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Oceanview stateroom with twin beds that convert to a king.

Ocean View (6B)
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Ocean View Cabin Reviews
Cabin 2830
Jun 2017
1st Cruise By: vallierjenn
Very good size. Plenty of space for storing suitcases and clothes. Kids slept comfortably. We were located about halfway between multiple elevators. Room was very quiet even being across from a maintenance closet/room. Very seldom felt the ship moving either. Great location for a first timer.
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Cabin 6306
Apr 2017
Cabin 1298
Jul 2013
The room is an adjoining cabin to 1302. It does not have a sofa bed and is designed for two people. Everything was very clean and very dated. Zenith tube television in the room seems like unwanted weight and power consumption compared to LCD. There is no refrigerator. I did not expect one but have heard that other cruise ships of this size do provide them.
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Cabin 2456
May 2015
If you want a quiet, cozy cabin, this is NOT your cabin. BUT, if you are like me and like ambient noise, a little motion and room, this is YOUR cabin. It is an odd shaped cabin that has lots of room and It's located below the Pacific dining room, but you'll never hear any noise from there. It's above the deck that holds the ropes, chain pulleys etc for the docking ropes and also above the props so you'll hear an occasional bang, or dong but mostly you'll hear and feel the engines and propellers while out of port. The hum of the engine noise and vibration of the props rocked my wife and I to sleep every night and the extra movement of not so gentle seas helped us to sleep well and sleep late. We personally loved the cabin because of the ambient noise and movement but if you suffer from motion sickness or cant sleep with some noise, this is not the cabin for you.
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Cabin 1274
May 2015
Cabin was OK. Bunk Bed was useful for the kids. The steward was actually great in taking care of it each day. The noise outside the cabin was very loud and effected our sleep greatly.
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Cabin 2239
Feb 2014
the room was adequate, service terrible
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Cabin 1332
Mar 2013
Quiet location, nice view, enough room for the 3 of us. The "spring" on our door worked fine to keep it open, but the connecting room's spring didn't. So we had to prop their door with a desk so that we could keep it open at all times.
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Cabin 1357
Dec 2012
Cabin 1357 great location near self service laundry and elevator in aft half of ship only issue was due to ship design accessing Atlantic dining room was a pain. Easy access to Pacific dining room and Lido deck
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Cabin 2457
Nov 2012
Cabin 2457-For those thinking of getting an aft cabin, be aware there is a trade off. Sure the cabin is more spacious, but every morning when the ship pulls into port and every afternoon when the ship leaves, the whole cabin rumbles for a good 5-10 minutes leaving for some very uncomfortable moments. Booker beware =)
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Cabin 1342
Oct 2012
Our cabin, 1342 on the Riviera Deck was large, comfortable and clean. There is a lot of storage and luggage will fit beneath the bed. The washroom was the typical size of a cruise ship. We were very comfortable in this cabin and enjoyed the views from the large picture window. Unfortunately, the cabin is directly above where luggage and supplies are loaded or unloaded we found it to be noisy when we were at a port. Only happened three times.
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Sep 2012
Very noisy location...was right above the area where people got off the ship located towards the front of the ship. This was most noticeable when we arrived at port and they prepared the area for getting off and on the ship. Hallway too noisy...perhaps too close to elevators so heard people yelling and screaming even during the middle of the night.
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Cabin 2461
Jul 2012
We had room 2461 - oceanview aft. It was a beautiful view, big enough room, quiet in terms of traffic however you did hear the hydrolics of the boat - no big deal.
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Cabin 2454
Mar 2012
Fantastic vacation By: cruiser always
2454 - great location however at back of ship so tends to be a little rough, also very noisy in the morning when coming into port but was a good way to have a wake up call if you are early risers like us. Surprisingly spacious, liked having safe, TVs should be changed to flat screens, update, and then you would have another table space
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Cabin 1290
Mar 2012
Second Cruise Just As Special By: SailingFromIndiana
Very nice cabin. Window view adequate. Hallway not too noisy. Great cleaning service. Bathroom bright and comfortable. Small shower.
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Cabin 2398
Mar 2012
Victory Southern. By: c85f9
Many things broken down in this cabin, but location was great!! Wouldn't hesitate to book again, in spite of the broken stuff.
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Cabin 2428
Dec 2011
Pleasantly Surprised By: Family Traveller
Cabin 2428 - very roomy for 2 guests but could easily accommodate 3 adults. Clean and spacious and very comfortable
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Jul 2011
Our room was located away from the elevators and was very quiet.
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Cabin 1260
May 2011
Fantastic room...3 closets, 3 drawers,1 cabinet. Bathroom had awesome shower and medicine cabinet... great location...Rivera deck 1...across from elevators..no noise.
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Cabin 2339
Jan 2011
Our room was incredibly spacious. The bathroom had plenty of cabinet and counter space. I appreciated the full length mirror in the closet door. The wrap around counter was "cruise central" and enabled us to find everything we needed. We were heavy packers and had plenty of space. Our bed was comfortable. We had an oceanview and often could watch as the first cruisers embarked. I liked the natural light and seeing our ports as we arrived. The laundry was close by so that was helpful. The only real noise were the vacuum cleaners and the painters touching up the ship on the Saturday morning.
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Cabin 1261
Jul 2010
1261 is starboard, near the forward stairs. There is a crew only closet opposite used by the cabin stewards.
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Cabin 2355
May 2010
2355 midship close but not too close to the elevators but a grinding noise every night coming from the ship it's really annoying.
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Apr 2010
Great size Stateroom but needs updating
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Cabin 6286
Dec 2009
Loved our cabin. It had a lot of drawer and closet space. The balcony while small, was quite a nice touch. The bathroom was bigger than most other ships we've been on. Very clean, beds not the softest we've experienced, but not too bad. The bedding was comfortable. Lot's of towels - they also leave clean beach towels in your room for the daily excursions.
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Cabin 2324
Sep 2009
Cabin 2324 - No Issues with this cabin.
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Cabin 2275
Jul 2009
Wonderful beds, good views out the window.  Noise from the halls very noticeable.  Everything in good working order and very clean.
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Cabin 1287
Mar 2009
Best cruise itinerary we've been on By: Carnivals best itinerary
Very large, spacious rooms.
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Cabin 1290
Feb 2009
Riviera Deck is perfect, not much noise, big window (ocean view rooms), big bed, sofa and clean bathroom.
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Cabin 2393
Sep 2008
Near the rear of the ship, great access to dining room. There was a banging noise on 2 mornings. It sounded like work being done on the hull of the ship.
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