9 Carnival Pride Cruise Reviews for Cruises for the Disabled Cruises to Caribbean - Eastern

Don’t know where to start. Entertainment director was very disorganized. No one could understand him. He did not set up good activities. It was a total chaos on the ship. People were boarding on and off whenever they want. They initially ... Read More
Don’t know where to start. Entertainment director was very disorganized. No one could understand him. He did not set up good activities. It was a total chaos on the ship. People were boarding on and off whenever they want. They initially provided the time to each deck but people were getting off whenever they want to. Staff was extremely rude and impolite. Food was horrible, lines were extremely long. Room services lost our bottle of wines which we bought at the port and then they were ignorant about that. Very bad experience with carnival. No help for people who were using walkers. It was major mess, no organization . Staff was the worst , no manners to talk to people. I felt like I was in military ship and staff was talking down. We were supposed to be in king size bed ( they joined two twin size beds and there was significant gap between beds). Very disappointing . Read Less
Sail Date August 2019
The crew on this ship is the most helpful, thoughtful and kindest of any cruise line we have ever sailed. We took our 91 year old mother on a cruise for Mother's Day.When we arrived Savannah the cruise director greeted mom and had a ... Read More
The crew on this ship is the most helpful, thoughtful and kindest of any cruise line we have ever sailed. We took our 91 year old mother on a cruise for Mother's Day.When we arrived Savannah the cruise director greeted mom and had a brief conversation with her. The next day mom received chocolate covered strawberries in the room. Wow! For the rest of the trip she felt like a rock star. What a nice gesture. Jess, the server in the casino bar was always quick with a drink and always remembered our names. (makes us feel welcomed). The staff at the Normandie Restaurant was just wonderful. When you travel with an older senior it can be difficult, but everywhere we went on the ship the crew were always so kind and helpful. We have sailed on different cruise lines and have sailed on this ship before. I would have to say that the embarkation process for this cruise is the best we have ever had. The staff at the terminal checks your documents and photographs you on the way into the building. Then you are sent through security. That's it! No standing in line for hours. After security we went directly on to the ship. WOW! We had a balcony stateroom that was plenty big enough for 3 adults. The room steward, Claudius was very attentive and our room was very clean and tidy every day. Read Less
Sail Date May 2019
We looked for an inexpensive cruise to see if I could do it since I recently went on oxygen. The cabin steward was friendly but the cabin was rarelt done when we returned after being out. Make up cabin cards no longer available. Our ... Read More
We looked for an inexpensive cruise to see if I could do it since I recently went on oxygen. The cabin steward was friendly but the cabin was rarelt done when we returned after being out. Make up cabin cards no longer available. Our waiter was good but our table was a little out of arae and we had inconsistant service. We didn't see any shows as the theater was at the opposite end of the ship. We also didn't get off the ship as we have been on 29 cruises. The TV was really disappointing. No more network channels, 3 or 4 news cannels all connected with CNN. One movie channel which showed the wrong movies since they must change the somewhat monthly. Terrible entertainment. They worked on the balconies 2 days and I couldn't see any improvement. Like all cruise lines things are going downhill and starting to become adisappointment. Read Less
Sail Date September 2018
My wife and I chose this cruise to "try" Carnival Cruise Lines after having sailed with other vendors previously due to their lower cost. The old adage that "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR" was truly evident on the 7/15/18 ... Read More
My wife and I chose this cruise to "try" Carnival Cruise Lines after having sailed with other vendors previously due to their lower cost. The old adage that "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR" was truly evident on the 7/15/18 Pride cruise out of Baltimore, MD. Everything that could go wrong on a cruise, did on this one! We were taking our sixth cruise (none previously on Carnival) and primarily scheduled the cruise to celebrate our 28th Anniversary as well as my 55th Birthday. We decided on the Carnival Pride mainly because it sailed out of Baltimore, MD and was relatively close to our home city. This cruise was a major disappointment from start to finish. I will order our review of this cruise from start to finish. 1) Embarkation – This was probably the most convenient part of the cruise mainly due to the disabled access facilities at the Port of Baltimore. My wife has severe rheumatoid arthritis and has difficulty walking and I have broken bones in my left leg that make walking difficult. We had made prior arrangements with Cruise411 to have handicapped access facilities provided for my wife on embarkation. As such, the Baltimore Port personnel were notified, and we were escorted to a separate and distinct part of the registration lines. There we were registered separately, and a wheelchair was brought for my wife along with an escort. I unfortunately walked and tried to keep pace with the wheelchair attendant (very quick pace and very difficult to keep stride. One issue of note though was that prior to getting in the wheelchair assistance queue there were many ignorant people not wanting to follow the rules