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This year (4th cruise in 5 years) we went with the basement bargain Carnival so we could get a huge group of us (23 in all) on the boat, and in good rooms for cheap cheap cheap. However, in the end, it is not worth the frustration of ... Read More
This year (4th cruise in 5 years) we went with the basement bargain Carnival so we could get a huge group of us (23 in all) on the boat, and in good rooms for cheap cheap cheap. However, in the end, it is not worth the frustration of watching the shoreline get slowly larger in the window 90 minutes after we were supposed to be on the beach. Consistency was the theme on this cruise. Consistently late, that is. Embarking was the typical zoo - and I am OK with that. It is a necessary in trying to get 3,000 on a boat safely. But this was the first time that I saw the electronic check-in. This is fine for myself and most of the people there, but I saw some people, over and over again try to swipe their passport through the credit card slot ......... saves on staff, slows down the process. I have become the bin-dere, don-dat cruiser - meaning I do not participate in a lot of the activities and prefer to chill with an ipod, or go to the gym, and of course eat like it is the last meal on earth. I now use the cruise ships for transportation to various ports and have my fun on land/water/air. So one can see that when the ship arrives 2 hours late into port everyday for the four ports in a row, I would get quite upset. Late for Cozumel, Belize, Roatan and Cayman. How? most likely the same reason there were fewer staff at embarkation....money. The only time I noticed the ship going faster than 15 knots was on the way back to Miami ..... the one port we arrived at early. Two tender ports on this trip, and we spent more than 90 minutes in the theatre waiting for our relatively low number to be called. It is a nice theatre .... but after 15 minutes of starring at the same portraits and listening to the same MC describe how the tenders work, it gets a little stuffy. To add to the frustration of arriving 2 hours late to each port, we still had to be on the boat - back on time. This did not sink into some passengers as they were late (up to 75 minutes after scheduled departure) in returning to the ship....... and the captain said over the intercom "Remember, at Carnival, we will always wait for you." contradicting Jorge's warning on day one about always taking a camera to photograph the ship pulling away if you are late. We booked our excursions privately. All were just awesome. I see no reason to book anything through the boat other than if you feel your wallet will be too heavy at the end of the trip. Cozmel - 5 hour guided cab ride around the island - GLORIOUS !!!! Belize - Cave Tubing - GLORIOUS !!! Roatan - Horseback riding on the beach - GLORIOUS !!!! Cayman - Snorkeling 500 feet from the ship for free - GLORIOUS !!! Being rushed at every port because our excursion was cut 2 hours short - CANIVAL GLORY .... not GLORIOUS. No explanation from the crew other than that sometimes this happens. Food - ranging from OK to very good. Food lines moved very slowly. Specialty windows (burrito, Mongolian grille, fish and chips) were open at very limited times - usually when the ship was at port. Still hard to cut a prime rib with a butter knife. Buffet had a "cafeteria" feel, where other ships' buffets have a "dining room" feel. Room - great. Balcony. Entertainment - saw two shows. Juggler - very very good. Funny. Great raport with audience and "volunteers". Illusionist - (I and many others left after 12 minutes worth)- could not stand him. many people complained. amatuer and very unpleasant to watch. DEBARKATION - only 90 minutes late getting off the ship - no worries as we had an extra night in Miami. IN GENERAL - Pretty much spoiled my appetite for crusing. Will most like do island hopping on small plane or rent a FIAT amd drive down a coast at my liesure. Better than being stranded for 8 hours total time ...... that what AIRPORTS are for. IN SUMMARY - next time will spend more money and get on a better boat. Read Less
Sail Date January 2011
I have just returned from a 7 day Western Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Glory. Having not cruised in 5 years I was excited to be able to get away and to purchase this trip at the lowest ever price I'd gotten. Being a return cruiser ... Read More
I have just returned from a 7 day Western Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Glory. Having not cruised in 5 years I was excited to be able to get away and to purchase this trip at the lowest ever price I'd gotten. Being a return cruiser with Carnival we were given a great upgrade and stayed in an Inside Cabin Empress Level. The cabin was spaceous, clean and brightly lighted. For two women travelling it was a safe environment to be travelling in. Carnival exceeded our expectations right from the get go. We had a speedy embarkation process and our cabin was ready very quickly. The staff in any area we dealt with were customer oriented and pleasant. Nothing was an imposition for them. The tours were satisfactory and a wide price range was available. Live entertainment daily and two great comedians were just a few of the features on this cruise. The Serenity area for adults was awesome. The most comfortable basket chairs as well as padded loungers were a welcome addition. The Soda Fountain card was well worth the investment as I do enjoy my Diet coke. Open seating dining was great as it allowed more flexibility in our choices for when we wanted to eat. We were accommodated quickly and most often in the area of our choice. The food was good quality and many choices available at all restaurants. Of particular note is the Spa menu that allows one to maintain a healthy eating style while onboard. The first time I can say I went on vacation and was able to stick to healthy eating habits. The walking/running track as well as the gym were well used--great facility. Great Ship--Great Deal Read Less
Sail Date January 2011
My husband and I went on our first Carnival cruise recently due to urging from our friends. We were a little hesitant because of the large size of the ship but we agreed. We left Miami during one of their cold fronts, so we were wondering ... Read More
My husband and I went on our first Carnival cruise recently due to urging from our friends. We were a little hesitant because of the large size of the ship but we agreed. We left Miami during one of their cold fronts, so we were wondering if we would enjoy warm weather in the Caribbean. Not to worry, it was fabulous. In Miami, we stayed at the La Quinta Inn west and we would recommend it to anyone as it was beautiful, clean, and offers breakfast. We took off on a Sunday morning and check in was pretty easy, only to find that one in our group had forgotten her passport and had to get back on the plane and go home. On board, it was a zoo! We went up to Lido deck to the buffet lunch, which was not as good as I expected it to be. But it was food and we were hungry. After lunch, we went down to our cabins and got settled in. We were on the 1st floor, mid ship, and it was ideal - quiet and very little motion. Our cabin was surprisingly spacious and comfortable and we had an oceanview. We attempted to secure a spot on deck to watch as we sailed away, but there were too many people in our group to all sit together. The wind was chilly. One big disappointment: as we sailed away, there was no Caribbean music! NCL made a big deal of the sail away and Carnival did nothing but put a stupid football game on the big screen. Anticlimatic. Dinner was in the Platinum dining room. Our waiters were ok, not stellar. The food was fabulous on the whole cruise but I grew tired of the richness of it by midweek. Too much! Portion sizes should be decreased because there were an awful lot of obese people on the ship. We quickly found out that Belize was taken off our itinerary due to something to do with the tenders. We were all disappointed since we had scheduled an excursion to see the Altun ruins. Instead we signed up to see the mayan ruins in Costa Maya, Mexico. We had 4 ports of call. Cozumel was nice. We got off the ship and got a man to drive us to a private beach. It was very quiet for most of our time there and had great shells! I thought it was too windy and the water too cold to snorkel but some did that and enjoyed it. Our second port was Grand Cayman. We again hired a driver to give us a tour of the city. Big mistake. She was like a robot and gave us the flyby and we didn't get to really see anything long enough to enjoy it. Some in our group did the stingrays and they loved it. We will do that if we ever go back. Our third port, and favorite, was Roatan Island, Honduras. Right off the ship was beautiful Mahogany Bay. Some of us spent a pleasant day sunbathing and snorkeling there and loved it. Others went to the zip line and Gumbalimba park. They loved the monkeys at the park. We wish we could have seen them! My husband jumped in a taxi and had a tour of Roatan, the real Roatan. It is very poor and they depend on the cruisers to bring money in. Our last port was in Costa Maya, Mexico. They do not get as many cruise ships since a hurricane wiped out the port and area several years back. It is rebuilt now but beyond the port there is not too much. We saw the ruins 2 hours away. They were interesting but really a long drive. Others enjoyed the catamaran and snorkeling. Overall, I am not crazy about Carnival. I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of people on the ship and by all the drinking. It seemed like it was far more about partying than our cruise with NCL. Most of the nightly entertainment was pretty good - we liked the physical comedy (juggler) and the PG comedians the most. The staff were all good. The ship was clean. As usual, I felt bad for the staff as they are separated from their loved ones for long months at a time. The weather? Fantastic. The Caribbean Sea can't be beat for beauty. Read Less
Sail Date January 2011
We were so excited about our B2B that we were at the port by 10:30 a.m. We got checked in and then were directed to the lounge. As I have a walker we were going to have to go up the elevator. It wasn't long before our number was ... Read More
We were so excited about our B2B that we were at the port by 10:30 a.m. We got checked in and then were directed to the lounge. As I have a walker we were going to have to go up the elevator. It wasn't long before our number was called and up we went. The only thing was that we ended up not getting a embarkation picture. As soon as we got on the ship we went and got our tickets for the Behind the Fun tour. Next was lunch and then we were able to go see our cabin. The cabin was nice, but the balcony was amazing. We had a back aft wrap room. We ended up spending a lot of time out there. Our own private area. The ship was clean and everywhere we went people were cleaning. On the Lido deck there were people clearing tables and when I was by myself at the buffet it seemed someone would come over and ask me if I needed help. We had early dining and and were really happy with it. The first week we ended up with a table for 2 but we asked the Maitra'd to make sure we had a window seat with several people the 2nd week. He was very accommodating. I have several things I need to stay away from and they made sure all my meals were just as good as my husbands. The Maitra'd and his Assistant were wonderful and did so much for us. I was also happy with the food except for my meal at the Steakhouse. My husbands was okay but they really didn't do a good job with mine. I felt it was a waste of money. However, we did the Chef's Table and I can't say enough about it. I was worried that after they found out what I couldn't eat they would say they couldn't accomondate me but they didn't and we had a fantastic meal. We will do it again next time. The Behind the Fun tour was also fun and I enjoyed some of it although me husband enjoyed the other part of it. The bridge was the highlight and meeting the captain was great. He was so nice. We had a problem on each of the cruises but both times it was taken care of immediately. The first was the next cabin brought an Ipod with speakers and turned it up full blast. The second week a man was flicking his cigarette and all the ashes flew all over us. I tried to be nice and tell him but before I could say anything he gave me the finger. Guest services took care of it within 1/2 hour of me calling them. It never happened again. Read Less
Sail Date January 2011
First of all some info about us: Family of 4 (adults are 41 and 39 and kids are 11 and 9). This was our 3rd cruise (1st with the kids). We have done the Eastern Carib on the Carnival Destiny (in 2000) and a Southern Carib on the Carnival ... Read More
First of all some info about us: Family of 4 (adults are 41 and 39 and kids are 11 and 9). This was our 3rd cruise (1st with the kids). We have done the Eastern Carib on the Carnival Destiny (in 2000) and a Southern Carib on the Carnival Triumph (in 2005). On this cruise we brought my Mom and dad (65 and 60) and my sister and husband (36/35). Drove from London to Toronto on Dec 25th - no traffic and roads were perfect. Flew from Toronto to Miami and staying at the Miami Airport Marriott. this hotel was amazing. we got it for $139 that included a $50 room credit for their restaurant. the rooms were very nice and clean. this play looks like they did a full Reno cause everything looked new. the Gym had great equipment if your into that (which our family is). the restaurant food was amazing and our $50 credit paid for everything that night. the wings were one of the best I've had. they also had a massive platter for $34.95 that our family of 4 could not finish (onion ring stack, cheesy fries, wings, and a few other things). we definitely needed a gym after that feast. in the morning they had a buffet that cost adults $9 each and kids were free. This hotel also provided a free shuttle to/from the airport. as for a shuttle to/from the ship, there is a $11/person/one way charge. a taxi will bring a cab full for $24 one way. we had a party of 8 so we took the shuttle. if it was only 4 of us we would have taken the taxi. got to the port in 15 min's, and the porters were there to take your parties checked bags (and they expect a tip). once you drop your checked bags off you go into the carnival building and thru the first line which is security. then to the next line which gets you into the self-checkin machines that you will need your passports and credit card for. this prints out a ticket and you bring this to the next counter for your cards. then up the stairs for a picture and entrance onto the ship. this whole process took about 45 minutes so considering the amount of people i thought this was smooth. since your cabins would not be ready until 3:30 ish, it was time to explore the ship and go for lunch on the lido deck. I asked and this cruise was FULL (which meant 3000 passengers and about 1700 crew). 