101 Carnival Legend Caribbean - Eastern Cruise Reviews

We got a balcony guarantee for two that cost less than $1420 including all taxes, port charges and had an extended balcony so we feel we got a little more than we paid for. That being said... The lines the lines- I hated the buffet lines. ... Read More
We got a balcony guarantee for two that cost less than $1420 including all taxes, port charges and had an extended balcony so we feel we got a little more than we paid for. That being said... The lines the lines- I hated the buffet lines. The food was not bad but it was institutional. Frozen vegetables, not fresh. Desserts were a little less than average in quality. Nothing seemed fresh baked. Cakes were dry. Frosting was plain. I did lose weight on this cruise which was great for me because I wanted to lose weight and wasn't tempted by the tasteless desserts. After the shows ended the only thing to eat at night is pretty much pizza or hamburgers or hot dogs. The line at the pizza counter was more than 18 people waiting to order. I waited almost 35 minutes to get two pieces of pizza. They should pre-make the pizza at peak times when they know shows are ending so the pizza will be ready to serve. The main pools were standing room only. The adult pool in Serenity was standing room only as well. The new waterslide is awesome. Lots of fun but there were lines. The floor drops and off you go. No hair dryers in the spa and their were children allowed in the spa pool which surprised me. When parents would come to the spa they would leave their kids in the spa pool. So when I tried to seek refuge in the spa whirlpool there were kids in it. All staff throughout the ship were exceptional. Everyone was pleasant. The one thing that I felt needs to be addressed by Carnival is we booked an excursion in Roatan and the vehicle they put us in was not safe. The van was packed to the max and over crowded. Initially the van was three seats across with a small aisle. We were the first in and sat in the back because my husband is 6 feet 6 inches tall. They kept adding people and once every built in seat was taken they added more adults putting jump seats down in the aisle area so we were trapped in the back. It was hard to breathe and we were packed like sardines.The jump seat they put down in front of him hit his knees and they were bruised because at each bump his knees knocked the seat although he tried to turn sideways. I kept thinking there is no way out if we have an accident. Our other excursions we booked privately and we were in vehicles that were safe with seat belts for each person. On the Carnival website they ask you to rate your excursion and they print the reviews. When I mentioned I was concerned about the safety they sent me an email stating they would not print my review which I thought was not fair of the company as safety is a valid concern. The Entertainment on the ship was exceptional. They had three comedy shows on most evenings - one was for families with kids and the jokes were clean, the other two were 18 and over shows. All of the comedians were a high caliber and as good or better than what we see at Zannies Comedy Club in Chicago. I have booked another Carnival cruise on Valor for August. I did this because there is one sea day so I won't have to deal with the over crowding but that one day. I am going for the ports which if I had to fly to these islands I would pay much more. I know I won't have to cook and clean and coming from Chicago I can enjoy the snorkeling and diving the locations have to offer. I really hope the food will be a little better but again for what we are paying I can have two Carnival vacations for two people for what I would have paid for one person if I went to an all inclusive or went on a more expensive cruise line. My husband and I love Oceania, Windstar, Regent and Seabourn but they are not in the Caribbean during the summer months. So we know we are at a lower price point and accept the shortcomings of the food and the lines and celebrate the fun we have at the comedy club and on the water slide.At Christmas/New Year when there are more choices in the Caribbean we will likely pay more and relax with more comfort, better food and no lines on more of a luxury vessel. Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
I want to see the Caribbean and we enjoyed the Cruise but the ship was just like the Carnival Spirit, same design and all so that was disappointing. Some staff were excellent other not so much, our first waiter could have cared less about ... Read More
I want to see the Caribbean and we enjoyed the Cruise but the ship was just like the Carnival Spirit, same design and all so that was disappointing. Some staff were excellent other not so much, our first waiter could have cared less about our wants and needs so we changed tables at Dinner and they things became more enjoyable. The Ports were great except we didn't get to port in Honduras, it was very windy. We really enjoyed Beliz, our trip there was fantastic. Entertainment was the same on both cruises, we really enjoy the Comedians, the shows, dining, poolside, quiet areas, the staff, meeting other people and all that goes along with cruising, just we expected that the ships would be alittle different in color and style. We are going to Alaska in May this time on Holland America, 1st time wiith them so we are very excited. We love ALaska! Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
Stayed in deck 6 midship, with extended balcony. Ship had recently been refurbished, however I didn't really see signs of this. One lamp shade had tremendous amounts of stain, the bath smelled foul, the wallpaper in the halls was torn ... Read More
Stayed in deck 6 midship, with extended balcony. Ship had recently been refurbished, however I didn't really see signs of this. One lamp shade had tremendous amounts of stain, the bath smelled foul, the wallpaper in the halls was torn and beaten by luggage, and the mural in the main atrium had a huge, drooping, rip midway up. The bed was super comfy, as was the pillow. It was nice to have shower gel supplied in a wall mounted pump in the shower. The food in Truffles was great, as was food on the Lido during dining hours. 24 hour food was less than desirable, as was room service: cold / warm deli sandwiches and chips. But room service dessert was good! Wait staff was super nice, as was housekeeping staff; however, shop staff was pushy and snippy. Definitely a huge push to get you to buy, buy, buy, on the ship & in ports. Could have done without that. It seemed 50% of the scheduled daily ship events revolved around getting you to part with your money. Serenity deck was really nice (if you can get a seat). We finally got a seat on the last sailing day because we made sure we got there by 7:30am. Serenity deck isn't very serene though because the water slides are right above the Serenity deck so loads of screaming children. The comedy shows (adult only) were freaking hilarious! Definitely a must see. I guess the bottom line is that if you're looking for a budget cruise line, Carnival Is the way to go. I wasn't overly impressed but I did have an okay time. I will probably return to the Disney cruise line or may try Royal Caribbean or Princess. Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
This is our review of the Legend. We arrived in Tampa about 10:30 am. We used a parking service about a mile away for parking called Premier. It was a prepay at $7.50 a day. They quickly got us over to the pier and we began the embarkation ... Read More
This is our review of the Legend. We arrived in Tampa about 10:30 am. We used a parking service about a mile away for parking called Premier. It was a prepay at $7.50 a day. They quickly got us over to the pier and we began the embarkation process. We were in group 2. We were held up getting on the ship until after noon due to customs and immigration and muster training for employees. We left the port of Tampa under nice weather. Once we boarded, the lido music was LOUD and it was pop type bubble gum music. My kid is 11 and she enjoyed the music. I went on this ship in 2009. It was in need of some TLC then. The ship itself (spirit class) is a marvelous ship as far as the lay out goes. The current cruise director is named Willie Lee. He is about as obnoxious as Hennie from the Freedom. The assistant CD is named Mike and he made it a bit more tolerable. The ship was in dry dock in February to upgrade to a Red Frog Pup and add some fun water slides. Other than that, there was no real maintenance we could see done as there were so many places on the ship where there was quite a bit of rust, inside and out. When we were on the Legend in 2009, we noticed that on two of the marquis under the artwork on the forward stairs, there were typos in the descriptions of the art on the walls. Guess what, the typos were still there. (on a side note, I had mentioned to carnival staff in 2009 on board and off, as well as called carnival to let them know, apparently they must think know one reads it so it doesn’t need to be fixed.) In addition, the signage to the recently replaced Satchmos with the Red Frog Pub was never changed., so all over the prominade deck, there were signs telling you which way to Satchmos, not red frog. (trivial , I know). We booked through Driect line cruises, and they were very helpful with our planning, as we originally were living in Texas and had booked on a NCL ship, then we moved to Florida and she helped transfer our paperwork to the Legend. Our cabin was a balcony with obstructed views, CABIN # 5155. Even though it is an obstructed view cabin, we chose it as we were happy to have a balconey cabin for the same price as an interior cabin. The lifeboat is at the top of the railing level, so you cold not see down, but you certainly could see the ocean and enjoy the breeze, and most importantly for us, it allowed natural light into the room. We decided to try pre tipping this time to see if there would be any difference in service. There was not as you will read. We gave him a $20 and a box of Girl Scout cookies. (My daughter brought many boxes so she could give out as her "tips" too). I had asked our room steward to keep the ice carafe full. The first day at sea, I had called him 2 times to refill it, the last time; he told me he was off duty and to call room service. Well, it was just as easy at that point to go upstairs to the ice machine and fill it as opposed to tipping someone to being it to me. Our room had a few problems right off the start. The vanity mirror had 4 lights out on each side there are only 10 lights total. We addressed this first evening with our room steward as well as the front desk. Replacement bulbs were never put in, thus it made sitting at the vanity to apply make difficult, and I needed to use the bathroom to apply make up. I use a c-pap machine and brought an extension cord, however it was not long enough and Samidi brought in a long orange outdoor cord. The socket was damaged and the cord kept coming unplugged. The first night I could not even use my own blow-dryer as it kept coming unplugged. That night I plugged in the cord for my c-pap machine and it worked for a while. A few times in the night I had to get up and jiggle the cord a bit because the power kept shutting off to my machine thus awakening me to a suffocating feeling. I called the guest services desk the next day and they sent someone to fix it. Later that night, I had to call them again about 11pm as it was falling out of the socket again. It was finally fixed late that night. I always take an inventory of all the sodas, spirits and beer in the fridge and the shelves. We bring our own wine and booze so there was never a need to use any of the supplied beverages, however, we were asked several times our last night where the 4 Heineken beers were and I told him we didn’t drink a single beer on the Legend. Another issue was since were traveling with our kiddo, the bed was already made for her from the pull out couch. Previously, after morning beds were made, the additional bed was converted back to a couch, and this was not done after the first day. Since our room steward was like a room ninja and we only saw him the first day and the last night, I had called guest services to request it be made into a couch during the day to accommodate our family better, this was NEVER done any of our days. The first night we had late dining as we were wait listed for the any time dining. Our 11 year old fell asleep before her desert came and I mentioned to the maître that we would be in need of earlier dining time. He said it most likely would not be a problem as many folks change the first day. Our food came out hot and delicious. The crème Brule was not cooked through nor was the top layer hard, but it was tasty. My daughter woke up to have the melting cake, but hers had separated or was under cooked as once she cut into it with her spoon, a big oil spill of butter rose to the top. We found this was the case with every warm melting cake she had ordered as well as one I had ordered. We just held it sideways to allow all the butter oil to drain out, the taste is still delicious. The first night as sea was non eventful. The next day was a fun day at sea. The weather was beautiful. We had only been on chartered cruises with Carnival, Costa, and HAL before and there were never children allowed. This was our first cruise ever with kids on board and there were many children. This was apparently spring break for North Carolina, Georgia and many from Minnesota and New Jersey. I signed up my kid for the camp carnival program and the first day we went, there were only 3 kids in her group. Thats because they were EVERYWHERE on the ship. I left her there for the few hours before lunch and at lunch she begged me not to go back citing that the girls and 1 boy were bullies and that when they were to go on the scavenger hunt around the ship, that the others were running erratically and being obnoxious to adult passengers and she was generally upset they were not following the rules given to them by the camp staff, they left her behind and she had to find her way back to the Medusas Lair club alone. I did not use camp carnival again. There were kids in the serenity area when we were apart from her a few times, as well as the parents screaming at them to stop doing what ever it was, so it was not so serene. The kids around the pools and hot tubs were defiantly in charge! The parents would scream at them from across the lido deck