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Sail Date: May 2005
We traveled with our two adult children, ages 20 and 23. EMBARKATION went smoothly. It took about one hour start to finish. When we arrived on board, the first thing I noticed about the ship was how filthy it was. We were on the Upper ... Read More
We traveled with our two adult children, ages 20 and 23. EMBARKATION went smoothly. It took about one hour start to finish. When we arrived on board, the first thing I noticed about the ship was how filthy it was. We were on the Upper deck, level 6; the carpet was worn and had huge black stains everywhere. When we got to our room, we found dead bugs everywhere, and there was hair all over my comforter. Out on our deck, there was debris including cigarette butts. Our balcony glass was so dirty we could hardly see out of it, and it remained that way the entire cruise. We noticed in the public areas, when dishes or glasses were cleared off tables, they were not wiped clean. In the dining room, there was dust on the railing where we were seated. On the second day out, my husband accidently dropped a dinner roll under our table, and we left it there purposely to see if it would ever be removed. It was still there on the last night of the cruise! We had a good laugh over that one! FOOD: The food was very mediocre. Our prime rib on the first formal night was made up almost entirely of fat, and had to be sent back. Desserts were awful. I actually lost four pounds on this cruise! I have to say, though, the pizza on the Lido deck was wonderful, as well as the deli sandwiches. The morning buffet upstairs was average, but the lunch buffet was very good. ENTERTAINMENT: When they warn you in advance a show is R rated, please take them seriously. The comics were very funny. However, on the last night, there was an R rated improv show given by the cruise staff. Although very funny, it was borderline "X rated". Even my young adult kids thought it was "over the top" and "kind of gross". Lot of drinking going on up there on stage, too. They boast the Las Vegas shows are "the best on the seven seas". Maybe they had never been to Las Vegas; we found them to be amateurish...sort of like seeing high school dancing and choreography. BARS AND LOUNGES: We especially liked Ron in the Piano bar. You can sing along with him if you like that sort of thing. Henri's was a lot of fun. We hung out there and danced until about midnight, then noticed most adults over 40 had left, so we did too. My kids loved it there. The Karaoke lounge was a lot of fun, too. OVERALL: We had a good time. My kids had a blast (LOTS of 18-21 year olds onboard). Will we cruise again? Of course! Will we chose Carnival? No. I've cruised on other lines, had fantastic food, entertainment, and a clean ship. We didn't let these negatives spoil our fun, but I would not return to Carnival in the future. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2005
Just a little background on the family first. Travelers included myself Anne Marie(32) Joe my husband(34) and my 2 sons Kyle(13) and Spencer(5). It is my 3rd cruise, Joe's second and the kids first. We flew direct from Houston TX to ... Read More
Just a little background on the family first. Travelers included myself Anne Marie(32) Joe my husband(34) and my 2 sons Kyle(13) and Spencer(5). It is my 3rd cruise, Joe's second and the kids first. We flew direct from Houston TX to the Airport/pier at New Orleans. We left on the morning of May 29th for an 11:50 am flight to New Orleans. We were all very excited as the kids had never been on a real vacation like this and it is really overwhelming for anyone the first time around. We arrived successfully and had booked a limo to pick us up as it was only 20 each way more than a cab! We were quite disappointed with the service from the driver when we arrived. Carrying 6 heavy bags of luggage and one carry on each...he had parked a considerable amount away and offered no assistance to help carry the bags. The car was dirty and lacked that flair that you expect taking a limo ride. Anyway...so now we are at the pier...one good thing is that limo's get to pull right up to where you go into the port and there are porters there waiting to help take your bags inside(for a tip of course...get used to that!) Anyone driving and parking , etc...good luck, the construction makes this port a nightmare. New Orleans itself (can only give an opinion from the airport to the pier) was dirty and smelly, but so is Newark, NJ where I used to live near the airport...I am sure there are nice places there, but I saw none. Once inside the terminal which we arrived at about 1:15, it was not as insane as I thought it would be from reading others reviews. We had done the fast pass on line and went right up to our window and then got to sit in the first set of yellow chairs...10 minutes later, the second set of yellow chairs, 15-20 minutes later we were having our "get on the ship" photo taken which delays EVERYONE and they really should have at least 5 or more groups to take photos at the same time to move this along. OK...now we are on the ship! The embarkation was pretty painless, even with 2 bickering children. The ship's decor was beautiful, traditional Carnival style, lots of marble, lots of shiny stuff, lots of neon etc. We went directly to our room and had 3 out of our 6 bags already. We changed into more comfy clothes and went to the Lido deck to have lunch. It was great! The kids had items from the grill and we had the buffet. We went back to our room to see if our other bags had arrived and sure enough they were there so we got our suits on and decided to go for a swim. This was the first and only day we got a chair anywhere NEAR the pool and bar...I will get back to that disappointment later. After swimming and several drinks(already burning a hole through our sail and sign card...be careful folks, those drinks add up quickly!) Our waiter, Rolie, was VERY good along with his assistant Glen...very sweet funny guys who loved the kids. Dinner was wonderful! Next was Camp Carnival. They had a ton of stuff and activities to keep our five year old entertained and we barely saw our 13 year old the whole cruise if that says anything. The only negative about the camp is that you need to revolve your schedule around the camp hours...like no camp from 12-2 and no camp from 5-7 (meal hours). They will take them to lunch and dinner but what does a 5 year old do for 2 hours in a buffet line??? The counselors were excellent and loved the kids dearly. Spencer couldn't wait to go back every day. The activities on board were a bit below par. Some of them were a lot of fun, others were not. There was definitely not enough activities to keep you busy for the duration of the time you were on the ship. I don't count art auctions, shopping, picture taking or talks about excursions/islands...an activity. They need more things to do...every half hour to hour that cover many tastes...very disappointed. Night-time activities were better. Our room Steward, Daniello,was excellent and proceeded to win employee of the month, well deserved, we will miss him a lot. Went out of his way for us. The captain was extremely involved which was surprising...usually only see him once at the cocktail party but he was quite involved in a few things that were going on. Our room was nice, but really not big enough when traveling with 6+ suitcases and 2 children, very cramped even with a balcony. There was a problem with our balcony door which was fixed immediately when we called...big points. Spencer also got sick in the middle of the night on the 3rd day...housekeeping came and changed 2 beds at 3 am...BIG POINTS again. A nice tip was deserved. Jamaica was excellent...beautiful weather and friendly people. We did not book any of our excursions through Carnival and were happy we didn't...take my advice...book on your own via the internet before you leave...save your money. Remember Carnival gets a chunk of what your are spending for your excursions...why not let the companies reap the whole benefit and you can save some money. We went to Sunset Beach Resort(recommended by cruise critics) and had a blast. 