who cut in lines throughout the process, and, the people in charge, ignored the behavior and allowed it to occur. This seemed to set the tone for the rest of the cruise. Once on board, we had to wait for the staterooms to be ready, so we thought we’d go to customer service to take care of some onboard items. The Guest Services desk was staffed with only 2 attendants, one of which was dedicated to the Platinum members of Carnival. That meant that only one crew member was available for the rest of the sailing customers. As a result, we waited endlessly in this line for over an hour to get to the desk for assistance; further comments about guest services will be forthcoming. We then made it to our stateroom around 2:30PM. Our bags did not make it until hours later; it was a good thing we packed a backpack of essentials as our packed items were hours away. After being in the room for a short time, we met our room steward, Habibe who explained the room cleaning process; he was very attentive. We then went to explore as best we could. We had a late lunch in the buffet area and then tried to go to dinner at our assigned dinner spot – more on this later! As another cruiser has used a school grading scale, we will assign a ‘B-‘ here. 2) Cabins – We reserved an extended balcony stateroom on Deck #7 (category 8K). The room was adequate for my wife and I and had two twin beds joined to form a king as well as a small sofa. This room would have been too small for any more than two passengers. The décor was severely outdated. Woodwork on the inside edges were scarred and scratched from obvious rough use; bed clothing was old and had staining that multiple washings had not removed. The air conditioning in our stateroom did not function for most of the cruise. Despite several attempts by onboard engineers to try to get it to function, it did not, and we spent a good deal of time in the common areas to stay cool (for health reasons). The room’s refrigerator, upon opening the first time, was warm inside and had obvious dirt and a sticky residue present. We wanted to keep some water and our medicines cool. We called guest services and later, another refrigerator was “swapped-out” – it too did not cool to a sufficiently cold temperature! This room, and the ship in general, needs to be completely overhauled and refit. Grade of ‘C-’. 3) Dining / Reservations / Meals – Immediately upon the issuance of our room cards and boarding the ship, we noted that our dinner dining reservations did not appear to be correct. After getting onboard, we pursued this with the Guest Services staff on Deck 2. We were told that our early dining reservation was booked at a table with multiple cruisers as opposed to a “table for two” that we had previously confirmed. We were told that there “was nothing that could be done” as the early dining option was sold out for the cruise and had been closed months earlier. We explained that due to health reasons we needed a table of two and were told again that nothing could be done! They said our only choice was to use “your time dining” and try to get a table for two in this manner. Why bother making reservations months in advance if pompous cruise personnel will not honor the bookings upon sailing? Other than our headwaiter, Stanley, in Your Time Dining”, this category of rating would definitely fail unfalteringly; due to Stanley’s good will only, I will assign a ‘D’ to this category. 4) Shopping – Shopping on this cruise was found to be a very limited experience. Unlike on other ships we’ve sailed, the shops were mainly limited to two small onboard venues with not much to offer. I, however, am a watch collector and found the selection of Invicta watches to be varied and plentiful. I purchased approximately 5 watches as a result. But otherwise, the shopping was not good. The sales tactics were extremely forceful, and customers and browsers constantly had offer brochures or sales invites thrust in their hands continually. Shopping at the islands was less than eventful as well. Shops on Half Moon Cay and Freeport were very limited and consisted mainly of small huts with inexpensive trinkets for sale. Maybe they are still recovering from the hurricane, but…. Will assign a ‘C-‘ here. 5) Guest Services – This area leaves much to be desired! It appears that Carnival has a “do not care” attitude that radiates from the Corporate level down to the ship level staff. These people are clearly just putting in time and really don’t care about the concerns of the customer. I know that is common of human nature, but if you don’t care, don’t work in “customer service.” They just aren’t able to process customer requests promptly, if at all! They constantly have to refer to a superior for a resolution; the most common comment heard was, “I’ll have to Check with My Supervisor.” Our problems started the first day when our dining reservations were incorrectly recorded. We had guaranteed early dining at a table for two months before sailing and now found this not to be the case. After waiting in the guest services line for over an hour, we were told that nothing could be done, and we’d have to now use, “Your Time Dining”; why make reservations months in advance if they aren’t going to be honored? It should also be noted here that on the (arguably) busiest customer service day of the cruise, the staff was limited to two personnel; again, one of which was reserved for Platinum passengers. Another issue faced in Guest Services is lack of knowledge. We were having difficulty in getting the Carnival Hub app to work on our phones and requested help from Guest Services. A staff member at the desk instructed us to “turn off Airplane Mode” and to “turn on Wi-Fi” and showed us how to do this. He then displayed to us that the Hub app was in fact working on our phones. Well, it turned out that