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Oceanview stateroom with twin beds that convert to a king.

Ocean View (6B)
Decks: Deck 4 | Deck 5
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Ocean View Cabin Reviews
Cabin 189
May 2017
Complicated By: Sis Travel
Cabin was okay, it was small for 4 guest, yet the guest service, was telling me that this cabin is good enough for 5 guest! windows are so dirty, that you couldn't take a picture. all around the sun deck and all the rooms had very dirty windows. I don't think they ever cleaned them.
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Cabin M122
Dec 2016
Great 4 night getaway! By: borntotravelbrit
Plenty of room in the cabin, pool towels provided as well as bath robes whilst on ship. It was a little cold in the room but you can shut off the a/c. Beds were a little too hard but the duvets were so cozy. Good sized shower and nice and hot, be careful!! Good drawer and hanging space and in room safe. You can ask for a hair dryer.
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Cabin M44
Oct 2016
After lunch we went to our room. It was cabin M44, outside cabin with a picture window. The single beds were positioned in an L shape with one bed against the picture window and the other bed on the right hand side. There was a chair next to bed and a small bench to sit on under the vanity. There was plenty of closet space. We didn’t use half the space there was. Bathroom was typical set up with a cloth shower curtain, small sink and toilet. Plenty of cubby space for incidentals. There was a shelf in the corner where I think the old style tv’s used to sit. This time this is where the cabin attendant put our towel animals. There was a small flat screen tv mounted to the wall (24”).
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Cabin U119
Nov 2015
I think it was 6B....definitely unobstructed view in the middle of the ship. By 2 we were in our room.....we had a window room on the Upper (6) deck. It was nice enough.....clean and stocked so we've no complaints. We had to ask for the breakfast menu (room service) and they got us 1 and never replaced them til the 3rd nite of the cruise (no room service on the 4th day....leaving) On the evening of the 3rd nite....we got 6 breakfast menu request forms. If we reminded them, we got ice in buckets, if we didn't they didn't give us ice.
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Cabin E136
Aug 2015
A Booze Cruise By: Water lover87
The cabin was very small with stains and fading in the carpit. The beds were decently comfortable and the window was nice and big. The location was quiet, we never heard any crazy noise coming from above, below, or next to us. All in all, very good cabin considering the age/state of the ship.
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Cabin R170
May 2015
Family Cruise Vacation By: Ahsiao98
Enough room for 2 adults and 2 kids. We combined the 2 twin beds into one queen bed, and had a bunk bed on top and a trundle bed on the floor. My kids like the bunk bed. The trundle bed is too short for an average size adult. My feet were dangling in the air. At night, I csn hear a steady humming noise which didn't bother me at all. At 6am on the day we arrived at Ensenada, I heard loud noises as they pull out the anchor to dock the ship. The walk way out to Ensenada is right below our room, so it was loud for about 15 minutes, then it was quiet again. It did woke my husband and I up. The toilet started smelling on the third day if the cruise.
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Cabin U182
Feb 2015
First time cruising...won't be last! By: vaccationherewecome!
Much too small for the 4 of us (husband, wife, 2 teenage girls). Will get 2 cabins next time. We just smiled and rolled with it!
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Cabin M253
Jan 2015
Not bad at all! By: Beach_gal
Typical small cabin with dirty window. We heard no noise whatsoever at night, so that's a good thing. We had a beautiful view of the Queen Mary on 1st and last day. Three nice size closets and a few drawers in the desk. There are shelves in one of the closets, as well as a safe. There is plenty of room for your clothes for a short cruise. Our room steward, Supri, kept us stocked up on ice the entire weekend. He was on the ball, but almost invisible - we rarely saw him.
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Cabin R120
Jan 2015
Great Getaway! By: ifishmo
Close to elevators but not so close as to have a lot of foot traffic, nice view unobstructed. Exactly what I expected. I really liked being on a smaller ship.
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Jan 2015
Since this is an older Carnival vessel, the cabins tend to be smaller than the cabins on newer Carnival ships. I was on the main deck and the water pressure was fantastic!!!!!! How wonderful to escape the low flow showers found in most homes in the U.S.
