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Junior Suite (obstructed views) Cabins

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Suite with large private balcony, queen bed and single convertible sofa. View obstructed by life boat.

Junior Suite (obstructed views) (OB)
Decks: Deck 11
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Junior Suite (obstructed views) Cabin Reviews
Cabin V38
Feb 2017
Low expectations By: Oakandyen
This room served it purpose. Was it worth $1,400? No, absolutely not. But there was no way I was staying in anything smaller.
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Cabin V21
Dec 2016
Roomy and well kept.
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Cabin V42
Aug 2013
We'll be back! By: craftynovice
we did not mind the obstructed view at all! there is a video available on youtube that shows the carnival ecstasy's V42 room in detail, and the room is pretty much identical to the one on the paradise. before we booked i was hesitant to have an obstructed room, and this video was the most helpful/useful thing I found on the internet that helped me make my decision to book the obstructed room. we liked that the obstruction actually make it harder for random people on the deck beneath us from being able to look up and see us. the room had plenty of outlets, and the lighting worked really well for putting on makeup. the mattress was firm, but i like that so it didn't bother me at all. i liked being up higher on the boat, and we could see the stars laying in bed with the curtains open. i will suggest that you close the curtains when changing. a few times we saw maintenance people right outside the windows messing with the lifeboats. that was kind of funny! overall great room, fabulous service. youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnkoQJEA3Rc
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Cabin V34
Jul 2013
4 Days on Paradise By: Cruise*Master
we booked 2 cabins: V34 on the Verandah deck & R135 on the Riviera deck. The Junior Suite (V34) was listed as an obstructed view but as we had read online and mentioned by our travel agent, that this particular cabin was not completely obstructed. Both previous online posts and our travel agent were correct. The forward view from the cabin was completely unobstructed. The aft view was obstructed but we had a nice enough view... The cabin was clean and fairly spacious. The cabin Steward Paquito, was great. We had room service several times with no complaints. The sheets were comfortable and the bed was sufficiently firm. The couch was nice for our children to sit when they came to visit. I would prefer that the ship did not stock the refrigerator with expensive in-room drinks but I know why they do. We simply took them out and set them beside the refrigerator for the length of the cruise. There was plenty of room for us to hang up our clothes and put them in drawers. There were plenty enough hangers for our clothes and I feel that had we needed more we could have easily gotten more. At the beginning of the cruise my wife asked for 4 pillows and we received them cheerfully. She loves pillows... The balcony is small, but it did have 2 chairs and a small table from which you can sit and have breakfast or a bottle of wine. The windows were large and would let a lot of light in when wanted. The drapes were thick enough to prevent unwanted light in, if you wanted to sleep in... The shower was big enough. As expected, it can be quite tight when 2 people are trying to get ready at the same time. It is probably best to hang out on the balcony, drink a glass of wine, while your spouse is getting ready. The carpeting was in good shape. The furniture was all in good working order. I would have liked it a little cooler in the room, but then again, I always like it cooler... My wife said it was sufficiently cool. All in all the Junior Suite was a good choice for us.R135: Our daughters stayed in R135. A small inside cabin stateroom; enough for 2 twin beds, shower and limited closet space. No complaints really. The cabin was actually in a good location for someone who gets easily sea-sick as it was mid-ship on the lowest level, so as little sea motion as would be possible on-board. The room was dated, but clean. There was no refrigerator in the stateroom. The girls had no complaints with the room, it was clean and everything functioned. Their cabin steward was polite and happy.
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Cabin V34
Mar 2012
We had cabin V-34 on the port side Verandah deck. It is a "junior suite" which is the only way (plus the grand suites) to get a balcony room on this ship. These cabins are only slightly larger than the ocean view cabins on the same class ship. Pretty much the same closet/drawer/bathroom space as any standard cabin on Fantasy class. My first impression was that the cabin was very dark! The decor included lots of dark wood. Usually Carnival cabins are bright and gaudy...not the case here. The cabin was sold as an "obstructed view" cabin for a slightly lower price than the unobstructed cabins in the same area. We were pleasantly surprised to find no obstruction! The cabin location was perfect for peace and quiet from the hallway (no one ever goes there unless they have a cabin there). The cabins just aft of us (two) had the obstructed views (lifeboats). None of those forward of ours had any obstruction. The very front ones were less private because anyone who found the "secret" deck above the bridge could see right onto those balconies. Although the outdoor promenade was right below us, we noticed that no one ever looked up as they were walking by! Also, not many people walked by below us anyway. The balcony is small by comparison to the newer ship standard balconies. Another 10 inches in either direction would have made it better. The balcony was really nice to have though! We spent an average of 3 hours/day out there. There is a refrigerator (not very cold) and a cabinet with a selection of glassware to use for your drinks. The TV was a flat screen. However, they still had a VCR (yes---I said VCR) hooked up to it. Who even has VHS tapes to play anymore? They should have just trashed that thing during dry-dock (or at least replaced it with a DVD player). The Carnival comfort bed was comfy, but a bit firmer than the last time. I like a softer mattress (my sleep number is 35 on our sleep number bed at home...lol). Love, love, love the pillows and duvet!
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Cabin V25
Apr 2011
Our stateroom was very comfortable, much roomier than I had anticipated. Closet space was adequate for our stuff, bed and pillows extremely comfortable. Noise, we didn't hear anything to disturb us as we both sleep heavily. Loved that we could make it really dark with the drapes pulled for an afternoon nap.
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