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Inside stateroom with twin beds that convert to king.

Interior (4E)
Decks: Deck 7 | Deck 8
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Cabin 1157
Aug 2015
room was average after they got the air conditioning fixed and unclogged the toilet
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Cabin 7261
Apr 2013
Quiet location, very close to the main elevator bank.
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Cabin 7111
Mar 2012
We were in cabin 7111, an interior cabin near the very front of the ship. This was a very spacious cabin and our steward was exceptional. There was plenty of storage space for all our clothes and stuff. We put our empty suitcases under the bed so they were out of the way for the entire trip. There were some ship sounds, but not very intrusive. The bathroom had plenty of room for a basic room. We over-packed for this trip, but we still had room for everything we brought. We were very satisfied. (disclaimer: we are not the type to spend much time in our cabin, so we were only there to sleep, shower and change clothes -most of our time was spent being busy on the ship).
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Cabin 8257
Sep 2011
Fridge barely kept things cool. Location near daily buffet, pools and elevator. TV was on the fritz but was corrected during our stay.
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Jul 2011
First time cruising By: ellie on vacation
Small, but adequate. Beautiful baclony view, but water was rough for first 3 days. Was cleaned 2 times a day. Quiet except for the flushing of the toilet in the cabin next door.
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Cabin 8135
Mar 2011
R and R on the Legend By: newcruiser1912
The overall size and layout was the best interior cabin we have had yet. There was some noise from chairs sliding on the lido deck above around 630 every morning. The bed was little too firm.
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Cabin 8137
Dec 2010
Great first cruise By: phototaker01
Bed was large, bathroom was very small, three wardrobes were adequate, desk are was large, TV was outdated.
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Cabin 8244
Sep 2009
8244: It was extremely convenient to the Lido Deck's amenities (which is where we ate our breakfast each morning, an occasional lunch when on board, and got our water, tea, and lemonade, and which is also where there are 2 pools & a few bars & GREAT views for departures/arrivals, sunsets/sunrises). BUT... a warning to anyone thinking about booking a room directly below any part of the Lido deck (in other words, on Deck 8) - - you may want to think again if you plan on getting any amount of decent sleep during your cruise, particularly if you are at all a light sleeper. ALL night EVERY night, we heard scraping of chairs, pounding, and what sounded like a herd of elephants parading around above our heads (who knows what it was). We heard no voices, and nothing from the rooms to either side of us, but the noises above were ATROCIOUS! Made it very, very difficult to get any sleep at all. I had read this before, but minimized it in my mind & thought the location would outweigh the noises. If I could do it over again - I would ABSOLUTELY have booked a cabin on level 5, 6, or 7. There seemed to be NO problems on those decks with noises. AVOID DECK 8 AT ALL COSTS!!!!!! There is a reason why this conveniently located cabin is cheaper! So, the location was terrible noise-wise, but convenience-wise was not bad at all. Honestly, it was very very small (just a queen sized bed, a very small vanity, a small fridge, and a closet & chair. No couch, and very little room to negotiate. It required strategic placement of our luggage under the bed & very organized placement of our "stuff" in the room. I would recommend bringing an over-the-door shoe rack (the kind with the pockets rather than the shelves). This was, perhaps, our finest addition to our packing... We put lotions, sunscreen, coozies, etc. in it & it kept all that "junk" and "clutter" off the little counter space we had. Also, we brought a collapsible mesh hamper & put it in the closet. Was worth it, too. Ask for extra hangers.. there aren't many. There was, however, ample closet space. They provide you with extra bedding & robes if you want to use them. Also, in the bathroom, there were shelves along the mirror for toiletries. There was NOT much room for shampoos, etc., in the shower. You might want to think about bringing something to help out in that regard... and we were thankful we brought a bar of our own soap - didn't care much for theirs, even though they did provide several bars. I brought my own razor, but there were several samples left in the bathroom if we had needed them (disposable razor, toothpaste samples, shampoos, etc.). There was a blow dryer in the drawer at the vanity (which is NOT well lit - - I did my hair there, but makeup had to be done in the small bathroom). There is only one plug in the room (at the vanity), but we brought an extension cord & multi plug converter so that we could use several things at once, including a nightlight since we were in an interior room & it would be pitch black when it was not plugged in. I did bring my phone charger, but I never used it - I turned my phone off the minute we got on the ship & threw it in the safe until we got off. Note on the safe: I had read that you could use an empty "gift" card or the like for the safe or an old hotel key with the magnetic strip. This was not so in our room, at least. We ended up using a Visa Gift Card that had a dollar or so left on it & that worked (I think it may need "something" still on it, so that it is activated). The directions said we could use a driver's license, too, but that didn't work either since mine has more of a pixelated bar code on the back, rather than a solid black strip. Keep in mind that whatever you use will have to be carried with you at all times so you can get in & out of the safe. I would not recommend using a regular credit card or bank card just in case you lose it or it became demagnitized. They CAN get into the safe if you cannot, though. Note on the Fridge: not cold. Not cold at all. It cooled, at best, our drinks. The cabinet it was in was locked when we first got on, but we asked our room stewart (Ida Farida) to unlock & EMPTY it for us (if you do it yourself, you may get charged for drinking the liquor in there). She did it quite promptly & brought us ice for our collapsible coolers (I did have to ask her to FILL the coolers, as she was initially just bringing a small ice bucket, but after asking her to do so, she kept our coolers stocked with ice the whole time. In fact, EVERYTHING that we asked for (minus the "preference" toilet paper, which we had read was the "better" tp), we received quite fast. I spoke with NO ONE who had the better tp, so I am assuming maybe they don't have 2 kinds anymore. On that note: if you can bring your own, you may want to (I'm not sure if the kind they had was because of the sewage system requirements - ie it was dissolvable - but this would be worth looking into). I don't care who you are. You will DESPISE the toilet paper they have on board. It is sooooo thin & rough.
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Cabin 7130
Jul 2009
Cabin 7130 inside frontplenty of hanging storage and shelves in closets.  Plenty of drawers in nightstands and desk.  Hid luggage under beds so it didn't take up closet or floor space.  Two twin beds and two twin beds that can pull down from ceiling and make bunk beds.  Plenty of bathroom shelves and was plenty of space.  Quiet hallway.
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