this reprogramming of our phones by guest services cost me about $200 in international roaming charges. Help turned out to be a hinderance. Based on their inability to complete guest services issues in a timely manner (if at all), we’ll give a ‘F’ rating here. 6) Noise Levels and Disturbances – The noise levels in the staterooms, hallways, and most common areas was raucous. It seemed that most of the parents who had kids older than 10 “turned them loose” on the ship and let them do as they pleased. Very noisy!! The young teens were boisterous and out of control, running all over, banging walls, making stomping sounds between walls and ceilings, and generally being disruptive. Don’t try to spend any peaceful time in your stateroom as it is likely that you will have these “young adults” on either side of you banging walls, doors, or running; a serene environment is impossible. What a way to celebrate an anniversary and a birthday!! Despite comments to staff, nothing was done to abate it. Noise levels and disturbances definitely rate a ‘D’ if not even lower. 7) Excursions – We booked several excursions on the various island stops we were to make, but after taking part in the first one on our agenda, we cancelled all the remaining. Here’s why: We booked the Hummer Excursion Tour on Grand Turk. Upon debarkation from the ship we went to the excursion hut for the Hummers at 8:15am for an 8:30am departure and signed in. Participants seemed slow to arrive and at 8:25 we were told that we would be leaving in a “short time” despite that fact. Time passes and at approximately 8:50am we were told that they were waiting on one more family and they were told that they “couldn’t go on the tour without them!” They finally arrived, and we moved off to the parking lot to pick-up our vehicles. Upon arriving at the departure lot, we found that there weren’t enough vehicles prepared for the number of participants and staff would have to get another one ready. They did, and we were given Hummer “No. 01” for our tour. After driving a very short distance we noted that the “gas pedal” was not functioning and the Hummer would not move forward; we flagged down one of the guides, told him of the trouble, and a second vehicle was brought out, so we could continue our tour (after a long wait) – this was vehicle No. 07. We then used #07 for a short time when it too, began to malfunction and would not keep pace with many of the other vehicles on tour. Again, we flagged down the guide for help, but we were told that there were no other vehicles for replacement and we would have to continue with the one we were in (#07) – and as a result we had to lag the other participants and “bring up the rear”. Caused extreme inconvenience and embarrassment. Upon returning to the excursion desk, we tried to convey our concerns over this much troubled excursion. The hut personnel were unconcerned and dismissive and seemed to not care about the inconveniences we experienced. Again, the theme for poor customer service emanates here as well. Other adventures were troublesome as well and we found it prudent to cancel the rest of our excursions. This category gets a solid “F”. 8) Ship Condition – This Pride started its sea service in 2002 and it REALLY SHOWS IT AGE! I have noted and taken pictures of areas of rust throughout the ship. There is rust on the life boat booms which appears to be a safety concern and should be corrected at once. The ship’s crew is constantly repairing areas of the ship and inconveniencing customers by shutting off certain areas, spreading noxious fumes and shutting down elevators during the entire cruise (is this not a safety concern). Two of four main Atrium glass elevators were out of order for the entire cruise funneling passengers into other elevators in the fore and aft sections of the ship. It appears that based on appearances, this ship needs a MAJOR overhaul. Surfaces on common areas were faded, discolored, water marked, etc. The ship is clearly outdated, old and lacks conveniences needed by travelers. This subject area earns a ‘D’. 9) Frustrations – Many things on this cruise were annoying. The Cruise Director, Ryan Rose had a very piercing and annoying voice and it seemed that pre-recorded scripts were projected instead of live conversation. Many items were in a state of disrepair; Guest Services would not give useful aid; reservations were not honored; and there was a general lack of concern on behalf of Carnival for its customers. ‘F’ 10) Summary – This was a complete revelation into the world of “discount” cruising – you truly get what you pay for! Unlike peer cruise lines, Carnival truly does not care about its customers or their satisfaction. An earlier cruiser likened this to the Walmart of Cruising, I would compare it to something lower in scale…. "F' overall. Don’t be disappointed, cruise elsewhere. Read Less
Sail Date July 2018
My family has been over 10 cruises, mainly on Princess and MSC. This was our first Carnival Cruise (May 20 – 27, 2018) and it will not be our last. The staff on the Carnival Pride was the friendliest and most helpful of all the ships we ... Read More