20.00 PP for adults and 10 pp for kids 12 and under. EVERYTHING is included, drinks, food, entertainment,beach, snorkeling, kayaking, windsailing, music...LOVED it. Watch out for the cabs...don't pay more than 3.00 PP for the cabs...ask ahead of time before you get in what the charge is...the place is only about 2 miles away. Grand Cayman was disaster as far as weather...it rained all day. Luckily we booked our Stingray adventure with Captain Marvins (recommended by Cruise Critic members) and we were they only group who went out!Carnival cancelled all their excursions!This was AWESOME...highly recommended. There was only 12 of us on the boat as opposed to Carnival's 50 per boat and they had at least 5-7 of the same excursion. Trying to get a tender boat back was a nightmare,fights broke out, people were drenched, needs improvement in a huge way. Grand Cayman is still dealing with the effects of the hurricane that hit them so the island is not all it used to be...maybe in another 5-10 years it will be back to normal, massive devastation to the island. Cozumel was WONDERFUL and would go back for a week stay...loved it. We did the Royal Dolphin swim in Chankanaab(sp?) park , again, outside of Carnival and were happy we did. If you book with Dolphin Discovery, you get admission to the park, the Royal Swim with the dolphins, a sea lion show (not impressive) and we got to swim with a sea lion...very cool, they are beautiful creatures scare the dolphins. We stayed on the beach there and did some snorkeling and had some lunch...the drinks are VERY strong here, no watering down at these places. Don't be scared of going on your own...all the cabs know where you want to go and they all know how to get you back to the ship. You will save buckets of money that you will need to pay your bill at the end of your cruise! Over all we all had a good time but will not sail the Conquest line of ships again. They made the ships 20% larger, yes, but they also added 50% more people. Way too may people on this ship, everything was a line, everything was taken (deck chairs, seats for the buffet, shows) a few times we had to stand to watch a show. The staff was great as usual...be sure to go see Petra in the coffee shop. Our last cruise was on the Pride and it was MUCH better as far as space and waiting lines etc. We have never sailed anything but Carnival because of the cost of a cruise but I think we will be expanding our horizons with our next cruise. For a first cruise, it is fine and I am sure you will have a fabulous time,but for those who enjoy their space a bit more...try a smaller ship or another cruise line. Read Less
Sail Date: April 2005
Upon entering the ship, a "greeter" hands you a map. No eye contact, no welcome aboard, no direction, just the handing of a map. Therefore, you may want to study your map prior to getting on the ship because they don't ... Read More
Upon entering the ship, a "greeter" hands you a map. No eye contact, no welcome aboard, no direction, just the handing of a map. Therefore, you may want to study your map prior to getting on the ship because they don't really help you in finding your room. The room cabin is clean and spacious. It's definitely more spacious then most cruise lines. However, we wanted the beds separated because it gives us more room to maneuver. We asked our room attendant the first day if he could separate the beds, but he didn't have to do right then, but if he could do by tomorrow that would be fine. 24 hours later, still not done and upon cleaning the room he left a dirty glass. We paged him 3 times because we didn't see him in the hall earlier that morning and we also wanted fresh ice. No response. We then visited the Purser's desk and they paged him and advised us that the beds would be separated within 10 minutes. We then went to the Art Auction, which we enjoyed. We then went to the buffet and enjoyed an early dinner around 6:00 p.m.. Returned back to the room at 7:30 p.m. and the beds were not switched and the dirty glass was still sitting on the desk. He had been in the room and replaced the towels, but had not done any of the items that were requested. He then can into the room and opted to argue that we had never paged him and that we had not been clear that we wanted the beds moved and the dirty glass remained because he felt that it had been filled with our personal water and therefore he didn't feel he had to clean. My husband said he didn't want to argue with him, he just wanted it done, but at at 8:00 p.m., it was too late to correct and asked him to leave. Bottomline, after several more discussions with the pursers desk, the beds were switched on the 3rd day of our cruise and the Assistant Hotel Manager visited us, with the cabin attendant standing around the corner on the 4th day of our 5 day cruise. My husband advised that the issue had been resolved and he considered the matter closed, but the cabin attendant chose to continue to show my husband all of the pages he had received and that none of them were from us. I found the attendant to be insulting and argumentative and I would have been perfectly fine not to see him for the rest of the cruise. I'm sure that this is not an experience of all passengers, but I would just suggest that if paging your attendant doesn't work the fist time, to just be prepared to visit the purser's desk. They were friendly and baffled that he had not answered their pages either. We had rec'd certificates for free photos for the problems. Oh ya, don't trip over the vacuum cleaners and bags of laundry that is left in the halls 24 hours a day. The menu on the Lido deck was good and the service was excellent. They were quick and polite at all times. The food was always fresh, well stocked and hot. The menu also typically mirrored what was being served in the main dining room. You could have pizza, freshly made sandwiches, salad and selections from the hot buffet. The main dining room was mediocre at best. It was apparent that it was "institutionalized" type cooking. The lettuce for the salad was mostly wilted with brown edges, the noodles for the appetizer were under cooked, the Filet Mignon was cooked in an oven, therefore was tough and tasteless. The waitress also was nice, but never asked any of the passengers if they would like anything to drink, iced tea, lemonade, etc. That comment was brought up by another passenger. We didn't stay for desert, we had left and visited the Lido deck to eat, which is where we chose to eat for the rest of the trip. Quite honestly, the service and food is far below the 5 star experience that is advertised. Entertainment in the show room is hysterical. It's not a Las Vegas show by any stretch of the imagination. The dancers have hair pieces flying off on the stage, costume problems, and no one is instinct. You have three dancer's kicking to the left with the fourth kicking to the right. You have all of them jumping forward but one. I personally love watching the shows because I just find them so comical, but probably not in the way they had hoped. The entertainment thru game shows, bingo, art auction, etc. are fun and enjoyable. Excursions are best planned on your own whenever possible. Just do your research and you can save yourself up to 80% in cost. The ship overall is kept clean and in good condition. I always told my husband that you get what you pay for and that was the case with Carnival cruise line. It's inexpensive and can get you to the beaches, but I try not to expect a lot in regards to their food or service. Debarkation is a lot of fun, if you like disorganization and standing in line because everybody debarks the ship at the same time. That's right folks, no calling out floors or having more than one exit, it's approximately 1400 people all trying to leave at the exact same time. Good luck! Read Less