as well as the kids were screaming at the adult for towels, goggles, food, etc. This made for a lousy time to try to relax by the pool. Another problem was there were more than 10 kids in the hot tub at any given time, and usually 10-15 in the pool. I only saw adults venture into the pool 2-3 times and never in the hot tubs on the lido deck other than the serenity area. I am guessing the kids just pee in the hot tub all afternoon as one group of 7-11 year olds sat in the hot tub for over 2 hours with out getting water, or getting up to pee. There was a lot of crying going on from the kids as well. I suspect they were too tired and over stimulated and were not given a break to go take a rest. My daughter just went in the pool and played a bit with some girls a few times, and usually sat in the shade and read books as she cant be in the sun too much due to her complexion. That night we were changed to any time dining and our head waitress was Mary Grace. She was very nice, and her assistants were Mariela and Michael. Our bartender was Yurry. We enjoyed them so much that night we asked to sit with them every night, and though we usually went to dinner between 6pm and 6:45, we only had to wait about 5 minutes once. My kiddo brought some magic tricks to do for the dining staff and Mariela was smart as a whip and figured them all out. Our assistant waiter Michael also showed a trick to my daughter. There was a magicain named Leo who visited the tables but he was pretty demanding of wanting applause, that if we did not oh and ahh loud enough, we would say....how about a little appreciation or applause. geeze.... The next day we arrived in Cozumel. When we got to Cozumel, we did the Chankanaab dolphin park. We hadbooked off the web site as it was cheaper and we would get there faster than the ships tour. The taxi ride was $11 to it. We arrived about an hour before the folks from the ship and got a great shaded cabana near the lagoon and bar. We brought our own pringles and peanuts and booze, so we only paid for a few cokes to mix with our rum. It was well worth the $ to swim with the dolphins, and as an added treat, we got to swim with the manatees even though we did not sign up for it. The cost to buy the pictures starts at $35 for one picture. The place is great to just enjoy with out the dolphins or manatees. Their beach is quite long, well maintained and they have places to snorkel, a little lagoon area for the kids to do snorkeling bar and food service on the beach as well as a restaurant and a large gift shop. One can go and enjoy the facilities for about $20/pp a dayif you chose not to swim with dolphins, which is a great deal! We did see a rainstorm moving in and decided to leave and we got back to the taxi terminal just in time for torrential downpour! Most of the shops closed down so we didn’t have time to shop, but we had been there many times, so really we didn’t need any junk anyways The next day was Belize. We should have just stayed on the ship. What a dump. I am not sure why carnival and other ships even stop here. It was filthy, and the shops had the EXACT things as the next one, we tried to haggle a little and made a bargain or 2, but really, it is just a filthy port and not worth the time to get off the ship for the 30 minute tender ride to the port. Beer was expensive as was anything from the so called chocolate shop. Every place has wifi, but they make you hand them your device to imput the secret code. Ridiculous. The ride back to the ship took about 40 minutes, but would not leave till they loaded the small tender, and it was HOT inside with limited windows, they packed you in like sardines and the motor was kept running and so the noxious gasses were filling up inside and many of us got off and waited till more joined and the boat was full. Next day we arrived in Mahogany Bay, Roatan. It is a very clean port that carnival paid a lot of money to fix up. There is a "village" of all the tourist shops like Del Sol, Diamonds International, and Piranha Joe and Fat Tuesdays and so on. It was well manicured and looked like a botanical garden. We booked a tour through the ship to Mahogany Bay island retreat with snorkel and lunch buffet. This was suggested as there had been alot of recent crime and assaults. We found out upon return home, that there was a murder of a NCL employee with in sight of the ship the week we were there. The ride to the beach was on an overcrowded boat and about 20 minutes. It was a nice section of beach that is also very well maintained. There is a small "zoo" really just birds in cages and some ocicats. They also have nice snorkel gear and a large well maintained gift shop as well as very nice restrooms and changing rooms. The long pier to go snorkeling off is very well maintained. Once you get in the water, there is a small place to stand and get your gear on properly, and then there is a path that you follow to get between the coral reef out to the drop off area. There is a pool with many tables and loungers and on the beach there are many loungers and tables to enjoy both in the sun and the shade. The lunch buffet was pretty wimpy compared to ones on half moon cay I have been to. Also, you could only go thru the line one time, so when I went to get salad, they marked my wrist tag, then when I went to get the main meal, they tried to deny me, and I was trying to explain that I had not eaten my meats and beans. After about 5 minutes of arguing, they finally let me eat my meal! Once again the rain found us while we were enjoying lunch, but it was a brief hard rain and then it was over. We would definatly do the tour again! The last day port day was Grand Cayman. What a lovely Island. It was so beautiful and clean. We rented a car off the web from Grand Cayman Auto and it was only $80 total. We even got upgraded. The cost once there was a bit more (about $120 for the smaller car, $140 for the one we were upgraded to). DRIVE ON THE LEFT! It was fun driving all around. First we went to Hell, and then 7 mile beach. We then drove all the around the island, stopping at various beaches and visited the blow holes, and the pirate caves. We had lunch just before we got to rum point. The folks from the ship were there already as well and there were still plenty of chairs to enjoy. The water was a bit murky, probably because of all the people. The following day was our last day at sea. We awoke in the morning to towel animals all are around the pool and siting on the chairs. It was cute to see and as I had gotten up quite early for my coffee, it was nice to see people’s faces as they walked wearily to the coffee machine to get their coffee. Once they got a look at the animals, even the grumpiest folks smiled. Our last sea day was a bit boring as the standard games around the pool were played with intermittent loud music. We did ride the new Mean Green slide and it was awesome! The smaller yellow slide was not nearly as invigorating, and my daughter got stuck mid way down. The entertainment was varied and included song and dance reviews, and illusion show and a Hasbro game show. The Motown review was good, the costumes and singers great, the studio 54 show was entertaining as well as well choreographed and sang. The British invasion show was again well choreographed and the costumes were nice, however, the singing was a bit weak. The rock and roll show was by far the worst due to the fact that the songs selected were too difficult to preform by the singers. I love rock and roll and the snippets of songs were from Queen, Journey, Aerosmith, Meatloaf and a few others. Unfortunately, the singers were wither tired from the other days of singing or the songs were just too hard (Freddy Mercury and Steven Tyler are hard) but most all the singers voices cracked, strained, or sounded too whiny. The costumes were amazing. The Hasbro game show was an audience participation show, while I prefer to watch professionals, this show allows audience members to preform. I was selected and had a nice time, however, I hated the fact that it was played on a continuous loop on the TV and nearly every time I turned it on, there was my cameo. (UGH)The best show by far was the illusionist. We wanted go back and watch the second show, but deiced against it. He was absolutely amazing. In addition, the singers preformed along with him on certain numbers and did choreography that was amazing. The dining was very nice ever night as out waiters made sure we had all we needed. Every meal was delicious that we had but the items that really stood out were the seafood Newberg, the appetizer of eggplant with tomato and balsamic reduction. It was so good, I asked to have it another night as my main meal. The sad part was that as much as I adore the melting chocolate cake, it was undercooked nearly every time, thus having me to try other deserts from the menu. The Soufflés were always delicious as was the tiramisu. The same ole song and dances were preformed on the ship by the wait staff on particular nights. That’s Amore, dancing to gangham style and dancing to apple bottom jeans. It’s a little silly and really and unnecessary. Debarkation was very simple. We were zone 15 and were one of the last groups called. The ship had no line to get off and we found our luggage easily in the terminal. The line was huge at customs, so we just stood by our luggage, (we had a lot) until the line weaved all around the building and waited until we had a straight shot at the customs line. It was a very simple procedure. Once outside I called premier and told them we needed to be picked up. The guys are most likely Cuban with heavy accents. They did not have a placard or any signage telling us where they picked up and we waited about 20 minutes, though they are less than a mile away. I called a few times, and they said to wait in 3 different areas. After dragging our luggage around, we finally got picked up. It was exhausting. Then to top it off, my kiddo only had 1 piece of carry on to keep track of and we found out she left if on the shuttle about 10 minutes after arriving home. We live about an hour and a half from Tampa. My husband has to go for to Tampa Friday for work, so he will pick it up then.   Read Less
Sail Date April 2014
Carnival has started to mess with the times at port. They are no longer changing the "ship time" to the local port time. For example, we were supposed to be in Belize from 8:00am - 4:00pm, however the actual time we were there ... Read More
Carnival has started to mess with the times at port. They are no longer changing the "ship time" to the local port time. For example, we were supposed to be in Belize from 8:00am - 4:00pm, however the actual time we were there was 6:00am - 2:00pm local time. Nothing in Belize was open that early, including the tender boats! We didn't get to the port until 9:30am ship time (7:30am Belize time) and it messed up everyone's tour times. This happened at every single port we went to... 1-2 hour time differences. It was confusing, and made for a stressful day trying to race back to the ship on time. We had to skip lunch 3 days in a row because of this. I had never heard of this on any other cruise, but some of the tour companies I booked through warned me of this. So a week before we left I called Carnival to ask about this time issue. The woman I spoke to assured me that ship time was always the same as island/port time. I asked her to clarify that with a supervisor, and the supervisor told me the same thing. So after being lied to, I then had to spend money on the ship to get online and email tour companies every night. This change is ridiculous, and we will never cruise with Carnival again. The only positive things I will say about this ship is the uber-attentive wait staff (specifically Gusti and Rai) and the singers/dancers of the nightly shows. It was nice to see some diversity in the talent, and they put on a really great Rock show. However, that's where the talent ended. The illusionist was a joke. We were more impressed with the close-up magic from our dinner table magician. The comedians were ok at best, and the daytime entertainment was cliche/annoying. Oh and here's one last tip for Carnival... don't put the kids club or track above the spa!!! Really relaxing to listen to kids running above you non-stop during a massage. What a waste of money that was. Read Less
Sail Date April 2014
We are HAL and Celebrity veterans and were a little anxious about carnival, but chose them becuz of itinerary, etc. I booked 4 cabins for 6 adults and 3 grandkids ranging from 15-21. We booked balconies and later upgraded to suites for a ... Read More
We are HAL and Celebrity veterans and were a little anxious about carnival, but chose them becuz of itinerary, etc. I booked 4 cabins for 6 adults and 3 grandkids ranging from 15-21. We booked balconies and later upgraded to suites for a fee offered by carnival right before the cruise. We were all very surprised and impressed with the service, food, cleanliness and friendliness of the staff. the common areas décor is a little over the top and garish, but the MDR and staterooms were fine. Made use of the adults only serenity pool and bar and that was great. Tipped the headwaiter and room steward ahead of time and received excellent service. Some weather problems caused cancellations of excursions but they couldn't control weather. Overall the cruise was fine and our standards are high becuz of our previous cruises. We are a couple in our 70's along with 2 couples in there 50's and the aforementioned grandkids. the suites were great, plenthyof room and storage and the priority boarding was super. Read Less
Sail Date November 2013
No directions to our suite. No on board champagne. We're in 4 lounges. And no bar staff ever took our order. Had to go to bar. Ship is very gaudy. Really over the top with Japanese like decor plus Grecian urns all around. No glass ... Read More
