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This was our first cruise ever. Our cruise started on 25/09/2015 and was fantastic from the very start to the very end. We had originally booked for 5/8/15 but told after booking that the ship was in dry dock and had to reschedule. I ... Read More
This was our first cruise ever. Our cruise started on 25/09/2015 and was fantastic from the very start to the very end. We had originally booked for 5/8/15 but told after booking that the ship was in dry dock and had to reschedule. I purposely didn't book the first two cruises after dry dock because I wanted any problems with the refurbishment to be ironed out, and reading the reviews I did the right thing. Our cabin on deck 7 number 7212 which is midship and very close to the stairs and lifts was fantastic, very quiet and very clean. We mainly ate in the Empire dining room which was fantastic, we had any time dining which was great. We had the same waiter team each night (Joel and Anamaria and their team) were the best. We would ask their recommendations on the food and they were pretty well on the ball. They sometimes even brought us an extra serve so we could both try. The last night we payed extra and dined in the nouveau restaurant, we were a bit disappointed with the food as the lobster we bought on Mystery Island was so tasty and fresh we expected the lobster in the nouveau restaurant to be just as good and it wasn't. The comedians were a little disappointing but the stage shows were fantastic and having multiple shows of each every night was great. The different activities each day during fun at sea days were well organised and ran well, including the ice sculpture demonstration, the pamper session, the cooking demonstration in the nouveau restaurant we even got to sample the cooking, and many other activities. The one criticism I have is there was only one table tennis table on board and a few more would have been good as we didn't get to have a go at table tennis. We did play a lot of mini golf which we did enjoy each day. During our cruise because of the amount of great food we ate we decided to only take the stairs when moving about on the ship. We only left the lifts for the first and last days when we had our hand luggage. This was a great choice for us as we didn't put on much weight during our cruise. We also kept moving during the cruise going from one activity to another, we didn't lounge around much at all. We only booked 3 on shore excursions through carnival because most were expensive. The first we bought was on Vila the Cascade waterfalls which was worth the money, we later found out that others went there with a taxi that they payed for after leaving the ship and was cheaper but they had to pay extra after arriving at the falls to enter. Mystery Island my husband payed for a fishing trip from an islander that he payed $40 for instead of $170 or more from carnival on other islands, he didn't catch any fish but he may not have caught anything on the ship booked fishing trip either. We bought a lobster from the islanders for $40 which was the freshest and tastiest we have ever tasted the same size lobster in Adelaide would have costed us $130. Mare we payed $20 for a shuttle to the beach through carnival this is a must and the beach was beautiful and worth the money. Isle of pines we organised a tour when we got off the ship. We payed $15 each and the islander took us around the island showing us most of the same destinations that the carnival tour did. He was very friendly and informative and the tour took about 50 minutes. The rest of the day we walked around the markets and the shore. Noumea we booked a tour at the tourist building where we got dropped off we ended up having a private tour around Noumea including the lookouts. The guide was very informative, he told us to take our time every time he stopped at a sight, the van he drove was fairly new and we were very happy we waited and bought this tour off the ship. The last tour we booked through carnival was back in Sydney after we finished the cruise. This tour was meant to take us around Sydney and show us Bondi beach. We are not from Sydney and this would have been a good way to see Sydney and then get dropped off at the airport after the tour. Unfortunately due to a medical emergency and the delay in arriving in Sydney the tour got cancelled. However due to the cancellation Carnival placed us straight on to an airport transfer which we absolutely appreciated. The night time entertainment on the whole was fantastic however some of the comedians weren't all that funny. The on stage performances on the other hand were fantastic we thoroughly enjoyed them. We were a little concerned after realising we had booked our cruise during the school holidays and it was just the two of us. The first and last day we noticed a lot of children running around however every other day the kids clubs seemed to keep them busy or the parents had them well controlled we are not sure but we barely saw the kids during the cruise and we didn't even spend much time in the adults only area. The kids we saw were well behaved and kurtosis to us oldies (almost 50 years old) Well done kids. The one thing that we have realised was that the weather does play a big part in having a great cruise. On our cruise the first couple of days were a little rough and a few people we talked to later felt like jumping over board due to sea sickness however we both suffer from motion sickness so came prepared and pre purchased Phenergan from the pharmacy prior to boarding and we took this each night before bed which gave us a great sleep and we didn't feel sea sick at all. The rest of the cruise was smooth sailing and beautiful weather. All in all this cruise was fantastic and would love to do another cruise someday. We just need to save up our pennies as we would love to do the Alaska cruise. Thank you Carnival Spirit for a great cruise Read Less