5 pm was launch and everyone partied on the deck waiving goodbye. Diner was in the Platinum room (you get either golden or platinum rooms, no difference but the golden room was infront of the platinum so if you didnt know how to get to the platinum room, just walk thru the golden room). day 1 = leave miami. was kinda windy because miami had a cold front that past week so you needed to be in the sun to stay warm. we played basketball, volleyball, mini-putted, went to the gym and continued to explore the ship. Day 2 = day at sea, same as above..we used the ships facilities Day 3 = Cozumel. partly cloudy so when the sun was out it was warm. we went to a place called "Paradise Beach". it was a $14 cab ride each way and took about 15 min to get there. adults paid 2 for a lawn chair and the kids were $10 each to use the facilities. they had floating trampolines, floating rock climbing that slides into the water, ice bergs, kayaks, snorkeling and a freshwater pool if you didnt want to be on the beach. the sand was white and soft. this place just got built so everything was new (there were still adding the final touches when we were there. i read a few reviews that got us to go there and we were very happy we did. its on the Internet so go and look at all the pictures. day 4 = Belize. in my opinion belize was our least favourite stop. first you needed to be "boated" into the port since they didnt not have an official dock (which took about 45 minutes to get thru the line and onto the island). there they recommended that you didnt leave the compound unless were on a booked tour. i guess crime is high in belize. there was tons of shops but they seem to have the same stuff in every shop. if your looking for fake Gucci bags, this was the stop. they were very good fakes (all lines inside) and they were going for $35-40. on the way back, a lady had the same bag and we compared it to hers and other then hers having the serial number, they were identical. if we ever didn't another cruise that stopped in belize, i would stay on-board and enjoy the empty ship. Day 5 - Roatan. we wanted to bring the kids ziplining so we booked the trip online at home with "Clip n zip". it costs $40/person know matter what the age. there are about 5 different ziplining companies that have their own courses but this one was right off the dock (2 minute walk across the st). this one we found on the Internet via face book which showed visitors filming themselves. i actually email led the owner for info (via their website) and he came out and greeted me remembering that i emailed him from Canada. they had all ages (60's to 7 years old). they had 11 runs that were included and it took approx 45 minutes to complete. i highly recommend this. go to clipnzip.com to view. after this we went to the private beach only for cruise lines. there was 2 cruises docked so it got a little busy so if you wanted to use the beach, go first thing to get your best spot. this beach was 3 minutes away and you can see it from the ship/dock. white sand all over. my daughter actually got sting by a jelly fish. the people said that last week there were storms that must have blew in some jelly fish. they claim that normally there wasn't any. Day 6 = Grand cayman. This was our favourite stop and we would go back for a week. if you go to grand cayman, this is one of the only spots that you can swim/hold/kiss a stingray. my brother in law told us about this and we had to do it with the kids. again we booked online with "Captain Marvin's stingray city tour" and everything went as stated. it was $35/adult and 27.50/child. now that i did it i would pay allot more for the experience. grand cayman was another port that you had to take a water taxi into. once in there was a compound with shops and right outside the compound was a main street. you didn't have to worry about crime since there is alto of money already in cayman. right across the street and to the left was the captain marvin's store. we checked in and an air conditioned bus came. it took about 20 min to get to captain marvin's boats. i guess captain Marvin was the first to start the tour many many years ago and retired selling it to a company. he was still there sitting by the dock and i shook his hand. he must have been in his 80's. on board there was approx 20 of us and they provided punch/water to drink. the boat ride took about 15-20 to get out to the bay where the stingray swam. i assumed that these stingray were in captivity but this was not the case. they swam free in the huge bay. they told me that stingray prefer the shallow water and did not like going into the ocean. there was about 6 other tour ships anchored around this one spot, approx 3-4 ft deep. all white sand. from the boat all you saw was these black shadows swimming around (approx 50-100 of them). the guide took the group in to a spot and they all swam around us. they are so used to human contact that the guide held one and let each family take their turn touching, holding and even kissing. they had their own photographer but we bought a underwater camera. even my 11 year old son held one. the top of them are gooey and the bottom is very soft like a dolphin. they have no teeth so they suck in their food. we were all given a piece of squid and they ate it right out of our hands. if you do go with their photographer they ask $25 /photo but we negotiated for all of pictures on a disk for $25 (which we had about 10 pics. since we had taken basically the same pics using our camera, we told him $15 when we were about the dock and he said OK. i think he pocketed the money...lol all in all, the best experience ever! we took the taxi boat from the dock to the ship and got ready for new years. what a blast having 3000 people partying on the lido deck with the new york count down on the trinitron. the ship has a jumbo trinitrom that showed movies every night if you wanted. Day 7, day at sea last day to use the boats facilities and pack up. debarkation went smooth considering 3000 people. Food on the ship: the food was great, a little bit of everything. breakfast you could formally site down in the dinning room or you could go to the buffets. we always went to the buffets so that everyone got what they wanted. food was hot and fresh. you could eat indoors or out on the patios. lunches you could try several shops like: burrito bar (loved it), deli (loved it), fish bar,hard to find but worth it (favourite), stir fry station (loved it), 24 hour pizza (loved it) and the standard burgers, fries, nuggets, hot dogs were avail as well. dinners, their menu changed every night and and they also kept some classics that was on the menu every night. i found everything tasty and here are my favourites: ribs, lobster, Salmon, prime rib, fillet minion and the best was the desert called warm melting cake. out of this world! our cabin was 6265 and we had the 4 beds. a little small but your not in your rooms that often. there was a small hairdryer. they provided shampoo and body wash but NO conditioner. this was removed a few year ago and they don't even stock it. the first day they leave a 1.5L water bottle in your room which everyone thought was complementary but we found out that it was $4 after wards. i recommend bringing some water bottles to refill in the buffet. the casino was fun every night and the show were great. the illusionist was the best, the comedians were great and the dancing /singing were great. the only show i didn't like was when they pulled up people form the audience one night to perform...cheesy. so to sum it up, our 3rd and best cruise to date. if you have any questions email me at steve.cauduro@sympatico.ca Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
This is my 4th cruise with carnival and was somewhat disappointing. The Glory has got a few years under its belt and it shows although it appears it has had a cosmetic makeover recently it still has many functional issue's.One of the ... Read More
This is my 4th cruise with carnival and was somewhat disappointing. The Glory has got a few years under its belt and it shows although it appears it has had a cosmetic makeover recently it still has many functional issue's.One of the worst our state room never had reliable hot water (9290) it normally had to run 10- 15 min to get luke warm water after many complantants the best response i heard was "I think there's something wrong with the boiler and it cant be fixed it has been that way for a long time." From there it ranged from several elevators,ice machines ect ect that did not work the entire cruise also there was no apparent attempt to fix the issues.It seemed most of the crew had the same lackluster attitude including the cruise director .The entertainment was also poor and the was only 3 "main" shows the entire 7 days WOW a first for me there must be some big buget cuts somewhere. On the good side of the entertainment one the three shows was great it was an illusion act (A traveling show). also there was a couple of good comics and a ventriloquist in one of the rear bars. The Glory's main singers left much the be desired most of the karaoke singers was better that was in the Legends Show. The meals was good and the food service staff was ok. Overall the cruise was ok I traveled with my family of 5 made things fun and also had some great ports. Cozumel : I've been here 3 times. We took the beginners dive excursion from Carnival which was great for a fist time dive I have snorkeled many times but it does not compare to a dive. Sand Dollar offered the tour if you want to book with them directly Belize: been here once We went cave tubing again with a Carnival tour I have read many ,many reviews and our group of 5 thought the tour is greatly over rated although the tour was run very nicely their is no complaints it was just not exciting.The tour went somewhat like this : 45 min ride to site ,15 min to gear up ,45 min walk though jungle on well worn path (pretty cool),30 min wait in line to get in water(there was at least 300 people in front of us ) ,45 min ride in tubes down river in cave ,25 min to remove gear,change buy something to eat and buy pics (not) , 45 min ride back to town ,we had 30 min to shop and caught the last tender back to ship. I would recommend anyone doing this to take the ship provided tour I always felt confident I would make it to the ship as stated before I've read a ton of reviews and we stood in line with cavetubing .bz,cave tubing .com ,ect ect . so I don't really see how you could get a private small group tour with another guide service there must have been 1000+ people doing this excursion so get ready for the crowd. Butts UP .. BAK- A- Bush did this tour if you want to book them independently .Last time in Belize we did the Lost Mayan Cave it was a much better tour Roatan been here once .Buy far the best stop, I booked with independently with Victor Bodden Highly recommended the guide showed us a great time went zip lining I cant remember the place bet the price was $45 and they had 17 lines it was great then went site seeing and went to the west end (Fosters) also highly recommended $5 to get in witch includes a drink great place to go and very beautiful also went snorkeling probably the best I've seen. Grand Cayman : been there once .We took jet ski's to the stingray sand bar with a independent tour (Ebanks). The tour was ran good but the ride to the sand bar and back was very ruff and once there the guide would not let us not play around on the ski's. We went snorkeling a short distance from the stingray site it was a little disapointing. So over all I would not recommend this tour . Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
We went on a Western Caribbean Cruise with the Carnival Glory from December 12th - 18th 2010. This was our first cruise. We sailed with our two daughters (3 and 1 ½ years old). We flew in from Trinidad into Miami on Saturday 11th and ... Read More
We went on a Western Caribbean Cruise with the Carnival Glory from December 12th - 18th 2010. This was our first cruise. We sailed with our two daughters (3 and 1 ½ years old). We flew in from Trinidad into Miami on Saturday 11th and stayed overnight at the Regency Hotel. We chose this hotel for several reasons firstly they provided complimentary transportation from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the Port. They also had a complementary shuttle service to several nearby shopping areas. The service was good and the staff was friendly. We paid 80 US$ for our room. Sunday morning we took the complementary shuttle to the Port of Miami and left hotel at 11 a.m. and arrived at the port within half hour. (Tip - Remember to tag your luggage with the pre-printed luggage tags provided by Carnival before leaving the hotel. Day 1 - Embarkation Check in at the Port of Miami was a "breeze". We had previously completed all our check-in forms online and when we arrived at the check-in counter we presented our pre-printed boarding passes and were issued our Sail and Sign cards. There were many lines but the waiting time was shorter than we anticipated. We proceeded to the gangway where we were directed to have lunch while our rooms were being prepared and our luggage delivered to our room. Room Our room was on located the Riviera Deck and we had an Oceanview room. The first thing that struck us was the sheer size of the room. The room was very clean and the furniture seemed new and well-kept. The bathroom was the same very clean, compact and had ample storage space. We had four suitcases which fit comfortably under the large bed. We also had a fold out bed. We had a large bay window and we were able to sit in it and take in the view. In general, we had more than enough storage in our room. The room had a television (with limited number of channels), safe, mini-refrigerator and other storage compartments. Our very kind and efficient room steward introduced himself and was accommodating to out requests throughout our trip and they cleaned the room twice daily. Dinner Dinner the first night was casual dining and we were assigned the Platinum Dining Room Upper Deck. We selected early dining but we advise if you have small children to choose the anytime dining option. We had three very helpful servers. They were one of the highlights of our trip. They were very kind and extremely accommodating. We will be sailing on the Glory again and look forward to meeting them again. Day 2 - Sea Day On the morning of Day 2, we had rough seas. Husband and kids were great I was flat in bed all day until the evening. The infirmary had medication which greatly eased my discomfort (I did not feel like I was going to die just faint). By late evening the seas calmed and we had our first formal dinner. The food choices were great and dessert equally wonderful. The Chocolate melting cake was divine and we highly recommend it. We had it almost every night. We sent our daughter to Camp Carnival and were disappointed with because she was not interested in the activities and we decided not to send her to Camp Carnival for the remainder of the trip. We attended several talks on shopping in the various ports and were given a certificate to receive a free charm bracelet at the local Diamonds International store in the port of Mexico. Further to that every port we docked in, we were able to collect charms from various stores as indicated on a map provided by Carnival. This proved to be a fun activity and provided a great memento of the trip. This was the first formal dinner night. Most people we dressed elegantly casual, most men wore shirts and ties, very few wore a full suit, while the women wore cocktail dresses. Day 3 - Mexico This port was unusually cold however it must be said the shopping was the best of all the ports (note to travellers to who are looking forward to a warm trip in December to the Western Caribbean, it was very cold by our standards). The prices were so good in the port we bemoaned the fact we did not do more shopping. We went to Nachi Cocum, which was a nice clean facility but it was too cold for sea bathing and actually our children were so uncomfortable we left within two hours. The lunch which was served was a very hearty meal and tasted great. The staff members of this facility were very nice and understanding. We went back to the port of call and did a bit of shopping. I'm sorry we did not take note of the shops with good deals but you will observe they are not the most "nice" looking (they look somewhat shabby). They had a pharmacy at this port of call too and this was convenient to us since we were able to pick up some pharmaceutical items that were not available on the ship. We purchased a poncho, shack-shacks, picture frames, wind chimes and of course collected our charm at Diamonds Internationals. Back on board the ship we had a late lunch at the Grille, which had long lines but the food was worth the wait. Day 4 - Belieze Tender to port was approximately a 15 minute boat ride (we purposely left our room late). We did not plan any tours of this Island. There are very long lines and a long wait for tender ports. Persons who booked tours with Carnival are given preference to leave