No directions to our suite. No on board champagne. We're in 4 lounges. And no bar staff ever took our order. Had to go to bar. Ship is very gaudy. Really over the top with Japanese like decor plus Grecian urns all around. No glass of champagne at captains party. Got 1$ off drinks. Buffet is very limited. Only one station changes daily. Deli had no roast beef. Drinks very expensive and weak, Returning from tour no hand wash. Only in dining room. Dress code was for sh... People wore t shirts, sneakers and shorts in all dining rooms. Anytime dining was really bad dressing. Some nights no shows. And no. Music in some lounges. BIG on photos. Really big on photos. Photographers were all over you. Casino huge and popular. Never seen a bigger casino. Getting off was a disaster. Took one hour more than our time. Premier parking.... Never use. Worse parking. Don't book with them in Tampa. Getting off was a disaster. We couldn't get off at Belize. Too many ships. Don't you think they would know that. Went to Mayan Instead....but guess what.....too rough water. So didn't get there. Bummer.......so only got3ports in seven:days, Pluses: Food was great in the dining room. Chatobriand was excellent. Best meal. Chocolate warming cake delicious. Lobster second night but only two bites. I ordered two. Staff in ding room good. No roll basket on tables. Only table for two. They seem friendly. Room Stewards were ok. See show Big easy was wonderful and the illusionist. Jazz was ok. Ben, ions of the dancers had his own night called Nashvillle. That was good. Did not see comedy so don!t know. If you are used to frills and extras...spend a little more and go on another cruise line. We recommend Celebrity. Read Less
Sail Date January 2013
Just returned from a 7 day cruise on the LEGEND. It was 2nd cruise for DH and myself. This time we took our 3 teenage sons who are 15, 16 and 19. We were with about 12 other people from my family and we were part of a group of 40 going ... Read More
Just returned from a 7 day cruise on the LEGEND. It was 2nd cruise for DH and myself. This time we took our 3 teenage sons who are 15, 16 and 19. We were with about 12 other people from my family and we were part of a group of 40 going from my hometown. We drove down to Tampa the day before our cruise was to start. Stayed at a Holiday Inn Express in Rocky Point which was very clean and nice. It had continental breakfast the next morning which was very good. The hotel was located right beside the Bahama Breeze which is where a lot of people go to get the party started. The food was excellent and there is a beautiful view of the Tampa Bay from the outside of the back of the restaurant where there's a nice deck and you can eat out there. We used Premier Parking to store our SUV for the week. It was gated with a security guard. They loaded and unloaded our luggage and delivered my entire family to the Tampa Port. We arrived at the port about 1115am and it took about 20 minutes to get through customs, check-in and we were up on the lido deck. A lot of passengers think the ship is too ornate and the interior decorator was over the top. I think it is a beautifully made ship. It is very ornate but in a very tasteful way. The staircase leading up to the picture gallery was gorgeous and of course the photographers took lots of pictures of passengers from both entrances. The food was good. Of course we had the lobster on the first elegant night. Which was on the first sea day. We ate dinner in the truffles dining room every night. The menu had something new and exotic to try nightly. There was snails, shark, frog legs, calamari, oysters. We purchased soda stickers for our teenage boys which was the best deal for us as they would rather drink that more than sweet tea or water. The 24 hour pizza buffet and ice cream was also nice. Our waiter knew how I liked my steak after the first couple of nights and service was good. The port days were Cozumel, Belize, Mahogany Bay, and Grand Caymen. We took a taxi tour in Cozumel which only cost 20$ per person. It took us to the places we wanted to go. We ate at a pretty famous restaurant called Carlos and Charlies. It was party central including the loud hip hop music and the chugging of the tequila. We visited a farm that makes organic Tequila the same way it was made hundreds of years ago. They let all of us try every kind of tequila for free and did a little tour of how the tequila is made including the tree and the way it is aged. We went to the beach and did some shopping. After doing some shopping right at the cozumel port I would recommend catching a taxi as I enjoyed the history and tour of Cozumel the driver gave us. Belize was a tender port. We could only walk and shop so far in Belize. We were told it was pretty dangerous to go into the city unless you were doing an excursion. So we shopped in the little shops near the boardwalk where tender dropped us off. Make sure you offer less money when you shop as they will accept lower price if you offer. Mahogany Bay was our favorite stop. This little island/ beach is owned by Carnival. It has a chair lift which takes you up over the island and it's the most gorgeous view. It will drop you off at the beach where there are lounge chairs set up in the sun and under coconut trees. There is shopping, water rides, and several bars within very short walking distance. It only cost 12$ to spend the entire day there. I even saw some cruisers fishing in the water but of course you can't keep the fish. Last port was Grand Caymen. I would recommend getting a taxi. It only cost us 20$ per person for a 3 hour tour of the whole island. Our driver told us about the history of the island. Our tour included seeing the governor's home, HELL, 7 mile beach, Rum cake tasting, Dolphin show and shopping. All of that was free and only cost 20$. While Carnival charged 62$ for the same tour because some of my family did the carnival tour instead of doing a private tour like we did. The second elegant night was the day we visited Mahogany Bay. Of course the pictures are so good we spent another $400 on those Carnival pictures again this cruise. Our Steward was Neil and he knew all of us by name. Room was always clean and we had a cute towel animal every night. The cruise director was James. He's English and very funny. He is very good at his job. He was on the elevator with me one day and asked how I was enjoying the cruise. The shows, bands, nightclubs were all good. We had balcony rooms and the view was always good. Make sure you are up on the top deck when you go under the Bay Bridge. You will go under it about 6pm. View is breathtaking as the sun is going down while you are watching the sun set. Cruising is the best value and fun for your money. Where else could you have a hotel nightly, 24 hour food, broadway shows, room service, housekeeping, dinner with great waiters, endless alcohol, karaoke, swimming pool, ping pong, mini golf, spa, dance clubs, casino, and meeting new friends. The chocolate melting cake and shrimp cocktail are my favorites. Oh, and the love and marriage game. We didn't spend much time in the Serenity because our boys were traveling with us. The eather was clear and sunny and I would not have known that we were on water if I hadn't looked outside. The staff always spoke to us in passing and said good morning. I didn't hear anyone complaining but I am sure there was someone who didn't have anything else to do but complain about something. You should definitely sail on the LEGEND. We are already planning our next cruise and it will definitely be on Carnival. Read Less
Sail Date October 2012
We've sailed on Royal Caribbean as well. In some ways it was obvious that Carnival is the cheaper option, buffets aren't always available, the entertainment was a little hokey, and the cruise director seemed most interested in ... Read More
We've sailed on Royal Caribbean as well. In some ways it was obvious that Carnival is the cheaper option, buffets aren't always available, the entertainment was a little hokey, and the cruise director seemed most interested in getting us to buy things. However, the food was much better than Royal and our cabin was bigger even though we had a balcony on Royal (interior this time). I liked hearing the water at night, and waking in the dark was a little disorienting at first, but since we spent most of our time on deck it was worth it to save the money. For the most part the drinks weren't any more expensive than most restaurants, and you can bring one bottle of wine per person which also keeps that cost down. This cabin is handicapped accessible, which I had not realized at the time. That may be why it was so much larger than I expected, including the bathroom. This cabin is underneath the bridge and above the children's space, but we had no problems with noise. Lots of closet space, but I would bring hangers and those boxes that fold flat for using on the shelves. The drawers they did have were very small. Having no window made waking in the dark a little disconcerting, but worth it to save the money and spend it elsewhere. Being at the front of the ship we always had to walk to the other end for food, but with so much of it available the extra exercise was probable worth it! The Serenity, adult only, space was also much nicer than what we had on Royal Caribbean. That one was inside with windows. This was on a deck at the back of the ship so lots of sun with shade for those who wanted it. I liked Carnival quite a bit, pizza was always available when the buffets were closed and the ship itself was comfortable and easy to get around on. Staff were very helpful and they organized the tender exits well. I'd sail them again. Read Less
Sail Date October 2012
From the beginning I did not know what to expect. First, the PVP at Carnival tried to get me to switch to another ship out of MIA going to the same ports saying it would be nicer, but since we had never been to Tampa I stuck with my first ... Read More
From the beginning I did not know what to expect. First, the PVP at Carnival tried to get me to switch to another ship out of MIA going to the same ports saying it would be nicer, but since we had never been to Tampa I stuck with my first choice (but I wondered if she knew something I needed to know). Second, several reviews were not too flattering of the ship and/or service but since we have been on so many cruises I felt that no matter how bad the ship turned out to be, we could adjust and if the food was terrible it was only 7 nites and I could do Pizza and hamburgers for a week if need be. Third, the very first encounter we had was on the Lido deck with the Steakhouse rep who totally ignored our table when soliciting people to make reservations. Little did he know we had reservations for that night that were made months prior to this sailing. This did not sit well with us so we cancelled the steakhouse reservations feeling if he did not feel the need to ask us if we wanted to make reservations then we did not feel they needed our money. This guy actually went to every table around us but skipped right past us. What is that about. But again maybe he knew something we needed to know. So the tone was set. Or so I thought. We had a wonderful time and met so many great people and staff that after the first night we had forgotten about all our doubts and fears about this ship. The room (5181) was great. I selected this room because of reviews I read here about the obstructed balcony and this room in particular. While you did have an obstructive view if looking down, but just sitting on the balcony and looking out at the sea was very relaxing so I felt great. Our room stewards left nothing to be desired. I met Peter when we first arrived in the room and from then on everything we mentioned was done without asking (extra ice, extra pillows, everything). Our servers in the MDR were great and every night they remembered my tea without asking. The bar service in the MDR as well as at the piano bar was great and the bartender remembered that I did not want a lot of booze in my drink that I was mostly drinking for the fun of having something in my hand as I listened to the music. The ship was clean although it is older it was still is in good shape. Embarkation in Tampa was the fastest I have ever seen but debarkation left a lot to be desired. Hurry up and wait is the best I can say about that. The ports of call were pretty much the same since I have been there a couple of times before so..... PORTS: Everything was a bit high priced but what do you expect in the Cayman islands. Belize: The shops here are pretty much the same as you get in any port. Everything is commercialized now. It once was a great port and easy to get around. Now once outside the gates at the port you are pretty much on your own. If you are not on an excursion be careful. Cozumel is a great port. You can walk around or get a taxi to the downtown area or beach and feel safe (within reason that is). Roatan: You must do an excursion here to see all there is close around. There is a beach near that is OK not much else. BUT all in all the weather (this was the week just after the hurricane passed in Tampa) and the ship were GREAT. The shows were the same as you see on most Carnival ships the comedy was lame but a bit funny. All in all I will go to Tampa again and I will sail on the Legend but to different ports next time. Read Less
Sail Date September 2012
In August, we took a one-week Caribbean cruise on the Legend. I am taking time to post because of the many, many bad experiences that we had. I was traveling with a party of ten (parents with adult children and spouses, all who had been ... Read More