Sail Date: April 2005
This was the first time we have sailed Carnival and I was disappointed. While the Conquest in most respects is a lovely ship, it did not live up to our expectations. What we didn't like: How difficult it is to get around on this ... Read More
This was the first time we have sailed Carnival and I was disappointed. While the Conquest in most respects is a lovely ship, it did not live up to our expectations. What we didn't like: How difficult it is to get around on this ship....having to go up and then down to get from back to front was a bit ridiculous and although I got lots of exercise I was very frustrated mostly....what gives? Our cabin was spacious enough and plenty of room for storage, but being on the first deck we found it to be very noisy due to some plumbing noises that were present mostly 24/7 the whole cruise. We had friends who sailed with us next door and they also complained. Best way I can describe it as someone throwing water and boulders down a chute constantly....try and sleep through that... Our cabin steward was nice enough and very willing to do whatever necessary to make our trip enjoyable. The entertainment was top notch with the two shows we saw and in my opinion they were worthy of anything I've seen on NY stages and what I would imagine would be in Vegas... very talented dancers and singers. Stayed busy the entire time due to my hyperactive friend. We coaxed our husbands up on stage to try to learn country line dancing...it was a hoot! The Jacuzzis were another thing. We went down only to find that the larger one in the spa was not working. Story was, after we got in and had to get out cause it wasn't working, that due to environmental reasons they shut it down at 4 p.m. and that it was controlled by the bridge. Say what? Anyway, I wouldn't want to be in it long cause there was lots of scuzzy lifeforms clinging to the sides...yuk. Ah, well, the food. I am a fancy eater, and my husband is not. We tried a bit of everything almost. I had only my other cruise on RCL to compare it to. Service was excellent but for the most part, the food was not up to what we had enjoyed on our last cruise. We also felt rushed, which I do not enjoy especially when I'm a captive vacationer, you know what I mean? The bed was pretty hard I thought...but I slept cause I stayed exhausted most of the time. I didn't think much of the onboard shops. I guess they are all pretty standard but just didn't grab me. Shopping in Jamaica was so-so....Grand Caymans it rained so we canceled our excursion. Cozumel was new and nice as you got off the ship, but pricey. I did get a bargain on a turquoise/silver pendant I managed to dicker down to my price.... Drinks are very high on this ship. I did not do much of that. We enjoyed the companionship of our friends, but had it not been for them, I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much as I did. Overall, Carnival needs to be more accommodating if they want my money again. My friend (also my travel agent) who was with me, tried to get us VIP status to debark early cause we had a 12 hour drive ahead of us, and they refused to do so.....it definitely left a bad taste in my mouth..... Read Less
Sail Date: January 2005
Sunday -> Cruise Day #1 -- We got a cab to the pier from our hotel. The embarkation really wasn't too bad. We waited around to be processed and was on the ship in about an hour or so. We were guided towards the buffet restaurant ... Read More
Sunday -> Cruise Day #1 -- We got a cab to the pier from our hotel. The embarkation really wasn't too bad. We waited around to be processed and was on the ship in about an hour or so. We were guided towards the buffet restaurant where the food was pretty average. We ate and explored for the afternoon. We were pleasantly surprised when we found our cabin #6201. It was an outside cabin even though I had ordered the cheapest inside cabin. It was also right at the front of the ship or bow as we sailors call it. It was right under the captain's bridge. So if he decides to take a little snooze, we can keep watch from our window for him. There's a lot of bars on board and people started drinking right away. We did a lot of walking. We ended up with late seating dinner, with Marge and Charlie from MA. The dinner was excellent. I ordered the fruit plate starter, excellent; the mushroom soup, really excellent, and the rack of lamb, as good as mine and very similar. We then went to the Toulouse lounge where they have all their shows and we met the cruise director, Steve Castle, a very funny and personable guy. Afterwards, a ventriloquist/comedian came on. Then back to the cabin. I was tired, but kept feeling sporadic lurching. I thought it was Mike, but it turned out to be the ship movement. Its not quite as even-keeled as they lead you to think. I finally got to sleep but it was a little difficult. Monday -> First day at sea. Wake up not entirely rested as I'm not yet acclimated to the ship's rocking. Looked out the window and we're out in the middle of nowhere. The weather's a bit warmer as yesterday was quite cold in N.O. Its about 68 deg. We had breakfast in the Monet Restaurant and sat with Ian and Hazel from Oxford, England. They were very nice and had a son and daughter same age as my Matt and Steve. Breakfast of poached eggs and toast. The bacon and fruit was very good. Mike had his favorite eggs benedict. Afterwards, we heard a talk about the shore excursions. We had already reserved tours in Jamaica and Cayman through local tour companies on the internet, but we decided definitely on the ship tour of Tulum for our Cozumel stop. Went back to the cabin and made our reservations through the TV. What a world we live in. By the time lunch rolled by, I didn't think I'd be ready for any more food, however, when I saw them making hot fresh tempura, I changed my mind. It was so delicious! Every day they had a "taste of some country" and today's was Japan. Afterwards, though, my stomach was really bothering me. I don't know if it was the excess of food or the swaying of the ship. The waves were considered "moderate" at 4-1/2' to 7'. I know because spent a bit of time in front of the map that shows you the route and a current "you are here" with little tiny lights. We then went down to the atrium lounge where they had a couple singing. The woman had a beautiful voice and did a lot of Carpenters music. After this we watched an Austin Powers dance class on the Lido Deck. Very funny. We then went back to the room to get ready for "formal Night". I wore my black dressy pants and Chinese-style velvet top. We went to a lounge for the Captain's cocktail party. Free drinks and dancing. We had a little of both. Then to the formal dining. This was the only night they would be offering lobster and from what I could see everyone took advantage of it. I did too. I had the Caesar salad, with the lobster entree and pineapple sherbert for dessert, all delicious. Mike had the quail and said it was ok. Dinner ended at about 10. I didn't think we'd make it in time to see the public performance of the Irish singers that were part of the celtic group that was on board. They were wonderful. They even had a little dance instruction during on of the numbers which I joined. It didn't end until midnight and we stayed 'til the end. It was so beautiful listening to the Irish music under the moonlit sky. I loved it. It's Already Tuesday -> Second day at sea. Woke up late. We had to set the clocks ahead, thus losing an hour. So I think we ended up getting to breakfast at 11am. The monet restaurant was already closed so we had a light breakfast at the buffet. It's hard fitting all this eating into our schedule. We ate lunch at 1:30 and went to the country line dancing class at 2:30. The line dancing was lots of fun. We did Tush Push. After