My family has been over 10 cruises, mainly on Princess and MSC. This was our first Carnival Cruise (May 20 – 27, 2018) and it will not be our last. The staff on the Carnival Pride was the friendliest and most helpful of all the ships we have sailed. As others have echoed in previous posts – I could not find one staff member who did not have a smile on their face in the entire week. We choose this cruise as it was only 40 minutes from home to the port. No flying this time. It worked out great as we were able to use the pool from the beginning to the end of the cruise as the weather was warm. Keep in mind - if you go from October to April – you may have to spend the sea days inside. Let me run down the week’s events and categorize them. Embarkation – The cruise port of Baltimore is very easy in and out right off of I-95. With only one cruise ship in port at a time – there is little to no traffic in and out. Tip – make sure you have your tagged luggage ready to be dropped off. Prior to parking – porters take the luggage from your car and place it into airport style luggage carts prior to parking. Parking is $15 a day – and you pay when you arrive. If you have cash there is a separate line to pay. Plan on getting to the port no earlier than 11:30am as they will not let you park prior to that time. Going through security and getting your cruise card was easy and quick. For those who like to be dropped off that is easy as well – follow the signs and they will direct drop offs accordingly. Tip - for out of towners – there is no food available to purchase at the cruise port – you will have to wait until you get aboard. Bonus Tip - Cruise goes under the Key Bridge about 20 minutes after leaving Baltimore and under the dual spans of the Bay Bridge about 2 hours after departure. Nice feature to go under bridges as with Fort Lauderdale and Miami you make the turnout of port and you are in the Atlantic Ocean. Bonus Bonus Tip - you do not need to go to the muster station drill with your life jacket. Just go to your station and the drill took place at about 4:30pm. Each child under 12 will get a wrist band to identify the muster station they need to be for the length of the cruise. Ship – The ship is older. If you are looking for the latest and greatest bells and whistles (no rock walls, ice skating, indoor parks, bowling alleys, etc…) then you will be disappointed. If you are looking for a cozy ship – 2124 passengers – and temper your expectations – then you will be pleasantly surprised. Yes, there was paint peeling and some rust spots on the balconies. The years of salty air does wear on the ship. But overall it has held up very well. Food – Main Dining Room – food was adequate – service was exceptional. Tip - We had anytime dining and we were able to secure the same table every night at 5:45pm. If you want the same table every night – make sure you get there early on the 1st night and then follow through on the 2nd. After that you are all set. The waiters and staff were extremely helpful. The best we ever had – thank you Michael from table 400. My daughter is on a special medically prescribed Ketogenic Diet (for her seizures) and they made sure Chicken, Pork and Beef Burgers were cooked without seasoning. We were able to get the menu for the next night and choose in advance. Carnival was by far the MOST accommodating food staff we ever had. We also were able to finish dinner and catch 7:30 and 7:00pm pre-shows with easy. We just let our waiter Michael know that we wanted to make the show and he speed up service. Buffet - food was adequate. Tasty – nothing extraordinary. Try Chopsticks for Chinese food at lunch. 24 hour pizza was great – be sure to ring the bell after hours. Guy’s burger joint – burgers and fries were awesome. The tacos and burritos on deck 9 allowed for a quick and very tasty meal without losing your pool chairs or having to walk through the buffet line. Room Service – typical food – delivered on time. There are few items on the room service menu that do charge extra – chicken wings – special desert, etc… Spent $0 Specialty Restaurants - we did not use them. Spent $0 Casino – we did not use the Casino. Spent $0 Bars – we did not use them. Spent $0 Photos – we took pictures every night. Carnival does the standard placing of photos on deck #3 and you spend time looking up and down for the ones you took. They offer a 10% discount for the embarkation photos on the first two days. 8x10 photos are $21.99. They do offer Shutterfly bonuses with certain # of photos purchase. Tip – if you are getting multiple photos - be sure to ask for the $1 per photo add on to digital image. We got 10 photos and for $10 extra got them on a USB cruise drive so we could print copied out at home. Bogo, Stefan and Yogi were great with our photos. Spent $225 Excursions – Grand Turk – we did not do an organized excursion – ship docked. There is a beach right off the ship – with chairs and umbrellas. First two rows – you can pay to sit – rows 3 and back are all wide open. Beach has some rocks and a rocky shelf in the water. Just watch your step. There is a Jimmy Buffet’s Margaretville in the secured cruise area. The pool is huge. You can buy food/drinks if you want to but there is no requirement. Great place to sit and enjoy the music and people watch. In addition to Jimmy Buffet’s - there are local shops all in the secured area – haggle if you want but the items are reasonable priced. Spent $40 for a beer, iced tea and monster chicken nachos and $30 for souvenirs. Tip – 15% service charge and VAT are already included in the bill. Half Moon Cay - we did not do an organized excursion – tender into port. The tender is a short 15 minute ride – smooth sailing. Get your tender tickets starting at 8:30am from the Lido deck and wait until your number is called. The process was typical and smooth. The private cay has plenty of beach chairs and there are spots with tree coverage. Food is buffet style burgers, hot dogs and jerk chicken on the island. Tip - Try the chicken it is better than the hot dogs and burgers. You can rent water sport gear if you like. Beach has superfine sand and crystal clear. You can walk out 150 feet and still have the water at chest level. There is ample time at Half Moon Cay. Spent $0 Freeport – we choose the beach excursion. Meet at the Harley Davison Store in the port – easy to find and wait for the double decker bus to take you to the other side of the island. 