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Oceanview stateroom with private balcony and twin beds that convert to king. Every Carnival guest is assured of spacious, comfortable accommodations. All staterooms have carpeting, ample drawer and closet space, private facilities (shower, basin and toilet), telephone and color television showing first-run films.

Balcony (8C)
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Balcony Cabin Reviews
Cabin 7381
May 2017
Just OK this time By: Fitzziegirl
Cabin was adequate, very thin walls. Didn't spend much time in there. Balcony was nice. Bed was uncomfortable :(
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Cabin 7227
Feb 2017
Was nice. Don't let the cabin staff force you to accept morning or evening cleaning demand both. Two evenings hallway was flooded with fans running all night. On 4th floor a hugh amount of brown smelly liquid was on the floor by the elevators on the way to dining room. It stunk bad too.
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Cabin 8367
Jan 2017
Our first cruise on the Triumph and 6th cruise overall with Carnival. We always have balconies and this cabin seemed a little smaller in length than others. This is the first time we have ever stayed one floor below the lido deck because we have heard stories of deck chairs scraping the floor at 2am while they are cleaning. But we booked a last minute cruise and didn't get to pick our room. Luckily we were not under an area where deck chairs were but we did hear a large rumble above us lots of times. Wondering what it was, we finally discovered it was the big pushcarts in the lido dining area they push plates around on. That happens at all hours of the day or night. We really don't have big complaints with our cabin but were the most disappointed to find there is no refrigerator in the room. Our cabin steward Putu did make sure we had fresh ice twice a day and that helped. He cleaned up the room at least twice a day and turned down the bed. We noticed there were no robes in the room but heard others say you could request them. The other things we noticed were just little cosmetic things, little pieces of trim missing in places, and the balcony door handle trim was coming loose and had been bent. The door had settled and the little latch you lock the door with would no longer engage because it didn't line up. So the balcony door was never locked. On every cruise we've been on, if we left the balcony door unlocked, the steward would have it locked when we returned. Not the case on this cruise since it was impossible to lock. We had no valuables in the room anyway so were unconcerned it didn't lock. We are used to the bathrooms on Carnival and this one was not much different except it had a mirrored medicine type cabinet on once side of the sink instead of the 3 shelves on each side of the mirror like in other ships. The cabinet actually held more than the little shelves would have. The other thing was the shower control. I think it must have been retrofitted with a different control. There was a little warning sign in the shower telling you to set your shower at a certain degree setting however this shower control didn't have a degree setting. It was a simply a single handle you lift up and move left or right to get your temperature to feel right. I'm thinking the old control get replaced with this one. There are two 120v receptacles on the desk/makeup table so that was handy because sometimes there is only one. I use a cpap machine so I always have to string an extension cord across the desk, down the cabinet, across the floor and then under the foot of the bed and tape it all down. It's nice to have an extra plug to use for the cord. The bed was plenty comfortable and the A/C was adequate. We had heard other cruisers speak of sewage smells on some decks but we did not have that issue at all anywhere on the ship.
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Cabin 8220
Oct 2016
Clean room, maybe a little worn but more than adequate for us. Bed was really nice. The linens were comfortable and the mattress was very good -- we all slept very well. Bathroom was a good size with a shower stall instead of a bathtub which few people actually use. More than enough storage for a family of 4. The balcony was nice.
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Cabin 7345
Sep 2016
Everything was in excellent condition
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Cabin 6237
Aug 2016
The cabin is a little smaller than I expected. The crew on duty is very polite, he always recognize us every time he sees us by calling my baby name.
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Aug 2016
Triumph was a let down..... By: nurseshawnna
Nice Cabin.. First time with a balcony and we loved it. Could see everything!
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Cabin 8248
Jul 2016
Fun Cruise By: bamagirldonna
This was a standard balcony cabin. We had 3 adults and 2 children in this cabin, using the queen size bed, upper bunk and a trundle (roll-away). We had 2 110 plugs and took a power strip tp accomodate our electronics and it worked fine. I requested a fridge due to having medications requiring it and it plugged into the 220 outlet so it didnt use the others. There was plenty of storage for the five of us to store our clothing and other items with 3 closets, 3 drawers and two double cabinets. luggage was stored under the bed and in bottom of closets. Balcony was small but we enjoyed it anyway.
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Cabin 7981
Jun 2016
A typical cabin for The Carnival fleet but very cold much to my liking we were on The Starboard side towards the rear of the mid section 4 cabins from the Aft elevators which is pretty convenient to go to the lido deck or The Paris dining room on deck 3 which is where we dined at the cabin has a flat screen TV and a room safe the bathroom is a pink/orange color different from other ships which are blue BUT like I said it is a cold cabin and no controls to moderate it.
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Cabin 8236
Nov 2015
Nice room....Balcony is the ONLY way to go! Little signs of rust in age in the bathroom.But that is picky!
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Cabin 1051
Oct 2015
Better Than Expected By: glenn17
Good location
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Cabin 8336
Apr 2015
Been on Her Before By: Graciebell2014
Clean, lots of cabinets and drawers. Balcony needed a good cleaning from smokers before us.