first. However, we left the ship to go to port approximately 11 a.m. and there was no waiting time, we immediately boarded the tender. We usually had breakfast in our rooms, especially on days where we were in port. The logistics of going to breakfast with two small children made it very difficult to have breakfast out of our room and still leave the ship in a timely manner was too great. Every evening the stewards left breakfast menu cards in our room, which we had to complete before 11 p.m. and hung outside on the door knob. The selections are standard and if you can swing it have breakfast out of your room. The port was small and not very developed and the shopping was expensive to me but I guess it depends on what you're looking for. Mementos were standard in this port key chains, and "Aztec" looking charms. One thing we bought in this port was a photo album, which was made of natural materials like banana leaves, twigs etc. Lunch at the Red Sail Restaurant - the menu seemed the same everyday at this restaurant. The food was ok. We also had the option of using the deli but the sandwiches were not compatible with our style of eating. We had dinner at the Platinum Dining Room again. We requested mashed potatoes for our daughter from the waiters and our request was gladly accommodated. Again I must say the gentlemen who waited on us were the most friendly wait staff we have encountered. If we ever sail with the Carnival Glory I would want them as our waiters. Day 5 - Roatan, Honduras Tender to port - approximately 5 minute boat ride. We were instructed to go to the Amber Palace to receive a chit which would indicate our order for boarding of the tender. The lines were so long they started from our room. We waited approximately one hour to board the tender. We booked through Island Marketing a tour to one of the local beaches. Tour operators not with Carnival were not allowed to enter the port facility and we had to exit the facility and walk five to ten minutes before reaching the pick-up area. However, on the return ride from the taxi was allowed to drop off at the port. Our tour operator was very friendly and knowledgeable and pointed notable features of the Island as we travelled to the beach La Playa ( can't remember the exact name). The beach was beautiful, the water was clean and clear and we got complimentary drinks and lounge chairs. The beach was very busy especially as it got later in the day. The tour operator informed us that we could leave when we were ready was available at a moment's notice. The facilities at La Playa beach were very clean and accessible. We bought the skeletons of two sea horses from young boys who were selling them on the beach. On our way back to the port the tour operator graciously stopped at a local store where we purchased an interesting photo frame and other small items. In addition, she stopped at a famous look-out point where we bought hand-made wooden decorative pieces. We did not have to wait long for a tender to board the ship. Please note we were not allowed to take any food or drinks bought at the ports on to the ship. Lunch at the Grill was the best option and the selections were hot and yummy. Day 6- Grand Cayman Grand Cayman was yet another tender port. We decided to go to the Boatswains Beach/Cayman Turtle Farm. We were met by a very pleasant gentleman who also was a very good tour guide and also provided us with interesting facts about the island. We booked a tour directly with the Turtle Farm online through their website. The cost included transportation from and back to the port and the cost to tour the facility. The ride to the Farm was approximately 15 minutes long. We gave the driver an approximate time we wanted to leave the Turtle Farm and he was there waiting for us when we were ready to leave. When we arrived at the facility we joined a tour that was in progress and saw the different stages of growth in the Turtles and the respective sizes. We were allowed to touch and hold many turtles. Everything about the farm was unique and was interesting to each member of our family. The Farm has two ponds salt water and fresh water. In addition, there was a huge pool with three big sharks, an apiary, restaurant and a gift shop. The Restaurant served turtle meat prepared in various ways (the turtle soup was delicious), as well as typical American food. We were told that the Farm reared the turtles for human consumption and to release into the wild. The gift shop was filled with many unique souvenirs. We found it easier to shop there than at the port. We also got some free jewellery please pay attention to the flyers being distributed by Carnival Cruise line for the trip to Cayman Islands. Day 7 - Sea Day They had a Christmas show for kids with Santa on the last Sea Day. We also decided to take a couple of professional pictures by Carnival staff. I must add we were a bit shocked at the prices of the portraits which were taken by Carnival photographers. They were good quality pictures but very expensive. We found that Carnival should have offered packages of photos taken during the trip instead of throwing out unpurchased pictures. We also thought that we should have given us access to the digital copy of the photos. We bought a Carnival scrapbook and additional pages which turned out splendidly and allowed us to document in a comprehensive way all our memorabilia from our trip. We wanted to disembark early because we had an early flight. Therefore we had to change our luggage tags and we requested tags for earlier disembarkation. Carnival representatives were also very friendly and accommodating to our request. Very unfortunately my husband twisted his ankle as he was walking down a stairway after dinner that night. Things to Note: 1. On the last day of the trip you can request a compilation of all the capers for the entire trip on the last day of the trip. You can also request a complimentary deck of playing cards which has the Carnival logo on it. 2. You can change your time of disembarkation. 3. We did not pay our gratuities upfront and therefore on the last day of the cruise we settled our bill which included gratuities and all purchases made with Sign and Sail cards. 4. The shopping on the ship is better coming to the end of the trip i.e. items go on sale. Pros: 1. Their entire staff was helpful, friendly and accommodating to our requests. They have the greatest customer service. We cannot think of one instance where we were treated unkindly by their staff. 2. We booked early at least six months in advance. For our family of four we paid $ 1500 US. 3. The food on the cruise liner was abundant and catered to many tastes. Room service was efficient and convenient especially on the days when we were going to Port. 4. Because we were traveling with our two young children we requested some special meals to which the hostess was most accommodating. Small Areas for Improvement/Cons: 1. There were no indications of the weather conditions at each port of call and we were left guessing or hoping for the best. For example Mexico was cold and we regretted not walking with warmer clothes. 2. We did not meet the Captain or Fun ship Freddy and were looking forward to getting pictures with them. 3. One day we had to get assistance from the ship's nurse who was quite unkind and rude. In addition, to giving us very unhelpful advice she made a bad situation worse. 4. The photos were quite expensive and no packages were available. 5. The rooms had no clocks, when the blinds are closed you have no idea of the time of day. FINALLY WE WILL GLADLY SAIL WITH CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES AGAIN. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE CARNIVAL GLORY TO FIRST TIME CRUISERS.!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
I was so excited about our cruise. This was our first cruise with Carnival and the first time I had splurged for the balcony room. Unfortunately, the whole experience was over shadowed by one experience. We found ourselves covered with ... Read More
I was so excited about our cruise. This was our first cruise with Carnival and the first time I had splurged for the balcony room. Unfortunately, the whole experience was over shadowed by one experience. We found ourselves covered with bites from suspected bed bugs. This was disturbing, but Carnival's response is what will likely lead us to never cruise with them again. Beginning on the very first full day of the cruise, my husband and I began noticing little bites on our bodies. These continued to get progressively worst throughout the cruise. We weren't sure of what the bites were, but we knew they appeared while on board. We were also aware of the numerous bed bug stories in the news. The interaction with the medical staff was the disappointment of the cruise. The nurse was immediately dismissive, hostile and antagonistic. Her number one concern was to attempt to convince us that whatever the cause, it was something we received off the ship. She also treated us, as if we were con artists, out to make false accusations against the ship. She began to excuse the symptoms as not possibly being bed bugs because as she stated, "the whole ship would be infested." She then told us, it must have been something we picked up on one of the beaches. Of course this was implausible since we noticed our first few bites prior to the arrival of our first port of call. She also stated that because my husband was covered in bites and that I only had a few, this was not bed bugs. All of these explanations defied logic and gave the impression that our welfare was secondary to the need to deny responsibility at all costs. She finally conceded that she could not tell by looking at the bites, whether they were caused by bed bugs. She seemed to resent the fact that we reported this issue and retained her antagonistic demeanor throughout the entire conversation. Her hostility was completely unwarranted and inexcusable. We are not opportunists but genuinely concerned with both the potential for a ship-wide infestation and preventing an infestation in our home. The nurse didn't examine either my husband or I, but provided us some ointment for the itching. She told us someone would be sent to our room and we would receive some type of follow up after they went to our room. Although, we did see people go into our room, we received no follow up or further information. When we got off the cruise, we called family at home to ask them to research the steps we should take to ensure we didn't bring bed bugs into our homes. Hopefully, the internet searches prevent our home from infestation, because Carnival didn't seem concerned. I must say outside of the medical office experience, we found the staff to be fantastic. Everyone was so responsive and polite. We were traveling with my 15 month old daughter. Staff members made a point to learn her name and everywhere we went, she was greeted by name. Carnival Glory was the worst layout of any cruise I have taken before. This was particularly annoying since I had a stroller with me and had to go up and down elevators multiple times to navigate from one part of the ship to another. The thing that I disliked about this the most is that all the public areas are lined up next to each other, instead of in different areas around the ship. We went with Anytime Dining for the first time. This worked out great for us because of our young daughter. However, I really prefer the formality of traditional dining. With Anytime Dining, we never had a wait and we got to sit in a different part of the dining room every night. This was interesting. We also had different waiters every night, and all of the staff was wonderful. I missed the bonding experience and enjoyment of getting to know my wait staff. I also missed getting to meet fellow travelers. The tables on Carnival were designed to fit the size of your party, so for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we always sat alone, as a family. This is surely a preference for many. Anytime dining worked great for my daughter because we never had to rush and we minimized our disruption to others, but as soon as my daughter gets older, I hope to return to the traditional dining. I can't speak to the shows because I did not get to enjoy a single one on this cruise. However, the lounge acts were mostly horrible. The highlight of my last cruise was sitting in the lounge enjoying a drink and gifted performers. The highlight of this cruise was the jokes we made, imitating the performers after we left. It really was bad. The main act we witnessed multiple times couldn't hold a tune and didn't know the words to the songs he was singing. He was just funny, but I don't think he was supposed to be a comedy act. The plus to this was we never had to wait for a seat. So here are some of the things that I really liked about Carnival, the room was spacious and well designed. There was also cable television with at least a limited selection of channels. This came in quite handy because we had a rough sea day and I ended up with my first experience with sea sickness. I spent the entire day in bed, with multiple trips to the restroom. At least I had tv. We had a few tenders on port days and they all seemed to run smoothly and quickly. I really found embarkation, tenders and disembarkation very organized. Great job here! I also really enjoyed the presentation of the food every night. Finally, we loved the water slide. My husband and I took turns going down this over and over. Great fun! Some of my dislikes: Our bed was horrible and I'm not talking about the bed bugs, that is a given. You could see the lumps in the bed when you walked into the room. There was no cuddling on this cruise because the mattresses were so worn. Both my husband and I were forced to sleep in the well worn groves of the pushed together twin beds. My experience on my last cruise was you could barely tell that the bed was two twin beds pushed together. The music at the pool was too loud and you could not escape it. It was also horrible, but what do you do? Also, the blow dryer in the room was worthless. It was incredibly hot and had no lower setting. My hair was a mess because I took my chances and didn't bring my own. As a general impression, the food choices were not as exciting as previous cruises. I thought the food was good and the presentation was great, but I found myself settling on something every night. I was never excited about the choices. I also disliked the setup at the buffet. Everything is on one line, rather than stations. If you just want to grab a little fruit or something, you have to decide whether to cut the line or wait through the salad bar, through the sides, etc. to get whatever it is you want. I still enjoyed the cruise and look forward to another one in the future. I expect I will go back to Royal Caribbean or try something new. I hope you have a great next cruise!!! Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
This was my first cruise on a non-NCL ship so take this with a grain of salt. We chose Carnival Glory because we wanted to try something new, the price was good and a great room was available. Embarkation was the usual hassle, no ... Read More