20 minute ride. May is rainy season – so the skies opened up as we drove to the beach. Those on the 2nd level of the bus got wet. We enjoyed the experience of getting soaked even before we got to the beach. It rained the morning except for the last 40 minutes. We still went in the water as it was warmer than the rain. So people left early as the bus came 2 and 3 hours into the excursion. We stayed the 4 hours and enjoyed getting wet in and out of the water. Some people were disappointed but you cannot control the weather. Spent $120 for the excursion and an addition $11 for nachos. There are about 30+ shops right off the ship. Tip - Head away from the first few shops and you will get better deals. We picked up a large Bongo that they engraved for $25 to the left of the Harley shop from a couple when the same Bongo was $75 from the first shop through the gate. Again haggle if you like – but this couple was working hard and handmade all their goods. They also had homemade wooden crosses with shells and local rocks that were only $10. Spent $50 on souvenirs. Shows on Board – there are four main shows – 80’s Pop Music –Hart & Soul – Getaway Island and 88 Keys. We went to the 7:30 shows and sat in the front row every night. The 8 person cast works had and the shows were fun. If you are used to MSC’s grand productions this is not. But if you want toe taping music that you can sing to and feed off the energy from the cast – then it is great. Comedians – did not attend any of the shows. Pools – two main pools – were never crowded – even on sea days. Water area in back of ship had some strange hours and they do close it if it is too windy. Mini golf is best early morning as there is no shade. Tip - Just be patient for chairs near poolside. Serenity Adult retreat - did not use. Kids’ Activities – did not use. We had a blast with our 8 ½ year old daughters by our side the entire time. We are probably the exception to the rule – but when we go on vacation we do not take a vacation from family time. Seeing her enjoy herself and exploring the ship together was a blast. Tip – find the Sunset Garden forward on deck 3 and explore it on a rainy day and if you want peace and quiet. Great place to get away especially if only have an interior room. Room and Room Steward - Ms. Lui was great. Room was always clean, bathroom is older but you get a stronger shower as the water saving features is not in place. Room was comfortable and the beds were surprising good. We had an extended balcony which was nice on the starboard side. Tip - Starboard side gives you views of Baltimore. Port side gives you views of Grand Turk and Freeport. Debarkation – Carnival allows you to select early or late debarkation times by selecting the luggage tag on the last sea day. You also have the option of walking off with your luggage. Keep in mind the cruise ship does not dock until 9:30am on Sunday. We waited in the Taj Mahal to have our number called for early tagged debarkation. There was a delay in getting off the ship as there was only one emigration office at the port. Not Carnival’s fault but shame on the port of Baltimore for only having one guard at the start of debarkation. Positives – it was a very inexpensive cruise for the three of us. Service was great. The ship was never crowded to us and there were ample activities on board during sea days. Negatives – pool deck is super slippery – walk and do not run. We saw 5 people go down even as the deck hands were trying to keep the decks dry. Speaker system on board is poor – could hardly hear any announcements. Iffies – the weather – leaving out of Baltimore you never know what weather you are going to get. We lucked out with great weather. We enjoyed our cruise close to home and will go again. May – September are probably the best weather months to cruise out of Baltimore. Hope you enjoyed this review as much as I enjoyed experiencing it. Read Less
Sail Date May 2018
We chose the Pride because we wouldn't have to fly to cruise. This is my 4th cruise and second with Carnival (previous Alaska on Legend). This is a nice ship overall although I can't compare to a megaship, I found the size ... Read More
We chose the Pride because we wouldn't have to fly to cruise. This is my 4th cruise and second with Carnival (previous Alaska on Legend). This is a nice ship overall although I can't compare to a megaship, I found the size reasonable. I was pushing my mother in a wheelchair around the ship and it was very easy. The casino was on the small size and too tight with winning! but still had fun giving them my money..lol. We didn't attend all the shows but enjoyed the ones we did go to -it's not broadway but the singing and dancing was very good. The food in the main dining room was good and we always had excellent service. We did eat at the steakhouse one night and besides our snooty waitor, the food was SOOO good! My mother used the spa and tried every massage available, hot stone was her favorite. She used the same massuese and really loved her. We went to Garden of the Groves excursion in Freeport and it was fantastic- great guides and beautiful garden. We also went on the glass bottom boat excursion in Princess cay as well as the coastal cruise excursion in the afternoon and enjoyed them both- same boat. The organization after getting off the tender was poor and confusing but we made it to the excursion. On the ship, The drinks run $8-12 a piece but unless you drink a ton, the drink package is not worth it. Drinks are free in casino after 1500 points earned. Seas were a bit rough but I use the prescription patch and highly recommend it, I wasn't sea sick at all. I enjoy cruising and carnival is a fun atmosphere. We went spring break so there were tons of kids, lots of families. Seemed like there was plenty of activities for all ages. I am already booked for the Pride in the fall. Read Less
Sail Date March 2018