In August, we took a one-week Caribbean cruise on the Legend. I am taking time to post because of the many, many bad experiences that we had. I was traveling with a party of ten (parents with adult children and spouses, all who had been saving up for almost a year to have this awesome vacation together). Upon entering the ship, my heart sank. After ten other cruises, on 4 different cruise lines, my expectation was for a modern (the Legend was supposedly redone in 2008), comfortable, and somewhat upscale decor. Instead, I was immediately reminded of the old Vegas hotels of the 70's - gaudy, tacky, and old-fashioned. The cabin was well-worn, but a decent size for an extended balcony room. Small, not-flat-screen televisions and hard cots with lumpy pillows were tolerable. However, then I started noticing the hair. One long grey or blond strand on the hand towel, another in the shower, and a third on the bed skirt. Debris (sand?) all over the desk. To my astonishment, when I dropped something and reached to pick it up, I encountered a large ball of the same hair, maybe 30 strands, and multiple pieces of broken jewelry scattered about. When I complained, they came and "sanitized" (vacuumed) and then they sent multiple people to make sure it had been corrected. Many other disappointments followed: 1) the buffet closes down in the afternoon and you can only order a sandwich from room service or have pizza, (my daughter-in-law was standing in front of the desserts, deciding between them, when it was time for them to close. They actually pulled all of them back and didn't let her have either one because it was time to close) 2) all the fresh bakery items that we have enjoyed on other ships are apparently thawed from frozen, hard and tough every day, 3) on just one night in the dining room, my first course of fruit had a hair about an inch long on it. I quietly removed it and ate my fruit. Then my salad came and an entire dead fly was right in the middle of the wide rim of the bowl (I took a picture before asking the waiter to take it away) 4) My son and son-in-law tried the water slide only to crash into the wall at the bottom. There is no way to stop and no way to know that it is so dangerous. Both of them hurt their feet, and my son-in-law cut his toe. Blood pooled over the deck. They tried to get an emplyee to call for help, but no one could speak English. Finally someone told him to walk, with his toe still bleeding profusely, over the carpet and down the elevator to the medical center. A housecleaner came and mopped up the blood with the regular floor mop. When they arrived at the clinic, the doctor made a punching motion with his fist into his other hand and said "the slide, huh?" showing that other people have obviously hurt themselves in the same place before. The doctor didn't have any peroxide to clean the wound, but offered some salve and a band-aid. My son-in-law was left to limp for the next several days due to the bruising. 5) For debarcation, my daughter and her husband, who were in a suite, were sent a letter telling them that they would get VIP status to get off the boat and that they should meet in the dining room. However, the dining room was closed when they arrived and there were no employees who knew anything about it. Other people started arriving and congregating in the hall and were getting angry because they were not being called to get off the ship. My daughter gave the letter to an employee who took it and went to check on what the people were supposed to do, but the employee never came back and finally my son-in-law carried everything down the stairs because the elevators were full of people already getting off the ship. We don't know what happened to the other "VIP" passengers. I could go on and on, more than I have, but the bottom line is that our family spent thousands and thousands of dollars to end up going home frustrated and angry. I haven't even mentioned that a tropical storm re-routed the ship and we didn't get to go the two places (Belize and Roatan) that had specifically caused us to choose this ship over others. Storms are not Carnival's fault. The rest of this sad story is. DON'T GO ON THE LEGEND! Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
Appearance of the Legend receives 5 stars from me. I would describe it as a "grand ol' ship" with lots of interior embellishments. Although the Legend interior is older, it's like an old polished penny and it is very ... Read More
Appearance of the Legend receives 5 stars from me. I would describe it as a "grand ol' ship" with lots of interior embellishments. Although the Legend interior is older, it's like an old polished penny and it is very well maintained, very clean. I saw lots of glitz and glam throughout, but it's just a fun place to be on a vacation. I've been on four Carnival ships and the Legend, by far, is the biggest and the most impressive of ships. Service on the Legend receives 5 stars from me, from the woman who pushed the mop around on the floor in the buffet, to our cabin steward, the room service staff, the Maitre'd in the dining room, the personal trainers in the spa and every server we came in contact with...all of them work their butts off daily and continue to smile and exchange pleasantries as well as meaningful conversations even though I observed their weariness. I had absolutely NO problem tipping them in addition to their automatic gratuity they receive through Carnival. Hats off to Carnival for their fabulous servers. Not to bore you, just a little aside, the Serenity Deck is heaven on earth. An Adult-Only deck (uh-huh, no kids allowed), with a full bar, great piped-in music (a little mix for every taste) tons of adults just chillin and escaping the loud hustle-bustle, music-thumpin of the main Lido deck pools. I made a dozen friends just soakin and hangin out by the pool on the Serenity deck. Do not buy a soda sticker unless you intend to drink soda and juice all-day-long. I had a soda-sticker on my sail and sign card and I would get a juice for my husband and a juice for me and my husband never used his soda card!!!! You can figure out the rest. Entertainment receives 4 stars from me only because I didn't see all of it so I don't think it's fair to be bias based on my lack of going to EVERY show. A couple of shows I've seen before on other ships, but I saw the Big Easy and this was excellent. Being from a big (unnamed) city, I can fairly critique the Big Easy...I'd expect to pay an exorbitant amount of money to see this show elsewhere than the Carnival Legend and that's all I have to say about entertainment. Food...this is where my star rating takes a nose dive. Sorry, Carnival, but YUCK is all I can say for the overall rating, or maybe a 2 star rating and here's why: Every dish I ate in the MDR was seasoned with TOO MUCH SALT; ie, enhance every dish with enough salt and you won't be able to taste the poor quality of the food. I don't remember this happening on my former three cruises!!!! Steak and Lobster was served on the Captains Night and after Day Five of eating salty dinners in the MDR, I gave up and went to the Buffet to eat a fabulous fresh salad...salad, that's it in the Buffet. Carnival's idea of fresh fruit at the buffet is melon, melon and more melon with maybe some pineapple thrown in if you're lucky. You can always eat Pizza, but every piece of Pizza I ordered came out looking the same and there was always an "excuse" of you-have-to-wait seven to ten minutes for "that" pizza to come out of the oven...mmmmm. Lines were always long in the buffet at the Chinese food and the Grill. Maybe if more of people like me express their opinions of the food, maybe it will force change. The food faux-paux on the Legend appears to be where Carnival is really truly cutting corners these days, honestly. Excursions, 1 Star Rating for Organization...Carnival really screwed these up on the cruise. Day One, Cozumel, Carnival Excursion, be at the end of the pier by 9 am, THEN we waited to 9:45 am for the Carnival Destiny excursioners because the Destiny was late docking in Cozumel that morning...okay. Day Two, Belize, Carnival Excursion, be at the Follies Lounge at 9:30 am, got there at 9:31 and the excursion had left without us and another couple...aaaahhh, too bad, got booked on another excursion, not as great as the one we missed...okay, you're too late, you're too early. Watched a Carnival customer have a meltdown at the Shore Excursion desk because she never got the right excursion, she was ousted on every excursion by decisions of the Shore Excursion desk, too many people, not enough people for the excursion. Day 4, Grand Caymans, pouring-down rain, thunder and lightening, Carnival Excursion, excursion desk said Yes, your excursion has not been cancelled, be there by 9:30, it's a non-refundable ticket..a wise person would have said "It's dangerous to be snorkeling in a thunder storm"....no, BE THERE! ha-ha, waited in a rain storm with 35 others to be told "It's Cancelled." Shame on Carnival Excursions, read the disclaimer of why you should book through Carnival Excursions, now I completely understand why so many others on this board have booked through independent companies. Overall, I would love to recommend the Legend for a wonderful, relaxing vacation, ONLY if you can brace yourself against the uncertainty of the food served on the ship. I have read an awful lot of former reviews criticizing the Legends food so I went with an open mind and the food was the only gripe I have. I would cruise the Legend again in a heartbeat but the quality of the food is not guaranteed so I leaves me a wee-bit anxious to book another cruise. Read Less
Sail Date May 2012
This was our first time on a cruise. We ended up being a group of 40 to attend a wedding at sea. Reservations were handled by the travel agent. In preparation for the adventure, reviews were read for both the Legend and whatever excursion ... Read More
This was our first time on a cruise. We ended up being a group of 40 to attend a wedding at sea. Reservations were handled by the travel agent. In preparation for the adventure, reviews were read for both the Legend and whatever excursion that we might want to book. Itinerary: Cozumel, Belize, Roatan, Grand Caymen, Cruise Apr 29-May 6 Embarkation: Painless. We arrived the day before, stayed a night at the Hyatt Regency and took the Trolley train to the pier. Our printed boarding passes indicated a 12:30-2:30 boarding time, so we sat in a court yard listening to live music with a beer and lunch. We headed over to the "Arrivals" door around 1:30 PM and proceeded through the registration with no lineups to slow down the 15 minute process. Our room was ready upon arrival so we able to dump our carry on. The checked baggage arrived some time later so remember to pack items that you might need in your carry on (eg. shorts, swim suit). Food: Breakfasts: We preferred to eat our breakfast from the buffet. There was plenty of breakfast options and one could always choose the "omelette" bar for a freshly cooked egg. We had breakfast only once in Truffles and we went back to the buffet the next day. Lunches: It wouldn't be fair to rate the the offerings for lunchtime since we only had lunch 2 times. Again it was buffet style except for the Deli counter. The other days were spent onshore eating the local cuisine. I shall say that any food should not be served buffet style whether it be at land or at sea, but that is the easiest and most efficient way to serve the masses. I wasn't expecting 5 star buffet food ... and if anyone does you will be disappointed. Dinner: We had a 6 PM seating every night. No need to line up as I saw with others that chose the "eat when you want" option. We had the same servers each night which was good. The menu options, variety and quality were good and the service was attentive. We did feel rushed at around 7:30 PM as they needed to setup for the next seating. But once we knew that ... The only thing the prime rib had a hint of ham flavour. I can only guess the beef were roasted in the same oven as the ham ... hmm One thing should be noted. A couple in our group paid a bit extra to do the "Chef's Tour". They learned that all food and drink is brought on board at the beginning of the trip, there are no food drops midway. I took that into consideration when selecting from the menu near the end of the week. BTW: they ran out of the local draught beer (Red Frog) mid week. Excursions: We took the opportunity to get off the ship at each port. Cozumel: Mayan ruins and beach day. Information overload on Mayan history and Mexican traditions. That makes it sound like a bad day but it was actually good if you like that sort of thing. We had a great guide (Cesar) who talked non-stop. What can I remember ... 7 is a lucky number, Dec 21/2012 the world is not going to end, there is 154 types of Tequilla, and Corona is a "crap" beer, that's why they export it to the States and keep the good stuff for themselves. The time at beach was not long enough ... but maybe if lunch was served quicker, there would have more time to swim in the ocean. Belize: Half-day at the Eco-park with the mountain bike option. A couple of hours on the bike followed by lunch and pool time. Nothing special but it was kinda cool riding though a jungle. Don't expect top of the line mountain bikes or hilly terrain. Our bus guide and eco-park guide were informative. Now is your chance to try fresh termites (sort of crunchy) and other edible jungle eats. Other people in our group chose the horse back riding option and had a good time. The above excursions were booked through Carnival. There were some benefits since we arrived about an hour late in Cozumel which delayed the start of the excursions and of course the return time as well. Not sure what would have happened if the tours were booked privately. In Belize, I didn't see a whole bunch private tour operators waiting in the port flocking their trips... Of course the local time was 8 am and most of the shops were closed when we arrived. Although each of the excursions lists a 4-5 hour duration, they were both longer or felt that way. Roatan: Beach day... You can waste your money on the chair lift or take a 15 minute stroll to the beach. Pack a face mask and snorkel or rent something at the beach. Most people snorkeled at the end of the pier. Here's a lunch tip, have some local fresh fish from the bar/restaurant located at the far end of the beach. We did our gift/souvenir shopping in the port at the local craft market. We were looking for merchandise made locally rather than the "made in China" stuff. Grand Cayman: Swim with the Stingrays and snorkel by the reef. Privately booked trip through Captain Marvin's. Awesome. Need I say more. We met up with a friend who lives there who made all the necessary reservations. We just needed to get off the ship for the rendezvous time and place, working around the different time zones and the "tendering" process. We made it back in time with 2 minutes to spare for the last tender to the ship. Several other reviews mentioned the 'tendering" process. Soon discovered that it is a necessary evil in doing the excursions. Not sure how else "herding cats" could be done better or more efficiently. If we were to do this again, I would look into pre-booking a private trip, but that involves some research and work on my part. Most of the tour operators are good, depend on the tourist dollar and are aware that people are on a cruise. Booking through Carnival, although costing more also has some benefits ... first priority on the morning tender departure and if the excursion runs late, no worries since the ship will wait. Entertainment/shows: I prefer live entertainment so tried to see every 9 PM Show in the Follies. The Legend dancers and singers were good as were the shows that I saw. The Showtime Band (5 piece plus a sax and horn section) were great and they played various venues, shows, karaoke, and bars during the week . Don't go to the advertised "must see" show on the first night, we could