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We are just returning now from the Carnival Victory and we want everyone to know that we truly enjoyed the staff aboard this vessel. 1. They were sincerely friendly - for example, they managed to learn our names, and every night when we ... Read More
We are just returning now from the Carnival Victory and we want everyone to know that we truly enjoyed the staff aboard this vessel. 1. They were sincerely friendly - for example, they managed to learn our names, and every night when we arrived for dinner, they were looking forward to seeing us. Sherwin, Adrian and Hendrick, took service above and beyond our expectations, consistently, every night. 2. Our Steward, Digno, well that man ... if he saw us coming down the hall, would almost run to meet us, and he always asked us, how are you enjoying the cruise? And if we had a question, he was honest when he didn't know the answer, but he would go out of his way to find the answer for us. 3. And the wait staff, well the bartenders, the casino, and the entertainers, all were so happy to be there. It truly felt like a "fun" ship. Although the boat is older, it has issues, but lets face it, all boats no matter how big or small, come with issues, but what made the difference for us was the staff, they were exceptionally good and we have been on a lot of cruises, this is our 4th Carnival, 2 Royal Caribbean, Windjammer and Norwegian, and of all the cruises, this has to be the best staff and service ever. We highly recommend this vacation, and for dinner, be sure to ask for Sherwin, Adrian and Henrick and you will not be disappointed! Read Less
Sail Date November 2015
7-Days Caribbean from San Juan, Pr, St. Thomas, Sea Day, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, St. Maarten. Positives: Had an entire day at each port. The room Stewards were awesome, The servers that were assigned to our table was awesome ... Read More
7-Days Caribbean from San Juan, Pr, St. Thomas, Sea Day, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, St. Maarten. Positives: Had an entire day at each port. The room Stewards were awesome, The servers that were assigned to our table was awesome table 414 (pacific dinning room). Was able to purchase alcohol before boarding the ship to take to my room in San Juan, PR. Negatives: The staff in the buffet area on the lido deck were rude, one morning I went to the omelet station and I caught one of the passenger licking a knife that was used in the peanut butter, I ask the passenger not to put the knife back in the peanut butter because that was just nasty, he put the knife to the side and I placed it on the other side of the counter so no one else to get to it, I then proceed to call one of the guys behind the counter and he just ignored me. Lack of wait staff to assist with getting coffee and water and such items that the passengers needed. The ship catered to Spanish and to the diverse culture that was on the ship (the clubs played a lot of Spanish music). Lacking in activities. Food selection in the dinning room after day number three went down, it went from OK to bad. Room: The shower curtain at the bottom was brown and not white as the rest of the curtain. The shower wall had black areas that looked like mold. The room was small in comparison to Princess Cruises. The room had a bad odor, I could definitely tell that the ship was old. The balcony was small as well. The excursion on the cruise was over priced, therefore I did the excursions with the locals. I was told that Carnival is trying to cut out the Reggae band on this cruise and that would be a mistake because they were awesome. I will try other cruise lines. I will not get on this ship again. Read Less
Sail Date November 2012
As a new member of cruise critic, I haven't posted much, in fact, the only posting I've done is on the roll call I participated in before the cruise! From what other people tell me, I'm probably one of the youngest Cruise ... Read More
As a new member of cruise critic, I haven't posted much, in fact, the only posting I've done is on the roll call I participated in before the cruise! From what other people tell me, I'm probably one of the youngest Cruise Critic members out there! I'm only 17! Anyways, here's the story of one of my most amazing vacations ever!Our vacation planning started 6 months before our cruise. A big group of our huge family wanted to plan a trip together, so we started brain storming. We've been all over the country...Tennessee, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, including many many cruises. But, we didn't really want to go on a cruise because we have been on so many, and have been to almost all the ports in the Caribbean, and we didn't have the budget to go on an Alaskan, European, or Hawaiian cruise. After looking and looking for weeks I came upon this cruise. I presented it to my family, and everyone fell in love with it instantly! We all booked 5 months before as to get the early saver rate, which allowed us to get onboard credit if the price changed. My Parents and I ended up with $550 just between us! So the countdown