This was our fourth cruise, our third on the Pride. We took with us our best friends for their first cruise. My husband Danny and my friend Sandy both needed mobility scooters and wheelchair help. We also had purchased Faster to the ... Read More
This was our fourth cruise, our third on the Pride. We took with us our best friends for their first cruise. My husband Danny and my friend Sandy both needed mobility scooters and wheelchair help. We also had purchased Faster to the Fun. We like sailing on the Pride as we live in Ohio and can drive to Baltimore in roughly 12 hours. Generally drive 2 days before to allow for breakdowns and a day to rest from the drive. We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Glen Burnie as it is close to the port and affordable. The hotel has recently been renovated and we had no complaints. We had a two room suite and it was very nice. We arrived at the terminal around 12, went right to the baggage handling area, then to the parking lot. Got a wonderful handicapped parking spot almost next to the parking booths. A porter would have been nice, but we dealt with all our carry on (6 people total traveling). At first we got in the line then remembered our Faster to the Fun and discovered a door for us and went through it. Wheelchairs were summoned and came shortly. Waited only maybe 5 minutes for a check in agent and then were pushed to the side area near the doors and the wheelchairs taken away. There we sat until the whole waiting area had boarded and they brought wheelchairs again for our crew.. Faster to the Fun did not matter for this leg of the journey! We were all taken to the Atrium. A trip to shore excursions to confirm our cabana on Half Moon Cay, then to Guest Services to find out about where we would muster due to the mobility scooters then it was off to the Lido for some lunch. We had cabin 4150, a French Door interior. It is a nice compromise as it is not actually an interior cabin. It is the same size as a balcony and has a french door that opens into the cabin. So you have light and some air if you want it. I'll not give a day by day review. Our steward, Art was very good and kept our ice bucket filled for us. Our only real requirement. We had anytime dining but sat usually in Frank's section and had exceptional service. Two in our party requested lemons to go in water and tea, and had them waiting for us when we sat down. The food, as always is very, very good. We ate the first night at Davids and it did not disappoint. We got our complimentary bottle of wine which topped off the meal. On the Lido had Guy's burgers (fries a little spicy for us) and lots of Chinese food all very good. We had a cabana booked at Margaritaville which was appreciated as it was hot (at least for us coming from Ohio!). Had a dip in the pool and a plate of Nachos along with a mango daquari, yum! Plate served 4 people at roughly $20. Our only disappointment had to do with Half Moon Cay. The night before they had told us that mobility scooters would not be allowed on the tenders. Okay, so we rented wheelchairs to take them there. We went to the special area for cabana holders to get on the first tender and waited, and waited. We were there at about 9 and it was 12:30 when they finally told us they had dropped anchor, but no mobility scooters AND no wheelchairs on the tenders. We reluctantly returned the wheelchairs. Later, after the cruise we realized that our people could probably have walked onto the tender and to the guest area on HMC and a wheelchair rented from there to the cabana. But we had no time to think about it as they started boarding our group. In hindsight it would have been good if the letter the night before had said "No mobility scooters and POSSIBLY no wheelchairs. That would have given us time to think about what we could do and we might have been able to go the HMC after all. We rented our mobility scooters from Special Needs at Sea. We had one regulation size "Pride" Go Go, and one Victory 10. The Go Go would go into the cabin without much difficulty and the armrests intact. To get the Victory 10 inside we had to remove the armrests and even then the wheels rubbed the doorframe on one side and the door on the other. However it DID fit so no worries. We had four in our cabin and though it was tight, it was not really difficult. At night we put the ladder for the upper berth at the foot of the bed and I could easily walk around the scooter to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night without killing myself! We went to one show, the name of which escapes me and it was good. That was the only entertainment venue we went to. Debarkation went relatively smoothly. Left scooters in cabin, got wheelchairs to the Taj Mahal where the Faster to the Fun people were to wait. Once again they dropped us and took the wheelchairs away. We had to tell the person in charge of this group that we needed wheelchairs to disembark and they came fairly quickly. Only negative, They sent a little woman to man one of the wheelchairs which contained someone not very small. One lady took the ramp from the room backwards and I could see the fear on her face as she almost lost control of the wheelchair! But disaster averted and they rolled us all the way to the curb where we had only a short walk to our car. Did a little slots, a little drinking, a little karaoke, a lot of eating and had a boatload of fun. Read Less
Sail Date April 2017
We sailed out of Baltimore in late December 2011 on the Pride. It was too cold for the first 2 and last days [all at sea] to spend more then a few minutes outside. This was especially unfortunate because we had the LARGEST BALCONY ON THE ... Read More