This was my first cruise on a non-NCL ship so take this with a grain of salt. We chose Carnival Glory because we wanted to try something new, the price was good and a great room was available. Embarkation was the usual hassle, no worse than anything NCL did to us but no better either. Upon boarding my first and lasting impression of the Glory was crowded, cramped and dark. All of the public areas where smaller, had lower ceiling and were darker than any other ship I have been on. All of the dining rooms, the buffets and most of the bars, felt cramped to me and I was constantly being bumped by staff and guests while I was eating because of the crowding. On the up-side, room 8457 was the nicest we have ever had on any ship. An aft balcony cabin with the larger balcony. We had some noise issues with the scraping of tables and chairs in the Red Sails Buffet on the next deck up but nothing serious. Our cabin steward did a nice job and we had no issues with him at all. My main irritation with the ship was the Buffet. It was awful. The Red Sails buffets (they are spread out) where again cramped and crowded, had a very limited selection and served the same mediocre items at every meal - all week long. The buffet was also closed a lot. I frequently found myself roaming the ship looking in vain for a snack. On one instance we had to resort to room service just to get a bite to eat. Oh yes and the coffee was really bad. Our first breakfast on board was room service and the coffee was undrinkable. The only saving grace of the buffet was the Burrito Bar and the Deli bar. They always had a line but the food was great. I found the Life Boat Drill a poorly organized aggravation. The Glory has a cramped lifeboat deck where the passengers muster shoulder to shoulder, three ranks deep down both sides of the ship. After 30 minutes of standing with our fellow passengers being unable to hear or see anything (all demonstrations were done by tiny crew members standing 12 inches from the front row). After whatever they did, everyone dispersed. The only plus here was that we didn't have to bring our lifejackets. Aside from the crowding the dining rooms were good. Service was generally speedy and the food was good to very good. We did the Steakhouse once, the meal and service was exceptionally good. The high point food-wise was the Chefs Table. The Chef Du Cuisine, Sameer Shaikh and 3 sous chefs, prepared the meal and it was served by 3 servers. The event included a kitchen tour, champagne, wine at dinner, appetizers and a 7 course meal in a private dining room. We also received a photo of ourselves with the Chef and the other guests, as well as a recipe book. The cost was $75 per person and was easily the nicest meal I have ever had. My only surprise was how poorly the meal was attended, a total of three couples. I know $75 for a meal on a cruise ship sounds like a lot but trust me if you are really onto food it is worth it. If you decide to do the Chefs Table, do not eat lunch that day. You'll thank us for that advice! Like many others, this event wasn't advertised nearly enough...if you are interested definitely do it...it's a fantastic evening. The on-board entertainment was a pleasant surprise. We saw most of the shows and while I preferred the Jersey Boys and Shark Bait from the NCL Pearl, the Carnival shows were all far better than the Jean Anne Ryan productions we saw on The Pearl. Be sure to go see Mr. Ten Foo - the comedian/juggler. He is a hoot. Another surprise to me was the absence of the Cruise Director. On NCL ships the Cruise Directors are everywhere, making announcements, laying out events, explaining shore excursions, hosting shows, etc. On every NCL ship I knew the Cruise Director on sight within the first few hours on board. For the first 4 days on the Glory I didn't know we had a Cruise Director - we only saw him in person introducing two of the shows. As an aside, they could easily get rid of the horrible uniforms the cruise director's staff wears - I'm absolutely sure they are left overs from the 1980s (bad shoulder padded suits for the ladies, and wind suits for more casual occasions...wow). One thing I was quite surprised about - they don't make announcements about what is happening on board. They print the Fun Times daily, and I guess you're supposed to just go by that. Unfortunately, a few things that we did go to that were listed in the Fun Times just didn't happen (Trivia and Sudoku). So we stopped relying on it and found that there wasn't much happening. We had really been looking forward to the Martini Tasting events - but they took place at 10 pm, too late in the day for me to start drinking. We really enjoyed our activities off the ship: We shopped in Cozumel, also did lunch at Pancho's Backyard which was remarkably tasty. In Belize we did a private excursion through Island Marketing to Goff's Cay for beach and snorkeling. In Roatan we rented a private cabana at Mahogany Bay (very obviously a manufactured 'white-bread' experience, but fun). In Grand Cayman, I did the ship's two tank scuba dive while the family did the Sting Ray swim and snorkel with Captain Marvin. Just a word about Don Fosters Dive Shop in the Caymans. It is run by a bunch of Aussies, one American and a fellow Canadian. They are pleasant, professional and it was a pleasure to dive with them. And the price they quoted was the price we paid, no last minute equipment rental scam. We did Eagle Ray Rock and Armchair Reef and both were great dives. Bring a sandwich from the ship though. They provide drinks but no food and you will be off the ship for 4 - 5 hours with no opportunity to get anything to eat. The only aggravation we had with tendering or shore excursions was how Carnival got everyone together for the ship's scuba excursion. I had to line up at the Ebony Bar for a tender ticket, which is at the stern of the ship, only to be told I could go straight to the gangway, which is at the bow. As a result I got off the ship later than was needed. Getting back on the ship in Grand Cayman was a horror...over an hour in line to get on the tenders. Disembarking was ok, but they could have made more announcements to let folks know what was happening - my major complaint all week. We only found out that we could get off by going to the exit area. We were told that there was some delay with customs and that they were letting everyone off....and no, they hadn't announced it. I definitely prefer NCL's system where you can hang out in your cabin til your group is called. 30 minutes to get through the customs line, then a quick trip to the airport and our flight was on time. As a word of warning - don't let any travel agent book a 45 minute layover when you have to change airlines at LaGuardia...we had to leave the terminal, wait 20 minutes outside in the cold for a bus to take us to another terminal, go through security again, then run like stink for our flight. We got to the gate 2 minutes before the plane was booked to take off. We got on, but it took about 15 minutes before our heart rates returned to normal. Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
Overall our 7 day cruise of the Western Caribbean on the Carnival Glory was enjoyable and the week of Nov 14, 2010 turned out to be great weather. We sailed out of Miami and visited Cozumel, Belize, Roatan (the only rainy day) and ... Read More
Overall our 7 day cruise of the Western Caribbean on the Carnival Glory was enjoyable and the week of Nov 14, 2010 turned out to be great weather. We sailed out of Miami and visited Cozumel, Belize, Roatan (the only rainy day) and Grand Cayman. The biggest problem that we had was the fact that we arranged this cruise through a timeshare promotion that awarded it as a free cruise. When we booked the cruise we were told that the cabin that we got was an interior upper/lower. I was convinced that the cruise line would provide us with at least an interior room with twin beds. My mistake, The ship was completely booked and there was no way to change rooms. So we spent the week in an extremely small cabin with bunk beds. The Glory is a nice ship and there was plenty to do. The shows were a bit amateurish, but still enjoyable. The buffet was unimpressive and the food was not hot enough. The dining room was very good and even though we had elected the open dining schedule, we never had to wait to be seated. Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
The vacationers: The Halders (Kevin, Katie, Emily, Colton and Noel), The Eibens (Julie, Erv, Katie) and The Other Eibens (Deb, Wayne, Hayo) Day One Friday 11/26 "Flying to Miami" We were up at 4:30am ... Read More
The vacationers: The Halders (Kevin, Katie, Emily, Colton and Noel), The Eibens (Julie, Erv, Katie) and The Other Eibens (Deb, Wayne, Hayo) Day One Friday 11/26 "Flying to Miami" We were up at 4:30am in order to get the van loaded and eat breakfast. The kids were awake right away and super excited to get going. We met up with the Eibens at 5:45am at the high school parking lot, then headed towards Moline, IL. We arrived at the airport way way earlier than we anticipated. A friend from Moline had offered to let us all park at her place while we were gone (Thanks Debbie!). Deb and Wayne had already left on Tuesday to drive down so they missed all the airport excitement. The Moline airport is small but organized and very clean. We were able to get through security with no issues, no x-rays and no pat-downs. It was my birthday so I was hoping for a little action from TSA but oh well. ;) We discovered that Emily fit into the "carry on luggage" tester. The kids opened up their Mystery bags and waited mostly patiently for our turn to board the plane. This first leg of the flight was on the teeny airplane from hell. It made many of us claustrophobic and queasy. Luckily it was a short 30 minute flight to Chicago's O'Hare airport. We stopped at the food court for some lunch. The prices at O'Hare for food were very reasonable which was a surprise to me. After eating lunch we went to our gate and did some people-watching before hopping on the plane. This plane was a 767 and very nice and spacious. We all had plenty of room. There were TV screens throughout the plane and they showed an episode of The Office as well as some Twilight Scene-It trivia. That made me very happy and I won the trivia game but I don't think anyone else was playing except me LOL. Note to the couple that was getting hot-and-heavy on the plane: WOW. It was bad enough that you had to showcase your oral talents with everyone watching, but hogging the bathroom for over 15 minutes (we timed you!) so you could join the mile-high club was just tacky. And we overheard you in the terminal saying you had only been dating 6 months. My 11 year old got more of an education watching the two of you than he ever could have by watching soft porn! We landed smoothly in Miami and was able to get all our luggage quickly. Kevin called for the hotel shuttle and they arrived within minutes. A quick jaunt over to the hotel complex and then we were checked in. We explored the hotel a bit (gorgeous) and then ordered some pizza and pasta from a local place. (Cheap and delicous!). Wayne and Deb showed up with a birthday cake (Thank you!) and they all sang Happy Birthday to me. There was a beautiful outdoor seating area that we claimed as mostly ours for the duration of our stay in Miami. Day Two Saturday 11/27 "Miami" We started out the day with the hotel's breakfast buffet. This was an "okay" buffet but not great. We were comped for the breakfast which was a good thing, because I can't imagine paying $15/person to eat it. After breakfast the boys swam for a bit. My parents were coming down from The Villages to visit and stay the night so while we waited for them to arrive some of the group went out exploring. The girls found a boutique where they tried on numerous outfits. Miami fashion is so not like here in Iowa! Their dads were indulgent though and the girls bought a few dresses each. My parents arrived with coolers full of subs and drinks and homemade cookies, yum! We all ate a great lunch and the boys did some more swimming. For supper we walked to a little restaurant that served food from El Salvadore. Everyone was pretty adventurous in their eating and I had fried plantains for the first time. After we ate we went back to the hotel and sat around the pool drinking and talking until we finally decided we should get to bed as we had a busy Sunday planned. Day Three Sunday 11/28 "Getting on the ship" We were up early again for the breakfast buffet. My mom learned how to use my phone to send a text message to Emily LOL. The hotel provided a free shuttle to the port so we loaded up all the luggage. Deb and Wayne drove theri van to the port and found parking to be easy and fast. The porters were really helpful and we were in the port line in no time. Colton got selected to take a survey but when they saw he was under 18 he did not have to take it. We waited in the line for security for a while then went through security. No issues there, and no x-rays or pat-downs either. After that we had to wait in another line to check in and get our room keys. Then it was up the escalator and onto the ship! The first thing we did when we got on the ship was see Guest Services to have all our room keys coded correctly and changed everyone around so they were in the right rooms. Deb, Wayne and Hayo shared a balcony room. Julie and Erv had a balcony room and Kevin and I had one as well. Katie and Emily shared an inside room and Colton and Noel also shared an inside room. While the room keys were geting switched around, Julie and I explored the Amber Palace and once we sat down we realized that we really did not want to get up again. But it was time to drop off our carry-ons to our rooms and then have our first meal on the ship. I have to note that the hallways were decorated with giant murals of people's heads. When you came out of your room, these giant heads were staring at you. I tried putting sticky notes over the eyes of the giant head that faced my room, but the stewards took them down. The Red Sail Restaurant is the "casual" eating area on the ship and it is made up of several different buffet areas as well as a Fish & Chips station, Burrito bar, Deli, 24-hour pizzaria, 24-hour ice cream stations and a Grill. We found the area to be pretty crowded during breakfast and lunch times. I did not eat dinner there any of the nights so I'm not sure how crowded it was. The food was good, and hot, and varied. For the first lunch I enjoyed the lasagna. The Taste of Nations theme was "Mongolian". The seating area is on two levels as well as surrounding two of the ship's pools. After eating the kids went off to explore on their own and we adults went up to check out the Serenity "adults only" area. This was a beautiful two-story area with really nice cushioned seating, hammocks, and two hot tubs. We also explored the Promenade level where all the various bars, casino, and dance clubs were. And then it was time for the Sail Away party on the Lido Deck. That was pretty noisy and busy but everyone looked like they were having a blast. We went back to the room and watched from our balcony. We also got to meet our room steward, Stani. He was very soft-spoken but had some really great advice about the ports. Our room was spacious and had a very nice layout. We had way more space than we needed. Three closets, multiple drawers and cabinets. We also had a large bed (two twins pushed together), a couch, a bathroom w/amazing shower and lots of shelves in the bathroom too. The only thing we never figured out was how to turn on our balcony light. Other people had them on but we could not figure it out. We had Stani open up the door between our balcony and Julie's so that we had one large balcony to share. That was really nice for visiting. We stopped and purchased our soda cards on the way to supper. This is a good deal if you have teens who drink a lot of soda, like Colton does. Emily declined the pop card. You have to drink at least 2 sodas per day to make the card worth your while. Since we had smuggled on alcohol, the soda came in handy as a mixer. We had the early dining time of 6pm. All 11 of us were seated together which was a great way to reconnect after our long and busy days. My dinner that night was the Black Tiger Shrimp appetizer (great), the St. Louis Style Ribs as a main course (fantastic and my favorite meal of the week) and the Creme Brulee (ick) for dessert. Service was good but a little slow. Two of our servers were new to the ship (Donche and Jan) and the other had only been working a few months (Octa). After supper the kids went to their respective Teen and Kid Clubs to register and we went to the Welcome Aboard show. Our CD was Jorge and he was hilarous all week long. The kids went to see the Movie Under the Stars which was Alice in Wonderland. Julie and I checked out some crazy comfortable lounge chairs and then hit the Cinn-A-Bar for the piano sing-a-long. It wasn't very crowded and we didn't return for the