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Jan 2015
Small and very loud since it is close to the elevators.
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Cabin U215
Oct 2014
Noisy Cabin By: cruisefungi
Very noisy at low engine speeds. Noise all day long while anchored in Catalina.
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Cabin m52
Sep 2014
We were in a quad cabin. The bed layout was weird. Very cramped...hit heads on the bunks. We were used to bed centered....with bunks above left and right. Here the bed is to left with bunk at head. then bunk to the right (where your feet are). Can't get in or out of the bed without crawling over spouse. Bathroom and shower were good size. Couldn't find a hair dryer. Only ONE outlet per room! Bring a power strip if you have more then one cell phone to charge! Safe required a credit card to open/close. Strange for us~ I like to keep my cards all locked up!
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Cabin M143
Jul 2013
(I'm not positive this is a 6B!) Cabin was sufficient for a family of four as long as you pretty much just plan on sleeping there. It had a pull down bunk bed, and a roll away that was brought in. I was surprised the roll away was actually quite comfortable (I had worried it might be like an old sofa bed with pokey springs and bars you could feel through the mattress but it wasn't).It was worth the extra price (we thought) to get the window and have a view rather than an interior room. It was nice to see the ocean when in the room.We had requested the "King" bed for my husband and I and knew it would just be two twins put together, but thought maybe there would be some king bedding or a something that would fill the crack between the two and keep the beds from sliding apart or falling through if you ventured toward the middle, but no such luck. My husband and I each had twin size sheets and blankets, and middle void inhibited any cuddling, so we would have been better off with just the two twin configuration which gives more interior room space.Bring a power strip! Only one outlet. Also bring a watch. There are no clocks, and if you rely on your cell phone for telling time be warned it will get all wonky when you get into international waters.
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Cabin M256
Jun 2013
Located at the very end of Main Deck, it was extremely quiet as we had no neighbors below us or one one side. Ocean view. Plenty of closet space. Everything worked. Air conditioning did a good job keeping us comfortable. Would have liked a mini fridge or access to an ice machine. Nice cabin overall.
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Cabin M238
Aug 2012
(Un)Inspired on Inspiration By: 6ofUsCruising
Great "secret passage" to the adults only Serenity deck on 9 aft. Up two floors, turn down the hallway that heads aft on deck 7, turn right and there are stairs that lead up to the deck. Avoids the elevators and the loudness of the public areas! Also, it is relatively quiet in 5 (Main) aft.
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Aug 2012
Pretty cosy for 3 people and in a relatively quiet part of the ship.
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Cabin M186
Jun 2012
Easy vacation By: YarnHappy
Great cabin for the money. Close to elevators but not too noisy. Note that many of these cabins M186 and surrounding are 3 or 4 sleeper cabins so there will be many families. We had families on both sides with young children and babies. However, we just turned the air on high which is loud like inside an airline cabin and drowned out noise (and I like freezing air conditions anyway) but if you don't like air conditioning, then this area may be too loud for you if you are traveling at a time when families will be traveling. We didn't feel too much exaggerated ship movement in this cabin.
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Cabin M211
Apr 2012
Our Cabin was fine. The bed was comfortable and it was spacious enough for just us 2. Bathroom good size and clean. Wish they would at least have window cleaned when we depart but maybe not worth the effort.
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Cabin M217
Jan 2012
GrandKids First Cruise By: SummerTraveler
Cabin M217. Close to aft elevator and stairs. Conveniently located to get to Lido deck buffet and Carnivale Dining Room. Shower has adjustable height for handheld shower head for kids to take a shower. A little cramped with king bed, cot, and pull down bunk configuration for 4 people. Quiet location. Big window.
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Cabin m254
Aug 2011
The cabin was very nice but we wish we could have had a balcony.
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Cabin M225
Jun 2011
The cabin was a little smaller then I expected, the shower was great, the water pressure was really good!
