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My wife and I booked this cruise based on her limited availability and a port within driving distance. We had never cruised Carnival before but the price was good and it seemed like a good itinerary. Overall, we had a wonderful time ... Read More
My wife and I booked this cruise based on her limited availability and a port within driving distance. We had never cruised Carnival before but the price was good and it seemed like a good itinerary. Overall, we had a wonderful time and felt we got good value for our money. The staff was excellent, professional, cheerful and hard working. The ship was surely older, but the room was big, balcony big and very clean and nice. The adults only Serenity pool was our home and it was wonderful. I wish it was a bit bigger but we eventually would get a lounger or even a hammock if we were patient. The comedy club was excellent and the comedians were top notch. The fast food was the best we’ve had on a cruise. Awesome pizza, Guy’s burger bar and the burrito/taco bar were great! The drink prices were comparable if not less than a “normal bar” and they were generous with the pour. We didn’t do the beverage package because you had to do it per cabin and I don’t drink – at $100/day that would be a lot of alcohol. There was nothing WRONG with the cruise at all. Really nothing. Were there areas for improvement, sure. The list below is really aimed at Carnival for ideas to make it better. We might opt for a more luxury cruise in the future, but faced with a tight schedule and limited departure port choice, I wouldn’t hesitate cruising on Carnival again. Here’s a list of possible improvements: • There should be a pasta course for every dinner. There was an awesome pasta meal for “brunch” but I was usually at the earlier end of time and had breakfast. There was one or two nights of pasta, but every night might be better • A fresh pasta bar at the buffet would be awesome as well • Breakfast in the restaurant was never hot. Not sure why dinner was OK but breakfast was always cold. It seemed during breakfast in the restaurant was not as organized as dinner. Maybe we should sit at our same tables for Breakfast? Not sure what the issue was • Cheese never melted in the omelets. This is bizarre. Even in the buffet omelet bar the cheese never melted. Other guests commented on this as well. • Having only one outlet in the room, especially none by the bed was a problem. Phones are often used as alarm clocks but maybe having them on the desk is better – forces you to get up. • Dian in the Serenity lounge was great she needs more help. Was alone a lot which made for long waits for soda which brings me too… • I did the bottomless bubbles program. On NCL, once the people got to know you, they’d just fill up your glass. Here, I had to wait on line with all the people getting mixed drinks to get a soda. They should figure out a way around this. Maybe a soda only station? • The one night the Red Frog lounge was really packed and the band was smoking, midnight came and the band wanted to play more, but they closed the bar and stopped the band. Seems like it should have gone later. • Texas Holdem contest was a disappointment as it was $150 buy in for a $500 pot. That seemed quite expensive. This shouldn’t be for serious gamblers but more like a fun activity. $30-$50 buy in would have been better. • The overall temp of our room and the boat was on the warm side, except the casino which was always comfortably cool. Strange. • The smoking areas of the casino might be better away from the aisles as walking through the smoke was tiresome. Ventilation should be improved (considering how cool it was in there, it’s surprising that it wasn’t better) • If you were on the late dining, there was more of a conflict between comedy and the shows. There should be more opportunity for the late eaters to see both. • We had some bad weather and we so appreciate Carnival doing their best to give us some shore excursions at alternate ports. I did take issue with their “warning” about staying in Nassau after dark – especially since we were booked there until 9PM. It seemed it was geared more toward pushing us toward the Carnival brokered tours vs just taking a cab. The licensed cab driver we took was actually on a Carnival cruise the week previously and was warned about “himself” and was quite insulted. The people of Nassau’s whole life revolves around tourism. The people there do everything to try to protect tourists as any crime would impact the whole economy. If it is that dangerous, Carnival should have not brought us there at night. Also, it would have been helpful to know that all stores close at 6PM as we didn’t get to the port until after 2PM. • The PA system should be upgraded as it was often difficult to hear in Serenity and for the movies on the Lido deck. • The photographers were pretty rushed and not too talented. We didn’t buy any photos. How about linking the photos to our app so we can see them digitally and then only print them if we want them. Seems like a lot of waste of paper and ink. • I’ve seen other people post about this. The ship constantly vibrates. That was livable but annoying. • Another great idea would be a “happy hour” for ½ priced drinks. They make so much on alcohol this might be a good give back to get people to buy more drinks later. • Our first port stop was confusing about where to disembark and the second, everyone was lined up at the wrong door. They announce “port”, “aft” and things but what does that mean? They should have had staff stationed or at least more signage. Read Less
Sail Date October 2016
Carnival Pride Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 4.0 3.9
Entertainment 4.0 3.7
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.0
Family 5.0 4.0
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.8
Enrichment 3.0 3.5
Service 4.5 4.3
Value For Money 5.0 4.0
Rates N/A 4.2

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