line dancing we did an Irish Dance Class that was open to the public. Great. We had dinner at the restaurant. Marge and Charlie were back with us. We snuck a pre-dinner salad at the Cezanne buffet as their Caesar dressing here is excellent. We then went to dinner at Renoir. I got the veal parm. It wasn't that great. We then went back to the room and watched a movie on the portable dvd player that we brought with us. Wednesday -> Jamaica 1/26 -- We set the clock for an early excursion. We woke up and immediately looked out the window to see .... land! It looked wonderful. We could see lots of trees and mountains and beaches. We had a quick breakfast in the buffet restaurant. We didn't know what to bring and so ended up dragging a big bag along with us. We walked off the ship to a wonderful calypso band playing in the front of the terminal. Our instructions from tour guide Carolyn were to go to the back of the terminal and not to ask a "big official-looking Jamaican" who had once lost one of her tours. We got there before Carolyn (Barrett's Tours). She got stuck in some traffic. We met the others who would be taking the tour with us. We got into a mini-van. There were 4 couples and we drove with Errol, Carolyn's husband. There were some others who had a slightly different itinerary and they went with Carolyn in another van. Our itinerary was a 2 hour drive into the mountains of Jamaica, a stop at Y-S Falls for tubing and experiencing the falls, a jerk chicken lunch and a little time at the shops. The drive up the mountain was extremely interesting. We passed a few little villages where people had little businesses run out of tiny little buildings no bigger than a shed. It was early and people were starting their day. Moms and dads were walking cute little children dressed in their clean pressed school uniforms to the bus stop for school. Families were cooking outside on little home-made barbecues. I saw a chicken put on a spit. Goats roamed free, eating grass here and there. There were people out everywhere. A big difference from my neighborhood where you'd only see solitary joggers and people in their cars rushing off to work. The people were quite obviously dirt-poor, but living so simply, in such beauty and so closely with family and friends, it didn't look too bad. We then stopped at a local farm. The farmer's name was Rowan and his wife showed us around their farm. His 17 year old daughter was holding the new baby who was 4 months old and quite darling. I made the faux pas in asking if the baby was her grand child. "No" she said "that's my baby". They grew pineapples on the farm among other things and we were in for a sampling. Let me tell you, it was the most delicious pineapple I have ever tasted. We got back in the van and the properties started looking nicers and there were less people around. Finally, we got to Y-S Falls. It is also a breeding farm for horses and cattle. We were pulled by tractor and tram to a beautiful stream-fed pool with people sunning themselves. Here we got our tubes. We had Jamaican guides leading us down the stream. It was incredible. There were stands of bamboo and countless trees. Along the way were small falls. Our handsome, young guides were hoisting us over falls, pushing us if we lagged behind. By the looks of them, this is an exercise regime that I highly recommend. The 45 minutes tubing was far too short. I could have stayed there forever and that was before I even saw what there was up-stream. If possible, it was even far lovelier. There were falls atop of falls. Swimming holes created by the falls where you could swim, dive or let the cascading water tumble over you. The middle waterfall had a rope swing that was incredible fun, again with the strong Jamaicans hoisting up the large Americans onto the rope. There are signs warning about the risk and we saw 2 people screw up. One woman slipped down the rope and got sort of dragged into the water. The other, a man also slipped off into the rocks. Mike and I did perfectly though, several times in fact. We only tore ourselves away with the promise of the jerk chicken lunch. Was it delicious, or was it all that activity that made us ravenous? I'll never know. We returned to town by a different route without all the giant ruts in the road. We had barely 40 minutes of shopping time near Margaritaville, which was more than enough time to buy some Jamaican run, rum cakes and coffee. Then back to the ship. We made it back in plenty of time before dinner. We had some time to kill and so watched the female magician act. There were dancing acts in between each set. It was entertaining and the dancing was fun to watch. We still had some time to kill before our late seating dinner of 8:30, so we watched some Karaoke in one of the lounges. Who doesn't like Karaoke? Dinner was a shrimp in cream sauce in a puff pastry. It was very good, but just not my favorite. At this point we were exhausted and so went back to our cabin. We watched a DVD for awhile, but couldn't stay up any longer and conked out. Day 4 - Grand Cayman (Thurs. Jan 27) -- I mistakenly thought we were setting the clock back an hour for today, but I was wrong. It's tonight. Still we woke up early. We opened the curtains to see Grand Cayman. I was surprised it wasn't quite as lush as Jamaica, but I was told later that the hurricane pretty much knocked down all the trees and killed them. Still, it was a beautiful place. We ate a quick breakfast and got our tickets for the tender and made our way to shore. The terminal was a little crowded and confusing, but we got through the crowds and down the street to Captain Marvin's. We were taken by shuttle to a pier and about 20 of us boarded the boat. We had the 2 hour tour. There's a 3 hour one for $5 more but I didn't think my fair skin would withstand the extra hour in the tropical sun. Turns out 2 hours was perfect. We boated out to a coral reef and put on the snorkel gear they provided for us. It was incredible. There were all kinds and colors of beautiful fish swimming around the coral. We got back into the boat and went a little further to a sand bar where the water was about 3 or 4 feet deep called Stingray City. We got off the boat and hand fed the sting rays fishie things while they would beg and jump up against us looking for the food. They were soft and adorable and so damn cute! At one point I had some food and they all surrounded me, brushing up and crowding me. It was a little frightening at first but exciting. We even got to hold one of the sting rays named Emily. The guide told us that he met this particularly friendly stingray about 7 years ago and she looks for him every time he comes round. He said they live to be around 40 years old. All in all the tour was wonderful. The bus took us back to the shopping area of Grand Cayman. It was a neat place. You could see and feel the British influence here. They are still a British colony! The stores here are a bit upscale. Since I really don't know the value of diamonds and precious stones, we didn't make any purchases. We got back to the ship for a late lunch. We decided that we would go to the hamburger/grill stand. So did everyone else. There was a 10 or 15 minute wait on the line. The hot dog was fabulous. The minute steak sandwich was so-so. After lunch we went out to the lido deck and listened to the calypso band, we sat in the hot tub for awhile. The temp wasn't really hot thought, more like luke-warm. That evening was the 2nd formal night. We went and changed our attire for dinner. I had tenderloin that I again couldn't eat (too much food all day). Afterwards we went to see the Vegas-style show which was fun and then to the food exhibit with the ice sculpting that Jannel (our waiter) had done part of. Jannel was from the Philippeans and he told us that wood carving was a big part of their culture and heritage. So, they are very good at the ice sculpting. Friday - Cozumel -- We got up and had