began, 100 days, 50 days, 20 days, 1 week! We all arrived in San Juan different days. I came on Friday with my Grandparents and my Uncle. Our flight left at 6am from Orlando, so there was no sleep involved the night before. :) We headed to the airport at about 3am, as jetBlue informed us that there was some construction. Boy was that a mistake! We arrived to the airport at 3:30, and were at the gat by 4:45 with over an hour waiting at the gate! It was worth the wait though, because San Juan was only a few hours away! :)We arrived into San Juan at about 9am. It was an hour later before we had gotten our bags and were waiting for our rental car. And an hour after that, we were finally in our rental car ready to explore San Juan!I've been to San Juan many times, and my grandparents being Puerto Rican, and growing up, had no trouble being there! We went to lunch at a little bakery and had the most amazing sandwiches I've ever had! They were grilled with and had powered sugar! I also had an alcapurria(ground beef and fritter mix, fried) and a Relleno de Papa(Fried potato ball). Yum! After our amazing lunch we went and checked in at our hotel. We stayed at the Embassy Suites in Catalina. They were backed up so we ended up leaving our bags and going on a walk. We met up with some our family who had arrived a few days before. After a few hours we returned to our hotel for cocktail hour! They had a nightly cocktail hour(really 2 hours) with complimentary drinks. Between the Cocktail Hours, and the amazing breakfast they had every morning, we really really loved the hotel and would definitely stay there again! I have a friend who works for a Hilton so we got a really great deal!Saturday in Puerto Rico was pretty uneventful! Everyone was arriving at different times during the day, so I just hung out with my cousins, which I ended up doing the whole cruise! We went to the beach for a few hours, and went to a few bars/restaurants. Our pre-vacation involved a lot of relaxing and just visiting with our family that we haven't seen in a while. Sunday started early! We were all awake by 9, and had breakfast. We finished packing up, making sure we had all our papers and luggage tags, and headed to the hotel were the rest of the family was. Right across the street was a little restaurant and we had some more spanish food. This time bacalaito. :)After 2 hours of deciding how we were going to get 24 people to the port in 3 rental cars, we finally left to the port! We were very close to the port, only about a 10 minute drive. We went to a few shops while they returned the rental cars, and finally went into the line to board the ship.Unfortunately I have to stop here, I have some stuff to do! But I'll be back! I have a feeling this is going to lengthy review with a lot of details! :) Read Less
Sail Date March 2011
We arrived in San Juan at 4:00PM after flying all day. We had pre-purchased transfers and while the pace was slow we eventually were shepherded to our bus/chariot. I was a bit nervous that our luggage was staying at the curb as we pulled ... Read More
We arrived in San Juan at 4:00PM after flying all day. We had pre-purchased transfers and while the pace was slow we eventually were shepherded to our bus/chariot. I was a bit nervous that our luggage was staying at the curb as we pulled away but was reassured that it would be sent later. (It Was!) Check-in was the smoothest I have experienced in five cruises. This was our first from San Juan but it went quickly. We checked in, dropped off our carry-ons in our stateroom, and met a few of our companions for a quick run to the CVS near Senor Frog's to stock up on wine and coca cola. Carnival allows each guest to carry on a bottle of wine and a 12 pack of Coke. They also allow guests to purchase a 1.1 litre bottle of Bacardi (I chose Limon) for $42 before the trip through the Bon Voyage Dept and it is waiting for you in the stateroom when you arrive. At $6.85 a drink that had to save me a couple of hundred dollars during the week LOL! The ship left port at 10PM and we attended the Bon Votage Party on the Lido Deck but we were beat from travelling so we went to bed shortly after we passed the Fort. Monday in St Thomas: We booked a snorkeling trip on the "Fury" a 46 foot sailing boat online. The crew took great care of us and we snorkled, saw turtles and stingrays, fish and even found a large conch shell we brought up to pose for pictures with before catch-and-releasing it! Rum Punch and Beer on the way back to the dock. Then a cab to Magen's Bay. Its $8 per person each way plus $4 to get in the beach area. I negotiated the driver down to $6 per person on the way over but they were not budging for the trip back. Tuesday in Dominica- Bumpiing Tours to the Falls, the cave/river swim and Hot Springs as well as a lot of driving around sightseeing. A wonderful tour we booked onliine as well. Our driver "Sexy" and our guide (her name escapes me) were excellent and friendly. Wednesday- Barbados-Were planning on taking the 5 Star Catamaran Tour but the weather looked ominous. We cancelled and good thing. It was raining and blowing from noon all