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Cabin m52
May 2011
M52: small oceanview room. 3 large closets and plenty of under-bed storage. large desktop and 4 small drawers to stash extras. soft fluffy bed covers. mattresses were firm. pullmans appeared stable. Set up for the pullmans was not good. Not much space under pullman for the people sleeping in the regular beds. very claustrophobic. we ended up sleeping the opposite way on the bed - feet against wall. Very quiet room except when pulling into port and when anchor dropped. Bathroom was very small but OK for 1 person at a time. shower water drain was connected to bathroom drain on floor so water overflowed onto the bathroom floor. very annoying. There was virtually no storage in the bathroom. Shower pressure was excellent and had a detachable shower head with hose. It had a dispenser for shampoo and body wash. No conditioner. The shampoo and gel were fine. the soap was drying though.
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Cabin M168
Jan 2011
Ocean View room on the Main Deck was very nice. Plenty of closet/shelf space for us to unpack our bags. A nice perk were the goodies in the bathroom - no shampoo or conditioner, but a full-sized razor for my husband and some nice Pond's facial cleaners for me. Turn down service is always nice to come home to. We liked this room, wished the window could have been cleaner (sea spray, can't be avoided), but will opt for a balcony next cruise.
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Cabin R77
Aug 2010
Inspiration & Fun for the whole family! By: CruiseVacationQueen
Connecting oceanview cabins R77 & R81 are in a great mid-ship location, close to the front and mid elevators. Quiet location and plenty of storage!
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Mar 2010
Exhausted ! By: pulsipher2007
Having lived in other countries, Cozumel was the typical tourist industry island. They were not shy in letting us know that we were their main source of income. We took the "see the island and shopping tour". It lasted 5 hours and we only had 1 small 15 min. stop at a snack shop that only had coconut meat, pineapple, and watermelon. If we had not taken bottled water with us, it would have been very difficult. Way too long with no real food choices. The tour guide was nice and the bus was clean and well kept. We could have had more time with the shopping part. My sister liked the Tequila factory tour though……never knew there were so many flavors of tequila. It was a good way to see the island for a first time tourist. If I would go again, I would choose another way to see the island. If you need to take medications with food on a strict schedule I would think twice about taking this tour.
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Cabin R108
Dec 2009
R108 is a fine oceanview cabin. We did occasionally hear the neighbors through the wall. The only real noise came when they dropped anchor.
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Cabin M250
Nov 2009
Quiet location in back of ship, great window view
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Cabin R140
Oct 2009
Next to noisy storage room, but in area that was close to elevators and room was big, clean and otherwise very nice.
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Cabin R53
Sep 2009
The showers had body wash and shampoo installed in them so that was totally a new experience and well received by me. Things are smaller in a cabin like the ocean view I had on the Riviera deck. R53 to be exact. I loved it there, right by the elevators and it was convenient on port days. I was hot or warm more often than not. Kandace did not like that part at all. We did contact our room steward and he said he would have someone look at it. Never heard another word about it and it never got any cooler. I am pretty sure the ac was working correctly however, just not cool enough for us. It did get cramped at times and hard to move around in the bathroom area.
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Cabin R194
Jan 2009
We had the connecting cabin R196 as well. Standard OV cabins, but the TV in R194 is bolted to the same wall as the headboard of the bed. The only way to see the TV is to lie at the foot of the bed.
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Cabin M185
Jan 2009
The air vents in the bathrooms of the staterooms needed to be cleaned out. They were clogged with dust and what appeared to be a little bit of mold. The stateroom windows needed to be cleaned on the outside. Bed linens were awesome!!! Bed and linens were very cozy and comfortable. Quiet location but close to elevators. Room steward was very creative with towel art, room was neat and clean upon entry, and service was impeccablly friendly. Room maintenance calls were great; followed up within 5 minutes. VERY CLEAN ship 27 hours a day. Stairway brass railing and windows always clean.
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Cabin R183
Aug 2008
We had cabins R183 and R185. They were near the aft elevators but there was no elevator noise. They are standard oceanview cabins - we had one bed that folded down from the wall so that the cabins could accomodate 3 people. There was ample room in the cabins, with essentially 2 closets and plenty of storage. TV is the new flat screen - they are not large but the picture is good. Safe operates with any credit card - but not the sail and sign card. Shower is plenty hot with plenty of water pressure. There is some engine noise and vibration since cabins are low in the ship - but not really a problem.
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