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(185 sq. ft., balcony 60 sq. ft.) Private extended balcony. Two twin beds (convertible to king-size bed). Sofa and coffee table. TV; telephone; 110 AC current; individual climate control; wall safe; 3 closets; full bathroom with shower; hair dryer; mini bar. Balcony: patio chairs and table.

Extended Balcony (8K)
Decks: Deck 7 | Deck 8
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Extended Balcony Cabin Reviews
Cabin 8181
Jul 2017
Letting you know By: Fifty plus
Just want to make next cruise visitors aware, this cabin is located directly below the stage. Online when you look at the deck plan, no where does it show there is a stage. This must be a new addition. Outdoor movies every night & outdoor bands every few nights. The pool area is above you. If your a person who is out all the time, nightclubbing. Casino. Watching the movies on deck. Then this cabin with balcony is great. But if you prefer an earlier night to sleep. (Before midnight) Don't pick this cabin. You will hear the base from the loud movies & the theme nights can be heard from your cabin. Ear plugs needed.
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Apr 2017
Fantastic cruise! By: Kazzafamilygirl
Nicely furnished, clean, comfortable bed, needed medium firm pillows (either too soft or too high/firm were only available), balcony great, worth if for fresh air and amazing views.
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Cabin 8170
May 2016
The extended balcony view was terrific. It let us see each place as we arrived and left. It let us glimpse the sea rushing by in the middle of the night. We sat out there with champagne and had a place to dry our wet gear. We had a minor issue with deckchair noises from the lido dine in pool area at 5:30am when they repositioned them for the day, We were also directly below the coffee machines which were turned on at the same time and which took a while to boil up water. Guest guest services were prompt, efficient and professional in how it was resolved. The cabin steward Christine did an excellent job. Each night, a Fun sheet was left at your door, telling you what was scheduled for the next day. The TV was excellent. We watched a few movies and the information channels allowed us to catch up on tips from Eli the cruise director about what to do next. Great cabin- worth the extra cost of an extended balcony Airconditioning was bliss. .Luxury.
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Cabin 8182
Jan 2016
10 out of 10 By: sharpies666@hotmail.com
Very comfortable. Quite roomy. Very clean. A balcony is a must !
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Dec 2015
Great Time By: Dave Young
Our room was great and had loads of space. Always kept clean and plenty of room on the balcony.
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Cabin 8147
Oct 2015
Room was great, if a bit noisy. The nightly chair pack up and desk washing on the floor above us woke me up multiple times, and many parts of the room creaked and groaned constantly (due to rough weather). Hair dryer blew up (started smoking) but was replaced immediately. Single power point for charging devices was almost useless as it was too close to the desk top to allow for a larger charger to be plugged in (wal-wart style ones). Take your own power board.
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Sep 2015
good sized cabin with extended balcony on the forward area of the ship. very noisy balcony partition that was unsecured throughout the trip - constant rattle/banging when cruising. Shower good and cleanliness/servicing also very good. No hot water for a number of days. In room entertainment - substandard. (tv/movie channels)
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Cabin 7260
Jul 2015
Relaxing Cruise By: Raceyt66
The cabin is modified for wheelchair therefore the bathroom is huge and the doors wider. The room layout seems much bigger than our friends in 7258. The best advantage of this was the enormous balcony As I mentioned above we had the divider opened so our balconies combined must have been six things bigger than normal. Definitely the cabin to have without the price tag of a suite.
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Cabin 8233
Dec 2014
Three of us stayed in the room. Two single beds and one on the couch (transformed into a bed). The balcony was a nice touch and perfect for views when arriving and leaving ports. If you're a smoker however, you're not allowed to smoke on the balcony which pretty much defeats the purpose. The storage in the room was spacious enough for three except on of our luggages had to be stored next to the balcony door. Plenty of wardrobe and cabinet space, however. As expected, there's very little walking space throughout the room and the bathroom. No complaints on the room whatsoever, the housekeeper took very good care of everything and we always came back after a long day with our room looking spotless.