afternoon. It looked like a Tropical Storm at times. So we sat onbord and played cards in the Sports Bar. A Note here: When in port, the ship becomes like a ghost town. Few activities. A friend went to the ping pong tournament and no one from Carnival even showed up. Sad Guys, come on! Thursday- St Lucia- Pre-booked tour around the island. Stopped pretty much where we wanted when we wanted. The driver, Reginald, was the best. My wife got motion sickness from the winding roads and he stopped and when the bar we were at had no Sprite, he went alone to another place and bought her a Sprite with his own money. He also stopped at a casava mill so we could sample and buy casava bread, we stopped at a scenic overlook or five to shop. I bought some spiced rum at one. It was $20 a bottle but OH SO TASTY! Of course it rained most of the day off and on but we still had a blast and Reginald bought us hot bread and cheese to snack upon as well as some local bread called Bambi Bread or something like that. It was good too if a little hard to break off. Friday- St Kitts. Took Tangerine Tours with a wonderful guide with rainbow dyed beard and hair. He was a blast and drove us all the way around the island stopping at Romney manor, a few scenic places and up the hill above the Marriott. 3 PM...More Rain. It was a wonderful laid back tour though. Saturday- St Maartens- Went by cab to the French side to the beach. It poured again most of the day but the guys just swam in the surf with drinks and figured we were already wet so what was the big deal? My wife lost her money and ID and we thought she had had her pocket picked on the beach but when the cabbie came back he handed her everything including the money. We tipped well as we thought her sail and sign card, drivcers license and about $75 were goners. Nice to see an honest man and we appreciated it very much. My wife went shopping with some frineds in Phillipsburg and bought a lot of jewelry at reasonable prices. She had a wonderful time as did most of us. Sunday-Back to San Juan where we debarked almost dead last. We had a late flight so it was no big deal. Again we went off the ship quickly although the porters misread the luggage tags of two of us and we had to go no a scavenger hunt to find our luggage in the wrong areas. The San Juan airport was not too bad although the people at the AirTran counter were not in much of a hurry. Too bad they were not on commission they may have moved a little quicker. The Ship- I have taken five Carnival Cruises, once on Victory in the Western Caribbean in 2005. The Old Girl is in need of a drydock period. We stayed on the seconfd deck port side aft and the carpets were worn in many spots down to the deck. The staff was very friendly in most cases but service was not as good as in the past. Our cabin steward Gilbert was very frinedly, but I had to run down my own ice frequently and he forgot to fill it at night on one occasion. The dining room wait staff were very frinedly but they had some trouble remembering who had ordered what. There were fifteen of us at adjacent tables near the aft windows so we switched who sat at what table depending upon who arrived first so it was paobably confusing for him but all in all he did a good job. The food arrived lukewarm frequently and my filet was not very tender at all. Don't get me wrong, the food was good usually, but not as impressive as in the past. And they eliminated the Chicken Satay appetizers which was a huge bummer! The pools were not too crowded the few times we went although being hurricane season the ship was supposedly underbooked which likely helped. There were many rude guests onboard though. I hate to sound prejudiced because I am really not. But it was usually groups of Latinos standing three wide in the passageways yelling and refusing to move. We had to listen to the incessant shrieking of a group three doors down who screamed the word "Puta" about every thirty seconds. Nice. They also seemed to enjoy cutting in line at the lunch and breakfast buffets and running up and down the halls at the wee hours screaming to each other at the top of their lungs. All in all we loved the cruise but agreed that service and cleanliness has slipped a bit since our last cruise. Would I go again? Of course I would. Was there room to improve? Absolutely. Read Less
Sail Date September 2010
We just got back January 17, 2010 from a 7 day cruise on Carnival Victory (we are 37 and 40 yrs old). The islands that we visited were San Juan, St. Thomas, Dominica, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts,and St. Maarten. No days at sea. We had ... Read More