rest of the week. It reminded me of a Glee Club...people were really into it. I'm on vacation, so I really don't care if you sing "Piano Man" in the G-chord range LOL. Note about the Kid and Teen Clubs: I hardly saw the kids all week. They were super busy with their own club activities. Each day they had a schedule of activities and the kids could pick and choose what they wanted to participate in. They did lots of things like mini golf, scavenger hunts, dance parties, food parties, games, video game time, arcade time, basketball, dodge ball, and a bunch of other stuff. At the end of the cruise each kid got a Tshirt that their new friends all autographed, and a backpack, and certificates for various things. One night Noel and Hayo attended a party that went until 3:30am! Counselors delivered them back to the rooms. For the teens, they hung out with their friends all the time. I think most nights they were in way after midnight. Carnival is doing something right when it comes to keeping kids busy and happy! Day 4 Monday 11/28 "Fun Day At Sea" Today was full of exploring and trying out new things. Started out the day with breakfast at the buffet. Then I went to the Welcome Aboard morning talk about the port excursions and shopping and things to do on the ship. This was funny as Jorge joked around a lot. After the show it was time for lunch already. Tried the Fish & Chips but did not like it very much so I had pizza instead. The pizza on the ship is very good. Deb says the hot dogs weren't really hot dogs, they were turkey dogs but I couldn't tell the different. Julie and I sat in on the Art Auction and then went for Afternoon Tea. That was pretty good but I didn't like the tea I picked out. After tea we were supposed to meet Noel at Laser Tag but he didn't show up, turned out he was playing miniature golf instead. So we browsed the shops. I have to say we purchased the last 2 insulated mugs and we needed 2 more for Kev and Erv. We were told that they'd have more later that evening. It was so funny because we had a bunch of people stop us and ask where we purchased our mugs. We should have gotten commission from those mug sales! We also bought some chocolate-covered strawberries and they were delicious. Dinner was an appetizer of Strawberry Bisque soup, chilled, and very good. Main course was Prime Rib and Lobster/Shrimp and they were fantastic. Dessert was a caramel apple puff pastry thing and was also quite good. Service was okay, very slow. The waiters all sang and danced. After supper we went to the show which was called Living in America. Now, Kev and I have seen this show FOUR times now but this time the costumes were new which was a nice change. The show was great. We also went to the adult R-rated comedy show which wasn't great at all. The Glory is trying out a new comedy club venue where they have several comedians on board and multiple shows each night. All of the shows we attended were packed full of people so it must be a popular event. The Latin singers in the Colors Lobby were awesome and Deb and I learned some new dances. Our towel animal that night was a dog. Favorite quote from today: Deb: "Watch out for the vacuum cord!" We stayed up way too late and had way too much fun! Day 5 Tuesday 11/30 "Cozumel, Mexico" The weather today was warm and sunny, just perfect tropical weather. Breakfast was a croissant and some salami LOL. After breakfast we debarked the ship (quick and easy) and headed over to the taxi stand to take a taxi to Paradise Beach. There were a LOT of unscrupulous taxi companies promising great deals. One driver we talked with wanted $28/person to get a ride to the beach. In Cozumel they have an official taxi stand with fixed pricing. A van of 8 people costs $24 TOTAL. If you did not know this ahead of time and were new to the port you could get taken advantage of very easily. Paradise Beach was very fun and friendly for the most part. For $14/person you get a lounge chair and unlimited use of the water toys, land toys, kayaking and snokeling. Note that they require a $20 cash deposit or a photo ID (Driver's license) that you get back if you want to use the snorkel equipment. They will not accept a passport or a Sign-n-Sail ard as your ID. They have some new water toys and the three of us women managed to climb up onto the giant trampoline which was a miracle. Julie and I tried some snorkeling but the water was pretty murky. We had snacks on the beach and smoothies/drinks and they were all delicious. After the beach we headed back to the ship to change into dry clothing and then headed back into the port to do some shopping. The prices in Cozumel were the best we'd see in any of the ports. The girls loved browsing and I was able to find some neat things for my daycare kids and CCD students. Everyone we talked with, both local and guests, were smiling and having a great time. That's so nice to experience. Colton was excited because they offered him a drink at a local bar, but dad stepped in and said no LOL. The ship left port and then had to re-dock to pick up a few stragglers. We were on deck 3 watching the "runners" endure the catcalls from the passengers already on board. Sure glad that wasn't me! After we left port it was time to try the Sushi bar and then head up to dinner. My appetizer was French Onion Soup (out of this world), my main course was Short Ribs, Asian Style (wonderful) and my dessert was Warm Chocolate Melting Cake which was good but a bit too rich for my taste. Service was very good even though Jan was out sick and the other two servers had to pick up the slack. The waiters danced on the tables as entertainment and encouraged the girls to dance along too. We discovered that our neighboring tables were full of bird-watchers that were all travelling together. Each night they would pull out their lists and have heated discussions over who saw which bird. It was quite entertaining. :) There was no formal evening show so we sampled a few of the other venues. The PG-rated comedy show was okay, but not super funny. The White Heat disco held a Tribute to Michael Jackson and that was quite popular with guests. We enjoyed the Colors Lobby singers and watching the dancing. Our towel animal that night was an elephant wearing sunglasses. Day 6 Wednesday 12/1 "Belize" We woke up while pulling into Belize. The day was cool and cloudy with frequent rain sprinkles. This was a tender port and the water was very rough. Some of the shore excursions were cancelled due to the weather. We didn't have an excursion planned at this port. We decided to try the main dining room for a fancier breakfast. The Eggs Benedict was quite good and we all got a kick out of drinking milk from wine glasses. They did not have hot cocoa or muffins available though much to Noel's chagrin. We headed into port and it was raining pretty good off and on by this point. The shops were very small and rather crowded with everyone wanting to be in them instead of out in the rain. The prices were high in Belize and there was not a lot of bargaining going on. I do not think that Belize is a port that I would revisit. I might have felt differently if I had booked an excursion that took me out onto the water. After doing quite a bit of browsing the boys went for a local snack and we met up with them to head back to the ship for some lunch. The Taste of Nations theme was "Mediteranian" and not very good. I tried the Deli where they made me a Reuben sandwich which was outstanding. (So good that I had several more throughout the week). After lunch I took a nice nap and then enjoyed watching the sail away from my balcony. Got ready for dinner. I should note that each night they would set up many locations to have your picture taken and then they'd put them up around the 4th floor gallery. Katie and Emily must have gotten over 100 pictures taken the night before, it took us a long time to go through them all and select a few for purchase. The boys were a bit more reluctant to have their photos taken. Dinner that night was very good. My appetizer was beef with noodles and a spicy peanut sauce. My main course was Seafood Newburg which was really yummy, and my dessert was Bitter and Blanc which was a bread pudding. No waiter show that night. The main show this night was Justin Illusion, who was an illusionist who performed really well. The show was set to music that I like (alternative) and his "tricks" were pretty cool. This was by far the best show I saw during the cruise. After the show we enjoyed DJ Ryan in the lobby. Everyone was line dancing and singing along. I think it's great that everyone can be so carefree while on vacation. I figure most of these people will never see me again so why would I care if they see me doing the chicken dance? LOL. After that we went up to the Serenity deck but it was sopping wet from all the rain. We tried to laughingly re-create the scene from Titanic while Deb took pictures but it was pretty pathetic. We were in bed pretty early that night. Our towel animal was a hanging monkey that scared the crap out of me when we walked in the room. Day 7 Thursday 12/2 "Isla Roatan, Honduras" We woke up while the ship was still moving and docked during breakfast. We had some excursions planned for the day. Erv and Colton got to kayak through the rainforest and then did some snorkeling. Kevin, Julie, Katie, Emily, Noel and I went out on a big catamaran boat for a cruise around the island and snorkeling over the Barrier Reef. This was amazing and I loved every minute of it. Our guides were great and kept close watch on everyone. They were super helpful with "old folk" like me who needed a bit of extra help getting into the water. :D The fish and reefs we snorkeled over were just amazing, I have never seen so many different kinds of colorful fish! One neat thing that happened was that we saw a pod of dolphins while sailing. Our guides turned the boat around and sailed right into the middle of the pod so that we could all try to take pictures and watch them. The babies were so cute! And they were all jumping around and swimming around the boat. This was truly a magical moment for me. After we snorkeled we ate lunch on the boat. They served jerk chicken, salads, saffron rice and sodas/water to drink. The food tasted extra-good and I am sure it was the combination of the hot sun and splashing around in the ocean that made us so hungry. As we ate we got to sail around part of the island and get a close-up look at how the locals live. That was pretty sobering, it's so sad that people live in such poverty. After we reached the port we changed clothes on the ship and then went into Mahogany Bay which is their little shopping center for tourists. It was spacious and clean and really enjoyable shopping. It had started to rain at that point. I bought a few things carved of wood as well as a really pretty ring for myself. On the way back to the ship it started raining pretty hard and I tripped and fell in front of everyone. Graceful me! Roatan is certainly a port I want to visit again, whether it be by ship or by a land vacation there. I wish we had more time there, as it was the most beautiful out of all the ports. Dinner that night included a fresh fruit cocktail appetizer, a main course of filet mignon with short ribs (out of this world), and dessert was apple pie with vanilla ice cream. The waiters all danced and sang again. By the time dinner was over the boat was really rocking and many people were getting seasick. There was supposed to be a big deck party but that was cancelled due to the rain. The main show that night was Asad the Hypnotist which was hysterical. We also went to see the comedy show, which was funny this time. Noel was really sick at this point so he slept in my room with me while Kevin went across the hall and slept in Noel's bed. The balcony divider door banged all night long and the doorways all whistled. It was pretty scary and at one point I dreamt we were sinking but when I woke up the next morning all was quiet! Day 8 Friday 12/3 "Grand Cayman" The day was grey and foggy when we woke up. Our orignal plan was to tender into the port and walk to a local snorkel center for snorkeling, but an announcement came over the speaker that we had anchored on the far side of the island due to the port of George Town not letting us tender in there. The seas were rough so that was probably why. We had breakfast (I had pizza) then sat on the balcony and tried to come up with a plan B. We decided to stay on the ship until lunchtime, then tender onto the island and see what we could find. Lunch theme was "American" including pot roast and fried chicken and was good. When we tendered into port (after a really long wait in line), we found out that in order to go the 14 miles into town, we needed to hire a taxi. We ended up riding the "Taxi School Bus From Hell" into town. It cost $5/person for the ride which was not too bad. The stores in Grand Cayman were very similar to the ones in Belize. Very pricey, overcrowded etc. But due to the rain it might just have been more crowded than normal. We walked up by Eden Rock which was where we had planned to snorkel but they had the beach closed off due to the weather. So we headed back to the ship but not before stopping for some Big Black Dick LOL. Our taxi driver on the way back was a lady who I swear was a million years old....do they even have driver's licenses in Grand Cayman? We luckily made it back alive. Dinner was quite good again. This was our second "formal night". My appetizer was a Fresh Fruit Cocktail. Main course was Chateaubriand and my dessert was Amaretto Cake. The service was faster and the waiters danced and sang again. After supper we had our family pictures taken and some pictures taken of our whole group. The main show was the Rock Show which was good but partway through they had technical difficulties so the show was paused for a bit. After the show we headed up to the 80's Dance Party which was a blast. The airplane couple must have had twins because they were at the 80's party. LOL luckily no kids around to watch this time. The lobby had the Latin singers again and they were awesome too. Speaking of singing, I have to mention that every time Kevin, Erv, Julie and I were in the glass elevators together we would sing or dance or both. So anyone reading this who was singing "Yellow Submarine" with us, thank you! :) Every night from 11:30-1am they would have "late night snacks" by the aft pool. They'd have burgers and fries, pizza, and desserts. That night the desserts were leftovers from a previous night and they were icky the first night. Overheard at the dessert table "They should put a sticky note on these nasty desserts to warn people!" Also overheard: "Are you going to change into something different?" "No, I was just going to lose my skirt!" Our towel animal was a scorpion. The "room fairy" had snuck into Julie's room and left her a surprise on her bed, so hearing her say "What the hell!" as she entered her room made us giggle. :) Day 9 Saturday 12/4 "Fun Day at Sea" We ordered room service for breakfast, which was great. My plans for the day included a lot of relaxation, so I headed up to the Serenity Deck to lay out for a bit and have some alone time. It was partly sunny so not too bad weather-wise. Kevin and Erv found me up there and we all sat in the hot tub for a bit and then it was time for me to do some onboard shopping and check out the pictures that we had taken the night before. Purchased a few and then it was time for lunch. Lunch included the giant Chocolate Buffet which was really neat. Took Colton for his first "tattoo". Then I went back to the Serenity Deck for a while then headed to afternoon tea. (Some advice if you want to settle up your account: The line for Guest Services was very long but only got longer as the day went on. Better to wait in line for 1/2 hour early in the day than wait for almost 2 hours at night!) As I was getting ready for dinner, I could hear the family across the hallway fighting. I should mention that they fought/screamed/yelled all week long at each other. Hightlights from this day's fight "I'm not a hooker! I am your