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Cabin 7370
Mar 2015
Nice balcony. We love it that smoking is no longer allowed on balconies, eliminating the second hand smoke we have complained about in the past. No minibar was a disappointment. Faucets dripped unless you fooled with them after turning off the water. We like this quiet location with easy access to the comedy club, dining room, and buffet, but it is far from the theater, and gangway.
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Jan 2015
The rooms need updating pretty bad! All the rooms had a 70's style pink fixtures in the bathroom. They all have tube televisions still and only about half the balcony doors stay open.
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Cabin 8403,05,09
Dec 2014
Great cabins, covered, quiet and convenient to dining room and lido and elevators
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Cabin 8357
Dec 2012
Our cabin was close to the laundry room, which was great! I was initially concerned about noise, but heard none! We were under the Chinese part of the lido. We did hear chair scraping early in the mornings, it it wasn't a huge issue.
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Dec 2012
4 Day Cruise with grandson By: elvisgirl5334
I have to be honest about the cabin. The cabin needed some repairs. A couple of the lights did not work, shelves were missing in the cabinets, the TV remote only worked some of options (the on/off did not work) and the drain in the sink was really slow and leaked. We were on the 8th level and towards the back. It was extremely noisy.
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Cabin 7342
Oct 2012
Our cabin was close to mid ship elevators. It made for easy access to the casino and our dining room. There are three closets. One has a shelf and contains that safe, linens and life jackets. The other two allowed us each to have our own closet, which was nice. The bathroom is adequate with a great cabinet and under sink shelf. The shower is a good size. One thing that was bad is the fluctuation of the water temps in the shower during peak shower times. One minutes it is cold and the next, scalding hot. There is a leather couch in the room for sitting and an adjustable table to set things on like room service. There is desk and dressing table along one wall. It has three big drawers and a cabinet with shelves. I loved the dressing table stool. We always bring a power strip so we have plenty of plug ins. The beds are OK. I would say the mattresses are in need of changing. I think this ship is due for upgrades in 2014. The TV was changed while we were there, but they really need flat screens. I like to watch TV at night. They have a few channels that are not ship channels, but I noticed that TNT was not working which is my fav channel. We ordered first run movies. Also good for checking your sign and sail account. Our cabin was very quiet and the steward was not visible, which I like. He did an excellent job. The ice machine is right across the hall.
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Cabin 6282
Jun 2012
Great location, close to everything. Only negative is late night entertainment in deck 3 atrium comes right up to the room. We thought we'd have a hard time getting to sleep because of it, but we conked right out. Have a margarita before bed time and you'll never notice it!
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Cabin 8343
Apr 2012
room 8343. Only issue was the scraping of chairs that could be heard on lido deck above us.
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Cabin 7351
Jan 2012
7351 nice size, great balcony, quiet location. Fugly pink decor.
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Dec 2011
Do NOT expect too much By: acruiseayear
Terrible location, under pool area. Ruined 3 nights/days of our cruise. Not worth staying for free on the 8th floor in that area.
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May 2011
Great Balcony and very roomy. Plenty of drawer and closet space. TV needs to be upgraded, but who watches TV on a cruise ??
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Cabin 8409
Feb 2011
Would not recommend to people wanting a noiseless environment. Because of the sofa, the closets are perpendicular to the cabin door and if you weren't careful, you could clobber the open closet door with the cabin door or even the bathroom door. Took a little getting used to but it was OK. Plenty of storage space was nice BUT there was no refrigerator!
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Cabin 8357
Apr 2010
KIDS NOISE AND KIDS By: ezgoingcuz
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Cabin 7349
Sep 2009
Carnival Triumph Cabin 7349 was perfect! Up 2 floors to get to pool/ buffet & down 2 floors to get to casino & theater. The washer/ dryer were about 4 doors down the hall (across the hall) but we didn't hear any noise coming from that room. I was a little concerned when we first arrived because the housekeeping door was across the hall from our door but we never heard them. We do sleep with white noise playing in our cabin at night. Only noise we heard was from a few kids running in hall on floor above us a few times and the occasional drawer/ closet door closing from other cabins above us. Size of cabin was very adequate and I enjoyed having a balcony door that opened like a regular door (not sliding door). This made much less noise than the sliding doors do. I never wake my husband when I went out onto the balcony in the mornings (and he's a pretty light sleeper).
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Mar 2009
We had a balconey cabin on deck 9 (the Verandah deck). Clean, well-designed, with plenty of storage space. One of our couples had need for a handicap accessible cabin which was perfect for their requirements. Read the review for details on both.
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Cabin 7347
Jan 2009
7th Deck, Empress. Nice and clean. wife particularly liked the linens and shower. and as a added bonus each bath was given a his and her s razor.. on occasion it would be a little noisey. but not anymore than other ship s we ve sailed.
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Cabin 8340
Sep 2008
Friendly Cruise By: carolinagirlsu
Cabin 8340; we were on the perfect side of the ports. We had a great view. Enough closet, drawers and storage space. Perfect location from both elevators.
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