a light breakfast in the buffet restaurant. We then went down to the lounge to wait with our group for the tour. We left the ship and walked a short distance and got on a ferry to take us to the mainland. The ferry ride was awful. As soon as we started off, it almost immediately started to get rough. The ferry attendant walked up and down the aisles handing out purple plastic bags for barfing. It was really awful. I started feeling really queasy. It was all I could do to breath slowly through my mouth and watch the horizon to keep my stomach calm. I could feel myself perspiring. Then it got worse. I could hear people all around me throwing up. I kept my cool and toughed out the longest 20 min. boat ride ever. I quickly recovered when we got to Cancun. Tip: bring Dramamine, you could make a fortune. We walked through the pier shopping district. It looked really interesting and I was dying to do a little browsing, but we had to keep pace with our group. We looked like school children on a field trip. We got to the bus and were each given a bag of snacks, crackers, grain bar, Fritos and apple juice. The bus ride was straight and dull, down an bland highway. It was a good road and tree lined but without anything really of interest to see. We made one stop for a bathroom break and souvenirs. It was overpriced and you can get better deals when you get to Tulum. At Tulum, we walked from the bus through a little shopping area. The ruins were about a 1/2 mile walk away. The ruins were quite impressive. We got a 30 min. tour by our guide who was with us on the bus. We were then free to wander around or walk down to an incredibly beautiful turquois beach. I was so sorry I hadn't put on my bathing suite. I had it with me but there was nowhere to change. We took off our shoes anyway and walked in the water. We took tons of pictures. The iguanas were really cute. The ferry ride back was much better. We got back just in time for our departure, no time for shopping. We stood in a long line to get back to the ship. We changed for dinner, watched some shows on the DVD and went down for dinner. We had the filet mignon, it was ok. The appetizer of mozzarella and tomato was a little bland (I like a little more balsamic vinegar with it). The onion soup was cold. I would've said something but we got there late and so I felt we were at fault. Afterwards, we went up to the lido deck for another performance of the Irish singers. They did another bang-up job. Then we went back to the cabin. Last Day At Sea (Saturday, Jan 29) -- Woke up to a little rougher sea than we've been experiencing. We went to Monet for breakfast. Saw Janell our evening waiter working there. He was sweet and charming as usual. We then sat and caught up on our journaling. Then we went to the Toulouse Lounge for our disembarkation talk. The waves were rocking pretty good at this point so we went back to the cabin for some rest. I took a dramamine as I was feeling a bit off. At 2:30 we went down to Toulouse for a disco dance class. It was lots of fun. After that class, we went up to Henri's disco where a german polka trio was playing. We polka'd for awhile, then food again. We went to the pizza station and got a Caesar salad and pizza. We then listened to the calypso band San Racas. We wandered a bit looked for pictures at the photo gallery. We relaxed until dinner. Then we grabbed some sushi and listened to Karaoke for a bit. Our last dinner with our waiters Janell and Leonardo was sad. They'd been so nice, I felt like we were leaving family, but Leonardo said he would remember us. I know we'll remember them. We had a pork and prime rib. It was very good as usual, but at this point I was overeating so much for the past 7 days that I couldn't get too excited over anything, I have to make one exception here. Mike ordered the mango souffle for dessert and it was amazing. At this point we knew we were back in US as we could see car lights passing in the dark. It made me feel sad. Sunday Jan 31, disembarkation -- We had to pack and leave our bags outside our door the night before, so it was pretty easy getting ready in the morning. We got up, showered and went up to Cezanne for buffet breakfast around 8. Everyone was there at the same time and there was a bit of a line. Everyone seemed tired and glum. We went back to the cabin and waited for our color, dark green to be called. We were last off the ship. It went very smoothly until we got out of the terminal when it got very chaotic. There was a mob waiting for cabs and they stuffed us in with as many people as would fit. Pictures of the cruise at: http://www.sabinocreekstation.com/2005_01_Cruise/index.htm Read Less
Sail Date: November 2004
I sailed on the Conquest on November 14th with a group of 17 friends and family, the majority of whom were first time cruisers. For a different perspective on the trip, see my cruise mate volive's review. This review is long, but ... Read More
I sailed on the Conquest on November 14th with a group of 17 friends and family, the majority of whom were first time cruisers. For a different perspective on the trip, see my cruise mate volive's review. This review is long, but hopefully you can find some useful tips in here! NEW ORLEANS: Our group decided to arrive in New Orleans on the Friday prior to our sailing, so we could have a little time to look around. I hadn't been to N.O. since I was 7 years old, so I was very excited about this. Some members of our group flew in, but my family and I drove. Be sure and stop at the Louisiana visitor's center when you cross the Louisiana Border - they had free coffee and some great maps to help get us to our destination. One word of warning - if you are driving, plan on arriving in New Orleans in off peak drive times. We got there about 3:00 in the afternoon, and we did the 5 mph crawl from the I-55/I-10 interchange to the French Quarter. We stayed at The Frenchman Hotel, which is on the edge of the French Quarter, and is an easy walk to EVERYTHING. It's not the Hilton, but if you are looking to get away from modern hotels and experience some old world charm, the Frenchman is a good way to go. Free parking and free breakfast was included, which is worth a lot in New Orleans! After having dinner at Patout's Cajun Cabin on Bourbon Street (thumbs up - especially the Ponchatrain Punch!), we took the Haunted History tour of N.O. I highly recommend it! It's a walking tour, but the pace is slow and you don't cover a large amount of ground. Ask to get on Randy's tour - he's very entertaining. He is very graphic with his descriptions, though, so I wouldn't recommend the tour for young children or for people who are with uncomfortable tales of vampires, torture, murders, etc. We all had breakfast at Cafe Du Monde on Saturday, and then my family and I walked down the Riverwalk to the Aquarium of the Americas, and spent close to 4 hours in there! Highly recommend this place - the admission is relatively inexpensive, and there is so much to see and do! We also took the St. Charles streetcar to tour the Garden District. I do NOT recommend this. It is an inexpensive way to see the district ($1.35 per person, or $0.40 with a medicare card), but the trolleys are packed full, and the ride is EXTREMELY long. The streetcar map shows the trolley making a big circle - don't believe it! We thought it would drop us back off at the same point we picked it up, but we had to get off at the end of St. Charles Avenue, wait in line for 30 minutes, and pay another fee to get on the return trolley. The whole trip took nearly 2 hours. My advice? Take a guided walking or bus tour of the Garden District - that way you get a little information on what you are seeing. A couple in our group had their wedding anniversary on Saturday, and ate at Commander's Palace. They were very impressed with it, but if you would like to go, call and get reservations as soon as you can. My friend called to book almost 6 months in