashion free champagne was offered all evening and the party was fun. There have been comments on previous postings of the rudeness of the "locals". We saw evidence of this on several occasions and even had to call security on board the ship once because of very obnoxious behavior of 2 women in the cabin beside my daughters cabin. All in all though Carnival does a great job of putting together a great package for a family travelling over a holiday period. Read Less
Sail Date December 2008
On December 20th, I realized that I hadn't yet made plans for our annual Holiday trip to the Caribbean. My husband works for a major airline, so we are used to last minute travel. Since I wasn't able to book a hotel room on one ... Read More
On December 20th, I realized that I hadn't yet made plans for our annual Holiday trip to the Caribbean. My husband works for a major airline, so we are used to last minute travel. Since I wasn't able to book a hotel room on one of our favorite islands, I thought that it might be nice to book a last minute cruise instead. It has been 9 years since I took a Caribbean cruise and I even though I prefer doing my own thing on the islands, time was running out and if I wanted a vacation, I needed to make a decision and fast. I learned that Carnival still had outside cabins available for their New Year's cruise that departed December 28th. I was very impressed with the ports that they were planning to visit, as I had never visited three of them: Dominica, St. Lucia nor St. Kitts. I has reservations about traveling with Carnival, as I never had in the past and had always heard that other cruise lines offered better service, food, etc. but I overlooked all of this and couldn't wait to board the Victory. I liked the decor of the ship, the theme was the Seven Seas of the World and each public room carried the theme of one of the seas. Very creative! Our stateroom was larger than the staterooms that I remembered from previous cruises and was very comfortable. There was lots of closet space and I enjoyed the bedding that was complete with a comforter and duvet cover. One of the best things about this cruise was the cruise director Malcolm Burns. He said that he reads the reviews, so I hope he sees this one. I don't remember even meeting the cruise director on previous cruises. They were like the "man behind the curtain" in most cases but Malcolm was very visible from the first day and took the time to greet guests when he walked around the ship. One could tell that he was truly in charge of all the ship's activities. I especially enjoyed the planning he did for our New Year's Eve Celebration. As a district-level administrator of a very large urban school district, I have planned many events over the years and hosted a week-long national conference with about the same amount of guests that were on-board the Victory. I was very impressed with Malcom's energy level and wonderful personality. He made everyone feel welcomed, special and above all, assured that they were having fun...who hoo! He honored our service men, police, firemen, nurses and teachers the first night, which I thought was wonderful and made everyone pledge to leave their problems at home and have a great time. I'm not one to do this and usually spend a lot of time on my laptop or Treo during vacations but he was so convincing that I did exactly what he said and turned off my cell phone (except for brief New Year's Eve calls) until the cruise ended. (Malcolm, I'm the lady who wore the lime green top and black flowing skirt at the New Year's Eve Party). Anyway, you did a great job. Thank you! Scuba Diving in St. Lucia was also fantastic! The coral was very brightly colored, which is rare for the Caribbean and the marine life was abundant. We saw eel, lobsters and even got inked by a jellyfish as he swam to get away from our camera flashes. Seeing this made the first day of the New Year very special. We spent the rest of the day watching USC beat Penn St., and had the sports bar all to ourselves. That was also very nice. I loved the choices of ports because each one offered unique experiences. Dominica offered hot springs, waterfalls and rainforests, Barbados, beautiful beaches, St. Lucia and St. Kitts scuba diving (I was amazed how much St. Kitt's looked like Hawaii) and St. Thomas, of course offered us the best shopping in the Caribbean. We ventured on our own in most ports and paid a taxi driver to take us where the locals hang out. We enjoyed curried conch, Chicken Roti, Rum Punch and other Caribbean specialties. Back on board, the comedians were good but seemed a little nervous when they did their adult shows. The piano bar was a fun hang-out as well as the salsa club. I'm not sure why the disco wasn't open a few nights and when it was, it was practically empty. I visited the fitness center and spa just about every day. The machines are plentiful and the room was clean. I would only suggest that they install a water cooler or give guests small bottles of water during their workouts. The only negative rating I have to give regards the food service. On other ships, I recall having several restaurants to choose from at any hour of the day. I also recall elaborate midnight buffets with a plethora of food from which to choose complete with beautifully carved ice, butter and chocolate sculptures. I didn't see any of this on the Victory. I don't ever remember paying for soft drinks on other ships but the Victory charges for soft drinks and juice if it's not during breakfast. I know that this sounds strange but we were hungry many times while on our cruise. We slept until about 9 (we were on west-coast time) and by the time we worked out, breakfast was no longer being served and it was too early for lunch. The only option we had was either the 24 hour pizza or burgers, hot dogs and fries. Rather than eat something un-healthy, we went without and ate in port. Tired after diving and other shore excursions, we sometimes missed dinner but it was nice to learn that the Mediterranean Cafe served the same meal that the formal dining room served. There was of course a line. The lines were un-bearable at times. I almost fainted in line from hunger one afternoon after scuba diving and not having breakfast or lunch. The line was so long that it took over 45 min. to get a meal. They really need to do something about this. Perhaps open more stations for food service would help. I'd also recommend serving Caribbean food during one of the dinners so that people could sample the culture. All in all, it was a great cruise and I would highly recommend it for those who are looking for a bargain and great ports to visit. Read Less
Sail Date December 2008
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Cabins 4.0 4.1
Dining 4.0 3.7
Entertainment 4.0 3.7
Public Rooms 3.0 4.0
Fitness Recreation 3.5 3.9
Family 4.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 3.0 3.4
Service 4.0 4.1
Value For Money 5.0 4.0
Rates N/A 4.3

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