mother!" Dinner was fantastic but also sad as it was our last meal with our servers. Donche was very adorable and asked "Mr. Kevin's" permission to give Emily and Katie his email information. My appetizer was fresh fruit with peach schnapps. My main course was the St. Louis Spare Ribs. My dessert was the Grand Mariner Souffle. Service was great again, and the servers all sang a goodbye song and it made me teary. After dinner we went to see the last evening show, "Legends". This show featured guests that had won the karaoke contests all week. Some were outstanding, others not-so-much, but kudos to all of them for being brave enough to get up on stage! And the show featured a suprise...Black Elvis! He was really good, too! After the show we went back to the room and found our last towel animal. We're not quite sure what it was supposed to be. We packed up our bags (booooo) and set them out in the hallway for the porters to pick up and get ready for getting off the ship the next morning. As I laid in bed that night Kevin and I talked about the trip and how we would miss everyone, including the "fake hair lady", the "frown lady", "Stiffy and Shorty", and even the "fighting family". :) Day 10 Sunday 12/5 "Heading Home" Breakfast at the Red Sail was crazy and chaotic. Some people had decided to carry all their luggage off themselves but also carried it through the restaurant which meant lots of backups. We gathered our carryons and went to the Amber Palace to wait for our disembarkation numbers to be called. There was a delay with customs so everyone was delayed in getting off the ship. It was quite funny, though, when they called our number and our group jumped up and cheered. The line for customs was long. Our porter was very helpful and got us through the line and out into the taxi line quickly. We got two taxis to the airport and arrived with plenty of time to spare. The Miami airport isn't the greatest, kinda dirty and the food there was very expensive. Again no body scan and no pat downs for me. We flew into the Charlotte, NC airport which was very very nice and clean. Food was still expensive but a large variety of foods and we had supper there. We then flew to O'Hare where we had to sit on the runway for an hour to wait for a gate. We almost missed our flight and had to run through the whole airport at full speed (Okay, I was at slow speed) to make our flight. Our luggage wasn't so lucky but was delivered the next day to our home. In a nutshell: We really loved this trip and having our friends along made it a lot more fun! I think that if we cruised again we'd go back to the smaller class of Carnival ships though. There are still a few things that I'd like to do while cruising that I haven't done, and a lot of ports that I haven't visited yet. Can't wait until our next cruise! Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
We flew down to Miami on Saturday. Got an excellent deal on the Marriott Biscayne Bay on Priceline. ($57 per night) Check-in was a breeze and the hotel was pretty nice. Our room had a tiny balcony with a partial water view. We used the ... Read More
We flew down to Miami on Saturday. Got an excellent deal on the Marriott Biscayne Bay on Priceline. ($57 per night) Check-in was a breeze and the hotel was pretty nice. Our room had a tiny balcony with a partial water view. We used the free Metro which is right down the street from the hotel and went over to Bayside Market Place. That was really fun and we had a great dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp. We took a cab to the port in the morning. It was less than $10. We arrived about 11am and checked-in. They had something different this time. We used the kiosks to scan all our stuff. They had several lines set up and it only took a few minutes to get our boarding passes. Then they gave us a number. They boarded in numbered groups and we were on the ship very quickly. I like this new system. This is my 6th Carnival Cruise (Norwegian 2x and RC once) but we've never been on the Glory. I LOVED it. It is now my favorite ship. We loved the lay-out. We explored for awhile and took lots of pictures before the ship got crowded. Then we headed to the buffet. My daughter and I got the Mogolian Wok. OMG it was so good and so worth the wait in line. Her fiance was amazed at the food. He is a big guy 6'6' and right away I could see he was going to get his money's worth in food. LOL We had an aft balcony cabin. It was not really crowded with 3 of us. There was plenty of storage.. plus I think having the huge balcony made it seem like we had an extra room. There was a lounge below our cabin and you could hear music some nights although it didn't keep us awake. If you are a light sleeper, or early to bed, it may bother you. Our cabin steward was excellent. I swear he was always waiting around the corner for us to leave because our room was made up immediately. He introduced himself the first day, asked our names and every day after, greeted us by name. The Gym and Spa areas are very nice. DD and her fiance used the gym quite a bit. The decks were nice for sunbathing. We always found a seat--not in Serenity though. But there were not many children on the ship--or else they were well entertained because we never saw them. So the adults only area didn't have as much appeal as it would have had we been overrun with kids We had late dining, 2nd level at a table for 4. They filled our table with a very nice gentleman. We enjoyed his company all week. Our waiter, Vildimar was awesome. The food was very good. My daughter and I had a lot of fish. Our favorite was the grouper. Lots of excellent chilled soups and appetizers--some nights it was so hard to make a decision. Of course, warm chocolate melting cake was just as good as I remembered. We ate dinner one night at the Steakhouse. The food was excellent, of course. Well worth the up charge. I wasn't nearly as impressed with the service though. It wasn't terrible but I felt it wasn't up to par with our experience in the past. Food = A+ Service = C- We ate in the dining room twice for breakfast. The food was OK. Nothing special--just typical breakfast food. We had 4 ports in a row so most of the time, we just ordered room service. When we were on board for lunch, we ate at the buffet. The food was all good and there was plenty of variety. The last sea day they had the chocolate buffet from 1:30 - 3:30. All I can say about that is: PEOPLE you can always go back for seconds. I don't think it's necessary to fill your plates and act like you haven't eaten all week. Sheesh. The Sushi Bar: I don't eat it but DD and her fiance do and they said it was average. Good but not great. They had some good entertainment. We went to the Camel Club one night and they had a great band. I can't remember the names of all the clubs now but we visited a bunch of them and there was a great variety to choose from. I spent time in the casino playing 3 card poker. And I must say, the casino was very, very good to me. I hit a straight flush one night with a nice $15 top bet and $10 on the other two!!! I hit a lot of other times as well with straights and flushes. I was a very happy woman and walked out with enough money to cover my cruise. The Ports: Cozumel: We went to Nachi Cocum. We loved it and thought it was well worth the $49 pp we paid. A 3 course meal, all you can drink--premium liquor or sodas etc. A beautiful pool and hot tub and of course, a gorgeous beach. We had our own little hut with chairs, a table and a little waiter running back and forth bringing us drinks. Belize: It was raining when we got there--not a drizzle--a huge storm. We were supposed to go cave tubing but ended up not going. It finally cleared about 1 and we took a tender and walked around the port area for awhile. Roatan: My favorite port. The new Mahoghany Bay looked gorgeous but we opted for a trip to Bananrama Dive Center for the day. $30 PP for transportation, a lounge chair and a drink at the bar. It was beautiful. The water was so clear. You could snorkel from the beach also. I liked getting a peak at what 'real' Roatan looks like. We'd like to go back for a land vacation. Grand Cayman: Again pouring rain. We were disappointed but what can you do. We tendered in and walked around the town and did a little shopping. All in all, it was one of our most favorite vacations. I would highly recommend the Glory for your next cruise. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
The "Glory" on May 2, 2010. Boarding in Miami was easy and fast lunch was ready and everyone was pleasant. Our ocean view room (2450,deck 2,port side aft) was very clean and much larger than we expected, luggage was a little ... Read More
The "Glory" on May 2, 2010. Boarding in Miami was easy and fast lunch was ready and everyone was pleasant. Our ocean view room (2450,deck 2,port side aft) was very clean and much larger than we expected, luggage was a little delayed but with around 2900 people on board it was to be expected. The ship was clean and the crew was very friendly. Dining in the Golden Room at 6:00 was the "Saving Grace" of the entire cruise. The staff was outstanding and the food was great, I can not describe what a pleasure it was to have dinner aboard this ship. We did not stay aboard in any port, we scheduled outside tours (Non Carnival)in 3 of the 4 ports and had a good time with NO problems. Well.... so much for the good of it. Now for the poorer side of things. Two of the mornings the food (eggs, pancakes, & bacon) were ice cold in the Red Sail restaurant, the steam tables were cold or just not working on the other days when the food was hot it got cold by the time you sat down due to the sub artic air conditioning, a very poor place to eat. Now on to the really bad side of it... The main entertainment at night was really good on Monday and Friday. They had the Broadway/Vegas style shows that were fantastic. On the other nights it was strictly second rate stuff that you could find in any bar on Miami Beach. Not even worth seeing. They say the cruise director is responsible fot the entertainment, I'm not sure we had one. The only time we saw him was on the TV sitting on his butt with a huge amount of food in front of him. He was not "out and about" with the paying people. This was out 2nd cruise with Carnival and may be our last if the rest of the ships are like the Glory. It's sad really... out 1st cruise was on Carnival's Fascinaton out of Jacksonville, Florida. I don't think you could find a better ship, everything was great, not one pood/bad thing to be found. Glory needs to learn a lesson from her little sister the Fascination. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
First off, I want to say that the ship was really beautiful & HUGE - I had read somewhere that it had really gaudy decor - OK, it was kind of gaudy but fun gaudy. It's ALL ABOUT F-U-N on this ship. I liked our very comfortable, ... Read More
First off, I want to say that the ship was really beautiful & HUGE - I had read somewhere that it had really gaudy decor - OK, it was kind of gaudy but fun gaudy. It's ALL ABOUT F-U-N on this ship. I liked our very comfortable, large-enough cabin w/balcony & w/flatscreen TV - & lots of closet space. Girls - the hairdryer was fine & powerful, too. We sailed out of the Port of Miami & no problems - our hotel (near the airport) offered free shuttle from the airport to the hotel & free shuttle to the Port of Miami. (Days Inn - Miami Intl. - dumpy place but with the AAA card I think it was $56.00 with the shuttles included! I booked it online.) There was a nice pool but it faced a superhighway!!! We didn't care...) Next Morning we got to the port around 12 noon & for some reason (!) were given VIP passes to get onboard = GREAT! We were impressed with most of the staff onboard particularly our cabin steward & dinner waitstaff in the Golden Diningroom. They were super friendly & fun & seemed to be happy with their jobs there. The food in the dining room was good - not 4 star - but good. The waiters went out of their way to make you feel welcome - we loved our staff & tipped them well at the end. For me - having previously cruised on a fantastic 'Windjammer' cruise this was just way too big, way too many people for me (& ALL KINDS of people - like a floating mall). The amount of food was crazy - I realize that that is a big part of cruising for many people but it was too much to me - like a mall with free food. Yes, the fish upstairs in the fish & chips place in the Redsail restaurant was very good - loved the sushi tuna served on a cube of watermelon & the deli had great sandwiches. Pizza & salads stuffs were fine & stir-fry veggies good. Breakfasts were good as well either in the diningrooms or the buffets. I didn't like all the smoking. I didn't know until later in the cruise that anyone could use the Spa's hot tub & pool for free - My friend had a sore back & enjoyed a soak more than once. My main problem with this sort of cruise was the; Lido deck - loud music all day - I avoided this area - lots of drunks having FUN reminded me of Spring Break. Not my style...Very small saltwater pools. We didn't have enough time on the islands & felt the 'pressure' of getting back (usually landed around 11am & had to be back by 3pm-ish). Plus, Carnival adds an additional $30 to the cost of every excursion booked through them - some you can book yourself online but there were a few things you could ONLY book thru the cruiseline (like a monopoly - they practically OWN some of the ports & call all the shots). So that added $60 to everything we wanted to do. I would rather give the $$ to the locals - I understand that it is the ships that bring the business to the some of the islands but considering the cost of our trip sometimes I felt 'nickel & dimed' over small things. We did the "Dolphin Swim W/Lunch in Cozumel & it was a GREAT experience - very up close & personal & VERY professional - a beautiful place. That was FUN! My fav thing in the world is snorkeling & the snorkeling offered was OK - just OK. On the beautiful Roatan we met a great guide 'Kirby' from Ecological Tours who bussed our group to a 'free' beach - we didn't want or need a 'hotel experience' more $$. We chartered a boat at the beach & that was THE BEST day - AND least expensive day of all our stops, as we did what we wanted on our own. Great snorkeling, great locals,fun beach bars & beach shopping - it was fantastic. When Kirby came back for us we stopped at a great little shop for a bit more shopping. Bought some carved mahogany & Lenca pottery made by the local artisans. Sorry this cruise wasn't for me - I won't be doing a Carnival Cruise again as it doesn't suit my style. I think the most ridiculous part was the "safety" muster to find the lifeboats we would use in case of emergency - we were all called down to our group areas to hear the safety talk. This muster, mind you, was after most people were drinking pretty good & several people were lost & had no idea where to go. The ship was such that every floor off the elevator looked exactly the same & I never knew if I had to go left or right once off. In the case of a true emergency it would be total bedlam - it's a very scary thought. I would probably just jump off in my lifejacket in that case - you'd have a better chance. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
My parents are avid cruisers and my mom finally talked me into going on a Carnival Cruise. They normally cruise off the West Coast, so it was a first for my mom on the East Coast. It was my first cruise ever. Since my husband and I love ... Read More