have missed that one. I didn't take in any of the comedy shows as there was always a lineup plus I can go to our local comedy in my home town. We also like to dance, as did others in the wedding party. The Showtime Band seemed to appreciate it as well since there is nothing worse than a party band playing and nobody dancing. They brought in different singers during their sets and played 30 minutes beyond the scheduled stopped time since so much fun was happening on the dance floor. Bars: Most of the bars were in the open or at least one could see through the windows to see if other guests were there. Medusa Lair and the Dream team bar were dead zones. Medusa lair, is the on ship disco catering to the wrong demographics. It is also hidden away. The Dream team bar is advertised as sports bar ... with plenty of TV screens. It's too bad the only sports channel feeds were ESPN2 (spanish feed) and NBC. It would have been nice to watch a period of the NHL playoffs on either TSN, TSN2 ESPN or Fox network. Fitness centre: Small centre with LifeFit treadmills, Ellipticals, and Bicycles and a couple of "no-name: rowing machines. Small free weight section and other weight machines. The centre was packed on the first day at sea ... after that not so much. Various fitness classes were offered during the week, some for an extra fee. Rooms: Deck 5 Aft, Port side with a small balcony. Walls don't provide much sound proofing, so respect thy neighbour. Bring earplugs if you are a light sleeper. Room stewards were friendly and kept the rooms clean. We got in the habit of using the "snooze/cruise" sign, especially in the evening so the "turning down of the beds" was done while we were having dinner. Debarkation: What a stupid process. Being a non-U.S. citizen, they herded us into the Follies theatre for 7:30 am, where we waited 45 minutes for the U.S. immigration officers to appear. Once they arrived waited another 10 minutes until I got my 30 seconds in front of them to answer simple questions. We went back to our room after breakfast and waited until our zone number was called. Exiting the ship took about 15 minutes, only to see mayhem in the port where our luggage was retrieved ... ah the choke point was the U.S. Immigration working the exits. Overall: The vacation was enjoyable with high and low points. I would have liked to see more activities offered in the evening. I really don't consider sitting on your butt playing the slots, playing bingo, drinking at the bar, or watching a comedy act an activity. Read Less
Sail Date April 2012
We have sailed on Carnival many times and this is the third time we have been on the Legend. When entering the ship, we thought it was not too clean but assumed they just had not had the time to finish from the group that just departed. ... Read More
We have sailed on Carnival many times and this is the third time we have been on the Legend. When entering the ship, we thought it was not too clean but assumed they just had not had the time to finish from the group that just departed. Our room was not used the week before I know because I asked...and sure was not cleaned well before our arrival. I again did not say anything thinking it was because they let everyone on so early. Our cabin crew did a good job the next day.. After two days, we found a roach under the telephone on the dresser. We watched and thought that was the only one probably left by the past passengers in the room, because we did not see any more. Well guess who arrived home today with bugs in my suitcase and belongings....I am so disappointed and will not go again with Carnival. we now must have our house treated and sprayed for roaches. I have never been so upset. What a disappointment after saving up to take this vacation and also took some friends with us. Of course there is no way to get in touch with Carnival to report this since I arrived home.. Our first trip with the Legend was out of Ft Lauderdale, Second was from San Juan and this final trip was out of Tampa. They have become very lazy and only concerned with getting the next group on to the boat. They started loaded the new cruisers around 10 am and the old ones just got off around 8. There is no way they can really clean the rooms in two hours let alone the rest of the boat. Well I am sorry if you happen to be one of those people I told that Carnival was just as good as the other cruise ships... There is no excuse I can imagine but they are only interested in the bottom line and what they can get. Last year we took the new Allure by Royal Caribbean to Mexico and what a difference. Not only is it brand new, they are cleaning non stop and making sure the ship is way above and beyond. I guess I will stay with Royal Caribbean from now on and let all my friends know to stay away from Carnival too.. Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
we went on this cruise because the price was good. We were going on our late honeymoon, as we didn't want to go to the Caribbean in the summer. This cruise was overall really good. There were some cons and some pros that I will layout ... Read More
we went on this cruise because the price was good. We were going on our late honeymoon, as we didn't want to go to the Caribbean in the summer. This cruise was overall really good. There were some cons and some pros that I will layout below. We loved our balcony when we were able to use it. The people besides us and above and below were all smokers, so we got smoked out a lot. But I loved the view as we were sailing into ports. It was spacious and had plenty of storage space. The only thing I say that I really hated besides the smoke was the doors on the balcony slam when they shut and it wakes you up at all hours of the night. The thermostat i believe was broken also as it was either really cold or really hot. we could not adjust it. The food in the main dining room was awesome and always arrived hot. We had our time dining and was seated in a different section every night. There was only night where our service was really bad. It took us 3 hours from sit down to dessert. All other nights they were very fast and very friendly. The hostess Monika is really good and she knew every night how many we had eating with us and knew by name and room number who was their. The comedians were really funny the first night, but after that they did the same jokes and were not funny anymore. The comedy club was always full, you had to be their at least 30 mins before the show to get a seat. I didn't like the fact that they made you leave between shows. I know its to be fair with seating, but its just a pain to leave then go back in. The casino was really smoky so we couldn't really enjoy losing money their. There was never any deck chairs on the lido deck we couldn't even get in a pool because they were so full all the time. we also had issues trying to find a place to sit at lunch time. If your going to be at sea for 2 days you need to bring other things to do because there's no room on lido. we played uno. Overall this cruise was great, I would recommend it, but take into considerations I put above as cons. Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
This is my 4th overall cruise. It was my 2nd on Carnival. I traveled with my wife and my in-laws to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary. Different people chose different cruises for different reasons. Some chose based on ship ... Read More
This is my 4th overall cruise. It was my 2nd on Carnival. I traveled with my wife and my in-laws to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary. Different people chose different cruises for different reasons. Some chose based on ship amenities, dining options, port interests, affordability, entertainment, staterooms. I'm one of those guys that values EVERYTHING in my cruise experience so I believe my review is very fair and inclusive. INTRODUCTION Let me begin by saying that if this is your 1st cruise, it will be the greatest vacation of your life. Let me also continue by saying that if you've cruised before on Carnival then you will be quite happy with this ship but if you have cruised before on a different cruise line then you will be slightly disappointed with the Legend. EMBARKATION The ship has a capacity for 2600 passengers. We cruised during the week of Thanksgiving. I was told that the ship had 2577 aboard. With that being said, I was impressed with the quick on boarding process. Carnival had lots of porters, staff and security to help everyone board quickly and efficiently. I was also surprised with the passenger diversity. Carnival has a perception of being less expensive thus attracting young college aged partiers. This was not the case. The ages ranged from Newlyweds (119 of them according to the Cruise Director) to loads of Nearly-Deads (i.e seniors). I saw a great age range. Even in my own party. I'm 31, my wife is 25 and my in-laws are in the early 50's but in case they are reading this review, they look like they are in their 40's. STATEROOMS Because of something that occurred many years ago, our rooms were essentially free this cruise. The only caveat was we were unable to select or pay for an upgrade. Thus we were assigned inside cabins on the forward of the ship. All things considering, I was quite pleased. If you are a first time cruiser you must recognize that despite what room you have it will likely feel like a small box compared to traditional hotel rooms. Remember ships try to compact space. The beds and sheets were remarkably comfortable and there was lots of closet space considering how small the room was. The TVS had limited channels (NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, 3 movie channels and 7 Carnival Legend channels). Just a general tip for all cruisers wherever you may go, Always book a room at mid-ship (to avoid being rocked to sleep) and if feasible, always book a balcony room. By the way, I give an A+ to our cabin steward. DINING I would say the food on this ship was very average compared to other cruises that I've been on. Breakfast and Lunch are served each day on the Lido deck. They are buffets. The menu rarely changed and in general it was hit or miss. Remember it is a cruise ship and it's hard to cook for 2600 people for each meal. Dinner is what sets most cruises a part. Even though our waiter was warm and friendly, he was often clueless about how the food was prepared and seemed to struggle with special requests. The menu in general was very unimaginative and lacked variety. The dessert menu also was the same each day except 1 new thing would be introduced usually that was fat free, which was considerate. The Maitre' D was non existent except during tip time. The ship has a specialty restaurant. It's called The Golden Fleece and we went there 1 night for dinner. Let me just say that it may have been one of the greatest dining experiences of my life. It was the most incredible service and friendliest dining environments anywhere. You can tell these people loved the jobs at the Golden Fleece. On top of that, the food was prepared to order (steaks) and absolutely delicious. With that being said, it cost $30 a person + tip. My in-laws took care of the bill, which was very kind. My personal philosophy is when you already paid for free food; I try to avoid paying extra for other food. I want to mention one other thing about the regular dining. Every night, except when we did the specialty restaurant, an Indian fellow named Prassana would come to our table. His job title with Carnival is "Table Artist." He is the only one on the ship. He is a magician and he did a few tricks every night for our table. Here's the thing. He is supposed to do different tables each night so that everyone gets to see at least one trick but we personally asked him to come back and he did. I can confidently say that his daily magic was the highlight of the cruise. His tricks were AMAZING and we happily tipped him on the last night. I give the Legend Dining a "C." Had it not been for our 1 night at the Golden Fleece and our personal Table Magician; the score would have been lower. SHIP LAYOUT The first thing experienced cruisers usually do when they board is explore the ship. It's a must to gain familiarity. The upper sports deck (Deck 10) had a 9-hole mini-golf course and basketball hoop. The other side had a running track and a very big waterslide (kids will love it). The deck below had all 3 pools. One located at the Forward, The 2nd located at mid-ship, which is where most of the action took place and the 3rd was in the Aft, which was the quieter part of the ship. Each pool was accompanied by a hot tub, which gets crowed at peak times. Everything else on the ship was located on floors 2 and 3. It included way too many lounges. I mean it. There were so many lounges that some were just left vacant with no bar service. I think there could have been a better use for that space. One in particular had a mini-stage, which also was rarely, if ever used. The ship had a library, which doubled as an Internet cafe. Save your money and email when you get home. There was a card room that seemed to be bustling with people playing board games and such. There was a nice atrium, which can be found on most ships, a shopping district (5-6 stores), and a piano bar, which I enjoyed but didn't get much buzz from other passengers. A coffee cafe, which oddly charged for it services and thus received little attention from passengers. A Sushi bar, which was a HUGE hit with my wife and mother-in-law, a Sports bar, which doubled as a Cigar lounge. My father-in-law and I enjoyed that experience. It had a much larger casino then I've seen on most ships but it was a popular place for this cruise crowd. The ship obviously had a decent dining venue and of course an awkwardly designed theater. The ship had a Children's area and a Teen area. It also had a Spa / Gym, which I will discuss next. The actual Ship layout I give an "A-" THE SPA Let me make this really clear. Save your money. This spa was EXTREMELY overpriced and very tacky. Now one may say "It's a cruise, treatments should be more money." Let me give you an example. At home, my wife and I can get a nice 50 minutes couples massage for about $130. This same treatment on Royal Caribbean two years ago was $195. Expensive but understandable considering it was a cruise. On Carnival Legend that same treatment is $265. That's flat out obnoxious. Most treatments on carnival were 60 minutes and cost between $100 and $130 each. I ended up splurging for some because I love my wife