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Cabin 8271
Oct 2014
First cruise By: Deidrek
Great room but did get a bit of sea sickness as can feel rolling bit more than higher cabinsGreat views when departing sydney of opera house and opera houseVery quite
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Cabin 7180
Jul 2013
7180a great cabin...roomy...very comfortable...great outlook always with extended balcony...quiet except for adjoining cabins at time...good storage
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Cabin 7200
Jun 2013
3 wardrobes - 2 with hanging space and 1 with shelves. One of our bags would not fit under the bed but fitted standing in one of the wardrobes. Quiet location - only cabins above and below. Not far from stairs and elevators. Good access to most things as it was close to the atrium.Balcony was good and seemed sheltered when ship sailing.
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Cabin 7171
Dec 2012
Carnival UNspirited. By: cruzytwo
Cabin on a par with other cruise liners. Poor toiletries. Plenty of drawer and hanging space. Air conditioner very noisy.
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Cabin 8141
Aug 2012
Trip of a Lifetime By: Rootiekazootie37
Our cabins (8141 - extended balcony, and 8137 - inside cabin) were great. Plenty of space and very comfy beds. The kids came to our room to sit on the balcony and watch the whales and seals and enjoy the scenery. We all had more than enough room for our ridiculous amount of luggage. A prior review mentions the noise from the lido deck at in the early hours of the morning... I did hear them putting the lounge chairs out around 5:30 AM, but it was such a small amount of noise and for a mere 5 minutes, it was certainly nothing to complain about. The neighboring balcony did have smokers, which was annoying at times, but it did not stop us from sitting on our balcony.
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Cabin 8181
Jul 2012
The bigger the balcony the better, Level 8 is below noisy Lido Deck, very typical accommodations.
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Jun 2012
Spirit..bound for Alaska By: Crownedtoad
If you have any issues with cigar/cigarette smoke then dont get a balcony. It's waste of money.
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May 2012
I'm Hooked! By: aliceinparis
We loved our cabin. It was very spacious. We were in an 8K category on level 7 Veranda Deck. The closet space is large and well positioned. The bathroom had 6 shelves on either side of the sink---quite a lot! The shower was great. The bed was very comfortable and the sitting area was just the right amount to write postcards and place our day packs until the next adventure. We had the extended balcony and I highly recommend it! We spent a lot of time there drinking coffee and watching porpoise, orca, and humpback whales!
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Cabin 7237
Dec 2011
Our cabin was 7237. It was a very good position for us. It was close to the stairs and elevators at mid-ship. We had no excessive noise from this area, in fact actually heard no noise from either at all when we were in our room. Our extended balcony would have been nice had the chairs on the balcony been a little wider so we could sit in them (actually DH could; however, I have a DVT in my groin and it was too uncomfortable for me). We were above a life boat, but you could still see the water below. You could see to the front of the ship; however, you could not see to the back. The very next room going aft was jutting out so no vision back there. That was fine with us because all we had to do was go out on deck or turn the tv to the channel that showed the aft section. We didn't get any second hand smoke in this area either. We had 2 full closets for hanging clothing, one had one rod and the other had 2 rods (one higher and one lower). The third closet had shelves from top to bottom. We felt we had plenty of closet room for the 15 day trip. We were even able to fit our luggage into the bottom of the 2 full closets for storage. It would have been nice to have a chair in the room, but the room was too small to add that to it. There was a little stool under the dresser counter and we had the couch/day bed area to sit on also. We didn't realize that the table had a lever so you could raise the table up and down until half the cruise was over. The bed was very firm, but for us that was a good thing. It felt very comfortable to us and we had good night sleeping. That is a per person issue. Some like firm and others like soft, so if you like a soft bed, it would not be comfortable for you. On first look the bathroom looked small, especially the shower. Once we got all settled in, the bathroom was just fine. I did bring along an over the door shoe organizer and that helped to keep many things organized. The shower was actually very nice. There was much more room than I realized and the curtain didn't stick on you at all. The shower head was also good. It was an adjustable one so you could adjust the type of spray coming out of it and it also detached so it made it easy to spay off your legs, etc. The power of the spray was also very good. The only thing to watch for is the temperature did fluctuate, but not dramatically. The room was very well lit and I loved the feature of having the button to turn off the lights right over the bed. I did bring along a night light and used that so we could see for those late night bathroom visits and wished I would have taken others advice on purchasing those little battery candles to put into the bathroom too since there was no