Sail Date September 2015
This was our fourth cruise flying from the Gold Coast to board the ship in Sydney so as to experience the departure from Sydney Harbor which was worth it. Previously we have done the 7 nights South Pacific on the Pacific Dawn an ... Read More
This was our fourth cruise flying from the Gold Coast to board the ship in Sydney so as to experience the departure from Sydney Harbor which was worth it. Previously we have done the 7 nights South Pacific on the Pacific Dawn an excellent cruise and would recommend, 10 nights around the Eastern Mediterranean on the Crown Princess, another lovely cruise that we would highly recommend with beautiful food, 12 nights around the Western Mediterranean on the Norwegian Jade a bright fun ship again with excellent services and food and we were looking forward to, This next 15 nights around the East Coast of Australia and on to Singapore, as my wife was recovering from a Breast Cancer operation on the Carnival Spirit. Leaving from Sydney and going to Singapore (we were notified after departing, that it was for some minor upgrades and resteraunt renovations) via Brisbane, Airlie Beach, Darwin, Lombok, and Bali (wherein all the passengers, including children, whether going ashore or not, were automatically charged $50 each for being in Indonesian Waters). On boarding our first comment was she is old and in need a major renovation but thought it was still to be the fun ship. The meals at best were only very average, and not all the restaurants were operating. It is the only time I consistantly received burnt, or at least over cooked Eggs Benedict for breakfast and the free coffee from the Buffet area had a tannin taste to it, so we bought espresso which was ok. After waking and showering on the first morning of the cruise, I noticed little flea like bite marks on my chest but thinking it must have just been bed louse did nothing about it. Other people on board were complaining of sore throats and so again, just thought it was a bug going around, then on hearing of others who had gone to the doctor who had prescibed antibiotics with little if no benificial effect, further believed it was a virus that would run its course in a few days. Around ten days later I came down with a severe fever and was to ill to leave the cabin but still believing it to be a virus battled on. We eventually disembarked at Singapore and was then admitted to the Raffles Hospital on an emergency basis, gravely ill, with Typhus fever (this bug I am told, for people over 60, has a fatality rate world wide of around 60% and is transmitted by bites from rat fleas and is not air borne and has an incubation period of 7 to 10 days). On our return home I wrote to Carnival Guest Relations to advise of my experience and further advise that I had also been advised that a friend had overheard whilst in an Emergency department of her local hospital, of another patient in the cubicle next to her, who was being tested for Tyfus Fever, she evidently had also just come off the Carnival Spirit after a cruise to Singapore that departed Sydney on the 1st of August. There reply was to say, sorry we wern't happy with the cruise, but regrettably they cannot be held responsible for illnesses incured whilst on board. I should also add, that another guest broke their ankle while going on the water slide $3,200 in onboard medical fees was the figure that did the rounds. The ship did have all the basic offerings: Kids Club, Casino, Theatre, Shops, Shore excursions etc. and the staff were really nice trying their best to make the trip enjoyable. Don't get us wrong we love cruising and will again but we will NOT cruise with Carnival again. We had already booked another trip on the Carnival Ledgend to Hawaii but this has since been cancelled as a result of our first and only experience with Carnival, which was a shame, as a first timer could wrongfully prejudge other cruise lines by this ship and the attitude of Carnival, which would be grossly unfair!! Read Less
Sail Date August 2015
Carnival Spirit was my 8th cruise but my first as an "adult" onboard. I went with my boyfriend and another couple. We were 21 and 23. It was my boyfriends first cruise. I knew I would love it but I was a little worried to see ... Read More
Carnival Spirit was my 8th cruise but my first as an "adult" onboard. I went with my boyfriend and another couple. We were 21 and 23. It was my boyfriends first cruise. I knew I would love it but I was a little worried to see whether my boyfriend would. He did... we absolutely loved it and less then a fortnight after we had disembarked we had another cruise booked!! Embarkation day: We were on the ship by 12pm. We had lunch at the buffet. Our room was ready straight away. We had a lovely day in Sydney too which made it extra nice! We had dinner in the main dining room on the first night and went to the late show. The first two days out of Sydney were cool but warm enough to enjoy the ship. We were lucky the whole voyage which great weather (especially as it was winter in Sydney!). The first morning we had breakfast in the main dining room and the second morning we had room service. The second night we had the State of Origin on a live feed in the show lounge. The big NRL fan's on the ship were very impressed. It was a fun night. They split the show lounge into QLD and NSW and gave each side red/blue glow sticks. After the footy we went to the Piano Bar. I think we may have gone here every night actually. It was so much fun signing along to old and new songs. We had an absolute ball every night! From the third day onwards we went to Isle of Pines, Mystery Island, Villa, Santo and Wala. We were very lucky and had great weather at each port. Having been on a couple South Pacific cruises previously I did not pre book tours. In fact I found that each port had the same tours the cruise line offered for half the price. Day 3: Isle of Pines Isle of Pines was a little windy. We