advance, and the place was almost booked up. A 9:00 seating was all they had left, but he took and it was glad to get it. The rest of us took our hotel clerk's recommendation and went to Marisparro on Decatur Street, just past the St. Louis Cathedral. He said to just "follow the smell of good food" and he was right! Excellent food, and everything on the menu was under $10. GETTING TO THE TERMINAL/PARKING: Sunday morning we checked out of the hotel and headed down to the cruise terminal. While the rest of our group took the trolley to the port, my friend, Victor, and I fought traffic to get the luggage to the drop off point. I've never seen a more chaotic mess! If you plan on driving, don't show up until 2:00 at least. We were there at 10:00 or so, and the single line of traffic to get to the terminal was insane. People who were getting off the cruise were trying to get in to pick up passengers and luggage, people who were about to cruise were trying to drop off passengers and luggage, and we had lots of semi trucks trying to get in to supply the ship. By 2:00, there were hardly any lines at all, so it's a good time to arrive. Be care if you are considering parking in the Fulton Street garage. According to the port website, all I had to do was show my cruise documents and I could park there for the same rate as the Carnival lot. However, when I got to the garage I was turned away, and told that I had to have a voucher from my travel agent, which the port/cruise website neglected to tell me. It would be a great place to park, but call ahead to find out what you need to have before you go. I ended parking at the Hilton Self Park garage on Convention Center Boulevard, which is a very LONG walk from the port (and doesn't supply shuttle service). However, it was covered parking, and I'm assuming secure, as the N.O. Police Department has a substation within the building. Our car was fine there. EMBARKATION: By the time I got parked and walked back to the terminal, the check in area was completely full. Fortunately, my roommate held a place in line while I parked and we didn't have to wait long to check in. Once again - wait until the afternoon if you don't want to deal with crowds. Be sure to fill out the Fun Pass prior to checking in, it makes your check in go very fast. We were sent to the yellow chairs to wait, but we weren't there that long before we were herded into another line for pictures and security checks. If you don't want your picture taken, just tell one of the people working the line and they will let you go on to the security check. THE SHIP: The ship was absolutely gorgeous! The ship was decorated for Christmas, which made it even more spectacular. We were able to go straight to our cabin after we got on board. I had an ocean view cabin on the Riviera deck, and was very pleased with it. It was very roomy and I was just as pleased with it as I would have been with a balcony room. We were able to sit in our windowsill and watch the water going by. We dropped our carry on bags and went up to the Lido Deck to meet the rest of our group and eat lunch. The buffet was nice, but I opted to go to the hamburger grill - excellent burgers and fries! I spent a lot of my meals onboard at that grill. I loved that they had sauteed onions and mushrooms as toppings - very nice! All of our luggage had arrived by 3:00 that afternoon, so we spent a little time unpacking. There were 3 closets, lots of drawers in the vanity and under the couch, and all our suitcases fit under the beds. The bathroom was more than adequate. I had cruised before and was expecting a very small bathroom, but this one was actually very roomy! I had brought an over the door hanger for my toiletries, but we had 6 glass shelves with railings on the mirror that held everything we needed, so the hanger went back into my luggage for the rest of the trip. Be sure and bring an extension cord with multiple outlets and an alarm clock, they come in very handy (thanks to all of you reviewers who suggested this - awesome tip!). After we unpacked, we headed to the ship's spa and gym for a tour. You can get $15 off any spa treatment that you book during the tour, and several of our group members took advantage of this. I booked a pedicure with a friend of mine for the following morning, and took a look around the gym. Their gym is a joke! They had plenty of cardio equipment, but I couldn't stay on any of it for long because of the rocking of the boat. The weight machines are about 20 years old, and I don't think they have ever seen any sort of maintenance. . There was a limited selection of free weights, and a couple of Swiss balls (no weighted medicine balls, though). DO NOT attempt to do abdominal exercises in the floor of the aerobics area - the floor is not padded in any way, and they don't have any mats to put under you. I think I could have done crunches on a slab of marble lined with spikes and it would have been more comfortable. We were in the Monet Dining Room, late seating. Our wait staff was excellent! We tipped them extra; they were very accommodating about bringing us extra dishes and didn't mind that we played musical chairs among our three tables each night. The food could have been better. We were offered lots of choices, and I was usually able to find something to eat every night, but the quality of the food itself was exceedingly poor. My steaks had lots of fat and gristle. The filet mignon was tender, but was very gamey. Vegetables were often cold or underdone, and desserts were stale, like they had sat in the open air all afternoon. I ordered ice cream for dessert most nights, and it was excellent. My last cruise was on Premier Cruise Lines (The Big Red Boat), which I thought was a lower class cruise than Carnival, but Carnival's food was nothing compared to what I was served on Premier. I remember reading several reviews that said you wouldn't know there were 3000 people on board. Their sailings must not have been full, because ours was and it was VERY apparent that there were 3000+ people aboard. There were long lines everywhere on board the ship! 'FUN' DAYS AT SEA: Monday Morning we woke to very heavy seas (12' - 14' swells). I spent the whole day seasick, even though I been on double doses of Bonine since we arrived onboard. I ended up missing the Captain's Dinner and Cocktail party. I went to the infirmary early that morning to get a shot to stop my seasickness, and they told me they didn't have them. I spent the entire day miserable and sick, and then went back to the infirmary that night and found out they DID have the shots! NOTE: if you are sick while you are on board and normal motion sickness medication isn't working, go to the infirmary and demand they give you a shot of Phenergen (sp?). Don't let them tell you they don't have it. Or better yet, if you know you are prone to motion sickness get your doctor to give you some Phenergen pills before you go. The shot cost me over $50, but after a day of trying to bring my insides up, I would have paid just about anything to stop throwing up. All the shows were cancelled, since the seas were so rough. Tuesday was much better. The seas had calmed considerably, and I was finally able to eat. I spent a good part of the day sunning on the deck. Carnival offers many activities, but I didn't participate in many of them. The Vegas style shows were postponed again, since the ship was still rocking, but they had an excellent comedian after 11:00 that night. MONTEGO BAY: We had read so many bad reviews that we didn't want to attempt shopping or going into town. We went through the terminal, and caught a JUTA taxi ($2 per person) to Sunset Beach Resort instead. Sunset Beach is an all-inclusive resort, and for $20 day, we got all our food and drinks (alcoholic and sodas), plus snorkeling gear, paddle boats, kayaks, and sunfish to play around with. They have 3 beautiful white sand beaches, and the water is very calm and shallow a