My parents are avid cruisers and my mom finally talked me into going on a Carnival Cruise. They normally cruise off the West Coast, so it was a first for my mom on the East Coast. It was my first cruise ever. Since my husband and I love traveling to countries other than the US, I thought I'd test the waters on a cruise. Never again on Carnival. I'll start and end with positive experiences. The ports of call were great. I loved Roatan and Grand Cayman. We went to Maya Cay on Roatan and loved this private little island. Grand Cayman was a blast as we did the Best of Grand Cayman tour. The rum cake factory tour was a highlight. Now, about the challenges...FIRST, the ship seemed to be in disrepair. Our AC didn't work, the ice cream machines were broken, the coffee and juice machines dispensed luke warm water, etc. The food was the same every day and not good at all. We tried room service twice, got half our order and a leaking coffee pot. After the second morning of this happening, we gave up. NEXT, the staff is not helpful as far as assisting those who use wheelchairs or walkers. My mom uses a walker so during busy times (arrival at shore, embarking and debarking), staff stood at the elevators as those passengers who didn't have wheelchairs, etc. (and could have used the stairs) crowded past the people who had no choice. Finally, the spa was ridiculous. A "75 minute treatment" includes a 55 minute massage and a 20 minute nap. When I mentioned that I didn't need to pay to take a nap, I was met with "it is a 75 minute service, not a massage." My cruise ended with them losing the rum I bought in the Grand Cayman and telling me I needed to call the place where I purchased the rum. I promised to end on a positive note: the Mongolian Wok is great. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
We had a wonderful time on our Western Caribbean 7 day cruise that stopped in Cozumel, Belize, Isla Roatan, and Grand Cayman. This was my husband's and I 4th cruise and 2nd with Carnival. Despite other members poor reviews on the ... Read More
We had a wonderful time on our Western Caribbean 7 day cruise that stopped in Cozumel, Belize, Isla Roatan, and Grand Cayman. This was my husband's and I 4th cruise and 2nd with Carnival. Despite other members poor reviews on the food, we thought the food was excellent, served hot and better than food on the past cruise. Furthermore, there was a healthy supply of fresh vegetables and fruits which we enjoyed very much. We enjoyed our shore excursions, my favorite being the Rio Wallace and Altun Ha. This was a great excursion to actually see a lot of wildlife on the river, get a good view of life in Belize and see the ruins. Our tour guide was very enthusiastic, interesting, knowlegeable, etc. We also went on the "Pirates, Monkeys, and Birds of the Caribbean tour" to Gumbalimba. Gumbalimba was really beautiful and playing with the monkeys was a lot of fun. At the end, there was time to spend at the beach at the park. Also, we saw all the comedy shows on the Glory. The comedians were really funny so I suggest you go to the comedy shows if that is your thing. As for the rooms, we booked an Oceanview Cabin which was extremely nice and larger than any other cabin on our other cruises. My only complaint was that they kept the common areas really cold so I suggest that, if you are like me and get cold easy, bring a nice sweatshirt or jacket. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
This was my fifth cruise, and my husbands 3rd. We are both 30 years old with no kids. We traveled on Carnival 5 years ago on the Triumph, and honestly I was not pleased with Carnival, and swore I would never return. Well, my husband ... Read More
This was my fifth cruise, and my husbands 3rd. We are both 30 years old with no kids. We traveled on Carnival 5 years ago on the Triumph, and honestly I was not pleased with Carnival, and swore I would never return. Well, my husband convinced me to give them a second shot when we got a great deal. I am definitely happy he convinced me, so here is the run down: Embarkation: Embarkation went really, really well. We had our fun pass completed, which allowed us to go to the self-check in. We got in line at 12:30 and were on the boat by 1:00. This was the smoothest embarkation I have ever experienced. The Room and Room Steward: We were located on the second floor in the middle of the ship. We had an ocean view room, and again, we were happy with the size of the room. A few suggestions though for the room- get a shower door. Honestly, the curtain doesn't hold any water in, so every day we used a lot of towels on the floor. We expected it but I really wish that cruise lines would switch to doors. Also, the size of the bathroom was small, but there was plenty of space. Also, there was a lot of space in the closets in the bedroom, and our suitcases fit under the bed. Really a great ocean view room. Our room steward Marco was amazing. He remembered our name from the moment we got there. He brought us extra chocolate when we asked. Filled our ice bucket twice a day and left us our great towel animals. He worked his butt off but never seemed upset to do so. He was the best cabin steward I have had to date. The Food and Wait Staff: The buffet was just ok and could use some improvement, especially for lunch. The breakfast buffet was good though and had anything you could imagine. I wasn't that upset about the lunch buffet just because there were so many other options. They have a deli, pizza place, fish and chips, a grill, a buritto place and a Mongolian grill. My personal favorites are the pizza, the deli, the grill and the burrito place. My husband lived at the deli. My husband hated the Mongolian place, but no worries since there are so many other options. We honestly had something different every day. For dinner we always did the dining room- late seating. Our waiter Michael was amazing. He had lemonade waiting for us, and even provided me the recipe for the chocolate melting cake the last night. The menu was great every night with a few repeats, but overall a lot of choice and variety. I do wish they would bring back the fruit punch. They also offer cappuccino, espresso and hot chocolate with breakfast and dinner. We loved that :) They also had a chocolate buffet one day which was great. We missed the late night Mexican buffet, but I am sure it was great. Entertainment: They have a comedy club on this ship which was a nice touch. They had four different comedians and each were funny. They also had a open mic night the last night which went really well. Honestly, skip the shows and go to the comedy club. We also loved karaoke, but were annoyed that they did the legends auditions almost every night. They should really schedule that separately just because if I heard Brittney Spears impersonated one more time, I would have jumped off of the ship. The shows that they offer were honestly sub-par. I wasn't pleased with them, and will probably skip them on my next cruise. They should look into what NCL is doing and get blue man group or a real performance group. I did enjoy Edge the juggler but that was about it. During the day there was plenty to do. We loved the adult only pool and spent most of our day there. We aren't one for art auctions or anything like that and honestly spent most of our day to ourselves. Ports: Belize was not worth it, but the other ports were great. We loved the Cayman's again, and enjoyed the beach. I would recommend doing your own tour since it is way cheaper than what the boat is going to charge you. I definitely enjoyed each stop though and Roatan I would go back to visit. Overall: Overall I had great experience. The staff always said hello, and I had a wonderful time. I had a bad experience last time, and Carnival turned this around. I never felt hounded to do anything or buy anything. May is a great time to go if you don't want to be around kids. Honesty I can't wait to go back Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
First time cruisers in our 50's. We read all the reviews and blogs before we decided to go on this cruise. We wanted to do a cruise so each of us could visit the islands we each wanted to visit. We booked through the cruise line, but ... Read More
First time cruisers in our 50's. We read all the reviews and blogs before we decided to go on this cruise. We wanted to do a cruise so each of us could visit the islands we each wanted to visit. We booked through the cruise line, but purchased air fare separate. We originally booked an inside 4H stateroom, but Carnival called and said we could "buy up" to a suite for $400 for both. We said yes and are very glad we did. We flew into Ft. Lauderdale from Chicago the day before we sailed. Stayed overnight in a hotel close to FFL used hotel shuttle to go back to the airport the next day to catch the Carnival shuttle bus to the Port of Miami. This ran really smooth with no hassles or glitches. When we arrived at the ship I could not believe how BIG it was. My wife told me to stop saying "WOW". We got off the bus gathered our luggage, took it a few feet to the porters and we were off to board the ship. Once inside we used the VIP line (another reason we enjoyed the upgrade)and was directed to the VIP reception room, filled out our health form and we were given our sign & sail cards and shown to our stateroom. The room was great with lots of storage and a huge bathroom with a shower/jet tub combination. We used the huge balcony every morning for coffee. Since our room was towards the front of the ship we were close to everything we needed. However, we did have to walk a ways to get to the dining room. Jorge the CD was just hilarious. He had everyone in stitches all week long. He really did make the week a humorous one. The food in the main dinning room was great and breakfast was the best. Service was outstanding and it seemed a lot of people were using "any time dinning". Room stewards were great, Albert kept our room to excellent standards. Over all this was an excellent cruise and we are already planning next years cruise. Carnival and the Glory crew made our first cruise an enjoyable experience. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
This is the 7th time we've cruised, second time on Carnival (all the others on Holland America except one on Norwegian). I found the cruise mediocre, there were tonnes of people. We looked forward to getting a nice tan on our pale ... Read More
This is the 7th time we've cruised, second time on Carnival (all the others on Holland America except one on Norwegian). I found the cruise mediocre, there were tonnes of people. We looked forward to getting a nice tan on our pale Canadian skins, and found that the decks were ALWAYS filled with people, and the pool so full, there wasn't even room to swim (but you could get in and stand with everyone else!). The food was okay, I found there was always a line up when getting food, especially at the Mongolian Wok section. There was also a Fish and Chips bar on the 10th floor, only accessible by going up one of the staircases in the Red Sail Lounge (or whatever the restaurant on the Lido deck was called), that we didn't manage to find until the last day at sea (when we remembered someone in one of the reviews had suggested it). When we did find it, however, they were closing for the day and wouldn't be open until "tomorrow at lunch," which was fantastic, because we were disembarking right after an early breakfast the next day. The shows were o.k., nothing special, except the magic act which was worth seeing. We were scheduled for late dining, and found that we often had to rush from our supper to go to see the show. After the show, there wasn't very much to do, other than going to the casino or the bars. The layout of the ship is fairly confusing, and there were certain sections on a few floors (I think it was 3 and 4) that you had to go either up a floor or down a floor to go across the ship before you could access it (there was a kitchen in the middle or something). We went on four excursions over the course of the cruise, in Cozumel, Roatan, the Georgetown, and Miami. Embarkation and Disembarkation was a breeze though, one of the best embarkation experiences I've had. All in all, I wouldn't go on this ship again (too many people), but everything else (the excursions and stuff) was ok. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
For $419 per person (before taxes, fees and tips)I guess you can't expect too much! Food/Dining As a first time cruiser I had heard lots of feedback from friends and co-workers about the all you can eat dinning and how wonderful the ... Read More
For $419 per person (before taxes, fees and tips)I guess you can't expect too much! Food/Dining As a first time cruiser I had heard lots of feedback from friends and co-workers about the all you can eat dinning and how wonderful the food is on Carnival cruise lines. I had great expectations going into my cruise but was very disappointed by the food. The buffet was of no greater quality than any 'All You can Eat' buffet, which needless to say was not very good. The breakfast options were the same almost every day, with the exception of substituting pancakes for French toast and ham for sausage. The lunch options were not bad, the Burrito bar was pretty good. Also, the buffet is not open 24/7. There are set hours and then there are a few items which are available 24/7 such as pizza and ice cream. We dined in the formal dinning room every night except for one. While the food was well presented and the wait staff was friendly, the quality was just not there. Three nights I ordered a variation of a pasta dish and two out of the three nights the pasta was barely warm. The steak was 'ok' at best. I could get a better steak at a chain restaurant back at home. The shrimp was Tiger shrimp, not the shrimp I was use to. If your into trying new things (escargot, caviar, etc.) but don't want to waste your money at an expensive restaurant back at home then a cruise may be for you. The couple we sat with at dinner had never eaten lobster and other seafood such as scallops before. Since they had nothing to compare it to they were quite pleased with their meals. Also, there were few healthy food options unless you wanted to eat the same two or three things at each meal, all week long. Cruises seem to be set up for those who don't care about their waistline or healthy eating. I've never seen so many obese people in my life! Entertainment The entertainment was by far the best value on board the Glory. We attended the magic show, the juggler show and a couple of the comedy shows, including Open Mic Night. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the entertainment on board. However, my boyfriend who has cruised Carnival in the past was disappointed at the amount of entertainment being offered on board compared to past cruises. Excursions Of the three excursions we booked all were a good value (Swimming with the dolphins in Cozumel and the Maya Cave Adventure in Belize) except for the Turtles, Turtles and More Turtles Deluxe (Grand Cayman). The Turtles excursion included "swimming with the turtles." In reality, you were allowed to swim in a manmade lagoon of filthy water with a few small turtles and a handful of fish (none of which we saw until we were out of the water, eating lunch overlooking the lagoon). Lunch (a luke warm, overcooked hamburger with a cold piece of cheese on top and some fries), which was included with our excursion, was even worse than the buffet food on board the ship. Had we known it was going to be so gross, we would have saved ourselves some money and purchased the excursion without lunch and eaten back on board the ship. Room Service Our room service was good, although one day they completely missed our room. We were out of our room and off the boat at port all day so there was no reason for our room to be missed. The towel animals that were left on our bed every night were cute and the program about what events were going on the following day was helpful. Other There was very little direction from the cruise staff during the embarkation process. It was very chaotic with a room filled with hundreds of people waiting to get on board. We went to the wrong counter to pick up our sail and sign card only to find out that we had to wait in yet another line. The tender process went smoothly once knew how it worked and what we were supposed to do. If you didn't book an excursion at a tendered port, you are the last priority to get off the boat. So although the cruise may say that you are going to be at port 10 - 4, after waiting for a tender and the ride to/from port you will have less time than planned on the island. The debarkation process was a complete mess. After attending the Debarkation Presentation the previous day we though we had everything under control. We packed our bags and affixed the provided luggage tags and put them outside of our room the night before. In the morning we left our room by the time required and waited on one of the desk (one of the places people were told to wait). We only heard one announcement for debarkation for zones 1 - 2. After a couple of hours without hearing anything we heard a message that stated, "Sorry for the delay. We have called zones 1-14. We'll continue the debarkation process now." There were no announcements for zones 3-14. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