and I wanted to keep her happy? I begrudgingly got a treatment for myself and although the lady did a nice job, she did one thing that really annoyed me. She was very pushy about selling my overpriced ointments at the end of the treatment. This evidently is something all the specialists do in the spa. My wife, father-in-law and mother-in-law all experienced the same pushiness from various spa specialists. The spa was clean, had a nice gym and an indoor hot tub that evidently not many knew about. Because of the cleanliness, indoor hot tub and nice gym equipment, I give the Spa a grade of "D." Treatment pushiness and costs is what brings it down. ACTVITY CREW This is probably the first cruise where I can rattle the names of all the activity crew. Our Cruise Director was Jen Baxter. She was warm, engaging and had a fun Liverpool accent. Its hard to give her a an accurate grade because she does a lot of behind the scenes stuff we don't know about but the shear fact that I can recall her name leaves me inclined to give her an "A+" Her assistants were named Craig, Jamie, Robin, Kristen and Seretta. I remember their names for two reasons. A. I do a lot of activities on board so I often familiarize myself with these staff members. B. They appeared to work much harder then the activity coordinators on most cruises. They took the time to learn our names, find out where we were from and they truly seemed interested in everything happening on the ship. Here is my fondest memory. One day we docked in Belize. Because of the shallowness of the water, the ship needed to transport passengers by tender boat. This is fairly common on most ships. It requires smaller boats to take passengers ashore. Usually takes about 5-10 minutes via tender. On this particular day, the water was quite choppy and the boat tender process was tediously slow. The activity coordinators were in charge of getting 2600 passengers off the ship in an organized manner. You can tell that this was an enormously stressful task yet every one of those activity coordinators had smiles on their faces and patiently answered everyone's questions. Most of the activity crew were from England except one gal, who I believe was from Michigan. I think I usually associate fun and British together so maybe my fondness was a personal preference. Cruise Director and Activity Staff all get A+ in my books. SHIP ACTIVITIES Let me be honest. The activities were terrible. This was not a fault of the activity crew because they did their best to make them less lame but unlike most other cruises, there was very little to no activities. By Day 4 it became a joke. Essentially their activities included trivia contests. On Sea days they did a few extra things but if you are like me, I enjoy more than just trivia. The best ship activity was the All-Exclusive ship tour, which I thought was incredible but it did cost $95. It included a tour of all 5 kitchens on the ship, backstage tour, crew areas, control rooms and meet with the captain on the bridge. We got keepsake photos, complimentary champagne and some other goodies. You have to take this tour and trust me, its far better then I can even describe in this review. You learn everything about the ships operations. Overall I give the Ship activities a "D." PORTS We had 4 port stops. The first was in Grand Cayman. Obviously the ports are what you make of it. We did a mini tour to see the Rum factory, Turtle Farm and to see the town of Hell. Yes that's the real name of a town in Grand Cayman. There are several other things on the island (ala Dolphin Center, Stingray Beach). It was a good stop. The next island was Cozumel. Unfortunately I can't give it a fair rating because we got stuck in torrential down pour. The next stop was Belize. The day started off rough because there was an issue with the boat tenders but eventually the day got started. My wife and I did an adventure called "Raiders of the Lost Mayan Cave." In truth it was not quite what I expected but it was still a very fun trip. It involved the exploration of underground caves, zip lining, repelling and walking across suspension bridges. The last stop was Isle Roatan. It's a small port in Honduras. Not many adventures to choose from due to time constraints. I heard from other passengers that the ones offered were ok. All involved animal encounters. We got off the ship and did some last minute shopping, which was good. I give the ports a B+ FORMAL NIGHTS This was a big problem with the ship. Apparently there was a miscommunication. Most cruises have 1 formal night. This ship had two. Apparently the word "formal" means different things to different people. My definition is suit and tie. My father-in-law insisted we bring our tuxes so were the only ones dressed that fancy on the first night. Most of the other passengers had on nice slacks and button down shirts. We felt overdressed. The second formal night was supposed to be optional. I opted with the button down shirt and slacks and many of the other passengers threw on tuxes. I then felt underdressed. I couldn't win. I t was partly was my fault but I also blame the Carnival for not better informing passengers before the cruise what their definition of formal nights include. The attire miscommunication was not my biggest problem. My problem lies within the area of photography. To say that Carnival has an obnoxious photography program would be an understatement. Let me take a step backward and say that every where you go on that ship there is some carnival photographer waiting to take your picture. I would later find out that they take 35,000 pictures in 1 week. They hassle you at dinner, getting off at ports, on the decks. Hek, I'm surprised they didn't find a way into my stateroom. The worst time is right before dinner (especially formal nights). They set up about 12 backdrops, many of which cause's major people traffic in major walk areas of the ship. Then on top of that they make it nearly impossible to find your picture in the gallery. If you are lucky enough to find it then you can purchase a 5 by 7 for $21.00. I recognize this is something that happens on all cruises but The Legend is the worst offender of this annoyance. I Gave Them a C- in formalities. CHILDRENS AREA I can't give an honest assessment since we don't have any children. This much I do know. They had the Noah's Ark kids program that appeared to be a cool looking area. They also had the CO2 club for teens. I saw a lot of kids running amuck on the ship but it seemed to temper down after dinner. LIVE ENTERTAINMENT I got to be honest; I was blown away by how great the shows were. I'm really into these kinds of things and it's very difficult to impress me anymore. The shows included two different comedians. The guy on night 1 was not good at all and had me worried about shows to come. The guy on night 2 was maybe one of the best comics I've seen in my life. As a guy who once did standup comedy myself that's a huge salute. Apparently he is a regular on The Legend and his name was Ronnie Bullard. On two nights the Carnival Dancers and singers performed. I was amazed by their talent and production value, especially the sets and costumes. I usually don't pay much attention to costumes but after their shows, I guarantee you will too. One night there was a juggling comedian. I'd give him an A+ for juggling but an F in comedy. Then there was a magician named Puck. He did a lot of tricks that we've seen before but his presentation style was so good that it made you feel that you were seeing it for the first time. On the following night, Puck also did hypnosis and boy was that a hoot. Just terrific. On another night they had a guy who did balancing act it was our favorite show on the ship. I don't want to blow his act but it was the most amazing balancing I've ever seen. The last night on the ship was "Legends Night." Apparently passengers who won impersonation contests at Karaoke got to perform with the Carnival dancers and band. My father-in-law and I skipped out because we thought it would be lame. According to my wife and mother-in-law, it was surprisingly entertaining. I gave Ship Entertainment an A+ TID-BITS The best thing to do is walk around ask other passengers about things on the ship to get the inside scoop on stuff. For example, most people don't know that the pizza station on Lido deck and the frozen yogurt machines are served 24 hours. Speaking of the frozen yogurt, there is one machine that actually has strawberry frozen yogurt, which is to die for. That machine is on the Lido deck in the Aft. Even though there are three hot tubs on Lido. The 4th hot tub is the best. Its located indoors in the gym, holds more people and is cozier. Sushi is free and located on deck 2 from around 5pm -8pm each day. The Sports bar doubles as a cigar lounge and the cigar prices are relatively inexpensive for cruise standards. As far as the sports are concerned, the bar offers two things you can't get in your stateroom. ESPNS 1 + 2 + loads of high definition screens. My father-in-law liked the sports bar. Not many ships have that kind of thing. Seating in the Follies Theater is a bit tricky. There are lots of poles in the way and loads of obstructive views. My advice is to get there earlier and sit in center orchestra level. The next best seats are on the mezzanine level. Carnival Legend gives you a daily Caper, which tells you what programs are offered the following day + times that pools, lounges, casino is open. What it doesn't tell you is the weather outlook on the ports and at sea. My advice is to go to the guest relations desk and they gladly give you a weather forecast. This will avoid you being stuck in a rain storm. You can also cancel an adventure if the weather doesn't look promising. There is A LOT of smoking on this ship. My wife and mother-in-law were not pleased. Apparently you can smoke in your staterooms, which seems very dangerous to me not to mention it stinks up the hallways. Smoking is also permitted on all outdoor areas. Thus the Lido deck smelled like an ashtray. There is also smoking allowed in most of the lounges. Obviously I did my cigar smoking only in the sport bar. Overall Cruise Experience on Carnival Legend "B-" That's all I can think of for now. I invite you to email me and I'll be happy to answer any other questions to the best of my ability. Ryan dirtybloke@yahoo.com Read Less
Sail Date November 2009
This is our 6th cruise and our son's 3rd.  Embarkation was so easy.  There were no lines to speak of and we sailed through and were on the ship at 12:00 sharp.  We had received our preference of early seating and made our way ... Read More
This is our 6th cruise and our son's 3rd.  Embarkation was so easy.  There were no lines to speak of and we sailed through and were on the ship at 12:00 sharp.  We had received our preference of early seating and made our way around the ship.  We had been on a similar ship before so getting around was fairly easy.We were in our cabin by 1:30.  We had a balcony cabin for the first time and loved it.  My husband was able to use it at night to read and relax.  The muster drill was quick and fairly painless.We were slightly delayed in leaving port due to a very cool thunder and lightening storm which was something us Californians don't get to see often.  We shared a table with a very nice family from the New Orleans area who also had a child our son's age so that worked out very well.  We had a nice table by the window.  Our waiter was very nice but I can't remember his name.  We brought 2 bottles of wine on board with us at embarkation without a problem and had them opened in the dining room.  They never charged us a corkage fee.  The food was good and the melting cake was as delicious as I remember.  I wish they would enforce the dress code a little.  There was a guy at the table next to us in shorts and flip flops at dinner each night.The shows were on par and entertaining.  My husband went to the adult comic show and said the show earlier in the evening was funnier.  Jen, the cruise director, could be annoying at times.  Everyone was very helpful.We attended the past guest party and it did have free cocktails but no snacks.The ship showed a little wear but overall was always kept clean.  Our cabin was right below the Lido buffet kitchen.  After reading the boards, we were prepared for the noise.  I will definitely be cautious of what is above and below next time around.  The ports were great.  We did get tired after having 4 port days in a row. Read Less
Sail Date July 2009
My husband and I were celebrating our 1 year anniversary.  We went down the night before the cruise and stayed in Indian Shores at Celebrity Resorts because we wanted a day on the beach.  It was not a bad drive at all from Atlanta, and ... Read More
My husband and I were celebrating our 1 year anniversary.  We went down the night before the cruise and stayed in Indian Shores at Celebrity Resorts because we wanted a day on the beach.  It was not a bad drive at all from Atlanta, and we liked being down there near Tampa the day before our cruise set sail.  We both have been on one other cruise, but this one was our first together and first with Carnival.  My husband insisted that the only way to cruise is with a balcony which was the best decision.  I loved having the freedom to go out on the balcony at any time.  The overall experience was wonderful.  The ship itself is beautifully designed.  We loved looking at all the paintings and details everywhere on the ship.   For dinner, we decided to do the late dining to give us more time after coming back from ports.  The service was, of course, great each night.  I highly suggest the chocolate molten cake.  We had Bagus and Jasper for our servers.  I love how they always had a smile on their face.  This was true of all the employees we came in contact with anywhere on the ship.  We also did the supper club one night.  The food and service was impeccable there as well.  Our room steward, Panyaratt, also did a fantastic job each day. It was exciting to see what towel animal we would get each night when we came back in the room. The swinging monkey was definitely exciting to see when we came back.   Shows/Entertainment: We really enjoyed the shows.  The Jazz show and the Juggling Comedian were our favorites.  We also loved being able to walk around and listen to different music around the ship.  Satchmo's Lounge was entertaining, and I loved the history behind the lounge.  I can't say that I loved having an extra Fun Day at Sea because I was looking forward to going to Cozumel.  I wish that there had been another alternative.  It didn't seem like they had tried to put many activities together for that Fun Day either.   Read Less
