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Stateroom with upper and lower beds.

Interior Upper/Lower (1A)
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Interior Upper/Lower Cabin Reviews
Cabin U175
May 2017
Good clean cabin, but just a bit noisy at times. Well worth the money.
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Cabin M155
Feb 2017
Amazing 5 Day Cruise By: Phantazma1988
3 Beds, 2 floor beds and one bunk one above the other bed, also had outside window to see the ocean
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Cabin E-187
Sep 2016
TURN IT DOWN! By: SkyMaster
Very good, and comfortable. Cabin service was EXCELLENT!
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Cabin E181
Aug 2016
I had an U/L cabin E181. While not refurbished, it was fairly clean. Toilet didn't flush properly and that was rectified the day I reported it. Again, steward was wonderful. I would recommend U/L cabins for singles or friends. Just not E181, because it was next to some sort of storage closet, and staff were in there at all hours (2 am, 5 am, 6 am). Literally would take a huge rolling cart of glassware out of there, and park it between my door and the closet door and sit there and clink all the glasses on the cart for probably 45 minutes. They should have taken the cart 10 yards away to the elevator banks at those hours, since no one was out and about anyway.
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Cabin R150
May 2016
Carnival Paradise By: mnmckee
Small and outdated
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Cabin U169
May 2016
Cabin was neat, clean, and served its purpose (as, we weren't in there a whole lot). I traveled with my sister. We had bunk beds and they were comfortable. Two-four times a day, our statesman came and tidied the room, left fresh towels, left towel animals, left ship-related information, etc. He turned down our beds at night before we returned and beds were made when we returned from breakfast.
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Cabin R54
Apr 2015
I had heard bad things about Carnival's Upper Lower 1A's, but I was pleasantly surprised. The room is big enough for Two and the bathroom and shower were fine. The bunks are arranged in an "L", so this creates so storage space on the floor under the upper bunk. I had to call the desk to get our phone number and instructions on picking up messages, so we could leave messages for each other. The orange color scheme needs to be updated. Plenty of closet space. The corner light didn't work, but for a weekend cruise I didn't bother reporting it.
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Cabin U191
Mar 2015
Cabin was as expected. Cabin service was GREAT!!!
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Cabin E-185
Feb 2015
Fun, Fun, Fun! By: SkyMaster
Excellent, especially for solo cruisers. This location is very good, as it's convenient to everything, and very quiet.
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Cabin U72
Nov 2014
AMAZING By: emsmith175
Very spacious, plenty of room for storage and baggage. The bathroom was surprisingly spacious as well. The Stateroom steward (mine was Dadan) was highly professional and so kind, my room was always kept clean and he would come in and straighten up for us whenever we would leave the room! I would leave out things like my Macbook, wallet, cell phone, and purse, and he always set it aside in a safe place for me. Very trustworthy and courteous!
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Cabin M45
Dec 2012
Quick Girls Get Away By: DebBrown
Standard sized room, roomy for 4 people, nice sized bathroom, nice sized closets.
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Cabin E-187
Sep 2012
E-187 is an inside upper/lower. I found it to be excellent, with plenty of space and very quiet and comfortable. Especially for a single, I'd highly recommend this cabin!
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Cabin R57
Jul 2011
Great cabin, roomy enough. Stewards made it so comfy and inviting. Heard some ship noise and hallway noise( no fault of the ship, just rude people with no manners).
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Jun 2009
1A Empress, aft.  Quiet, private, occasional muffled noise from storage areas. Carpeted dining noise from aboveor neighbor cabins...Only one cabin row, with nobody across the hall, somehow helps airflow and freshness on interior hall.Plenty of room for one...and enough storage for 2 on short cruise.
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