outlet to plug in a night light in there. That bathroom light at 2am is pretty bright! Speaking of bathroom, we had some pretty high seas and there was a noise coming out of the sink. It sounded like a ping pong ball in there moving around and it really got on my nerves. I soon figured out if you put the stopper down on the sink you no longer hear the noise, so that took care of that problem. The decor in the room seemed a little dated; however, that's not really an issue with me. As long as it's clean, I'm good, but felt I needed to mention it for those that do have issues with it. The tv was very dated. We are usually big time tv watchers and thought we would be bothered with the older tv; however, it turned out it wasn't an issue either. We didn't spend much time in our room except for sleeping or getting ready for dinner, etc. I think there was maybe one day that we spent quite a bit of time in there and it was because of the bad seas and being very gloomy outside. Speaking of tv. We did not know and didn't find it written anyplace, that when the cruise director or captain spoke over the loud speakers that you could tune them in on the tv on the channel that showed the front of the ship! We could never hear what they were saying without jumping up and opening the outside door or the door to the hallway until someone mentioned this to us! Also, the door for our balcony was not a sliding door. It was an actual door that opened out and had a window next to it. The door slams shut, so be careful to hold it until you are all the way in or out, it might clip your heel if you don't! You can also really hear the wind whipping around when the seas are wicked...sounded like a huge snowstorm (for those that live in the Midwest you know what I'm talking about) going on outside with all the whistling going on! The room was not very big at all; however, it was adequate. We didn't feel like we were on top of each other all the time. I thought we would being in there for 15 days, but we did just fine (there was just 2 of us, if it was 3 then I think we'd have another story). You did have to wait for one person to pass at the end of the bed to go to the balcony or to head to the bathroom, but no different than being in a hallway passing someone. It was a little tight by 2 of the closets. Only one person could be over there at one time and only one closet opened at a time too. We did not have any excessive noise from the floors above or below us. Very occasionally you might hear a thud from above, but nothing from below. Even for our next door neighbors you didn't hear much of anything from them and actually the only time I did hear from one neighbor was in the bathroom. Could never make out what he was saying, but I would imagine he was in there with the door closed and yelling out to someone else..never heard anything else. We encountered some high seas so there was a lot of rocking and rolling back and forth. We were told that being in an upper floor we would be feeling it a little more than those that were lower. If this sort of thing would bother you, then I'd look for something a little lower. We did rock and roll quite a bit and DH did get sea sick from it. I got him up, got some food in his belly (green apple, dry toast, and ginger ale, along with a Dramamine) and got him down to the Atrium area where it's more wide open and also a lower floor. All of this seemed to help and he felt better the next day (we were told to try to stay out of the bathrooms...the smaller the area the worse you will feel..just an FYI). If we cruised on the Carnival Spirit again I would certainly choose this room again. I might want to give the room next to us a try too (the one that jutted out a little and didn't have the life boat under it). I believe it is the same size, just no life boat under it and you would be able to see in front and back (from the sides). I hope this helps you decide if this is the room for you!
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Cabin 7203
Jul 2011
Great Alaska Cruise By: moebruin
Loved the cabin. Big for cruise ship standards. Loved having a balcony with the views you get when in the inside passage. No issues with noise, etc.
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Cabin 7200
Feb 2011
Lots of closet space, good-sized bathroom, great balcony, quiet, some wind whistling noise at seal of balcony door at night.
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Cabin 8234
Feb 2011
Noisy Cabin, Big Balcony
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Cabin 7281
Sep 2010
Our cabin was in a very nice location.....toward the back of the ship.....away from all of the noise and close to back elevators and stairs....only 2 floors below the Lido Deck!!! The balcony offered nice views, as well.
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Cabin 7291
Jul 2010
Comfy beds-not good if you like soft beds because they were on the firm side. Good sized balcony. Good water pressure in shower. Perfect spot in the ship-next to the elevators.
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Cabin 8229
May 2010
Good location, one deck up the stairs and you are at the buffet and the Fantail Bar. Extended balcony. If you look directly down you can see lifeboats, but it is not considered an obstructed view. I thought it might bother me but it didn't. This is one of the cabins that was flooded out on the previous cruise, and the carpet had to be replaced. It looked like something out of a sideshow fun house. You kind of look at it and say, "oh, my" :) I'm sure they will fix that as soon as they can.
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