long distance out. It's an excellent place for people like me who aren't strong swimmers. They had 3 freshwater pools as well, if you don't like the sand and salt. There is plenty of shade to be had, under beach umbrellas and trees, plus an enormous covered patio. We ate at the grill, which serves jerk chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, and grilled cheese sandwiches. They also had a restaurant, but I think that you couldn't go in there in your swimsuits, so we didn't try it. The entire facility was clean and the staff courteous. They kept our sign and sail cards at the front desk, so we didn't have to worry about losing them on the beach. Our taxi driver had arranged to meet us at 3:00 to take use back to the boat, and he was there right on time. We had a wonderful day! Everyone is very serious about security in Jamaica. The boat scans you and your carry-on items when you get off the boat. You will get scanned again in the terminal (not more than 100 paces from the boat), and you go through the same procedure to get back on the boat. Don't wait until the last minute to re-board, because it takes a while to get through security. GRAND CAYMAN: I know that the people that keep up with these cruise reviews have heard this before, but CAPTAIN MARVIN'S is the only way to go. We booked their Stingray City tour online, and we could not have been happier with the services they provided! We paid $35 per person, and we got more than our money's worth. Since there were 15 of us on the same tour, we got an entire boat to ourselves. They had water and fruit punch on board for us, and fitted each of us with snorkel gear. We were on the 8:30 a.m. tour, and they got us out to the sandbar well ahead of the other operators. I think there were only 12 people there when we got there, so we had plenty of one-on-one time with the stingrays. The water was a little rough - it's only about 2-3 foot deep, but the waves coming in could knock you down if you weren't watching. The stingrays themselves are a little intimidating at first - you look off the back of the boat, and there is a swarm of these 4 - 5 foot wide creatures that are waiting for you to get in the water with them. I think we were all a little scared at first - our boat staff had told us that the rays would rub up against you as their way of making friends, and I know that I for one screamed the first time one brushed up against me. However, they were so incredibly soft and gentle, you just fell in love with them. Captain Marvin's had 2 videographers from VIP productions on the boat, and they videotaped our entire trip for us. We each got to hold and kiss a stingray (7 years of good luck, according to local legend) and the whole thing was caught on film. We pulled out of Stingray City right as the other boats started pulling in, and headed for Coral Gardens to do some snorkeling. It was wonderful, and we were filmed doing this as well. We got to watch the video on the way back to the marina, and several of us bought a copy. It's about $48 for a VHS or $57 for the DVD, but it was well worth it. I just got my DVD last week, and it's my favorite memento from the cruise. The remaining two members of our group went on the Carnival Stingray City tour, and they said that by the time they got there, there were 1,000 people in the water. They barely got to touch the stingrays, and didn't get much time with them before they were herded on the boat and taken back. I think they might have gotten a photo op with the stingray, but that was it. They paid twice as much as we did, and got half the quality. Some members of our group are certified divers and they spent the rest of the day on a shore diving excursion they had arranged. My family and I opted to add on the island tour through Captain Marvin's. We saw the turtle farm, the Tortuga rum factory, and got to stop at Hell to mail some postcards home. I don't think I would do the island tour again, or recommend it, simply because there really isn't much to see or do at these places. The snorkeling there is so good I wish I had done that instead. However, our driver was courteous and knowledgeable, and he even took us to view some of the devastation that Ivan had left behind. The island is recovering well, but it's still shocking to see how much damage was done. We made sure to tip everyone there well! COZUMEL: Cozumel was probably my least favorite of the stops. We didn't have any excursions planned for the day, and ended up being at loose ends. We spent the morning shopping in Puerta Maya (the dock where the boat is), and got all of our souvenir trinkets to take home. This is the place to shop - Jamaica and Grand Cayman were pretty pricey. That afternoon, we caught a very scary cab downtown to meet the rest of our group at Pancho's Backyard for a late lunch. We arrived a little before the others and walked down the street to Carlos and Charlie's, and I wish we hadn't. The shop keepers were constantly yelling at you, grabbing your arm and trying to pull you into their shops. Most of the time, a polite "no, thank you" was enough to stop them, but a few were more persistent. Kind of like what we had heard Jamaica was like. I didn't think the shop prices were any cheaper than at Puerta Maya, so I wouldn't recommend going down there just to shop. Pancho's Backyard was excellent, but they have a location at Puerta Maya as well. This was our second formal night (the first for me since I spent Monday night seasick). The wait staff put on a good show, and since the seas had finally calmed we finally got to see the first of the vegas shows for the week, "Formidable." I was not impressed. The dancers were good, but the material they were given to work with was terrible. Half the crowd left 15 minutes into the show, and the rest of us were snoring before the show was 30 minutes in. It must have been a "formidable" task to find a plot, because I just couldn't find one no matter how hard I tried. The other Vegas style show, "Point and Click" was done on Saturday night. It was better in that it had a plot, but if you have seen the movie "You've got Mail," then you have seen this show. I thought Carnival could have done a better job in providing original entertainment. However, Deja's magic show and the comedians, ventriloquists, and the like were very good. DEBARKATION: Our debarkation was just as chaotic as embarkation was. All 3000 people were on the Lido Deck trying to get breakfast, and nobody left their tables afterward, so by 8:00 it was hard to find anywhere to sit down. Next time I'll know to go eat breakfast early and then camp out on the deck chairs until my luggage tag is called. They tell you to have your customs form, your sign and sail card, and your id (passport/birth certificate) in your hand as you exit the ship. You will need your sign and sail card - they scan that as you exit the boat - but I never had need of my passport. There was a lady at the cruise terminal that took our customs forms, so keep those available. It took almost an hour for us to get the car and get back to the luggage area to load up. Not much you can do to avoid the lines here. People were being told that they would have to wait an hour for a taxi, and we heard there was a riot that broke out shortly after we left. If you are flying and need a taxi, do what some of our friends did. Take your luggage and hop on the trolley (or walk a couple of blocks) down Convention Center Boulevard, and catch a taxi there. They said there were plenty of taxis available and they had no problems getting one. HINTS AND TIPS: Arrive in the afternoon (2:00 p.m. and on) at the cruise terminal to avoid the lines. Fill out your Funpass before you go. Take an extension cord with multiple outlets and an alarm clock with you. You can take a small amount of soda or bottled water onboard. I had a 6 pack of bottled Cokes and (4) 16 oz Dasani bottles in my duffel bag, and they made it through just