Sail Date June 2009
This was my 8th cruise, and our 5th on Carnival. Maybe I'm getting jaded from all this travel, but I felt this was just an average cruise in every way. We were eligible for early check-in, but the lines were incredible (apparently ... Read More
This was my 8th cruise, and our 5th on Carnival. Maybe I'm getting jaded from all this travel, but I felt this was just an average cruise in every way. We were eligible for early check-in, but the lines were incredible (apparently their new computer system had glitches), and it was very hot in the terminal. The interior design of the ship is very busy, with dark artwork on the ceilings in the public areas which made me feel closed in. The food was very average, even in the main dining room. The entertainment was like a high school show. The crew was efficient but not as outgoing as other cruises we've been on. The ship was very clean and well laid out. I was very happy with our stateroom and balcony. I felt the debarkation system was the best we ever experienced. We took advantage of the self-assisted debarkation and were off the ship and out of the parking garage a little after 8 AM!!!!!! Read Less
Sail Date January 2008
My girlfriend and I booked a 7-day cruise on the Carnival Legend after enjoying our 5-day cruise a year earlier on the Fantasy. We are both in our mid-late 20's - this was her third cruise, and I have been cruising since I was a kid, ... Read More
My girlfriend and I booked a 7-day cruise on the Carnival Legend after enjoying our 5-day cruise a year earlier on the Fantasy. We are both in our mid-late 20's - this was her third cruise, and I have been cruising since I was a kid, and this was my sixth (5th on Carnival). The booked itinerary was Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Belize, and Costa Maya. Hurricane Dean's damage to Costa Maya changed that port of call to Roatan, Honduras. However, Hurricane Felix's potential path across Honduras forced Carnival to change the itinerary yet again the morning of our departure. We were notified of this by large signs and handouts that were given to us in the terminal as we made our way to check in. The final itinerary was to be Key West, Grand Turk, Ocho Rios, then Grand Cayman. We were initially disappointed about another change, but quickly realized that this would certainly be better than a rainy, windy attempt to visit the original ports. We drove to Tampa from South Carolina, and found that this port was a bit more hectic than Port Canaveral. I ended up paying the extra money to valet park my car to save what looked like would have been another hour to get out of traffic and self-park it and walk back. After that, check-in was very smooth. We were on the boat in less than 45 minutes, somewhere around 12:30. The cabins were not ready until 1:30, so we had a drink and started to look over shore excursions for the new ports. We got in our cabin at 1:30. It was on the Panorama Deck Forward, with an extended balcony. We enjoyed the balcony, and the room itself - we seemed to have enough room to unpack all of our clothes into closets and drawers. The bathroom was set up a bit different than the Fantasy-class ships - basically the same but a lot more counter and shelf space. The one drawback to our room is that it seemed far away from everything - we were extremely far from the dining room (Deck 2, aft), main lounge (6 decks below), and most of the other major areas. We were only one deck below the Lido, but we mostly hung out in the aft area, so even that was a bit of a walk. Next time on a ship similar to this we will probably be just as happy on Deck 5 or 6. SHIP: Personally liked the dEcor - was a lot more toned-down and less neon than the Fantasy-class ships. We hung out at the "adult pool" area on the Lido Deck Aft. Generally, the "adult" portion was true - once in a while a child would wander in to the pool, but for the most part it was kid-free back there. The deep parts of the pools were not very large, but they did have areas with about 6 inches of water that you could just sit in and at least cool down. The single dining room was very large, but we enjoyed the section that we were in towards the back of the lower level. Everything else seemed to be an updated version of the standard Carnival designed areas. SERVICE: Some of the best dining room and cabin service I have had. Dinner was always very prompt, they called us by name, and the waiter, assistant, and Maitre'D were all very good. The cabin steward responded to what little issues we had very quickly. The purser's desk left a little to be desired (one time I called and asked if the excursion desk was open, was told yes, only to walk down and find it closed), but otherwise I did not notice any major service problems. The only "confusion" was due to the itinerary change - they did not release the available excursions for the new ports until very late on sailing day, and we did not get confirmation that our Grand Cayman tour was still a go until sometime Tuesday. Also, we booked a tour in Jamaica only to have it cancelled the night before - we did not find this out until AFTER the shore excursion desk was closed - it was a scramble to try and book another one, but it worked out. In the end, all of this was no big deal - just 10 minutes of headaches here and there. FOOD: Standard Carnival fare. I want to say my dinners were better on the Fantasy last year, but I really didn't have a 'bad' meal. The Lido deck was also standard - good, but nothing fancy - though we found the deli station to be very good. We spent the $30 per person to eat in the supper club on the first formal night and we thought it was worth it for the first time. It certainly was a bargain compared to what you would pay if you ordered the same meal in any big-city steakhouse. The service was outstanding, and it was almost too much food, but very good. Certainly, if fine dining is not up your alley, than the extra $30 is probably not worth it considering you can get a good meal below for "free". ENTERTAINMENT: Comedian the first night, and the same one for the adult show the next night was very good. A few times the seemed to be "filling" shows with new acts due to either the itinerary change or the fact that we had a first-time cruise director (however she was VERY good). The Vegas-style shows were okay - I loved the themes (Jazz, and then Movies), but some of the singers seemed a bit over-dramatic. The sets and costumes were very good. The last night was the Legends show- where they had fellow passengers pretend to be famous singers by trying out through Karaoke throughout the week. This show actually turned out to be very good. OTHER: The new ships now have a way you can book shore excursions, review your bill, etc. through the TV. This system seemed to be very slow, and sometimes did not want to work at all. Also, if you wanted to book excursions, the descriptions were very brief, so you needed to know for sure what you wanted to do before entering this system. However, we found it convenient to book the shore excursions through here once we figured out what we wanted to do. You could also check dinner menus through this system. KEY WEST: Decided this was the one place to not do an excursion and just walk around. It was very, very hot, but we walked the length of Duval Street to the Southernmost Point. We ate at a Cuban restaurant near the dock that was fantastic. Otherwise, we just shopped a bit. GRAND TURK: We had been here a year earlier, and were not totally disappointed to return. We did the dune buggy tour last year and saw most of the island, so we decided to just relax this year and did the Governor's Beach excursion. We heard some people complain that the train that transported you did not show up at the dock every 15 minutes, but we either didn't have that problem or were just lucky on timing. The beach itself was very small, but it was much better than the one near the ships very rocky). The "shack" here has drinks and food for purchase, but I don't think they were prepared for us - all they had were chips, and they had to keep running to the grocery store to get beer. You could also snorkel here as part of the excursion, but we did not. Overall, this worked well for us - a quiet beach to lie out and chill in the water. If you're looking for anything more or anything fancier, this is not for you. On our return, we stopped at Margaritaville and the shops, and with 4000+ people around (the Valor was here too), it was very crowded in these areas. OCHO RIOS: I had been here as a child and did not have fond memories, so I recommended we do an excursion. It turned out very well. We did one of the Sailing, Dunn's River Falls, and Beach ones. My girlfriend wasn't too fond of climbing the falls, but I enjoyed it. The boat ride was very nice - the crew was generally professional and provided a fun atmosphere. The beach was again very small, but very nice. The offered a full menu of drinks and food. I had jerked pork and thought it was very good. Then again, I also had several Red Stripe beers as of that point. The service was very good at the beach until we had to rush back to the boat and try and figure out who I owed money to for the drinks and food. We had about 2 hours at the beach and enjoyed this entire excursion. We went straight back to the ship after this. GRAND CAYMAN: We did the Island Tour & Stingray City. Our tour guide was excellent. We visited Hell, the Turtle Farm, and finally got on a small boat to Stingray City. Here you got in the water with the stingrays and could snorkel or feed them if you wanted to. We felt we got a great tour of the entire island and enjoyed what we did. After the tour we shopped a bit and then got on the tender back to the ship. The tenders really cut down on the amount of time you have on the island (takes about 45 mins. to get loaded and get across). AT SEA: Our first At Sea day we mostly hung out on deck. The aft lido area was a bit crammed together, but we found chairs easy enough. The story of the cruise was that later that night - before our Supper Club dinner and actually during the first Captain's Cocktail Party - the power and water went out on the ENTIRE SHIP. I thought it was just our room because I had just opened and closed the mini bar and though I shorted out something, but quickly found it was bigger than that. This was at a really bad time - during the first dinner, many other activities, and while I was about to get in the shower to get ready. We also came to a complete stop and were drifting in the ocean. They kept us updated with announcements - but all they said was basically "we are working on it". It lasted about 45 minutes. It was a minor inconvenience at the time, but for us, we forgot about it quickly, it did not ruin anything for our trip. Our second at sea day back to Tampa it rained on and off most of the day, which was depressing, but it was our only bad weather day the whole time. We spent the rainy times packing, doing the Galley tour, and just enjoying the ship for the last time. OVERALL: Another excellent Carnival cruise. You can't expect everything to be 100% perfect and smooth over a 7-day vacation, and things certainly didn't on this one, but in the end we had a wonderful time. We enjoyed the Legend and the spirit-class ships, and look forward to trying out another ship in the near future. Carnival always seems to have a bit of something for everyone, especially in out age bracket, and we found this to be the case in both the ship and the excursions on this trip. 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Sail Date September 2007
EMBARKATION: This was my first Carnival cruise as a Platinum Card Holder. This made embarkation a breeze. We were at the port at 11:30 parked & on the ship by Noon. Cabin: We had cabin 8116 on Panorama Deck. The cabin steward Alfredo ... Read More
EMBARKATION: This was my first Carnival cruise as a Platinum Card Holder. This made embarkation a breeze. We were at the port at 11:30 parked & on the ship by Noon. Cabin: We had cabin 8116 on Panorama Deck. The cabin steward Alfredo was top notch. I only wish the mini bar had been stocked with the mini bottles of wine. We were on The Spirit a few years ago & theirs had the wine bottles in the mini bar. Dining: The Super Club was Awesome. Had we not gotten so overly stuffed we would have gone again. Dining in Truffles was OK. It was very good considering they are preparing food for several hundred people. The last few cruises when I have ordered it it has been terrible. the best meal I had in the regular dining room all week was The Red Snapper. It was really good. Everything else was average. Camp Carnival: The Camp again was awesome. We have a 7 year old & this was his second cruise. He wanted to be at the Camp over the pool on sea days. Carnival offers so much flexibility in the hours they are open they you can easily enjoy family time & couple time. Our son wanted to eat with the Camp each night. He would go to to dinner at 5:45 each evening. Since we had the late dinner that gave us ample time to get ready for our dinner. Ports: We were re-routed due to Dean. I had no complaints. We ended up getting almost the exact itinerary as I was looking at for next August but we didn't want to go on The Triumph again. Now we will try for The Western again next year. Key West: Our first time here & boy could I move there. I'm sure I wouldn't be saying the same thing in the winter when it's their peak season. We were the only ship there. We did the Conch Train on our own. It saved about $30.00 overall as compared to the ship. We had also planned to Parasail here with Fury but it was too windy & we weren't able to. We had lunch at a place called Two Friends & A Patio. It was really good & they had better Key Lime Pie then the Key Lime Pie Factory. Nassau: Except for the Strawmarket we should have stayed on the ship. This was our 6th time to Nassau. Since we were rerouted & I didn't get to look at The port of call thread for Nassau we just picked an excursion that we thought our son would enjoy through the ship. It was the Historical Highlights & Pirates tour. having a 7-year old we did this one for the Pirate part. If you have small one's just get off the ship, walk a block away from Senor Frogs & do the Pirate Museum on your own. We were driven in a Taxi style Minivan for a 2-hour