Embarkation was a breeze. We arrive a day early in Miami and spent the night at the LaQuinta Airport hotel which is where I've stayed on my last five previous cruise nights. The people are always very pleasant and they offer transport ... Read More
Embarkation was a breeze. We arrive a day early in Miami and spent the night at the LaQuinta Airport hotel which is where I've stayed on my last five previous cruise nights. The people are always very pleasant and they offer transport from the airport to the hotel, and then from the hotel to the port the next morning. We arrived at the port around 12:30 p.m. and were in our cabin by around 1:00 p.m. This was my 3rd Carnival cruise and I found it to be very similar in many ways to my past cruises on the Valor and the Liberty. Ships were very similar, which made it a lot easier to find my way around quicker. Our balcony room was more than adequate. Plenty of storage for two sisters with lots of luggage. Being situated mid to aft on the ship, we had a very smooth cruise and hardly felt rocking at all. We never heard any hallway noise and were just far enough away from the elevator not to hear the comings and goings of other guests. My sister and I both enjoyed the entertainment throughout the week. We thought the shows could have lasted a bit longer, but for the most part, we were both pleased with the quality of the entertainment. We did go to the comedy club to see the different shows, and thought they were all pretty good. Open mic night was at the same time as something else we had planned, so we were disappointed that they didn't have another option. This was the first Carnival legends show that I truly enjoyed. I've actually walked out mid show on my last cruise on the Liberty. I felt the quests for this show did an amazing job. Although the buffets seemed just so so, we both enjoyed the selection and quality of the food in the dining room each evening. Our food was always cooked the way we ordered and served while it was still hot enough to be enjoyable. My sister enjoyed the warm chocolate melting cake at least four of the seven nights. I felt guilty on a couple of nights because I thought the portions were so large that I couldn't finish my meal, and one night I was just too full to even have dessert! We didn't get pizza on this cruise, but enjoyed the hot dogs and hamburgers out by the pool. One afternoon we did get fish and chips, but felt we it was a little on the greasy side. Getting off the ship and going through customs in Miami was a breeze. We had a 12:00 flight out of Miami, got off the ship around 8:30 a.m. and arrived at the airport by 10:15 or so. I like flying in and out of Miami as I've never experienced delays either way. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
My wife and I (newlyweds)went on a cruise for the first time. We did not know what to expect at all, but I have to tell you we were both impressed. By mid week we were already wanting to book another cruise for the following year. The ship ... Read More
My wife and I (newlyweds)went on a cruise for the first time. We did not know what to expect at all, but I have to tell you we were both impressed. By mid week we were already wanting to book another cruise for the following year. The ship was very fun, in fact pretty much more fun that the ports of call. There was always a number of employees cleaning the ship to maintain its cleanliness through the entire trip. Our rooms keeper or whatever you call them would fix up our room atleast twice a day, which caught us by surprise. Everyday we would come back to the room with a new towel animal on our bed, the animal would also have props, used by some of our belongings just sitting out, like a pen or sunglasses. There was plenty of activities for everyone everyday. Food was great, although we only went to 2 scheduled dinners. We took advantage of the 24 hr stations through the whole trip. We stayed in a blacony room, which was plenty big. Dont let people tell you its tiny. I went into a cabin with some people we met on the ship and it was a little smaller, but I got to tell ou the balcony is really worth it. All I have to say is, after this cruise, I am definitely a future cruiser. Now I was hoping for more of a crowd around me and wifes age, but it seemed to be a huge mix. The only thing I would of liked to see, would have been a bigger pool... or at least a pool for adults only, the kids pretty much hogged it all day. The cruise director was really awesome, made me feel like I was on the Titanic or something. He had this British accent, which at first I thought was always a recording when he was on the boat speakers. We did get the soda card, which im not sure was worth it. If you drink a lot of soda it should pay itself. I know I mixed alot of drinks so it came in handy. Hope this helps someone. Read Less
Sail Date April 2010
This was a fantastic cruise. We took our children on this trip. It was a great family vacation. I thought Glory was a beautiful boat - I was a little worried because it is a little older, and I hate to see a run down ship, but it was not. ... Read More
This was a fantastic cruise. We took our children on this trip. It was a great family vacation. I thought Glory was a beautiful boat - I was a little worried because it is a little older, and I hate to see a run down ship, but it was not. I have never seen so many people cleaning all of the time. I wondered if they ever got any sleep. The ship was very nice, clean, and everyone we encountered were friendly, even the guests! The food was good, the accommodations clean, the cabin air fresh and the temperature kept very comfortable. I thought that the ship would seem crowded since it was so large, but once everyone disappeared into it we can only remember a few lines to do anything. The assigned seating for dinner was quick because there were no lines to get to your table. Breakfast and lunch went quickly as well. Our kids loved the 24 hour ice cream bar and the pizza bar (so did we). We are now suffering from food withdrawal! The two formal nights were very nice as it added an air of sophistication to everyone aboard. Our cabin had a balcony - big enough for 2 chairs and a small table. We traveled the western Caribbean tour I think that we would like to go back on the Glory for the eastern trip. Read Less
Sail Date April 2010
We boarded the Carnival Glory in April, 2010, for an impromptu trip with friends. We did enjoy the Glory and had a staff eager to please. We were not trilled with the CD, but alas, we do live in the real world. Here is a brief summary: ... Read More
We boarded the Carnival Glory in April, 2010, for an impromptu trip with friends. We did enjoy the Glory and had a staff eager to please. We were not trilled with the CD, but alas, we do live in the real world. Here is a brief summary: Food: same as every other cruise; if you would like fine dining, go to the steakhouse, well worth it Spa: attentive staff, regular facilities. Careful getting a pedicure, the chair had not been cleaned properly so when it was turned on a glob of brown/black stuff came out of the jets, my feet weren't going back in there! Space: same problem as before, not enough space on Lido. They build bigger ships but don't figure in for the extra passengers so there is no seating in the buffet area or on Lido at any given time. Camp Carnival: We had the misfortune of having a few bad counsellors this time around. We never witnessed them mistreating the children and no complaints were voiced from the children. The poor attitudes were directed to the parents on different occasions. We did no use it as much this time out of concern/annoyance. Cabin: as expected, regular CCL ocean view cabin with attentive steward Excursions: Maya Key in Roatan was definitely a welcome surprise. It was not crowded at all, facilities were lovely, and staff were great! Certainly a must if you're looking for a serene, beautiful stop with wildlife, food, a beach, and nice pool. The Pirate adventure at Grand Caymen was nice as well, a kid favorite. All in all, this cruise met expectations with only a few snags that did not spoil our fun. We had great service in most places and the party came to us! Read Less
Sail Date April 2010
This was our first time cruising and will be a long review as I have read so many other reviews and wanted to include one for first-timers. We went on a 7 day cruise on the Carnival Glory to the Western Caribbean with friends who have ... Read More
This was our first time cruising and will be a long review as I have read so many other reviews and wanted to include one for first-timers. We went on a 7 day cruise on the Carnival Glory to the Western Caribbean with friends who have cruised several times before. We were anxious to see how Carnival was, and especially the refurbishing of the Glory. We left out of Miami; so glad we bought transfers ahead of time as the rep from Carnival was at the baggage claim and we were able to get on a transfer bus right away. Were wondering where you made the switch to put our wine in your carry on; found out it is after you get off the bus before you check in. We all were able to smuggle small amounts of liquor in without any problems. Check in took awhile; I would say all together we were in line for 1 1/2 hours, but didn't care since we were on vacay! Once on the ship we found that our rooms were ready right away. I had ordered a liter of vodka from Bon Voyage; it was delivered as soon as we entered our room. It cost $40 and found out later they were selling liters for $12 on the ship, but it was worth it to not have to worry about smuggling in large amounts of liquor. My friends also had a dozen roses delivered to our room to celebrate our first cruise; absolutely gorgeous. Our room was comfortable, clean and cleverly designed with bunches of cubbies and closets. Had 2 great bathrobes and beach towels provided. Also blow dryer in room and shampoo, conditioner, face soap and razors in bathroom. As per other reviews, found out later that shower curtain doesn't hold water in, so be prepared for your own pool every night. We brought an extension cord for my husband's cpap; the cord wouldn't have reached the outlet otherwise. We gave our steward $10 the first day and asked him to keep the ice a coming and he did a great job. Room was clean and bedding was luxurious. Never heard a sound at night (we had an ocean view on the main deck). Didn't think I would care about having a window or not but turned out I really liked looking out at the waves. We had early seating in the Golden dining room and really enjoyed the food; maybe we're easy to please but it's hard to complain when you can have lobster tail, fillet mignon, chateubriand, creme brulee, baked Alaska, shrimp cocktail, etc. etc. The only complaint I had was feeling rushed by the servers; if I had to do it over I would go for later seating or your way dining. Loved the waiters dancing and singing! We usually ate breakfast and lunch at the buffet on the Lido deck; food was good with wide selections; sometimes the lines were long. Had tea, hot chocolate, coffee, lemonade and fruit punch for free; buy a card if you drink a lot of soft drinks. They also had fish and chips, which was very good, a sushi bar every night before dinner, which was only OK, and a burrito bar, Mongolian grill, deli, 24 hr pizza and ice cream. They also had a steakhouse that cost $30 extra per person, but we didn't try it. We went to some of the shows, overall pretty good, didn't like the magician, felt like we were in Lady Heather's Palace of Pain and Pleasure--definitely not for the little ones. The comedians were very good and loved the lounge where they performed. Did a good bit of shopping and our friends won $100 in the casino, which was pretty smoky. Spent alot of time by the pool and didn't have a problem geting chairs. There were 2 pools and 6 hot tubs (I think!), tons of lounges that were mostly empty, miniature golf, a huge water slide, outdoor theater, spa, exercise area, lots of children's areas and an adults only area. You could pretty much make the onboard experience whatever you wanted. There were always things to do--you got a list of shipboard activites every day; I even went to a lecture on herbal medicines! There were supposedly 1000 children on board and I didn't really notice them. As for the excursions; well, they were hit and miss. We went to Cozumel, Roatan, Belize and Grand Cayman. In Cozumel we had a great excursion we booked off the ship with Shoretrips.com; we did the Eco Jeep and Snorkel tour at $79/pp, tour guide was Lorenzo, included a great lunch, be advised there are 4 of you to a Jeep and you need to be able to drive a stick. Only 8 of us on the whole tour, and the snorkeling/history tour of the island was fantastic. In Belize we booked an excursion with Carnival for snorkeling and Bannister Beach break. The snorkeling reminded me of the water scene in Titanic, hundreds of people in the water with snorkels, after a few flippers in the face I retreated to the double decker boat for some free rum punch. Bannister Beach was great; I could've stayed there all day. It's only open for cruise ships, teeny tiny with lots of lounge chairs, full service bar, hair braiding, massages, snacks (nothing free except the chairs), but it was pretty and restful. Did take the tender in to Belize City and got a great knockoff Fendi bag from one of the shops. In Roatan we had booked a tour with Bodden--it was terrible, the guide didn't know where we were going, got stuck by a parade in town for 2 hours, by the time we got to a beach we had an hour to swim before we had to head back. Found out later that there is a beach called Mahogany Bay you can see from the cruise ship that Carnival has developed for Carnival guests only. You can take a 5 minute "flying chair" tram to the beach for $5 and have your own private beach with free chairs for the day, snacks and liquor extra. Wish we had known that ahead of time. In Grand Cayman we took Captain Bryan's Stingray City tour with 2 snorkeling stops on a 50 foot catamaran. It was the highlight of our cruise. Just great sailing over the clearest, bluest water we saw on the whole trip. Was disappointed as a whole with the snorkeling (with the exception of the sting rays, which were huge and we got to hold them!) We did snorkeling at every port. Didn't see much in the way of underwater creatures, but did meet a lot of nice folks from all over the country. Long story short, we enjoyed the cruise way more than we thought we would. The bad things we thought would happen (seasickness, feeling like a sardine, kids running and screaming, run-down ship) never happened, and the things we weren't expecting (great food, super friendliness of staff and fellow travelers, lots of stretching out room on ship) were a pleasant surprise. We are planning on cruising again later this year; you can't beat the price and all the amenities. Read Less
Sail Date April 2010
Carnival Glory Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.4
Dining 4.5 3.9
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 5.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 5.0 3.9
Family 5.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 5.0 3.9
Enrichment 5.0 3.5
Service 5.0 4.3
Value For Money 5.0 4.1
Rates N/A 4.3

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