We sailed out of Baltimore in late December 2011 on the Pride. It was too cold for the first 2 and last days [all at sea] to spend more then a few minutes outside. This was especially unfortunate because we had the LARGEST BALCONY ON THE SHIP! Let me tell you, this thing is huge, 3 times as large as a regular extended balcony. There are 3 reserved as accessible cabins [6234, 7260, 8234], and 3 regular [6232, 7258, 8232] that have this balcony at a regular 'extended balcony' price. There are other accessible cabins that have double extended balconies as well [6281, 7303, 8239]. Other accessible rooms on the ship, which I believe are held reserved, so you need to call them to arrange it: 4202, 4203, 4205, 4207, 5238, 5245. As is typical, we got a call last minute seeing if we wanted to upgrade to the Ocean Suite, 6182, which apparently is also an accessible room, but does not show up on the ADA Spirit Class map as one [google search it if you have accessibility needs]. That makes me wonder if other rooms are wheelchair/scooter accessible and not listed as such. Anyway, ours was 8234, just below the Lido Deck with the Cafe and adult only Serenity area. **I am the able bodied partner writing this** It was great being able to run up the stairs or elevator right by the room to get food or drink or just relax in the adult only area, where we spent most our time on board. Our two 'thrifty' friends got an interior room adjacent to us to make spending time together easy. We also had FRS radios which worked over the entire ship. Accessible room- this room was a little bigger then its class suggests so it can accommodate a larger cabin door, bathroom door, balcony door, and scooter/wheelchair. I think we lost out on a larger sitting area, but over all had plenty of room. The bathroom was very large, though often wet. See, there is no lip to the shower area to accommodate a wheelchair bound person, just a large roll over drain by the door, so the entire floor gets wet with every shower. I am the kind of person who usually uses the same towel for the whole week, but instead used it to dry up the floor after each shower. The housekeeping always removed the used ones and provided new ones, so it was never an issue. There is a 4-5" lip to the balcony for those who can't get out of their mobility aid. However, once out there, there is plenty of room to maneuver. It came with 2 chairs, a side table, and 2 lounge chairs. Our friends were often over hanging out while my partner finished getting ready for meals [the only girl in our party]. We could have entertained 20 standing people out there. Its also rather private since the Lido deck over hangs by 6 feet above. My only gripe is that the room layout puts the balcony glass door as far away from the bed as possible. No romantic sunrises. Although its triple long, you only get the standard door and small window, which is off at an angle. Meaning the only place to get a view was on the balcony it's self. Most of the exterior wall was covered with the TV, vanity, etc. But you can't complain too much, its larger inside, larger bathroom, and triple balcony for the price of just an extended balcony. It was also pretty quiet, below the dinning area of Lido desk, so a couple tables being scrapped across the floor, but never late at night. No noise from the service area adjacent to the room either. Military rate: I never would have known there was a military rate if I hadn't called for the accessible room in the first place. So, if you are current or former military, call them for the best rate. It should be lower than anything else you can find. Even on this cold weather cruise, the $100 more for a balcony [even a regular sized one] was well worth it to us. We didn't spend a lot of time in the room, but we felt we had that option with a balcony. Food: Amazing! What can I say, the value in the food alone was worth the time and money. I was surprised that the quantities of food in the restaurant were about half of what you typically get in a restaurant, but it made sense after a while. You don't want left overs, and you can order as many as you want. Steak and Lobster tail night our entire party particularly indulged. I think I ordered 3 main dishes myself. Its easy to over eat on the cruise, I did the best of my party, limiting my self to one dish per course all but 4-5 times. One friend ordered 2-3 appetizers and main dishes each night, plus a medium meal between each regular meal- he was in heaven- figuratively of course. Spending Money: is very easy on this [and probably all] cruises. They never miss an opportunity to charge you for an extra service. The spa, casino, photographs, and excursions are all examples of how you can double the cost of the trip. However, if you are just a little mindful, even creating a budget, you can leave fully satisfied of your experience and keeping the extra costs under $150 [tips, drinks, excursions, etc.]. It gets a little annoying at times, them always hocking extra services or 'deals.' But I took on the mindset that this is how Carnival makes their money, which lowers the ticket prices for people like me. Entertainment: The comedians were OK, my conservative friends didn't like them much, but I thought they were worth the time. The Vegas style shows were mildly entertaining. Great performers, but little content beyond singing and dancing. I think I have high standards for live entertainment. For the most part we like to relax and slow down, so there were plenty of places and times to do that. The lack of lots of entertainment options was not a problem for us. My two friends were single though, and on the prowl the entire time. Not many singles on this cruise, though the boat had a singles event almost every night. The night-club was fun for me, but intimidating for my two guys who have never been to a real one before. And what ever you do, DO NOT TAKE YOUR DRINK ON THE DANCE FLOOR. This is no uncommon in real clubs, but its a no no here. They will stop the music until