We just got back January 17, 2010 from a 7 day cruise on Carnival Victory (we are 37 and 40 yrs old). The islands that we visited were San Juan, St. Thomas, Dominica, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts,and St. Maarten. No days at sea. We had three excursions pre-scheduled for Dominica, Barbados, and St. Lucia. We chose to haul taxis on the rest of the islands. The boat and food were fine. This boat seems to cater to families (there were 500 kids on board out of 3200 cruisers). If you are not a fan of children and all of the commotion, there is plenty to do and it is possible to avoid them. Many families stay near the middle of the ship at the pool and slide. I never did see the kids club group. The staff was great. Our room was always clean and they always had towel animals made for us when we got back to our room in the evening. Our room was 2454 - it is a corner room (oceanview). I hightly recommend it. It is slightly larger than other rooms since it is on the corner. Our window was large and not a small porthole. Our day was wake up to work out - there is a deck that permits running (just a hard surface), breakfast buffet, get ready for the island, then head out. We'd return right before the time given 4:30 or 5:30. They had a movie on deck at 6:00 which we would enjoy then get ready for our late seating dinner at 8:15. We'd stay out until midnight or 1-2am. We spent a lot of time at the piano bar. Alcohol: we took alcohol in our checked luggage. No problems. 2 bottles of wine (permitted), and 2 vodkas. Our friends did the same and even brought more than that. Soda and water: we also went to Walgreens in San Juan and bought soda (12 pack) and water (12 pack). Put that in our checked luggage and no problem. Internet: if you have a mini-notebook, take it. Many islands have free wifi in the cafes. There are also internet cafes which were $1 - $5 for 15 minutes. We never used the internet on the ship. Text messaging is the best and most economical to communicate with home. Clothes: capris, summer tops (it was warm), bathing suits and dresses for dinner. Says collar shirt and slacks for men for dinner. My husband wore nice shorts one evening and nothing was said. We did have 2 elegant evenings. No one wore gowns or tuxes. This ship is a little laid back. Excursions: they are expensive and we learned that they are short 3-4 hours (many without lunch)then you still have 3 more hours on the island to do something. So if you do not have lunch included on the tour, you either have to go back to the ship (often nothing around beside shopping) or you can choose not to go back at the end of the tour, stay on the beach and eat locally. There are so many third party tours and taxis right outside of the ship at every port. You can negotiate very good rates for tours and taxi transportation. I was not aware that anyone had a problem getting back on time. St. Thomas - we went to Sapphire beach via taxi ($16 each way for 2 people and 20 minutes from ship). You can rent snorkeling equipment for the day $10. There is snorkeling at the reef. Excellent. There is a place to eat between the condos (ask at snorkeling shack). This place had the best pickles. Lunch $20 for 2. At this port - there is shopping around the ship area but you need to take a taxi to go somewhere else. Dominica- again, not much near the ship area. We ate lunch at Cororico (far left. They have internet free wifi and a computer to use if you don't have a computer. We took a tour with Ken Hinterland tours - the favorites tour. I do not recommend this company. Seemed disorganized and rushed us. There is a swim-in cave / waterfall and a second level that you can climb up to. Our guide said that we couldn't do it. Water was FREEZING!. You MUST wear water shoes. We didn't have any and the rocks were very uncomfortable on our feet and we got cut up from the rocks. We didn't do the entire tour since we were running late. Pick one place to go and just take a taxi. We like tours and can hang in there but many tours do not have lunch or snacks so to be on a tour for more than 4 hours becomes a bit much. Taxi drivers act like tour guides so they are a good alternative to pricey excursions. If you want a coconut, they are at the top of the mountain. The ride up to the falls seems dangerous. Narrow and they are doing fresh construction (I'm not sure if they have building codes in this country). Seems to me if there is a heavey rain, the fresh road will be wiped out. Barbados- we took the carnival 4X4 paradise beach tour. Took us a round the island in an open jeep type truck with 6 people. Nice island. Then we went to the beach and had rum punch. We chose not to go back to the ship with the tour. We stayed on the beach and walked back - about 2 miles. No snorkeling here. Good tour. St. Lucia - we did the carnival Snuba tour to Pigeon Island. Pigeon Island is nice. About 20 minutes from ship. Definitely nothing except shopping at boat area. Snuba was good but short and Expensive. Again, we chose not to go back to the ship with the snuba guide. We stayed and ate lunch on Pigeon Island (great food at small restaurant $20 for 2) and took a taxi back to ship ($25 for 4 people). There is a guy that comes around in a small boat selling fruit and veggies. Mangos are fantastic. I'd recommend asking about good snorkeling and have taxi take you to a good area. The snuba was not as good as some snorkeling we did on our own. St. Kitts - my favorite. Very crazy when you walk off of the ship. So many people selling tours and taxi drivers wanting to take you somewhere. You can walk into town (a bit crazy). We took a taxi to