fine. You have to either pack it in a suitcase or carry it on yourself, the baggage handlers won't let you tag it and send it through with your luggage. Make sure it's plastic bottles, and if you pack them in your luggage, put them in gallon Ziplock baggies just in case they get punctured. Lock your baggage with plastic ties (the kind that pulls through a loop and won't come off without being cut off). That way, if security has to get in your bags they won't have to cut your lock. Pack collapsible duffel bags in your suitcase - you WILL need them for all your souvenirs! Even better, take a backpack - it's much easier to keep up with and leaves your hands free for your passports, customs forms, etc. Eat early or late at the Lido deck to avoid lines, and check all the buffet lines before hopping into one. Sometimes the ones near the pool only have a few people in them. Book your shore excursions yourself before you go and save yourself some money, but read the reviews and book with reputable companies (like Captain Marvin's) that you know other cruisers have not had problems with. Carnival usually doubles the price of the excursions that they offer, so check out what's available from local operators before you go. Take lots of $1 bills - you will constantly be tipping someone. If you are prone to motion sickness, start taking medication before you even get on the boat. Be sure and book a cabin in the lowest part of the ship, and as close to the center as you can get. if you have questions about this review or the Conquest, you can email me at mesmit@acxiom.com. Please put "Carnival Conquest" in the Subject line. I hope this review is helpful to you! Read Less
Sail Date: June 2004
This cruise was in celebration of our youngest son's high school graduation. There were 11 in our group, including my parents, brother's family and our three sons ages 17, 20 and 25. We have taken a cruise with the boys when each ... Read More
This cruise was in celebration of our youngest son's high school graduation. There were 11 in our group, including my parents, brother's family and our three sons ages 17, 20 and 25. We have taken a cruise with the boys when each graduated from high school. We did the Destiny when the oldest graduated in 1997 and the Celebrity Millennium when the middle son graduated. My wife and I have taken a total of six cruises, three with Carnival. For the rest this was their first cruising experience. Overall we enjoyed the cruise but nothing about the ship or its amenities was memorable. On the positive side, the ship was very clean and in apparently excellent condition. There were a great many dining options and the service was very good for the most part. We almost always found something to eat that appealed to the various members of our party. Some of the food was very good but we found the beef to be generally tough and tasteless. Our server did provide good recommendations on what were the better options for the evening. We ate the late seating in the Monet dining room and he would tell us what dishes went over well in the early seating. This can be very helpful information. Our balcony cabin was very nice and well maintained by the steward. Our sons had an inside cabin for three and this was a little crowded. We very much enjoyed the soft serve ice cream. My 7 year old nephew typically had eaten 4 or 5 cones by lunch. On the negative side, the staff in the spa are incredibly rude and arrogant. I had a problem with one staff member the first day which set the tone for the week. I heard more complaints about the spa than anything else on the cruise. Apparently, the technical aspects of the services are good but the attitude and demeanor of the staff are deplorable. It was difficult just to get a key for a locker. The first show was pretty weak. We were surprised at how many cues were missed. I did not care for the cruise director, Steve. The best thing he did all week was stop talking and juggle. We did not meet our cabin steward until the last day. He never even came by and asked us about the minibar, which stayed locked all week. We got tired of the constant efforts to sell you something. It seems that Carnival is always pushing something which really got old. In Montego Bay, we caught a shuttle for $4/person each way to Margaritaville. This was a big hit with our boys and my younger nephews. There were a lot of girls to keep the older boys entertained and plenty of water activity for the younger guys. The shuttle driver came back at one and picked up the ladies to do some shopping and dropped my parents off at the ship. We stayed till 3 and had a very enjoyable day. In Grand Cayman, I booked a tour on the internet for snorkeling and Stingray City. This was a great value and we had a fabulous time. Our guide, Glen, even taught our boys how to catch a stingray. My parents waited till we got to Grand Cayman to book anything because they were concerned about the tender. As it turned out the seas were calm so the tender was not a problem. There were numerous vendors at the pier offering anything that was available on the ship at a much reduced rate. They took the two hour tour that included the Turtle Farm (not impressive), Hell and a tour of the island for $15/person. Inside tip, some of the best snorkeling was within walking distance of the ship at a place called Eden Rock. You can see it from the ship. The snorkeling is free and lockers, chairs etc are available for a fee. There were more large fish to be seen there than at either of the snorkeling stops on the tour. It rained in Cozumel so we just caught a cab and did some shopping. It was a very dreary day and really hurt the tour companies. Our boys did the Carlos and Charlie's thing and like many others did not make it to dinner but did make it back on the ship with two minutes to spare... I booked this cruise because it met most of the requirements that the members of our party had voiced. It was within driving distance of San Antonio on a large ship with a wide range of ages and activities. All of the boys found someone to hang out with and stayed pretty well occupied. There were many young people celebrating their graduation and a significant number of other teenagers. At times this made areas of the ship a little raucous. Security was very prevalent and overall did a good job of maintaining order. Overall we enjoyed the cruise but will probably not cruise again with Carnival any time soon. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2004
Two categories here: Things I liked- Curbside unloading and delivery of luggage,beautiful ship, lots of needed deck space, pretty good food on lido deck, location of spa deck room, with children was ideal, room was nicely decorated with ... Read More
Two categories here: Things I liked- Curbside unloading and delivery of luggage,beautiful ship, lots of needed deck space, pretty good food on lido deck, location of spa deck room, with children was ideal, room was nicely decorated with lots of storage and big window. Bed was lowered from the ceiling(son thought it was cool), OK kid's program. Things I REALLY REALLY Didn't Like- Painfully slow embarkation slowed further by picture taking. Smoke everywhere, even came into our room (nicknamed it the 'lung cancer cruise'). Along with the incessant music the atmosphere was annoying. Noise came from hall thru door but the walls were well soundproofed. Carnival tried harder to pick our pockets than other lines we've been on..Vacation Club, holding up the lines to take pictures, "Need anything from the bar?" I started ignoring the question on day 3. First nights comedian was good,but I had to walk out 4 nights because of vulgar/boring entertainment(wife said last night's was ok). Dinner portions were modest and food was not great. I watched alcohol being sold to girls that were already very drunk and obnoxious. Not a "Fun Ship" for me. Read Less
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