the perpetrators get off the floor- real mood killer. This was one of the areas most inaccessible on the boat for those with mobility limitations. Parking the scooter in the dinning room was also a hassle, but no one complained. In room entertainment on old CRT monitors was a joke. They even try to put text information on screen which you can't read because the resolution is too small. That is the first thing I would upgrade on this ship. Ports of call: Port Canaveral: beach is close by, make sure you get a van taxi, or group rate, by your self its $20. Make sure you have photo ID before you leave. Our friend forgot his, despite the 10 warnings they give you on your way out the door. He had his Sign & Sail card with his, which they used to confirm his ID, but took 20 minutes longer to get back on board. We didn't do any of the other excursions. Nassau, Bahamas: I travel internationally at least once a year. If you like the tourist experience, then no worries. Otherwise check out the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism for their People to People program. It pairs you up with real people from the island to have a real experience beyond jewelry and trinket shopping. You have to do it several weeks in advance though, I found out too late to take advantage of it, and you know the cruise line will not tell you about it if they can't make money off of it. Freeport, Bahamas: we were only there a short time, so we took a snorkeling excursion. It was good. Over cast most of the day [c'mon, its the freaking Caribbean, I didn't think it ever got over-cast...]. Even with the over-cast skies there was plenty to see in the reefs. Not as many pretty colors, but a wide variety of fish and plant life. Keep in mind, this is a strenuous experience. Most folks were back on the boat with in a half hour, I stayed in the water for the full hour and am still sore from over exerting myself. Bring a water proof camera, you will be glad you did. Debarkation and Embarkation are stressful. My partner's physical disability gets exacerbated by her anxiety disorder. While the staff were almost always pleasant and wanting to make the experience better, getting on and off the boat were another matter. I think the staff take on all the anxiety of the passengers, which makes the experiences very difficult for a person with an anxiety disorder. All I can suggest is to be patient, and either be first, or last. That goes for the larger on-board entertainment too. A scooter needs extra space on an elevator, and with lots of people getting out at the same time, you will never find room unless you are pushy and demand it from the other passengers. Anxiety disorders usually don't go with pushy, so we would always go to a different bank of elevators after an event. This worked out fine too since our room was at the back of the boat, and all the large entertainment is at the front. Artwork: I enjoyed it at the start, and then really appreciated it as the week went on. Its a little over the top, but when you slow down, read captions, etc, you can be entertained in unpacking its many meanings. Yes, many of the paintings are renaissance era, where bare breasted women were prominent. So, get comfortable with it. Time of year: December is great for a vacation, but I never got HOT, except in the hot tub. Even the Bahamian beaches and waters were mild, but not what I think of when I think 'Beach.' I think October or November will be better when I do this again. Read Less
Sail Date December 2011
We drove over 6 hours to sail on the Pride. Family was 45 mins. away. We found the Carnival Pride to be dark and have a dingy look to the decor. Paintings were worn and seating was like "antique" looking. I'm used to ... Read More
We drove over 6 hours to sail on the Pride. Family was 45 mins. away. We found the Carnival Pride to be dark and have a dingy look to the decor. Paintings were worn and seating was like "antique" looking. I'm used to Carnival being bright, festive, etc. This was a letdown. Everywhere we went people were looking bored to death and trying to find something fun to do. Entertainment in the lobby/atrium was shut down 50% of the time. When they did have music, it was the worse I've ever heard on a cruise ship. THe live raggae music on the lido deck near the pools were nice but (amateurs) off key at the most. Bob Marley would have been so ashamed. The music coming from the speakers put you to sleep, it was more soprano, or italian opera or symphony type music. It was nerve wracking. In the main theater (Taj Mahal) the shows were outdated, jokes were repeated from 6 years ago on another ship. I think we traveled on a transition week because every show they presented, they said it was their last week or last night with carnival. Even the comedian was not very great. The atrium leaked water, they had buckets encircled by yellow "caution" tape. Mid week, the room started havineg a faint urine/sewage smell. After I told the room steward, he sprayed some nice smelling deodorizer, but after 24 hrs it came back to stay. Positive: the food and cabins were superb (5****)! Great room steward and dining room server. But the ship seemed to be old/worn, some of the decor was missing, broken, torn, worn. It desperately needs to be refurbished. The lighting had a yellowish ghoulish hue for the ceiling lights and table lamps. It was fitting for a pre-halloween cruise. Very gothic feel thruout. That's not my thing. Read Less
Sail Date September 2010
Carnival Pride Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 4.0 3.9
Entertainment 4.0 3.7
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.0
Family 5.0 4.0
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.8
Enrichment 3.0 3.5
Service 4.5 4.3
Value For Money 5.0 4.0
Rates N/A 4.2

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