beach - excellent. Ask taxi driver (we went with Tatem) and went to Shipwreck restaurant and they will take you - $25 round trip. Our driver came back to pick us up (we paid second half of fare when he picked us up). Eat at the small shack up the beach - Sunset Beach Restaurant. $10 for lunch. They also rent snorkeling equipment. Excellent reef. I saw a sea turtle while snorkeling. St. Maarten- take water taxi $6 p.p. For entire day to go back and forth. We went over to town and shopped and had drinks. Sat on the beach and swam there. Our friends did an island tour and saw nude beaches, swinger communities, celebrity homes and did additional shopping. Good coach purse knockoffs here. San Juan- we stayed at Howard Johnson (not the medical center) $135/night with AAA discount (about 10 minutes from airport and 10 minutes from Old San Juan. If I could do it over, I'd stay closer to the ship even though it is more expensive. We went a day ahead so we had an entire day before we had to board. We went into Old San Juan (you can take bus A5) or taxi $20 /4 people (seems to be $20 anywhere you go). No luggage on buses so you have to take a taxi. It was expensive to get around San Juan so we could have stayed near the ship for the same price. We left our luggage at the hotel, toured around then had to go back and get the luggage. Very inconvenient so pay a little more and stay closer to the ship. A few notes: take water shoes. Especially if you go to the falls in Dominica. We had our ship towel stolen at falls in Dominica and know of one other couple that also had their towel stolen. Don't take it. Money - to go anywhere on each island is at least $30 round trip. Excursions and taxis and shopping - we spent $700. Great cruise. We did have a few problems with people but nothing specific to the Puerto Ricans as mentioned in other reviews. Everyone is there to have a great time and provide a great time for you. Very fun way to vacation. The buffet area does get a little busy but you can choose times that are better than others. Read Less
Sail Date January 2010
This was our 10th cruise and our first on Carnival. As I stated on my ship comment card, the cruise/ship met our expectations, but the expectations were minimal. I've never been a fan of Carnival...based on published information and ... Read More
This was our 10th cruise and our first on Carnival. As I stated on my ship comment card, the cruise/ship met our expectations, but the expectations were minimal. I've never been a fan of Carnival...based on published information and past cruiser reports/reviews...and I doubt that we would intentionally book a Carnival Cruise again. We prefer a more traditional format as opposed to the more "laid back" style that appears to fit Carnival and its supporters. Our main reason for taking this cruise was that we "won" the cruise as part of an incentive with my business. As such, our hosts provided us with balcony cabins, two private cocktail parties, a private shore excursion, wine with all evening meals, a soda card, and sufficient shipboard credits to cover our gratuities and most other onboard expenses. We had already been to 5 of the 6 ports visited, so we planned to make this cruise a truly "relaxation" experience. There was nothing about the cruise that prevented us from doing exactly that, and with all the "perks" provided by our hosts, it helped make a 3.5-4 star cruise into almost a 5-star event. We flew down from NC in a group on the day of embarkation and were easily transferred from the airport to the ship with little problem. Check-in was quick and painless. We were able to stop by the local liquor store and purchase alcohol to take on board. As the cruise boards said, the booze was easily stowed in carry-on luggage and there was no question by anyone. We were probably on board by 3:30-4:00. We had to find our cabin on our own...a bit of a surprise in that many ships make sure that you are escorted to your cabin. Our cabin was a most adequate starboard balcony cabin. A very nice bathroom..very roomy..with good storage. The balcony was not large but adequate and we spent many afternoons and early evenings here. Our cabin steward was attentive without being too much in evidence. The room was always clean and picked up. The bed was comfortable and other aspects of the cabin were above average. I will say that at times...in the evening mostly...you could easily hear people in the hall..especially if they were a bit noisy. I might also suggest that the walls of these cabins are quite thin and noise and sounds do travel. Without a lot of details, I'll just say that our neighbors "really enjoyed" their cabin. Email me if you want more information in this area. Since the ship did not sail until 10:00PM, we spent the late afternoon/early evening inspecting the ship. I will not try to describe it...you can read the company profiles to get this. My wife, who is an exercise person, was pleased with the gym/exercise/sauna/steam room, and used these facilities every day. She was not as impressed with the walking track. There are two pools..with the adult pool aft having the ability to have