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Interior stateroom with Porthole thats cozy and just what you'll need after a day and night loaded with FUN.

Porthole (PT)
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Porthole Cabin Reviews
Cabin 1231
May 2017
Mostly Boring! By: Amethyst0218
The cabin was well kept. Our porter was attentive to our needs.
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Cabin 2221
Dec 2015
Never, ever again. I booked this cruise 11 months in advance, directly through Carnival, and they SWORE this was the only deck available with two rooms in close proximity. The boat never stopped rocking the entire week, and there was a loud, banging sound every 15 seconds all night long - maybe waves hitting the stabilizer? I ran into a mother-daughter on a higher floor who were so seasick the first two days, they couldn't leave the cabin. And get this - the medical clinic had NO patches available! How is that even a thing?
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Cabin 1217
Apr 2015
We LOVE our porthole rooms. We could hear the waves but they actually sounded like someone shutting a door. No big deal. The one morning we were still in our room when we ported and we could hear the anchor but we were already up and going so it didn't bother us. If you like to sleep in this may bother you. Our room steward was great. The room was super clean and our bedding was turned down every night. I had read an earlier post about the room looking a little ragged but they must have done an update. There was nothing ragged about this room at all. It is a large room with the porthole windows so you get alot of light when you want it or you can shut them and it is pitch dark.
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Cabin 1217
May 2012
Our stateroom was very large and nice, but some of the hardware on our closet doors was already broken and there was a bit of what looked like wood-patterned contact paper peeling up from the desk. The closet and desk was super cheap looking, but there was a good deal of storage. The beds were pretty hard; one of our fellow passengers complained that her husband's back and knee were really hurting. His old injuries were inflamed due to the hard beds. We didn't have quite that difficulty, but it was not as comfortable as the beds on the Ecstasy, for example. The sheets pillows and comforter were very nice, though. The stateroom's bathroom was the usual small space. There was a nice selection of samples in the little basket near the sink. I always enjoy those. There was a sign in the bathroom about "going green" and to hang up any towels we wanted to re use. However, the room stewards replaced all used towels whether they were hung up or left on the floor. So much for that green touch. The trash wasn't emptied a couple of times (honestly, it was never full, so no big deal), and some sand we accidentally brought in on our beach shoes from Honduras (our first port) stayed in our carpet for the rest of the trip. Other than that, the room stewards did a great job and our room was otherwise fresh and tidy. There was a room spray or something sort of vanilla-scented that was noticable in our restroom the first day. I liked it, but if you are allergic to perfumes it might be unpleasant. One more note about the bathroom: there is a "scalding warning" posted inside the shower. I wish. The best shower I had aboard was warm, at best. Even at the highest temperature setting, it was not what I'd consider a nice,hot shower. Ship announcements were not easy to hear; if we were in our room with the door closed, it sounded a bit like Charlie Brown's teacher. You had to open the door and stand in your doorway to hear the ship announcements.
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Cabin 1451
Feb 2012
A Lot of Fun By: Press_ie
Loved the two bathrooms! Enough room, but noisy at times.
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