only spent half the day at the port as it was too cold to lie on the beach. The locals put on a nice dance ceremony for everyone which was very fun to watch. We had a really fun day after the port. We tendered back on the ship for a late lunch in the buffet again and spent the rest of the day sun baking on the serenity deck and in the spa. We didn't find it as windy on the ship which was great. We also tested out both the slides today which was very fun! Everyone at all ages must have a go on both of them! We had a lazy afternoon laying in one of the pods and watched the ship sale away from Isle of Pines. Dinner was at the main dining room again. The show this evening was the hypnotist. It was hilarious. We were sceptics so we went to both shows as we wanted to compare. We popped into the early show, were super impressed and then had a quick dinner so we could make it to the late show. In the late show my boyfriend went up on stage and the hypnotist actually worked! It was hilarious. It 100% worked.. somehow!!! Day 4: Mystery Island Today was much warmer. We all got a bit too much sun but had an amazing day. The snorkelling was fantastic. We went to both sides of the island. We also had a look around the little markets and spent time with the local kids. We also played mini golf on the top deck just before the ship sailed away. This night was our friend’s birthday. We went to the Nouveau restaurant. It is definitely worth going. The meals and deserts were sensational. Day 5: Port Villa We went to the Cascade Waterfalls. We didn’t book a tour with the ship, we just went onto the dock and had lots of people offering to take us there. There was a government building near the entrance to the town which had a display on the window for how much we should pay the locals to take us to each of the tourist destinations. Much cheaper to do it this way - but if you don’t get back, the ship will sail off…! So it is a gamble. We met a man who drove us and picked us up a couple hours later. Was a good day. Was fun and beautiful. Bit of a walk into the waterfalls thought. From memory I think it cost $25 entry each. In town is also a very good and popular place to do duty free shopping. You can’t take the alcohol back onboard with you, you get it when you get back into Sydney. Day 6: Santo We had a little problem the night before.. Too many cocktails and too late a night meant that we only got off the ship for five minutes..! Unfortunately we wasted the day at the port but had fun on the ship anyway. I think it was the hottest day yet. We heard the Blue Lagoon was amazing. Again that could be bought on the pier for half the price. Day 7: Wala - FAVOURITE DAY! I woke up early this morning to a little bit of discomfort. About two months prior to sailing I snapped my ACL while playing netball so had to have a knee reconstruction. Luckily though for me, there was a fantastic gym on board that I could go to to give my knee some exercise and stretching. It was very good. A cleaning lady was picking up all the towels and wiping down the machines at all times. There was also a personal trainer who I think made exercise plans and diets for clients. The music was also good, not to mention the view! After the gym, had some break and went straight onto the Island to discover Wala. I had never been here so was very keen to go and explore. Wala is beautiful and was my favourite island by far. We were lucky to get great weather again. The beach was beautiful, the ship was very close. A great photo opportunity! The locals had lots of little stores set up. The girls drank some coconuts and the boys drank some kava..! We had a little massage and went on a tour around the local village. We also went out in a little boat to go to a secluded area to snorkel. Seventh night was our Mexican night. Not enough people dressed up. I think Carnival should advise the guests on book the themes as everyone missed the ‘Caribbean Night’ which was on the second night.. The only good thing about the theme this night was that we had Mexican food which was delicious. So delicious that we all had two mains and two entrées!!! Day 8: Sea Day The smoothest sea day EVER! Spent majority of the day on our balcony. We had the ice carving demonstration today which was fun to watch on deck. We had the formal night tonight. Lots of people got dressed up which was nice compared to the theme nights. In the dining room this night the wait staff had a song and dance which was very entertaining. We also went to the night club for the first time. It was full of the younger teens but it was very fun still. On the last day, disembarkation was too quick! I didn't want to get off. But it was very smooth for people who had to get flights elsewhere. Overall, we had an amazing holiday. Faults: - Food used to be better. It was lacking a little but the staff onboard make up for it with there great attitudes. - Drinks are very expensive. A drinks package would be more appropriate for guests. - Entertainment could be improved. - Needs more activities during the day. - Bingo can get VERY expensive.. - Photos looked so good but were very expensive. Tips: - bring a power board so you can charge numerous things at once. - bring drink bottles with a wide neck, fill them up with ice and take them on shore. The ice will eventually melt and you will have lovely cold water all day. Would love to go on another Carnival cruise in Australia. It is a shame that the Legend will be almost identical to the Spirit. I probably won't sail on an identical ship though. Read Less
Sail Date July 2013
Carnival Spirit Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 3.5 4.4
Dining 4.5 4.0
Entertainment 4.5 3.6
Public Rooms 3.5 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.0
Family 5.0 4.0
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.7
Enrichment 3.0 3.5
Service 5.0 4.3
Value For Money 4.5 4.1
Rates 4.0 4.2

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