the top placed over it. We did not spend a lot of time at either pool. The larger pool, with the big-screen TV, was just too noisy and crowded for our tastes. We spent a lot of time in secluded placed on deck with a book and something to drink. The ship is quite large and we were still discovering places by the 3rd or 4th day of our cruise. We had a late dinner seating in the Pacific Dining Room. The food was good every night...nothing exceptional...certainly not gourmet...but plenty of it and well prepared. Our waiter, Marco, was very good; his assistant less so. I think the assistant had too many tables to cover. I felt that the wait staff was overworked each night. There was not a lot of time for the interaction with wait staff that we have experienced in previous cruises. As for other meals, we had breakfast in the main dining room 5 mornings our of 7...the other two were at the buffet on the Lido deck. On the days that we were on ship for lunch, we were able to combine the best features of the buffet, the deli, the grill, and the pizza parlor to get a good lunch. The buffet was almost always crowded, and thus we avoided it if at all possible. We went to a couple of shows. The final evening's "Legends" showcasing ship talent was pretty good. There were a couple of good commedians. We did enjoy Angela at the Piano Bar in the Irish Lounge. We were surprised and disappointed that there was not more musical entertainment in the lounges. But in retrospect, the lounges were not very busy most evenings. The shows were not well attended either. We can only assume that most of the passengers were upstairs at the buffet eating or watching the big screen TV by the pool. I mentioned earlier that we had previously visited 5 of the 6 ports. We are not "shore excursion" people, depending to rent a car and explore on our own. Thus we can not comment on the shore excursions. Some of our group participated and we heard nothing negative. Quickly, let me comment on what we did: St. Thomas --our 5th visit, so this was primarily a ship day for us. We walked into town just to explore a bit, but were back on the ship for a lazy afternoon. Dominca -- the one port we have not visited. Since it was the national independence day, we were unable to rent a car, since most businesses were closed. We did partner with two other couples in our group for a 2-hour tour around the island, followed by some excellent local cuisine Barbados -- we visited here in 1998 and rented a car, driving around the northern half of the island. This time, we rented a car and drove the southern loop, having lunch at a seaside restaurant in Bathsheba and returning to ship by mid afternoon. St. Lucia -- we also visited here in 1998, where we rented a car and drove down the west coast to Soufriere. This time, we rented a car with another couple and "looped" the island, visiting the Pitons, the volcano, having a great lunch in Soufriere, and traveling back up the west coast on some winding mountain roads Antiqua -- we visited here in 2002 and had no desire to see the island again. We spent the morning in the port and the afternoon on the ship St. Kitts -- one of our favorite places which we visited in 1998. This was the day of our company-sponsored excusion...a chartered catamran snorkeling adventure sail down the coast, which included lunch, dancing, and a lot of rum punch. Leaving the ship on Sunday was pretty painless. Our hosts had arranged for a "group" departure and we were off the ship by 9:00AM. The real hassle is checkin at the San Juan airport. But it was not too bad, and we had 46 others in our group to share the time before our return flight to NC. A few other random comments: -There is a lot of activity by the photographers, and if you want one of the pictures, it is a real chore to find that picture and purchase it. So many people crowding around. I also did not like the 5+ photo stations each evening. -I mentioned that there seemed to be little activity in any of the lounges. The casino was also never very crowded. -I/we did not detect the previously reported "hoardes" of Puerto Rican passengers who were rude, pushy, loud, etc. They were present..we just learned to go where they were not. We never felt crowded or put upon. -This is a casual cruise. If you prefer the more traditional cruise, avoid Carnival and particularly this ship. There were two formal nights. I wore my tuxedo on one night and my white dinner jacket on the second. I don't believe I saw more than 50-75 men dressed "formally", although the women made a greater effort. All in all, a pleasant experience providing the "down" time and relaxation that we both desperately needed. The "perks" provided by our hosts as well as 40+ people that we knew traveling with us made it a nice trip. Read Less
Sail Date November 2009
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Cabins 4.0 4.1
Dining 4.0 3.7
Entertainment 4.0 3.7
Public Rooms 3.0 4.0
Fitness Recreation 3.5 3.9
Family 4.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 3.0 3.4
Service 4.0 4.1
Value For Money 5.0 4.0
Rates N/A 4.3

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