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Stateroom with two lower beds. Amenities include TV, spacious bathroom with shower, sitting area, wall safe in closet and dressing area. *Stateroom is 160 square feet.

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Cabin 8411
Apr 2017
When the rooms were ready, we found our interior cabins spacious enough for three people each. The cabins, like the rest of the ship, are kept impeccably clean. We found our cabins comparable in size and quality to those which we had on Enchantment of the Seas. They were very convenient to access the pools or Lido buffet- both up only one floor- within 3 minutes. Unfortunately, my cabin (#8411) was aft and had an intermittent, but intense, vibration that we initially thought was the motor but later occurred while stationary in port. The door on the safe in my room rattled, but a towel between the safe and cabinet door took care of that. Our other cabin (#8403) offered similar nuisances with the aforementioned vibration and additional noises from preparation in the kitchen above starting around 5 AM. Our 10 year old son preferred the Enchantment cruise overall, primarily due to these annoyances, after he tried to sleep in both of our cabins.
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Cabin 1349
Sep 2015
First Timer with Carnival By: AngelDolly
Cabin was great size, roomy, bathroom was adequate. Loved the space for two it was perfect. Enough storage and did not feel claustrophobic at all. As a matter of fact the interior cabin on this ship is a bit larger than the interior cabin on the Royal Caribbean Liberty.
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Cabin 8290
Aug 2015
Awesome Trip By: marizza728
The cabin was great for us , we only sleep there 5 hours then ready to go again , we don't hear any noise or got sea sick, overall it was an awesome trip
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Cabin 8298
Jun 2015
Awesome! By: luv2cruiseeverywhere
The cabin was interior, mid ship. We had no problem. Never felt the ship moving while in the room. Had a towel animal every night.
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Cabin 7292
Mar 2015
The cabin was fine. Clean and a great cabin steward. We tipped him extra for the great service.
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Cabin 9239
Nov 2014
Our cabin, 9239, was an inside cabin. It was tiny, but still enough room for all 4 of us to maneuver with some cooperation. Our room was cool the entire trip and had plenty of storage. Even with 4 people and 2 suitcases each (yes, we over-packed!), we still had an entire closet we did not use. We were very glad we did not spend extra money on a suite because we were only in the room to shower, change, or sleep. There is SO much to do on the Liberty and in ports that we spent almost no time in the room. We took decorations with Command Strips to hang on our cabin door to make it easier for the kids to find. We also had walkie talkies that worked if we weren't too many decks apart. We also took an over-the-door shoe organizer that came in handy to store items on the back of the bathroom door. Also, a BIG plus...we took a power strip, an extension chord, and a small fan. The cabin only has 1 outlet on the desk and we like to sleep with fan noise, so we were able to charge cell phones and kids PSP's while sleeping with a fan on. Having our room on the Lido deck was perfect! We could walk right out to all of the buffets, Guys Burgers, Blue Iguana Cafe, pools, Pizza, basically everything, without having to use stairs or elevators. This was really nice as sometimes the wait for elevators can be a while when everyone is headed to breakfast, dinner, shows, etc at the same time. Even while the DJ was jamming on the Lido deck with music we still had perfect silence in our room. No noise issues.
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Cabin 9248
Sep 2014
Liberty for ALL By: Beth
Excellent ship and staff - we had a great time and service was tremendous
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Cabin 8290
Apr 2013
Inside room 8299 was great. Close to Lido but not under anything that makes noise. Very dark and quiet. Highly recommend it!
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Cabin 6204
Nov 2012
Could be better! By: markel625
nice, 'inside cabin' with outside window obstructed view at very front of ship - but public deck outside - could be noisy if rough waters
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Cabin 8432
Apr 2012
Aft Cabin 8432. Perfect location for heavy sleepers that like to be near the lido deck.
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Cabin 8314
Apr 2012
Fabulous/Unforgettable By: Ariscitacruising
Our cabin was a reasonable size, not too big not too small. It was under the lido deck so we could hear when chairs were moved, but we did not spend that much time in the cabin so, it was fine.
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Cabin 9239
Dec 2010
Decent, but lackluster By: Albums in the Attic
Cabin 9239 - We were worried about noise from the atrium. Do not worry! Awesome location. So convenient. No noise whatsoever.
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Cabin 9262
Sep 2010
Overall our cabin was exactly as expected. First issue was when my friend and I arrived, our bed had been made together. After the first day the room seemed to have a musty smell and the rug felt damp. The a/c did not work most of the week. I has an inside room on the Lido deck. The service in this room was just ok, not the phenomenal service I had receive in the past when I booked a balcony room. I know this will sound corny but I was disappointed with our towel animals. I think we had a new person because we only had 4 during the 7 nights and 2 of them you could not even make out what they were. Otherwise the location was great! I liked being close to the excitement of the Lido Deck and there were no issues with noise! I will definately book a balcony room again in the future as the service does seem better.
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Cabin 1008
Aug 2010
1008 near front of the ship. Handicapped accessible bathroom. Less closet space. Smaller than other cabins. At the front of the ship. Near crew entrance. Very quiet.
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Cabin 9228
Jun 2009
We had an inside cabin and of course it was small, but we had plenty of room in the closet and dresser for all of our clothes.  Our large suitcase fit easily under the bed and the carry-ons could have fit also, but there was room in the closet for them.There was shower gel and shampoo in the shower; good light with a magnifying mirror for makeup.  Only one outlet, though in the cabin and one in the bathroom.  We took a fan and glad we did...the cabin was very warm.
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Cabin 1049
Aug 2008
Beds were a bit uncomfy, bathroom was super tiny, but it was workable, since all we did was sleep when we were in it. Being high up wasn't great for the days when the waters were choppier than the stabilizers could handle.
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Cabin 1040
Jun 2008
what a great time By: jennofwood
I like the fact this ship has more bathroom shelf in it.As well as a small shelf in the shower for stuff.....Now if they only put a seat in there..making shaving the legs a whole lot safer. Can they pad the walls alittle better too...had newlyweds next door.....glad I didn't have kids in the room.
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