island tour (the whole thing was only suppose to be 2-hours). I honestly don't know how parents with the 3 & 4 year olds did it. It was exhausting.Their big highlight was Anna Nicole's grave. Now at least I can say I've seen it.At the end they let us out in town & pointed toward the Pirate Museum. It may have been neat had we not be worn out. It would have been very easy to have just walked to the museum on our own. Hopefully next time I go back to Nassau I will know I am going so I can check into the Atlantis passes. Half Moon Cay: Awesome, relaxing..............I just can't think of enough good things to say. The private islands are always my favorite. I like this one because it has a children's play area with waterslides & the things in the water they can climb on. The water is shallow so you can just lay in your lounge chair & let the kids play. Grand Turk: This has to be one of my favorite ports. We did The Dune Buggy's through Carnival. It was fun & we had a good time but the one's in Barbados are a lot more exciting. The best part of this port is the huge freshwater pool right at the ship. There is a huge Margaritaville right in the midst of things. You just lay back & again relax, soak up some sun & have a few adult beverages. The best part of this trip had to be the platinum cards. Talk about service with a smile. I didn't realize they would give you that much more special treatment. It got me off ahead of people at each port if we were waiting. I've done my time in the lines & it was nice to avoid all that for a change. The nicest person working on the ship was Jelena in the photography department. She was truly awesome. I am a professional photographer & she was top notch. Oddly enough my only real complaint is with the photo department. it's the one time I get pictures made of my own family. I spent at least $700.00 on pictures just on this trip. I had two images that they would not retouch that was a very simple retouch. It is against Carnival's policy to allow you to buy any images on a cd. Some changes need to be made somehow to this policy. It would be nice if they would offer a cd for a certain price with all the pictures you actually did purchase while on board. Maybe one day. I was also amazed at the way they would allow people to come into the dining room each evening. I am not kidding you when I say this but there were many who looked like they were on the way to the nearest Hoe Down. I know there is a thread on this board about why should people dress appropriately to the dining room. & I think all the people on that thread were on this ship. Until "The Policy" changes people should go to the cafe if they don't want to dress up a little. That is part of the whole thing is dressing up a little bit & doing things you don't normally due. Debarkation with the VIP status was a breeze. We were off the ship & in our vehicle by 9:00am. The Legend was a great cruise. I did not seem to like it as well as The Spirit. I do like the pool layouts on these ships much better because you did not see the overcrowding as bad. Read Less
Sail Date August 2007
My husband and I were on the Legend for the Barenaked Ladies Ships and Dip charter event. Similar to Rock the Boat, the band the Barenaked Ladies along with a host of other great bands provided the on-board entertainment for a 4-night ... Read More
My husband and I were on the Legend for the Barenaked Ladies Ships and Dip charter event. Similar to Rock the Boat, the band the Barenaked Ladies along with a host of other great bands provided the on-board entertainment for a 4-night cruise that stopped in the Turks & Caicos. Being huge fans of the Barenaked Ladies, we signed up with little research about the ship or the itinerary. That being said, we went on board with extremely open minds. This was our 3rd cruise and unfortunately, by far, the worst cruising experience we have experienced. Our previous 2 cruises were on the Celebrity Infinity and Royal Caribbean Serenade of the Seas. From the moment we stepped foot on the ship we were completely turned off. No one greeted us as we entered the ship. There was no welcome drink or assistance with locating our cabin. The interior of this ship has to be the ugliest currently sailing the seas. Gold urns EVERYWHERE cheesy LED lit signs throughout and some of the loudest colors and patterns I have ever seen. I wish I were exaggerating but I promise you, I am not. While the ship is only a few years old you would easily think it was designed in the late 80's/early 90's. Personal design taste aside, we also found the ship to be less than tidy and clean. For starters, when we got to our balcony cabin #8162 (think 1980's peach and sea-green) we proceeded to unpack and find garbage left from the previous guests in the drawers, the remnants of streamer-type decorations still hanging from the ceiling and a pretty heavily soiled carpet within the cabin. Needless to say I wore shoes in the room the entire cruise. While our cabin steward did a thorough job cleaning throughout the cruise, the actual core elements of the cabin (carpet, furniture, walls) needed an industrial style cleaning and from my perspective, a major updating. Additionally, the ship exhibited signs of wear that I did not find on RC or Celebrity - peeling/tarnished paint on the exterior of the ship. extremely dirty windows and antiquated looking furniture. I will sum up the food on this cruise in one word  INEDIBLE! Aside from the Golden Fleece Supper Club the food in both the Unicorn Cafe and in the Truffles Dining Room left EVERYTHING to be desired. Think room temperature salads served in hot bowls, tasteless sauces on overcooked meats, etc. Additionally, the service stunk. We experienced the most unfriendly, unprofessional staff we have ever encountered on a ship. From main dining room waiters with gold capped teeth to those that couldn't speak any English, I just could not believe the lack of quality we found in the staff on this cruise. That being said, as this was a chartered cruise, our gratuities were paid up front as part of the package. It would be truly disappointing to think that the way the payment system was arranged contributed to the poor service found throughout the ship. I would highly dissuade anyone that wants to have a decent vacation from reserving on Carnival and especially on this particular ship. However, I will say that the Barenaked Ladies and and their many friends ROCKED! This was our 3rd cruise and by far, the worst cruising experience we have experienced. Read Less
Sail Date January 2007
This was my first cruise ever. Overall, I was very happy with the staff. I did get sea sick. Wish there was a way to make cruises less shaky in terms of the movement of the boat while it is cruising. I often felt dizzy. A guest on the ... Read More
This was my first cruise ever. Overall, I was very happy with the staff. I did get sea sick. Wish there was a way to make cruises less shaky in terms of the movement of the boat while it is cruising. I often felt dizzy. A guest on the cruise suggested Benadryl. I thought it was for allergies, but surprisingly it worked well. Embarkation: Very smooth. Long lines are expected when you have many people. Cabin: I have nothing else to compare with. I was there with the wife and two kids. I was happy with the size of the room. Gym: Limited in equipment, but it is a ship after all. Dining: Amazing food. The staff in the Truffles Restaurant is amazing. Miss those guys already. By the way, the soda card for $44 is a rip-off. Entertainment: Pretty good, but I spent most of my time in the casino. Shore Excursions: Expensive, but once again, everyone's gotta make money off the tourists. Kids' program (2 - 5 years): My kids always looked forward to going in Camp Carnival. Cleaning Crew and other members: Everyone was friendly and smiled....what else can I say. Pool and Arcade: They should really think about putting a security supervisor at these locations. There were kids behaving like wild animals trying to break things. I had to protect my kids from these "kids" so that they don't get run over in the arcade or hurt in the pool. Other folks on the cruise: I felt like they were characters either from the Sopranos or a rap video on MTV. However, don't judge the book by its cover. Everyone was having a good time. They were all friendly and just trying to have a good time. Debarkation: Looooooong line for the self-assist checkout. Overall value: I can't say enough about the friendly staff. The entertain was pretty good. I would certainly do it again. Read Less
Sail Date October 2006
We (myself, husband and 2 yr. old) sailed on Carnival Legend from New York, we didn't have to fly, so that was in itself awesome. With a 2 yr. old flying can be interesting. We booked a suite, on the 6th floor, it was near the back of ... Read More
We (myself, husband and 2 yr. old) sailed on Carnival Legend from New York, we didn't have to fly, so that was in itself awesome. With a 2 yr. old flying can be interesting. We booked a suite, on the 6th floor, it was near the back of the ship, so we had a huge balcony (50% bigger) than most suites. It was enclosed with glass, so no worries about me jumping over board. We requested a crib, but it was more like a portable crib, so kind of small for a 2 yr. old and he really didn't like it, however, he did sleep in it. My son is talking a lot more than when we left. There were lots of things for him to do and the Kids Camp (Camp Carnival) was great. At first, he was scared, but by the last day, he was jumping over the door to get in. They painted his face for the first time, made him look like a King, complete with a crown and wand and a fruit loop necklace. They even gave him his own captains hat and he painted his own T-shirt. He made hand prints and played with play-doh too. Oh, and he was in his first Talent Show doing the Penguin Dance. He did really good, he stood there and didn't even cry. He went swimming in the baby pool and we went to the beach in Tortola. I got a massage and a facial. And we went shopping in San Juan and St. Thomas. I can't wait to go on another. I met a lot of new friends and I was never bored. My son sat at the dinner table in the main dining room almost every night, so he got to try all different types of food too. Speaking of food, they even had a cookie decorating and ice cream contest. This was a great learning experience for him. And he met a new friend, Funship Freddy. He looks kind of like a ship, but walks. He went to karaoke too and he clapped for everyone. He even went up on stage with myself and daddy when they sang. His daddy doesn't sing that good, so he was trying to pull him off, but he didn't want to leave... There were lots of photographers walking around taking pictures all the time. We did get a good one of all of us. We all loved the ice cream bar and the room service. It was an 8 day cruise, too short...but I had a blast and the best part I didn't have to fly! We sailed right out of NYC and since we were VIP we didn't have to wait in line to get on the ship either. Very cool. Definitely, worth every penny. Read Less
Sail Date October 2006
This was our first cruise and we had an absolutely wonderful experience with the staff, crew, and entire Carnival package. We chose to book with Carnival due to the price and the ease of the NYC port. We are so happy we did. We were told ... Read More
This was our first cruise and we had an absolutely wonderful experience with the staff, crew, and entire Carnival package. We chose to book with Carnival due to the price and the ease of the NYC port. We are so happy we did. We were told by our travel agent to arrive between 1-2:30 to board the ship. We actually arrived at 10:30 and sat in line and were on the ship at 12:15. Our room wasn't ready until 1:30 so we toured the ship and had a drink out by the pool. Everyone complains in reviews about the decor, but it didn't bother us at all. The ship was clean, except for stains on the carpet. Our room was an obstructed view, but at least we were able to open the doors and look down at the water and have fresh air at night. Our favorite port of call was St. Thomas. We loved the shopping and Magen's Bay. We shopped in the morning, and then went back to the ship for lunch, then took a taxi to the beach for the afternoon. Tortola was boring with very little to do. We walked around the tent area and then headed back to the ship. When we go again we are definitely going to do the Virgin Gorda (Baths) excursion. You really needed to plan ahead since we are not at that port very long. Our waiter was named Junior. He was superb. Very professional. We had only planned to go to the dinner a few nights as we didn't really want to dress up, but we ended up eating in Truffles every night. We did feel movement on the boat, especially day 3 and day 7. I think this is where we are in the open Atlantic and we just felt the waves more. I had to take medication and ended up napping in the afternoons, but other than that we just loved the ship. My husband has never been into musicals or plays, etc., but he loved the entertainment. We went to every show and even went to hear the orchestra play on the final night. I think that turned out to be a highlight for him that he wasn't expecting. Debarkation was our only glitch. We were told that Brent (cruise director) would be on the PA system in the morning to announce cabins to leave, etc. There was no announcement. In fact, we didn't hear any sort of announcements upon arrival. I guess if you had slept in, you wouldn't have even known we were back in NY. People were wandering around and not following orders of where to line-up, etc. We finally stopped doing what we were told to do and got in line. We were off the boat by 10, but only because I saw that others were lined-up by the casino...moving on out. We jumped in line and did not feel bad at all. That is our only complaint about the entire cruise, and it is a small complaint. We have already been online deciding where and when to go on our next cruise. It was the most relaxing and fun time my husband and I have had in, well, the best time we have had! Read Less
Sail Date October 2006
Carnival Legend Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 3.5 4.0
Entertainment 4.0 3.8
Public Rooms 3.5 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.0
Family 4.5 4.0
Shore Excursion 3.5 4.0
Enrichment 2.0 3.6
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 4.0 4.1
Rates 4.0 4.3

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